The Oregon scout. (Union, Union County, Or.) 188?-1918, December 19, 1889, Image 1

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i 1
An Independent weekly Journal, imued ev-
cry ri.ursday lnoridnir ov
Publishers and Proprietor.
lidltor. f
uatus or
1". Chascky,
flnn pnnv nnn vnar 1 M
- Six months.' uw
" ' Tlirco montos 76
Invariably Cash In Advnnco.
If by chance mbici iptions tire not paid till i
ena of year, two dollar wui ue cnartea.
Kates of advertising made known on ap
plicutiun. IESyCorrepondciice front "all parts of the
country solicited.
Adros all coniinunications to the Okeqos
Scout, Union Orccon.
every feabbath at 11 a.m. and a p. tn;
Sabbath school at 10 a. m; jirayor meeting
Wednesday, at i p, m. The l.udius' illh
sionary Society meets on the fourth Friday
of every month at l:'M p. m. All cordially
invited. It. II. i'AKKKK. Pastor
It. Kakin,
J. A. Kakix,
Notary 1'ublic.
Attorneys at Law,
Union, Oregon.
JJSfPrompt Attention Paid to Collect. ons.
Attorney at Law.
Collecting and probate practice special
ties. Ollico, two doors south of post-oliice,
Union, Oregon.
J. W. Siiulto.v. J. M. C.m:hoi.l.
Attorneys at Law.
Ofllcc: Two doors south of post-v :.oe, Un
ion, Oregon.
Special attention given all business en
trusted to us.
Attorney at Law,
. Union, Oregon.
OHice, one door south of Centennial ho
tel. 15. P. Wilcox,
Notary Public.
Notary Public.
Attorneys at Law.
Collections and all other business entrus
ted to us will receive prompt attention.
A complete abstract of the land of Union
county in our olllce.
Managers of the UNION REAL ESTATE
Physician ami Surgeon.
Ollico, one door outh of J. ii. Eaton's
store, Union, Oregon.
Q II. DAY, M. D,,
Physician and Surgeon.
OfHco adjoining Jones Bro's storo. Can
be found nights at residence in South
west Union.
L. SAYLOlt, M. D.j Ph. G.
Physician & Surgeon,
Union, Oregon.
Graduato Itush Medical College, Chicago.
Oilice at Union Pharmacy. Calls prompt
ly answered.
L. DA NFOllTII, M. D.,
Physician and Surgeon
Nortli Powder, Oregon.
1 I S E A 8 V. S OF WOVtN A Sfrc'lALTY.
Calls attended to at all hours.
Architect and Builder,
Drafts, Pl.ins mid Diii;ns lor Dwelling,
and llridgis furnished n upplicuiioii.
City - Meat;- laitei.
Main Street. Union. Oregon.
ICeep constantly on Jiand
Fine Line of Watch
Written for Tnr. s,-o;-r."(
' '.jt:-
' Let Freedom ii"v our
1 be
I n mr jt- -it nou-.
fiaca v.-.n laiit i.M',v triv .u p -v :.
Rele;:-ed fruli. Iiniiilx u-'u ii ...r.I ;o;
' To ull we II .y, ie f.-tc.
Yearn not t. court the ! cues of
O f ancient mvterv.
j Kline; to tho winds the
i That oft' repeated sound".
H eaven forbid that it may M-o.irge,
. Or more our feeline Wound.
L nited stand with iridium' s.nold,
J Oird on the tron;th of riaht,
Hold fast toprore. nvr jield
T o time's old aire of blight.
I ropixh old song' now .strive to drown
N ow tuues ere they become
A source of st.Yu'th to frown than down,
Condemn and send them home
To stay in ages past and gm
In wars of strife and woe,
O f ancient feud long dead and done
Nor light pr progress show.
Stretch forth thy arms Oh Freedom! now,
For justice and for right,
Reach forward and with wisdom's plow
Each erru.r cover deep and low
E en out of thought and sUht.
11. ('. EMEDY.
Union, Or.. Nov. 27, IStfl.
Au Interesting Letter From tho Metropolis
of "Wallowa. County., Dec. 10. 18S9.
Tho weather for the time oi year is
warm and pleasant. The mow is near
ly all off the ground, and slock men
are glad
The health of tho community is,
generally, good, only a few cases of
sickness in town, and they are of dis
eases of long standing.
Mrs. Zurcher has been very ill for
some weeks, with 'inifamatory rheu
matism, but is now convalescing. Her
daughters, Susie and Nellie, who have,
been attending the Joseph academy
this winter, aro at home.
Commerce, both foreign and domes
tic, is nourishing, The M. & M. Co.
have just received a largo stock of
goods, and engaged a lady clerk, viz :
Miss Kay Ratclitf.
Enterprise can boast of two as good
schools us can be found in the county.
Tho public school taught by Mr. Bean,
of Elgin, and Miss Cora Vaughn, of
Imnaha, is in good running order,
with an ttendance of perhaps from
75 to SO pupils. The select school
taught by Prof. Pearson, needs no
commendation from my poor pen, as
Mr. Pearson's efficiency as an instruc
tor is so well known. Ho has a very
bright and interesting class of pupils,
numbering about thirty.
Rev. Orchard, an Advent minister
from Pendleton, gavo a very en
tertaining series of lectures at the
Baptist church last week, on the 'Sec
ond Coming oj Christ," They wore
well attended, anil we think some good
was dono.
Bev. Zellers, the new Methodist
minister, 1ms established his headquar
ters at Enterprise, and is doing a grand
work in the church. He is noted by
all as the "right man in the right
Mr. Allin, formerly of West Va., but
more recently from California, arrived
on last Monday's stage. He will prob
ably locate in tho valley. We extend
a hearty welcome to all such ineu.
Dennis Berdine, of Alder and i M.
Burleigh, of Enterprise, will start to
Seattle in a few days, to hunt a loca
Hou wbeie they can raise peaches,
bees andj "sieh.', We think they had
better stay at homu and raise potatoes
and rutabagas.
William Reavis, the saloonatic, is
building a new saloon, and other sub
stantial improvements of like nature
being done, such as tho wind work
of cross-walks, eide-walks, 6to.
Holiday Excursion vV. f. AftUwaj.
Fur the Christnisa and New Year's Holi
day hmoq of JS.KMJ0, the Union Pacific
Itailway will ell cJumrdou tickets from all
rail nation on Us line wet of Huntington
t tuny otlierrall tutlon on iu line, whhin
a ra I us of joDindt-i, at the low rote of one
and onc-tiftli fare for the round trip. Tick
cts will be Mold December ?4tbi 2BUj, 81t,
18i, and January 1st, good going on
ilat. of and good returning until Janu
ary 31. prOo Inclusive. Thl will afford ev
ery one an opportunity to vUit their friends
and njoy the occasion. For tickets, rates,
time "f truini, ate., apply to any agdnt
CnUm Pecitic lUilway. T. W. LBK,
v i: i:i l.i- n" Pm-. K i.
es, Clocks, Jewelry,'
The Little Pitlfllmrgr JSxicn
siion Located.
Work on tho Various Miami
tna Po-jrdtr River Placers
General activity in mining circles.
Prospecting continues and rich
strikes occurring daily.
Another four inch fall of snow has
somewhat impeded the work of pros
pecting, but several parties are still in
the. field.
The most important strike repotted
since my last is 'tho ricli free gold
strike by our old friend Doctor Fake,
and is without doubt the east exten
sion of tho Little Pittsburg. Tho ore
is simply immense mid Doc and tho
faithful Growler (his dog) are both
overjoyed at this unexpected smilo of
Dame Fortune.
The Winter mine, owned and oper
ated by Dr. Morotto and brother, is
certainly a very valuable gold pioper-
To-day they have in tho face of
their 280 foot tunnel live feet of the
best free gold ore (for tho quantity)
your correspondent ever examined.
The Dr. will undoubtedly receive the
rich reward his energy and porsever
.ence deserves. The tunnel runs under
the west side of Baldy Mountain and
hundreds of tons can now be mined by
sloping and at HinaU'expunse. This
moans another largo gold producer for
Eastern Oregon.
In the incline wing in tunnel No. 1,
one hundred feet below tho surface, on
the Gold Ridge mine, very licli free
gold oro was stiuck, Friday, and the
owners aro jubilant and repot t says
several more inon will bo added to tho
force now to work on this property.
It is the intention of the company to
have several hundred tons of ore in tho
bins ready for their mill which will bo
built in the early spring. Tho Gold
Ridge group shows considerable free
gold ore on all the levels, yet a com
plete concentrating plant will be add
ed and later on toasting and smelting
furnaces will be constructed, convert-
j ing into bullion the gold and silver
value in the sulphurets.
Powder river is again attracting the
attention of our miners and, as re
ported last week. Prof. Jay Guy Lewis
will leave for the east to perfect the
organization of the Powdor River
Flume and Mining Co. on tho threo
miles of river owned and controlled by
tho Jay Guy Lewis Co. Owing to tho
vory, and unusually, low stago of
water in Powder river last summer
only the rocker could bo used, yet j
At'ooirnitn tfntL'iiw 'rtnttnl rvrri1 inorfnj I
,11111 ill JD JlllMll 11111b ..'1. -I'Uill, I
' I
doing assessment work for tho Jay
Guy Lewis Co., realized over ono
thousand dollars in three months.
With capital, necessary to construct
dams and ditches, Powder river will be
found the best paying placer diggings
in the United States.
Cook ife Younger, the "Sparta Rust
lers," have uncovered some vory rich
free gold and sulphuiot oro on their
Bismark and Opulent mines belonging
to the consolidated Now Golden Era
group adjoining tho Gold Ridge group
on tho west. Tho Ohio Woodman, be
longing to this group, nhows three feet
of high grade ore and the incline shaft
will be sunk fifty feet this winter and
levels run at that depth. The oro
from the Ollie Woodman shows
eighteen dollars in gold by free amal
gamation, and twenty-ono dollars gold
in the sulphurets, to tho ton. They
have suspended work on their rieli
free gold property on Ensl Euglo crook
and will actively develop tho consoli
dated Now Golden Era group which is
now conceded to be ono of tho most
promising group of mines in tho Spar
la district.
The large porphyritic quartz depos
its, that aro justly attracting ko much
attention, commt-uoo at tho wost end
of the P il ly .Mountain on the Arkan
saw ii 11'' ami extend in a north wostoi
ly lit ."ii for several miles and show
an uverago width on the outcrop of
one hundred and fifty feel, witii an
ar:i'i ill .duo of twelve dollars to j
Silverware, Guns
tlio ton, hit?, until quite recently, luvn
entirely ovci looked. Mr. Hncklanil
concluded the matt-rial was worthy of
nu u?5ny and ly this mentis wn made,
what it is conceded to K the most
important mineral discovery in East
ern Oregon. For a distance of six
miles the belt has been located, though
it is admitted by tho discoverers and
i exjwrts who have examined thcMt im
Outloeh 9f mi'Mse blow cuts that the gold value
I is not continuous, hut at least tight
ditlbrent places show tho gold value
above sUtod. One million tons are
actually in sight and can be quarried
forn few cent a ton, with goml roads,
and plenty of wood and water, which
make tliis a veritable Mr.
Huckland is anxious to intcrt capital
sullicient to work this woudeifnl prop
erty, and to such parlies liberal in
ducements will be made. Address
Sparta, Union county, Oregon-
O. 8. B.
Budget of ftsadable and Interesting
taoal Hews Itams.
PoWDKd UlVKH, Dec. 1L 1SS!).
Quite a number aro plowing and
preparing for the coining season.
Mr. Charles Doney, of Cove nursery,
passed through our settlement with a
j nice load of fruit tries. Powder river
is now looming up with a bran new
oi chard at every ranch.
Mr. Henry Bowman is working fev
eral men clearing his ranch and pre
paring to raiso a bi crop nxt 60ason.
Powder river has a prospering school.
Tho citizens of Poverty Flat havo just
finished their new school house and it
is extra largo and well finished.
Mr. Tom Keating has neatly retired
from the stock business. He sold his
cattle to Mrs. Bowman of Big Creek.
Mr. H. W. Loo and Mr. Soigle CofT
man are going to drive their cattle
to Euglo Valley to eat alfalfa hay this
Mr. Matt Dean still runs the butch
er shop at Sanger. Ho comes out ev
ery fow days for more fat beoves.
Rev. Johnson, of the Covo, a Meth
odist preacher, is holding a protracted
meeting on Big Creek. Tho people of
this part of tho country are all going
and the house is crowded every night.
Mr. Jihnsou speaks well and is well
liked by all.
Mr. H. W. Leo and family spent
Thanksgiving at Sanger. A turkey
dinner was served ,at Mr. and Mrs.
Dearmin's. Business in camp was
quiet. Mills aro constantly running
day and night. Tho contract work on
tho shaft is finished and it is now fifty
feet below( tho lower level. Work on
tho crosscut to tap tho ledgo is pushed
witli energy with eight hour shifts.
A subscription paper is being circu
lated throughout the neighborhood of
Powder river to defray the expenses of
"fi-'Hoher Johnson in preaching once a
i month for the coming year of 1 81)0.
Wo feel that Powder river 1ms ad
vanced and is improving rapidly in a
social way.
Mrs. Martha Criminous, of Cracker
Creole, iias been visiting her father and
mother, Mr. and Mrs. Sams, of Big
Creek. She lias relumed home and
reports everything lively in Cracker.
They are running the boarding house
and havo over fifty boarders.
Mrs. Jameson, of New Westminster,
B. C, linn returned home after a two
months visit with her daughter, Mrs,
George Wright, and family.
Miss Jane Alexander, from Indian
Creek is viciting friends and relatives
on Powder river.
Mr. Ralph Jameson, who now resides
in New Westminister, is having his
ninoho fenced with posts and barb
wiio. Ho is building two miles of
Blastrle Utters.
This remedy is becoming so'well known
and so popular it to need no t pti'lul men
tion. All who Imvo uted Electric V.Uut
sing the name nong of pra!e. A purer
medicine does not exist end it is Kiuruii
teed to do all ih it in claim d Electric
111 tu is will t-urt- nil dlseafoou the J lver
and Kilni'. r h,ht P iiijili-s, noils,
Halt Ithf uiu ;.n I ! r .1- - ii i-. iu-fd by
impure Wood.- I M.ihina from
thesyetein sad prt-ven- tvt-l u rure all
Malarial fever. Hi r rure of iicaduohe,
couittpatiou and Iiidiestion tr Klct-trie
JilttersEniire Hiitisf.H'iinn -i-n mti n or
or money reui'i'li I- I'm " ji.ixj
U-r bottl ut Hr..n n .i , , I ,ian.
:and Amunition Just
VX 1889.
lwgJTijiuiji - jii - Jt - ji'itt'iT';Lju: -
i Vivid Description of Sonic
! Icautiful Lakes.
Our Timber rorost3--An Impending Dan
gerTho Vlllaco Blacksmith.
Enrrou Okuuo.v Fcoirr:
North Powder lakes, which lie sc
serene and beautiful about fifteen
miles from Iho burg of North Powder,
away up towards tho misty tops and
the craggy mountains, havo been quite
a resort tho last season. Tho city
belle ha boon there. Tho dude was
along, and all his wardrobe canes,
lish-nots, goggles and father htthbard
collars. The fishing has been splen
did, the weitthcr beautiful and every
thing was vory favorable for a pleas
ant camping out season. Around tho
lake is a delightful place to camp.
The level, grass-grown Hat that lies
between tho water's edge and the hill
is a "daisy place." Taking the scen
ery all in all it is inspiring. Look
where you will, beauty is there. Up
ward, lifts tho craggy tops of tho
mountains, with rocky jots standing
out against the clear blue of tho sun
ny sky. Below, the stretch of rolling
timber land rolling for miles away to
meet, tho lovolor and richer farms.
Hero and there in the bottom of somo
hollow rises tho blue smoke from a saw
mill, and if you listen in tho evening
you can hear tho whistle break tho
stillness and reverberate down tho
ridges, like tomo far oil' song from tho
clouds. No wonder tho rich and poor,
the sccno loving and tho game hunt
ing man all go there. Tho fresh
breezes that stir the willows on the
bank boar the elixir of life on their
wings. Itgis'cs a man's nattito a tingo
of the sublime to sleep beneath tho
rugged summits and hear tho "swish,
swash" of tho waves at his feet.
It is curious to note how high a
faint prospect of finding gold will
string a man's nerves. His ambitions
become higher and more exalted than
Napoleon's beforo Waterloo. Tho old
miner can appear tho most important
of any man that walks tho face of tho
green globe. If you ask him his opin
ion of a place, as to whether it could
contain gold or not, ho begins a series
of analysis of tho earth's formation
that would puzzle, a Hugh Miller or a
Darwin to t-ou into. His languago
gets so "high falutiu" that an Oxford
Professor would feel small standing
besido this child of Nature. Tho find
of 1889 lias not been made yet. Tho
number "nine" has been tho lucky
year sinco M9.
On Anthony creek abovo North
Powder is a lono Indian grave. Tho
victim was a Nez Perco scout, acciden
tally shot during tho Bannock war
in '78. A rough slab marks tho head
of tho gravo. It is a dreary placo, and
standing by it in the twilight ono
is brought faco to face with solemn
meditations. How could wo over havo
dono injury to tho handful of clay that
lies monldoring beforo us? Go to tho
grave and feel tliero tho solemn con
sciousness thai you aro Hearing its
brink. Go to tlio lonely gravo ovon of
an Indian," who in lifo might havo
pierced you to tlio heart with an ar
row, and sco if you can feel hostilo at
his crumbling bones. No! There,
where your bitterest enemy lies still and
cold beforo you, all tho hato you onco
boro him flees and leaves you alono
with tho dead and your conscionco to
settle tho accounts of life. Each sea
sou tome friendly Indians come to the
grave, and here, far from his homo
and children, while tho "wind-harp
wails in tho willow tree" and tho si
lence of tho evening breathes its calm,
they hold their solemn rites and core
monies over him.
At tho rate tho timber of this conn- j
try is now being sawed out it will not
be many years beforo barren hills will
stand whuro our heaviest bodies of tim
ber to-day bask in tho sunlight.
There is ono fastly rising element in
tlio United State we must quell.
Look forward and imagine tho Amcrb
can boy poring over tho catechism.
Imagine tho capitol at Washington be
ing converted into a Vatican with
Received at A. N.
NO. 2f.
.rA.oiiiiiiijii.iii . inn . .... 'i-iUT-min
golden bordered throne for Pope and
sacred pews for priests and cardinals;
think of the colleges of our free
soil turned into monasteries and nun
neries, with shorn head monks and
"virtuous" nuns, then you can see a
faint fantasma of tho fair land we call
j our own I The parties now lighting
for supremacy will mako a feeble ell'ort
combined against this rising "vice
gerent." Amorican liberty, law, liler
aturo and tho free institutions will puss
with a feeble iluttcr from tho dying
heart of tho greatest republic on earth.
Beneath the slah shed, hour on hour.
The Piinehtown blacksmith stands;
A small "goatee" is on his chin
And corns are on his hands.
He smokes his dear old corn cob pipe,
And hammers all the dav;
Ife cares not how the wide world goes
Nor what the preachers av.
He has his ma.inis, ju.-t and bid.
They are plain but ndghlv true.
"A d mined tough hnr.-e. IMl'tell you bov,
That Becker fails to shoe.''
Entertainments by the Public Sahools
rrcparatlons for Chrlsttnac.
Covi:. Or., Dee. IS, ISmi.
The public schools' entertainment
will take placo at the hall Friday night
of this week and will consist of tho
dramas, Bonnie Bell, Assessor, Family
Strike and Widow Bcdott; also recita
tions, comic songs, music by the col
ored Band and tho beautiful operetta,
Bed Riding Hood. Doors' open at
I'n.'lO; curtain rises at 7. Admission
wijl bo free.
Mr. L. B. Stearns received this week
tho agency for tho iron and steel regu
lator wind mills. Ho will furnish a
wheel for Henry Lynch and many
others expect to bo supplied. Before
many seasons nearly every farm will
havo a wind power for pumping water.
Mr. J. T. Jewell, road supervisor, has
had made and propqrly painted a set
of milo hoards to bo put up at Phy's
point. They will fill a long felt want
and prove a great benefit to tho travel
ing public. Mr. J. deserves a vote of
thanks and no doubt will rcceivo it
from many a poor wandering stranger.
A host of children will bo present at
tho Morrison church Christina treo.
Many gifts aro being purchased. Jfo
matter how far from plenty may bo
spare change with them, Covo parents
one and all remember the little ones at
Christmas times.
Tho cold and stormy wcathor is
making stock owners a littlo anxious
for fear thoy may lack for provender
beforo tho wintor is ovor. Hay is in
demand, yet a lot of hay sold this
weok at tho rate of $8 per ton in tho
stack. A gentleman possessed of good
pasture and plenty of feed is taking
stock to winter at tho rato of $5 por
Tlio merry jingling of sloigh bells is
heard on overy sido. A littlo moro of
tho beautiful and sleighing will bo
Miss Sarah Chrismun, a popular
teacher in tho Union public school,
was called to tho Covo, Tuesday, to
attend tho bedsido of hor father, P. F.
Chrisnian, who is vory sick.
Miss Nellie Welch hns completed
school in Frosty district and returned
to Union.
A series of rovival meetings aro be
ing held nightly at Morrison church
and aro well attended.
Twenty lino turkoys will bo in at
tendance. Como and got a fat fowl
for Christmas.
Plenty of rain and snow.
Mr. W. JC. Aldersly has gono to Cal
ifornia, .
Mr. Jfamm has completed his con
tract and gono to Baker City.
Mr. James Holcomb, of Eaglo valloy,
was delivering supplies in camp a fow
days ago,
Bert Nunn who has been working at
tho mill has gono ofron a vacation.
Tho usual ohango took placo at tho
mill on tho first. F. J. Titus now ma
nipulates tho morning shift.
Frank Ballard, tho stago driver, do
livers tho mail on timo.
Pat KoniB is now working in tho
blacksmith shop.
Samuel Goorgo now holds down ono
shift on tho battery.
Gardner & Cos.