The Oregon scout. (Union, Union County, Or.) 188?-1918, December 12, 1889, Image 1

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NO. 24.
1 '
Wf An independent weck'y Jmininl. tul ev
jk ,' rry Thursday niornins; iv
PttblMicrs and Proprietors.
A. K. Jo.nks, I
Editor, f
1 11. ClIASCr.Y,
One copy, one year $1.60
" Six months 1.00
" ' Three niontos 76
Invariably Cash In Advance.
by chance subsci ipt ion n are not paul till
end oj year, two dollars will be charyed.
Kates of advertifin? made known on ap
plication. JSJ-Corresnondence from all parts of the
country solicited.
Ailrcss all communications totbe Okkgon
Scout, Union Oregon.
every Sabbath at 11 a.m. inula p. m;
Sabbath school nt 10 u. m: prayer meeting
Wednesday, at 8 p, in. The Ladles' Mis
sionary boelety meets on the fourth 1'Hday
of every month at 2:.".0 i. m. All cordially
invited. It. 11. PARKER. Pastor
II. Eakix,
J. A. Kakin,
Notary Public.
Attorneys at Law,
Union, Oregon.
tQTPrompt Attention Paid to Collcct.ons.
Attorney at Law.
rVilWHmr and nrobato nractico special
W ties. Oilice, two doors south of post-oUlco.
Union, Oregon.
J. W. Shelton. J. M. Caiiuoij,.
Attorneys at Law.
Ofilcc : Two doors south of post-uUlue, Un
ion, Oregon.
Special attention given all business en
trusted to us.
Attorney at Law,
Union, Oregon.
Oilice, one door south of Centennial ho
tel. 11. F. Wilson.
Notary Public.
A. J. Hackktt,
Notary Public.
Attorneys at Lav.
Collections and all othor business entrus
ted to us will receive prompt attention.
A complete abstract of the land of Union
county in our oilice.
Managers of the UNION REAL ESTATE
Physician ami Surgeon.
Ofllce. ono door outh of J. 15. Eaton's
store, Union, Oregon.
Q H. DAY, M. D.,
Physician aixisurgeon.
Oilice adjoining Jones IJro's store. Can
be found nights at residence in South
west Union.
L- SAYLOR, M. I)., Ph. G.
Physician & Surgeon,
Union, Oregon.
Graduate Rush Medical College, Chicago.
OHice at Union Pharmacy. Calls prompt
ly answered.
Physician and Surgeon
North I'owder, Orogon.
I I 8 E A B K S OF W O M l: X A 8 V E C I A L T Y.
Calls attended to at all hours
-yM. K0EN1U.
1 Architect and Builder,
Drafts, Plans and Designs for Dwellings,
and llridges furnished on application.
City-Meat -Met
Mntn .Street. Union. Oregon, !
JCcep constantly on hand
Fine Line of AatchJes, Clocks, Jewelry,
O vn Rook Wrtfi by H'm-vlf.
Entiii. i
Ynd Camp-Fire Chnti.
I The great sttfiiHtai tttootw of Pioneer
i Life. A romphAd rftnOM of xiUnv-t
j in the Wcdoni borders, and for tho flrt
time an authentic nccmint of tht Cutor
Mussnrre, General Crook's C.imnniirn and
a thousand of other oseitinat Incidents, in
I chiding a description of Ttutlulo Bill' ca
reer aim stu'oess in t'Mii'imnsr m iw
West .show" anion theOown II-nrts of nil
Europe, The hit of n lifetime. Kveryltody
wants it. Over three hundred soirhotl eu
gravinjis and nearly eight hundred large
Agents Wanted -0i
in ' every "town to sell riii " mmt "emarknble
book. "Affents already in the Held are sim
ply coining money. Act oniric or the op
portunity will i3 lot. You can easily
make from 85 to $1 per diy. To avo
time and to secure an axonry at once. Venn
$1 for n complete canvassing outtit. illus
trated circulars and extra liberal terms
free on application,
Neither extvrienee nor rnpital Is re
quired to en-raee in this enterprise, as the
ImioI; will wll itself, and wo rrtve our agents
.'50 dny' time in which to deliver and col
lect before payinir ns.
A new and beautiful line of Holiday books
just received, Including "Tbo Beautiful
Story," by J. AV. lirnu If yon want to
niiike .some money, address
723 Market Street, San Francisco, Cal.
Bon Ton Restanran
Now open to the public on Main Street,
Union, Oregon.
Board and Lodging.
lOSlS All Hours 30 CIS,
No Chinese cooks employed, and every
thing neat and 'clean.
The Public Patronage Solicited.
4-2r-tf MUS. WAL11ATII. Prop.
Keeps constantly on hand a com
plete stock of fresh
Slieei; Music,
Wire Goods,
Household Utensils.
A share ot the public patronage so
licited. 8-lfHf.
Tonsosriai Pariors
C1EORGU BAIRD, l'ropr.
Shaving, Hair-cutting and Sham
pooing, in the Latest style
of the Art,
Shop two doors south of Centennial hotel,
0 s-'.f.
C., ,
7, , '
g r
C i T. J
Oto. , h-
I f- I
CO i
,,, n1
Written for The S-o. t.
T.rjh whl Sml hi(-
So silent. o pale and still.
No more will she know of world-weary strife
No more will hr grieve o'er hu rained Jlfc
j Nor regret her fad heart All.
Resting in dreamless sleei),
While the stars .shed their pnl light
per tlie newl made jrmfnj , ,
That the dew of evening lave,
Where the outcast sleeps to-nighi.
No sha.'t of marble white
Nor gilding of lotured name
Is there to greet the stranger's eye
Is there to toll Uie passer-by
From wheTo, from whence she cniuc.
No more will her sighs, entreaties ortoats
Greet her betrayer; no more will shu plead
In accents of anguish for roititution from
Who lured heron to the path of sin,
Then left her, despairing, in her direst need.
Kind honds have laid her to rest
Have shrouded her form in white,
And sho peacefully sleeps m sweet tranquil
With hands folded mutely o'er sin-ladoned
With past errors hidden from sight.
Mi'.s. Nei.i.ii: IJi.oo.m,
West Qaklaxd. Cal.
Cove, Or. Dec. 11, ISM).
The Sundny School of tho Monison
clniirh will give a Christmas tree on
Ohristmaseve. Much interest is being
taken and it is sure to be a very pleas
ant time for everybody.
The teachers and pupils of the pub
lic school will give an entertainment
Saturday evening the 21st inst. They
are practicing dilligently, and as the
schools contain considerable talent tho
exorcises will bo iirst-class.
Found, botween Cove and La Grande,
a subscription book for "Bible Read
ings for tho Home Circle." Owner
can have tho same by calling at tho
Covo post-ollico and donating fifty
cents for the poor printers.
E. V. McDaniol, salesman of tho
Cove Dairy Co., made a Hying trip to
Pendleton and Walla Walla this week.
Mr. and Mrs. II. 11. French gave a
dinner to a small party of friends last
Friday, it being tho occasion of the
I seventh anniversary of their marriage.
The evening was spent at cards.
A very pleasant progressive euchre
party was given by Mrs. Lou Payne at
her residence Tuesday evening, in
honor of her nephew, Mr. Guy Bridges.
Dr. Hardingo and family have
moved into.a suito of rooms in James
HuseeU's residence.
Just as tho Covo flouring mill was
ready lo commence grinding last week,
the lower part of tho wheol globo
dropied out. A new ono was immedi
ately telegraphed for and tho delay
will probably not bo a long one.
December 0, 1SS0.
Mr. Wm. Ashby moved his family to
Pino valley, last wcok, whero ho ex
pects to reside horoaftor.
Mr. John Cates has boon sick with
the rheumatism for about two weeks,
but is bolter now.
Mr. Thos. Andorson, of Union, is at
work in Antelope, ropairing a house
for Mrs. Maggio Cromwell.
Sovoral froight teams passed through
recently, on their way to tho mines.
A social party was hold at Mr. 15.
Ashby.s on tho Gth inst. A pleasant
time was had.
We hud (j iii to a storm hero yestor
day. It consisted of snow, rain and
A petition has been in circulation
on Jimniie crook to change tho lano
between J. Vowoll's and Wm. Ilufl
ninn's from (10 foot to -10 feet wide,
pioviding Messrs. Yowoll and Huffman
will build a wire fenco on each side of
the road.
What is tho matter with having a
polling ncliool at Toloeagot? All that
we lack in omo ono to start tho ball
to rolling. Wo ought to bo sociable.
Mr. Cyrus Pmcott, Jr., who has
been working in Grande Hondo valley
for omo time, returned to Telouasot
The stock of Antolopo huvo been
( turned out on the rnngo again, but I
do not think they will stay long.
Silverware, Guns
WAsanror o:r.
, Att Xxurtstlas Littir fro i our Regular
j: aarrtifdMeest u &) Uvmi. . . 1
, Wamiisotok, (T. C.) Nov. 3S, 1.HS9.
j Uditor Oukook Sforr:
' liuinnra that the president or 8ecre
! t:irv liltiinn favors ibo ciiiuliibirv nf
this, that or other candidate for the
'Speakership ot tlte Houw haVo'.been
denied by Inith gentleman, nnd a great
feeling of uncertainty is in the ir.
The later eundifates in the field arc
making war in common ng.iinst Mr.
Koed. They y he has alwuys been
against Western interests; that he is
opposed to-extended silver coi'ingo,
ott They add Unit his i lai. n of title
to the speakership bv:ni: h was t ho
I banner be.ircr When the honor was
only an canity one, a'u id. They
; claim thm the lnmor w,i. only Riven
him before at hi-i earnest M.'.ieitation,
as he bellevetl it woul I help him to be
cloctexl tQ eongrt'ss. This talk, comes
tnostlv from the friends of candidates
' other than Mr. MeKinly, whose plie.y
it is t b" on good terma with lr.
I Ketd.a) that in the event of the elect
j ion of either, the other will have the
. best committee of tho House. Trud
; ing for committeeship will be brisk
, for tho next two wcokj. While nil tho
j candidates talk confidently of their
' chancos only three or four have any
I ical faith' in themselves.
; Congressional visitors to tho execu
I tivo mansion complain bitterly of the
! dillieulty of seeing the president,
j They miv that ho has no time to give
anyone hut his cabinet ollieers. As
j these gentlemen have tho cntreo at all
i times, it would seem uujust that they
I monopolist the two hours given to
I other visitors. Almost every morning
i tho carriages of two or three cabinet
officers can be eeeu around tho White from 10 to 12 o'clock. A con
gressman who calls with a constituent
and is turned away day after day nat
urally feels mortified. Jt humbles him
and injures his strength at home.
Tho new senator will begin their
legislative careers by unking such
senators as huvo seen the shortest ser
vice to combine with them for a re-organization
of the force of senate em
ployees. The civil service system has
so restrict d tho number of offices
available for rewarding folkwers that
a new deal is demanded, , Old senators,
like Edmunds, Allison, Sherman and
Hoar, ha gobbled up all the offices
in sight and thir followers have hold
them for a score of years. Senatorial
courtesy in this matter, as in others,
is bound to lecive a rude shock. The
present oftievrs of.tlie senate mo great
ly exercised ovur tho rumor.
Tho fight forjthe exposition oi 182
has beun definitely opened by tho ar
rival of Colonel .lonea and Governor
Francis, of Missouri, tho missionaries
who aro to givo; their reasons for their
faith in the merit of Ht .Louis. Their
headquarters are at WillnrdV. The
Chicago representatives huvo been
horo for some time. Tho interests of
tho windy city before congress will bo
looked after bv ISx-Finit Assistant
Postmaster-General Allen E. Steven
son. The executive committee of the
Washington promoters met last night
but no dotinito action was tuken. It
is intended to give a dinner to tho del
egates to the Pun-American Congress
e uly in December, probably about the
10th, as on that date tho governors of
the states interoslod in the Philadel
phia contonary will ull be in Washing
ton. Tho finance committue of the Na
tional Hoard of Promotion of the thrco
Americas exposition has issued a cir
cular, urging all the citizens of tho
District of Columbia to bign a memo
rial to congress, asking that Wash
ington bo selected as the site of the
World's Fair in 1892. The inemorjftl
proposes tho issuance of $ 15,000,000
of District of Columbia bonds an h
guarantee fund for the expenses of the
oxpoiition in case congress .Oiould
think it nccossary.
Tho attompt of Delegate Hall, of
England, and his associates to ruu the
Maritime Couferonue to suit them
selves was defeated by the combination
of tho United States and rt.tuth Ameri
can dologntos. The "Hoard at White
hall," as it is called, opposed the con
gress from the iintt and only joined in
its doltborutipji tiy order ot tlia gov
ernment. The Board i th- antiquat
ed barnacle that hu for gi ncrations
'and Amunition Just1
fixed marine regulations in Great
Britain. When tho conference was
iirst proposed .tlris organization felt,
shocked and grieved that any body of
men on the face of the earth should
have to supersede its authority. They
did finally consent to enter the con
ference for the discussion of one sub
ject only, via: the "rules of the road."
These settled they would refuse fur
ther participation in the deliberations.
By tho circumlocution oilice this state
of affairs reached the ear of Ixml Sal
isbury, who immediately ordered that
the English delegates should partici
pate in the entire conference. This
order was imperative, but in revenge
Messrs Uallet al have engaged passage
for homo for December 11, and en
deavor by every possible means to
rush through the business that must
be completed before they le.ive. Bus
iness was rushed through lust week in
indecent haste, without consideration
or discussion.
A $2jO,000 suit for slander would
not add relish to most men's turkey,
but certainly tho fact that Samuel
Strong hud filed such suit against him
on Wednesday did not all'eet. tho
cheerful spirit of Ben Butler. Tho
Butlor-Stiong legal wrangle is a fam
ous one. Gen. Butler brought suit
against Mr. Strong several months
ago for a considerable sum of money,
which he asserted was duo him as con
tingent fees out of tho award made to
Mr. Strong. The suit had sonic high
ly spicy features, among which was
tho production of a document, pur
porting to bo signed by Gen. Butler,
in which ho agreed to accept a much
smaller sum than that claimed in the
suit. Gen. Butler denounced this doc
uinenfas a forgery, and Mr. Strong
now sues. ,1. H. O.
Tho stookmon bavo rounded up
hundreds of cattle,- horses anil sheep
and have them in thcirpastuies.
There will bo about 7000 head of
cattle, 2)00 head of hordes, and 20,000
liead of sheep fed in our valloy this
winter. Tho valloy is small, but it
can furnish more alfalfa and timothy
hay than any other spot on earth, and
is just as good for fruit and vegetables.
Thoro has been -1000 tons of hay
sold here this fall, and lota left for sale
at low prices.
Our beo men aro making prepara
tions for a big crop of honoy next year.
Col. George Noweomb, of Cornuco
pia, was in tho valloy recently on legal
business. Mr. Newcomb is full of
jokes and familiar with all. Geo. will
probably become a resident of Eagle
valloy. Wo will welcomo him.
Mr. Samis, of Hog valley, has
bought Mr. Chas. Howell's farm hero
and moved on it. 'Ho is well satisfied.
Good luck to Mr. Samis.
Our iron bridge is under good head
way and will bo finished in a short
time. The people are very proud of it.
Mr. Win. (lover haw dono somo good
work on tho Summit creek road.
Mr. John Fowoll is building tho
finest dwollinghouM) in tho valloy.
Mr. Sanders returned from Baker
valley, a fow days ago, with 85 calves
which ho had purchased to put in his
pasturo and fatten on alfalfa.
Mr. Wash Moody is now making
cheese and is having good success in
his new undertaking.
W. N. Nash ban his now barn com
pleted and it is a daisy.
Wo want 6O1110 man to como and
put up a hotel at Now Bridge. It is
needed badly and would pay.
Wo want a boot and shoo maker.
There is a good shop at Chandler's
store ready for him to go into.
Tho wife of Mr. W. D. Nash re
turned, a fow day ago, from California
whuro she has been on u visit to her
parents. Sho was accompanied by
her brother, Mr. James Surnmors,
Tlioy say that taxe aro very high
and wo don't want them any highor.
Wo know how to keep them down and
that is to nil voto to keep tho county
eat at Union. It is to tho interests of
ovory man in tho eastern part of tho
county to voto for the county scat to
lemain at Union. Don't be hum
biijjgcd by La-Graudurs or Baker City
newspapers. Let' tho county seat stay
at Union and givo uh the Hunt rail
road. OLD K.
Received at A. N.
the TARirr on WOOL.
An Answerto "W'a" Rjcent Article oa
This Wooly Question.
Cove. Or.. Dee. II, 1SS0,
EniTou Okkuo.v Scout:
In the last issue of Tin: Scout I Miw
a communication .signed "W."in which
he says the protection on wool is a fa1--lacy.
" '
The democrats during tho campaign
of 1SSS objected to being called free
traders, but since the last election their
talk and articles are all for free trade;
they proclaim it from east to west,
no matter whether it is called tarilf
for revenue or tariff reform, it signifies
no protection to American industry.
Thoro is a sample of this kind of tarilf
on tin plate, and England is furnish
ing all we use. If wo had a tarilf that
did protect, we would make tin plate
here, and pay a large por cent of the
30,000,000 that now goes to English
workmen to Americans, giving about
40,000 men employment and keeping
them from competing for our places,
giving them money to purchase goods,
and other men the work of making
Who wants free trade? Tho labor
ing man? No; they are Hocking from
free trado countries to got tho benefits
of the tariff. Do business men want
it? No; they understand that labor
pauperized will not benefit thom. Do
tho farmers want it? No; they need
their products protected more, Who
then docs want it? England, tho im
porters, the bond holders, tho misgui
ded South and democratic politicians.
They want anything that will be mon
ey in their pockets. They want it re
gardless of pauperizing tho working
man, and taking children from school
and putting them in work shops, and
huvo this liko England, a government
of classes. England does not care, and
why should it if wc don't know
enough to make our ballots protect us
wh'on the tarilf makes us tho best paid
laborers in the world?
Tho freight from this state to Now
York on goods and produco is greater
than it is from Liverpool to Now York.
Consequently a tariff for rnvenuo only
means less pay for us than they got in
Liverpool, or no work. Comparo tho
statistics of paupers officially given in
1880. England had ono to ovory thirty-three
inhabitants; America, one' to
every five hundred and sixty-five, and
Europo sont us a largo por cent of
thom. And yet wo learn that tho tar
iff is robbing us.
Tho democratic administration un
dertook to show us that with wool on
tho freo list, wo would lose money
on tho wool that wo sell and get rich
on tho clothes which wo .buy. It
would seem to bo a now discovery, an
overturning of all ideas of commerce
to lose money on that which wo have
to sell, but got rich on that wo buy.
That is not customary nowadays. My
idea is that "W" or anyone else would
never becomo a bloated bond holdor in
that way, yet, as I understand it, that
is Grover Cleveland's plan.
Brazil seeks in European markots
for tho wares sho desires becauso Eu
ropean prices aro lower than ours, and
they aro lower for no other reason than
that tho wages paid European laborers
aro lower than tho wages paid Ameri
can laborors, and of course wo aro go
ing to got the world's commerce, and
hold it, the first thing to do is to forco
down the wages of tho American work
man ; to force them not only down to
tho European lovel, but below them,
because wo must undersell these ri
vals of ours if wo must soizo and hold
tho markets of which wo aro now su
premo. Thoreforo if congress is to
legislate at all concerning tho matter,
it must begin by legislating to roduco '
tho wages of American workingmen
until thoy aro lower than European
wages, and if European wages should
bo forced furthor down, then measures
must bo adopted to push ours still
downward toward tho labor prices of
China. And the chances that an
American congress will ongago in such
ruinous Tom-foolery aro so small that
"W's" grand children will bo gray
headed beforo any intelligent human
being in congress over thinks of 6uoh
a Bchomo as worthy a moment's atten
tion. J, G.
Buclrton's Arnica Salvo.
Tub Best Sai.vh in tho world for Cuts,
UruUos, Bores, Ulcers, Halt Itlieijm, Fuvcr
Sores, Totter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains,
Corns, and all Skin Kruntluns, ami post
nlvcly euros Piles, or no pay required, It
Is guaranteed to givo perfect Hntlnfiiction,
or monoy refunded. Prlco U5 cents per
box. For sole at Brown's drug itorc.
Gardner & Cos.