The Oregon scout. (Union, Union County, Or.) 188?-1918, May 18, 1888, Image 1

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    VOL. IV.
The Oregon Scout.
An Independent weekly journal, issued ev
ery Friday liiorulmr lv
Publishers and Proprietors.
A. K. .Tonus, I
'( Foreman.
or. )
One copy, one. year . . .
" Six months. .
" ' Three montos
. 1.00
Invariably Cash In Atlvaner.
If In chit are subscriptions are not paid till
end of year, two dollars h-111 lie clumitd.
Hates of advortMng made known on ap
plication. E2?-Correpondcncc from all parts of the
country solicited.
Adress all eoninmnieations to the Oar.uoN
Scout, Union Oregon.
It. Kakin,
.1. A. Fakin,
Notary Public
Attorneys at Law,
Union, Oregon.
JSjri'rompt Attention Paid to Collect. ons.
JOHN iITciutes,
Attorney at Law.
Collecting and probate practice special
ties. Ollice, two doors south of post-otliee.
Union, Oregon.
Physician and Surgeon.
Ollice, one door outh of .1. 15. Eaton's
store, Union, Oregon.
Attorney at Law,
" Kotarv Public, and Abstractor of Titles.
Oflice State Land Oflice buildinu, corner
Main and A Streets, Union, Oregon.
,p II. DAY, 3L O.,
Physician avci Surgeon.
Oflice adjoining Jones Pro's store. Can
be found nights at the Centennial hotel, No. !K1.
M. H.Ki:n. J. W. Sur.i.Tox. J. F. Hakm:.
Attorneys at Lav.
OFFICES Union and La Oramlo, Ore
gon. Special Attention given allj business
entrusted to us.
rji II. CUAWFOI'l),
Attorney at Law,
Union, Oregon.
Ollice, one door south of Centennial ho
tel. J. M. CAIUIOLL,
Notary Public.
Ex-Co. Clerk.
Conveyancers and Abstracters.
Abstracts to Heal and Mining property
furnished on short notice, at reasonable
Sales of Peal and Mining property nego
tiated. Collection business promptly at
tended to.
Ollice next door south of Post-olllce. Un
ion, Oregon.
Reel Estate Apt,
Union, Oregon,
Has for sale on easy terms. 18,000 ar res of
good land in Union and U.ikeriouutles, al
to some choice town propeaty.
Money to Loan.
Collections Made.
Agent for the 0. K. & N. Com
pany's Land.
Oflice, one door south of Centennial hotel.
Miss Linda Mathieus,
(Latoof Pari, Franco,)
Has opouod a druM-making unudilbihniuut
in the biiildhiK one door north of
Jolinon's llHckiiiith hop.
All Work AVarranteil to
Give Satisfaction.
2T. Q A It Jill A CO.
Watchmakers & Jewelers,
- And dealers in
nprrnrlfic lw Tliccoc frdd, L,l LilclbbCb, UU1U
', , '
Jewelry, etc.
i Main Streit,
Union. Oregon.
On farmlands in Umatilla, linker, Union,
Gilliam and Wallowa counties, at 8. 0, 10
and 11 per cent, on live year's time.
Call on.!. II. PINEIIAKT, at the Farmer-''
Mortgage and Saving-, liank, Summer
ville, Oregon, if you want money on farm
The S per cent is on improved farm land
near the railroad In Grande Ponde VaUev.
10-L'l-nni. .1. 11. KINKUAKT.
City - -Meat -Market
Main Street. Union. Oregon,
Keep constantly on hand
Geo. WniniiT, 1 AY'. T. Wiuuiit,
President. ) Cashier.
Does a General Hanking Uusiucss. lluys
and sells exchange, and discounts commer
cial paper.
Collections carefully attended to, and
promptly reported.
A. J. GOODUItOD, Prop.
The Leading Hotel of
Eastern Oregon.
Everything Xow and First
Class Throughout.
The table always supplied With
the best ahe market affords.
Excellent Accomoda
tions for Commer
cial Men.
Charges Reasonable.
$500,000.00 to Loan on
First Class Security,
From One to Five Years Time, at a Low
Hate of Interest, Also lluys, Sells
and Ileuts Property for
Non-re-idents.. T
- O
To be Invested on Guaranteed Security.
All Collections Promptly
Attended to WithoutDelay.
Ik to Cove.
I.eavos Union dully at 2 p. in, arrives at
Cove at .'(::) p. in.
1 .eaves Cove at s a. nt .arrives at Union
at:aOa. in.
Connections made with Elliott' coaches
running to the depot, carrying passengers
for east and west IkjiuuI trains.
HOHINHON fc LAYNK, - - - Proprietor.
First Wioiii liiiH?
Ik rami! Mi
(This space is given for the uc and
benefit of our local writers of vere.
and we hope to make U a pleasing feature
' f tlie paper. To that end contributions are
; S0Hc-itt-', but thev mu-t po.i undoubted
, I'.tcrarv merit to obtain place and recogui-
turn here. En.
Written for the Scou r. 1
sch:noi: and uoi.
We may fathom the depths of old ocean,
Huild castles and pyramids grand.
Note causes of Nature's commotion,
Its manifold works uudcr-tand;
Can calculate distance, and measure
To sun, moon and star.-, far away.
Cage lightning, and use it with pleasure,
To change blackest durkne-s today.
Willi steam, as a motor, po Hying
On rail, with the -peed of tlie winds;
With vessels, the ocean defying,
Cross ove. to far distant lamU;
With air-ships, mount skywars to Heaven,
Go deep in the bowels of "etutfi.
And learn from wha then- has bcengraven,
That man is of but recent birth.
We boabt much, to-day, of our science,
And why sho'ild we not as 'tis good,
lint life' after death bids defiance,
To thif, as doth also a Hod
What axioms has Science e'er give Us
To demonstrate facts, fairly plain,
That there is a lod to receive us
lieyond.ln his lordly domain?
Where is it ? Cans't tell us ye sages?
This city, whose streets are of gold?
l'ly Science, and write up the pages,
In axioms, self-evident, hold.
No history is wanted or needed
We have 'it. of Islam, as well,
A test, that's already conceded.
Hut ne'er can our doublings dispel.
Give proof by the tangent and mortar,
The crucible, compass and wpiarc;
Use fie aright, in its quarter,
Tngild, gla.eand linish your ware;
Hand down to us sometliing to smell of,
To taste of. to feci of o- hear,
To sec. with oiir eyes, and to tell of,
As something discovered quite rare.
In tills age we take not for granted,
The dogmas wrote up in the past,
True Science their place has supplanted,
Philosophy holding it fast,
While yearly and monthly each hour,
Grows broader the liberal mind,
Coming up from a priest-ridden power,
To day-light and sun-light, refined.
Wiu. II, Mi.nnick,
Oskaloosa, Iowa.
Pine Valley Pickings.
.May 1-1 tli, 1888.
Dry and warm.
Teacher recovered from measles and
scliool resumed in District No. ,'iO.
Dr. Woods, of Cornucopia, has quite
n number of patients in our valley.
Mr. LnngrcH's saw mill will start up
in n few days.
Wo understand a new ledgo has been
discovered in tho vicinity of Fish lake,
and that quite n number of Cornuco
pia and other people will move ovur
and fctart a "Uoom."
New moon in such si "posish" that
yo Scout editor might hang on it his
hat or powder horn cither. Does that
signify drouth?
Mrs. Jus. Leop, who has been ill
long, was removed to the residence
her father, Mr. F. M. Stewart,
Tuesday last. She was accompanied
by several of her relatives and by Dr.
Woods, who is attending her. It is
hoped tho change will benefit her.
A horso raco on Sunday afternoon
tho 13th inst. resulted in ono young
man loosing his boio and several dol
lars changing hands. Pity that both
young men did not loso horses as per
haps it would not bo ku much en
couragement to cither to follow horse
racing. Died. On Sunday May (1th, of
puerpal fever, wife of T. S. Itnbins, of
this place, aged about 28. Deceased
was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. It.
Curry, of I'ine, and leaves u husband
and four small children besides her
parents, brothers and sister, and many
iricnda to mourn her early death.
Ex-County Supt. Frank Collins paid
our valley a visit during tho past week.
Wo learn that ho left several hundred
in the valley on real estate security.
Good for Mr. C, but whether good for
tho citizens time will tell.
Wo were pleased to see tho opinion
of tho Scour expressed in favor of
Prof. J. L. Carter, of Island City, for
School Supt. Mr. Carter is a teacher
of experience and would, in our hum-!
bio opinion, be- tho right man in the !
right place. j
Mr. Dick Langrell recently returned
from a trip to linker City bringing
with him a "bran uplinter new" hack
and his wife s mother and tutor, Mrs.
Schollworth and Mi Etta. Mi.- S.
brought with her a small atook of
millinery goods , which she will bo
pleated to dispoho of to the ladies of
I'ine at reasonable prices.
A danco was annouued to take place
in tho tohool house of DUt. No HQ, on
the night of the 11 tli inst. We learn
(hut tho Director, boing also
I l'rc.-idont of the Hoard and opposed to
dancing in the school house, and be
ing posted by the i-chuo! law and by
one who ought to understand it, on the
subject, ami bavin poyM-ssion of the
key, locked the seh iol house in the
evening, that he was followed up by
another Director who threatened to
denioli;h him unh ss be yielded up the
key, which, however, he declined to
do, but another key was obtained mid
(he dunce proceeded with the immcmc
number of seven ladies and a few more
gents present. Whether the "racket"
ended with the dance is not written,
but the oldest Director siyeth it is
Wondir what so badly llu.-tratcd
Hill 11. at D s recently as to cause
him to sweeten his collee with gravy.
I am just going down to mail
this letter. F. K. Then 10. I'll go
down and get it for volt this evening.
F. E. D. " Wonder" where M. M. got
his authority in rcganl to .1. A. D's.
views on dancing in school houses.
Rep. I'd sooner be a Clfiiinmuu than
a Misscuiun. V. IC. Wonder if that
"uncalled for attack" isn't bothering
other people's brains more than it is
Miss S. A. D. (lue.-s Mr. Langiell
brought that new hack in expressly to
loan to us fellows to take our best
girls out riding. F. ( 1). We'd as
soon work roads as to do the thousand
and one other things we have to
do. 1,. 10. and A. 1).
We understand that we are accused
of an attack on the teacher in an item
in our last "batch." Such was not
our intention, and although it might
have been better to have 'h'ft the
teacher's name uninentioned, still we
defy any fair minded person to discov
er any slur in that item against tho
teacher, beyond saying "although it
would seem that putting scholars who
have not studied elementary geogra
phy from fourth render into history is
rather 'dropping a stitch.' " We said
that 158 or 40 pupils of all grades and
sizes was too many for any one to do
real justice to and now we will say
that since learning that Miss S. had
18 scholars we should not wonder she
had to "drop several stitches," and any
school law or set of individuals who
expect that a teacher can bear that
many in studies ranging from first
reader to hnlory, with two or three
arithmetic, grammar, geography and
spelling classes in two or three differ
ent hooks, with spelling and reading
repeated twice, etc., and not now auil
then misj, expects too .much. Our
item was for tho benefit of the small
boy and the revolver and we tiro not j
in any way prejudiced against the
teacher, she being an entire stranger
to us. Wo hear she is going on nicely
with her school now, and though for
reasons best known to ourselves we
send no pupil in Disr. No. lit), we say
as before we wish her unbounded suc
cess. School teaching, like reporting,
is a hard thing to do to please every
body. Therefore, friends A. O. and il,
though we have reported faithfully for
your paper for nearly three years, and
have endeavored to give the little news
going here to the best of our poor
ability, our ellprts have been so mis
construed that we feel like many an
other wo have nfissed our calling.
We therefore abandon the task to
thoso who can do much bettor. Here
after when we have occasion to write
for the best paper in Union county wo
will do so over our own signature.
Wishing you continued prosperity wo
will say
"Vale" "Caiikih 11. Dovu."
Of the Dell,
Fold your pinion
And bid farewell.
Tho modes of death's approach are
various, and statistics show conclusive
ly that more people dio from disuses
of the throat and lungs than any other.
It is probable that everyone without
exception, nceives vast numbers of
tubercle germs into the system and
where theco grrjn fall upon suitable
soil they start into life and develop, at
hut slowly and is shown by a slight
tickling senmlion in the throat and if
allowed to continue their ravages they
cxhnd to (he lungs producing con
sunvptiuii and to the head, causing ca
tarrh. Now all this is dangerous and
if allowed to proceed will in time cuiuo
destli. At tin onset you must act
with promptness; allowing a cold to go
without attention is dangerous and
may. loc you your life. As toon us
you feel that noun-thing is wrong with
your throat, lungs or mwtiils, obtain a
bottle of UiMchuu't (lliriuaii Syrup. It
will glvo you inuuedinU relief.
Subscribe for Tm; ()iii:uon Scout.
(.'ul lings.
May 17th, 1SSS.
Kobt. Cochran, Jr., is down from
Coeur d' Alene on a visit to bis father
and sisters.
O. h. Wnrfel started for San Fran
cisco, Wednesday. He will probably
accept a professorship in that state.
Sheep shearing has fairly com
mented, 'flic clip is said to be some
what, of an improvement over last
year's crop. -
('. ( Forrester, formerly of Cow,
was in town this week. He came di
rect from Philadelphia, having been
eight days en route.
Jno.aud Thos. Huliek and IOd. Hos
well started, Tuesday, for North Pow
der where they will haul lumber and
ties during the summer.
George lOdgar has opened .a toiif-o-rial
emporium one door north of the
livery stable and will do work in his
lino with neatness and dispatch.
Judd Geer started for Willamette
valley on a pleasure trip last Monday.
He will be with relatives in Marion
county the greater part of the time, .
and will remain awav until after the j
Fourth. I
A subscription paper is being eircu-
luted this week for the nurnoso of rain -
mg a sum HUllicicnt to establish anil
.... . . .. . .
equip a brass hand. I Here is no rea
son why we should not have a band
and all should subscribe their mite.
The clarry crop will be almost an
entire failure in Cove this year, al
though the trees were covered with
bloom. The stiawberry patches will
yield fairly well, bht not many of them
are making a specialty of them this
Hon. Jas. A. Fee, republienn nomi
nee for Judge of tho sixth judicial dis
trict, paid Cove a short visit, Satur
day. Those who met the gentleman
pronounced him a man of pleasing
address and well posted on the politi
cal questions of the day.
The Cove club wero much pleased
to win the return gamo of base ball at
Union last Fridnv. Tho vie.loi-e wnn I
gained, however, only by bard work
and close, attention to business and
their captain who is always watchful
of his men. liy sharp practice the
Cove nine g.iined a lead on the second
innings and kept it throughout the
game. The Union boys with their
accustomed hospitality made the vh'it
an agreeable one for the Covoiles.
Tho trying portion of umpire was very
creditably filled by Jus. Lowell, scarce
ly a decision being disputed.
('ove, after attending neighboring
celebrations for yens past, has decid
ed to trot out the great American
eagle the coming fourth and have the
grandest occasion on record. It is
proposed to invito the defeated Union
Wallowa M-nalor to bo orator of the
day and the vanquished would-be i-her-i(f
to officiate as liiarshall. A meeting
of citizens for the purpose of appoint
ing the necessary committees will ho
held at Morrison church, Saturday of
this week at '.I p. m. Let there be a
full attendance, A special invitation
to ladies.
I was ashamed to take tho Union
hoys' money on tho last game it wiih so
iiuiw jiku loooury. wave, w in jmiss i
C. 11., of Union, please accept the con-
i.i... ... i.i. .. n . iirrii - t
gratulations of the "Arkansaw" plavci
on her happy faculty of discovering
similes. Our nino shall have gaudy
uniforms, made by our own hands, for
their last victory. Cove girls. 1 have
retired fioni tho box. H. D. Did you
see mo take the lly out of tho sky?
('. 0. And did you witness my thump
for four bases? G. Jl. Thero's a glar
ing mistake; my husband lias ii up
on the game. Lady spectator. Did
you perceive howl knocked tho drum
mer out on the Urst round, Sunday?
JO. A. K.
Tho picnic in Frosty district, Satur
day, was well t attended and a good
time hud. The most excitiuir event
of the day was the eating match be
tween O. Kckersley, Esq., and Prof.
W. Smith. After time keepers, refer
ees, etc., were selected, tho contestants
tot to, the generous spread giving both
long wished for opport unities. For
tho first hour not a word was spoken
and so even were the gentlemen
matched that as chicken after chicken
and loaf after loaf disappeared it
teemed a draw must result. Hut as
tho chronometers marked the duration
of the raw, ono tyour and forty-live
minute, Mr. K. threw up the ipongu
and the Prof, was declared, winner by
ono yiiuughai fowl.
Smith's wiill;ing gang plow, Komy
thing now and just thu thing, For
Sale by Frank Hum.. Xinplviuvut Co.,
Island City. -1
Another Open Letter.
Knrroit Ottr.nox Scorr:
j County Judge. Goodall has taken it
! upon himself in your issue of May the
! -1111 inst, to publish an open letter di
j reeled to the tax-paveis of this county
and calculated to injure my chances
i for re election to the olhYc of shciiff
' woieh 1 have filled since last election
' in Union county HudVlho tax-payers
i well know how eflioieiilly. 1 havodis
! charged the duties of my office not
i withstanding the uncalled for not to
j say malicious attack made upon mo
at this particular lime by this at least
I over zealous functionary, 1 may' ho
' allowed to lcmxrk that well might tho
j zealous Judge beg more than a thous
I and pardons for his self imposed task
I lie dees not say whoye pardon ho
i crave:, but judging from the etl'cct his
i communication ban had upon moro
I than one Vjter he thcr.ld beg tho in-
dulg'-'ut p.adoti rf tho gentleman
whr;e c.u.-e ho has volunteered to
I defend, for
he has di ne that gentle
man more harm than good, uell
may his protege excluni, "Save mo
fioni my iriends'.''
I pivv.une thai while Judge Goodall
may lip a pivtty good Judge in matters
on which he is not strictlv iiaitisan.
1 y-'t 1 ln presume that the unbiased
i i.. .1... i ... , p
, Jl',"'1 mue m me nut granu jury oi
I union eouiiiy, a majority 01 WJ10I11
j were democrats, will have more weight
Willi tux, l":caus; it lias more
I trtiih in it, th..n r.ny strictures passed
I by this upright Judge on the eve of a
county el' ction. oteis of Union
county pleas.) red the last grand jury
report. Hero it is as found in tho
Scorr of February IMth, tilt:
"We commend our sheriff, A. N.
Hamilton, for the dilligenee he has cx
erehed in the collection of our delin
quent taxes and find that owing to his
dilligenee in the. collection of said
taxes our delinquent tax list is now
less than it has ever, been since tho
organization of this county."
T his is the language of a grand jury,
the majority of whom were democrats
and under oath to discharge their duty
to their fellow citizens and tax-pHyers.
Tax-payeiH might do well to remember
that this officious . I udgo is not under
oath when he as.-nines the role of par
tisan newsji.ipir correspondent.
This meddlesome Judge rends me a
lecture on tho "Minetity of an oath"
and lakes hi.-, text fioni section 2Sl-t
Hill's Code, and rings the changes
theieon became I have not made
"levy and sale." To put it mildly this
Judge ceeniii to be angry hicausu tho
poor and hard preis.d tux-payers of
this county, who niv thott of money,
have not be. 'ii told out of house and
home and a little peitouul property
without ceremony and at great uacri-
i ticc. I cannot, hell w that an old
timer like Goi.dall is mi unkind or
harsh ih thai, but 1 do believe he is
anxious to create u feeling of irritation
nguinst me at this peculiar jiuipturo of
nl lairs.
I will add further that he at least is
mistaken, if he does not maliciously
misreprctent me, when ho intimates
as he does that no levies have been
made. Leiie have been mado, but
with tome jmtieme and exercise of
dijcret: oil tin tu.Mut on thiil uttiiched
property nave neen paid and not in
one instance lias mere
sale. J now submit
been a forced
the deliniiucnt
tax hut as it was given to me and im
it now stands. Gentlemen here it is
as It was turned over to mo August
the 20th, 188(5, a lUt that thottld have
been collected by former aheritl's and
Amt. turned to thurlll'.
At present,
. . Nothing
... ? M 32
il' 48
tii' at
402 38
L'ill 65
10 .
Hi' fit
J.Ti Mi
. 'J.'. I C i
. 1U.V1 ."57
. M'lL' 7.1
. .')0JI IV
?10 7J1 111
. f IX) 1 CO
Also 1 give hero a statement of tho
taxes of the yt-ar J8Sfi which properly
belong to me and it is expected of mo
to make a good bowing. Amount of
which was charged on the oii'-rjual tax
loll is W'l.OJg.LS. 1 mado flu-rill as
setsinenlf. to tho amount of .U ,('32.00,
making a total charged to me $(H,G7i,
t5. There Is now dilinqiiiTt on taid
tax roll us per lat settb niviit i;70l).30,
showing that 1 have colli cted O.'JJOS.
fio, or mom than was charged on tho
original tax roll 1,-ss the amount trims
fciTid o Walh.wa comity. Goodall
refers to th.- amount of delinquent tax
for the . vim r ltiiT. lie will knows
hut het.anls to niisliw.d tho people
that the tax of lbt7 j.ltu'uo delin
quent and at ih - li.i.fjMmHlelter was
published that I t'i I out huvt) the de
linquent Hi4 of mid, nor did I r-
eeio it until tin ii.,y of the
roNjixi'Kt j o; liVtt '.. k.