The Oregon scout. (Union, Union County, Or.) 188?-1918, December 05, 1889, Image 1

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JL JL a . a
KG. 24.
The Oregon Scout.
An independent wci'kly j"uma'. rv-
cry tniir'i.a.t liMir.ii:' in
rtilili-hiT.i and lYoprictors.
A. K., i
Editor. )'
I Vorutnan.
HATHs'o v st; nsom i'tiox:
One copy, one vear
4 Six months .
" Three moiilos
liivnrlubly Cash in Aitvsilce.
If fcv clmnct vleiiptfanarenotpniH!!l
aid J yt'tr, two dollars will lie charged.
Kates of advertising made known on ap
plication. jrg-i -or".poiuU'iicc from all parts of the
country solicit
Adrc.-f, all communications to the Oregon
ScoI't. I'nioii Cm-iron.
X even-Sabbath at 11 a.m. and 8 p. m;
Sabbath' school at Id a. m; prayer ineetinK
WcdiK-.lav. at -S p, in. The Ladies Miti-sioiiar.-
Society meets on the fourth I'f idaV
of every month at J:30 p. m. All cordially
invited U. 11. I'AKKKtl. Pastor
V.. Eaki.n,
J. A. Eakix,
Notarv l'nblic.
Attorneys at Law,
Union, Oregon,
jari'rompt Attention Paid to Collect.ons
Attorney at Law.
Collcctins; and probate practice special
ties. Ollioe, two door south of post-omce,
Union, Oregon.
Attorneys at Law.
Oflice : Two doors south of po-t-Jhce, Un
ion, Oregon.
Special attention given all business en
trusted to us.
Attorney at Law,
Union, Oregon.
Ollice, one door south of Centennial ho
tel. 15. l-
Notarv Public.
A. J. llACKl'-TT.
Notary Public.
Attorneys at Law.
Collections and all other business entrus
ted to us will ieceie prompt attention.
A complete ab-:raet ol the land of Union
countv in our ollice,
Alanapersof thcUMOX RKAL ESTATE
Physician and Surgeon.
Ollice. one door outh of J. 15. Eaton's
store, Union, Oregon.
II. DAY. .M. P.,
Physician and Surgeon.
Oilice mljoininj; .Jones liro's store. Can
be found nights at residence in South
west I'nion.
Ij, SAYI.OH, M. 0., Ph. O.
I Physician & Surgeon,
Union, Oregon.
Oraduato Hush Medical College, Chlcaso.
Ollice at Union Pharmacy. Calls prompt
ly answered.
Physician and Surgeon
North Powder, Oregon.
Calls nttondod to at all hourf.
Architect and Builder,
Draft Plans and Delnns for Dwellings,
Nind l!ndcs furnislied on applicittinii.
f'itw-..nnt . Mnnlrnt
UllJ ' liluClL " "IflQlKul,
Mam Street. Union. 'n ;'on,
'. r Keep constantly on band
Fine Line of Watch'es, Clocks, Jewelry,
7i bit;
0n Book -.Vrlt" n by IPm'-elf,
Entitl l
And ! '.mi"-i'ire t
The yrrcat .-.tmdard tlistory ot Pioneer
Life. A c iniplete word o; i xfltlntf events
on thr Wc-t'Tii horili-rv and for the tlrt
time .mi aiithen'ic ae.'oiun m the (u-ter
Massacre, General Crook' (inipaiim and
a thi'U'..ind of other excitiiur incident, in
cluding a de-crlpnon of Ru'Vulo Hill's ca
reer and sticce's in xhii'itimr his '"Wild
Vet Show" among: tiie Crown Ilearts of all
Europe, The bit of a lifetime. Everybody
wnntsir. Over tiiiio h'inu: d spirited en--ravnu'-.
ninl nearly ei-ht luiudred large
Agents Wanted
in evtrv town to --uil tnA mos't
r.uner ex.
inuverv town to -uil tin most reinarKanio
book. Acnt already in the field nre sim
ply rolniiiK mou.s-. Act uuicii or the op
!o'rtunitv will be lost. You can easily
make from $6 to $18 per day. fo save
time and to eeure an agency at once, senu
S 1 for u complete canv.jsiui? outlil. Illus
trnted circulars and extra liberal terms
free on application,
Neither experience nnr capital is re
quired to enpaee In thi enterprise, a the
book will sell itself, and we chc our agents
.to days' rime in which to deliver and col
lect before paying us,
A new and beautiful line of Holiday book
Jut received, Including "The Beautiful
Story," by .1. V. Briu.. If you want to
make some nioncv, address
723 Market Street, San Francisco. Cal.
ii Ton Restaurant!
Now open to the public on Main Mreet,
Union, Oregon.
Board and Lodoina.
h All Hours UUUlb.
No Chinese cooks employed, and every
thing neat and clean.
The Public Patronage Solicited.
l-2Ti-tf MRS. WAI.llATII, Prop.
AT Tilt:-
mm mm
Kci'ps; cfm.stiintly mi hand a cnm
pk'to otuok i'i l'rcsii
Sheet Music,
Wire Goods,
Household Utensils.
A share c4 the public patronage so
licited. S-ln-tf.
Tonsorial Parlors
Shaving, Hair-cutting and Sham
pooing, in the Latest style
of the Art,
8bop (wo doom south of Centennial hotel,
r ,'" 1
fH o I '." .'- .
m x eg E
P 1 ' ' 21
O i rj-j ' L
Koinr.i'kablo Scnvt 3Fado by
a Parly of Hunters.
Wctiss tt tha Winds-TU Ball Given', en
Thunftsflvlnj Bay.
Covk, Or., Pec. i, 1S0.
Items are like truths mighty
Hiss Annie Roger, of Buffalo, X. Y.,
is at Air. H. IT. French's ami will prob
ably make Cove her home.
Attorney Wm. Smith's family will
remove to Raker City, in a few days,
where Mr.' S. is practicing law.
The artists who enlarge photographs
for a livelihood are umong us and ap
pear to bo doing a land office business.
With their accustomed sociability, a
number of Cove families gave good,
old-fashioned Thanksgiving dinners to
their fiicmhs and relatives.
Rev. Air. llinzc, of the Willamette
valley, held services at the Aloirisou
church lust Sunday and will probably
conclude to locate in the Cove.
Tlio Brass Hand has received three
sets of new music books from the east
and are practicing weekly. They are
open to all kinds of engagements.
Air. (!. W. Barnes, who suffered a
dislocation of the hip a few weeks ago,
is improving and will be able to be up
in a short time. His wife has arrived
from Paradise valley.
Mr. O. P. Jaycox is looking after his
Cove branch store this week, lie is
jubilant over the railroad prospects
and advances it as his opinion that an
era of great prosperity is about to
dawn upon the valley.
The wind blew a regular gale in the
valley last week. A gentleman driv
ing over from La Orando in a top
buggy was completely overturned, but
fortunately help was near and no se
rious damage was done.
Fifty tickets were told at the
Thanksgiving ball. Island City was
in particular well represented. It was
voted by all the very best time of the
.season, even though cases of neuralgia,
colds and iulluenzia were common the
succeeding day.
The county court did not grant a
liquor license to Thomas Barton to
open a saloon in Cove. Almost every
voter in the precinct took sides in the
matter and signed petitions either for
or against. Not a few could not re
strain their enthusiasm and subscribed
their names to both.
A good flight of geeso have arrived
in the valley and are affording sport
for the nimrods. One day this week
a hack load of hunters were out after
tho fostive high llyer and mado the
following scoro : Air. Cobbler, 2 geeuo ;
I). Harrison Layne, -If) empty cart
ridges, one goose badly hurt but es
caped in tho gloaming; J. Dell ass, 2
geese hard hit, but escaped in the
brush; Edgar Jones, 1 musk rat; Tho
Nasby, S geeso; AI. Phy, 2 geeso.
Dccembor 2, 1889.
Our roads arc in fine condition. .
Wilkinson's saw mill is in full blast
.Mrs. Al. Minnickisdangoroiislysiok
Robert Davis is laid up with tho
sore oyes.
Quite a number of our noighbors
hav butchered their hogs.
Everybody divided on Iho wonthor
prophecy of the coming win tor.
The fall grain, sown early, is up and
promises fair to make a splendid
Win. Lyall has sold his housoholu
goods and will move to Phoenix, Ari
zona. Ed. Tinkhaiu' is the boss cut and
coyote slayer. Ho has lmggcd ton of
Stock gathering and private rodoro
are quite frequent, with the rod hot
branding irons doing duty.
Charley Inman has proved himself
a good mechanic and a trustworthy
hand. By experience wo tostify.
Silverware, Guns
Some who have b 1 1 Lack on thr
railroad subsidy h-,w come forward
and subscribed. Th.-y will never re
gret it.
Air. George Johnson, with the aid of
six others, butcheted a beef the (th
hist. Like the oat it had von lives
to loe.
We have betfottr'tast dMtnr ou the
final ?eqnel and resuli .: the next
wedding in High Valley. Who takes
the riants'? "
Some of the worthl. '. u's of our
valley caught a yonng i ilt belonging
to George Ames, and kilh-d and ate it.
The dog-killer had belt, .- ; turned
out for a public bene lit.
Wc wound up the wo'xlv wing bus
iness in the Cove and t ik a bi.ts cut
across the Valley to the ranch d Mr.
,1. Q. Shirley, where we h.ive been bus
ily engage! chopping grain and hay.
Ho is feeding two hundred and fifty
head ot choice three-year-okl steer, a
car load of which will be shipped to
Portland on the 15th. They are fancy
stock, having been fed separate from
tho others for a Christmas treat to
Portland, A hundred bead of hogs
are being fed with care and attention.
A car load of corn i. now on the way
from Omaha, to he mixed and fed with
other feed as an experiment. Only for
tho extortionate transportation rates
the Nebraska fanners could chip hun
dreds of tons ot their surplus corn to
this, coast and reali.o a fair profit.
Mrs. Shirley is not behind in her hos
pitality, as all admited on Thanksgiv
ing Day when we sat down to dinner.
Twenty-two were at thi table ami all
did ample justice to the turkey and
numerous other good things. Wo rtte
a piece from a platu over one hundred
yea is old. Mrs. Shirley was ably as
sisted by Mrs. Viola Duncan and Pad
dy Smith. Many are the improve
ments going on at every hand, prepar
ing for tho thirleon-hundred-aerc crop
to bo put in the coining spring. Mr.
Shirley is one of our rustlers of the
early days.
Nov. 30, 1889.
Horn, to the wife of C. Oleson, of
Clover creek, Nov. 14, a daughter.
Mr. W. Ashby returned from his
trapping expedition the other day.
Ho caught some beaver, 1 believe.
Mr. .1. Bradford returned from Eaglo
valley Nov. 2.'!. Ho reported no snow
there when he left.
The snow here has been from ') to
12 inches in depth, and the sleds have
been used'soino, but not much.
Mis Laura Huff, who was on tho
sick list about a month ago, has about
Mr. .1. F. Huff and family expect to
start east soon.
Mr. A. Thomas, of Clover creek, has
rented tho Wm. Shaw ranch for tho
next season and expects to move
Mr. Win. Shaw is having a new
houso built on his ranch. lie expects
to attend school at La (iraudu this
Mr. Al. Graham has postponed his
trip to Sunko river, on account of sick
The snow is fast disappearing.
Vince Reeves, of Union, was hero
on official huiiutg last week.
J. A. White has opened a skating
rink in this place.
Mr. Pearson & Hons have purchased
several lots and are building on them.
Davo Beveridge, Rings, Eppinger
and Buckley returned from a wild
goose chase in (Jrnndo Rondo valley.
Prom the amount of wnsards they
have sold since their return, one would
naturally suppose they had good luck.
The Thanksgiving bull at J. A.
White's hall was a success. Every
thing was done by Mr. White to make
a pleasant time for tho guests, and the
dancers expressed themselves as being
highly pleased.
North Powder can produce more
heavy weight pugiliats than any town
of its aiwi hi UasUirn Oregon. Don't
be surprised if John L. is challenged
in tho noar future.
:and Amunition Just1
Viiluablc (S old Mines, Knsy
of Access.
OotKt Timber Fine Climate Abundance
of Pure Spring Water.
j Weather warm, mild and pleasant.
; Eight inches of snow fell last week,
j but is fast disappearing under the rays
1 of the sun.
1 Dr. Jay Guy Lewis has sovorcd his
connection with tho Del .Monte mining
! company, by (he salo of his entire inter
! est to an eastern syndicate at a very
I handsome figure, and tho Dr. will now
j give his attention to the very rich pla
j cor mines on Powder river.
' The sale mentioned in our last, re
ferred to tho Dolly Vnrdun mines
which are now under bond to eastern
capital, through tho negotiations of
W. R. Fisher, mining engineer of Den
ver, who has lately became largely in
terested in somo valuable mining
properties in tho Sparta district. The
Dolly Varden has been a steady pro
ducer for the past fifteen years and
when in the hands of enterprising cap
ital can bo made the largest gold
producer on tho Pacific coast.
The stamps of the Little Pittsburg
mill, are hung up for tho winter, us
tho management find tho expense of
running live stamps as much as ten,
and consequently arrangements are be
ing mndo to double tho capacity and
put in concentrators in early spring.
A force of miners will combine work
all winter, and several hundred tons of
choice ore will bo in tho bins ready for
milling when stamps are ready to drop.
Tho trial run was as we predicted, very
rich, the resulting bullion showing a
gold value of !?7r. 12 to the ton, besides
a large quantity of rich sulphurets
saved by the burlap process.
Tho development of tho Atlantic and
Pacific, which is now in bond to Har
dy & Henderson, is proving one of the
richest free gold propositions it has
been tho pleasure of your correspond
ent to examine. Tho ledge, which is
true and well defined at an incline
depth of twenty-live feet, is now seven
feet thick and gold can bo seen almost
tho entire distance with the naked eye.
Tho ore, which is classed in three piles,
is estimated to run as follows: Twenty-live
per cent will give, in frco gold,
one hundred dollars to tho ton ; twenty-live
per cent will yield forty dollars
gold to tho ton ; and fifty pur cent will
yield at least ten dollars in free gold,
which, with tho present encouraging
outlook, makes this ono of tho best
mines in the state.
No camp in tho west can boast of
more natural advantages than Sparta
and, judging fiom tho rapid inllux of
capital tho past few months, thuse
conditions aro receiving tho attention
they so justly deserve. Cold is tho
principal value, but tho ores contain
silver enough to show permanency.
Timber of the best quality is found in
great abundance, and thero aro but
fow mines but what sufficient timber
is found on the ground for mining
purposes. Running streams fed by
never failing springs run in almost
ovory gulch and tho climato is equal
to the best found on this coast. We
aio only thirty miles to railroad, over
one of tho best natural roads in tho
country, and tho mail coach has only
missed one trip in eight years. Our
enmp is surrounded by rich valleys in
a high state of cultivation where every
article of produce used by man or
boast grows in great profusion and is
delivered at our doors at very reason
ablo prices. Bunch grass grows to
perfection and but few places equal
Sparta and vicinity for grazing and
stock raising.
Tho amount of work now under
contract shows conclusively that tho
futuro success of our camp is assured
and with the spring time will come a
boom so sure, so permanent that no
moro "doubting Thomases" can bo
found and Sparta will tako her place
among tho bust mining camps In the
west. What other camp can show
such a record as here follows? Tho
Union tunnel, to develop tho Cray
Eagle and Union mines, owned Jjy
Received at A. N.
('lough A Reed, .100 fret long, by A.
T. Waldron, contractor; tunnel -UK)
, feet long, to develop the Arkansaw
i Hello lode, owned by W. H. Fisher it
i Co., by Alec Oaraud, contractor; four
hundred foot tunnel on south extcn-
sion of the Old (ein mine, by A. J.
Davis, owner; two hundred foot tun
nel on Tho Rig Helcher mine, by
Thompson Pro's., of Shanghai; in
cline shaft on Del Monte, No. I, 200
feet deep, by C. R. Johnston, of Den
ver, manager. Pacific Chiof, of the
j Mary Aiiisworth group, will bo exten
sively worked under the superintoud
ency of E. E. Clough, owner. A large
force of men will continue taking out
ore on the Hold Ridge all winter.
Cook it Younger are doing exten
sive development work on their East
Eagle mines. Tho Frank MeOce
mines are being developed by Cali
fornia capital. Tho Morotte Pro's,
will continue sacking very rich oro
from The Winter mine, and Beard it
Huekland will continue work all win
ter on their Hlack Hear mine. Others
to bo reported in our next.
0. S. H.
December::, 1SM.
Cattle nearly all gathered in that
belong in the Park.
Fine weather overhead for a few
days, but raining to-day.
The horses can live yet on the hills.
Feed is none too plenty here.
Rain and snow is what is wanted to
get tho ground soaked to the bottom.
Mr. Sam Vanorder and wife made a
business trip to Baker city last week.
Undo John Vanorder got back to
tho Park last Sunday looking hale and
H. M. South had a valuable maro
take tho distemper so badly that it
had to bo killed.
Snow not all gone out of tho Park,
but still going. The toads very mud
dy and heavy wheeling.
Tho turkey shooting at Dolby's on
Thanksgiving turned out to bo a raffle
ing match, thero being only ono gun
The meeting is progressing yet on
Big creek. They aro trying to raiso
tho excitement to tho highest pitch, if
.hired Shaw is left a bachelor. His
wife was called to tho bedsido of her
sick mother in Iowa. Sho expects to
stay until spring.
Moses Van comes to attend church
on Big creek and to seo her whom ho
loves so dearly. Ho wants to emi
grate to that other stato.
Tho Park is running a spelling
school, debato, and litoray society, all
well attc'ndcd, and great interest is
taken in all. Who can beat that?
What should I obey; another man's
oracle? Shall I tako another man's
word, not what ho thinks, but what
ho says somo God has said to him?
Rev. Johnson is on Rig creek preach
ing again. IIo goes right through tho
Park and says ho can't preach for
btich a small eeltletuont, thero is no
pay in it. All right Mr. Johnson.
R. M. South and wife have gono to
Powder river to their uncle's, C. Van.
IIo has beon living alono for some
time and has tho "rickets" or somo
thing of tho kind. It is very disagree
able for him.
Mrs. R. M. South made a Thanks
giving dinner for her relations. Thero
woro Uf) or 3(5 at dinnor. All had a
good tinio eating turkey. Mr. A.
Van's littlo girls had six grandparents
hero, four grandmothers and two
It looks like there is somo partiality
in tho preachers. They cam thoir
money on Sundays, but want tho la
boring class to rest. Tho cooks 1 do
they get any rest? Not when tho
preacher is around. Tho women aro
an after consideration, and according
to tho biblo thoy aro a littlo lowor than
tho men, poor things.
Why is it that tho pcoplo complain
so much about paying tho soldiors of
the last unpleasantness a littlo pension
of two or four dollars a month when
ull of tho old soldiors of tho Mexican
war aro ponsioned? That was a most
unholy war. Simply because the Jlrst,
the robollion, was a republican war,
and tho Mexican war wan a domocratio
war. Tho color of tho horso makes
gome difference. M0I1CE,
Gardner & Co's.