The Oregon scout. (Union, Union County, Or.) 188?-1918, January 11, 1889, Image 1

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NO. 2).
The Oregon Scout.
An Independent weekly journal, lued ev
ery Kiiday lnomiiii: Itv
Publishers and Proprietors.
, K. .Tonus, i
Editor. )
( 15. Chasohv,
) l-'oieinaii.
One copy, one year
14 " Six months LOO
" " Three inontos "'
Inv.irlntily C'usti In Advance.
If bif chance subtrriptimis arc not paid till
end of year, tu-o dollars will be ehnnjnl.
Kates of advertising made known on ap
plication. JSTCorrrspondcnce from all parts of tlio
country solicited.
Adress all communications to the Orkoox
Scout, Union Oregon.
K. Eakix, J. A. Eakix,
Notary Public.
J EAKIN , & iniOTIIElJ ,
Attorneys at Law,
Union, Oregon.
tgj-Frouipt Attention Paid to C'ollcct.nns.
Attorney at Law.
Collecting and probate practice special
ties. Ollice, two doors south of post-olliee.
Union, Oregon.
Physician and Surgeon.
Office, one door south of .1. H. Eaton's :
store, Union, Oregon. I
11. DAY, M. D.,
MM ... 1 a U fr
pnysician tiourgcuii.
Ofllcc adjoining .lones Pro's store. Can
be found nights at residence m boutn
west Union.
J. W. .J. M. Caiikoll.
Attorneys at Law.
Ofliee: Two doors south of post-oflice, Un
ion, Oregon.
Special attention given all business en
trusted to us.
Attorney at Law,
Union. Oregon. door south of Centennial ho-
Conveyancer and Abstracter.
Abstracts to Itoal and Mining property
furnished on short notice, at reasonable
Sales of Ileal i find Mining property nego
tiated. Collection business promptly at
tended to.
Ollice next door south of Post-omce. Un
ion, Oregon.
Physician and Surgeon,
North Powder, Oregon.
Has permanently located and will attend
all professional calls day or night.
Ollice: Drug store building: residence,
one door west of ltodgera' hotel.
La. Grande, Oregon.
Will visit Union regularly on tho
first Monday of each month.
Cornucopia Saloon,
Wm. Wilson, Pitoi1.
The Finest of Wines, Liquors!
and Cigars always in stock.
Drop in and he sociable
Shannon Marshall,
Practical Horse Trainer,
Will always be found at Iloothe A Camp
bell's livery stable.
Take your vicious hordes to him and ho
will break them. Charges rcasonublo.
lags Line to Cove-
Leave l iilondally ut 2 j. m, nrrivoH al
Cove at S 30 p. in.
Leaves Cove at S a m , arrivuu at Lilian
all) Mu. m.
(Vnii'ei tioii uittilo with Elllott'n rtMt-lie
running to the depot, cuming MMiigcrh
fur eau ami Het UmiiuI train.
IUTKH lor l'.hKI!.Sfn;Kh. I.I fHI.Mii:
mid I'lliatillT. Itl'.AMt.S.VHI.i:.
'imioVkssioxal. j
The San Francisco
To Keep Posted on the News of the En
tile World Subscribe for the.
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matter as the
Weekly Examiner !
The coining year promises to be crowd
ed with stirring events.
In the United States the entrance of new
Nmics into the political arena has been fol
lowed by a change of Administration. Hut
the grea't economic question on which the
campaign turned is still unsettled, and its
solution is now committed to a Congress al
most equally divided between the two great
Europe is a vast camp. Army corps pa
trol the frontier, and millions of men
await the signal for the most titanic war
the world has ever seen.
The Examinhii's news-gathering machin
ery is uneqnaled. Its correspondent dot
the habitable globe. Nothing can escape
their vigilance, and no expense, is spared in
spreading the results of their efforts be
fore the Ex vminek's readers.
The most noted writers of fiction in the
world contribute to the WEEKLY EXAM
INER. Jules Verne, Authorof "Trip to
tliu Moon,'' etc.; Itobcrt Louis Stevenson,
author of '"Treasure Island," etc.; Hitler
Haggard, author of ''She," etc.; Anna
Katharine Green, author of "The Leaven
worth Case,'' etc.; have all written stories
for the WEEKLY EXAMINEH. and will
do so in the future.
tablished an Agricultural Department, in
charge of a practical agriculturalist, who is
the best w itcr in the United States on agri
cultural subjects. This department, will
contain sensible discussions of leading top
ics of inteiest 10 vincyardists, orchardists
and farmers gewrnllv"
THE EXAMINER'S Commercial News
is complied by expeilcnced men who care
fully guard tlie producer's Inteiests in all
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an-l permanently curing
without vodkenim; or irritating t!io or
gans or. which it acU.
1'or Sain In ROoand &1.00 lSuttlas by
r.U I..i;hiIiir; lrii(;Bliit.
UAsencvnuot oxix r tub
Pax I'.ia'.'.'uto, Ci,
Ntxr Yonic. X. Y.
sve Drug Sk
are Drugs,
atent 3redicincs,
aints and Oils.
Prescriptions carefully prepared
('.insisting of
His, Stot (lis, Bjs
tols andCartriLps.
Imported and Domestic Ci
gars, etc.
f-P L ME A ( ALL
The u
Written for Tin: St our.
Ol'U Ot.l) . CIKK)1,
Here around this little threshold
l'lrt we sKv the eepliv shine;
Here it was that tiiytlc f.incy
Wove hertender thoughts with mine.
Here we listened for the echoes
Of a vuiee a from afar,
Telling of the perished legends.
And the glorious feats of war.
Here o'er History's page we shuddered
While Home's glittering legions tread
Onward o'er tho helpless living,
Onward o'er the sacred dead.
Here within these wall resounded
Curse of man and moan of brute,
And in rapture we have listened
To the. Grecian's pleading lute.
Hero we saw how man, progressing,
Upward climbed the golden stair.
Ami 1 ween we dreamed of terror
Crouching in his kennel there!
In this room and witli thee schoolmates
We have dreamed the dream of Kate
We have seen the slow progression --
Eirst to think, then calculate.
And how slow the mind, encumbered
With some old relentless fear,
Seems to march with muilled drum beat,
And a shadow hovering near.
Here we heard the harpstrings tremble
Listened to the Tales rehearse.
Here we learned our youthful lessons
Eratments from the Universe!
Hero we found the hidden treasure
'Neath the towers, by Ignorance reared,
Here our youthful minds oft wondered
At the ghosts our fathers feared.
Day by day, with measured heart beats,
Has the clock struck otVtho hours.
And we envied Adam's school days
There in Eden's leafy bowers!
Eor we saw our sturdy master
With precision mark each rule,
While ignoble Adam wandered
Through creation's new-made school!
Often down the pages gazing,
We have heard the Muttering wings
That have borne down through the ages
Argosies Jof,' hiuhcr things.
Often wondering at the changes
That have kissed thin land of ours,
We have seen a high perfection
Growing brighicr with tho hours.
And the hand outstretched, seemed reach
Down to lead us higher still ing
How the world has bowed, in silence,
To Progression's mighty will!
And we deem that life the rarest
That progresses day by day,
Eor the grander thoughts shall conquer,
And the low shall pass away.
Some dav. when the world grows riper
With it.", yellow harvest bent,
Men shull look in sadness backward
To the precious days misspent.
Some dav, when the heart grows kinder
And the passions all have llown,
Men shall see the broken signets
They, in tears, will have to own.
They will hear their weeping mothers
Pleading only for a word,
And in anguish, swelling deeper.
They shall feel their bosoms stirred.
We shall see tho low-browed monsters,
That have hovered round our path,
Turn aside at our progression
And in silence nurse their wrath.
Onward goes the beaming beacon,
Ami we follow in the wake.
For we see the shining eeptro
Where tho surging billows break.
And we see the tangled fo.esH
With their spangled wealth of gold,
And as day by day progresses
We some secret gem unfold.
Hope springs bright,;and Patience tarries;
Labor works with willing hands;
While all'cction iluds the corals
Hidden in Life's shining sands.
Thought grows deeper with a usage.
Genius leaps o'er barriers high,
While the magic wand of Progress
Spreads its beauties down the sky.
Toll and Patience walk together
Hand in hand, through every clime.
While true manhood leads thee onward
With a leadership sublime.
There is some gift freely given
Something dwells in every heart;
Hut It lacks the spark of reason
That shall give tho llame a start.
Every being is a monster
If but monster thoughts prevail;
Rut the reiiMin, lying Idle,
Leaves us drifting with tho gale,
Men are mummies; imitation
Seems the strongest force, indeed.
Hut in every soul thero smoulders
Some of Learning's richest seed.
With u common purpose, living,
All men drift upon the tide.
Weaker wills and feebler fancies
Does our destinies divide.
And as every struggle onward
Heaps mimic competition here,
Every virion moment passing
Ilrings its own attendant tear.
H. W. Hltimax.
HWluit'ittliMnttr With You?
You are not ' all right.'' You feel tired,
your back aches, you feel nhakoy in the
knees, you are subject to dull headaches,
are nervouv, cross, and all things don't
seem to go Jum right. In short, you are
full of nittlaria. and ou will continue to feel
worMMintilyou get something to kill mid
cxpei the poUon. W'u recommend Electric
Hitter, because it will Just tit your eaic.
15o confident an we, that we guarantee It,
which uieuim lliut yuiir mono)' will bo r
fundvd if you ur not benefited. No fairer
oiler ran ho made You hut- a sine thing.
Try ll. !'rl'.i ''. i f I t Unmii'n
dnJi; tgi I tuon Oregon
Discourses of
and Thinirs.
Cnttlo Car on I'lrr I'ri'rtlcl Ion tiy tlio
liimn'r---llviil llslnto Mile.
.January Stli, 18SD.
School was resumed on Monday, af
ter a two weeks vacation, with an in
creased attendance.
All the ice houses in (own are filled
to overflowing with it prime nrticln of
ice in anticipation of hot times next !
.Mr. Crawford, general ugen( for the
New York Life Insurance Co., was in
town on Sunday with a view of estab
lishing an agency. i
l'eler Stonehtirg has been quite ill ,
at tho North Powder hotel, iwontly, I
but is improving rapidly and will soon !
he around again. 1
lnstibotdination in any branch of '
tho military service is punishable ut j
tlio discretion of a court martial or '
court of discipline. "A word to the I
wise is iHilhcicnt, ' etc
The ball eommiKee have iu charge
several article of feminine apparel lost
at (ho ball, which can be obtained by
applying to Sergeant. Pluninier.
Cayotes are too numerous to bo ap
preciated in this vicinity, hence .Mr.
Walk, a farmer near (own has bud in
a supply of strychnine and shot guns.
Let others do likewise.
h'clloirg, Punch it Co. sold, (lining
the week, the Occidental saloon build-
ing and lot to Messss. Craig it Thorn
linson for tho sum of one thousand
Two young men settled a dispute of
long standing, on Sunday, by a knock
out, near Mr. Powers' place. Tho
combat was of a bloodless character
and soon terminated in peace.
Messrs. Kellogg, Punch it Co. are
busy filling a contract for (en car
loads of ice for a firm at Huntington.
It is taken fiom the liver and is from
pure mountain water.
Business men complain of a stagna
tion in trade following the holidays.
It was ever thus and probably will re
main to unless some enterprising in
dividual could invent a change.
Petty sneak thieves made a raid up
on all the loose overcoats and good
hats at (he ball on New Year's evo.
Some thrifty citizen may "bite oil'
more than he can chew" in case ho is
not verv careful.
A Portland daily says "Powder liver
has been staked oil' into mining claims
from the mouth to linker City, lately.
Always obtain news from a distance
and you get it fresh and reliable
Don't it. ,
Farmers are lamenting tlio absence
of snow and predict a total failure of
this year's crop unless a deep snow
should fall, and remain nomo time, eio
the winter terminates. So moto it be.
The Anthony Ihos., with tho assist
ance of lid. (iooden, furnished first-1
class music for tho bull on New Year's j
eve. "K company litis a number oi
line musicians whoso services are ap
preciated on such occasions.
A cattle ear in an east bound freight
was discovered to bo on tiro on arriv
ing at this station on Monday. Fire
was supposed to have originated from
friction. No serious damage resulted.
Work on the new chinch edifice has
been suspended owing to the went her,
but will bo resinned again t-hortly.
Timber for tho foundation and walls
is on tho ground and it it will bo
ptifahed to completion when work com
mences again.
That Accidental Insurance Compa
ny has failed to make good its Iosmcs
in this community until tho present.
Those claiming indemnity an anxious
ly awaiting a decision of yea or nay
in their cases by said company.
The return of that nice young chris
tian, Chas. Hrockins, to the cono of
his r;ont light-lingered exploits' may
cool his ardor and defor, indefinitely,
his damage unit aguiiirt a Nov York
county ollioial
Does ll I'lij".'
rhroo-fourlha of our peoplu are troubled
with Dypcptln or Liver Complaint in sumo
form or other, which by nature of the dis
ease hiiK a doprexulnginfluciieo on the-mind
or body, prove King tin in from thinking or
acting clearly in uny mutter of Importance.
Indigestion, coining up of food after eatiux.
dyspopula, sick headache, acidity of the
ktouiach or any derailment of the nloiii
ach or liver (iioii which the whole action
of our yfiu depends; nr poadlly and nf
fectually overcome bv th t of Green'
Angiut Flower. Tho iuot MtuUborii cihmm
have yielded to It liiiliicncc, ii thoiuuiiils
of letters received will tc.Hfy. The liu
ineti't) aleof this iiii'db liif U niiith-r umir
antee of IU inerrlt", (over t inillo.i an. I a
llulf IfottleN Mild List Jiur s,,w,. will
you illlHur from .my .f 1 1 - .Ik
ohc when V"U iit luit. ...iin-nu i.iu;
ill the ut;Ukt I 'lower. Three i.e till
prove t- humIi. It L mild bv .til drugtfUt-
tfUdH,l)"i't'b iln 'U4ll'..' ill V'irUl.
KAIil.i: V.U.t.KY.
Utiui'i: Incitement" -Tlio ('utility M'tit
.Itovciuent lint I'liTuriMt Nut .
.luutmry 7th, 1SSU.
Scot T is si welcome
every family in this
'I'm: Okkoox
visitor to almost
Lester Holcomb is picpuiing to ship
a car load of lioiscs east, sometime
next month.
livery tiling quiet hero now. Health
of t ho community not very good, as
the mumps arc prevalent.
We understand (hat (ho Chumller
llros. have sold 100 head of (heir floors
to Williamson it Weller. Price paid,
$;M.iO per head.
Thero is considerable excitement
over the new mining district south of
Spuria, on Powder river. They me
I slaking out. claims up and down (ho
for miles. A now ouart.
' n,jn js ivunr ,m jn two miles south of
I s.,,.,..... Kvervbndv thinks there, will
bo uoixl times here next season as new
mines are being opened up in almost
every direction from ICagle valley.
Thero is much dissatisfaction over a
petition (but has been circulated in
Kuglo and Pine valleys asking for the
right to vote on moving the county
scat from Union to La Urando. (iod
knows we are far enough from the
county seat now, and we don't, want
to go ,") miles further. If it ever
comes to a vote, doubtless the citizens
will sit down on such a move.
Ilachelors have mumps as well as
evervone Thev flock together
; like birds, to take care of each other
I without the aid of a wife. Doubtless
I old nuiids would stand a good
1 elmnco here. 1 believe there will be
. several weddings in this vicinity, soon,
! f,om Ul" w.''y UlOM
j nnjUlul-
bachelors are
KlUir.NI'! OITV.
Nw Items
I'l'iiiu Our
K'SpilllllClll ,
llegular i'or-
January lith, 1889.
Leap year has gone and tho poor
girls will not have another chance to
get a silk dress for four years.
We have had rain and mud all win
ter, but no snow.
Schools all begin Jan. 7th, after two
long weeks vacation. A majority of
the University students went home.
Christmas was enjoyed by all, two
trees at the churches and some at pri
vate bouses. I attended a privato ono
which was very nice. It had a great
many presents on it, and tho trim
ming was beautiful.
Mr. Moody, the evangelist, made
our town a visit lust Thursday, preach
ing at ! i'. M. and then from 7 to 10 v.
Ji., dismissing several times that those
who were tired might leave. lie left
here for California and says lie does
not intend to ever be iu Oregon again.
Agents tiro numerous. Most, of
them are machine agents.
I do not know when tho Catholics
intend to commence their school.
Tho building is Hearing completion.
They have tlio tower of tho church
May tho editor of Tin: Scout and its
kind readers spend a happy and pros
perous New Year is the wisli of one
from whom you may
Ills IStisiness Itooiiilng.
Probably no one thing has chummI such a
general revival of trade at Hrown.s drug
store as his giving away to his custo
mers of so ninny free trial bottles of Dr.
King's New discovery for Consumption.
Ills trade Is simply enormous in this very
valuable at tide from the fact that it always
cures and never disappoints. Coughs,
Colds, AHthma, Bronchitis, Croup and a'l
throat and lung diseases ipiicMy cured.
You can test it before buying by getting n
trial bottle free, large size l. Every bottle
A Iti'.iiui Fraud.
Our farmers should keep an eye
open for tho agent who sells tho" wheat
binder," who is swindling the farmers
in di fie rent parts of tho west getting
postal card orders for ono hinder and
iiiising them to 100. Tlio "binder" is
a small stick, about eighteen inches
long, witli a brass ferulo on tho end,
on which thero is a slot for fastening a
siring which binds (ho wheat. Salem
Tho fanners of Union county should
look to their liut interests and buy
their farm implements where they can
do tho best. Frank Hros. Implement
Co., island City carry in stock a largo
iifigorlmontof everything in this line,
and can undersoil all competitors. 2
A NitiV liivcKtiiicut.
In one which l guaranteed to. bring you
NMlxitctory t'OMiiltM. or In case of failure a
return of purchase price On this safe plan
you can buy from our advertised drugglHts
u bottle of Dr. King's New Discovery for
Consumption. It Is guarantied to bring
relief In every ease, when lined for any af
I'ectluii of Throat, Lungs or C'het,iuch tu
iiuinptloii, In aintilloii of ling, Hron-
Mi'. Aathinu. Whooplng'ough, ('roup,
fit . Ii 1 plcnunt nml agreeable lo tmte,
11 f is il) mite, 14 ml can ulwuy bo depended
111...H Tuji in,itiu free at It, II. Urmvii'4
din P.iitJii. Oregon,
Heavy Remonstrance Against
Moving the County Seat.
I.nicc Shipment of nnrnn-.-Itrrrnt Ini
pi ovriiieiit I'roilniinilj.l'olntrr.
January 10th, 1SS9.
Mrs. Shoemaker and daughter, .Miss
Sarah, have returned from a visit
I among relatives in Ohio,
j 11. 11. French has disposed of sever
al car loads of liny to parties on tho
I Sound and will ship next week.
I Wesley Duncan's house has been
; completed and the carpenters have re
j turned to town. The dwelling was at
t once occupied.
I N. Conklin has discontinued his
position as assistant in Leighton Acad
emy and accepted the Frosty school,
commencing his labors lust Monday.
Itohinson it Martin are building an
ice house in connection with their
butcher shop, and will store a supply
of the needful for future use.
The Cove Dairy Co. lias sold, in tho
last two weeks, about three tons of
cheese. A number of substantial sales
have been made in Walla Walla.
Late advices from Cove settlers in
Long valley, Idaho, say that they aro
experiencing a very mild winter, tlio
snow having been only three inches
Adam Crossniiin and Fred Scott, two
citizens of La Grande, wero in Covo
last week. Adam was full of argu
ment that his town was the proper
place for the county seat.
Jas. Hloom and Good Cowles are
putting up a supply of ice this week,
also the Cove Dairy Co. will soon be
gin filling their ice house. Ico should
be plenty and cheap next summer.
A small dancing party was given at
Ascension hall, Saturday ove, Prof.
Smith being the host. The gentle
man has the happy faculty of making
everyone feel at homo and sincerely
glad that they came.
Jaycox it Campbell shipped 11000
pounds of bacon to Sanger, this week.
It was contracted for some time since
at 123 cents per pound. This firm
will make about 2( tons of bacon this
season, and have a large supply on
hand to fill orders.
A change has been made in tho
public school on account of tho sick
ness of Mr. Dailoy. tho principal. Sir.
Conklin, teacher of tho primary de
partment, has been promoted to the
principal's position and .Mrs. Honry
has been engaged to teacli tlio primary
Remonstrances to tlio legislature
against submitting the county seat
question to a vote and against cutting
oil' any portion of tlio county, wero
generally circulated by II. .1. Goer
(luring the week, and signed, witli fow
exceptions, by all voters in tho pre
cinct. When a man gets so ho cannot
swallow, ho has a right to bo fright
ened. Alex. 1 got lfi signers and
won my suit of clothes. Adam. I.
am already engaged for tho first sleigh
ride. I'. And 1 was just going to say
tho Mime concerning niyscll. A. It's
real strange I don't get a 1 otter. N.
Tlio results of bitter applo Adminis
tered by amateur physicians are not to
bo sneezed at. C. Union takes our
trade away and wo will havo it killed
by moving tho county scat. Ii. Wo
aro now more proficient iu marching
than wo wero at first. Public
school girls.
AnIiIiiiiiI Woolen Mills.
Tlio Ashland Woolen .Mills, tho prin
cipal manufacturing institution of the
town, increased its products during tho
year 1888 over those of uny other year.
The mills employ HQ people, and dur
ing the past year they used more than
100,000 pounds of wool. They made
(ifi.OOO yards of fino flannels, 3942
yards of cassimeres, 1100 pairs of
blankets, 17 dozen large shawls and a
large number of small shawls, stock
ings, yarns and etc. Tho woolen mill
still bears a prominent part in the
maintuinanco of tho town, as it lias
done for years past. Ashland Tidings.
What would bo tho result to Union,
if tho proposed woolen mill, that so
much talk was made about last sum
mer in this city, had teen erected?
The parties proposing to build that
mill, proposed to consume IfiO.OOO or
500,000 pounds of wool. If a mill
working up 100,000 lbs of material is
good for Ashland, a mill working up
four or five times that amount would
certainly be a good thing for Union.
Farmers and others iu buying farm
implements, wagons, etc., will invaria
bly find it to their advantage to let
traveling agents alone and buy of well
known and reliable firms. Thoo who
purchase of Frank Hiom,' Implement
Co,, of Island City, will bo dure of gel
ting just what they buy, and nmy
count on fulr dealing every timtt.
Their price are fixed to miU the ium
uud they alwaye Imvtf oil Imildu Wtrw
(or Kooihi thy it