The Oregon scout. (Union, Union County, Or.) 188?-1918, January 15, 1891, Image 1

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Has ns largo a circulation as nny
two papers in this section of ttho
State combined, and is corre
spondingly valuable aa an adver
tising medium.
Is independent in nil things, nni
i t ta tnjnothiiur ; devoted to every
I cause it Mivcs to lie right u
journal for (lie people.
Horo Will the Press the People's Rights Maintain.
vol. vrr.
NO. 30
The Oregon Scout
An Indretiitent neekljr jomna , issued erery Thursday
Illuming by
Publishers and Proprietors.
A K Jones, F.dltor.
II. Oil tscEV, Foreman
ltuti-s of SuliHrlitlon.
One- cory ""e ear.
One- opy s'x niuiohs.
Une copy three mouths, .to
Invariiilily Cath In Aitvnnce.
by ehanve Hibtrrlptions are not jind till end
of year, tun ilnllart will bt ehargcil.
Hates of ailieitmlxK made known on application
Air Correspondence from ull p.rta of tue country
AiMieMia'l coiiimunlsatlous to the OnriiON Si-out,
Union, Oregon.
1'remibest Hi njainln Harrison of Indiana.
Mkchetahv ok Btatk James n. Ilia ne of Maine.
Hm-ketahy of this TjttAiimv William Windjm
of Minnesota.
Hecheta itv or War Rcdllel ' I'roctorof Vermont.
.Sfcketakv of tin: Nav llenjiiiilu F. Tiacy of
New York.
Hf.cuktuiy of the Interior- John W. N..ble of
I'o.HMASTKii-GiiNMtAL John Wanatnaker of l'enn
t)lvjuia. ATTonshv Okneral W. II. II. .Miller of Indiana.
Hkihktarv of AtiRluUMURB-Je.eml.ih Rusk cf
J. II. Mitch
1 J. N.
Congressman, ... lliNom Hermann.
Ci)ernor, - SVLVKiniR I'fn.novkh.
.Secretary of Hiate, - (..onuK W. Mcltl'.lliK.
htute Treasurer, - - (i. W. Wi:mi.
Supcrintendpjt of l'ubllc Instruction, U. 1!. McKlrov.
Htut j l'rinter, - - - 1'liiMi U. IUkkr.
f II. S. Htu.viia.n.
Supreme Judges, - W. V. I.o':I.
lV. W. TllAVKR
Circuit Judges. . - mVW
I'nwccutliiK Attorney ... 0. F. llYHE.
Statu Senators,
Schcol Superintendent,
Surrejor, :
J. W.
(J. II. Haley.
Ions McAlivtkr.
1 J. A. WmuiiT.
I. N. SNueih.
.1. T. IIOLI.f.S.
I!. U. UltAlNARt),
J. h. Ui.KTIs.
J. I). CUILI).
Joel Weaver
I William Arnold.
I John McDonald.
Mayor, .... J W. Kknnkdv.
Recorder, .... O. L. Hukkhlkk.
Mariihal. .... Anon Joiinno.v.
Street Commissioner. N. F. Ficklin.
I!. F. Wii.sov. J. 11. CoiuiiN.
J. S. Klliott. A. K. Jones.
J. M. Oarholl. S. A. 1'lTll.NEL.
I'NloN LODfii:, No 33, 1. O. O.
I' riday evenuu at 7:3'J o clock
N. O.
0. B Miller, Secretary.
iRANDi: UONDi: 1 NOAM I'M UNT, No. 11, 1. O. O.
F., uuetj on the tiist and thiril Tue.-rUys in each
mouth. O. S. MILLIUt. C. 1'.
J. II. Thompson, Scrllw.
A M., meets on thu secoml ant fourth WAturilaj 8
-rry month. K. W. DAVIS, W. M.
R. II. ItitowN, Secretary.
A. AI., lueeU tlrbt u d third Tu -laib each mouth.
W. T. Wiv GUT, M. K. II. 1'.
Tl ItNER OLIVER. Secretary.
liLUK MOl'NTAIN LODOl! No. 23 K. OF I"
neeteerv Weduesday uvriiiiit,'.
Turner Oliver, K. of R. & S.
hlrd Saturday ta eacn uioith a. the ( Mil Fellow '
Oeoruk IlElNIN'UKlt, Adjutant.
The Mcthodlit Ki)lscopal Church holda services at
A M. an!7 v.
M. ol eac.i bunipiy.
Rev. A TKOMFSON, Acting Pastor.
Services are held at the l'resbyterlan Church at
11 A,
.1. anil 7 1'. M. ol eucn emu-ay.
Rev. J. 1. MORRIS. l'ator.
Olllce two doo-s south of Ij3to!tlce,
Union, Ort-Koii.
Special a '.tent Ion glveii to all biulntss entrusted to us.
K. KAK1N. J- A. II.VK1N, Notary Fubllc.
R. EAKIN & BR0., '
Union, Oregon.
l'rotnpt at'entlou uu to collections.
lUf the tinrit anajstHeMo for extracting teeth without
lain Luomii to the profession. Will practice lu all the
launches of modern ileutUtry Hilver and gold wort a
ljUlty Fine set. of teeth always on haul. FirU-clas
ork und atufa.tini guaruutvcil.
omco-Miiln St., Union, Or.
C. 11. DAY, M. D.,
UlmtEopatblc Physician and Surgeon.
All OulU rroinptly Atteiitleil to.
nmm vUaiatiw Joski Rros.' t'srv. Can U found
nI(Wu at rsMwi ta KMitbastt Union.
QtLtv nut Jeor south c( Hummfrs k Lijue's store,
Union, Ortiiruii,
The Cove Drug Store
JASPAR C. STEYENS, Proprietor,
Patent JWedieines,
Perfumery, Paints and Oils.
I'roxcriiitloiiN Cn re fully Irtimrett.
Rifles, Shotguns, Pistols
Imported and Domestic Cigars, Etc,
Montreal Saloon
Ed Remillard, Proprietor.
If you want a refreshing drink or a good cigar, drop in.
llillianl and pool table for the accommodation
Gomeopia Saloon.
William Wilson, Proprietor.
Finest of Wines,
Cigars Always in
Firgt-cla&i billiard table. Drop in and bo sociable.
For Information About the South
Tlie Official Immigration Department
CARL ROIlINaOX. Secretary,
Raleigh. N. O.
GEORGE BAIRD, Proprietor.
Shaving, Hair-Gutting and Shampooing in
tbe Lasest Style of the Art.
Rhop two doors south of the Centennial hotel,
me a call.
City Meat Market
Mttln Stri-i-t, Union, Oregon.
BENSON BROS., Proprietors,
Beef, Pork, Ycal, Mutton, Sausage, Hams,
Lard, Etc.
The v " Blue Itight
Wm. James, Proprietor, Union, Or.
Cigars '.' in
o cs'-'ancl
Drop In and l-o sociable Fine billiard table.
KlKln. Oregon,
All. Us promptly attended to day or nig
Architoct and Bullclor,
Cove, Ortiffoii.
Tlr. .1 .... I .1 l. . - II i n .. . . I
Lri.1 it
t urulihoJ, mi p( Ucllou.
Southern California Oiangc
Crop Regius to Move.
The Riverside Trust Company Lets Con
tracts fur the Boring of Fifty
Artesian Wells.
A new brewery to cost $20,000 will
soon be built at Snohomish.
Tbe people of Montesano want water
works, and are debating whether
to let a private company furnish the
aqua pura or do it themselves.
The proprietor of the woolen mills nl
Ensenadn, Lower California, receive!
s at
notice from the Citv of Mexico Monday
of the eaneellation of their cession.
The orange crop in Southern Cali
fornia in beginning to move. The crop
in San Bernardino county is estimated
at L',100 carloads and worth $1,080,000.
The Riverside Trust Company h
just let a contract to nave lilty more
artesian wells made in San Bin It...1 oino
valley, to get additional water . . the
Gage canal.
Jrdge Bigelow. of Ely, Nov., tendered
his resignation as District Judge last,
week. It was accepted, and he was ap
pointed Justice of tho Supreme Court
by Governor Bell, to till the unexpired
Bradstreet's commercial agency re
lorts twenty-one failures in tho Pacific
Coast States and Territories for tho past
week as compared with twenty-live for
tho previous week and seventeen for the
corresponding week of 1880.
The didiculty of the men who were
employed in building the Union Pacific
extension between Portland and Seattle,
the work on which has been stopped, in
obtaining their money, has caused much
suffering, many of the men being almost
destitute. About 500 of these men are
at Portland.
Government engineers aro now en
gaged on Snake river in sounding the
stream and blasting out rock for tho
purpose of making it navigable. The
steamer Norma will he ready to make
regular trips between Huntington and
tho Seven Devils mines as soon as high
water tinio arrives.
Ramon Ix)pez, who shot and killed
Mary Dezerillo last Oetoher in the
streets of Santa Barbara, becauso she
would not have anything to do with him,
has been condeinned to death. The
date of the execution has not been fixed.
The case was somewhat similar to the
Goldenson case in San Francisco.
The Board of Trustees at San Luia
Obispo has parsed an ordinance grant
ing the light of way for tho bonthem
Pacific railroad through the city limits,
including tho street crossing, the yards
and depot ground. Houses and other
improvements are to be moved ofl" the
land within the right-of-way limits.
Tho current number of the Northwest
Railroader says : "It is tho intention of
the Great Northern to push its lino
through to the Pacific Const. The con
tract for building the extension from tho
summit of tho Rockies to a point be
yond the Kootenai river has been let to
Sheopard. Seims it Co. of St. Paul.
This makes extensions from tho main
line at Havre, Mont., of about BOO miles,
the first 125 miles of which havo hcon
completed and turned over to the oper
ating department."
It transpires that tho Chinese have
found a way to make tho Uxchn-ion Act
redound to their profit instead of loss.
According to J. F. Tucker, a well-known
gentleman of San Diego, who has his in
formation from a couple of Mongolians
with whom ho has had business rela
tions, Chinese who havo made a few
thousand dollars in tho United States,
and who deeiro to return to tho Flowery
Kingdom, merely go down to the .Mex
ican line, and in crossing back take
pains to allow themselves to bo captured
by officers on tho watch for contrabands.
After their arrest and trial they are
transported to China at the expense of
tho United States Treasury.
Andrew Caldwell, tho special atjent of
tho general land office appointed tomako
an investigation as to the giant trees
(Senuoia) in tho Stockton and Visalia
land districts in California, reports that
in tho Yisalia land district there is ouo
small and one largo grove of giant trees.
The latter is a virgin forest, and has over
1,200 giant sequoias and many moro
small trees. Some five years ago a co
operative colony located about thirty
entries in this neighborhood, and aro
constructing a road to this timber belt.
This colony, it 1b asserted, numbers
about COO members, and has engrafted
tho Bellamy idea as its leading attrac
tion. There is dangor, tho agent believes,
that theso people, if unmolested, will
pooii destroy this most wonderful ami
perfect body of gigantic trees in tho
world. In his table giving tho number I
and sizo of the trees in tho groves visited I
only those measuring forty-fivo feet in
circumference and more, measured three
feet from the gioitml, aro claused as gi-
ants. Of these 2,075 wero found. Forty-
four aro over eighty feet in circuinfer-
once, and several aro over 100, Ono is
100 feet hi circumference, or more than
thirtv-flvo feet in diameter. Secretary
Noble has requested tho Secretary of
War to atation a company of cavalry in
tho Sequoia National Park to prevent
depredations. It is stated that tiio ro
called Bellamy colonists, who havo in
part perfected titlo to tho lands on which
these trees stand, havo expressed deter
mination to hold their chums in gplto of
all opjwsitloii,
Senator l'ettigrew Favors the Total
Extinction of the Seal.
General Sherman Wants the Control of the
Indians Turned Over to the
War Department.
Denver dealers have raised
of coal to ft a ton.
the price
At New Orleans 20,000
people aro
sneezing Willi la grippe.
There are 20,000 women and girls ar
rested in New York every year.
St. Paul is talking up the winter pal-
ace project again, with an eye upon the
A contractor's lien of $70,(515 has been
filed against Talmage's now Brooklyn
The new lake-water tunnel for the
Cleveland water works is complete. It
cost $200,870.5 I.
The grand jury protests against tho
use of the basement of tho Boston post
office as a stable.
The farmers and business men of
lerre Haute, Ind., are moving against
the dressed beef men.
The Mexican government will grant
no more subsidies to roads, and is buying
up thoho already granted.
The apportionment bill does not take
effect till the Fifty-third Congress, which
convenes in December, 18'.);).
Governor Hill is said to favor tho
election of Mr. Dana to the United
States Senate from New York.
It is claimed by reliable persons on
the ground that there aro more than
J!0,000 destitute peoplo in Oklahoma.
Lottery officials aro taking legal steis
in Louisiana to havo a votu of tho peo
ple on tho lottery amendments next
General Sherman says if the control
of the Indians is given to the War De
partment there would bo no more out
breaks. In the contest oleomargarine was
downed in Iowa, and tho commissioner
now reports that none of it is sold in
that State.
Matthew Thomas, by his will, places
in charge of tho citv of Cincinnati $1,
lijO.OOO intrust for "tho benefit of tho
McMicken University.
Langston City. Logan county. Okla
homa, proposes to bo for all time a city
of colored people. The experiment will
Do watched with in'erest.
secretary iracy lias awarded tho con
tract for building the Amnion harbor
defenso ram to tho Bath Iron Works of
Maine on their bid of $030,000.
Senator Pettigrew favora tho total ex
tinction of the seal. Ho says
up moro good, nutritious codfish e'very
year than their hides are worth.
It is reported that tho various agents
on tho Sioux reservation aro receiving
numerous applications from Indians
who wish to take their lands in sever
alty. Chicago will soon havo the largest 10
cent lodging in tho world. Tho build
ing will be seven stories high, will cost
$85,000, and be heated by steam and
lighted by electricity.
Under tho apportionment of ',)")() mem
bers in the House of tho lufty-third
Congress New York will neither gain
nor lose upon its delegation of thirty
four Representatives.
At tho War Department n card cata
logue is being prepared that will givo
tho military history of every man who
served in tho Union from General Grant
down to the last man who enlisted.
Tho Trinity church estate in New
York is worth $150,000,000, and is rap
idly increasing in value. Tho reason is
that it lies on tho west side of tho town,
which has become a vast trado center.
The United States court, sitting in
bank at New York, has refused a new
trial f'r Clausen, tho president and
wrecker of tho Sixth National Bank.
The extreme penalty is ten years and
In tho trial trip of tho cruiser New
ark it is understood the vessel exceeded
11,000-horse power, which will give tho
Cramps $.r0,000 premium. She aver
aged in speed nineteen and six-tenths
knots per Hour.
The fine bronze statue of Stonewall
Jackson, to bo erected at Lexington,
va., neit July, is not yet paid for. and
the hat is being passed around through
tho South generally to collect $4,000
more for this purpose.
E. G. Ixwke, tho Union Pacific expert
who bonded the mines of tho Umatilla
County Coalt'ompany. andthoArbueklo
Coul and Mining Company, in the Bitter
creek coal region, writes that a diamond
drill and machinery is now on the way
from tho East and will soon arrive n't
Pendleton. An Boon as the machinery
passes Pocatello a force of men will Imi
started from Wyoming to take charge of
it nnd conduct tiie work at the coal
mines. The coal fields will Ihj thor
oughly tested, and if good coal is found
in abundance they will bo purchased by
the Union Pacific. In that event tho
Bitter creek ecction will Ixkmii with a
vengeance, as tho building of a railroad
to tho iniucH by the company is not liu-probable,
The Y. M. C. A. of Paris Propose to
Krect a Pine Build insr.
German Catholic Clergy are Secretly
structeil to Make a Vigorous
War on Socialism.
Parnell declares ho will continue his
struggle for the leadership.
The Caledonian Railway Company
has practically won the struggle with its
The Young Men's Christian Associ-
ation at Paris proiHiso to erect centrally
a handsome building.
An exhibition, which will be interna
tional so far as hygiene and electricity
are concerned, is to bo held in Lvon's
in 1802. '
It. is reported that the German Cath-1
our c.ergy nas noen secretly lnstruc ed ;
tl) llPiTlli 11 Vliinronu U'llrfnni intn nut Sin.!
. l,-r ,,,vWiii,a. l-u
Two lepers are receiving injections of
the Koch lymph at Berlin. Tho experi
ment is being made at the request of tho
Thirty thousand Russian Jews aro ex-
pecteu to arrive in Hamburg soon, and Poultry Quote : Old Chickens,
arrangements aro being made to sendi4.00: voting. 3.00(ii3.50: old Ducks.
them to Brazil.
Newfoundlanders aro represented to
be very angry over the announcement of
tho continuance for another year of tho
modus vivendi with France.
All of tho postofiices in Italy receive
money on deposit, allowing interest at
tho rate of 3'jj per cent, per annum and
a dividend paid every three years.
Japan is about to enter tho field ns a
producer of indigo. Tho soil and climate
of parts of the island aro skated to Ihj
favorablo to tho cultivation of the shrub.
A new stenographic machine, in uso
by the Italian Parliament, is capable of
recording 250 words a minute and can
bo readily manipulated by a blind per
son. The Singer sewing machine works at
Glasgow, Scotland, have lieen compelled
to shut down because of the strike,
throwing 4,000 persons out of employ
ment. Paris has just adopted an underground
way for rapid transit which is to carry
not only tracks, but all pipes, cables,
and wires needed by a modern citv. ex
clusive of sewers.
Great preparations aro being made for
the removal of the eighty-eight coffins
from tho Berlin Cathedral. In this
vault the rulers and princes of Prussia
have been buried for centuries past.
Tho Russian army on a war footing
numbers 2,570,000 men, and that of
France 3,220,1 00 forming a total of
5,Sio.lK0. or OJO.OOO moro than tho com
bined forces of Germany, Austria and
Dix Neuvien Ricclo states that Queon
Victoria has assured tho Pone, through
Cardinal Manning, that thoio will bo no
objection from England to tho canoniza-
non oi mo I'rcncn national neroino,
Joan oi Arc.
Sonor Morot, President of tho Tariff
Commission, has submitted a personal
roj)ori 10 mo bjianisn government, set
ting forth the disastrous effects of pro
tection and opposing any further in
crease in duties.
The statement is made at Berlin that
the Gorman government will grant Pro
fessor Koch 1,000,000 marks for tho priv
ilege of manufacturing Kochon. They
will also havo u largo sliaro of tho profits
from the manufacture.
A dispatch from Havana says: Al
though tho government has offered $10,
000 for Garcia, tho bandit, dead or alive,
during nearly two months nothing lias
been done, and ho continues in undis
puted sway of his territory.
The Pope, replying to tho congratula
tions of the Cardinals on tho fifty-third
anniversary of his jiriestfrood. deplored
the war of sects against tho church and
reaffirmed tho rights of the Pnimcy. Ho
appeared fully recovered from bis recent
It is proposed to manage the finances
of the Argentine in London hereafter if
the republic will consent. Tho plan,
which was not agreed to by tho French
and German delegates to the confer
ence, is to at once check the issue of
paper money.
Appalling reports of starvation at the
east end of liondon have Htartled tho
aristocratic west end. Tho leaders of
tho Dockers' Union say that tho great
difficulty is tho want of employment,
and that the situation is the worst that
has ever boon known.
The Municipal Council of Caracas,
Venezuela, have decreed u tax upon
bachelors. Every unmarried man over
thirty-live is required to pay nn income
tax of I per cent, on an income of not
more than $5,000. or 2 per cent. If his
income exceeds that amount.
The latest Parisian novelty is a small
model of the trunk which figured in the
Gouffo strangling case as a receptacle of
the victim 's mutilated lody. It is a
puzzle to open tho trunk, mid when the
experimenter hasovorcomo thoilifllctilty
.i... ii.i ii.... i .... . .
inu mi ujun upuu nun no is n warded py
the sight of a leaden imago of tho mi
fortuutiio notary,
(JiiHtavo RoviIIlod, tiio urehicologist.
has died at Cairo. lie iieqiteatlied liis
private niiiboum and fortune, amount
ing to over iMfiO.OOO. tofiuiiuvu, Bw.ltiw
laud, where lie was writ,
Whkat The local market continnes
in a state of masterly inactivity. Tho
demand is very light nnd almost entirely
for milling Open quotations
romain at $1.20f 1.22, for Valley and
$1.1001.12 for Walla Walla.
Flour Quote: Standard, $3.004.00;
Walla Walla, $:u;(!(.r3.80 per barrel.
Oats Tito market is firm. Quote:
White, 5(?(3i8o per bushel.
Millstuffs Quote: Bran, $21,000
21.50; Shorts, $21f 24.50 per ton.
Hay Quote: HfJt 18 perton.
Vkqetahles Tho market ia firm.
Quote: Cabbage, f 1.2501.50 por cental;
Cauliflower, $1 per dozen; Celery, 50c
per dozen; Onions, 2?43c per pound;
Carrots. $1 per sack; Beets, $1.60 per
sack; lurnips, $1 per sack; Tomatoes,
50o per lox; Potatoes. $1.00 per
fOlltftf . l,if ninna OIa nnf tiAlin
squash, $2 per cental.
Fruits Tho market is steady. Quote :
Tahiti Oranges, $3 per box; Sicily Lem
ons, $7.50018 per case; Peara, l)4c per
Vound ; Apnles, 00085c per box ; Grapes,
$1.25 per box; Pineapples, $3.5004.00
per dozen; Bananas, $304 per bunch;
Quinces, $1.25 por box.
Nuts Quote: California Walnnta,
17Mc; other varieties, 13c; Peanuts, 12c;
Almonds. 17c; .tillwrts, 14010c; notr
itazB, 20c per pound; Cocoanuta, $1 per
.1. .11 I 1 I
Chkksk The market ia steady. Quote:
Oregon, 13(14e; California, O601Oc;
loung America. I410c per pound.
Buttkr Quote: Oregon fancy cream
ery, 40042'i.e; lancy dairy, 37Jo; fair
to good. 2710f30o: common. 20026c:
1 nltninn flu 1 i fniti i n ?l7t. rwr vi-mif1
57; Ueeso, $10011 per dozen; Tur-
keys. 10c per pound.
Eoos Quoto : Oregon, 25c per dosea
The Merolinmllie Market.
Rick Quote : $0.50 per contal.
Pickles Quote : $1.25 5s ; $1.15c 9b.
Salt Quote: Liverpool, $17, $18, $19;
stock, $11012 per ton in carload lota.
Coal Oil Quote : $2.35 per caae.
CitANiiKiiitiEs Quote: Capo Cod, $11
per barrel,
Cofkkk Quoto: Coata Rica, 23c t
Rio, 25c5 Arbucklo'e, roasted, 26e
por pound.
Sua Aits Tho market is firm. Quote r
Golden 0, 5c ; extra 0, GJffa ; dry gran
ulated, 7Ko; cube crushed and pow-
Dried ruiys The maricec
is firm.
Quoto : Italian
Prunes, 12014c; Pe-
tito and Gorman Prunes, 10c por pound;
Raisins, $2.50 per box: l'lummer-drtea
Pears, 11012c; sun-dried and factory
Plums, 11012c: evaporated Peaches,
24c; Smyrna Figs, 20c; California Figs,
0c per pound.
Oannkd Goods Market is firm. Quote:
Table fruits. $2.25, 28 ; Peaches, $2.75;
Bartlett Pears, $2.26; Plums. $1.65;
Strawberries, $2.50; Cherries, $202.50;
Blackberries, $2; Raspberries, $2.55;
Pineapples, $2.75; Apricots, $2.25. Pio
fruit: Assorted, $4.50 per dozen ; Peaches,
$1.50: Plums, $1.25; Blackberries, $1.05
per dozen. Vegetables: Corn, $1.25
01.50. according to quality; Tomatoes,
$1.1503.50; Sugar Peas, $1.4001.60;
String Beans, $1.10perdozen. Fish: Sal
mon, $1.2601.50; sardines, 8Oc0$l.OO;
lobsters, $203; oyHtors, $1.5003.25 per
dozen. Condensed milk : Eagle brand,.
$8.25; Crown, $7; Highland, $6.75;
Champion. $6 per caae.
Nails Baae quotations: Iron, $3.20;
Steel, $3.80; Wire, $3.00 per kog.
Shot Quoto: $1.85 per sack.
Bkanb The markot Is firm. Qnoto:
Small Whites, 304c; rink, 8X(c;
Bayoa, 4c; Butter, 3e; Limas, 5c
per pound.
Hoi's The markot is steady,with nom
inal prices. Quote: 20030c por pound.
Wool The market is steady. Quoto :
Valloy, 10020c; Eastern Oregon and
Walla Walla, 10016c per pound.
Hides Quote : Dry Hides, selected
prime, 808c, K "Ba for culls; green,
selected, over 55 pounds, 4c; under 56
pounds, So; Sheep Pelts, short wool, SO
50c; medium, 60080c; long, 90c
$1.25; shearlings, 10020c; Tallow, good
to cholco, 303c.
TbevMeat Market.
The market is firm. Quote:
Beef Live, 23o; dressed, Co.
Mutton Live, 3o; dressed, 6U7c
Hogs Llvo, 4J06c; dressed, 6c.
Veal 58c per pound.
Lambs $2.50 each.
The market Is firm. Quotations: East
ern Hams, 126013c ; lireaktast Ma
con, lO)011o ; Sides, 010c ; Lard, 8
100 per pound.
Tin reported discoveries of onvx in
Crawford county, Mo., aro fully con
firmed. One of t ho caves has been ex
plored for a distance of two miles, and
contains an inexhaustible supply of nil
colors of the beautiful mineral.
Tho City Board of Education ai Chi
cago lias unanimously voted down tho
proposition mat extracts lrom tno initio
bo rend dally in tho public schools.
Tho Committee on Schools and Manage
ment decided that for tho general wel
fare of tin schools tho prayer of tho pe
titioners ought not to bo granted.
It has been discovered at New York
that W. Duryeo Hughes, who says ho ia
a brother-in-law of "Laiidiuilot" Wil
liams, onco Attorney-General of tho
United Suites, whom General Grant
wanted to appoint Chief Justice of tho
United States Supreme Court, and Pat
rick II, Campbell, both attornoys. havo
been carrying on u fraudulent divorca
Dr. Landis, of tho Veterinary Depart
ment of tho University of Pennsylvania,
claims to have found the bacillus that
cannes lockjaw. Ills experiments provt
iMiyond a doubt, according to im opinion
of Dr, tfiilll, that it is tho stunt) Kerw
that lias liven found by Dr, I'urkt. f
liiilfalo, N, YM who lm doiiwmttrtfUd
tho fuel that It U thu iMuilluu rt
nlblu for tetamiB,