The Oregon scout. (Union, Union County, Or.) 188?-1918, May 22, 1890, Image 2

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    TIIUKSDAY, MAY 22, 1890.
Written for Tun Scnrr 1
KTng out. g'ad hells! ulod Kn'or Tiell-f.
Clmii'i loud Ihv April morning knoll,
Fur over land. en to tin sea,
When- dashing waves shall answer thec!
J ' i 1 1 tc 1 ( nv n the forest di-on and wide,
IUiil' to tlio re.iliu whero cloud- abide;
Hoti-nl liuJ fie anthem or thy praNe
T"ii'i mnii with thoughts of Imiipicrdays
llring tuvk t!io hours of ba-efnols e'er.
V lien Ihi-1Ii tiiliipi welcomed thee!
Oil. ItrlN of Kater. tnei niv lienrt.
With eh IduoodN boil. idles joy, apart.
Kitting ao-ii this April diiy,
Jlv lueiii'iry wanders I'm iiway.
To tint old home beneath the hill !
Close bv the hike. st-reiit- mid ntiil !
I .sop oneo more three leuefoot boys
Wi'h hearts oVrrttn. with careless joys
I see t lie farmhouse und the flotvurs
And mother slng;ng through l"tig hours;
Oh K.ister UelN ih it ehlnio in glee!
UiiiK hack that happy song to mo I
Uring hack. Oh Hells! one other d.iy,
Wh'nnll the world to me. was gay!
When joy gushed through each throbhlng
And gladness danced with might and
nuiin !
I tool: her tender hand in mine,
And caw the light I" deep eyes shine.
I touched her lip, and thrilled to (eel
The warm lluh through my, pulses steal I
Urint' hack glad Hells, the whlporcd vow
'J'hnt hinds me to her side, e'en now I
Urlng back sweet Hells the, golden day.
When we joined heart, tor aye!
Glad Master Hells ! My memory glows
With p!eaant dreams, thiotigh mm und
mows !
I conntthe mllex from chlldood's plain,
And wander idly hack ntrnin .
I cee the land marks stninliriK yet,
Who built them theie? Can I forget!
Hut days go on, and hours creep by j
(Jray'cloud folds .sweep the April sky 1
King loud glad Hells! lthig loud thy gleco!
t Thy sound Is fraught with joy for mo!
- m:itT V. Ilullnian.
ltuTTi:, Mont., April, li, 1800.
Compiling tho Contentious La Oraatlo
With OurfUster Town, Unltfn.
May 17 1800.
W. II. Jltifl'inun was in our town re
!i. b. McCotnitH paid onr httlo town
a visit lust week.
Dan Stnibird was in (own Ycecntly
looking after his. interests.
Mr. .loo i owell of Fylcs canyon
passed through (own a few days ago.
Two somebodies are going to got
married in our town next week "who
is it."
No man who pays heavy tuxes, out
side of J, a (Irande, will vote to change
tho county seat.
wnoso stoppi'di ins ears ut tlio cry
of tho poor, ho also shall cry himself
but shall not ho hcatd. As a thorn
goeth up into the hand of a drunkard,
so is La (it-undo, to tlioso who stiifled
tho Imllot box at their city election.
The desire of a man is his kindness,
and a poor hum is better than u liar,
II is hotter to dwell in (he wilderness
than with a contentious and angry
woman. A continual dumping in a
very rainy day, und a contentious wo
man a ro alike.
Dr. II. Hoyd, lato of Georgia, has
located inXorlh Powder. Tho doctor
brings with him a good recommenda
tion. Ho has taken two courses at
Jiollvitnv .Medical college Now York,
two courses at Tttlano University New
Orleans, La., and one year in Touro
Infirmary Hospital, Now Orleans, La.
Tlio doctor is a half brother to J)r.
Ashford of linker City. JIo is a young
man of extraoidinary ability. JIo is
noquuok, and tho people need not ho
afraid to call on tho Dr. when in need
of a physician.
.1. 11. H.uun.w
Tho Numerouo Asonclos That Aro to lie
Ilia btay in This Campaign.
Ih'low is a list and tho locations of
Mr, Thompson's banks. Thesc.nro tho
ngoneiea he expects to elect him.
Their money is being poured out like
oil upon tho troubled waters. Ho owns
a controlling interest in the LaOraudo
National of La Grande.
Commercial National, Dayton,
Columbia National, Portland.
National Hank of Commerce, Taconm
National Dank of Hoppnor,
National Hank of Spokane.
Portland Havings Hank, Portland.
Pendleton Havings Hank, Pendleton.
Kirt National Hunk of Poineroy.
First National Hank of Hprague.
Firm National Hank of Walla Walla.
FirM National Hank of Pendleton.
First National Hank of Island City.
First National Hank of Union,
First National Hank of Haker City.
Firt National Hank of Arlington.
First National Hank of Mc.Miuvillo.
First National Hank of The Dalles.
Portland .Mercury.
Boanil Ilaomlt Ilooinlll
Ho quick if you want a ilrst class
bargain in city or country property
(Wo'll loan you money to buy with.)
Now is the timo. (Jet thrr "1211."
You'll diitihlo your monoy the llrot
month. Call on Wilson & Haokutt,
manager Union Kual Kstuto Awouia
Vividly Described.
Progress, Prosperity and Sociability of
the Old Pioneer Settlexs.
"There'.s n countrv famed in tory
As you've often times been told.
"Us a land i'f mighty rivers,
Punning over sands of fold,
The abode of peace nlld plenty,
And with prosperity 'tis blest;
Hut this countrv that's so famous
Is away oil in iJie West."
It is said that the traveler through
the Great Kahariun Desert of Afiica,
being enervated and worn out by the
burning sun and scorching wind, till
almost compelled to lie down by the
wayside and die, suddenly sees in tho
distance a beautiful lake surrounded
by a cool nud shady grove, hut when
upon rushing forward to the place
where ho imagines ho can wet his
his parched lips with nature's spark
ling beverage and rest his weary limbs
under the shady palm trees, ho finds
to his sorrow that he has been de
ceived bv what is known in philoso
phy as an optical illusion, and instead
of finding his cool lake and shady
grove, ho discovers that ho is still
traveling through burning sand and
Ecorching wind. And so I imagine
that the pioneer pilgrim moving west
ward from tho "states" with a view to
founding a homo for himself and fami
ly, and, after traveling many a long
and tedious day across the desert sago
brush wajto that lies between the Pa
cific coast and Middle states, when he
stood for the first time upon the sum
mit of the mountains that hound Pino
valley on tho east, and looked forth
upon the dueling beauty of tho laud
scape that laid before him, exclaimed
to himself, ''Certainly tho sight that
meets my eyo cannot be a reality, but
must be one of those optical illusions
that deceives tho weary traveler (lirough
Africa." Hut as ho approaches nearer
he ascertains that tho beautiful valley
before him is no delusion or mirage
but that hero in Eastern Oregon lies
the most beautiful and most fertile
valley upon which tho sun ever shono;
a valley twelve miles long and seven
miles wide; a valley surpassing all
others for tho fertility of its soil, the
beauty of its scenery and tho mildness
of its climate. I
Although ono of tho newest settled
valleys in (ho west, yet Pino valley
takes the lead of all others in improve
ment and development. It has been
transfoimed as if by magic from tho
barren prairies of '7fi into tho cultiva
ted fluids of 'DO. Heie, whero only
fifteen years ago the Indians chased
the deer and tho elk, and the only
sound which broke the deathly still
ness of night was tho pitiful howl of
tho hungry coyote, tho ehild-liko cry
of the ttoachcrous panther and tho
hooting of the scieeeh owl, now can
bo seen vast fields of growing grain,
btately houses and well cultivated
farms which speak more eloquently
than I am able to do of tho prosperity
of the ianehers of Tine. Hero, tho
lunohor can raise -10 bushels of wheat
to tho acre, 7f bushels of oats, 110 bush
els of barley, fruits and vegetables of
tho largest size and finest quality and
can cut from two to threo crops of
alfalfa a season. Here, drouth, chinch
hugs, grasshoppeis, locusts, hot winds
and all the other plagues that pester
the farmers of eastern states, aro un
known. Tho ranchers of Pino are
even independent of Damo Nature and
are not compelled to depend upon at
mospheric changes for tho watering of
their crops.
Pino valley has four sehool districts,
two saw mills, ono grist mill, four
stores, two postoflleos, ono hotel, threo
blacksmith shops and ono saloon,
Hut one of the best and most commen
dable features of Pino valloy is tho so
ciability of its people. Hospitality is
the religion of the people of this valloy.
True it is that this valley like all
other places has its tale-bearers and
mischief-makers, but like tho fragrant
polo-cat their presence is always known,
and hence they aro perfectly harmless.
Quito a number of tho people of this
valley aro southern born and havo
irought hero to Eastern Oregon those
Mioiahlo qualities for which tho people
of tho southern states have heootno fa
mous. Tho sojourner in Pino can al
ways find the "latch string hanging
Pino valley, indeed, has a must bril
iaut future. Its nearness to tho Cor
nucopia, Hanger and Sparta mines
atlords a good market for surplus pro
duoe, and will furnish a better market
as these minus continue to hu devel
oped. It is authoritively reported that
a now company is boon to commence
work in the Cornucopia mines. And,
Inrthermori!, it is only .a question of
time, and it short timo at that, when a
railroad will ho htiilt down tho Powder
rivor. Also, a movctnent is now on
foot to construct a r.iilroad from Salt
Lake City, Ufuli, down Snako river, to
connect the Hunt division at
Walhtla junction.
Another movi-mont which will re-
dottn.l to tin- development of Pino vnl-
j ley is the attempt which is now being
made to navigate Snake river. Al
ready a vc.s
Ul.l i l,u; ni,fl(n.nifwl nt
scl is being constructed nt
Huntington to run Irom
there to tho
Seven Devils, and I apprehend the
time is not far distant when the tur
bulent waters of Snake will be covered
with th'' "white winged messengers of
No doubt tho pionecrsottlors of Pino
valley have endured many privations
and hardships in order to secure
homes for thom?elvcH and families, but
the comfort tiny will enjoy in the fu
ture in having beautiful homes and
well improved ranches will repay them
a hundred fold for the sacrifices they
havo made and tho hardships tlirotigh
which they havo passed. And it
seems to mo that every man, woman
and child in Pino valley should say
with the poet,
"Great (lod! We thank Thee for this home,
This buiintcons birth land of the free,
Where wnnderer.s from afar may conic,
And breathe tho air of liberty.
Still may her (lowers untrammelled spring,
Jlcr harvests tvavc. her cities rise:
And yet till Time shall fold his who;,
Remain earth's lovliest paradise,''
To exchnnpo goods for .'X) cords of wood.
Mrs. li. 11. Itinehart.
A No illcntlon.
To Whom it May Conct.un:
My wife. Kiunia McShano, having left my
bed and hoard, withoutmv consent, I forbid
any ono to credit the said Emma McShanc,
on my account, as I will not pay any of hor
debts. l'KTKit McSHANK.
Kltfin, Oregon. May I I, 1S!)0.
Notice to KrlilKo JSulltlnrs.
The county court of Union county, Ore
Ron, will receive sealed bids at 'he court
house, in Union, up t 2 o'clock p. m ,
June 7. 18!K. for the construction of a bridfic
across Powder river, just above tho mouth
of Kagle creek; said bridge to lie of one
span of hO feet, with the necessary approach
cs, and on abutments of good solid stone
masonry, seated to good foundation built
of pood rock and Rood stroiiR lime mortar,
anil all outside exposed scams pointed with
Rood cement mortar. Also tor the con
struction of a hridRC on the HIr. or State
ditch, near the farm of C. W. Hamilton,
of 80 foot span, on double bents, with ne
eessarv approaches. Also for the con
struction of a bridRC across (Irande Hondo
river, on tlio county road petitioned for by
.1. M. McKlssock and others, above ililRard
and just below the saw mill of Wm. Xoycs;
said bridRC to he of -0 feet span, witli ne
cessary approaches, and on good solid stono
abutments. All hridRos are to ho 1(1 feet
wide in clear, with flooring It inches thick,
of good sound pine, with railhiR and hub
neurits, All tinnier used in construction oi
said bridges, except tho (looring. must ho
of Rood, sound, straight grained, young
growth red Hr.
All lihlders are required to sumnit to ino
court their own plans and specifications
and strain sheet and the court will select
therefrom. The county e nirt will also re
unite from cacti bidder with his hidacerti
lied check or bond as a guarante that he
will enter Into contract if award is made to
him. Kids for construction of abutments
limy be submitted separate.
None but Rood material will be accepted
in any portion of said brides and the
county court reserves tho right to reject
anv and all nuis.
County Judge.
Notlco Tor Publication.
Land Olllco at La Grande, Oregon.)
Anril 1''. 1S!H). f
Notlco is hereby given that tho following
named settler 1ms liled notice of her inten
tion to commute and make filial proof in
support of her claim, and that said proof
will he lnauo notoroiiio register and receive!
at La Grande, Oregon, on May LM, 1MM, viz:
Kiimin ltldwcll,
lid. No. MM, for tlio WW SEU See.
NWW NE1,,' and NE1 NW1 See. 27, Tp.
I S. It. 10 E, W. M.
Sho names the following witnesses to
piovo her continuous residence upon and
cultivation of, said land, viz;
l ('. ltldwoll. Wm. Porter, MagRlo P.
Ames, and Edward Kiddle, all of Union,
Any person who desires to protest against
tho allowance of such proof, or who knows
of any snb taut ial reason, under the law and
the regulations of tho Interior Department,
why such proof should not ho allowed, will
ho given an opportunity at the above men
tioned timo and place to cross-examine tho
witnesses of said claimant, ami to oiler
ovidenoe in rebuttal of that submitted by
I-I7w(! Register.
Notice 1'or Publication.
laxn Omci: at La (iitASin:. Oisr.uox.i
April 'JO, I SIM), i
I tho following-named settler has tiled
notice of his intention to make llual proof
in support of his claim, and that aid proof
will he made before the register and receiv
er at La Grande, Oregon, on June Oth,
1890, vlx.
Wlllanl C. Iliirnln.
D. S No. 7.M0, for the SK SWl,' See. 11,
and NJ NW4 See. U. Tp, 7 S, It. 41 E,
W. M.
lie names tho following witnesses to
prove his continuous residence- upon and
cultivation of. Mild land, viz:
George I., Howinau, Cyrus Harnos, lla
ncrJW. Lee, anil Offorgo E. I'orpo, all of
Medical Springs, Oregon.
Any person who desires to protest against
the allowance of such proof, or who knows
of any substantial reason, under tho law and
the regulations of the Interior Department,
why such proof should not Ik allowed, will
Ik Riven an opportunity at tho above men-
I tlonod time and place to cross examine the
' witnesses of said claimant, ami to otter
' evidence in rebuttal of that submitted bv
'claimant Dinky Uinkiuut.
.VI wtl HcgUtor.
Mind wnJrin cnml. llooki lNtrttxl
In imu noun. TvtlrauuUI tn.uu all
parta i't IbaclolM. lnuctul-oT
yxix. Mot on M'pltcallon la I'rut,
A. olMtlc, S37 Villa Ao. Ntw Yelk.
In the Circuit court of the State of Oregon,
for Union county.
Kelson Hchoonovcr. 1
T. It. Tnnmtt and J. P. Hover. I
Defendants. J
To the Defendants. T. II. Tannatt and .1.
F. Hover:
Ix Tim Sajik oktuk Statu ok Oiikoox:
You and each of you are hereby required
to appear and answer the complaint liled
iiiiit you in the above entitled suit, on
or before tho first day of tho next regular
session of the above entitled court after the
publication of this summons for six weeks,
to-wit: on thcli'lrd dav of .September, 1S!0.
or that in default thereof Plaintiff will
I take n judgment and decree againt c
i f votlJ,Hr7Ile runet demanded in the e
i plaint in this cause, to-wit: That
bv the
iidiriiient and decree of this court he De
fcnil.mts be decreed to convey tho XKK of
XHK of Section 1M. Township 4 South, of
Halite .'it) Kast. of the Willamette meridian,
to Plaintiir, by a jrooil and sullicient deed
of conveyance within a reasonable time,
and that In default thereof the decree of
this court vesting the title to said land in
plaintitrhc rendered and for costs and dis
bursements and for such other further and
more ecneral relief ns to the court may seem
equitable in the premises.
This summons Is published in Tin: Onrc
oox Scoot by order of the Honorable
James A. Fee, judge of the Sixth Judicial
District of the State of Oregon made and
dated at chambers the 10th dav of Mav,
6-15 Attorneys for 1111".
Timber Land, Act Juno 3, 1878 Notice
Vor rublicntloii.
U. S. Land Office, La Grande, OreRon,
March 11. 1890.
Notice is hereby Riven that in compliance
with tho provisions of the act of CoiiRress
of Juno a, 1878, entitled "An act for) the
sale or Umber lands in the states of C ali
fornia, Oregon, Nevada, and Washington
Territory.'' Edward Kemillard of Union,
rniintv of Union, stato of Oreiroii has this
day tiled in this office his sworn statement
.o. 170, lor tne purciiasc or tuo fs'A sw
and KWK awyj of Sec and SKVX SK,
Section .11 inTownshin No-1 S HanReNo lO E
and will offer proof to show that the land
sought is more valuable for its timber or
stono than for agricultural apurposes, and
to establish his claim to said land before
tho register and receiver of this oflice at
l.a Grande, Oregon, on Friuay tlie23rd day
of May, 1S90.
He names as witnesses: Ed. Jarvis,
Wade Shelton, George Ames and George
Simmons, all of Union, Oregon.
Anv and all ncrsons claiming advcrsolv
the above-described lands are requested to
11. j their claims in this oilice on or before
said 2.'!rd day of May. 18!K).
3-20-wlO Register.
Timber T.niid, Act Juno 3, 1878 Notice
Fr Publication.
S. Lam Ofi ice, La Giiandk. Oiti:oo.v, )
March 20. 1800,
Notice is herehv Riven that in compliance
with the provisions of tlio act of Congress of
June 3, 1S78, entitled "An act for the sale
timber lands In the states of California,
Oregon. Nevada, and Washington Ter
ritory ,'
Itohert Harris,
of North Powder, county of Union, state of
Oregon, lias this day liled in this otllco his
sworn statement No. 173, for the purchase
of tho EJ4 NEtf of Section No. 9, in Town
ship No. 7 S, Hungo No. 38 E, and will oiler
proof to show that the land sought is more
valuable for its timber or stono than for
agricultural purposes, and to establish his
claim to said land before the register and
revolver of this otllco at La Grande. Oregon,
on Monday, tho Oth, day of June, 1890.
lie names as witnesses: W, W. Ellis.
James A. Hutchinson, Joseph E. Carroll
and Dave Heverage, all of North Powder,
Any and all persons claiming adversely
the above-described lands are requested to
lile their claims in this oilice on or before
said Oth day of June, 1800.
1-3-wlO. Itegister.
Notice l'or Publication.
Land Otllee at li Grande, Oregon I
April 0.1800. f
Notice is hereby given that tho following
named settler has filed notice of his inten
tion to make final proof in support of his
claim, and that said proof will bo made be
fore tlio register and receiver at La Grande,
Oregon, on May 28, 1S!K). viz:
Atlln K. Tuttle,
lid. No. -ton. for tho SW See 20, Tp. 1 N,
It 10 E.
lie names tho following witnesses to
provo his continuous residence upon and
cultivation of. said land, viz:
Jesse L. Ilindman, Jacob Hrugger, J. It.
Tucker and Charles L. Harris, all of Elgin,
Anv person who desires to protest against
tho allowance of such proof, or who knows
of any substantial reason, tinder tho law and
the regulations of the Interior Department,
why such proof should not bo allowed, will
bo given an opportunity at tho above men
tioned time and place to cross-examine the
witnesses of said claimant, and to oiler
evidence In rebuttal of that submitted bv
4-17-wt. Register.
Timber l.nn.l, Ai't .lime :i. 1878.
l'nr I'lilillcntlmi.
17. S. Land Ofkick, La Guanhk. OnnuoN,)
April 2!), 1890. I
Notico Is hereby given that in compliance
with tho provisions of tlio act of Congress
of Juno a. 1878, entitled "An act for tho
sale of timber lauds in the States of Califor
nia, Oregon, Nevada, and Washington Ter
ritory," America F. Roes, of Cove, county
of Union, state of Oregon, has this day
tiled in this olllco her sworn statement No
192. for the purchase of tho NKW NEl, of
Section No. 11. in Tp. No. 3 S, Range No.
10, ami will otler proof to show that the
laud sought is more valuable for its timber
or stone than for agricultural purposes, and
to establish her claim to said laud before
the register and receiver of this ollico at
La Grande, Oregon, on Saturday, tho 12th
day of July. 1890.
She names as witnesses ; Othn Eekcrsloy,
William Shoemaker, John Shoemaker ami
James Heudershot all of Cove, Oregon.
Anv and all persons c.'aiming adversely
the ahovo-described hinds, aro requested to
tile their claims in this oilice on or before
said 12th day of July, 1S90.
5-8-wlO Register.
Notico of Forfeiture.
Cornucopia, Union countv. Oregon,)
Feb. 25. 1890. f
To Jami:s Faikwkatukk anii Jam:s 11.
You ami each of you are hereby notified
that John McFadden has expended one
hundred dollars In labor on the "Nettie"
mine, situated In tho Granite Mining Dis
trict, Union county, Oregon, in order to
hold said premises under the provisions of
See 2321, revised statutes of the United
States, being tho amount required to hold
tho same for the year ending Dec. 31, ISsO,
nud it within ninety dayx from the service
of this notice you fail or refuse to contrib
ute your proportion of such expenditure as
suoh co-owner, your interest in said claim
will become tho property of tlio subscriber
under said teotlun 2821.
Under and by virtue of an attachment,
execution and order of sale isMP-d out of
the Honorable Circuit Court of th.- state of
Mrrv'fin. for Union count v. to tin- directed
and delivered upon a judgment rendered j
. . ...... .1 i-i. .........
111 said eoiiri on llie lilii ma oi reonuwi.
1MM, in favor of W. T. Carroll administra
tor of the estate of .lese II. Stansell de
ceased, ned against .1. It. Stansell and W.
H. Hamilton defendants, requiring me that
out of the property hereinafter drserlbed, I i
make the sum of ?141.10 with intue-'t at
the rate of 10 per cent, per annum, from
February 12. 1890. and the further sum of
?2).0O nttornevs fees in this action, and j
costs and disbursement taxed at $2) Vt and !
costs of this writ, and accruing costs, anil!
whereas by said execution and decree it
v.a ordered that the following described
real estate bcsold. to-wit : The SWi SKK
Section 32. Township 1 South of liange 30
East of the Willamette meridian, and NW
J4 of NEJ Section 5, Township 2 South of
l!ango39 Eastof the Willamette meridian,
till in Union county, Oregon, be sold and
proceeds arising tberefoin bo applied in
satisfaction of said Judgment; therefore 1
will sell on
haturday, tho 14th day of June, 1800,
at 2 o'clock p. m. of said day, at public auc
tion, In front of the court house door in
said county, all the riuht, title, claim and
interest which said defendants J. 11. Stan
sell and W. II. Hamilton had on or after
January 30, 1800 in or to said property, and
that ( will on the same day and date above
mentioned sell the following described per
sonal property, to-wit: Two black mares.
3 years old. branded S 9 on left hip; one
bay mare, 3 years old. branded S 0 on left
hip: one hay horse, 3 years old. branded
S9 on feft hip; two red cows, about
four years old ; one cow fiyears old,
branded H on left side, and ono roan cow,
branded F S on left hip, in satisfaction of
am judgment.
Terms ot sale, casn to me in natui.
Dated Mav 8, 1890.
Sheriff of Union County' Oregon.
Under and by. virtue of an order of sale
and decree of 'foreclosure and sale issued
out of the Honorable Circuit Court of tlio
stato of Oregon, for Union countv. on the
20th dny of April, 190, wherein J. W. Shel
ton, plaintiff, obtained a judgment and de
cree of foreclosure and sale, against J. W.
Dray and S. A. Dray, defendants, on the
12th day of February, 18!K). requiring mo
that out of tho property hereinafter de
scribed and described in said decree, I make
the sunt of $231.00 and interest thereon
from February 12, 1S90 at the rate of 10 per
cent, per annum, and costs and disburse
ments taxed at ?(!. 00 and the further sum
of $50.00 attorneys fees and costs of this
writ ami accruing costs, and that to secure .
I.l i !.,
sum payment or sum oi money, saui iieien
dant J. W. Dray, executed and delivered to
said plaintiff his certain mortgage upon
the following described land, situated in I
Union countv. Oregon, to-wit : The SWM
of NEK and NW4ofSE4 of Soction 20,
Township .'I South. f Range 33 East of Wil
lamette Meridian, also Hlocks No. 2, 4, (I, s, 1
Oiuid 11 In Arnold Ai Dray's addition to tho i
town of La Grande, in "said county, also
the East half of Lot one in ltlock one on
"C" street In said town of La Grande; that
the claim to and interest in said laud 1
claimed by defendant S. A. Dray is subse
quent in point of time and subject to the
mortgage of said plaintlil'; Therefore I will
sell on
Saturday, the 11th day at June, 1S0O,
at 2 o'clock p. ni. of said day, at pubic auc
tion, in front of the court house door in
said county, all tho right, title, claim and
interest of said defendants J. W. Dray and
S. A. Dray, of, In and to tho above described
property,"and the proceeds to be applied in
satisfaction of said judgment
Terms of sale, cash to mo in hand.
Dated May 8, 1800,
Sheriff of Unionicgunty, Oregon.
Hv virtue of an attachment execution Is
sued nut of the Circuit Court of tlio state
of Oregon, for Union county, upon a judg
ment rendered in said court on too
12th day of Febniarv, 1800, in favor of W.
T. Carroll administrator of the estate of
lesse II. Stansell. deeoased, and against G.
W. A. Stansell and Martha J Stansell de
fendants, requiring me that out of the prop
erty hereinafter described and de-eribed In
said decree. I make the sum of $7S7.K(i with
interest thereon from I'ebriiary 12, lsOO, at
the rate of 8 per cent, per annum, and for
costs and disbursements taxed at $27.72 and
the costs of tins writ and accruing costs,
and whereas bv said execution it was or
dered that the following described real
estate be sold, to-wit: The KU'H of SES
Section 1(2, Township 1 South of Uange :!9
Kast ot tlio illamette .Meridian, anil r
14 of NEK of Section li, Township 2 South
of Range ;59 East of the Willamette meridi
an, all in Union county, Oregon, lie sold
and the proceeds arising therelrom be ap
plied in satisfaction of said judgment;
therefore I wijl sell on
Sntunlay, tl Htli ilny of Juno, 180O,
at 2 o'clock p. m of said day, at public
auction, in front of the court house door
in said county, all the right, title, claim
and interest of said defendants G. W. A.
Stansell and Martha .1. Stansell, of, in and
to the above described property, or so much
thereof as may he neccsary to satisfy said
judgment, with interest and costs, to the
hlu'liest bidder, cash to me in hand.
Dated Mav 8, 18MI.
Sherlfl" of Union County, Oregon.
Dealer in nil kinds of-
Farm SVlachinery,
For reasonable terms and low pricos
call on mo and I will satisfy you.
Tlie : "Bine : Liif
Wm. Jamks, Proprietor, Union, Oregon.
Fine Wines, Liquors and Cigars
in Stock.
Drop In and be sociable Fine hihiard table
Real Estate Agent,
Parties, desiring to invest in Elgin
town property or in farming lauds
should oall on or addros me nt Klgtu,
Oregon. LlTtf.
1 c
Keeps cond'tntly on hand it com
plete nock f fresh
Sheot Music,
Wire Good.?,
Household Utensils.
A share ol the public patronage so
licited. S-15-tf.
Dealer in
A Complete and Varied Stock of Wall
Paper on hand.
Prescriptions Carefully Compounded
Day or Night.
A full supply of school books con
stantly on hand.
lias no equal for Stylo. Tit and Wear.
y. Do not di
ih shoo. Tate
ytyllsti nod
deceived. ,8eo stamp on bottom of eac:
do otuer.s? ISvcrv pair warranted
Mi:i)! to iniy r. utiou in '.ho niarkc
equal to iiii.v ts uliou in
ho market. KorsaloM
Jos. Wright, Union, Or.
Leaves Union (iiily at
Cove at 3:30 p. in. I
! p. m,
arrives at
Leaves Cove at 8 av.
at 9:30 a. m.
in., arrives at Union
Connections made with Elliott's coachev
running to the depot, carrying- passengers
for cast and west bound trains.
anil l ltKKillT, 1M:
ROIUNSON & LAYNE, Proprietors.
Union and Cornucopia
Quickest and
Iiouto to the P
ino Creek
3 no
nion to Park
" " S uurer
" " Coriiutop",a
J. F.Smith,
- - Specialist in
Veterinary Surgery.
Ridgling horses suceesfullv treated.
Ilcilers and sows spayed by the latest Im
proved methods. I will give inistructk i
in my systom of trentniont, and guarameo
satisfaction in every instance, or no charges
will bo inado. I am permanently located at
Union, Oregon. Will promptly attend to
all calls, by mail or otherwise. 8-15-tf.
at the High Valley
Saw Mill.
All kinds of lumber constantly on hand
I or furnished on short notico. Prices cheap
as tho cheapest.
; Patronage - Solicited.
I 5-30tf WM