The Oregon scout. (Union, Union County, Or.) 188?-1918, June 01, 1888, Image 1

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    VOL. TV.
The Oregon Scout.
An independent weekly Journal, issued ev
ery Friday luornint; lv
Publishers ami Proprietors.
Kditor. ' 1 Foreman.
One cpv, one vear
" ' Six nioiitlis
. .7.'i
Three montos
Inv.irlulily Cash In Ailvauce.
Jf i chance suli.criit!on are wt paid till
end of year, two dollar will be charged.
Kates of advertising made known on ap
plication. J2f Correspondence from all parts of the
country solicited.
Adrc?s all communications to the Ortnaox
Scout, Union Oregon.
K. Kakin,
J. A. Kakin,
Notary l'ubllc.
Attorneys at Law,
Union, Oregon.
JSTl'rompt Attention I'aid to Collect.ons.
Attorney at Law.
Collecting and probate practice spee'nl
ticH. Ofliee, two doors south of post-oMCe.
Union, Oregon.
Physician and Surgeon.
Otlicc, one door Fontli of J. 15. Eaton's
store, Union, Ongon.
Q F. 15KLL,
Attorney at .aw,
Notarv Public, and Abstv.ietor of Titles.
Office State band C'flbe bullduii:, corner
Main and A Streets, Union, Oregon.
p II. DAY, M. 1).,
Physician and Surgeon.
Ofliee adjoining Jones ISro's store. Can
be found nights at the Centennial hotel,
room No. 23.
M. Uakhh. J. W. Situi.ToN. .1. F. Uakeu.
Attorneys at Lav.
OFFICES Union and I.a Grande, Ore
gon. Special Attention given allj business
entrusted to us .
Attorney at Law,
Union, Oregon.
Ollice, one door couth of Centennial ho-
Notary I'ublie.
15. F. WILSON.
Ex-Co. Clerk.
Conveyancers and Abstracters.
Abstracts to Ucal and Mining property
furnished on short notice, at reasonable
Sales of Ileal and Mining property nego
tiated. Collection business promptly at
tended to. , , x , TT
Ollice next door south of Post-office. Un
ion, Oregon.
Real Estate Apt,
t Union, Oregon,
Has for sale on easv term. 18,000 acres of
good land in Union and 15aker counties, al
to some choice town propeaty.
Money to Loan.
Collections Made.
Agent for the 0. R. & N. Com
pany's Land.
Office, one door south of Centennial hotel.
Miss Linda Mathieus,
(Lato-of Pari, France.)
HaH opened a dress-making establishment
in the building one door north of
John.on'b blacksmith aliup.
Ail Work Warranted to
Give Satisfaction.
0 1 1 A Rfi KS R1S ASONA U L15.
Ar. (A llDXKll A CO.
Watchmakers & Jewelers,
And dealers m
Spectacles, Eve Glasses. Gold
Tens, Watches Clocks, I
1 rtntnl - I
J UN LIU, Lit..
Main Street,
Union, Oregon, j
On farm lands in T'mati'ln. Baker, Union,
Oilliatn ati'l Wallow a counties at S. , 10
and II percent, on fne year's lime.
CaM on.l. II. lMNEIIAUT, ntthe Farm
ers" Mortgage and Savings ltank, Summer
ville. Oregon, if you want money on farm
lo:u". . , , , ,
The S per cent i on unproved farm land
near the railroad in Grande Pomle Valley.
10-'Jt-lil(l, J. If. U1NK1IAUT.
Main Street. Union. Oregon,
Keep constantly on hand
Geo. WmoiiT, )
W. T. WitioiiT,
Does n General Hanking Business. P.uys
ami sells exchange, and discounts comnier
cial paper.
Co'leetlons carefully attended to, and
promptly reported.
II mm
A. J. (.JOODRROD, Prop.
The Leading Hotel of
Eastern Oregon.
Everything Xew and First
(jliiss Throughout.
The table always supplied With
the best ahe market affords.
Excellent Accomoda
tions for Commer
cial Men.
Charges Reasonable.
$500,000.00 to Loan on
First Class Security,
From One to Five Years Time, at a Low
Hate of Interest, Also Huys, Sells
and Itents Property for
Xson-residenis. I
To be Invested on Gutiranteed Security.
All Collections Promptly
Attended to WithoutDelay.
m Line to Cove.
Leaves Union d dly at 2 p. ni, arriven at
Cove at 3:30 p. m.
Ltwvea Cove in 8 a. m , arrives at Union
utU:80u. m.
Connection made with Hlllott's ooaclion
running to tho depot, carrying passengera
for eistand wuit hound trainn.
and KltHHIHT, 1 1 H Ah N A III.
KOKIKSOK X LAYK1?. I'ojWolajr.
i Mi
This spare is iriven for the u-e and
benelit of our local writers of vere.
.,.1,1 mi, l, (Hi,, tn iiinlci It :v iili'.'isincr fenture
Kim- ,i!eV
lK!,!' '
Id tnai eimeonirinuiions an'
mut poses uiidoiiotiHl
ibtain place and reconi-
Written for the Sror r.l
A I.!..
There hangs a snbre anil there a rein.
With a rusty buckle and green curb-chain,
A pair of p'urs on the old gray wall,
And a mouldy saddle well that is all.
Come out to the stable! It is not far,
The mo-rowu(loor is hanging "jar;
Look within 1 Theie's an empty stall.
Where once .stood a charger well, that is all.
The good, black hoi kc came riderless home,
Flecked with hi ood-drops as well as foam;
Seo vonder hillock where dead leaves fall.
The good black hore pined to death that's
All? Oh (iod ! It is all I can speak;
Questrbn me not! I am old and weak!
His sabre mid saddle hang on the wall.
And his horse pitied to death ! 1 hae told
you all.
3 -S. V. W. JI.
Portland. Or. May ."0,
Answer to Homo.
Editor Scout :
"Homo" in your issue of tho 18th
inst, vainly sittempted to answer mo on
protection but falls short of tho mark
in uiitking up his brief. The "toot of
that ruin's horn" 1ms evidently
"tloored" him. IIo says ".smugglers
only verify tho statement that farmers
have no protection." One would in
fer that the duty was proper enough
but tho government olliuials were
diieliet in their duties in not enforcing
the law. Again "protection dues not J
keep up the price of farm products and
labor." Why is it that mechanics and
laborers receive from one-half to two
thirds more wages for the same work
in this country than in the Old eoun
tiics? So also of farm products.
"Taritl'doeu not regulate the price of
labor" but supply and demand. lie
should include farm products and
manufacturing industries as well.
Labor as veil as the products of labor
tire regulated by the. law of supply and
demand and should the tarill' bo abol
ished, which would cause a depression
in industries of till kinds, would not
labor come down also, therefore his
argument "wont wash." lie strains
at a gnat in trying to swallow a camel
when he alludes to the importation of
wheat in a wheat country. Wo are
not selling coal in Newcastle my friond,
nor is there any probability of any such
occurrence and protectionists theory
would obviate it as they are favoring
high tarill on that which can not be
pioduced here and vice versa in im
portations we am in need of. .Self
preservation is tho first law of nature.
Tho wild beast from natural instinct
protects her young. The colonies in
the infancy of our republic piotected
themselves against the cruel and op
pressive enactments of an imbcoilo
king. Protection by restriction is re
straining the unwelcome classes of
pauper and Chinese immigration from
our shores. In Illinois Legislature
enactments were necessary to put a
quietus upon a foreign gentleman
whose tyranny over his tenants stimu
lates that over Ireland to-day. Land
syndicates and foreign capital are
making deep inroads upon the public
domain. A Scottish Mortgage Having
Rank in Portland to-day is grinding
tho life out of numerous farmers of
the Willamette valley by exorbitant
rates of interest. Nay, verily wo have
need of protection by tarifl' or other
wise. We can not have too much and
maintain ourselves against a class who
would trample us under foot. Foreign
powers am eovcteous of our republic
and only cceking an opportunity to
stab us in the back. England remem
bers .$9000,000 award and millions
mom in her futile efforts in assisting
to destroy us and would gladly aid in
free trade or anything , else of like
nature Lot each investigate for
himself and take political speeches for
what they arc worth, (votes just now)
weigh facts and figures carefully, then
decido which party shall have our
suffrage. Misrepresentation of facts is
a hobby of political tricksters upon
the eve of an election, to gain favor by
which they expect to ride into power.
"Seeing is belioving," honco wo alluded
to the fact of farmers being swindled
and tho need of protection in that case
and where it applies in one cafe it will
apply equally well in othora. Occular
demonstrations of facta is the argu
ment that convinces, not mem asor
itons tinmibfctaiitiutcd. i
Wo admire the iiidopondant course
of run Kcotrrantl believe every farmer,
businobM and professional man (in tho
county at least) should sustain it, tin
it is now .ind Imund to be tho people's
paper. Mmif'O.
Cornucopia. Cropping.
May 27th, 1SSS.
Times are improving in camp and ft I
number of ttrangers are noticed on
our sheets.
Miss Ximenia Sanborn, of the Cove, j
has been engaged to teach our school.
Miss S. is well and favorably known in ;
Union county and will no doubt give
satisfaction as a teacher.
There is a rumor that Messrs. Webb
A Co. will put in a Huntington mil
with a roaster of sufficient capacity for
ehlorodizing their sulphurates. This
is what wo need, and wo wish the gen
tlemen success.
The outlook for our camp was n.'ver
so favorable as now. it h every day s
development the diffcicnt ledges aie
showing ui) better and better. The
only wonder is that with nil these llat
tering showings capital still stands
aloof and but little is being done so
far as producing bullion. The O. G.
M. (!o. will incie.iso their foico after
the 1st of June and theipill is expect
ed to be running in full blast by the
1st of July.
A leap year party given by tho la
dies of our town was the principal
social event of the week. Dill's hall
was filled to its utmost capacity with
the youth and beauty of Cornucopia,
and a most enjoyable time was had
throughout. A sumptuous repast was
served in the hall and all departed in
the morning fe. ling that many social
ties had been the result of this our
first and last leap year party, and that
the adage is true, "It is will for sis
ters to dwell in unity together."
We arc going to celebrate ti.erourth
of July and don't you forgot it. We
know "it is reported that our camp is
dead, but you will find that we are not
dead to patriotism and m wo am go
ing to have a grand old time the "1111;
and its Union has stood in witli us in
the past we expect it to stand in this
time. We tiro going to have a brass
band, fire works and till the modern
improvements. The O. (J. M. Co's.
mill will bo worth tho coming to see,
and wo want the wholo county and
part of adjoining counties to come and
see us.
Kanaka Jo.
North Powder Notes.
May 20th, 1SSS.
Topics of tho day Goodall and
Mr. E. L. Eckloy, of La. Grande, is
in town on business.
Mr. Spencer, of the firm of Spencer,
Itauisay it Co., returned homo from a
businesH trip east.
The farmers do not expect moro
than half ciops this season on acconnt
of drouth.
It seems slrange yet how true
how nunc of our political office seek
ers advertise themselves villifying thtir
opponents through the press.
J. II. Haley, of Pendleton, eandr
date on tho Democratic ticket for
joint senator of Umatilla and Union
counties, made us a friendly call last
week. Mr. Italoy is well qualified to
fill the position and every true demo
crat should cast bin vole for him.
Tho question is often asked by both
Democrats and Itcpuhlicaiw, why is it
that just before election candidates on
either ticket who tho people have
known for years, and by their honesty,
integrity and fidelity have gained for
themsclvos the conlnlonco of the peo
ple, nevcrui word disrespectful of their
character until their naino are biotiglit
before tho people as a ca'ndidute for
ofiico, and then mountains are made
out of mole hills. More anon.
The modes of death's approach am
various, and statistics show conehiMve
ly that more people die from diteases
of the throat and lungs than any other.
It is probable that everyone without
exception, reciives vast numbers of
tubercle germs into tho system and
where theso germs fall upon suitable
soil they start into life and develop, at
firet slowly and is shown by a slight
tickling sensation in the throat and if
allowed to continue thtir ravageH they
extend lo tho lungs producing con
sumption and to the head, cauniujf ca
tarrh. Now all this is dangerous and
if allowed to proceed will in time cuuho
death. At the onxet you must act
with promptness; allowing u cold to go
without attention is dangeioui and
may lose you yohr life. As soon u
you feel that something is wrong with
your throat, lungs or nostrils, obtain a
bottle of HoHchoeV Gtrinan Syrup. It
will givo you immediate reliif.
Sifrlscrilie fdr Tin: OitKUdN Scot T.
La tJ ramie Notes.
Heavy winds,
A storm seems brewing.
Haxotv Hying in the political horizon.
John 1?. (""rites eunio over, Tuesday,
and retHirned Wednesday morning.
Hon J. W. Nerval is out from Wal
lowa and feels jubilant over his pros
pects of sueecs.
Hon. J. P. Wager is announqrd to
to discuss the i olitieal issues of the
day on Saturday evening.
Our public school will close on Fri
day of this wcilc. Prof. Uafter has
given good sal isfaction.
Hon. Jas llendeihott. the leading
prohi'iitionist of lCastirn Oregon, paid
La Grande a visit, during the week-.
From the way the opposing elements J
are at tt now, mere is every reason m
beMeve a few practical lies are being
The ladies of the Episcopal church
gave an ice cream and strawberry fes
tival at Glover's hall on Tuesday even
ing of this week.
Chas. McCluro and wife, of this
place, took the train Wednesday
morning, intending. to made their old
Missouri home a visit.
The. Wallowa stage now makes dai
ly run, including Sundays, and the
lime will hi! cut down to one day from
hem to Joseph.
Tho G. A. 1L nost at, this place is
cither dead or sleeping, as Memorial
day. was not observed here in any man
ner whatever.
A defective nck-yoko and a broken
trace was the cause of a runaway in
town, Wednesday, that might have
terminated seriously, but fortunately
did not.
Mrs. Malloy ts at Summurvillo
holding a protracted meeting and is
announced to return so as to be pres
ent a1, a reception given her at tho
University Satuiday evening of this
Miss Uattio Proebstel, who is teach
ing the school at Oro Dell, and .Miss
Mattie Strange, who is teaching the
school at llilgard, went to Union, Wed
nesday, lo attend the public examina
tion. Dr. L. II. Mason, late of Illinois,
who located bore, has pulled up stakes
and gone to North Powder. Ho is a
good physician and deserves the confi
dence and patronage of the people of
that section.
The sad death of II. 1). Merwin was
regretted by his friends here. It is
claimed by those who woro with him
daily, and who saw much of him dur-
inu the last lew weeks, that his mind
had been atlected lor some time pasi.
At the last meeting of the La
Grande Lodge, No. 1(5, 1. O. O. 1, the
following officers for the ensuing term
were elected : W. .1. Snodgrass, N. G ;
A. F. Sheets, V. G; Henry Wildey,
Itec. Sec, and Jas. Palmer, Treasurer.
A. H. Mattoon challenged J. A. Ha
ley to dweuss political questions at an
equal number of points in this and
Umatilla county, but, owing to previ
ous engagements, Kaley declined so
far as this county wiib concerned, 'so
Mattcpn declinos lo go to Umatilla.
Tho luteut rumor is ono affecting the
interest of La Grande. Mr. Steel, of
the M. A M. (Jo., of Island city, is to
arrive at La Grande in a few days, and
will forthwith proceed to view out tho
route for tho proposed railroad from
hero to Wallowa, and it is rumored
that tho section from hero to Elgin
will be built in the near future.
Valley rtems.
May 2.r)th, 1888.
Hoalth of tho tho community good.
No dancss or horse races, so wo can
beat Pino valley after all in that ro
spect. Tim Scout is a great favorite and is
considered by all to bo the best paper
in the county.
Dry and cool, the prospect being
moro favorable for rain which would
be very acceptable
Sttawberries lipo and selling rapidly
at $1.00 per gallon, tho most of them
going to Cornucopia.
Messrs. J. T. Williamson and A. N.
Hamilton paid our valley a Hying visit
Uih week.
Eagle valloy folks aro in for build
ing corrals up in tho mountains, as
there is no range on tho foot-hills for
Pooplu think thorn will be no peaches
in this part, but other units aro sum j
to bo more plentiful than they have i
hewn for a long time. I
Fishing boems to bo tho recreation
of the day, Sunday not excepted.
Somu of tho young won appear to
pmfer that sport to going to our good
Sunday fMtool . ....
NO. 49.
North Powder Notes.
May 29, 1S88.
'fame strawberries at wild prices for
sale in town.
Horn. May 20, to the wife of Jack
Sliatl'er, a son.
Mr. A. Oooden, of Clover creek, is
on the sick list, but improving at pres
ent. Mr. John Gates, residing at'fclocasct,
paid our town a visit, recently, on bus
iness. K. I). Cooper, of Island City, and
Mr. Eckloy, editor La Grande Gazette,
wero in town lately.
Mr. Spencer, of the Mill Co., re
turned from a business trip to Ogdcn
iin,i yftu. Lake, on Thursday last
.Mrs. Hubert Lloyd is teaching in
strumental music to quite a class of
young girls music hath charms.
Our local fur merchants decline to
purchase any further "mice furs" on
account of the unsettled state of tho
A gentleman living on Clovor creek
has unearthed a petrified pine tree.
Every lineament of nature is repro
duced in solid stone.
"K" company is kicking in conse
quence of delay in fitting up their ar
mory and drill room. When com
pleted it will comparo with any hall in
tho county.
Mr. Jack Richardson having served
his time in tho telegraph ollice here,
under Mr. Geo. Venable, tho agent
here, will soon bo placed in charge of
an office on the line. 4
Symptoms of ruin are fast disappear
ing, and at present slight hopes of that
life-giving beverage returning soon,
aro vague, and growing crops arc suf
fering thereby.
II . Wioksand J. L. Brady, of Wolf
creek, left on tho train, Monday. Tho
former gentleman goes on a visit to tho
Willamette Valley, while tho latter
will visit in California.
A diminutivo cyclono struck this
town Saturday afternoon in tho shapo
of a dust storm. For a whilo tho dust
was so abundant ono could not seo
across the street. Come again no more.
A "wild freight" passed through this
place- early Sunday morning atthorato
of nearly forty miles an hour. No
wonder tho damage account of tho
railroad companies foot up at tho closo
of the month.
A young sister of Will Sticc, of this
place, residing with her grand parents,
near Baker city, was fatally poisoned
by tasting strychnine, on Saturday
last. Sho was well acquainted with
tho naturo of tho drug, but foolishly
persisted in tasting-it after having been
warned of its dire effects, and thereby
lost her life.
This remedy is becoming so well known
and so popular as to need no special men
tion, All who liavu used Klcctriu Hitters
sing the fiiunu song of praise. A purer
medicine does not exist and it Is guaran
teed to do all that is claimed. Elcctriu Hit
ters will cure all diseases of the Liver and
Kidneys, will remove Pimple, IJolls, Sslt
Hboum and other ntrections caused by im
pure blood. Will drive Malaria from tho
system and provent as well as euro all Ma
larial fevers. For euro of Headttcho, Con
stipation and Indhjeotion try Electric Hit
ters Kntire satisfaction guiiRnntccd, or
money refunded, Price &0etn, and $1.00 per
bottlo at Wright's drug store, Union, Or.
Ono shingle machine, ono boiling
machine, ono moulding machine, ono
drag saw, also shafting, pulleys, belt
ing, etc., nearly new, will bo sold very
cheap for cash, or approved noto.
Also for sale, some now. and second
hand furniture. Inquire- of Samuel
G. Whito, Gove, Union county, Ore
Applications will bo received up to
Juno 5th 1888, for tho positions ot
Principal, Second, Intermediate and
Primary departments of tho Union
public school. Dated this first day of
May 1888. By older of tho directors,
school dlstrlct'No. f.
G. Bkiuleman, Clerk.
The IIest Halve In tho world for Cuts,
Bruises, Korea, Ulcers, Kalt lUictnn, Fever
b'ores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains
Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, and positive,
ly cures Piles, or no pay required, It Is
guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or
MiinAy. reJUildCd. Price SiA.!erit.s 'flcritox.
For Hale at Witt's. lrt)g t6T6,