The Oregon scout. (Union, Union County, Or.) 188?-1918, November 25, 1887, Image 1

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The Oregon Scout,
An independent wcck'y jou-na!, issued ev
ery Saturday luon.iigby
1 Publishers and Proprietors.
A. K. .Ionks, t H. fiiANcnv,
Kditor. 1 Foi email.
One eopv, one ear $1 f0
" '" bix months ... 1.0U
" ' Ih.cj luontoH 75
Ininrialily Cash in Advance.
by chance subscriptions arc not paid till
end of year, tu-u dollar will In- charged.
llntcs of ailvcitising made known on ap
plication. flSTCorrcspondence from a'l parts of th.'
country sol cl;ed.
Adre-s nil communications to the OnrGON
Scour, Union Or. gon.
Attorney at Law.
Gill c'ing and proliate practice spcc'ul
ticd. Ofliec, two dours sou h of p ist-oHie.'.
Union, Oregon.
Attorney at Law
dot r ou h uf J 1). Ka m.'s stoic, Union,
Oieg n.
J N. GRO.M WKLL, M. D. ,
Physician and Surgeon.
Office, one door south of .1. H. Eaton's
store, Union, Or. gon.
Attorney at Lav,
Notary Pub ic, and Abst -actor of Ti les.
Oflice cjtate L inl till e b il.iliiiK. co.'ner
Jluin mm A Ktrceti, Inlou. Oregon.
Q H. DAY. M L).,
Physician ami Surgeon.
Oftiee ad oinin Joni's I'ro' store, fan
bo fU'id i iglits at the Cpntc.inial ho'.nl.
room No. 'JH.
M. IJAKi:n, J. V. riiin.To.v. J. V. IJakkii.
Attorneys at Law.
OFFICES Union and LaGrandn, Ore
gon, .pi' Attention given all business
entrus'fl to u.
Notarv Public.
15. F. WILSON.
Ex-Co. Clerk.
Conveyancers and Abstracters
Abstracts to Keal and Mining property
furnished on sliort notice, at reasonable
Sale of Real and Mining property nego
tiated. Collection business promptly at
tended to.
Odice next door south of Post-ollke. Un
ion, Oregon.
Watchmakers & Jewelers,
Union, Oregon.
Clocks and Jewelry For Sale.
JtrpnlrlnK nt Moderate l.ntcii.
Call and examine our goods and prices.
Geo. Wkksiit,
W. T. WmoiiT,
First Mmi hi
Does n Genoral Hanking Ilusinus. Iluys
and mi'IU tx hunge, a ul nKcounti roiuiner
clul jiaper.
Co lirijons em fully at 'ended to, and
pMii.ptly rcj oru d
Cor. Ma'n an ! I) St. rnlon. tmut,
hlimiUAN A U I.I Y, IT .
Mmiuf u cr a ili!eir 1 1 i 1 "v.n-
I n 11 . . i
oto. Or-
Kentucky Licmor Store
Kidneyliver iedicine
xevjsh K.vo:J?r to r.ur
CUKKS ail Ulacasei of tlio ICldnoj-R,
Xivcr, J'.lailder, aud ITrinary Orjjan:
Brojisy, Gravel, Iin!etcs, l'.rlgtit'o
Disease, I'nlns i ttio IJacJ:,
Loins, or .Side; He tcntiun or
Kan-li e t en Ion o f XI rln o,
Jfcrvous iJ'sea .es, 1'eajalo
Vrea'tncsscs, Kxecsscs, .Taundlco,
KitiouEiicss, Headache, Dour Utomach
Dyspepsia, Const'yatlon, and riles.
cunns wiie:: ai.i, o'mi::t jiuuicines
TAIL, a: It !' : I'iror'.Jy ..-..1 ;-.t .ncc on t'.:o
Iliilnejc, ' "1 Jio-.icts, rostorlns
lltcw to a 1 raltliy aelloii. Ill NTS 11UMKDY U
a safe, cure, anJ ;)cci!y niro. r.itil .um'.;cJj liavo
brcn cured ly it wlicsi 1 hys! bi-J f irl lriend
1 ad j'.' c i t!if :: 7 1 ' o c'o'.a.'-, Uy a4. i-r:rr3 i:r.Mi:rv.
Bladder, I'rii.ary a..d I r Diseases, Dropsy,
Oravol, and Diabetes, an d by
tut: v-v.ui t,u;j,v
cures Driglit'a Elica e r.e'.ention or Kon-Iletcn-tloa
of Tiinc, rlns U. ths Back, Loiru, or Side.
cures, irervous Disciacs Cencril
Debility, r ma'o '.""a .ncss, sr.d neccsis.
cures r.iU.msnc;?, Uendachc, Jaundice, Sour
S'Dtnacli, Dyspcp la, Constipation and Pile.
ACTS AT 0:;CI", on tho ICldncya, T.Ivor,
and Bowola, rcstorit'.": tlicm to a healthy
action, and CUKES when all other medicines
fail. Hundreds have licen raved m ho l.avt lec
ven up to (Mo V fr'endi and pliya.'danc.
KidneyUver Medicine
.v;rri ro;r to sail.
IIUVT'fi KF.MI ' jaa caved from lia
jerinff dl coso an t dcatl hundreds who han
been ,i?en up by pi.ytic a .3 tj die.
HUNT'S KEMEDYcureo nil DUoaRoii
of tho Kidneys, Illaddor, Urinary Or
rjnns, Dropsy, Gravel, Dlatole and
Incontinence nr.d Ketentlon cf Urlno.
IIUWT'fi rEJfEDV cnCLUrajcs tleop,
trca'.cJ oa oppo ! lracoi up t .8 iytem, aitd
renewed heal.h 1$ tlio rosuP.
IIUST'S ItKMI-'UV c respnlnln tho
Side, Vack c r Loins, C ucrnl Doblllty,
rcsislo XMseaaeH, r isturbeel Bleep,
Loss o.Aipt)lllo arid Jrlsht's Dlseaie,
HUNT'S KKSIEDV qalcldy Induces the
L,7ver tu healthy action, removing tho causes
thatrroduso Klllous Headache, Dyspep
blo, Scur fitomacli, Costlvcncsn, I'llea,
By f.j v o f nUNT'T ur.Ml'.DY the
Et-iroacli tsi.l lwth will r xJlly rcpiln their
ttrencth, ami tiio blood will r i perfectly puriCvd,
HUNT'U ItUJtllllV ii purely vejeUMe,
and inic's a mut never before fuinhiiiod tu tho
pucJe, and the utmost rslnea may ho placed
la It.
HUNT'S KKJinnY l.i iropnred ex
promly for tlio nhovo dUnascN, unit
has never been Kniixui to fall.
Ono trial ivlll convlnco -on. Toi
aol, nil Driifrclsts.
' amphltt to
This space is jdven for the ifc and
benelit of our local writers of verse,
and we hope to make It a pleasing feature
of the paper. To that end contributions are
solicited, but they must povsetK undoubted
literary merit to ohtiiin place and recogni
tion here. Ed.)
Ah Poey I like some sweet floivrct newly
Tiiat dheds its yagrance throng b tho am
bient air;
Thou b' eatliest thy music through the soul,
tin ugii torn
With bitter grief, and sublunary care.
Thy spirit li t me .share.
From tkv nweot fountain sip its dewy balm
Soothed by the .strains Castalia'.s Nymphs
Whence nothing comes to mar its holv calm,
Or turn astray the kindly feeling heart
With sly ensnaring art,
Tis time to weave thv hoft, enchanting spoil.
Through souls that's tarnished with the
world's dark stain ;
Teach them to raNc their voices, and to swell
, Their songs in harmony with God's own
Through Nature's wide domain
List to the murmur of the ocean's voice.
To hear a' pooivt in the wind's low wail,
'Neath the sweet .strains of I'liilomella's
Divine instinctively her former tale,
And with her to bewail.
And then again, Oh Poesy! 'tis thine
To rouse tri'tn out its listless npatuy,
The latent tire in the soul divine.
To love, to grandeur, and to peace, and
And .sweetest melody!
Nor is this all ! with ringing voice and strong
'Tis thine to drive dark Error from the
earth .
Aud with fairTruth to overpower the wrong
And to Mclcheedco restore his ancient
E'en to the cuds of earth !
Amos K. Jo.nbx.
Washington, Nov. 12th, 18S7.
To the editor of the Oekuon Scout. 1
Iu no citv of the United Stsiteii was
there more general and profound in
terest in the recent election than in
Washington, for here are temporarily
domiciled representatives of every
State and Territory of the Union, uh
u cenerul thinir their tenure of nlacu
being in a large measure dependent
upon the changing fortunes of politics.
Realizing the force of thin truth, your
correspondent, on liiht Tuesday night,
strolled out ou Pennsylvania avenue,
and joined a throng of over one thous
and men, who were tolidly ninptfod iu
frout of the Daily I'ost building, where
the election returns weie displayed in
an upper story window by means' of a
stereoptieon. The crowd was us good
humored as it was largo and was per
fectly orderly; as (he news was blazon
ed forth there were Republican cheers
and Democratic cheers quickly follow
ing each other.
At the White House, President
Cleveland had a special wire, and toon
after the New York figures began to
flush forth, the Chief Magistrate face
.was wreathed in a smile that was
child-like and bland, and when lie re
tired to rest for the night, he doubtless
had bright visions of a second term in
the historic mansion.
It is lets than a month now till the
meeting of Congress, and the popular
interest is focused upon the probable
course of that lody, in regard to econ
omic questions more especially the
taiifT which over-shadows all others. I
believe there will be a substantial re
duction, both in enstom duties ami in
ternal revenue taxation, for unless
both are reduced, neither is likely to
be as fetich legislation will probably bo
in the nature of a compromise. That
the present tariff should be re-adjusted
is the opinion of the brightest states
men of both parties the only question
being the desiied method.
Other important mutter that will en
gage the attention of our national law
makers, will be the proposition to
change the term for which Congress
men arc elected, and ulso to change
the time of meeting of Congress from
the first Monday in December to some
time in January. Under the present
system of Congressional service that
is, members of the House of Represen
tativer they are elected thirteen
months before taking their seats.
Thus a member's encccesor is elected
before the incumbent's term in half
out. This old-fogy plan aho tends to
destroy our theory of popular represen
tation, which is the cornei-stone of
true republican government, for a
Congressman, who reflected the wishes
of his constituents thirteen montlm ago,
may have drifted away from their
views upon vital questions by the pres
ent time. Evidently there is need of
real reform here, and it is to bo hoped
that u result tu greatly desired may bo
V Spicy Letter t'mm Our Ki-Riilnr
Weather cold.
No sleigh-riding yet.
Everybody beginning to "hole up."
The water that supplies Kudus &
Co's saw mill is causing tome trouble
now, by freezing up.
Pyle Canyon school is running along
nicely at present ; the fair representa
tion of thoughtful parent.-, and the
choice of an excellent teacher.
Mr. James Ilaynes, a resident of
Riiino Klat, near this place, moved in
to Union a few days ago on account, of
Mrs. Ilaynes' health; she is troubled
with consumption in a slight form.
Well, how lonely it seems here, this
winter! Our duneiiig people have all
gone ; our old dissipating friends have
become too pious to indulge in tho in
nocent sport any more, and we have
no literary organization yet. What,
shall wo do?
Miss Emily Ashbey, our over wel
come friend, returned from North Pow
der a few days ago, where she has been
working the past summer. She will
attend school in Pylo canyon, until
some young fellow, with silvery tongue
and pleading accents, happens along
to prevent it.
Mr. Ashbey and sons returned from
Jordan Valley I. T. where they have
been hunting and trapping for several
months. They report game very
scarce, and fur bearing animals not
very plenty, Our game is not as a
bundant as it u.-ed to be: the game
law should bu enforced more strictly.
B. W. 11.'
If you want your town to improve,
improve it. If you want, to make your
town lively, make it. Don't go to
sleep, but get up and work for it.
Puch. Advertise it. Talk about it,
and talk favorably. If yon liavu any
property, improve it. Paint your
houses; clean up your back yard.
Make your surroundings pleasant, and
you will feel better, and your property
will be wortli more dollars in the mar
ket. If you are doing reasonably wdl,
advise your far-away friends to come
and invest near you. Work steadily
for your home place and hoine inter
ests. Trade at home; help your homo
dealers. Keep your money at home
as much as possible, and it will bo like
ly to help you in return. Public im
provement is an investment that pays.
Don't waste your time over some dirty
neighborhood quarrel, and hold buck
your aid fiom some good object
through spite, but work for some good,
and you will find yourself benefitted.
Get at it. Wake up, rustle. There is
no time to be lost, and every little
helps. Toot your horn and toot it
The mastodon hones now on exhi
bition iu one of the cabinets of the
Alturus hotel are well worth examina
tion. Among them is a portion of a
tusk about 18 inches iu length. It is
estimated that the entire tuk was
eight feet in length. There are two
molars or grinding teeth of enormous
size, a femur or thigh bono, a kneu
cap, and several smaller hones.
They wero found in the gravel on
Snake river by somo placer miners.
Nota few of the citizens of Union have
recently Income great'y excited over the
astonishing facts, that seviral of Ui -ir
friends who had been pronoun. ed by their
physicians as incurable aud beyond nil hope
suffering with that dreaded monster, Con
sumption have been coiuplttely cured by
Dr. King's New Discovery for Coimuinp
Hon. the only remedy that does positively
cure all throat mid lung tiljcnjcs, Coughs,
Colds, Asthma mid Bronchltlv. Trial bot
tles free at Wright's drug store. Lurgo
bottles f 1.
Why buy from imigrivttng agents of
whom you know nothing, oithurof their
responsibility or tho character of stheir
goods, when there lire lespoiibiblu deal
ers located near you, who carry full
and complete lines of ull farm and mill
machinery and implements, and whore
success it is for your best interests to
support with your patronage? Frank
Bro's. Implement Co, of Island City
request .your consideration of their
vtf6 Jftrvt) ItAl UvuTlifvH ViWi tWin. U
The University.
lute routine; L.itter 1'rnm tlio ".Villous of
Mercou."---A !''ti:rnlilin; StiMo
November 21, lSfVT. 1
Editor Oimmox Scout:
A p r.-on visiting Eugene city, jud-j
ing Irum the l.irgr number of
oiiii brick businusH houses in construct- j
ion or just being finished, and tho ,
many elegant, residences throughout
tin.- suburbs that have been built
during the summer, would certainly
receive I lie impression that 'the boom
hud at last reached tho Willamette
valley. But on investigation ono finds
that neatly every new business block
lias been erected by men who huvo
been engaged in business here for
years simplv a growth of business,
and a desire to keep abreast of tho
The University of Oregon has given
an impetus and progicss to improve
ment that 'is truly wonderful. Fifty
thousand doll. tin per annum thrown
into circulation by the students alone,
is one of the main factors iu the prob
lem. Knowing a steady and perma
nent giowth is theirs, yet the people of
Eugene are anxiously awaiting the
completion of ihu 0. it C. railroad,
when the professional boomers of Cal
ifornia are expected to move, north
Everything here is favorable for them,
yet it will be a day "big with the fate
of Cito and of Rome" when they take
possession of Eugene.
The University of Oregon was never
in a more flourishing condition. The
attendance is larger than any former
year, and facilities for higher education
aie. being rapidly increased. It is
gradually being recognized as the
leading education I institution on the
northwest coast. Its endowments are
larger than any other Uuiverity in the
nor. Invest and it is fostered and nour
bhed by tho Statu whosu euro it is.
This institution belongs to tho State,
and every tux-payer should feel an in
terest in its pivio.-s, every county
judge should strive to see that his
district is represented to the fullest ex
tent of the scholarship privileges.
During thu summer the water works
have been extended', electric lights
have been placed in nearly nil the
bminess houses and have taken the
place of the old street lamps. Many
of the piiucipal streets have been
A subordinate lodge of the United
Order of Honor has been instituted at
this place.
Tiie market for wheat and hops is
ixliuinuly dull but very little of
either has reached market.
Tho new Baptist church, costing
nearly ifS.OOU, is about cotuplutud.
L. Jay.
Iu tho mutter of settlement with thu
usscshor; $1.2f0 allowed.
In tho matter of private road peti
tioned for by Martin utulj made a pub
lic road ; dismissed.
E. T. Neville road appraisers ap
pointed at former term to assess dama
ges, reported $800 damages, to bu paid
by the petitioners, and tho case con
tinued till the next term.
Ro.ul petitioned for by E. T. Mer
win ft ul; sustained and road ordered
Iu iho matter of Union county vs
Wallowa county; order issued for &100
as attorney fees.
Iu the matter of State of Oregon vs
Win. M. Bennett; the county judge oi
d red to settle the judgement against
him of $1,213.81, with Mrs. Bennett,
for a mere nominal sum,
Z. Tucker appointed constable for
Cornueojiiu precinct.
let that cold of yours run on. You think it
U alight thing. But It may run Into ea
tnrrh. Or into pneumonia, Or consump
tion. Catarrh is disgusting, rncuifionla is dan
gerous. Coiuumptioii.U death itself.
The breathing aparatus must hs kept
healthy aud clear of ull obstructions and
ollciiblvc mutter. Oiberwite there is trouble
All thodlscusptiof these parts, heud, nose,
tin out, brohehlul tubes and lungs, can bo
delightfully and entirely cured by the use
of Hoehee's (Jurinnn Syrup. If you don't
know ibis ulioady, thuiHiinds and thous-
uiiilsof p ople can tell you, They have
been cund hv it, and ' kimw how it Is tlieiu
r-elvi ' ll 'ttlu only 76 ceuts. Ask uny
Bubvoribv for Tub Oabw Bwr.
NO. 22.
News of tlin Weeli is Noted l).T onr Wltie
httiiI.1' i'nrrepniuteiit.
Novomlwr 23, 1SS7.
James Ilendershott went to. Halora,
this week, on business.
A number of young peoplo will trip
the light fantastic, at Medical springs,
Thanksgiving Eve.
Miss Alice Ncwby is in town and
will remain several weeks at tho resi
dence of Dr. McDonald.
Tlios. (Jwillim, pot-mntnr of Arca
dia, Wallowa county, was in town this
week and seems well pleased with hi.s
new home.
Miss Minnio Welch, of Pendleton,
is in town visiting relative. Her sis
ter, Miss Grace Welch, is attending
Ascension (school.
School in district No, !, two milea
north of town, is in session and is well
attended. Miss Nellie Stevens is em
ployed as toachur.
Miss Ettie Ilobbs, of Johnson coun
ty, Mo , arrived last week from hor
homo and is visiting in Lower Cow, at
hor sister's, Mrs. Wesley Duncan.
The directors of Frosty school dis
trict uro preparing for a fall term of
school which will comninnco Monday
Nov. 28th. Miss Xinienia Sanborn
h'as been engaged us teacher.
II. J. Geer and Son are busily en
gaged delivering trees and nursery
products throughout this and Baker
count yj Their wagon, this week, re
turned from Sparta and Pine valley.
The dime sociable at Mrs. I lender
shott's residence next Saturday evu
promises to bo very interesting. Tho
best musical talent of the place is en
gaged to render sougs during the
Saturday was a lively day in Cove,
turkey shoots, runaways, etc., etc. A
large iiuihIht of crack shots with an
eye to a fat fowl for Thanksgiving, con
tested for the turkeys 2f yards off
hand, 22 calibre. The runaway, fortu
nately, caused no serious damage,
although indulged iu by a four-horse
Royco fc Lunsing'H Musical Comedy
Co., which is billed to appear in Un
ion Dec. 2nd, is well known to A. J.
Foster and family of Cove. Tho mem
bers of tlin troupe were formerly fellow
townsmen of Mr. Foster who saya
they uro performers of extraordinary
ability. A large number from hero
will attend, a uuiuImt of tickets having
ahi'itdy Iwien purchased.
It is hard luck In shoot all day for
an old gobbler, at 2f cents a trip and
then not cuptnro him. W. M. You
ought to Iv a crack shot, like I am
then you would carry home thu turks.
N. S. Did you hear any one say
there is going to ou a show iu Union?
S. W. The supplications of thu
righteous availeth much. J. K. 8.
Funny an operator don't know where
to send a telegram when no address in
given B. Who was it that smote
my Ilery steeds with a cast off boot?
F. None of us are (scalped yet, but
how thirsty tho girls seem since thu
last issue of Till'. Scout. C.
Englo FoitthcrH.
November 20, lSb'7.
Great success to the OftKdON Scout.
It is the best paper 1 huvo seen ninco I
came here.
Mr. A. W. Parker is teaching school
in tho middle district, with a good
Mr. Fred Simonis and Miss. A aim
Evans were married about two weeka
ago, Success to them through life.
Wo are having splendid weather for
tho timo of year. Had about throe
inches of snow election day. Nowhavo
colli frosty nights.
Miss Elsie Officer, -of Pine Valley,
haw been over visiting relatives ajid
friends. Wo wero much pleased to ceo
her again in our littlu valley.
Messrs. 0. ('raig and L. h. Holeomb
and Mrc. G. W. Benuehoff liavo re
turned from the East. They cxprnw
themselves an being highly pleatI
with their trip.
Health geuurallj good with tbo ex
ception of a few. Mr. J. Uolcomb ha
a very sick littlogirl. Mre. Porry, who
has boou quite sick for fcomu five or nix
weeks, is now convalescent.
Our little valloy ia settling up very
rupidlv with immigrant from Miwoon.
Mr. S. Clover's sister aud family
are residing on Mr, Govct'h Uwl
in a new house which he had
built for them.
Ttnv a f'VroTYUiKiilrt-F; U. WiWWtt
Xfriib, Vtinni, OAVo.