The Oregon scout. (Union, Union County, Or.) 188?-1918, January 08, 1891, Image 1

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    ' k . . . , V At
Tins as larue acm-iilation iia nny
two papers iti this section of tbo
State cpinbinud, and is corre
spondingly valuable as an adver
tising medium.
Hero Will tho Press tho People's Rights Maintain.
NO. 2!)
Is independent m all things, neu- H v, ' jF ,,
' jonnnil for tho people. 0
The Oregon Scout
An Indrixiiideiit noekljr Jmiua , ImikmI ererjr Thursday
morning by
.rox.ES & CHAXCEY,
Publishers ami Proprietors.
A. K. Jone, IMitor.
II. Cih.stf.V, Foreman
Jtutcs of Su1irrltIoii.
Oue cor y ono year,
One oipy six motions,
One .py three months,
In variably Cull in AiU miro.
hy rhanve hcriptimi nre not till end
of year, two dnWxn will be churged.
lUtes ot mlrertiKi"!; ninile known on application.
A4' Correspondence from all puts of trie country
"Artitreiis U commimlciitioas to the Or.KuoN HcoliT,
Union, Oregon.
I'liESiriENT-llenJainlu Harrison of Inllana.
Heckktarv of State JuuiesU. lti.i no of Maine
SF.CIlKTAllV OK TMK Tiiit.nunv illiaiit indom
0tHCKinTuY or WAlt-Uoilflel ' l'roctorof Vermont.
Hkckktahv ok the Xavv llenjimln K fincy of
New York. . , .
Skciietahv ok the Intt.iiioh- John V. uble of
Missouri. ..... ,
l'o'iTMAHTEn-r.ENKnAl.-John VtanaraaVirof I'onn-
"rATr.msr.v Oknidiai.-W. H. II. Miller of Indiana.
Secuetahv of AoniuULiUKK-Je-euiwili Kiikk of
f.I. II. MlTCHKl.U
Secretary of State,
N. DoLI-ll
Ur.OllllK W. Ml'llltlUK.
(i. W. WEIlll.
Superintendent of Public Instruction, 1.. li.
Statal'nnter. - - - IaiTa:
Supreme Judge., & w.'thaikk
Mate Treasurer,
Circuit Judees,
Prosecuting Attorney
f M. 1). UMFFonn
I .lAMtS A. Fun.
- O. V. Hwie
(.1. V. Nokval.
1,1. II. Haley.
(John MoAmhTRR.
1 J. A. Wuiomt.
State Senators,
Hclirol Superintendent,
Survejor, - :
J. T. liol.ux.
J. S. llLUorr.
1',. O. llm'S Villi.
II. S. ktiivsok.
J. I.. UlMlTlh.
.1. n. Ocii.u.
Jor.L We WEIl
JWIUUM AllSol.ll.
t John .Mc1).au.
Mav(r. I W.
nerorJir. .... 0. 1.. ItuKKHLfE.
MarehaU - Anon, JoiinkoN.
Street Commissioner. - - N- I'irKLlS.
II F. Wil-sov. J. 11. Comiis.
J. S. llt.MOTT. A. K. .IONEL
,1. M. r.v.inoi.i.. K. A. 1'imtKL.
UNION I.ODtii:, No 39, I. O. o. V , MlIl'.Td KVKHY
Friday evening at 7.3J o'clock Q
0. S JI iLl.rn, Sorretary.
OIIANDi: KflNDKl-NaVMJINT. No 11, 1. O. O
V.. nvnii on tho fiiHt dudthlidTinwdysin
month. 0. S. C 1'.
J. 11. Thompson, Scribe.
M., meots on Urn second an I fourth HfttunUJ s
trery monta. U. W. 1).V IS, . il.
It. II. IlnowN, Secretary.
OHANDi: 1!0NI)K VALLKY Oil I'TU, No. 20 . It.
A. M., meet lint a d tl.ii.I 'J ich month.
. ". W I. (illl, Al. 1. i
TUKNEIiOLIVEIi. Secretary.
,Beets every Wll'l'jfvroi.I). O 0.
TuitNEH Or.lVhlt, K. of It. k S.
third SatuidaylueacjmnUia
CEonnr. Heininoeu, Adjutant.
The MetliodlitKjiiscopjl Church holds services at 11
M. ani 7 r. M. of cac.i Siindnv
Her. A. TIIO.MFSON, Acting Fastor.
Services aro held at the l'resbyterian Church at 11 A,
M. and 7 I'. M
Ilev J 1" MOltltlS. 1'astor.
Otllco two doors south of FostoBice,
Union, OruKnn.
Special attention given to all business entrusted to us.
K. EAK1N. J. V. 1IAKI.V, Notary Public.
Union, OrcKon.
Prompt at'entlon iulil to collections.
Has the finest anaathetle for extracting teeth without
lta known to the profession, nuipracuco m
branches of mwleru dentistry Silver and (told work a
n!liltv. Klua set. of teeth always ou hand. First-class
work and satisfaction guaranteed.
Otllco-.-Miiln St., Union, Or.
C. H. DAY, H. D.,
Homffiopathlc Physician and Surgeon
All CulU l'romiitly Atteinleil to.
Oflloe adjoining Jonei llros. store.
oigbU at realdenoe In Southwest Union.
Can be found
Office ono door south ol Bummer Jt Uyne's (tore,
Union, Orecou.
The Cove Drug Store
JASPAR G. STEVENS, Proprietor,
Patent -pdieines,
Perfumery, Paints and Oils,
l'ri"crlptliii Carefully l'rciinrt-il.
Rifles, Shotguns, Pistols and
Imported and Domestic Cigars, Etc.
Montreal Saloon
Ed Remillard, Proprietor,
If you want a refroshinB drink or a goml cigar, drop In.
llilllanl ami pool tables for tha acoommoilatlon
GoFMeopia Saloon.
William Yilson, Proprietor.
The Finest of Wines, Liquors
Cigars Always in Stock.
First-class billiard table. Drop in and be sociable.
For Information Abont the South
The Ofllclal Immigration Department
CAUL IlOlUNoON, Secretary,
lUltigh, N. C.
U nionTonsorial Pallors
GEORGE BAIRD, Proprietor.
Shaving, Hair-Cutting and Shampooing In
the Lasest Style of the Art.
Shon two doors south of the Centennial hotel.
me u call,
City Meat Market
Mulii Street, Union, Orptfon.
BENSON BROS., Proprietors,
Beef, Pork, Yeal, Mutton, Sausage, Hams
Lard, Etc.
The v " Blue 7 Light
Wm. James, Proprietor, Union, Or.
FineVWines.Vu t
Cigars 7 in 5'
Drop in and be sociable Fine billiard table.
Klein, Oreton.
All Us promptly atteuded to day or nig
Architect and Builder,
Cove, Oregon.
1 DrafU. plana and dealgna (or dwellings and bridge
lunut&eu 0a appueauon.
Petrified My Discoverd
The City Recorder of Salt I-nku Forced to
Resign Dakota-Indians Trying
to Excite the l'iutes.
Work lins been suspended on the
Union Pacific brunch from Portland to
The estimated value of Southern Cali
fornia's orange crop this season is ifL',
(508,000. The Lake Labish accident cost the
railroad 1'50.UU) in settlement of dam
age suits.
The Idaho Legislature has elected
Sboup, McConnell and Dubois United
States Senators.
The postotlices at Pinckney, Shasta
county, and Pebble, Siskiyou county,
Cal., have been discontinued.
Tho defeated candidate for Superin
tendent of Streets at Los Angeles has
begun a contest for the oflice.
City Recorder Hymn of Salt L-.ike City
has been forced to" lesign. There is a
shortage of $1,751 in his accounts.
The first session of the Grand Lodge
of Montana of the Ancient Order of
United Workmen is in session at Helena.
Tndian emissaries from the tribes of
the Dakotas have readied Owens valley,
and have been trying to excite tliePlutcs
of Inyo county.
Humboldt county, Cal., claims to have
t lie longest truss-span bridge on the
Coast. It crosses the Kel river at Adler
Point. It is 000 feet in length.
The proposed ship ciuial between Port
Townsend bav, Paget sound, mid Oak
bav is not favorably considered by tho
War Department at Washington.
The German schooner Adele has re
turned to Vict iia with a catch of about
100 skins. Seals were taken at niglit on
the southern coast of St. Paul's Island.
Governor Waterman of California lias
granted a pardon t .lolin .lones, sen
tenced lrom 'i n lure county in eepiemoer,
1890, to two vears' imprisonment lor
burglary. .Jones is but 14 years old.
Vrticles of incorporation have been
filed bv the Union Oil Company of Cali
fornia, witli a capital stock ot .fo.OOO.UOO.
Santa Paula, Ventura county, is tho
principal place of the company's busi
ness. The work of reclaiiiiim: marsh lands
near Sonoma, Cal., has been progressing
for seven moid lis. In that time seven
miles of levee between thirty and forty
feet wide and eight feet high have been
ICvlo Medium of Winfield. Kan..
through tho courts at Albuquerque, N.
M.. has obtained possession of three
children accompanying his divorced
wife to Mexico, where she was to join
a free-love society.
Requests for Chinese pheacants to
stock parks in tho East have reached
Portland, and it is believed tho catching
and selling of birds for that purpose will
be made quite p olltable to parties who
may engage in ttie uueincss.
A petrified body is said to have been
uncovereu in uanuia canyon, rresno
conntv, Cal. It is pronounced by phy
sician's to bo a human body beyond
doubt. Petrified trees are common in
the section in which the body was found.
The Columbia river is very low, and
Salmon are being caught with a hook
and line. It is also stated Indians have
trans in tho river and fences across the
shoals, preventing tho fish from running
up the streams to tho spawning grounds.
Tho Governor of California has com
muted tho sentence of F. B. Courtright,
sent from Sonoma in 188( for ten years,
to peven years: that of H. Joslin, sent
from San Francisco in 188J for forty
vears, to twelve years; and that of J.
Riley, sent from San Francipco in 18811
for fifty years, to fifteen years.
Tho Taconm Coal Company has just
finished a drift through 150 feet of gran
ite, and it is said a vein of nine feet of
almost pure coal has benn struck. Tho
vein has been traced for 10,000 feet, and
tho company estimates that it contains
over 3,000,000 tons, ami that it all can
bo mined without trouble from water.
Tho Terminus Mill Company has let
tho contract to Staver & Walker of Port
land for new machinery for its mill in
Gray's Harbor. Tho machinery which
has been in use during the past year has
been found to bo too light, and tho now
machinery will have a capacity of 45,000
feet pir day.
A company is Iniing organized in
Marshfield to put an electric-light plant
on Coos Bay which will meet the wants
of the people. It is to bo a combination
make, and will furnish both tho arc and
Incandescent lights. It Is proosed to
locate it at tho Porter mill and run wires
up and down the bay.
Captain Sam, chief of tho Piute In
dians, has hist arrived at Carson from
Mason valley, whore tho Bannack In
dians have gathered in a ghost dance.
Ho flays a stranger is in their midst,
proclaiming tho coining of tho
Messiah. Sam has notified Johnson
Sides to go umong all the Nevada Indians
and explain the advantages of co-operation
with tho whites in caso of war.
Phillips' Exoter Academy at Dover, N.
II., tho celebrated preparing college for
Harvard, has selected Henry Minton, a
colored student from Philadelphia, to bo
clasi orator, tho highest class. Thiawas
done in imitation of Harvard laat year.
Over half of the scholars have notified
the faculty that they will not participate
in tho exercises if Minton U not recalled.
New Hampshire Academy Selects
a Colored Orator.
An American Syndicate Purchases a Whole
Mining District in the State of
San Luis Potosi, Me.v.
Speaker Reed has assigned Congress
man Geary to the Postofhce Committee.
Mrs. Jefferson Davis has received 45,
000 subscriptions for the life of her hus
band. A bill is before Congress to incorporate
t' o Pan-Ameacan Transportation Oom
Seven of the Mavors chosen at the re
cent election in Massachusetts were col
lege graduates.
An ollhrt will be llllldo at t MIS SCSSlOU
of Congress to pass tho bill for the relief
of the .Supreme court.
Xnviuation on the river Hudson closed
this vear on December 5, an earlier date
than in any other year since 18M)
Hnrvard's olscrvatorv expedition to
Peru is to be the most comprehensive
scientific expedition ever set forth.
Tho Boston Homeopathic Medical So
cietv advoeat s tho use of chloroform in
killing prisoners sentenced to death.
More than one hundred millions of
liimiev have been added to the circula
tion during tho last nineteen months
The storv of a shortage in tho Stale
TrmiHiirv of Arkansas is denied by Gov
ernor Kuule and tho Treasurer's bonds
The province of Quebec is bankrupt
with a ileficiencv of Srl.17o.000 for last
vear and an estimated deficiency of $,-
800,000 for next year.
Hon. John F. Swift urges the Califor
nia delegation to try and secure an ap
propnation oi .?;su,uuu ior unneu
Legation buildings at Tokio.
. .-..- rt.rv f IT.. ...1 L-'i
Tho Citv Council of Chicago has
jiassed an' ordinance authorizing the
issue of citv bonds to the amount of $5,
000,000 for tlio World's Fair
It is stated that the tariff bill, as now
simned under the hands of the commit
tee of tho French Chamber!, outdoes tho
McKinley bill in piotectionism.
The Brooklvn street-car drivers
threaten to strike if not allowed to sit
ill! I II duriiiir portions of their trips. Tho
trouble is one of long standing.
Ramon mining district in State of San
Luis Potosi, one ol tlio rienestin juexico
luiH been sold o an American syndicate
headed by Mr. Kirkland of Milwaukee
The chemical division of tho Agricult Deiiartment believes that the solu
tion of the difficulties attending tlio
manufacture of sorghum sugar is not fur
The Secretary of thoTreasury has pre
pared a bill authorizing the organization
of a Board of Control to enforce rules
for tho regulation of commerce and nav
igation. During the last year 3,500 lives wero
saved and property valued at nearly !f5,
500,000 was rescued from destruction by
the life-Baving service at a cost of less
than $1,000,000.
Resresentativo Vandovcr has intro
duced in tho House a resolution making
George J. Bonobrako of Los Angeles
President of tho National Homo, vico
Markham, resigned.
James S. Duncan, wtio was cashier of
the broken Bank of America at Philu
flnlnbin. was found at Newcastle. Del.
He was brought back, and in default of
$20,000 was locked up.
Fifty-soTcn sufferers from tuberculous
diseases have been inoculated witli
Koch's lvmph in New York, and physi
cians find that tho results correspond
exactly with those in Berlin.
SherifT Gilbert of Chicago has adopted
two admirable rules for tho government
of his ofllco force: "No drinking dur
ing business hours." "No tips or per
quisites for good service."
New York State owns 30,000 acres in
tho Catskill region, and a movement has
been started at Kingston to enlarge this
tract very materially ami form a State
nark liko tutu which
has been begun in
tho Adirondack.
According to tho report of Superin
tendent Gorse tho convicts employed on
tho Texas State farm have earned an an
nual netprofltof $283 per capita. Swamp
lands have been made to yield as high as
$1G7 per acre net.
It has been intensely cold at Quolcc.
An ice bridgo formed across tho St. Law
rence river on tho 8th of December. This
is tho earliest period for un ice bridgo to
form on tho river witnin tue memory oi
the oldest river man.
Harvard will not bo represented in tho
intercollcjjiato games next spring, tho
Athletic Committee having so decided.
Neither will the Harvard Cricket Club
Ikj allowed to play its annual gamo with
tho University of Pennsylvania.
Orders have been issued that thoUnited
States steamships Alert and Marion, now
fitting out at Maro Island navy yard, bo
assigned to duty on tho Asiatic squad
ron, and tho swatara, repairing at tho
same yard, to tho Pacific station.
The House Committeo on Irrigation
bus agreed in tho main on a bill to au
thorize tho survov of arid lands into ir
rigation districts, to bo ceded to tho
RtntflH and Territories in which they are
situated for tho reclamation and tettle-
impcror William Favors the Recall
of the Jesuits.
ndand Calls in All Gold Coin Not of the
Present Heign Germany Has
No Treasury Surplus.
Einin Pasha has fought his way back
to Victoria, whence ho was rescued res
There is a scarcity of Lieutenants in
the British navv. and every officer on
the list ii in active employment.
There is great iov in Germany over
the fact of the Empress Augusta Mc
toria giving birth to another son.
There is renewed talk of the issue of
notes of small denominations by the
Bank of England based on silver.
A bill has been introduced into the
French Chamber of Deputies for the bet
ter organization of coast ilelenses.
Delabruvere, who assisted Padlewsky,
the assassin of General Sehvorhkofl at
Paris, to escape, is to bo prosecuted.
In tho German Empire the averago
number of deaths everv vear from " tu
berculosis of tho lungs" is 100,000 peo
A company is being formed in Paris
to develop tlio rich petroleum beds and
mineral resources ot tlio rsortnern oau
Liverpool is afflicted with an increase
of egiiirs, many of tho kind that abuse
those who do not respond to their ap
Tho Natal irovernment has issued
bonus scheme for colonial industries,
comprising altogether an outlay of some
Emperor William favors tho proposi
tion for the recall of the Jesui s. and is
prepared to make other concessions to
tho Catholic party.
Tho report of tho London Board of
Trade shows that during November im
ports increased $20,000,000 and exports
decreased $0,000,000.
Two fine steamships have just been
launched for tho National lino, which
have appropriately been named tho
America and Europe.
The harlior of Batoum, originally in
tended to hold twenty steamers, is to bo
deepened and made sufficiently largo to
contain thirty-three vessels.
Kemp, the oarsman, who was defeated
at Sydney by McLean, will not come to
Aniericit. and will forfeit his deposit to
secure a match witli O'Connor.
Tho erection of tho monument to
Prince Bismarck in Berlin is now an asr
sured fact. The collection lor tho pur
pose is already 838,525 marks.
Ex-Empress Eugenie is reported to bo
a heavy loser by tho recent depreciation
in South American securities, as alio has
invested very largely in ilium.
Tho latest estimato of tho liabilities of
the Bannns is $110,000,000. and tho as
sets aro estimated at $120,000,000, of
which $75,000,000 aro available.
The Cotton Association reports that
tho picking of tho Egyptian cotton crop
is finished, that tho crop is of good qual
ity and the yield 3,750 000 cantars.
There is talk of converting tho top of
the Eiffel tower into an astronomical ob
servatory. Something has to bo done to
make tho mighty structure " pay."
Tho now underground electric railway
in London is held to bo a departure that
marks an important development in
electric traction and u distinct advance.
The Ministry of Imperial Property of
Russia has announced a prizo to be given
to the inventor of a stove in which straw
can be used as fuel safely and economic
ally. Thero is a great deal of discontent
among the soldiers of tho Gorman army,
whoso lot is " not a happy ono." It is a
discontent to which the press is afraid to
There is no surplus and no deficit in
tho imperial treasury of Germany. Tho
receipts and expenditures of the fiscal
jear bnlanco at 1,134,401,012, or about
Tho only grain o'ovators In South
America, according to Consul Buker of
Buenos Ayres, aro located in the city of
Buenos Ayres and Itosario, in tho prov
ince of Santa Fo.
In the first day's trial at Paris of Mi
chel Eyraud ana Gabriello Bompurd for
tho murder of Goufi'o nothing new was
developed. Each of tho prisoners de
nied the story told by tho other.
There is no truth in tho sensational
stories about u quarrel between Prince
Bismarck and Emperor William respect
ing the memoirs which ex-Chuncellor
Bismarck proposes to publish.
A royal proclamation was published in
England a week pgo, culling in by tho
28th of Februury, 1801 all gold coins not
of the present reign. After that date
all such coins will not be legal tender.
Whitolaw Held and his wife were pre
sented to tho Sultan at Constantinople
last week, and Mrs. Held was honored
with the order of Shoikat, the highest
order that u woman on receive in Tur
Tlio press of Rio Juneiro assort that
tho recent wrecking of tho offices of tho
Tribuna was tho result of a schema to
furnish a pretext for tho proclamation
of President da Fonseca as tho lifo dic
tator of Brazil.
Wiikat There is no change to report
n the local market. Quote: Valley,
si .m I. '.2'. : Walla Walla, $1.10
Fi.ot.tit Quote: Standard, $3.00rj?4.00;
Walla Walla. $3.H(l(ir3.80 per barrel.
Oats The market is firm. Quoto:
White, ;Se; gray. Slip per bushel.
M n.1.8 ruiTs The market is firm.
Quote: Bran, $21 ; Shorts, J24; Ground
Harley, $32.50; Chop leeil, $'io per ton.
Hat Tho mark vt is steady. Quoto:
$ltif 18 per ton.
VKOiu-Ani.BS too marKoi is urm.
Quote: Cabbage, $1.251.50 per rental L
Cauliflower, fl per dozen; Celery, 5c
per dozen; Onions, -'(f.fe per poinu;
Carrots, $1 per sack; Ueets, $ per
sack; Turnips, $1 per sack; Tomatoes,
flc per 1h)x; Potatoes, $i.uu per
cental; Sweet Potatoes, 20 per pound;
stpiash, $2 per cental.
I'uuiTK L'lio market is sicaoy. wuoiu:
Tahiti Oranges, $3 per box; Sicily Lem
on, $7.50048 per caso; Pears, ljsjc per
pound; Apples, 00rS5cper box; Grapes,
11.25 per twx; Pineapples, $3.5004.00;
per dozen; Bananas, $34 per bunch;
Quinces, $1.25 per box.
Nuts Quoto: California Walnuts,
17kc; other varieties, 13c; Peanuts, 12c;
Almonds. 17c; Filberts, 1415c; new
Brazils, 20c per pound; Cocoanuts, $1 per
Cincnsit Tho market is steady. Quoto:
Oregon, 134tjl4o; California, K10c;
Young America, I415c per pound.
BuTTKit Quoto : Oregon fancy cream
ery, 4042Mjo; fancy dairy, ST&c; fair
to good, 27Jb30c; common, 2225c;
choico California, 37c per pound.
Poulthv Quoto : Old Chickona,
$4.00; young, $3.003.50; old Ducks,
$5(87 ; Geese, $10011 per dozen; Tur
keys, 16c por pound.
Eoos The market is firm. Quoto:
Orogon, 30c; Eastern, 28c per dozon.
Tha Marohnndiae Mnrkefc.
Rick Quoto : $0.50 por cental.
Pioklkb Quote: $1.25 6s; $1.15c 3s.
Balt Quote: Liverpool, $17, $18, $19;
stock, $11012 per ton in carload lota.
Coal Ou-Quote : $2.35 per case.
OiuiniitKBiKB Quota: Capo Cod, $11
per barrel,
Coffkx Quota: Coata Rica, 23;
Bio, 25Ko; Arbucklt'a. roaated, 26$a
per pound.
eutt.Mis Tho market is firm. Quoto:
Golden C, 5,V, extra C, Oe ; dry gran
ulated, 7'iic; cube crushed and pow
dered, 7?,ie per pound.
Duiki) Fauns Tim markot is firm.
Quote: Italian Prunes, 12l614c; Pe
tite and German Prunes, 10c per pound;
Raisini, $2.50 per lox: Phimiuor-dried
Pears, 11012c l4 sun-dried and factory
Plums, 1 IM 12c; evaporated Peaches,
24c; Smyrna Figs, 20o; California FigB,
!)c per pound.
CannupGooi8 Market is firm. Quoto:
Table fruits, $2.25, 2',as; Peaches, V2.75;
Bartlett Pears, $2.25; Plums. $US5;
Strawberries, $2.50; Cherries, $202.50;
Blackberries, $2; Raspberries, 2.55;
Pineapples, $2.75; Apricots, $2.25. Pio
fruit : Assorted, $4.50 per dozen ; Peaches,
$1.50; Plums, $1.25; Blackberries, $.1.05
per dozen. Vegetables: Corn, $1.25
(ol . 50. according to quality; Tomatoes
$1.1503.50; Sugar Peas, $l.lO0l.ltf;
String Beans, $1.10pordo.en. Fish: Sal
mon, $1.2501.50; sardines, 8Oe0$UK;
lobsters, $203; oysters, $1.50t3.25 per
doen Condensed milk : Eagle brand,
$8.25; Crown, $7; Highland, $6.75;
Champion, $6 per case.
Nails Jiaso quotations: iron, .yo.MJ,
Steel, $3.30; Wire, $3.00 per keg.
Shot Quote : $1 .Ho per saoK.
Hhans Tho markot is firm. Quoto:
Small Whites, 3U4c; Pink, Sc;
i, At... It,, H,.r. 'IL. r. I.ltnnn fiUCft
per pound.
Hoi'H Tho market Ib steady.with nom
inal prices. Quote: 20030c per pound.
WOOli Alio inarKei ih niu.iuy. v"""1
Vnllev. lflrTI20c: Eastern Oretron and
Walla Walla, tO01tfc per pmmd.
Hunts Quoto: Dry Hides, selected
RrtiHWii;. We less for culls: green.
eeJectod, over 55 pounds, 4c; under 65
pounds, 3o; Sheop" Pelts, short wool. 30
050c; medium, 60080c; long, IK)c0
$1.25, shearlings, 10020c; Tallow, good
to ctioice, aosac.
The Heist Murket.
The markot Is firm. Quoto:
Beef Live, 23c; dressed, 6c.
Mutton Live, 3o; dreosod, 67c
Hogs Live, 45Jc; dressed, 6u.
Veal 608c per pound.
Lambs $2.50 each.
The market is firm. Quotations : Eaet-
rn uuins, izifjosiac; ureatfiasi
eon, 10KHo; Bidea, 0010c; Lard, 8f50
u)ia per pounu.
Berlin is crowded with foreign physi
cians, who vainly seek to obtain a pun-
ply of Dr. Kocii's lympii, ana it is wita
the utmost difficulty that access to tho
hospitals can be obtained, and it is abso
lutely impossible tn get it clear under
standing of thu tcsu made.
A mania for bo'ntr tattooed prevails
among tho society men of Lomfon, and
to some oxtent among the, women, mo
leading artist is a Scotchman, who says
tlio snake and tiger aro tho most popular
designs, and the chest tho locality where
most ol ins patrons deslro to navo tlio
ornumentatioii (7) placed.
According to tho now statutes of tho
Russian imperial family, the Duchess ot
Edinburgh must, to enjoy her full in
come, pass at least three months every
year in Kussia. biie tneroioro proposeti
to winter in St. Petersburg,
English workinguion are determined
that tho 4,000,000 to 5,000.000 Russian
Jews who are leaving Russia shall not
bo unloaded on their shores, and leading
Hebrews in England are endeavoring to
placate tho complainants by tho state
ment that tho refugees will be forwarded
as they arrive to New York and other
American ports.