The Oregon scout. (Union, Union County, Or.) 188?-1918, May 25, 1888, Image 5

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    THE 0S?QO53 SCOUT.
The Oregon Scout has as large a circu
lation as any three paprrs in this sec
tion of the State, combined, and is cor
respondingly valuable as an advertising
riilay, Hay S3lli, 1SSS.
Union and Vicinity.
Haiti is needed.
Several letteis crowded out of this
Examine the Standard mower and
W. T. Carroll has purchased a bran
new Newton wagon.
"Peter the Poet" has sold his inter
est in the Long Creek Eagle.
A splendid assortment of carpets
just received at Jaycox it Posters'.
Read the ad. of Unas. Shuman, hoot
and shoe maker, in another column.
Mrs. Esther Lawrence, wife of lion.
A. J. Lawrence, died in Raker City on
the 20th hist.
I). B. Bees and Boo Rogers are en
gaged in the wholesale butcher busi
ness in Tacotna.
La Grande needs some kind of a
building to hold public meetings in,
and needs it bad.
The fifteenth annual reunion of the
Oregon pioneers will take place in
Portland, June loth.
Remember Jesse Alherton, the mer
chant of Cornucopia, is constantly re
ceiving new goods.
Read W. D. Adams' ad. of auction
sale, which will commence in his store
on Saturday June 2nd,
A Levy, this week, bought a largo
amount of choice bacon of Mr. Sain'l
Btirnough, of Indian valley.
Smith's walking gang plow, some
thing new and just the thing. For
Salo by Frank Bros. Implement Co.,
Island City. 4
Rev. G, M. Irwin will address the
citizens of Union precinct on political
issues, Saturday June 2nd at S o'clock
v. M. at the court house.
Every man should take pride in his
own town. It is home and the better
his town is the better home he has.
Building up one's town is building up
his home.
Some new backgrounds just re
ceived at Jones Bro's photo, gallery.
Get your picture taken. We guaran
tee you as good work as can be got
Don't try to grin and bear that fear
ful corn, but go at once to the Cove
drug store and get a box of sure cure,
only liic. It takes the corn out speed
ily and painlessly.
The Oiskgon Scout is one of our
best exchanges. It has the largest
amount of local contributors of any
journal in that section. Good. ' Cen
tcrville Home Press.
A ballad concert will be given in
the near future, for the benefit of the
three churches in this city. All the
local talent of the town will take a
part Further particulars will bo giv
en later on.
Malarial poisons contain the germs
of dangerous diseases. If these poih
ons accumulate in the system, Ty
phoid, Bilious, Intermittent or Chill
Fever is sure to follow. Ayor's Ague
Cure is a warranted specific for mala
ria. Wilcox it Wilcox, managers of the
C. & N. W. photo, tent, will positively
stop taking negatives Monday morn
ing the 28th inst. Any one wishing
first class photo's., we ask to give us a
call. All work iinished and delivered
before we leave town.
A correspondent writing from Cald
well, says: The Caldwell merchants
havo this spring handled seven car
loads of alfalfa seed. All this, to say
nothing of what was raised in the val
ley, has been sown in this immediate
vicinity. Much of it will bo lost un
less we soon have rain.
Mr. Harlan Stewart has bought Dr.
Drake's inteicst in the Union flouring
mills, and will hereafter give the busi
ness his particular attention. Mr. M.
S. Warren and Mr. Frank Bidwell havo
also secured shares in the institution.
Mr. Warren was elected secretary and
Dan Beidleman, our energetic sad
dler and harness maker, received a
large invoico of new goods and mater
ial this week. Farmers and others
should inspect this stock. He has
some elegant single buggy harness at
from $10 to $lf) a set. Tho pticos of
other goods are in about tho same
Roscburg is to havo a woolen mill.
Tho citizens of tho place havo sub
scribed ifSooo towards repairing and
improving tho dam across tho South
Umpqua river just south of tho town,
and tho mill will bo built by a com
pany from Scotland. There is no
reason why Union cannot have a
woolen mill, also.
Carrio Bradley, tho murderess, par
doned from the Oregon penitentiary a
year ago, was killed at Tuscon, Arizo
na, on tho 9th inst., by John Wad
leigh, hor macque. Ho wont to her
ho. .se drunk, and bing refused admit
tance kicked in the door, and as she
ran out ho caught hor and cut her
It amtisoa Ub to hear somo of our
sister newspapers boast because they
are all-at-homo prints, whun thoy t
thosamo timo uu bti-rotypi plates that
aro half a contury old. Better uto a
"patont" than U:o the plates aftor they
havo boon need on these pUtonte.
Gentorville Home Prets. Tho above
romarks are very much to thu jmint,
and will apply to ono or two of tho
progressive?) newspaper of , Union
Personal and Social.
Mr. J. L. Carter visited Union this
lion. C. M. Jamison was in town,
Mr. F. Ftvvre, of Telocaset, called on
us Wednesday.
Mr. S. T Uurnough, of Elgin, called
on us yesterday.
Prof. Owen, of Ln Grande, was in
Union this week.
Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Eaton will start
cast in a few days.
Mr. Louie Latnere, of High Valley,
was in town Monday.
Mr. Mox Sommer, of Woiser city,
visited Union recently.
Mrs. O. B. Bees took her departure
to-day for Tacotna, W. T.
Mr. 1. W. Mahnrry, of North Pow
der, called on us this week.
Dr. Savior, of North Powder, passed
through the city Wednesday.
Prof. Alguire, the phrenologist, is
holding forth in Umatilla county.
Miss Ida Davis is visitintj relatives
in Dayton. Site Will be gone several
Rev. Irwin is stumping this part of
the state in behalf of the republican
Dr. Day had his horse and cart sent
over from Dayton last week, and now
rides in style.
Jacob P. Bloch, of La Grande, was
over last Sunday, visiting among his
many friends.
Wo acknowledge a pleasant call this
week from Mr. E. L. Eckley, of the La
Grande Gazette.
Rev. Tlios. MacGttire will preach at
the Presbyterian church every Sunday
at .1 o'clock, f. M.
Miss Lizzie Miller, who has been
visiting friends in Siuninerville, re
turned a few days ago.
The Union Silver Cornet Baud en
livens all political meetings here with
most excellent music.
Col. Raley was over from Pendleton
a few days ago, and called on us. He
thinks his prospects are flattering.
Mrs. Dr. Cromwell is visiting rela
tives and friends in the Willamette.
She will not return for several weeks.
We acknowledge receipt of an invi
tation to attend dedicatory services of
tho Rosoburg public school building,
on the 2t)th inst.
Mr. A. E. Eaton, who was attending
the Grand Lodge of I. O. O. F. at Port
land last week, returned Monday. Ho
thinks of taking a trip east, soon.
The Republican County Central
Committee of Wallowa county has ap
pointed Dr. Lang its candidate for
Coroner, vice Dr. Gailey resigned.
Mr. E. 11. Lewis, of North Union,
has enclosed his yard with a very neat
wire fence, lie is also making orna
mental improvements about tho place.
Mr. C. E. Oliver, democratic nomi
nee for School Superintendent, accom
panied by .Mr. llmdman, tho present
incumbent of that oflice, made us a
pleasant visit this week.
Mr. Jos. Yowcll, alias "honest Joe.
of Pyle canyon, made us a substantial
visit, Monday. Mr. Yowcll has not
been very well for some time, but
thinks he is imptoving now.
Mr. Chas. 0. Coflinbcrry returned
tho fore part of tho week from an ex
tended trip throughout the country,
lie visited Baker City, La Grande,
Pendleton, Milton and Walla Walla,
and concludes that Union is the best
place after all.
Mr. Wilbur Davis came down from
Cornucopia, Tuesday, over tho new
road. Ho informed us that t lie men
now working on the road will soon
havo it in good condition. Times are
rather dull on Pine cieek at present,
but lie thinks tho outlook is very good.
Mrs. Parscll, of Alpine, Morrow
county, has been appointed a notary
public. This is believed to bo the first
instance in which a woman has been
appointed notary public in Oregon.
The statute makes no distinction as to
Rev. 0. R. Shields, of Wallowa
county, is in tho East attending a ses
sion of tho general assembly of tho
Presbyterian church, as a representa
tive of the Presbytery of Eastern Ore
gon. Ho will be gone about sixty
Ed. Gagnon, who went to Oregon
several months ago, is back again and
this timo to remain, having accepted a
position as prescription clerk in the
"east end" drug store. Ed is a lively
good natural young man and his ma
ny friends will bo pleased to know ho
is again with us. Concordia (Kansas)
Attorney T. II. Crawford, who has
been making speeches throughout
Baker, Malheur and Grant counties,
returned Tuesday. Mr. Crawford lays
no claims to being a Demosthenes, but
wo know ho can make a better speech
than nino-tenths of tho "orators" that
aro sent through this country to ha
rangue tho people.
What is this "nervous trouble" with
which so many suom now to bo afflicted?
If you will remember a few years ago tho J
word MnJttriu wan comparatively unknown, j
to-day it is at common i any word in tho
English language, yet tbU word cover on- j
ly the meaning of another word used by
our forofathu n In time ut. Bo it it with
uervoag itlneiuoti. a tliey and Mtltiria aro
inteuiled to coyer wiiat our grainh'athors ,
calfo I IHIiouMK-vv ami all ur cuused by
trouLha that arise from a dive'il oumli
tlon of tlie r w! J h in performing Its
fuuetion fin.liiig it fuiinot db-poM of tho i
bile through the ul ry channel is com- j
IUdt. i as it oil hrough the system, j
causing nervnu" treuiic, Malaria, Bilious
Fever, etc. Ynii wlm arc nufff ring ran well
hi r. . I it.- :i t mo. Wi' iv onini i.d Orr-r-n's
A'iKUt Jiowcr It cures are marvelous.
A man living in this county, who
owes over two years subscription, put
his )hper back in the po?toffice last
week marked "refused." We liavt
heard of many mean men there is a
man who ucd the wnrt on his neck
for a collar button ; and who imstured
a goat on his grandmother's grave, and
one who stole copers fiom a dead
nigger's eye, and one who got inch by
giving his children a nicklo each to j,o
to bed without their supper, and then
stealing the niekles after the children
were asleep but for pure downright
ctissedness the man who will tako a
paper two years, mark it "refused" and
stick it back into the post office is en
titled to rir.-t premium. Itemizcr
Since our last issue the above named
gentlemen, from California, have ad
dressed our citizens on the political is
sues of tho time. Mr. Irish appeared
brainy evening. I he people expected
to hear something fine and were not
disappointed. Hcis thcouly man that
has vet visited Eastern (hvgen who
can lav just claims to being an orator
Mr. Swift spoke Monday evening and
was well received. It was apparent
from the hrst that lie is no match tor
Irish, when it comes to oratory, al
though lie presented his arguments in
a clear and lucid manner.
Parties contemplating tho purchaso
of anvthing in the line of buggies, wag
ons, mowers, rakes, or, in fact, any
kind of farm implements or machinery,
should interview Mr. F. M. Slocum,
manager of tho Union machinery de
pot, of this citv. He handles a first
class line of goods and everything is
warranted as represented.
Mr. Turner Oliver and Mr. J. L. Hoe
candidates for the legislature, will
speak as follows: At the Cove, Friday,
June 1st, at 2 o'clock v. m. and at the
High vallev school house m the even
ing. At Elgin, Saturday, June 2nd,
at 2 o'clock i'. m. and at- Siiinmerville
in tho evening.
A turkey dinner willbe-given at the
Centennial hotel Sunday. Oranges,
strawberries, cherries, bananas and all
the delicacies of tho season will bo
served in abundance. While the
guests are eating, a picture will bo ta
ken of the dining hall. Don't fail to
bo there.
Buy a "Yu'tok" safe.
Gooditll Speaks Again.
Editoii Scout:
It seems necessary that 1 should
again ask space in your valuable jour
nal this week, to correct the false state
ment of Mr. Hamilton, or those writ
ing for him.
In the first place I wish to say, not
withstanding their insinuations to the
contrary, that 1 have written and dic
tated every word I havo published over
my signature, whether to my credit or
uot. How is it with Hamilton? It is
well known that he could no moro
writo the letter published over his sig
nature in Tin-: Scout than ho can per
form the duties of sheriff. That letter
was written by his little deputy who
fiisks arouUd a great deal like a small
canine among his larger brethren ;
stands with his nose and tail up,
scratching the ground with his hind
feet, ready to do the barking for his
master, or the dirty work without ask
ing, As bitter parlizans as the editors of
(lie Gazette are, I think when they
learn how grossly this man Hamilton
has deceived them, they will lose what
ever icspeet they havo for him. I do
not think they would publish absolute
falsehoods knowingly, even in tho heat
of n political canvass. I am not in
canvass as a candidate, and these at
tacks on mo aro made for tho
purpose of drawing tho attention of
tho voters from Hamilton's failure as
n sheriff until after election is over.
They have published a string of false
hoods, thinking they would reach tho
voters too late for contradiction bofore
election, and unfortunately I fear their
end will be accomplished in many
I should not again ask your indul
gence, Mr. Editor, wero it not to show
to the people how unworthy of belief
his statements are. First: With re
gard to tho grand jury report. If ho
had heard as I have, the expressions of
some of tho last grand jurors, concern
ing the manner in which ho deceived
them by false representations, as ho
tries to deceive tho voters now, by his
figures, ho would not feel so compli
He says lovies havo been mado for
taxes. Tho Gazetto says dozens of
them havo been mado by Hamilton
and his deputies. Well, that "takes
tho cake." I havo watched this tax
matter very closely. I have looked it
over and over.with ho and his depu
ties almost daily I might say; disclosed
it in every light, and if over tin y at
tempted to mako but ono levy, I havo
hot hoard of it before. Tho little dep
uty abovo referred to so ho says
potted a notico on some land in Elkj
Flat, belonging to Mr. J. W. Cullt n,
of Wallowa county, for sotuo taxoa
duo fjom N. J, Bartlett, of Michigan,
on a mortgage on said laud, and col
lected on attachment aftor Bartlott's
local agent had told him (this deputy)
that he would pay it in a short' timo,
which was domj'biit it would certainly
strain the EnglUli language wrioiuly
to call thin un attachment. A well
might ho attach Brown's land for a
fix i r fMm tl th ' . - 'U
Br- un s i ..-! u ' . I h . 1 ii ,i
to kl, tin Wilv the onh ,i!t("n t l.e
lias made to levy upon property for
; taxtv, but grunt it to be true fhat he
I and his deputies have made dosens of
' levies, as Ijy him :tatd, which 1 sivy
i Ih1(I1v is false, whv does he not ti :
all alike?
He sjH'aks of my pc'. Ao !! r
' drhn stents 1 is pots? He r I i V; a
' ties nun t th m daily. He t tin n i .
g- awav from the court hon e
thtr- without seeing ome , h n.
' and 1 lvh'r vimr n-nih r now to th it.
linqucnt list. If you have maiU d
ens of levies and always got the tave
without selling ptoperty, why mv c. ii
tinue the Rood work? Now 1 v.i-h ;
understood toward the- delin
quent 1 bear tin malice. They ;u
nearly all good citizens, and many of
them are personal friends, but th v
should pay their taxes. Tlvy know
it to be tlv ir duty, and if tln v do not
pay it without fonts, costs fhotiM be
I added, and blame can rest nowhere
only upon tbeniselvos. but this delin
quent tax question has been pretty
thoroughly diseussul already and will
not. occupy your space farther now.
Will only say that the gioater portion
of the oul list front '78 to '81 inclusive,
for which he claims the collection of,
was stricken off by the county court
and not collected at all. He says: "1
did not get that delinquent tax list
for 1887 from the cleik the 13th .nst."
Now why did be not get it until then?
Does he tell you? No, but 1 will, and
1 take the lei-ord for it. but 1 wish to
go buck a H tie. Tho statute, among
oilier things, requires the sln-rilf to
make settlement with the court and
turn over tho delinquent list on the
first Monday of April of each year, ami
that the clerk shall within ten days
tliereaftei return a certified copy there
of with warrant, etc., etc.
Now, in the issue of tho Gazette of
April Oth, I think, is a statement to
the effect that, as both county com
missioners wero in attendance upon
the democratic convention, the sheriff
could not. make settlement 6n the first
Monday as required by law. 1 suppose
this information came from tho sher
iff's oflice. The facts in the matter are
these: Several days before Apr.l 1st.
and before the Democratic county con
vention ami before, of course, I could
know, and in fact had no idea that
either of the commissioners would be
delegates to the State convention, I
said to Mr. Hamilton and his deputies
that I hoped that they would be ready
to make their settlement and turn
over on the first or second day of tho
term at least, as wo would have very
little business before the board at that
term, to which they replied that ey
would try. but did not know whether
they would lie able to do so or not.
After both of tho commissioners
were elected delegates to tho State con
vention, 1 asked them about it again,
and was anxious to have them settle
on Monday so that tho commissioners
could go off on tho evening train,
when the court could have adjourned
on Tuesday for the term, but they said
they could not possibly get ivady so
soon, so the coniniisioners returned
and were in session all day Thursday,
waiting upon him. having no other,
business before them other Mian his
settlement; adjourned until Friday and
waited until tho afternoon of day
when they presented to the court a
statement of his collections, but did
not turn over his delinquent tax list
until the 23rd day of Apiil, thus keep
ing the court in session three days
longer than necessary, collecting his
fee of .$2. (i(i from the county eaeli day,
and now comes sneaking into print
endeavoring to cast the blame upon (lie
county court and clerk, end further
more, on the 1st of Aptil, 1887, ho and
his deputies tho whole force goWho
list in a muddle and failed entirely to
straighten it out, and the court paid
Mr. A. T. Neill to mako up that list.
It is a well known fact that Mr. Ham
ilton is entirely incompetent to per
form the duties of sheriff.
Tho Gazette asks why Hamilton's
predecessor was not required to tako
the oath tm scribed by the statute.
Mr. Hamilton was asked by the court
to tako the oath, but he said, liko an
honest, candid man, that ho hud not
complied with the provisions of tho tax
law and could not, without perjury, do
to, and as ho was just going out of of
fice when this board was coming in,
and ho having not had notice that any
new rule would bo mado or that the
oath as directed by statute would bo
insisted upon by tho new board, it
would have been an injustico to him
to havo insisted upon the same, but.
Mr. Iltunilton'was notified at that time
by tho court that they should insist
upon Ins taking tho oath as directed
by law, upon tho return of his tax lists,
which ho promued its faithfully ho
would do, but has failed. The Gazette
asks why Hamilton was not required
to take this oath lust vear, and that
this mutter was dohtyod until just be
fore the- election to defeat him, and
that the delinquent list was published
just to defeat him. 1 do uot think
any sheriff ought to return ti delin
quent that would injure. Hamilton
has been eulogized for collecting up
so close. If true, why ho tuhamod to
exhibit to establish the truth of such
Notice was published at the March
term of emit t, that the list of delin
quent taxo would bo published afior
the April settlement, and at the April
term, 18S7, an order wus made and
entered and I invito every one to n ad
it to the oll'iet that the ahetilf in
luxkiiU h's July solUmm tit, of tuxe-,
18b7, would be required to tike the
oath pr-rcribed by the statute, July I
came and hi list not ready, and he
plead to l.o allowed until January fol
lowing when he would make u cle.m
up and take tho oath. January came,
but with it no oath nor cle ,n up eith
er. The court did n -t feel jti -title I in
liiit IiiwiiIiIb
1 will sell ni) entire stock of
ml fff III
And articles too numerous to meutinn"sueh as is carried in tiGonentl Morehan-dii-e
slock, together with s'fOUE MXTIMIKS, at the former
stand of 15. E. Drake, lUiion, commencing
2IMM1 JUNE U i 1
And continuoing from day to day until mtire stock is sold.
Terms of Sals: Casli for all aiits lin
er $10; over $10, sixty flays, nolo
Willi aipyefl security.
IS! Mm
Latest Announcement to the Public:
Having just received a large and finely selected stock of General Merchandise
from Eastern Markets, bought for cash, wo can urd will givo our customers
The Public is llespcotfully Invited
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jgerWE WANT IT UNDERSTOOD that no other store in Union county
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fact. All aro invited to como and seo us and wo promtso to do you good.
mm im o su.
J. S. ELLSOTT, - Proprietor.
Everything Wnrt ('hiss. Terms Very 'HeasnnnWo.
but hj awd Vum the Dijut MaWttg'GaBBOCthm villi all Trains.
I dlSltnl tlL ill
mi m
ifef til-
to Inspect our Splendid Line of
Main St., Union, Or.