The Oregon scout. (Union, Union County, Or.) 188?-1918, December 24, 1891, Image 1

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The Scout has
'Commercial Printing !
Double the Circulation
Hure Will tho Press thu lJoile h KlRlitt Maintain.
II ; It
1 1. Mi's mil si
I. W. -OlKl.TON. J. M. CABfcOi l.
Attorney sat Law,
UNION, OREGON. attention Klrra Wmll htK-tuev. entrus
ted to II1-.
oii'ic- two (I'inrs south of bank.
A t
o-r n e y
t L )w.
i mi. i! i attention paid l all busiuet- tjntms
toil to ,.i-.
oitio two loor Mjuth of hardware store of i
i-limilHT-yiV l.;ll ill.'.
Physmtan and Surgeon,
11 calls promptly attended to day or night
Office n Ith I!. Kakiii. Ketddonce on1 A Ktmt.
fourth limine est of Wright's store.
E. HROOKS, m. D.,
Physician and Surgeon,
Prompt ntti'tttion given to all profet-sdonal
culls, ilny or nilit.
Physician and Surgeon,
elgin, OREGON.
All rails lynnptly attended to, day or niglit.
W. II. EWIX, M. D.,
Physician and Surgeon,
All rails attended to, day or night.
Iloinoenathic Physician,
Disecsci- of Chijdrcn a Specialty.
Ollice at the Ulm residence. North Union. '
Conveyancer, Abstracter and Searcher of Rec
ords, Notary Public.
Union, Union County, Oregon.
North Union.
(for the present) at reMdenco in
Livery and Feed Stable.
. (Near tlic Court Houte.)
Hulick & Wright, Proprietors.
Good Teams, lluggies and Hacks for the ac
comodation of customers.
A share oi the public patronage solicited.
at the High Valley
r TV T
m v a a r i.i i
All kinds of lumber constantly on nana or
furnished on slioit notice. 1'rices cheap as the
Patronaae Solicited.
City Meat Market,
Beef, Pork, Veal, Mutton, Hams
Lard, lite,,
Kept constantly on hand.
Cornucopia Saloon,
Finest of 'tines, Liquors "and Ci
gars Kept in Stock.
W Liquor for medicinal purpoo a spe
cialty. Good Millard table. Drop iu mid bo sooluble.
Do You Want to
V On Every Dollar You Sjioml?
If o. writ fr Mr JHuitruiud Utlup
Hung mmufMUml in the Viilljd uu ,
at inuimlmaurers' priaM. WJMO lllu
tion., all hues rprnt'! aUlogu
. niilixt tnm o'i . 'li '"" Adii'iM
Hill Alio liKXKIUi. Mt PPI V '..
IT Vt Vmh . , !
I i vl
For Sfiil.
IliL&I In ...hi . .ji.Wlliw ut
I' Uw. MMtll MtUH tU
I )U UwlUUW "
f n. . .iUUMti(t tui l i
t III ! II f)U( "W "1
Pi am W
2 Ml
Thev do
sav e
nil's the finest
CHRISTMAS and NJV. YEAR CARDS. Everything y.m want ami enough
Candies Snts, Tobacco
. iirn
(ia itL 1
1 t (
O-l No .
eontr.iit to
S 1"0, 1 ';iin J 1 lbidenrcleh a
it i (' containing HO
acre. i!iM
nit 1 i ,t- i I Works, tly Fob.
J(i, lS'.d, lie hi' '. i 1 ciery p.irc let It, and 1 de
hire to iviviui'K .ici tiim'toittn ..fid nil parties
ilelritu to Inn r m''I prnpe.-t . i" i rustlor and
(atlsfae'.orv i i .- 1 1 t i do lan-itte m Ith.
a. w. i:yneiok.
. litttKDi!, Orenon. IKh'. 10. isro.
We, the undcrjdjtiied, reeoinniend J. I,. Ilci
denreich as mi effleient, relinhle I'tid energetic
real estate agen!. To ierbotiH dcsirfiig to iur
ohntseor disposu of y.ropeity ewill sny that
Mr. lleidanreleh is a man who knows better
how tq, mid wl attends to his tws'ucts lietter
than any real estate rleiiJ"r vve ever met, and we
timl from our deulinm itli him that ho desires
above all to srixe sutUiaetioii to all parlies doing
K..ut. ...... v.1... lr..u....t.'i.ll..
uupiiiv-a mu'. .vi-v- ii'iui,
C. V.. l"!10'T, i". 1 MoilKLOCK,
n. W. Moukuk-i:, 1. c. Mobki.ock.
La Uua.nuc, Oregon, July 10, 1NI1.
l.llie mii'.et signed, John Vuthony, proprietor
of the liirniido Candy l'i.etory. remo; ed i.iv
stwk at the ilre of July 1, 18U1; next day Mr. J.
L. lleidenreleh. ie.-.idetit agent at this place for
Mhe I'alatine Insuranee Co. of Mnuehester, Kttg-
lintd, er.-.ite around and advised me to straighten
up mv stoek anil take good rare of tho damaged
goods', and the damage v.' ill be fairly and
promptly adjusted as soon as thu adjuster gets
around." Today my damage, was satisfactorily
adjusted, and the cash paid for said damage.
Jons Anthony.
We, the undersigned, wore insured in the
Commercial insurance Co., J. L. lleidetncirh
agent. Having moved out on account of the
lire the Ith of July, and damaged our stock, we
received our monev prompt and satisfactorily.
I'ai.mki: it De.niiam.
Having suirereda loss by the late lire, and
being insured in the Palatine Insurance Co. of
Manchester. Kngland, J. L. lleidctirclch resi
dent agent, I take this means to return thanks,
for prompt payment of my loss, to said agent
nnd insurance company.
Very respectfully yours,
Chaiu.ks smith.
I, the undersigned, lost a building hy ilre on
the 1th of Jttlv, which wis Insured In the I'ala
tine insurance Co., Manchester, Kngland, re
insurer of the Commercial, California, recom
mend J. L. lleidenreleh, their resident agent at
this place, as a rustler and reliable man. Many
thanks to the I'alatine Insurance Co. for their
fair adjustment and prompt payment.
J.T. llAKEIl.
Care and attention paid to
Shoeing Trotting Horses, In
terfering and Contracted
Feet a Specialty.
ZCST-l'low work, Laying of Cylinder Teeth,
Ilalaucing, etc., gh en special care.
Shop Main St., Union, Oregon. 5-7-tf.
Patent Medicines.
Perfumery, Paints and Oils.
Prescriptions tfnrofutly Prepared.
Consisting ot
and Cartridges.
Imported and Domestic Cigars
School Books, lite.
.1.-1 .;
' '
wn.i toi oirU. ''
I'lllol. 1 1 .1 I;
1M Hi Kv H
i 0 , H0lm
Hm N M
4ii i- til I l
N.lo of
I lib
-v- -I t .1
uove Jj
stoek nnd ollin,' cheaper than any
and Cigars and all .staple goods Constantly in Stock.
News of tlie Wtek From Our Ef ular Cor
rcBtfoudaat at tHo Capital.
Proiilont Karrisoti's annual tnes-s.t-i-
to congress if, iu spite of its
length, :i well written nnil intorestiug
docunient, anil no man interested in
national nfl'ain? can nflbrd to skip a
single paragraph therein. There is, of
course, the usual dinbrence of opinion
as to those portions of tho message
treating of the subjects which arc in
dispute between the political parties.
That portion of the message dealing
with foreign aflairs, which may be
supplemented soon by a special mes
sage on Chilian aHairs, is generally
commended by congressmen of all
parties for its dignified language and
conservative stand. The message rec
ommends the passage of a bill lending
the government endorsement to the
bonds of the Nicaragua, canal com
pany, ami expresses the opinion that
tho canal is of sufficient importance
to justify tho dnoct appropriation by
congress of money suflicient to build
it, if it can be built in no othor way.
This recommendation has opponents
in all parties, particularly in the house
of repieseutalives, and it is extremely
doubtful whether such a bill can be
passed. It, reiterates tho statement in
the last message against Tfcc coinago
at this time, and asks that the present
silver law be let alone. This is also u
suggestion that will bo warmly op
posed in both house and senate, by
some of all parties. It repeats for the
third time Mr. Harrison's recommen
dations for the protection of railroad
employes, and presents a startling
array of statistics showing tho neces
sity for such a law. That is a recom
mendation which should bo acted
upon, nnd it will bo if the Labor
organizations will bring a littlo pres
sure to bear upon congressmen. It
recommends tho adoption of a consti
tutional amendment for a uniform
system for tho election of congressmen-and
members of electoral college,
and tho appointment by tho supremo
court of a non-partisan commission to
impure into and recommend a remedy
for the evils of our present election
Young Sherman Hoar, who is a
democratic member of the houso as
well as a nephew of Senator Hoar,
who is about as radical a republican as
could be found, is said to have cried
like a child when Mills was defeated.
If he remains in political life long, ho
will get bravely over Unit sort of thing.
Representative Jerry Simpson drew
a first-class nrizo iu the lottery for
choice of seats, and selected a sent in
tho front row, where ho cannot fail to
attract tho speaker's attention every
tinio ho says "Mr. speaker," and un
less ho changes his mind, ho will say
it very often during tho session.
No business of any importance
except organizing is over dono during
the first week of a now congress, ami
this congress is no innovation iu that
respect; the houso adjourned from
Wednesday to Saturday, when it will
adioum to next Wednesday: and
owing to the nearness of tho Christ
mas holiday season and tho doubt
about whether Speaker Crisp will get
the chairmanships of committees an
nouueed before the recess, it is safe to
assume that tho torious work of the
bt'suion will not begin until January.
It in just us null perhaps for tho mu
jurlty iu tho liutitu Unit this is so, as
tho hoothiiiK ull'uct of tiiuw will by
bmdleiiil to the so roue wliiuli now
exUU ammig tliutfu who fought w hard
U miiko Mr. MHU iwkr
The viglll llilliUcri of lite furjllUlV
(illkUMM who MlMHrltl IUrwniUUlvo
WiMi, ut Utturgtu, Ui mUt, dmy
Uwi Ui4y wmm Ulwt;MtuUMl Ummkjm
iuurtf id Ui uiUtiiiB HiyinUr Uk) nut
vh uifvOief. mw1 tttaiui dial lhay will
utHiM. um itgMitbi wliMi any ulM
I .
I WMlwWiJjl MM' ui llt MllMHtW JiniilM
I 4m klill MM4iv lo twin 111 Him lnwuo,
rwmlli ! Will I nMti Hi
; er we are o&
iu town. You should jut sec hi
tor ail.
It is slated here that the old light
against Ir. Mactine, who is a member
Of thb executive committee of tho
national twiners' alliance and the edi
tor of thu National Economist, the
national organ of tho alliance, is to bo
opened again at tho meeting of tho
executive committee to bo held here
in January.
Again tlie air is full of tumors ittkntt
Mr. Maine's intoulion to write a letter
formally announcing that he will not
be a candidate, and declaring in favor
of Mr. Harrison. It may be true, but
it cannot bo vouched for by your cor
respondent, becauso ho has been un
able to find anyone authorized by Mr.
Maine to make such a statement.
Tho election of Speaker Orisp,
whether justly or not, is generally
regarded here as a black eye for the
piesidential aspiration of Mr. Cleve
land. The democratic members of
the houso made Mr. Cleveland's nom
ination the principal issue of tho
speakership campaign, with Mr. Mills
as the Cleveland candidate.
Speaker Crisp refused, after his
nomination by the caucus and previ
ous to Ins lonmil election hv the
homo, to ptoiniso that he would so
make up tho committee on coinage,
weights and measures, as to ensure
tho"smo4tierTng of the free coinage
legislation. This may mean much, or.
it may mean nothing. J. II. C.
County Alliance.
Union, Dec. 18, 1891.
Tlie Union County Farmers' Alli
ance ami iniiustrial union met at
Union Dec. tho Kith inst. in regular
monthly assemblage. A two day's
session was liciu ami mucii business
of importance to the alliance of this
county was transacted. Much en
thusiasm prevails throughout the
county yet, reports to tho contrary
notwithstanding. There aro sixteen
local ledges in tho county, with a
membership reaching into the neigh
borhood of one thousand. A fair at
tendance was present and tho annual
election took place, resulting as
follows :
President, 1). Logsdon, Union; vice
president, C. D. Huffman, La Grande;
secretary, IL W. Huffman, Union;
treasurer, Jno. E. Hough, Cove; lect
urer, Dunham Wright, Medical
Springs; steward, Geo. W. Dillin,
Union; chaplin, Kov. W. H. Fancher,
Suinmcrvillo; doorkeeper, Win. Swiger,
Union; assistant doorkeeper, H. L.
Daughcrty, Cove.
Tlie next meeting will occur at Un
ion, on tho 20th and 21st day of Janu
ary, 1892, and a full delegation and
full force of all committees is earnest
ly icquestcd, as there is business of
vital importance to come beforo that
All members not delegates are re
spectfully invited to attend tho Janu
ary meeting, and lend a hand to tho
furthering ot tho cause.
A matter of importanco was brought
beforo tho last assemblage, but in jus
tice to the lodges not represented, was
doferred until tho January, meeting
Particulars later. Como everyone; it
is necessary that every lodge in tho
county bo represented. A two day's
session was decided upon iu order -to
have ample time for the disposal of
business. Tho inoothiK will bo at
Wright's Hall, Union Orugon, January
20th and 21st. 1892. Itmnumbor it
and oome.
County Uiw'y.
U nUould bo In Every llouee.
I it Umi, HI l'l Mtmi, lMrtlM4ftf.
I'M U i'.l wH lw witliuui lr Hint hum
ItiM.mii i 'MuuiHiiii, ' .Mini U! ' wUU,
lb! .1 .!! hi oil b tliniMl ullli
pin m. ui. u afti u llk ol 'I '.ilpp,
nlwi- . il'.u .rfbvi li'i.iwll" CU'I 4l'
i..i iu bw mi i I Hulmii MrlMf, 4
i .ii it, iIim In kn..fc i!4.i
mi kM 4mm Mm ihm tun iIm mtUiius U
vim mm4 M 14 ImmiU b4MM DM '
i, t lilai liMttu 4 II II
4i.iru. li iiu.. ii l
One ior North Centennial Hotel.
Toaaff Man in a Bad Predicament
Personal and Nswi Notoi.
December, 21, ISM.
Mi. Nick Nice is on tho sick list.
Mark Oilkison made a trip to Union,
Harold Parker was with Hakor City
friends Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. James Clilkison went
to tho county seat Sunday.
Mrs. Thomas O'Hryant made a busi
ness trip to Union Monday.
Kov. llramblot, of Klgin, is the guest
of John O'Hryant and family.
Mr. Thos. O'Hryant is gradually im
proving and will bo able to be around
in a few weeks.
Quito a good time is expected at the
Christmas tree at North Powder
Christmas ovo.
That young man over on North
Powder river still continues his friend
ly visits on Wolf crock, with great reg
ularity. Tho dilferences existing between Gor
ham & Kothchild and Mr. Eaton, rela
tive to a power formorly owned by tho
absconding Gus Hutchinson, have
been amicably settled.
Road carts aro becoming quite fash
ionable hero and seem to bo a drawing
card, judging from the number of trips
made with ono to "Quartz gulch" and
tho fact that it always conios back
loaded and billed for church at North
Powder, with ono of tho fairest of tho
fair of tho gentler sox; but this is not
tho "littlo red wagon," which in its
day was a drawing card, and has boon
known to draw with moro magnetism
than tho well known vcgotable, tho
cabbage, but it is tho "littlo yellow
carf and owned iu fee-simple by ono
of our rising young men who still
lanionts that tho avoirdupois of hie
"ducky darling" was so great as to
give tho cart the lock-jaw on tho haw
As the writer was returning from
church, a weary prodigal, one evening
last week his attention was attracted
to some mysterious being which at
first ho took to bo a ghost, but not
being a firm beliover in ghosts, ho
drew his six shooter, presented arms,
aroused courage and proceeded to
investigate tho Btrango, mysterious
being. At a first glanco ho thought it
was an inhabitant of somo strango and
unknown planot, who had had a batl
caso of somnambulism and getting too
near tho planot's edgo had dropped off
and lit in this strango, wicked world ;
but great was our surprise when on
closer investigation wo found tho mys
terious being to bo ono of our young
farmers, who wag quoting from Shako
spcaro as follows :
"Fair Ik my love, but not no lair an llckle;
Mild uh ii dure, but neither truo uor trinity ;
JlrlKhtor titan kIuom. uutl yet, iih glass in, brittle.
With a goodly amount of threats
mixed witu high-flavored persuasion
the writer succeeded in Ketting the
young man to alight from his porcli
on tho lence, where ho said ho had
intended to stand until ho became
completely potrificd, and then ho
would have his noblo form exhibited
a hundred years hence at the World'a
Columbian Exposition to bo held at
North Powder, as ono who hud died a
martyr at tho shrine of love. As ho
alighted from his porch on tho higea t
fence stake ho was heard to say: Qui
tulle te posisil (imautcm'l which showed
plainly that ho had once been a man of
oluseio learning. The writer baiiig
liinibuir a imtdioinu limn called to liU
it it 1 H. ',. Herman, of North Powder.
ami at once proocwlwl to invutiiUu
thu wIivh and whyruforo of tliU
ntnuiMtf buliiK, Afior due ilnlibunitlun
mid a Hiin)ilut dluKiimu, uldiul by u
thorough muling up of Dr. Jhium'
iiiwllnul uliiiiiiiuu, ih imllotii via pro
iiuiiiiuihI tin Milliiflnir fllllll it I'll! wuti
of hraln-hriiikiiK0, Mini a ohuntcu ui
uliiiitiUi ruyuiiiiiiuniliwl i but like IU'
uhul iif oi h nllll mfiiien lo lw iiMP
Wuu Anon-
GOVS ovtuitas
covk, Dec ' .
Sleighing i the present
Prof. Vanter, the pianist
v n in
town last week.
; Quito a number of entertainment
are talked of for the holidays.
The Uoble Pros., of Medical Springs,
spent a few days in Covo this week.
Walter Pees accidentally foil through
a show caso and cut his arm very
Services were hold at tho Morrison
church last . Sunday, Row A. Le Hoy
Dr. llardinge expects to move back
to Cove this week. Ho will resume
practice hero again.
Tho Covo Academy has closed for
the holidays, after which it expects to
open up with a full attendance.
Jas. 1! m ford sold his ranch, consist
ing of 2f0 acres, to Cowles & MoDan
iel. Consideration not known
There will bo no service at Aecon-
sion church next Sunday, the pantor
being absent. Sunday school at tho
usual hour.
Whilo coining from Union, ono day
last week, one of Kd Imblor's lino
mares was taken sick, ami had to bo
killed next day.
Mrs. 1). Wright and daughter, Grace,
and niece, Miss Enielo, of Medical
Springs aro visiting in tho Covo. Thoy
expect to remain until after Christ
Quito an excitement was created
last Sunday evening by tho burning of
an old hut in Pees' field, peoplo think
ing it wos Frank Mitchell's new resi-
Mr. Keavis, tho dentist, took his de
parture yesterday for a visit to Wal
lowa. Ho expects to visit tho Covo
again, professionally, as soon as ho
Married. At tho residence of tho
groom's parents, Mr. Thos. Tolly and
Miss Hattio Myrick, How Lo Hoy offi
ciating. Tho ceremony was porformcd
at 2 o'clock p, m., Sunday.
How A. Lo Hoy has been holding a
Ecries of lectures upon his travels in
tho Holy Land. Thoy were fairly pa
tronized and woro well worthy of it.
Tho proceeds aro to bo applied on tho
now Haptisl church.
There have been a good many peo
ple in town tho past week and most of
them bought thoir holiday goods of E.
P. McDaniel it Son, who presented
them with a year's subscription to the
popular monthly, Good Form.
At tho annual o.cction of Covo
Lodge, No. 91, A. F. k A. M., hold at
Masonic hull, Cove, Or., Dec. 10, 1891,
tho following ofllcors wero olected and
installed: 13. P. McDaniel, W. M.;
A. J. Foster, S. W.; J. E. Hough, J.
W.; C.G.Olson, Sec; L. IL Holmes,
Treas.; H. S. Powcl, Tyler. Regular
meetings on the first and third Satur
days of each month.
Agents Wanted
Our agents make. 1100 to J.108 u mouth cllluir
our good on thoir merlin. Wo want county und
general agctitu, and will tako back all KootU uu
Mld If ii county agent fall to elear 1100 uud cx
cim after a thirty day's trial, or ii general
agent le than iV). Wo will tend largo lllus
trated circular and letter with a facial offer to
Milt territory applied for, on receipt ot three
ono cent Mampn. AMly at onco ami gel In on
tho boom. AddrenK,
UuNNtu MASurAirreiiiNo Co..
W.yi I'ltuunruM's.
Take It Before BrerUtraiU
Tbwtftsut appytUor, ivnlu awl (vr regulator.
In wm lw suite tlutn SO yters In Itiigiuml. l'ol
U tolSo tor liver ettmpUUHt. Had lato In
Urn HMih n arteiHff in tlie inonitiui. dull palim
111 llM NtfMt Ut! tMOfc ul ibu V)M, ittv.1 iwulliiir.
mUImi IUsmmI) -Hr- llswlr llwrlUh pudo
liuu Tuute. llelUte uiliwilwi. liarioti tho
awMttn s4 umm l IIm muIIi )'lwu- UvC
tfwiulM from yuur druiutUt for II. sikI isVo
- -
Hon R4 WSIOII f uu,
Tmu viuiii of uiksI, lii'uvy Iihiwii
iuiliPttMll'l Inn wiMU t'tf M'