The Oregon scout. (Union, Union County, Or.) 188?-1918, January 04, 1889, Image 1

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    The Orego
NO. 28.
'The Oregon Scout.
An Independent weekly Journal, Issued ev
ery Friday liioriilntr bv
Publishers and Proprietors.
A. K. Jo.vr.s, i 1 II. Ciiascky,
Editor, f ( Foreman.
katks or suitscnirTioxi
One copy, one year $l..r0
Six months .. . . 1.00
" ' Tbreo inontos I
Itivnrlnbly Cash hi Atlvnnce. j
hi chance tubrcriptians arc not paid till
end o year, two dollar will be charged.
Hates of advertising made known on ap
ISTCorrefpondcncc from all parts of the
country solicited.
Adress all conimunications to the Oucho.n
Scout, Union Oregon.
It. Kakin,
J. A. Kakin,
Notary Public,
Attorneys at Law,
Union, Oregon.
USETPrompt Attcution Paid to Collect.ons.
Attorney at Law.
ri,,nii.Mtnr and iirobate practice pccial
tieK. Ollicc, two doors south of post-ottiec,
Union, Oregon.
Physician and Surgeon.
Oflice. one door south of J. B. Katon's
store, Union, Oregon.
II. DAY, 31. I).,
Physician and Surgeon
rtiTirn niiinininf? .Tones IJro's store. Can
be found nights at residence in South
west Union.
J. V. Siikltox. J. M. Caisuoll
Attorneys at Law.
Oflice : Two doors south of post-office, Un
ion, Oregon.
Special attention given all business en
trusted to us.
Attorney at Law,
Union, Oregon.
Otliec, one door south of Centennial ho
tel. g F. WILSON,
Conveyancer and Abstracter.
Abstract to Ileal and Mining property
furnished on short notice, at reasonable
Sales of Ileal and Mining property nego
tiated. Collection business promptly at
tended to.
Oillee next door south of Post-oilice. Un
ion, Oregon.
A. L. HAY LOR, M. I).,
Physician and Surgeon,
North Powder, Oregon.
Han permanently located and will attend
all professional calls day or night.
Office: Drug .store building: residence,
one door west of Ilodgers' hotel.
La Grande, Oregon.
Will visit Union regularly on tho
first Monday of each month.
Cornucopia Saloon,
Wm. Wilson, Pkop.
The Finest of Wines, Liquors
and Cigars always in stock.
Drop in and be foci able
Shannon Marshall,
Practical Trainer,
Will always bo found at Hoothu it Camp
bell's livery stable.
Take vour vicious horses to him and ho
will break them. Charges reasonablo.
Slags Uu to Cove.
Leaves Union dully at 2 p. m, arrives at
Cove at 3:30 p. in.
Leaves Cove at 8 a. in , arrives at Union
at 9:30 a. in.
Connections made with Elliott's coache.
running to the depot, carrying passenger
for tat and west bound traliu.
ItATt: fur IMSNItKOi:ilri, i.unnAOi;
and niL'Kiirr, iu:a.suiaju.i:.
HOlfJKgOK A 1.AY.VU, nSpritttfH.
A Common Cold
Ia often the beginning of serious affec
tions of tho Throat, Bronchial Tubes,
and Lungs. Therefore, tbe importance
of early and effective treatment cannot
bo overestimated. Aycr's Cherry Pec
toral may always bo relied upon for the
speedy cure of a Cold or eough.
Last January I was" attacked with a
sevore Cold, which, by neglect and fre
quent exposures, became worse, finally
settling on my lungs. A terrible cough
soon followed, accompanied by pains in
tho chest, from which I suffered intense
ly. After trying various remedies, with
out obtaining rolief, I commenced taking
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, and was
Speedily Cured.
I am satisfied that this remedy savod my
life. Jno. 'Webstor, Pawtucket, It. I.
I contracted a scvero cold, which
suddenly developed into Pneumonia,
presenting dangerous and obstinato
symptoms. My physician ordered tho
use of Aycr's Cherry Pectoral. His in
structions wcro followed, ami tho rosult
was :i rapid and permanent cure.
H. E. Stimpson, Rogers Prairie, Tex.
Two years ago I suffered from a severe
Cold, which settled on mv Luncs. I con
sulted various physicians, and took tho
medicines thoy prescribed, but received
only temporary relief. A friond induced
me to try Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. After
taking two bottles of this medicine I was
cured. Since then I have given tho Pec
toral to my children, and consider it
The Best Remedy
for Colds, Coughs, and all Throat and
Lung diseases, ever used in my family.
Robert Vanderpool, Meadvilfe, Pa.
Somo timo ago I took a slight Cold,
which, being neglected, grew worse, and
settled on my Lungs. 1 hail a hacking
cough, and was very weak. Those who
know me best considered my life to bo
in great danger. I continued to suffer
until I commenced using Ayer's Cherry
Pectoral. Loss than one bottlo of this
valuable mcdicino cured me, and I
feel that I owe tho preservation of my
life to its curative powers. Mrs. Ann
Lock wood, Akron, New York.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral is considered,
here, the one great remedy for all diseases
of tho throat and lungs, and is mora
in demand than any other medicine of its
class. J. F. Kobcrts, Magnolia, Ark. 1 1
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,
Trepared by Dr. J. C. Aycr & Co., Lowtill, '.
Bold by all Druggist. Price $1 ; six boUlc. IS.
A Pleasing- Sense of Health
and Strength Renewed, and
of Ease and Comfort
Foilowi tho two of Syrup of Fiji, as ii
acid gently 0:1 tho
Kidneys, 0 Bowkls
Effectually CleanMnt; tho Systom when
C'odtiva or lidioua, Dispelling
Colds, Headaches and Fevers
and j)omiauontly curing
without 'weakening or irritating tho or
gans on viiteli ii r.cts.
For Halo in .NOor.nd (51.00 ItolUoa bjr
all Lending- Druggiata.
ujuaTAcroua cxir r tub
tlUt F3AVC10CO, CjlL.,
Louisville, Kv., Jkv York. X. X.
k Cove Drug Store,
lire Drugs,
atent MedieineH,
jiintH and Oils.
Prescriptions carefully prepared
Consisting of
Rifles, Siiot to, Pis
Imported and Domestic Ci
gars, etc.
Kentucky Lianor Store
Cor. Main and II fit. Union. Oregon,
KIlKlt.MAN Jt IIAI.KV, Props,
Monufwtun.ra and dealer In Sodu W
ttr. rariiiarillu, Olnger Ale, Cream pod
ond qbaiupawn' Cider, Hyrups, cir. Or-
tfvr promptly ollid.
tols anttuartriLps
1 A Letter from our Regular Cor
! respondent.
ttmt tCUmiKri.
January 2nd, 1SS9.
Tho eclipse was visible to all whose
optics were not eclipsed.
Josiah Bradford, of Jimmy creek,
has been confined to his bed by sellouts
illness the past week.
W. J. Snodgrass, of La Grnnde, was
in town on Wednesday, on business.
Geo. Bobier has purchased Mr. Far
rey's interest in the butcher business.
Mr. Shell owns a small fruit farm
near Walla Walla and will remove to
that place toon.
Dave Beverage's museum still con
tinues to be an attraction. The latest
addition it a whole owl family.
Mr. Brack Utz came down from
Ililgard and remained until after the
Nw Year's bull.
Robt. Lloyd and wife went to Telo-
casct, yesterday, to attend a brother's
wedding at that place.
The O. It. & N. Co. have a force of men
at work here taking out ice for the
summer'i consumption on their lines.
That petition is here asking for a
re-location of the county seat. North
Powder wants it and needs it badly in
her business. Corner lots are advan
cing (m an undue growth of sage
brush) in anticipation of a change.
Recently a camp of chicken boodlers
wai iummarily broken up by the un
expected appearance of the owners
claiming them out on a foul.
Morris Levy left for Baker on Tues
day where he accepts a position in his
uncle's store. "Mase" has been em
ployed by Messrs. Gorham it Roth
child, of this place, for the past two
years and has given general satisfac
tion to the firm as well as patrons of
the business who wish him success in
his new surroundings.
"Coming events cast their shadows
before" so Madam Rumor says a well
known merchant and an estimable
widow will unite hands and fortunes
ere tho frost is gone.
All day long, Monday, trains and
teams brought people in from all over
the country and when Spencer's capa
cious dancing hall was thrown open
for the military ball, to commence at
about 8 o'clock in the evening, every
available space was occupied and
standing room was at a premium.
The merry dancers thronging the floor
were too numerous to make dancing
comtortaule, but as niglit wore on a
portion of the throng disappeared and
more space was available. The deco
rations were handsome, consisting of
evergreens, flags, bunting and mottoes,
one of tho latter being "A welcome to
our guests and a happy New Year."
A splendid supper was served at the
North Powder hotel by Mrs. Richard
son, filling her spacious dining hall
four diiferent times ere tho dancer
had appeased their hunger. Tho re
ceipts amounted to upwards of $200,
and after paying all expenses the com
mittee turned over to "k" company s
treasurer the handsome sum of $05 net
profits. Our guests were somo ten
couples from Baker, Mr. Neil and oth
er parties from Union, a few from La
Grande, and a large number from
Haines and vicinity, to all of whom
and to every patron of the ball an ex
pression of gratitude is tendered by
the committee in generously aiding us
in making more than a success of our
first attempt in tho way of a military
hop and of aid financially, of which
the company is so much in need.
A Quaer Find.
Messrs. Coltharp and Brown, placer
mining on Snake river near Salmon
falls, last week unearthed a complete
skeleton of an elephant or mastodon.
It was hurried about twenty feet under
ground. The place had at ono lime,
evidently been a whirlpool or eddy of
the river. Many large bones have been
found there but this last discovery was
a perfect skeleton, it having without
doubt been deposited there while the
hide was yet intact. It was about
sixteen feet long, and it is estimated
that the pile of bones would weigh
3000 pounds or more. Tho tusks were
between six and seven feet long. The
tusks and some of the huge molars and
other bones were preserved, but it was
impossible to save the skeleton entire,
as soon after it was exposed it began
to crumble. Shoshone Journal.
Anolktr fraud.
School directors throughout the Htatu uro
warnrd of tbe arrlvul of map swindlers.
Two map worth ope dollar are Hold for
five under a pretniK that new law compels
tbe director to haw map bnug in the
scbooJ boue. There Is do turii uw and
sAi4 dlMotdr s wUI tfo will to WnUl cAit
form nhvywfr.Ifu; Wind.
Our Oorrcpnntliiit, Homo,"
Widely, ni fsual."
Water for stoek getting warre, ow
ing to the coKl, dry weather.
The days are gaining one moment
off the long Lights.
It is a mistake to suppose that no
good comes of the doubters, the agita
tors, the restless ones of this life. An
honest doubter may find out. some
thing new, but a blind believer will
move on content with the old ways
and old thoughts. Brand not the
man who ditl'ers from us as insincere,
or foolish, or dangerous. Weigli well
the thoughts he suggests and be active.
If a fellow di tiers from you, be not
angry with him, but set about to de
termine if he have aught of truth or if
yon be in any way in enor.
What is tho seno of all these Pro
fessors and other fellows getting them
selves out of breath prospecting on the
weather? It ia not only tirtd-clnvH
noneiiH but positive injury. Their
piedictions are mere guess work and
little el-e. A giv;
storm is predicted
between certain dates, or soon utter,
or just before, and no place in particu
lar is speeiliod. It will either be a
blizzard or a snow storm or some Mich
occurrence. Such warning may
cause M)tue people to eloso up tho
cellar windows anil have two days
wood cut ahead, but it hinders busi
ness, consumes space in the papers
that have no other news to put before
their leaders, and is a nuisance on
general principles.
In deciding what paper to take for
the new year, ask yourself this qtios
tion : Should 1 not take tho homo
paper? There will come up this
course of reasoning to everyone: Its
owners are my associates; they do
business among us and turn ten or
more thousand dollars over each year
in our country ; they bring this mon
ey, much of it, from abroad; they have,
frequently made pleasant mention of
myself or some friend or relative; their
success is our gootl, for a clean paper,
well supported, is a power for good in
every community. Let ua take the
home paper, Tin: Oiti:uo.v Scout.
It is said there is a man in La
Grande so stingy that when he puts a
silver dollar in. his pocket the eaglo on
it screams out the lines of the familiar
hymn, "Farewell vain world, I'm go
ing home," and this man is the agita
tor of tin's county scat movement.
The fanners of this county have a bur
densome tax as it is, and unless thoy
prefer their taxes doubled they had
better steer clear of all petitions ask
ing for a vote to move our county
seat. If the move is ever made the
tax-payers will have to foot the bills,
tho piomiso to tho contrary notwith
standing, and don't you doubt it for a
moment either. Wo saw that tried
on one time to tho tune of seventy
five thousand dollars, and the people,
paid for their folly. This ir, a parallel
case in every way, and it is to be hoped
that the sensible tax-payers of Union
county will let well enough alone.
IIIh Iilt-n of It.
The following actually occurred in a
certain locality in this place lately says
the Trnckeo Repulicau. A lady teach
er was instructing a young chum in
tho meaning of diii'eroul words, prin
cipally by illustration. At length the
word husband was reached. To make
it clearer to them she says: "Sup
posing that I should get mariiud, what
would it ho that I would have?" For
a few moments their littlo head.s were
busy trwng to comprehend what it
was, when ono bright littlo follow with
his countenance beaming vith satis
faction at having eolvod the problem
fchouted out: "A baby ma'am."
Tonsil TIiiich.
A si wash relates to tho lleppner Ga
zette his ill-BticcoKH at hunting aa fol
lows: "Wake itctun hiyti mooso
mooKo; ifeum totltun halo gluas.
Wake iscuin itchfoot. Itchfoot klata-
wa copa h 1. Halo tipso menia-
loose ctiitau. Stick liyas eultus. Mox
sun midilito copa. Ferguson illahe, ui
ka klootchmau tuiimokn hiyti iotas
Spoo nika a inarch hiyti itcau, ifcuin
hiyu cliickamon, klalawacupa Colum
bia chuck,"
UoriN It Viiy!
Three fourths of oar people aro troubled
with Dyspepsia or Liver Complaint in saino
forin or other, which by nuturo of the dis
ease has adoprcsninxhifitinnro on thomtnd
or body, prove lting tin in from thinliiiig.or
acting clearly In any matter of Importance.
Indigestion, coming up of food after outing,
dyspepsia, nick headache, acidity of tho
Ktoniach or any deraugcnieiit of tho stem,
ach or liver (upon which tho wholo9i'tlon
of our sysom dcpguiK) aro kpoedlly ami af.
fcctUHlly overcome bv tho mo of Green's
AuKUtt Flower. Tho most stubborn cuius
have yielded to its liillnuncf, un thousands
of letters received will testify. The lui
mctuu Male of thi medicine l another auar
anteuof itu murrlts, (ovor a in 111 on ami a
half bottles told lust year.) Hit we ak. will
yon sutrrr from any of tho i1ovh din
case wheu you cun haw Immediate rvIM
in the Autfuvt J-'lowor. Thru dow will
prove lis worth, J t fs void hy all drtitfKWtd
iul t'vuural if poffcT In nil part tf UwwyrW.
Interesting Report of the Geer
Holtby Wedding.
Opening or 'hp I'ubllr St'liowl.A Mean
Coyote Nnti'K
Jan. :i, 1SS0.
Fam'l. MeDaniel U in Walla Walla
pnsfsing tho holidays with friends.
The health of Hie community docs
not seem to improve. An unusual
amount of sickness yet prevails.
Chas. Cochran has been quite sick
during the week anil at present is
under ihee ire of Dr. Day.
Progressive euchre is the fashionable
pastime just now. Mr. ami .Mrs.
French entertained Tucsdav eveniin?
! lUi ,h, ;r pUrl0rs were tluoiiged with
j lovers ot uio game.
Public school opened, Wednesday,
i with the primary department, only in
I session. Piof. Dailev, tho principal,
bung sick, his department will not
convene, till Monday.
An accomplished lady ed .cator of
Cove handles a rillo with unusual
skill, and in a lato contest badly de
feated a crack shot from Lcighton.
The Cove delegation who attended
the teachers' institute in Union, last
week, were delighted with the allair
and pronounce it ono of tho most in
teresting ever held in the county.
The eclipse came oil' before tho
Cove audience exactly as advertised.
Smoked glass was in demand, but tho
dibits of a prominent professor, who
(igiuo.l at the recent institute, to sell
reserved seats for the occasion met
with a dismal failure.
Died..lan. 1st, 1889, Mrs. Ada 'Pol
icy, ageil sixty-three years. Tho do
ceas"tl leaves a sorrowing husband and
a family of giowu ehildien to mourn
her death. Tho last sail rites were
performed, Wednesday, Rev. L. J.
lsootlie preaching the tttneral sermon.
Geo. Thomas, who dislocated his
shoulder while making a spurt after ai
testivo coyote, bv hit horso stopping m
a badger hole ami throwing his rider,
is able to bo around. The coyote was
seen to grin immediately after the un
fortunate accident.
The New Year's ball was well attend
ed, sixty numbeaa being sold, and all
pronounced it "a lino dance." The
prizes were drawn as follows: lid.
Conley, silver castor'; Lti Child, al
bum; C. Kaiser, vases; Jan. Crane,
fannies; Willie Clark, cups and sau
cers. Tho wedding of Mr. Judd Gcor ami
Miss Mary Holtby, at tho residence of
II. J. (leer, last Thursday, was a very
pleasant an. nr. I no two young peo
plo who woie to sail forth on the sea
of matrimony wero embarked by Rev.
G. AI. Irwin. A number of friends
proent wished the voyagers every hap
piness and a long trip, fraught with no
storms. The bride was very becom
ingly attiiod in a cream satin dress,
trimmed with nun's veiling anil wat
ered ribbons. Tho young lady has
endeared herself to a largo ciielo of
friends during her rcsitlonce, by her
agreeable and winning social ways,
Judd has been a lcsidout of tho Cove
sinco eaily boyhood, and is well and
favorably known by all. After the
ceremony tho guests wero invited to
tho dining room and diNuussed a boun
teous ami elegant spieatl. Following
is a list of the presents: Forty dollars
in gold, Air. ami Alts. II. J. Geer; $10.
Air. and Airs. Dunham Wright; $20,
J. Conklin; $20, Chas. Duncan; fruit
dish, Laura Altirphy, cake dish, Air.
and Airs. Murphy; china cups and
saucers, Chas. ICclsay; poems with
book mark, Aliss Pearl Payno; silver
cake stand, Air, and Airs. Ed. Holmes;
chair hcarf, AlisH Nellie Stevens; silver
castor, N Conklin; Picklo castor,
Eugeno Conklin; pickle castor, Mrs.
A. N Hamilton; napkin and table
linen, Albert Conklin; silver spoons,
Air. anil Airs. Schilko; glass sauco
dish, Mr, and Airs. A. J. Harris; fruit
basket, Jlhoda Harris; scrap book, Air.
anil Air. Irwin; plush dressing case,
Jasper and May Stevens. Tho happy
couplo started, Sunday, on an extend
ed visit in Willamette valley, which
will include a visit to Hon.T.T. Geer's
home in Maclcay.
Wcwtifttovory parson indebted to us to
call and settle by tho Drnt of the year. Wo
will tuke oats, wheat or barley or the
cash, so coma to tho front without delay.
H'o rii "in mi iIiiuik and mint havo what i
duo us. I1K.NH0N Hitnx.
of health and strength renewed mid of
cane &nd comfort follows tho into of Syrup
of Figs, aa It acts in harmony with nature
to oUVctiially clcansu tho NVKtem when cos
tlvu or bilious. For sale In C0c and $1.00
hottltsby all leading druggists.
ISiuilden'N Arnlcu Knlv.
Tub IIsst Halvi: in tho world for Cuts,
limine, Horon, Ulcer, tiull Itheiim, Fever
Honw, Tenor, t'hiippftl Iliuids, ChUblalus,
Corns, mid all Hklo Kmptlouy, uml
sltrsly euros Pita, or no pay nxpila'd. It
Is piiaroimvd Pi give perfect salWfuctlou,
r mon rufumlcl. Prlou 'A cents t
IM. JNJrutfotrt HrW Urirjf tTfrv.
HltftKNi: CITY.
In nml About
Tlip Stnto
Weather fine.
It has not mowed any this winter,
but the ground has been frozen a
number of times and there has been
some very heavy frosts.
The University closed Dec. 21st for
two weeks vacation. The students
fceem to be enjoying themselves and
many of them went home for the holi
days. Tho social given by tho Laurian and
F.ntaxian societies Friday night, Dec.
21st., was a perfect success. A great
many were present ami all report
having had a fine time.
Married. In Eugene, Dec. 21th, at
the resilience of G. W. Midgley, by
Hov. G. A. Mclvinley, Mr. J. Christian
and Miss Mary Mumper. At the same
time and place, Mr. Henry Ilollen
bach anil Miss Rose Midgley.
Died. In F.ugene, Dec. 22nd, Mr.
J to rest
G. Pattison. The remains were laid
in tho Masonic ecmeterv.
There was a Christmas tree, Christ
mas night, at tho M. 10. church, also
one at the Christian church.
Married. At tho residence of tho
bride's piirents, Dec. 21th, Mr. M. S.
Barker and Miss May Test, Rev. S. V.
Wilson officiating.
Rev. D. L. Moody, evangelist, will
speak in Kngene at O' Hi ion's opera
houso Jan. 1st at .1 o'clock and again
at 7 o.clock, P. M.
Opiia Gkualmnm?,
Tim Itrutuo
Kail to .Materialize When
Tho following account of a law suit
commenced by W. J. Snotlgrass, of La
Grande, against Carey it Bro., stock
buyers of Cheyenne, is taken from a.
late number of the Livestock Journal:
"A case which has excitetl general in
terest among stockmen, was that of
Snodgrass vs Carey it Bro which has
occupied tho past week in the district
court and was settled by tho verdict of
the jury on Monday last.
It seems that in tho year 1881 Mr.
Snotlgrass had some cattlo on tho
range tho number of which ho special
ly statetl as 2,028, which ho sold to J.
M. Carey it Bro. A contract was
drawn up in which tho number and
several brands of tho cattlo wero
minutely tlescribed. And in Juno
1881, tho contract was signed by J. M.
Carey it Bro., who agreed to take tho
cattlo at tho stipulated price, $51,000.
Ah soon as possible (as was claimed by
tho defentlonts) the country wuh thor-
t miKhly worked and only .'100 head wero.
found of the 2,028 head bargained for.
Up to this timo $17,000, of tho pur
chase price has been paid to Mr. Snod
grass, leaving balance duo him of $11,
G00, which upon Caroy it Bro., refus
ing to pay, ho entered suit with inter
est. Tho ovitlenco showed that only .100
wero found, and that tho remainder
wcio not in existence; that tho sur
rounding country had been thorough
ly worked as soon as practicable ; that
tho contract warranted all in exsist
ence at the timo of the sale, and had
this number been in cxistanco a ma
jority would surely havo boon found
instead of about one-ninth of tho num
ber. Tho court hold that tho contract was a.
warranty for tho cattlo, and that if any
of tho cattlo wero missing tho warran
ty was broken. Tho defendant
brought evidence to prove tho number
found and tho manner in which the
range was worked. After much argu
ment tho case went to tho jury, who,
after deliberating about an hour, in
stead of finding for tho plaintiff, re
turned a verdict fur the defendants in
the sum of $:12,000."
A Woman's DUcovry.
"Another wonderful discovery has been
made and that too by a lady In this county
Disease fnHtcned Its clutches upon her and
for seven years she withstood Its severest
teats, but her vital organs were undermined
and death seemed Imminent. For thrco
mouths shii coughed Incessantly aud could
not sleep, Bho bought of us a bottlo of Dr,
King's New Discovery for Consumption
and was so 'much relieved on taking first
doso that she slept all night and with ono
bottlo has been miraculously cured. Her
name Is Mrs Luthur Ltitz-" Thus wrlto
W. C. Hamrlckit Co,, of Shelby, N. C
Get a free trial bottlo at HrownN drug
store, Union, Oregon,
He Won the Hollar.
The HoUo City Ktatesmini tells tho follow
ing Christinas story: "At tho dance at
CluwHon's, six miles above town, on Christ
mas night, u young fellow on a dollar wag.
ct swallowed a live tlnh about tlvo When
loug. Ktwult not yet beard from,"
Job irriijtiiig djmu at thls.ofllce On