The Oregon scout. (Union, Union County, Or.) 188?-1918, October 01, 1891, Image 2

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    B. Chancey, Publisher, Union, Or.
Torest Fires Raging in
the Cascades.
Sealing Poachers Are Reaching Vic
toria, B. C, Every Day With
Fine Catches.
A $0,000 ico plant for Riverside, Cal.
16 projected.
The Alaska salmon pack exceeds that
of last season.
Sun hi Barbara, Cal., has voted to build
an outfall sewer system.
The entire Bystcrn of Portland street
railways is now owned by one company
Coal has been found at Hollywood
three miles outside of the city limits of
Ijob Angeles.
Terrible forest fires are raging in tho
Cascade Mountains in the vicinity of Hot
bprings, Wash.
Tho carpenters at Vancouver, B. C.
are striking against the employment of
non-union men.
Frank Chaves, Sheriff of Santa Fe
county, N. M., is said to bo short about
33,000 in his accounts.
Portland has hist voted $30,000 for
municipal building, s4d,()UU lor sewers
and $55,000 for water works.
Kosovillo, flvo miles from San Diego
is to Im? tho site for tho new iron plant
bo long talked about in that section
Jxw wages and ioor food are causing
largo desertions from the railroad gangs
nt work on the Great Northern extension
in Montana.
Coal of gooil quality has been discov
ered by accident at Chemainii", a little
village about midway between Victoria
and JNanalmo, J. U.
The Washington militia is to sue tho
State to compel it to settle tho pay roll
lor services during the lato troubles in
tho mines in King county.
The news from tho Pino Nut region bv
way of Carson continues to be of an ex
citing nature to prospectors and miners.
.New strikes, all rich, are reported.
Tho Union Pacific instituted a suit
against tho Oregon Kailroad Commission
to annul tho rates adopted by the lxmnl,
which aro 40 per cent, lower than those
iixed by tho railroad.
Tho owners of tho Bonanza mine at
Tombstone have coino to no conclusion
concerning the resumption of deep min
ing. Tho Contention-mino people have
the subject under deliberation.
Prof. Geonro II. Brvani of tho Ala
Iwnna Polvtechnic Institute has beon up-
jioimcu director oi tne work shops ami
Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engi
neering in mo btaniord university.
Tho steamship Zambesi of tho Upton
line has boon libeled for $20,000 at Vic
toria, 11. O. Damages aro claimed by
tho schooner Fanny Dutard, with which
tho Zambesi collided in tho Straits of
Sealing ponchcrs are reaching Victoria
very day from Bohring Sea, and some
of tliotn have fine catches. The Sap
phire has 2,135, the Walter A. Earle
1,021 and tho schooner Carmelite 700
Tho midsummer harvest number of
tho Ix)s Angeles Tim ft is brim full of in
teresting rending and statistical facts of
n reliable character about tho progress of
Southern California and its great re
sources. The Portland Council, which was
electod on a platform of economy and
"reform, is attempting to increase tho sal
aries of city officers, including their own,
boiiio $30,000 ovor the old list, and their
conduct is Bovorely criticised.
Tho customs authorities have selected
a site on Mary's Island. Alaska, near tho
British Columbia boundary for a eustom
houso mid other government buildings.
A schooner leaves Port Towntond in a
fuw days with material to construct tho
buildings at n cost of $80,000.
Tho following cities in tho State ol
Washington have over 1,500 mutilation
beattlo 42,837, Tncoina 311,00(1, Spokane
-rims iii.i-, wuini wuiia -1,7011, Olyinpht
4,t!)8, PortTownsend 4,558, Fuirhiiven
4.070, Whatcom 4,050, Vancouver 3,515,
JSIIonsburgh 2,708, Centralla 2,020, Sno
homish l,tH3, Dayton 1,880, Puyallup
lyo-, oinigiMi i,oon, uonax i,(nw, Abor-
tleon 1,(538, Montosano 1,032, Blaine 1,503
North Yakima 1,535.
iiio l uma sentinel claiiiiR that at the
mouth of tho Colorado river and the
upper end ol tho Gulf of California are
to bo found sea bass that weigh from 250
to 7mi each, clams as large as a common
dinner plate, millions of sardines and
Hiuelt, oysters small hut do c bus. mill
ions of soft-shelled crabs and other shell
nun. myriadB of wild geese, brants
ducks, cranes and other sea fowl im.l
birds. It is a paradise for fish and game.
The aggregate number of penitentiary
convicts on tho Pacific Const according
to the census bureau is as follows: Arl
rona 144. Utah 180, Nevada 00. Idaho
ju-', Washington 200, Oregon 302, Call
lornia 2,051. Tho sexes are divided
among tho convicts as follows: Male
Arizona 143, Utah 170, Nevada 05, Idaho
102, Washington 250, Oregon 3(50, Call-
,riilii nun I.'... ....I.. 1.1. , i
I.Nevada 1, Washington 1, Oregon 2,
California 21.
Boxing has been permitted by the
Warden of tho Ma ho penitentiary for
mouth, and it ciilinlimtod in a rfnlidi
light between convict McCreaiv ami
Jhinlup noiiiii ilnyn ago, In which the lut
tr mu whliiiHMl, Tim jitiiuiitirlo4
w ww arraiiKiNl by Waiden Muck und liu
HHnl, liuunlcf wt-ro UmMmldef. mid
MlMnu (IIU'IhU of Wat iiln iDiu i,r,.N.
fHl, 'Jhu flulit mh n mvuhii oiiii. und
VHHVM Mil WM NlJIIllied llllll jtu
HM HWMm uj Muii. Tliunllnlr WuU)
ml, im JloUv Ullyl nuu'li tuiI o)vr
Of the Five Hlxlicst Grniliintr nt Went
I'olnt the South Him Four.
Out nf OT.H AAA IVU nnnnla in all Tnrltn
less than 11,000,000 can read and write,
i lie receipts hi liimnmuiimi nun n-u-
son were 25 per cent, above those of last
A high school is to lie established at Cas
eadaga Lake, N. Y., in connection with
spiritualistic views 01 education.
The gain in school enrollment in New
Mexico in 1800 is 2e3 percent., while tho
gain in population is only 28 per cent
Throughout Franco gardening is prao
tically taught in the primary and ele
mentary pchools. There ar3 about 28.000
of these Echooln.
About 1,400 members of Cambridge
University, England, have signed reso
lutions protesting against me uuimsoiun
of women to tho university.
The University of tho City of New
York has just added a school of tho sci
ence of education to itself, and hereafter
w ill confer the degrees ot Master and
Doctor of Pedagogy.
The school census of Louisiana sluws
that out of a total school xpulation of
370.220 onlv 85.000 children attend the
public schools, and many of these attend
two months in the year.
The University of Upsnla in Sweden
during the present term has an attend
anco of 1.(553. Of these 251 aro in the
theological department, 740 in the philo
sonhical. 443 in the law and 221 in tho
Of tho five highest graduates nt West
Point four como from (southern btates,
counting Maryland as of tho South, and
the fifth is from Pennsylvania. Charles
I). Hines. who stands the highest in tac
tics, is also from the South, being a Vir
Eight institutions have each an enroll
ment of over l.OJO students, and seven
report from 500 to 1,000. Nor is it the
old colleges in vho East alone which draw
their pupils by the hundreds, but Har
vard's 2.271 students and Yale's 1,045
are paralleled by Ann Arbor's 2,10.5 and
Obcrlin's J,7UU.
Tho head mistress of the high school
for girls in Birmingham, England, sug
gests that parents who are anxious as to
the career and future of their daughters
should train them to be teachers of cook
orv. She finds from the Liverpool cook
erv school that there is a constant de
mand for qualified teachers, and that
more applications wero received than
could bo satisfied. The remuneration
varies from $7.50 to $15 a week excol
lent wages for England.
A plan for furnishing a technical edu
cation to tho boys who have to work is
to 1)0 put into operation by tho trusteep
of Hell-street chapel, Providence, the
free-thought institute which James Ld-
dv's money founded. I he scheme is
after that in use in England, Iho science
classes, which aro carried on under tho
direction of tho government and the
guilds in London, and which aro doing
n largo work in providing proper tech
nical education. James inoe, mechan
ical engineer, graduate of tho science
classes and of Central Institute, will bo
instructor, and thorowill bo u committee
to overlook the work, consisting of Isaac
Whitehead. Robert Grievo, J. Bowloiuid
George Whitehead. Tho first course will
open Tuesday, October 2, students being
to pay only $5 for fifty-two
HlotliiK' Chlnere DcNtroy tho American
AIIhhIoii at Yehani;.
An additional proclamation, signed bv
President Harrison and Assistant Secre
tary of State Wharton, has been issued
in regard to tho timber resorvo in Yel
owstono Park. Tho boundaries aro tho
same as described in tho first proclama
tion. It concludes with a warning to all
persons not to enter or to make sottlo-
mont in tho section resorved for lclloW'
stono Park.
Tho Department of State has received
a telegraphic dispatch trom tho Minist-i
at Pokin, reporting a riot at Ychang, on
uju i tiiig-iBo-iYiiiug river, in wio prov
ince of Hoope. and that the establish
ment of tho American missionaries there
has been destroyed. No further partic
ularsare given. cluing is iilnrnt 200
miles above Hankow, which is aUmt as
far up tho river as vesssels of war can go
Tho Hoard of Managors of tho Na
tionai Home for disabled volunteer sol
diers has concluded itequarterly meeting
1.. U'..,.l.l..... . I. .1... I... "
in i wiauiiifciuii. ji mo iimt iiieeiiug a
provision was inndo for tho creation of
medical boards at each branch to exam
ine tho inmates and ascertain what pio-
portion oi inem were nine to maintain
themselves and not disabled. These re
ports nro now under consideration. The
lioard at tho California branch reports
there is not a single inmate who could
bo properly excluded. In tho Central
branch I ho bourd found thirty-three in
mates who should Ik excluded, because
moy navo n suiitciont income to main
tain themselves, mid seventeen Ihhmuhc
they wero physically able. The Milwau
kee branch hii9 not reported. The Ixmrd
has not yet determined upon a line of
policy to lie pursued in these cases. It
is the desire to rid the home of iumntee
really nblo to take care of themselves in
order to ailbrd room for deserving veter
ans, but so many considerations arise
that it is not practicable to apply the
general ruio.
Tho announcement of naval change
will iiicroasothOBquadronsui the Pacific
O . M, . ' t, l! . ..
oecruuiry irticy lias ucciucu io t-cnu the
iorktown around tho Horn for a uoriiin-
nont station in the Pacific and the Petrel
from Hear-Adiuiral (ilieranliV ti)uutlroi)
through tne bticz canal to the Asiatii
station. Ho has also detached the Kn
terpriso from Admiral (iheranii's MUiad-
ron lor service at the Clival Academy to
take tho place of tho Wyoming as u
training ship for cadets. ThoolhYcrs and
men on the Kntorpribouro to bo detached
and distributed lnttween the Yorktown
and Petrel Ixuoro their departure for
their new stations. Admiral (Sherardi
is then to have two vessels from acting
Kear-Admiral Walker's squadron, which
wiiii mo riiiiiuieipiiiii and Jnmmirgu
will give him four go'xl Nlilps. Another
vcc. probably the Newark, is to Nt de
tached front Walker' quota and orderod
km a llais" khip fur the Koittli Atlantic mu
tton. )ltmrAdinlral lleiihuni hit lieon
dliccled n hold hliimulf In rwdiue to
(Wiiiinuuid that Mtutluii. The iieniiiiigluii
If to Im nddel In Walkur'ii niihuIuhi IU
will then liavit live vetiU to (iluuuiill'
(our. Mini with Hut") ll In I he iiirjM ol
iiiii nt'-uimui v in nutu iiiu mviiuiuuiarv
" ... .1 " r i .i .i .f. V
'nmii iMmiimwi iiiiwiiyjjiiui w
foinagfe lOr the Month
Valentine Sorip Cannot Be Used in the
Location of Tide Lands on
Puget Sound.
Indiana saloonkeepers are forming a
Stato union.
Chicago unveils her Grant monument
on October 7.
The Vermont Legislature voted $15,000
to tho World's iair.
Old Crow, a Cheyenne chief, is trying
to set up a Messiah craze.
Mrs. Robert Kay Hamilton's theatrical
venture has gone to pieces.
The North German Lloyd Company
will run a line of Btcamers between New
York and Genoa.
The Cincinnati tax commission is un
earthing millions of securities not placed
on tho tax duplicate.
Typhoid fever has broken out in the
Stato idiot asylum at Syracuse. Impure
water is the cause for it.
Only 5 per cent., or 18,270, of the total
immigration to this country during
last fiscal year settled in the South.
It is estimated that 20.000-horHe power
will be required for the electric-lighting
plant of the Columbian Exposition.
Tho Delaware lish commission has
placed 4,000,000 shad in the Delaware
river at Hull Island during tho present
Additional instructions concerning the
smuggling of lottery tickets into the
United States from Mexico have been
Tho substitution of the cable for
liorses on tho Broadway and Third-avenue
linos will throw 0,000 horses out of
The Navy Department will at once
issue orders concerning the survey ot
tho Pacific-cable route. The Tiietis'will
probably do tho work.
Some of the roads in the Northwestern
blind passenger pool have been furnish
ing erroneous statements of the business
to tho Advisory Hoard.
An electrically illuminated cross is to
bo placed on tho spire of a Methodist
church in Minneapolis. Fifty-two in
candescent lamps will be used.
Tho South Dakota people aro so jubi
lant over their big crops that they have
set about tho work of raising a huge
"grain palace" in celebration thereof.
Tho land olllce refuses to restore San
Clemento Island on the southwest coast
of California to tho public domain, ow
ing to its future availability as a naval
Tho Secretary of tho Interior decides
that Valentine scrip cannot be uued in
tho location of hinds Iving between the
high and low-watermark in Pugot Sound
district, Wash.
Already apprehens'ons aro beginning
to be expressed at the possible fate of
Pearv in his Greenland explorat'ons.
There are fears that h" and his party will
meet the fato of thcUreely party.
Flio Ho8ton Adrertiser gives tho partic
ulars involving $1,000,000 worth of stock
of the big Quincy copper mine in Mich
igan and serious allegations reflecting
upon tho honesty of tho managers.
Tho census returiiR for Pennsylvania
show that the unfortunate city of'johns
town has increased in population since
1880 from 8,:i80 to 21 .805. a growth which
makes it, now tho thirteenth citv in the
Conservative estimates place the yield
of Minnesota and the Dakotas at 125,-
000,000 bushels of wheat, against 00,000,-
uuo last year. It is assorted that the
wheat crop of the three States would fill
a train 250 miles long.
Hlack ants threaten to take possession
of Hoston, und Stato street, the citadel
of Boston's moneyed men. is literally
swarming with them. They aro on tho
streets, on the sidewalks and crawling
up the side ot buildings.
rumor has Ikjoii published at Win
nipeg that tho Grand Trunk is about to
oxtend its lino to Winnipeg via Sault
Ste. Marie and Dulutk, and that when
tho former citv is readied the line will
bo extended to tlm Pacific Coast.
Tho coinage of the United States mints
during the month of August was: Double
eagles. $1,000,000: eagles. $121,000: half-
eagles, JOO.OOO; standard dollars. $1,180.-
uuu: dimes, oM4,lHii); o cents. $74,200:
cent, $40,200. Total coinage, $11,718,400.
rheTennosseo Legislature has decided
that it is uiinble to abrogate the present
lease of convicts. Tho session was called
for the purpose of breaking tho lease.
mid the call was necessitated by riots at
the place where convicts wero employed
in mo mines.
All tho reports received at the internal-
revenue bureau indicate that the pro
duction of sugar from beets, sorghum,
maple syrup and cane will be up to the
original rBumiiies ui uiu producers, un
der which tho bounty was estimated at
..!"! I ..... ! - .1... 1 .
about $10,000,000 por year.
Tho local directory of the World's Fair
has formally confirmed tho nomination
of J. M. Samuels of Kentucky, chief of
the horticultural department: L. W.
llohiuson of tho United States navv.
chief of machinery, and H. S. Pcabody
of Illinois, chief of the department of
liberal arts,
Hallway men living at International
uridge, uni., and working m North Buf
falo have Ikhmi informed bv the United
States MarHhal that there is a clause
which requires householders to live in
the I'liltcd States and unmarried men to
take out United States citizenship papers
If theywifh to earn u living in tho I'liltcd
States, and that it uiimt be observed
fwo ChlragoaUD. Mennrs. Thornton
and Stiong, have contracted with tho
Mearaguiin government to build a rail.
load from M minima lo MatHgulpa via the
ItUilhaiide.a dWUiu-ti of 'AK) mile. Thu
Kuvtuiuiient nod iui 2KHI,(KK)ueriMul luml,
ttiui inu luniii'ife nl lining (lie ivern
lljitlil luiliimd' (luiikv uiu UaRllItt U)
AlulllUtullllkj. (Jthur Vtlltliihlti mn.v..
CotmteUR c,r Cnlthuen In the Exnct An
tltheat of .Mine. Itlavatsky.
Austin Dobon thinks of coining to
the United States in the autumn to give
readings from his own works.
The King of Italy takes great interest
in raising camels when he is not occu
pied in trying to raise the wind at any
rate of interest.
Judge II. K. Douglass, who was a Ma
jor on the stair of General Stonewall
Jackson, will be one of the speakers at
the New Hampshire soldiers' reunion at
me weirs.
Oscar Wilde frankly entitles his new'
est book a study of " Christianity from
tho Outside." Some who consider them
selves in it could give only a real view of
tne Buoject.
Mr. Kuskin thinks the English people
ought to love the apple tree, " not for its
fruit, but for its flower" a sentiment
with which the parents of the American
small boy will fully sympathize.
The oldest jockey on the turf and still
one ot the best of them is William Hay
ward, who lode Preakness in the famous
dead-heat race for the Saratoga cup in
laid, lie lives at li,atontown, N. .1
It is always a pleasure to know that a
King is of some practical use. King
Humbert is a cook of no mean order,
and can boil a potato or broil a steak in
a way that would make a dyspeptic fee
Gray hairs continue to crowd about the
temple of Will S. Hays, editor, poet and
song writer, uui ins eoony musiacne is
resplendent wiiii youth and vigor. 11
writes better thp.n Joe Howard of New
York, and tells inoie truth.
George Haven Putnam, the New York
publisher, lias received from the trench
government the cross of the Legion of
Honor, conferred upon him for his sen-
ices in helping to secure the passage of
the international copyright law.
The lato Empress Augusta of Germany
was very rigid in her opposition lo being
photographed. There is, however, a
picture to be seen in the shops of Berlin
representing a group of tho royal family,
with the Empress Augusta seated on the
left, holding a book up so as to hide from
view her imperial features.
Tho Countess of Caithness, the new
high priestess of theosophv. is the exact
antithesis of her predecessor, Mine. Bla-
itsky. Her figure is slender, her man
ners elegant and her tastes rehned. She
dresses in great taste. Her only resem
blance to Blavatsky lies in her fondness
for diamonds, but that is a pardonable
womanly weakness.
Ex-Judge John Erskine, who retired
from the Federal bench about five years
ago, h ranked as one of the greatest m-
rn-ts in the South, and when lie retired
the bar of Geo-gia ;;ave iiini a great ova
tion. He was appointed by Andrew
Johnson. He lives most of tho time
now with his daughter, Airs. Ward of
New York, and spends a few months
each year in Savannah.
Emmet Logan of the Cincinnati Times
is your genuine six-foot Kentuckiau, is
kindly in Ins face and manner, is a dead
eneniv of the " hnrd-lioiled liiit." mirl
fivides his time between two-pdged par
agraphs and editing his double-leadeu
great-primer Warren-county corn patch.
He afi'ects store ciothes, pomp and pie in
town, but is not haughty as to mush and
molasses on the plantation.
There is a curious painting in England
of Mario Antoinette, taken in Vienna
when she was a happy maiden of fourteen
summers. It represents tho voung Arch
duchess merrily laughing, with her slen
der finger pointing in a mocking way to
ner neck, around wiucli is encircled a
red ribbon, resembling curiously a lino
of blood. The innocent but prophetic
gesture gives a thrilling and tragic char
acter to the portrait.
Henjamin Folsoni. Mrs. Cleveland's
cousin, who was appointed United States
Consul at Sheffield under the last admin
istration, has been ill for several months.
tie came home last soring to visit his
mother, who is dying of consumption in
California, and was himself attacked
with pneumonia. Having improved
somewhat, ho returned to England, but
sintered a relapse, from which at last fie
Is now reported as slowly recovering.
The President's salary is paid to him
iii iiiuniiiiv iiisuiuiiieiiiH oi ?4,jdo ui.
Tho warrant is brought to tho White
House by a special messenger of the
Treasury Department, and after the
President has indorsed it as he would an
ordinary draft his private secretary de
posits it at the Columbia Bank. When
tho President is out of town tho draft is
mailed to him. The samo method is
pursued in paying the Justices of tho
Supremo Court.
In .1.1.. ...11 i . . I A4 ..- ,1m
Ainu I'm tally Htnlm Ills Itrollier
With a lVnknlfo.
Catttlemen in Custer county, Mont.,
have captured and lynched several noto
rious cattle thieves, who were caught
changing brands. '
David Douglass, Township Treasurer
at YoungHtown, O.. has been arrested on
a charge of emltezzloiuent, it having been
discovered that he was short in his ac
counts. At AUeghanv, Pa., Georgo Ott, aged
22, fatally stabbed his brother John,
aged 10, with a penknife, driving the
weajKJii into his left lung near the
heart, tho result of a quarrel.
Burglars broke open the safe of the
Sloan State Bank at Sioux City, la., and
secured nearly $5,000. Tho Correction
ville postotllco was burglarized by the
same gang and $150 worth of stamps
taken. The burglars stole horses, and
At Haverhill, Mass., two masked men
forced their way into the house of Mrs.
tilkins, and demanded her money. She
handed them $452; but, presenting n re
volver, they tore open her dross and
soixed a bag containing $80) in money
and $400 in notes. Both escjijiod.
Charles H. Ego and K. L. Maguire,
formerly individual ledger clerks at the
Keystone Bank. Philadelphia, havelwen
arroHtcd and charged with making falt-o
entries in the ledgers and making such
ktatt'iiienta as would tend to deceive the
lunik examiner.
Iannis Bulling, the St. Jouenh : .Mo. ,
wife murderer, was hanged at Savannah,
Mo. Bulling had obtained a plutnl jiut
lkfor the oieeiitiou from the mlniinr
and Hlmt hlmwlf twine. The houii.L.
wore nut mortal, mid he wan taken Wan.
uhiinliig ami Miruaiuinu fur uxunv i., n...
Mtailt,iieiiin by it)Mil4iN luug numyU
U inn ill ny U LH'UMHiHIIU IUB lJIIHtt
Uimitfli Urn iruu I liu uwik mad UibVvii,
Revolution Anticipated
in Hayti.
German Journals Discuss the Proba
bilities of War as if They Are
on the Eve of One.
France claims 1,000,003 Socialists.
The condition of the crops in India
has taken a turn for tho better.
Finer has risen :', shillings a sack at
London, owing to the wet harvest.
The Hank of Kngland has nearly $20,
000,000 more than it had a year ago.
It is said that there are now twenty
tu-n ailing of war under construction in
Russian ship yards.
Masons and bricklayers who build the
mills of the Welsh tin-plate trust te
ceive il.44 a day in wages.
Organized collections are being made
in Russia for the relief of the starving
and destitute in that country.
German journals discuss war proba
bilities ns if the country was on the eve
of a gigantic struggle for its very life.
Smokeless powder is being ued in the
French and German military maneuvers,
and the evolutions could be easily ob
served. The Sultan of Morocco has directed
that young girls shall no longer be pub
licly sold in the markets of Fez a. id
other towns.
The annonncemepi that the Prince of
Wales will revisit, Tranby Croft this au
tumn evokes loud outcries from the re
ligious press.
John S. Durham lias been appointed
Minister Resident and Consul at Hayti.
He is a colored man, and is now Consul
at San Doin ngo.
Pcifitints near Vilna. Russia, have
murdeied the wife and family of a Rus
sian Jew who bought up several million
roubles' worth of rye.
Tea-growing is becoming one of the
lending industries of Fiii. and it is au-
ticipmeil that, a large traffic in the arti-
e will soon he deveiopen.
A matrimonial alliance between the
Czarowitzof Russia and Princes Marie
of Greece. .hi" cousin, will b-i formally
innouuced in the near future.
The Ixindon Choutcle says U:f the
Prince of Wales has all but decided fn
go to Chicago and is likelv to be acco-n-
panied by hmperor illiamof Germany.
Emperor WiMiam, tinxiou imt t
wound the South German tee'iug. win
ttend the Bavarian maneuvers under
the Bavarian flag as a guest, not as a
Gladstone's objection to a lab r party
is on tho ground that, " if every class ol
the coininuiiitv exercised thu ruin.
form a party, we should have a quec
tt'oneror William is fully confirmed in
his determination to have passed at all
hazards at the next cession of tho
Reichstag a bill to diminish and mulish
Tho Hiriperor of Germany lias be
stowed upon Dr. W.J. HolTman of the
bureau of ethnology, Smithsonian Insti
tute, the decoration of the Roval Order
oi me urown.
There are said to bo about 22.000.000
acres of forests in Hungary. Of these
tne government owns about ,),.)i)0,l)00
acres, uuys more each year and retuses
to sell any that it possesses.
The United States Consul at Guaymas
denies the sensational reports to the ef
fect that yellow fever prevails at Gnav'
mis and on the Pacific Coast of Mexico.
I here has been no yellow fever there
since 1887.
fhe commerce of Italy, as compared
with the same period last vear, shows
the imports have decreased "$20,800,000
in value and the exports $4,000,000.
During the same period the rove n ue from
customs fell oil $4,:i00,000.
1 he announcement ib made that the
Su'tan lias dismissed the Grand Vizier
and the rresident of tho Council, Kia
mil Pasha. Djerag Pasha, Governor of
Creto, succeeds him. Six members of
the Cabinet have also been dismissed
An attack upon Port-au-Prince is being
prepared by the Haytian exiles nt King
ston, anu so strong is tho belief that a
revolution will soon break out that many
foreign residents have moved out of
Port-au-Prince or aro sending their fam
ilies away.
Tho Paris Temp distinctly indicates
that the French government intends to
support the Sultan's right to enter into
a special contract with Russia nermit.
the entrance into the Dardanelles of
armed vessels
outside of the articles of
the treaty,
Tho British Consul In Japan, who has
watched sailors carefully, savs that Jcck
is much better mannered since steamers
have replaced sailing vessels. The steam
era provide better and less monotonous
food, entail less hardship and have dulled
the adventurous, independent and eter
nally unsatisfied spirit with which tho
sailors used to roam about the world.
A party of Russian officials, sent to
kill animals infected with disease in or
der to prevent the disease from spread
ing, was attacked at Xaikop bv a crowd
of inhabitants. A detachment of Cos
sacks, ordered to quell tho disturbance
was received with a shower of stones'
The Cossacks then fired a vollev, killing
r s v . o . t r -.ojvg woil till I li. nt I r -a
iiioi H.vcssVirvH KT0MA0II.
ntUtnuwf II iillH'lM TV4
A Retume of the Condition of Its Dlr
ferent Departments.
With tho fruit dealers the amount of
business done was much in excess of the
first part of the week. The glutted con
dition of the market is for the present
over with. Watermelons drag heavily.
The quantity of peaches in the market
is very small, and prices aro correspond-
ingly stiff. Grapes are in over supply, I
aro hard to disposo of. Pears and plums
aro plentiful, and meet with only fair
sale. Vegetable market is well supplied
with every variety, especially potatoes
and cabbage, the latter being a drug in
tho market. The amount of oats on
hand is larger than nt any previous time,
and a decline is anticipated. No change
is noted in the market for dairy produce.
Eggs are higher. Hutter is a little easier,
receipts of Oregon being on the increase.
In other lines of wholesale trade there is
no particular change ns regards the
amount oi uusiuess oone. uuotation
. -1 , , . . . .
on staple articles remain the same, an
tho regular fall business commences.
Trading iB very quiet, and there is lit
tle change to be noted in the general
condition of the local market. The ex
port demand is good, but holders ask
C rices that are away above an export
asis and business" is consrqueiitly
checked. Foreign markets are dull, but
not quotably any lower.
Produce, Fruit. Klc.
Wheat Valley, 1.50C1.52h'; Walla
Walla, $1.42,.(!i.45 percental.
Fi.ol'h Standard, $5.00; Walla Walla,
$4.00 per barrel.
O.vrs New, ,'S40c per bushel.
Hay $12' 14 per ton.
Muxsri'KKS Brnn,$222:; shorts, 425
(S20; ground barley, $ 0ifH2; chop feed,
$22ru2; per ton; barley, $1.2J(1 25 per
Ht'iTKit Oregon fancy creamery, 30$
o2-tfC; fancy dairy, 27'2c; fair to good,
2oc; common, 15(20c; Eastern, 23a30c
per pound.
Chbkse Oregon, 1212c; Eastern,
13c per iioiuul.
Eoos Oregon, 25c per dozen.
Poi'M'itv Old chickens. $5.0!)ff 5.5(1;
voting chii,Kens,$2.50((i;i. 1(1; duck". f4.00
Ci0.00; geese, nominal, itT.OOMS.OO per
doen; turkeys, Lie per pound.
Vi:m:iAiii,i:s. Cabbage, 75c(a$1.00 per
cental; onulillower, $f(fnl 25 per dozen :
Onions, 80i((i$l percental ; beets, .f 1.25 per
sack; turnips, $1.00 per sack; new pota
toes, 45fy)(i0c per cental : tomatoes, 4J(rt
50c per box; lettuce, 12'sc per dozen ;
gieen pea-, :i(f4c per pound; string
beans. 2(ii:Jc per pound; rhubarb, lie per
pound ; cucumbers, 10c per d izen ; car
rots, 7jo per sack ; corn, 7Se per dozen ;
weet potatoes, ,.lm4C per pound.
Fkcits Sicily lemons, .f 7.000i 8.00 :
Califoi ma, $-j.00(1.00 per box ; apple.,
50(Soc per box; banana", $3., "0(re4.(Rl a
bunch pineapples, $o.007.00 per dozen ;
peaches, GU(('7oo per box ; plums, 25 title
per box; watermelons, $l.ft0ff2.00 per
dozen ; cantaloupes, $1.00(1. 50 perdozen,
r- per crate; grapes, Tokay, .fl.IW per
box, Jl.OOaei 10 per crate: muscat and
black, 5U(T7.)0 per crate, boxes 75c; pears,
75o ; Bartlett, 70(!K)c per Ikjx: nectar
ines, o0(i 75c per crate; crab apple, ."c
per pound; pumpkins, $1.50 per dozen.
Nu rs California walnuts, lltaiic;
hickory, 8c; Brazils, lOtfilc; al
monds, 1018c; filberts. l;!ClHc: pine
nuts, 1718c; pecans. 17f(0lSc; coco.i
nuts, 8c; hazel, 8c; peanuts. 8c per
Stnple OroeiTlrK.
Coffee Costa Rica .21 '..e; Pin :!(
Mocha, 30c; Java. 25'ac ;" Arbuckle's,'
tuu-pound cases, 24 V per pound.
Sro mi Golden C.458e; extra O. 47fic;
granulated, 5Jcj cube crushed and pow
dered, Oic; confectioners' A, hhc per
Beans Small white, 3?c ; pink, 3'
(JW.jc; bayos, 4?ic; butler, 4j,c; limas,
44(i'oc per pound.
Honey 18(t20c per pound.
Salt Liverpool, $l(i,$lo.5017 ; stock,
$ll(tu2 per ton in c-irload lots.
Canned Goods Table fruits, $1.65,
2'2s; peaches, $2.00; Bartlett pears,
$1.85 ; plums, 1.37s, ; strawberries,,'. ;
cherries, $2.50(ffi2.G0 ; blackberries, $1.90 :
raspberries, $2.40; pineapples. $2.50(u3;
apncots,$1.75. Vegetables : Com, $1.35
h0,, act'onl'"B to quality; tomntoes,
$1.1003.25; sugar peas, $1.25; string
heans, $1.10 per dozen. Pie fruit: As
sorted, $1.50; peaches, $1.05 ; plums,
$1.20; blackberries, $1.05 per dozen.
iMsh: Sardines, 85c(i?l.(i5; lobsters, $2.30
0'..50; oysters, $1.5003.25 per dozen,
balmon, standard No. 1, $1.2501.50 per
case; No. 2 $2.55. Condensed milk:
land, $0.5; Champion, $0; Monroe,
rVoor018?. AIt-'at8: Corned beef,
$2.1502.25; chipped beef, $2.40; lunch
S'ol318',0'00 28 J dviled ham,
$1.502.i6 per dozen.
Svitue Eastern, in barrelp, 470 55c;
half-barrels, 50058c; in cases, 55080c
per gallon; $2.-J502.5O per keg. Cali
per keg" barroIs 3Jo I,er gallon; $1.75
Rice $5.25 per cental.
DltlEI) FltriTS Itnlinr,
i;li ""drnian, 910c per pound;
sms, $1.7502.25 per box ; plummet
dried pears, 10llc; sun-dried and fac
iJ.Jl 2 ll12c ; evaporated peaches,
fl. o ! Suivrna tW -'0c; California,
hgs, 9c per pound.
The Meut Market.
HEEFLive . 3c : dressed, 50c.
Mutton a , 'r.r'
dressed, 7c. D"c"u' BW,
.AN;e' 60 '' Messed, 6c
1 KAL 0070 tier Mi,n,l
life "-Eaetern ham, 13V.
bacon' ,o,erA'?o,et,es' 10 breakfast
itfiiJ4c per pound.
l iS iVr impound, 1012c; pu
-l'4 0jJ2kc: ( rnifnn 1H .hints' -
UOUnd. ' -"" "V81SU-SC I
' AltlhiNU from
iiiiufuu,,. vvi i mi' in in.,.
kluim till ilMlludcii, l
lHIHil.n'rM ASl) (iHOI'r.llN.