The Oregon scout. (Union, Union County, Or.) 188?-1918, April 02, 1887, Image 4

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City and County Official Paper.
batmtlaj, Api.i mi, ifcb(.
The last giand jury made a most ex
cellent report of the condition of coun
ty nffairs. and showed zcul and con
Mn'ciitioiisucss in the discharge of their
duties very commendable. On ac
count of the length of the report wc
could not publish il at tint time,
which we regretted exceedingly, as it.
contained much information mid many
suggestions of interest to; the people
at large. That a very peculiar state
of affairs has existed heretofore is
shown by the following extract taken j
from it : I
''It appears from the licst Information I
wc can get on the Mibjeet that there Ins !
dcen various sunn i money collected ny
former sherilft and their deputies and by
".I.". " . ... ' . V.. .- .i . Vl " ... 'r...
I .1 !..,. ...I....1. 1 ... ,
unit the ruport for jtum nr
l ui in I' imi l ilt 1 11 uiivu iiuoiiimhi nu i
belli" offered when demand is made for
wlint shows on the book to be delinquent,
showinBrent cnrk's'iioH and wc lindcrim
iuiil nc)ditn In nut properly reporting
the public montKS collected mid for the
purpose of lenrnin to wht extent this han
been doiiu we would recommend Hint the
county court order tins publication of the
niinie-t rif nil di-Iin-picnts mid all amounts
due from them as such dclimUi'iit.. the
snmctobeu formal notice of such claims
by the county, and while on this subject
wc further tififst that the amount of Mich
items be t:ui elates that fall within I lie
terms (if the respective ex-oilleials of Oils
vounty and that luyment Ibeiccf be de- ,
nim,i...i if i.m..'i iu 1 , 1,,.;,. i,m,i 1
holders, so returning ns unpaid ami in
collected taxes wh: re 111 fuel tliev iiad jdven
out receltit'' fur Hie amc. and that if it be
cumes ncecxsary, that tic district attorney
In? rciiuested tii briiifr action axahiM the
parties mi in default and tlieir sureties ami
Ilia' there be no more delay about ntlcn
IhiK lo the matter."
A'e do not know (what action 'will
be taken by the county court in this
matter, but if as the grand jury seems
lo think, there has fcbeen ''criminal
negligence" on the part of any of our
cx-ollicials or tlieir deputies, action
cannot ho commenced too soon. A
public servant whose nature it is to be
"slippery" i about as contemptible 1
a being as (here is on the face of the
earth, and the sooner his rascality is ,
exposed the better. If he is honest, 1
but dull enough to einphiy and be :
hoodwinked by thieving deputies, he
Hhonld pay for his lolly,. and not allow
the peoplo to suffer through his inca
pacity. The same g'anil jury, we
believe, will serve at, the duly term
ami it is to he hoped they will contin
ue tncir endeavors to lntvo this uiat'er
The Salem Slutcmtm consoles itself
with the reduction that the inter-slate
commerce law, in raising the through
freights both ways, will furnish a
greater incentive to home mnuufactiirc
in the west. It thinks '-that U will
bo found cheaper to manufaetiiro the
raw materials at home than to ship
them to the eastern states, there to be
worked up and returned to us, paying
very high freight rates both ways. If,
ns it is hero predicted, the continued
operation of the law has this effect , it
will be a good thing tor the west, and
h"b will graduallyl grow to be more
independent of other sections in tho
matter of tho necessaries of life, com
iortand employment," On this hy
pothesis wo presume it would bo bet
ter not to have any railroad at all.
Wo doubt very much whether the ad
vance in freight rates will cause any
such result as predicted. .Should it
do no the law will prove boiiellclal,
mid in a way not contemplated when
It was enacted. We think it would be
better, us the railroads exist, to com
pel thoni to adjust their rates accor
ding to common sense and .reason,
and take our chances of having manu
factures, etc. in the future.
Recent disjmtehes from Wasldiigtoii
ftnte thtit the nrcsideut litis npiioiutcd
tho following as inter-state eoiiiiniss
ioners: Thomas M. Cooley, ot Mich
5Hn, for tho term of six years, Wm.
It. Morrison, of Illinois, for (he term
of tlvo year's; Augustus Sehoonuuiker,
of New York, for tho term of four
years; Aldaco K, Walker, of Vermont,
lor the term of three years; AValter S.
lU'tiKI?, f Alahama, for the term of
two years, Tho record" of eacli
0110 ofjthcsu gentlemen is also given at
some length. This latter information,
however, is of little importance, ns
tho only record of these men tho peo
plo care anything nnout, is the one
they will soon make as commission
ers. Unless they are utterly incor
ruptible thoy will scueuinh to the wily
blandishments of the railroad mag
nates, and this ,lhiw" with its mul
tiplicily of words and meaningless
sentences will ho 41 construed" accor
dingly. Wo nil know by everyday
uvontH that when tho railroad capital
ists Imvo need of one ot tho people's
champions, they generally trap lilm,
yank out his eyc-tcctli with a pair of
golden forceps, and he is "tlteirn."
It is to bo hoped, however, that tho
gentlemen' comprising this commiss
ion will prove exceptions to t lie rule,
mill bo nblc lofjnnd Foinct Iiinjr in 'tlic
law that will he n bcncllt lo the peo
ple, and some port of n safeguard
against those powerful railroad cor-
; mpoI thf!m tolnliy2,IIH,nMiro foi.cxt0l..
tion anil robbery.
We tiro inclined (to think that tho
law will be n failure was intended to
lie a failiiri! from its inception. If
some law could be enaclnd, in plain
linglish, dcllniug the rales that all
railroads should be allowed to charge
on long and short hauls , and making
it the duty of the county ofllcinls of
eachjcoiintyjthc roads puss through
toJco that the law is strictly enforced,
some good might come out of it. Ah
it is, there seems to he nothing in it
hut, sound and fury, signifying' noth
rhcrc is not within the limits of
IJastern Oregon n more beautiful and
attractive citv than Union, strangers
coming among us never tire of laud
ing our beautiful surroundings, our
many elegant and costly residences,
our natural resources, and the advan
tages that are ours by reason of loca
tion relative to the surrounding coun
try, and above all, the happy, pros
perous, contented condition of our
Whatever I nion is to-day it has
been made bv the demands of the.
,:,,. i, ila ,.iili..ninpfil
boom' which so often is the cuie
of many towns, but has grown on its
o wu ineritsaloue. It will never ret
rograde, and its iinproveinetsaie per
manent and lasting. Hut, while this
ie the case, wis are loth to admit that
many of our citiy,ens;seein to be con
tented with 'well enough" and do
not posses that untiring energy re
(ptired in the upbuilding of prosper
ous cities, and to keep pace with the
restless and pushing spirit ot tin: times.
In old settled countries a town might
remain the same for generations, hut
in a country like this, no place can bo
at it standstill. It must advance or
decline. Or if il does not actually
retrograde, in contrast with neighbor
ing towns that have kept up in the
race, it will appear to have done so.
All that is needed to make Union,
in the future, as it has been in Ihe
past, one of the foremost towns in
this section of the .Stale, is a liberal,
pushing and aggressive policy 011 the
part of her citizens. All the; natural
advantages essential to this end are
around us in abundance. Will our take advantage of them?
An exchange says truly that min
ing ground which is worth holding
is worth patenting. . A possess
ory title is good only so long as
there is actual and continuous po.-sess-iou
and tho reejuirmonls of the United
States and district laws tiro .strictly
complied with. The hitter are often
iiuihigoiiA, vague and conflicting.. It
is true they must boin accordance with
the national law, or they arn void but
it is never safe to trust to compliance
with them to the title of the ground.
A patent is the only sure ami enduring
title. Under it tho owner it the own
er is assured of his properly for all
time. Xo change in Tinted Stntes
laws can deprive him of it, forthegov
erninent having conveyed to the pur
chaser its title, has no more control
over thu mine lb in a private individ
ual would have over any piece ol prop,
trty after having deeded it to another
person for a certain sum or money.
It is as far beyond the roach tit Con
gress as a building lot in New York
City, or a farm in the slate of Massa
chusetts, (('round hold under the pos
sosory title is under the direct control
of tho government , and Congress can
dispose of it in any manner it choose;
therefore a claimant is always at the
mercy of that body and subject to its
caprices, until he purchases tho right
from actual owner, who is no less per
son than L'nele Sam himself. A pat
ent is not only tho cheapest, for it can
bo obtained at less cost than tho ex
pense of holding the ground under the
possessory method. Uvory minor
claiming ground which lie purposes to
work or sell, should by all means se
cure his titlo from the general govern
ment. milll IMMIIIUIW
Euoiiu CUy Notes.
Andy Titus is lioro again.
City election flret .Monday in April.
Tho Guard is to huvo n new power
Turner Station is to huvo a W. I . tel
egraph olllee.
The Haptists are talking of binding
a iffiOOO church.
The mammoth rcforvoir on tho Hut to
is about completed.
.laokionville is to huvo a railroad
connecting with tho O. it C.
Tho Knunn Heath Coiunany will
commence playing hero to-night,
MrMordoMu Donald, of tSuuunor
illo, return liouio again in April.
J'nif. IIiiMhiU loeturvd two
nights, on astrtniopiy last week.
The nt'w three dory Hoffman Hotel
was opened for bueinrw Ut Trewlny.
fpell." It is still to wet for farm work. ,
A tii1t .ttwl iiift wwini will wrwin '
be built in the north end of the court
Mrs. II. C. Humphrey, Miss Uet
tioShaw, relumed from u visit to Eas
tern Oregon, last Tuesday.
j connecting the engine room with the,
1 superintendent's odicc of the Eugene x
) iiiii jiimjii; mill j i tin ia i n j'nv
atcr t.o. '
The Commissioners of Lane County
have purchased KJO acres of land ,
which will be used for county and pau
per purposes.
The two story wooden structure on
corner of Utb aiid Willamette has been
torn .down. A largo brick will be erect
ed in its place this summer.
The Masons will during the summer
build a large brick temple on the cor
ner of Willamette and 8th, now occu
pied by a two story wooden building
which will be removed ns soon aa pos
sible. I,. Jay.
It Is the duty or every person who hns
used I'tofflirc't fiermwi Si'rup to let it.t won
derful iptalitics be known to their friends
111 ciirint? Consumption, 'severe Coughs.
Croup, Asthma, Pneumonia, and in fact nil
throat and lung diseases. X person can
uso it without immediate relief. Three do--im
will relieve any case, and we condiler it
the duty of all Druggists to ivcommend It
to the poor, dyinj.; consumptive, atleat to
try one buttle, as S0,000 dozen bottles wen
sold la"t year, and no one case where it
failed was repotted. .witeh a medicine as
the Gtnmin Syrup cannot he too widely
known. Ask your drui"t abotit it. Sam
ple bottles to try, old at Hi cents, ld-ular
size, '! cents. Hold by all Driljjists and
Dealers, In tho Cnlteil Mates and Canada.
l.iU'Ulon's Arnica sjnlro.
Tin: 1Ii:st In the world for Cut",
llriilses, Sires, ITIcers, Suit Hheum, KVvcr
Sores, Tetter, Clcvpped Hand, Chilblain,,
Corn, ami all Skin Kruptions, anil positive
ly cures Piles, or no pay reiiuired. It is
guaranteed to jjlve perfect satisfaction, or
money refunded. L'rie.i i'.'i cents per box.
For sale by J. T. Wright, Union, Oregon I
House, Sign and Carriage
Graining a Specialty.
Shop, Corner Main and A Streets, Union,
Main Street, Union, Oregon,
Keep constantly on hand
Coal Oil,
Lamp Supplies,,
and Blue Yitriol,
R. C. Greig's Drug
Toilet Articles.
& i
In lj.ttTt.t- Variety and at Very UcijMiabli
. Mi r
r v ' 'i ;i ..
mm .
I desire to inform die pubhi tbat 1 am
the Mileajjcut (or tlu niei.Mt. -I KNTKK-
tv. tiud invite niteiiil'iiK pur. hasen. to
come and examine the mu- now on exhibi
Hon at my place in Wit I'nion. 1 mn
cnivinca you will pronouiiw it tho bott
mill now mununu'tured. The wxireiuoly
low prices plutv t hem within tin- u iirh u
ail. I'ltvniurs ot win i nau- .mil iuiuip.
. ... . i: ..: ... . i i- tii...
l!l .nut luiuipo I
j Kirtuu. ,
miii on iipinn aiiiiii
ent on appli
do, -o-y 1 ,
fig mm ; r
11 t JZLmOS?
I nfSljfe I? ulu
.kVglhB W
III! a
.1 Til
.A. 1
I I d
7Ial:t direct,
in.-! It' ccivrd an Ininiuw Aock
wsa TO3Bn
rieasefcenij ai the i liowniL' pii' i s
I'.iu k
Guns, ilevolvcrs,
-Belonging t
Must, sliall and vdll
pnecs ever kncnvii
3 Tl.
m m mm m
ixr Tjisrzoisr
AdoSph Lew,
u Mb
. i MM
Jfnvinjt k-:iscd and thorou.nldy relitted the nunc. It will he wmw I united on an, en
tirely dillcrcut 'dan than licretofoi c, and no pain" will be spared to miike initroiis cum
focti'ibh'. In coomirtion with tho hotel is an cle.uant
Wheiu tlie finest Hrands of
Wines, Liquors and Cigars arc kept con
stantly on hand.
Thicpatnuoy of the p-tbli is xoliiitcd.
at cptiMFiTupnr
tvma ire
mm ii
Vy. D. BE8EPLESAIW, Proprietor.
Keeps o!istan'.y on hand a tidl assortment ot i e; tiling in ln.s lint , niiuiufactured
of tbt be.-t obtaiun'ilc. lie i.s now offer: iy lor Male the
T.Kt l.a S ,.,7,71c. ,,l
ever offered in
LEAD UAnNSCSS (Voin $2.r.
blamcets caoh.
AlMtii n'1,1, ..-m;i.ill'..l ot .sn il.s, Willi', AM.!'. (IKKAKK. IIAICAI'InS
first lass EstaDhshmerst.
j tiTCail and cxandne pio.i.s. (I M:tui SteMt, Huno, Qragun.
i m
mum i
Varisiy and Fancy Boob
f t 3 i nt. t t
' PltAMhfa, 1JIKI) V VCih.s, UU C'AHHIAGKS, lire.
Cumlios, Xuts ami Fruits, I'eviodicalw, Ifovolts, olts. etc.
tgsSQrilors from all
promptly attended to.
It IX-
31 'V t 1U U 3-1 Cfci V
Union. Onv"n,
of New Goedc-, which he will sell at'a
.L Mi. $kZW
with tho of other stores in the county :(
tincd Hay Forks
Manure Porks.
Ititke, and Hoc handles 25c.
Saws 7.rc. Hand Saws . . "flc.tgf 2M. '
60c, fpndes T60
.. . fine. Snaths 87e. ;
. 33' '.y. l'owdcr
?1.00. Jlntnmcrs ouc -
Boards .. 28e. Knrekn Wringers 2.B0.
t.,i Trnh. .. 2fie.
, , , or
Towel Hack -"c-
Siiifle trees, ironed
Xeek Yokes ,,
Tlii- Fines. A-sortmcnt of
Jn the County.
The Celebrated
and Amnnitiou.
bo sold nt the lowest
m liiastcni Oregon
m -s Ft i n . i
mi mum mil
Uiiijiorgn Oik si
Il rn.l.KK, I'ropi-ieror.
oimmis mm
mm m ,
7u. i.wr.
Eastern, Oregon,
to hv sot. liOilSIi
cuiiry vimm i2c. .
wised ?2S?k
Mil Mi
parts of the country
a it II S
tl. I
ItS'KU FHiST and C TT! !'.! T. ,11 1
prep r.'d to do ALL KIXDs il UL
IIHaH, and also make
I A sbure of the pil'lic patrnmi,;" -"li't.d.
1 All orders promptly attended to.
H. (!. EMERY, Union, Or.
Stailion For Sale.
B' virtue of in v nppointmcftt a- nn'iicr
in the case of J. Q. Mdrlcyv ; CinnU-v ;,.!
noiigh and 15. 8. Ilnllcy, n.v i"-ndm-r in
thoCireul) eivtirt of the Htale of (Hcl'oh,
fur Union countv. I wi'l. 'll the dav
i of April, lt'H7, in' front of tin' livcrj -i.dMo
I Ion count.'. Oregon, nt 2 oVlo-k i' M. of
; snhl day, sell to. the hl..-hcst bid le-. .n . -.lit
of six month with noiirovcl I'-i.ity, the
01 . 1 n. 1.11KIK, in nm town m omui. i n-
celebrated stallion, "Iron Dul c."
, t 11 il i;i'".'1-
, ESTIiAY c r:.
Taken in, Fii. 16;h. I'W". bv .r.'Jri P.yl.
at his pines' miles fturth o. I ...01. and
duly posted nccordhiir to l.iw. ". .ir
old'rwl steer.!Is'ble b-.-o. 1 i ' T-.rlit
, bin. Appraised by J. (S. H:eve;;s. ,r. 1'. a
1 Taken up 1y the uncterslirncd. 01,-bait
inile .south of 'Kluin. Unloii comity, Ore
' win. onu ivon irray mure. 5 years ;(.,
' hniids high, ui'iintclltribk ''rand on iht
1 shoulder, ids 1 on: blwk cn!t nearly a year
old. brundod with a tlnrc 5 ,m rc:!.t Minrtl
1 der, the 5- Ueinx cronvi e of 'Iviibi-r.
; ..;:'n.
The nlwvc . Mil iinel-i wire epofd-ed by
Nam e, Justic of tiie IVik-c, led an Valley
I prceiiHft, us fol'oo : Mare, fiiMM; i'"ll-.
j .t0O. A TcrwiH;f?r IHic: sworn .r - the
aliove is as tre a description r. bf can
1 give of said animal:!.
Taken no Feb bvC. W. l ulv,
at bis farni in Knl w.iky, X." lt-ii;r i'.
0..ied (u!y po-ttil. 0110 iron Iiore
nb'itlt 5 yer'r-i ohl." tl ha'ids- h'eb, t-.nidcd
with. n u ulie'iai' T low down on U it Inml b r
the thlikisof t?ln unibor bciurj d t the
bottom of the ?vin of Ibe T. .u r ns l at
f ,'0 by ( '. T. Wis iju.-eil-e of th" IV u .
Taken up hv A. K Kato'i. of Un'on, Un
1 ion ((Hill, srejo.i, rr.'!-b!: 'i st .'I'. 11 coll,.
rfuM'dlnni sir,'. Sirl luh.' nrrsold.
' Huui'li white .-l: 'lo .'(elua i
s,,P. i:n!hmri.m-h..-.,,'ri.i- m"!?,
' has been du!f po-.ti'd accord: ie. t in .
, A. L. ::. toy.
V i" V , :,."'iv..' ... . ',
Taken up icc. 1st b.s'i, by .Io--;i!i ,-;bi-p-
m Ma
on left Mi'iul icr. mu ncirc li ivio : '..r
lilif? colt with hc. ..I: re and o' .ipp'.ii.-
ed at .fMi 0!) bv K. A. b e:-. Jr. tic c th.i
1 pe-ico, i'i'ie '. .iliev pp cir.e! .
nu o n 1 hi i" ' i "i o' j v
t'' '-'.s. S
'"'ii? iirenaiatiun mora
Iho '.'"n.reJ m-om end XV-rCKn conn
trwn. tao i.'Mli.hem . hn h n'ttio
Anii.'wrn m'ntii:i:o toct .-s nor,
' lit, ltvrrs. I'll 'I"-IH n ik tuiv-
.'..u .,,0 1.1" 1'. 111 ITniii'il Mntc'.Jiml
(lorav.y, Mt.l IVot!5r ccwiij-.s '1 hflr c-.iwn-c-iuo
i unmiu.-u(ii anil the r f.icilitte'. ero uuimr-
in tlia I'atotti l(!ii en t'.iir.i, rm' w--.. Ii-r.m M-r-inaHon.ibj.
rii.cli'Ti-H cir.i-'itiiCaoa 01 moili'll
cr ilmitm-i .iKI liv rc,;l f . r
i n Llio V 'A -: Tl' A Til P 15 1 C A . . 1; idi a
t!io i6rjivteiro'ila.!i.iii nnd ii .'Mn:.iil iti..uent nl
ny- poT nl Ua kin.t puMinhd m tin. world.
T!im d'inrtxa cf anch. tt noouo every jutoaUo
"fU'wanrt ?ri'oT).lMt niuiilrMoil Tiowp.nrier
I , T,uMi.-.inl KJ'lICh V nt f ;.') ' ' nr. .mil w
iidin'ttl t s tho rlimroiivi'tr... in t-' oner,
uri'.Vwiul, l:.7nntiins mimiwrr iii.' v . fj1
olhw Aoa(rtian.".ta of imtnatrit.l i i . lmu
liii i'.l in ro" country. It conuimM'i ' Mim - "J
r.l! i.ircr.i.jts r.ndtitlonf mn'iiiv "'ti.i i lutnMril
i-i mi in tic. 'liv It. four UKiiulu i i.' o::o iljlior.
tiu'iihv ill nrws Staler.
IK o lifvo n inrcntlr.n In vil"-it write V
Marli : Co.-, vnj".i-in"'J in' H;en.. j Aiaini'ib,
51 H aiutimv, .! rr't ,
Itunubou!. ..Si.nit i 'i' !' i m ,.
u iiriy.ndi-MMier Kee,
Oflk'e, im.i wu ctn obtain I'ati'ivs hi les
t',., tli)Ui itmot,. from V, jiMimton,
SendM()l)KLorUUWl(.. Weadvi-o
js to puntcnt'i'ipilv free of i h.irr" ; and wc
mnko Xi) ('HAKfKi:NLlS i'Al'KNT Iti
We refer, her -, to the iktuia-tei tho
stipt. of Momy oior idv., t.d t.. oil., juts
ents in vtmr own Htte or County, wnie to
op;,,it,p,t,,i; w...d,, a -
cz nnn Ann proPI EllSE
iii Wjwv ww
O. tH. FERRY & CO.
lllu.lrjlfl. '
CPlpllu il r cril
For I0B7
ill ho muled
FREE to all
f , ' '.fvjliry -Nv, rustoracra
(&L ,' I WA ' . 1 witliuntor-
in'.t ot
f --hlll!.si (mM
if. ' rorii Addreee
C. M. FEKFT !i CO.
Dst.oit, fii:ch.
T 1. ' ( I'l .'!"! I'll. ' tl' 11 and "f I ' m jn 1 1 i
lia i' rcopuifd my
1 fl&a
r R9M:
4SM5X -W.1- . m ,..i.i.'ur.