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    THE OREGON SCOUT. phKosgpmyof fears.
Tito Destruction of llm Cirlzzllo nml the
lllnck Ileum.
In Western America thoro are two
bears that claim tho spoi lsman's al
tontlon tho grizzly and tho black.
Tho former hunters havo endowed
witli many aliases, such as "silver-
tip," "brown," "cinnamon," "bald
Xaco and 4 Tango" bear. Thoso names
do not moan anything, for the. grizzly,
llko tho dog, is of many colors. Tlicso
two varieties of boars can, among
other things, bo distinguished by tho
formation of thoir claws. Thoso of tho
grizzly aro longor on tho foro than on
tho hind foot. Tho claws of tho black
bear aro short, and aro of tho sumo
length on all four foot. It is difficult
to porsuado tho hunters of different
sections that tho "silver-tip," "cinna
mon," "brown," "buld-faco1 and
Tango" bears aro all from tho same
ancestry, and that tho samo animal Is
called by different names In dlffcrant
localities. Hut whilo hunters may
vary in inoir nomenclature, tlicy one
and all agrco that tho full-grown
grizzly U tho gamcst animal in tho
world, and tho ono to bo most dreaded
Hover do thoso bears stand on thoir
hind legs and pursuo tho hunter with
torriblo howls and roars, as is tho or
thodox wny of describing thoir con
flicts with human beings in tho ghastly
Htoraturo of tho country. When not
lilt in tho brain or splno thoy put
thoir head down, and with a swinging
gallop rush upon tho huntor. Thoy
usually rocolvo thoir death wound
without demonstration, sinking down
and dying muto. Tho majority ol
grizzlies shot by our famous Eastern
sportsmen aro thoso that havo II rat
boon trapped. Thoy tiro klllod when
In this crippled condition, after drag.
ging ofton for miles a largo stool trap
Willi a Hugo trailing log attached.
TTlio grizzly is found west of tho
Missouri rlvor, and very rarely, If
over, oast of it. Thoy inhabit both
tho plains and mountains. A dozen
yours ago thoy could bo soon ulmost
anywhere in tho mountain ranges, but
fdnoo their destruction has boon com
passed by baiting and traps thoy havo
become shy, and difficult to approach
noar enough for a corta'n killing shot.
Hoars aro tho most wary animals of
all tho big gamo in America. Thoy
go singly, and usually soo tho huntor
before ho catchos a glimpso of thorn.
Thoy then cunningly slip away, and
ro difficult to trail. At this tlmo thoy
aro fairly abundant m tho mountains
of Montana, a suro find being In Cruzy
Woraon's Mountain, north of tho
Northorn Pacific rallroud. Thoro Is
nlso a goodly numbor of boars distrib
uted ovor tho mountains of Idaho and
Wyoming, somo in Southorn Cali
fornia, scattered in tho Siorru Madros
and on tho junction waters of tho
Santa Maria rlvor In San Luis Obispo
County. Thoy aro also numerous iu
Ute Rocky mountains and Sierra No
vndas. '
Tho black boar litis a far wider rango
than tho grizzly, but in tho West It is
conllned mostly to tho mountains, and
rarely comes out on tho prairie. Jt
Is woll distributed, however, and is es
pecially abundant In tho timbered
country, moving about to whoro tho
mast and berries aro most plentiful.
JHnolc boars aro very numerous in
Northorn Montana. On tho I'aclllo
Coast thoy outnumber tho grizzlies,
wliero both bjiccIos feed on tho
salmon. Tho destruction of tho
grizzllos has boon much greater, than
that of tho black. Hoars, though still
abundant, aro vory difficult animals to
hunt and kill In a sportsmanllko wav
Franklin Sattorthwalto, In Ilarpor's
Tho Indians of Ecuador.
Whilo tho Indians aro under tho rulo
of tho priests, and have accepted tho
Catholic rollgion, thrco hundred and
ilfty yottrs of submission has hot en
tiro divorced thoni from tho ancient
rltos thoy practiced under tho pro-hls-torlo
civilization. Sovoral tlinos a
year thoy havo feasts or celobratlons
in honor of somo event In tho Inca his
tory. Thoy novor laugh and seldom
fiuilloj thoy havo 110 songs and fow
ttimisomonts; their only soiublanco to
inuslo is a mournful chant which thoy
give la unison at tho feasts which aro
intended to keep allvo the memories of
tho Incas. They cling to tho tradi
tions and tho customs of - their an
cestors. Thoy romombor tho ancient
glory of their race, and look to its
roitornthm as the Aztecs of -Mexico
look for tho coming of Montozuma.
They have religious rolles which thoy
guard with tho most sacred care, and
there aro two groat soorots which no
torturos at the hands of tho Spaniards
liavo boon able to wring from thorn.
Those aro tho art of tout poring copper
no as to glvo it as keen and enduring
un edge ns stool, and tho burial place
of tho Incarial treasures. American
Hridgot "Shall I lavo tho hall
lnmpburnln imt'iim?" Mistress "No.
1 am pretty surd Mr. Jones won't be
homo until daylight. Ho kissed mo
three times before he left and guvo mo
twenty dollars for a now spring
bonnet." Terro Hauto Express.
First Llttlo Girl "What does
your papa do?" Socond Llttlo Girl
"Ho'b got a position under the oily
government." "Well, but what does
he doP" 4,I don't know ho novor
wild. Guess lie don't know hlsjolf,"
Philadelphia Hccord.
Vittiiiililo Information Tlint May I'ror
Uncomfortnlile to Homo Young Men.
I was In compnny tho other day with
my friend, tho professor of chemistry,
and, being in a reflective mood, 1
chanced to sny: "Professor, tears aro
n curious thing."
"Hy no moans," replied he, prompt
ly. "Their composition is nuito
simple: about ninety-eight parts water.
and two parts salt, albumen and
I did not pursuo tho conversation.
but thought, without snylng so, Unit if
tears aro not a curious thing, a pro-
lessor 01 chomistrv certainly is.
I happened, a fow days after, to re
peat tho conversation to our professor
of physiology, who, bringing his supor-
clllnry muscles into play, said:
"Simple as it may appour to Dr.
Atom, tho genesis of tears is quito ft
complex process, and thoy havo
multiple mechanical functions. Thoy
aro secreted by tho lachrymal gland,
nnd partly by tho orbicularis musclo
aro convoyed into tho lachrymal canal,
and thonco into tho eyo, which thoy
flood, and thus effectuate detersion.
facilitate tho movomont of tho oyobali,
and preservo tho transparency of tho
so-called cornea."
I could only respond: "I daro say.
All you toll mb is very wonderful and
vory complex, but how an earth do
tho llttlo babies learn to cry so early
and so well?" I did not tell him that
I did not comprehend a word ho had
uttered, and henco"tho wondor omne
ignoluni pro magnifico. Much loss
did I rovoal what was passing In
my mind. It scorned to mo thatsci-
enco Is llko a pin very useful for
sticking things together, and vory
nlcoly contrived for this purposo; but
ono man spends his wholo lifo in coil
ing tho head, another in shaping tho
shaft, and anothor in sharpening tho
point, whilo each understands nothing
but his own part of tho pin.
It noxt occurred 10 mo to And out
what tho poots say about tears. Thoy
travol from oarth to hoavon vory rap
Idly, In a daring, desultory wuy, and
always through mists and clouds, sco-
ing things nnd parts of things vory
indistinctly, and raroly tolling tho
truth about what thoy do soo; yet,
notwithstanding, thoy now and tlion
seem to Hud out somo things of moro
or loss valuo which other pooplo do
not know
As wo do not at prosont kcop a pro
fessor of poetry at our university, I
began to rummage among my books,
mi. .i . 11 At
a no ursi. lines inui met my oyo woro
41 Tears, reclines brlht, ombodlod form, aro
Moro puro tlinn dowdrops, Naturo's tears,
Hero Is a definition of tears that wo
can accept without aversion tears
aro tho bright, bodily form of fooling.
Tho poot does not toll us that when wo
woop wo aro doing nothing moro than
secreting a mucous fluid by moans of
tho lachrymal gland. Ho fools bound.
however, to stato tho fact that tours
aro not ;iore puro than dow-drons.
Tho wholo truth would havo been that
thoy aro not m puro by a ifood deal.
Perhaps Mr. Hailoy did not know that
thoy contain mucous, aibumon and
salt. Wo wish wo did not possess tho
uncomfortablo information. Wo shall
novor again bo able to kiss tho tears
from Her cheek with tho relish that
onco wo did.- J. T. L. Preston, in At-
Mrs. Stowo's "Unelo Tom's Cabin"
is still soiling in this country at tho
rate of 1,000 copies a wcok.
Prof. James Hryco, author of "Tho
American Commonwealth," attained
groat omlnouco, yours ago, by making
tho ascent of Mount Ararat.
Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes com
plains of tho persecutions Intliotod
upon him by volunteer correspondents
'.twenty or twonty-llvo letters In his
morning's mail is considorcd a light
delivery, and nearly all aro upon sub
jects or interest to tho writers alone.
linns von Hurlow, tho famous
pianist, is noted for his eccentricity as
well as for his musical tolonL When
ho has dono any thing to shock his
friends and enrage his cnomlos ho
makes no apologies, but simply shrugs
his shoulders and says: "It's a way I
Toward tho and of his lifo. it is
said, Charles Hondo was accustomod
to dictate his compositions to a secre
tary while ho pncod the room, suiting
his actions to his words. In Love and
Money tho remark occurs in tho dia
logue. "There's a sluut on your nosa."
Tho dramatist gavo tho original excla
mation with such perfect Intonation
and gosturo that his secretary was for
onco deceived. He rose and wont to
tho mirror, handkerchief in hand,
only to be laughed at by his employer.
Miss Will Allen Dronigoolo, says
roport, U a literary lady who has cut
her official throat with her llttlo pen.
Some of her recent magazine sketches
of life in tho Tonuessoo Mountains
carried a sting to the denizens of that
n'Ction, and when Miss Dronigoolo re
cently sought an election to a Senate
clerkship, a big, rough-boarded Solon
from an up county arose and roared
nut: "She wroto agin tho mount'nsl 1
war bo known st tor it, nn' I'm agin
her!" The Scnato sat potrltled and
Miss Dronigoolo incautiously giggled.
t sealed hor fata Another hill-coun
try legislator was hoisted to his foot by
his indignant colleagues to second the
objection. Ho did it tersely and olTuot
ually. "Sho Mowod tho wlmmen folks
wont b'arfoot an' thor men talked a
dlurloo, I'm agin anybody as is nclu
the mount' ns." Tho Issue was Joined,
uml on tho ballot being takou, Miss
LH'omgoolo wu boutou.
A Now Jersey man has made 1
ballot-box which can not bo stuffed,
Now all the country wants Is a voter
built in tho stuno way. 1 onkors
-The girl who went to service for
tho first timo wroto to hor mother
mm nor master ana mistress wore
1 very dirty, for thoy wnshcd thoir
hands over so many times a day.
Wo do not know vory much about
tho ancient Egyptians, perhaps, but
tho grand old Sphffix with its silent
woman's head shows that thoy woro a
vory sarcastic people. Journal of
Affidavit Editor "Dcoront Ma-
thilde, can you doubt tho strength
and sincerity of my love?" Mathlldo
"Swear it, Alonzo, swear It!"
Affidavit Editor (absent-mindedly)
"I swear wo havo tho largost circu
lation in tho West, and it is rapidly
increasing. " A morica.
"Thoro is no excuso for tho use of
profane language." says an exchange;
and this is no doubt corroct, but if
thoro were any tho drug clerk who is
aroused at thrco o'clock in tho morn
ing by a drunken man who wants to
look in tho directory to find out whore
ho lives would seem to possess it.
A gentleman said to ono of his
friends that for somo years his wife
had porsistcd in saying that sho was
only twenty years old. "Mlno is
moro reasonable," roplicd his friend.
"I havo succeeded in making herontor
hor thirties, but I havo failed to make
hor como out of them." N. Y.
Hoonoy "Sure Oi can't see why I
muslit bo a mlmbor av yuro Union if
Oi want to keep mo job! It's only a
week I'vo been ovor hero, but I know
this is a free counthry." Moonoy
(walking delegate) "Hut rcmimbor
now, man, that yuro tin Amerlkin, an'
musht period yuresllf against . im
ported paupor labor!"
in a Hook-store. "Havo you got
tho Hluo book?" "Tho blue book?
Wo'vo got 'Hurtou's Anatomy of
Melancholy.' That ought to bo blue
enough." " That Isn't it. I
mean tho book with tho list of offices."
"Wo haven't got it. Hut if you aro
aftor an olllco, you had bottor tako the
book on molancholy." Chicago Her
ald. A Usoful Instrument. Musical
Visitor "What a handsome piano!"
Mrs. Tiptop "Yos, I do not know of
a singlo pioco of furniture 1 havo that
1 am moro proud of than of my piano.
It was mado to order at a cost of
t.0,000." "Oh. I must - why, it's
locked." "Yos; I lost tho koy somo
months ago and havo forgotten to got
another." Phllauolphia Hccord.
I ho noiso of a man stumbling
recklessly against obstructions in tho
hall and making hasty romarks in a
general way that sounded liko a Mis
sissippi rlvor steamboat mato making
a landing at II o clock at night to
tako on a lot of pork barrols was dis
tinctly hoard in the sitting room,
"Children," oxclaimed Mrs. Hnnibo,
hastily, "run up stairs and go to bod.
Your father, 1 judge, has been paying
a gas bill." Chicago Tribune
i:.vtciliilli:ittoll of tho .Most Miiirillllcollt
Itut-u of JS'utlvo .llllil:iU.
M the present timo outride of tho
National Park, whoro about two hun
dred and sixty buffaloes aro now har
bored, there are not over tiitet hun
dred, probably not as many, left in the
wholo United States. Tho survivors
of this magnificent raco of animals aro
scattered in little bunches in several
localities. Thoro aro about ono hun
dred in Montana, or at least there
woro a year tigo, somo tit tho head of
Dry creek and tho remainder at tho
h;ad of Porcupine creek. In voming
thoro aro a fow stragglers from the
National Park, which, when chased.
run back thoro for protection. In the
mountains of Colorado last summer
thoro woro two bunches of mountain
bison, ono of twi ity-llvo head, tho
other of eleven. T." ;o havo probably
been killed. There aro none in Dakota,
though eighteen months ago thirty
woro known to bo there. It was
estimated In 1SS7 that there were
twenty-sovon iu N.b tt-kn, and about
Ilfty moro seattool iu tho western
part of tho Indian Territory and Kan-
. ,,i. . 1 . 1
sas. 1 nose in jNonrasKti nave since
been killed by tin Sioux. Of the thou
sands that onco inhabited Texas, only
two small bunches remain. Thirty
two head tiro near the nitons, In tho
nor 111 western part of the Panhandle,
and eight hi the sand-hills on tho
Staked Plains north of the Pecos
rlvor. Thoso were soon and counted
on the 1st of April of last your. This
estimate of the rouinnnt of 11 great
race Is bolloved to bo essentially cor
rect. It was obtained from reliable
and well-informed persons through-
In part from per-
during tho
Singular IlliMtrittloiK or 1. 1 To In the Oayi
of Our l orcfiitln-rn.
At Queen's College, Oxford, tho first
dish brought to tho table on Easter
day used to bo a red herring tiding
away on horseback. On Holy Saturday
evening in somo parts of Ireland great
preparations aro mado for tho finish
ing of Lent Fat hens and pieces of
bacon aro put in tho pot by tho cotter's
wife about eight or nine o clock, but
woo to tho person who dares to touch
It before tho cock crows. Tho peas
ants rise at four o'clock on Easter
morning "to seo tho sun dance in
honor of tho resurrection." At Twick
enhnrn thoro was an ancient custom of
dividing two great cakes among tho
young people. In 1G45 Parliament,
looking upon It as a superstition, or
dered tho custom abandoned, and that
loaves of bread should bo bought with
tho money for tho poor of tho parish
Iheso woro thrown from the steeple
to bo scrambled for. In somo parts oi
England thoro is still tho custom ol
eating a gammon of bacon at Easter;
this was founded on tho abhorrence
our forefathers wished to express to
ward tho Jews for their part in the
crucifixion. Ono superstition is ex
pressed in tho following lines:
" On Kaster let your clothes be new,
Or eUo bo sure you will It rue."
A superstition long practiced on the
continent was to abstain from eating
flesh on Easter day, in order to escape
fever during the year. In Derbyshire
is a spring called "Dropping Tor."
To this young men and maidens re
sort, each with a pound of sugar in
0110 pocket and a cup in tho other.
They 1111 the cup with droppings from
tho spring, dissolvo tho sugar in it
and drink it with anticipated matri
monial results. Judging from the
quantity of sugar, tho anticipated re
sults, if realized, aro suro to bo sweet.
A yet stranger custom was onco com
mon among all classes in England nnd
still prevailed at tho beginning of the
present century. "On Easter Mon
day," says tho historian, "parties of
six or eight women surround such
pot-sons of tho opposito sex
as they happen to moot, and, with 01
without thoir consent, lift them three
times abovo their head-, shouting at
each elevation:, 'In representation of
our Saviour's resurrection.' Tho mon
in similar parties do tho same on Ens
tor Tuesday. A custom happily fallen
into disuso is that of wives beating
thoir husbands on Easter Tuesday, and
husbands thoir wives on tho day fol
lowing. Such customs, as well as that
of young couples rolling down Green
wich hill, aro proofs of tho rudo and
coarso manners which prevailed in
earlier English lifo."
Of tho decorations of "paco-e'rn's"
It is needless to speak. Every Easter,
in tho timo of Louis XV., eggs thus
embellished used to bo piled high in
pyramids on tho royal table at Ver
sailles. Whon tho King had surveyed
tho pile of toys ho distributed them
among his courtiers. American Agriculturist.
fomenting About tlie.lot Critical Stngo
In It Development.
Tho search for material ended, tho
work of construction may begin. Two
aiip'cutc copies of tho cartoon aro
first made. Ono operation suffices to
accomplish this. Tho eartoon is laid
on a largo table, and beneath it nro two
sheets of similar paper and two sheets
of ordinary black transfer paper ar
ranged alternately. Hy passing a
small revolving wheel over the out
lines of the cartoon, tho t acings aro
quickly nnd accurately made. Each
space is then numbered corresponding
ly on both tracings, and ono of them
is cut up to make patterns for tho
glass-cutter. An ingenious dissecting
instrument is used for this purpose.
It consists of a pair of double-edged
shears, which, In cutting, removes a
strip of paper just tho width of tho
load which will separate tho fragments
of glass when they aro finally bound
together. In this way each pattern is
precisely tho sizo required. When the
glass is ready to be put together in the
window, thoro is vory little coaxing to
bo dono to got it into place.
Tho picture window has now reached
tho most critical stage in its develop
ment. I ho paper patterns aro to find
suitablo counterparts in glass, and
upon tho nicety with which this sub
stitution is accomplished depends tho
oiled of tho entire work. Nothing is
loft undone that will assist tho glass
cuttor in forming correct color-judg-monts.
Throughout tho ontiro proc
ess, and hoto particularly, tho work
progresses under precisely those con
ditions that aro best calculated to
make surprises and incongruities im
possible when tho wholo shall bo com
pleted. A sheet of plain glass, tho
sizo of tho cartoon, is laid ovor tho un
directed tracing. Outlines of tho in
tended lead bands aro then painted on
tho clear glass in black linos of cc rro
sponding width. On tho model thus
prepared tho papor paitorns aro stuck
by moans of a llttlo wax. It is now
ready to bo taken to tho figure-room,
whoro it is placed directly in front of
a largo window, and the ilow work of
substituting colored glass for paper
begins. Prof. C. II. Henderson, in
Populnr Science Monthly.
out tho West, and
sonal observation
years. Franklin
Harper's Mngazlno,
Tho Faith Is Lacking.
"Doctor, If thoro Is no such thing as
hydrophobia how does It happen so
many persons who havo boon bltton by
rabid dogs dio afterward iu convul
"Thoy die of fright, sir. Thoy aro
beared to divith. Tho imagination
fometlmos oxorts a power sufficient
to kill."
"Then why onn't a patient who
thinks holms hydrophobia U cured in
the gamo way making him Imajriue
ho Is going to got well?"
"Hauauu wo onn't Inspirit him md
any or faith In our medicine ' -Chicago
In Homo there aro !10 cardinals,
3f bishops, l, l(!9 priests, 'i.'Jlo nuns,
and 3,000 monks, friars, candidates,
Dr. Piorson estimates tho money
annually raised for carrying 011 Prot
estant foreign missions at about $11,
250.000. Tho income of tlfo four great mis
sionary soeietios of Great Hritnln
and of tho Hritish and Foreign Hlble
Society is in amount equal to the
money spout on drink in England for
sixty days. If tho 30,000,000 Protest
ant church-members of tho world
would give ono cent each day of tho
year, ovor $ 100. 000. 000 would bo In
tho mission treasuries. Tho Christian
Tho city of Toronto, OnL. though
spread over a large area, pormits no
horse-ears on Sundays, no saloons
open, no beer-gardons or places of
ontortainnient In the suburbs, and no
Sunday newspapers. It is bolloved
that tho effect of not running tho cars
on Sunday has beon to scatter excel
lent churches all ovor tho city, so that
ovory small section has good churches.
Illustrated Christian Weekly.
A Jamosburg (N. J.) Christian
Endeavor Society has oponod a
Christian parlor for young men and
boys, whoro reading, quiet games.
music, etc., can be enjoyed. A sing
ing school, literary entertainments,
a library, etc., aro furnished, and all
under the charge of dllleront mom
bora cf tho society. A savings eystoni
has also been instituted in connection
with the "parlor." Such efforts as
this are bolng mado by a numbor of
the societies.
History of Hut Origin or the Kxpreaslon
lly Hook or by Crook."
Tho destruction caused by tho iiro
of London, A. D. ItiliO. during which
somo thirteon thousand two hundred
houses, otc., wero burnt down, in
vory many cases obliterated all tho
boundary-marks requisito to de
termine tho extent of land, and ovon
tho vory sites occupied by buildings
previous to this torriblo visitation.
Whon the rubbish was romoved and
tho land cleared, tho disputes and en
tangled claims of thoso whoso houses
had been dostroyod. both as to tho po
sition and extent of thoir property,
promised not only interminable occu
pation to tho courts of law, but mado
tho far moro serious evil of dolaying
the rebuilding of tho city, until these
disputes woro sottled, inovitabe. im
pelled by tho necessity of coining to a
more speedy settlement of their re
spective claims than could bo hoped
for from legal process, it was de
termined that tho claims and interests
of all persons concerned should be ro
forred to tho judgment and decision of
two of tho most exporionccd land-surveyors
of that day mon who had
been thoroughly acquainted wita Lon
don previous to tho !iro; and, in o dor
to oseapo from tho Humorous and vast
ovils which more delay must occasion,
that tho decision of those two arbi
trators should bo final and bindinr.
The surveyors appointed to determine
1110 riguts 01 1110 various clainf.ints
were Mr. Hook and Mr. Crook, who,
by tho justico of their decisions, gavo
general satisfaction to tho intorosted
parties, and by thoir speedy determin
ation or tho dilforent claims permitted
tho rebuilding of tho city to proceed
without the least delay. Hence aroso
tho saying, "Hy Hook or by Crook,"
usually applied to tho extrication of
persons or things from a difficulty.
N. Y, Ledger.
Baby's Sleeping Time.
I wondor if all mothers know that
baby likes to bo turned ovor after ho
has slept for an hour or two on ono
side? When ho stretches and wriggles,
and finally, pcrhtip., cries out, try
turning him on his other side, or al
most on his back, and soo If ho does
not relapse into another sound nap
without further effort on your part.
Do not forget to turn tho pillow ovor
also sometimes. Tho ono or two-yonr-old
who wakos In tho night and sits up
In bed, rubbing his llttlo lists Into his
sleepy eyas, fools, perhaps, hot and
uncomfortable. Try turning the pil
low. If ho Is llko some children the
writer knows of. ho will wait for the
souud of the turning pillow, and then
drop back on it into a reuowetl leep.
Itomeuiber also to keep a child's clothe
mnooth undor him. Din wins down thr
rumpled night-- ui!i.- and smooUilnf
thecowr ha.- much to do u iihjniotIu
ttie roatu-ss tiisaings of the htt"c
fcluopor. Hubyhood.
A Very Unkind Question;
"Miss Hello Popperton is a vory sar
castic young lady, isn't sho?" said
Gus Do Jay to ono of his friends.
"I havo noticed somo tondenev that
way in her. What has she been say
ing to you?"
"Why, yesterday evening I was call
ing on her, and during tho evening I
remarked that if sho wished 1 would
toll hor a llttlo incident, adding that it
had just crossed my mind."
"What did sho say?"
4 'Sho merely looked at 1110 and re
marked: 'Did it havo far to travel,
Mr. Do Jay?' "
"That was unkind. Did you make
any reply?"
"No; but I looked real grieved."
Morchant Travelor.
Farina Dumplings. Ono quart of
milk, ten ounces of farina, three eggs,
ono and ono-half toaspoonfuls of
baking powder, a teuspoonful of but
tor, and one-half pound of Hour; lot
tho milk bl; stir In tho farina nnd
boll until woll dono; allow tho nilxturo
to cool, and add the meltod buttor and
boaton eggs, and last add tho Hour,
bilking powdor and salt; drop with
tablespoon Into salted, boiling wator;
boll about fifteen minutes, till thuy
rise; remove vvlUi .kluimer and serve
with fruit wuieo.
Plant troas iu all wasto plner
thoy nro liable to grow, and thus
make use of tho ground which wot'ld
athorwlse grow up to weeds. In U.'ujr
It will bo worth something.
Bob Ilurtlrtto Give Somo of His Cood
Ailvlco to Youiir .Man?
My son, your brow is clouded; some
thing lias happened that didn't nnd
doesn't ngrco with you. Woro you
neglected in tho Invitations? Didn't
you get on any of tho committees?
Wero you overlooked in tho conven
tion? Hasn't tho sccrotary written
you a personal lottor asking your nd
vico upon tho campaign? Havo you
been coldly passed over for mon of loss
ability? Do you feel that an intention
al slight has beon put upon you? Can
you seo clearly that every thing is
going wrong because you havo not
been consulted? Havo you beon di
rectly snubbed by inferior people? I
thought as much. At your time of
lifo such things aro vory liablo to oc
cur. Thoy used to happen with mo now
nnd then. You will grow wIst as you
grow older, unless you tako tho othor
chute; then you will grow moro fool
ish, and thoro is only one euro for an
old fool, my boy that is, death. Or
dinary death won't euro him. oithor.
"Though thou shouldest bray him in a
mortar among wheat with a pcstlo,
yet will not his foolishness dopart
from him." Seo how awfully dead ho
has to bo killed! Smashing him only
makes him worse.
Hut now, if any or all of these slights
havo beon put upon you, liston to me,
ray tender Tolcmachus. Don't show
your soros. Oh. don't show your sores.
Thoy aro not pleasant things to look
at, nobody wants to seo them and thoy
will heal much moro rapidly and nat
urally and healthfully. If you don't
exposo them. Keep them eovorod.
Don't show them to tiny body but your
surgeon, and don't show them to him
unless you havo to. And, don't look
at them yoursolf. Lcavo thom alono
undor tho healing plasters of timo and
tho cool compresses of forgetfulness,
and you'll bo surprised some day whon
you do happen to think of thom, to
find that they havo healed by tho first
intention without a scar. Don't toll
peoplo when you aro hurt; don't toll
every body how keenly you fool
a slight when, perhaps, thoro
was no slight intended. Don't
get yoursolf snubbed by people
who never seo you, and who
don't know you nnd novor think
of you. And if you really aro hit,
ana hit hard, it belittles your manhood
and it drives away human sympathy
when you lift up your voico and howl
on tho streets. Keep quiet about it.
Don't whine; don't yell. Ono day, at
the investment of Vieksburg it was
on tho memorable 2i'd of May durin
a lull in tho desultory skirmishing
that preceded tho assault, whilo I was
lying close to tho surface of tho great
round globe which wo inhabit, and
wishing I could get a little closer to it,
wo hoard a tremendous howling and
shrieking, and down tho dusty road
from tho front camo a bluo-jackotod
skirmisher on tho trot, holding ono
hand up in the other, and tho hand ho
was holding up had no thumb on it.
It hurt like tho mischief. I have no
doubt, but it was only a thumb aftor all,
and how the follow was howling about
it. Ho was a brave man or he wouldn't
have beon whoro ho could havo lost
that thumb. Hut you would think it was
tho only thumb in tho wholo United
States army and Umt no ono olso on
tho skirmish lino had beon hit that
morning. So tho soldiers saw only
tho funny sido of tho picture, and a
porfeet chorus of howls, in vociferous
imitation of tno man's own wails,
went shrieking up from tho sarcastic
lino of tho mon who woro waiting
thoir turn to face death. In a minute
another soldier camo walking back
from tho skirmish lino. Ho was walk
ing slowly and steadily, novor a moan
foil from his compressed lips, though
thoy woro whiter than his bronzed
face, and he hold his hand against his
breast. Tho siloneo of tho death
chamber fell upon tho lino in an in
stant, as tho figuro of tho soldier
moved along the road with tho air of
a conquoror. Half a dozen men sprang
to his sido. Tenderly thoy laid him
down in tho shadow of a great oak;
his lips parted to speak a mes
sage to somo ono a thousand milos
away, and tho lino was short ono man
for tho coming assault, IIo died of his
hurt; but ho died liko a king. Oh,
my boy! don't yoll tho lungs out ol
you ovor a mashed thumb, whon only
three tiles down tho linos a soldior sa
lutes his captain boforo ho faces about
to go to tho rear with a death bullet in
his breast. You can't help getting
hurt Thoro isn't a safo place in tho
whole lino. Thoro nro cruel peoplo in
the world who lovo to wound us; thoro
aro thoughtless, heedless peoplo who
don't think; thoro aro peoplo who don't
euro, and thoro aro thick-skinned poo
plo, who are not easily hurt thom
solves. and thoy think mankind Is a
thlck-hldcd raco; in fact, tho air is
full of darts and arrows and singing
bullets all the tlmo, and it's dangor
ous to bo Mifo anywhere. Hut whon
you do get hit as hit you cortainly
will bo don't "hollor" any louder
than you havo to. Grin and bear it,
tho host you may. Thoro arc somo
peoplo so badly hurt thoy must moan;
do you forgot your own hurt in look
ing aftor thom Hurdotto, in Hrooklyn
Almond Cheoso Cakes. Lino pat
ty pans with pastry, and drop in a
mlxturo of tho whites of throo oggs.
one-fourth of a pound of nowdored
sugar, juice of ono-hulf of a lemon.
1 ono-half of a pound of blanchod and
chopped almonds. Hake in a mod
orato oven. -Ouood Housokoeping.
Tho lato Mary 1 Booth, as cele
brated a translator as sho was, could
not speak a word of French or Ger-