The Oregon scout. (Union, Union County, Or.) 188?-1918, February 26, 1887, Image 7

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    An Opportunity for Old IU utile.
Anybody wishing to buy a second-linnd
husband clienp should communicate with
that Iowa girl who carried on a courtship
through a matrimonial bureau with n
"wealthy stock niiier" of Nebr.iaVn, who,
alter she had been mnrrieil to him, turned
out to be a hotel porter with arm glass eye.
She will dispone ot her interest in him so
cheap it would rnnks your hcml swim.
Chicago Telegram.
Anybody troubled with rheumatism,
neuralgia, Hliff neck, nr any pain or ache
should procure a bottle ot Salvation Oil at
once. Price 25 rents.
Queen Marfihuritn, of Italy, has a strong
preference for women physicians.
How to Onln IMeli and Strength.
Use after each meal Scott's Emulsion
Tfith Hypophosphitcs. It is as palatable
as milk, and eaily digested. The rapidity
with which delicate peopl improve with Its
use is wonderful. Use it and try your
weight. As a remedy for Consumption,
Throat affections and Bronchitis, it is un
equaled. Please read: "I lined Scott's
Emulsion in a child eight mouths old with
good results. Ho gained four pounds in n
very short lime." Tno. Piiim, M. D.,
It only takes half a hog to make its tore
quarters. 'Concentril I.lvcr Is Frequent In tlie
Bprlng, and is relieved by Cakikk's Littlb
Livek Pir.i.s.
It doesn't require nn emetic to make one
throw up a poor poker hand.
Von f'nn't ItenttTlilq
without wishing to investigate, if you nre
wise. Send your address to Hallctt it Co.,
Portland, Maine, nnd you will receive, free,
full information about work that you can
do, nnd live at home, wheruver you are lo
cated, at which you can cum from $5 to $-
and upwards daily. Some have earned
ovorSiiO in a day. Capital not required;you
are started free. All is new. Itoth seics;
all ages. Sung little fortunes uwait all
The ship-yard in Chester, Pa., will be
operated by John Roach's sons.
in: AO THIS.
Fifty thousand mnmmoth cluster rasp
berry, best black, SI per 100, SGyer '.000;
ir,000 grey raspberry, largest black, $1 per
100, 50 ler J, 000; 10,000 Turner, red, rnsp
beiy. $1 per 100; 50 per 1,000.
Strawberry, Beet potato, cablings and
tomato plants for sale in season, and a
general assortment of green house and bed
ding plants. Send for price list.
V. J. licsshit, I'lattsmouth, Neb.
There are 113 fanners in tho Connecticut
Lyan'K Patent Heel StlfTencr Is tlie only Invention
tluu luukes ohl bools ctralijiit as new.
I'gypt lias raised the blockade of the
Obktlnatn Cnntlpntloii ICcndlly
Yields to tho regular use of Caiuuk's Little
People who trust luck find collections
The Omaha Type foundry can furnish
new newspaper outfits on hort notice.
Prices same ns in Chicago and freight
already paid to Omaha.
Nover peddle other people's faults so long
ns you have any of your own on hand.
Lii-K is burdensome, nlike to the sufferer
nnd all around him, while dyspepsia and
its attendingevils holdssway. Complaints
of this nature can be speedily cured by
taking Prickly Ash Hitlers regularly.
Thousands once thus ufllicted now bear
cheerful testimony ns to its merits.
The foreign powers mobilize their troops.
Here we vaccina o Vm.
For ALL of those Painful
Delicate Complaints and
Complicated trouble! and
Weaknesses so common
among our Wives, Mothers,
and Daughters.
It tall cure rnffre!
troublcSf Inla n m a-
lion ami Ulcera.
i Displacements! it
Z contapitnt spinal
nun, 4u,iiu urn,
yffj. f jf. Weakness, nnd II
fX4s.j. particularly
Hi" Woman'n Pure Frlenrt eha,w, ,.
ITIniiti rsiNuTooviRwonanDwosiitii. Itkzvuves
rttNTxzsa, rurmvoT, iuu cmnxa rem snMiu.vrs,
axd Rruxrr.i wr.n.vfa or the btovxcil Cunns Llu
connnon. JlivnTRCAi.riiKronsrsKiifdftout nix.
p7"Mold by JJruKsists. Price. $1. per bottle.
One auent (Merchant only) warned In every town tor
Wo have handled your cigars for moro
tlinn 15 years. Your "TansiU's Punch" is
the best selling and most popular nickel
cigar we have sold, and is still our leading
Cc cigar.
John U. Fohtf.u tc Co.,
Druggists, Kockford. III.
Address It. XV. TANMLIi Jc CO., Chicago.
Lumplelc t.anten Uuuit ami
Illustrated Catabigut of Harden
llrc nn.1 i'Ulil tWili. l'l.ntB.
Bulbs, Uardenioola, New Varieties of l'otatoes.etc ,tc ,
muitel tree, General agents for Mrobrldge Hroad
east Sower Address, IOWA NIH'.II CO., WLula
aale and lUtall Beedmen, Ilia Hoists, luvva.
and all their Imperfection, Including Fa.
rial lietrlopnii nr, llairnml hialp, huper
lluoua llalr. lltnn Maikx, Jlolea, Warta,
Moth, KiccUc. Hed Nowi. Acne, lllaclc
Head. Rears. Viltln anil their trealment.
t I "rnd inc. for book of Kpngeii,4th edition.
II. H xxUur?, 87 X. IVarlSL. Alt.aiiy.Y7, EH VU 1K0.
Iresli. Hellablet Wholesale at
ltetall. Free by mull ut B and
II cts. per larno pack kb. Mum-
V,'. .. Heauuful Illustrated Catuloirue FICadf:.
11 , iilckiiek, Koclrfurd Seed Karm, llockford, III
IHE-OPIUM Ilnblt I'alnlenslj
Cured at Home. Treatment
tent on thai aid NO I'AV aakod
until you nre benefited. Terms J-ow
Ilumatue 1
muo ltcuscdy Co., Lul" ayette, lad.
HOMtT RTUOY. Dook-keeplnf. Huslnen
hand i? .i lo'ft i'enmanalil.Aru!iiiietlc. bliurt
Of Ot P n;at W. .V,
U. 0, Send for Circular.
wuuwii, Mala.
tJ.".p.l"i,l,,a 'i''" Cure, la 10
lo:io.lya. -Nopy tin OareO.
C to .S8 ? df7 5mpJ, worth 1 U Hike. Unea
terms circular address Ji atiok ai, fua Co. Culca-o
b ir a' ,
THE . . !. FATE.
A Cruel Vrr-fi " ! l'l Tlnifs .Ttore
Tt.! 4'ov.
ICot ninny ib in in this country,
the people ci- .x iled over witrhrmft.
Persons suspoctrd eiv Ihrown into the
water; if not witclu'f tliey would drown; if
they were witche. t'n.-y would swim nhnre
nnd would be put to death! In any event,
they were doomed!
Not many years a;o if a person were
taken sick with advanced disorder of the
kidneys, the physician Mould piouoiiuce
tho disense Height's disease, and when so
declared, he regn riled Ins responsibility at
an end, for medical authority admitted
that the disease was incurable.
When the physician found a patient thin
alllictcd, lie would say, "Oh, n sliulit at
tack of tlie kidneys; will be alight in a lit
tle while." He knew to the contrary. Hut
it he could keep his pat'ent on his hands
for it few months, lie knew he would derive
n sreat revenue from his rase, and then
when the disease had progressed to a cer
tain stnge, he would state the tacts mid re
tire, exonerated from all blame.
Hut the error of supposing the disease in
curable, lias swayed the public mind, long
after the fact hod ceased to lie. Hut pub
public opinion has been educated to th
truo status of tho cuse by those- who liavo
discounted the incurability theory, and the
public recognizes nnd testifies to the fact
that Warner's safe euro is a specific for
this disease. This hns been shown witli
thousands ot testimonials.
Upon referring to them In our files we find
that $5,000 reward will bo given to nny
one who can prove that so far as the manu
facturers know thpy aio not genuine, nnd
that hundreds of thousands similar In
character could bo published, if ituete
This condition of tilings is very nmining
to tho journalist, who looks upon all sides
ot every rpiestion. Proof should be ac
cepted by all, but prejudice fights proof for
runny years. It seems strange that when
a proprietary medicine is doing the good
that Warner's snfo cure is that tho physi
cians do not publicly endorso it. Many of
them, wo nro told, privately prescribe it.
A few yenrs ngo, ns stated, when a man
had Uright's disease, the doctor lioldly an
nounced it, because he thought it relieved
him of responsibility.
To-dny when prominent people nro dy
ing (ami hundreds of thousands ot com
mon people die of tlie sumo disenso), wo
are told that doctors disguise tho fact that
it is Hright's disease of tlio kidneys and say
that they die of paralysis, of apoplexy, of
pneumonia, of consumption, of general de
bility, ot rheumatism, of heart disease, of
blood poisoning, or some other of the
unmes of the direct effectsof kldneydisease.
They nre not the real disease itself.
Wo sometimes, wonder if they avoid
stating the real cause of disease for
fear they will drivo the publ c into patron
age of the only scientific proprietary spe
cific for kidney disease and tho thousand
nnd one diseases that originate in inactive
Wo do not believe every advertisement
we read. Poino people perhaps may regard
this article as an advertisement and will
not believe it, but we are candid enough to
sny that we believe tho parties above men
tioned have stated their case and proved
it, and under such circumstances the pub
lic is unwiso if it is longer influenced by ad
verse prejudice.
Arrival of Another Party from IUuokc
!I on.
New Oilenns (La.) rirayune, .Inn. 39. 1SS7.
Among tho recent arrivals at tlie St.
Charles Hotel are Mr. and Mrs. John
Camnbell and little daimhtor, from
Muskegon, Mieh. This pleasant event
is noted not because the name of
Campbell is novel on the hotel regis
try, but on account of the circum
stances which produced the autograph
of the gentleman above named.
Mr. John Campbell is a worthy citi
zen of North Muskegon, Mich., and a
member of the firm of Gow Majo it
Co., extensive dealers in lumber.
Though a young man, he has, by
energy and close application, assisted
in building up a business, which live
years ago was started on the most
limited capital, and to-day takes a
front rank in tho city of Muskegon.
Knowing Mr. Charles J. Herrmann,
who resides in Muskegon, and having
heard of the good luck of that gentle
man in tho drawing of-Tho Louisiana
State Lottery, Oct. 12th, 1880, when
Mr. Herrmann, on an investment of
SI, won $15,000 of tho capital prize
of $75,000. Mr. Campbell, at tho
suggestion of his wife, wrote to tho
Company in theearlypart of January
for one-tenth ticket In the grand draw
ing of tho 11th inst., with $1 enclosed.
Ticket No. 91,000 was immediately
forwarded and it proved to bo .the
winner of tho capital prize, $150,000.
The pleasing intelligence of his good
fortune was imparted to him by his
friend, Charley Dun, a fellow-townsman,
through a dispatch from the
Lottery Company, and Mr. Campbell
immediately made arrangements to
gratify a long-cherished desire, viz: to
visit with his wife the ancient Crescent
It may bo mentioned that before ho
knewof'his success, his wifo as with
prophetic soul remarked: "My dear,
if wo should bo fortunate and win a
big prize, wo will surprise father with
a nice check, won't we?" to which
John cordially assented.
On Thursday, Mr. Campbell pre
sented himself at tho Lottery Com
pany's oflice, and received a check on
tho Louisiana National Hank for $15,
000 in exchango lor tho one-tenth
ticket he had held. This ho con
verted into sight drafts, not forget
ting one for father for $1,000.
Mr. and Mrs. Campbell will remain
in the city a few days, enjoying the
balmy climate nnd visiting places of
interest in nnd around town.
The blitzard is an institution peculiar to
To be free fioni kick-tieadacne, unions
nets, constipation, etc., use Carter's Little
Liver Pills. Strictly vegetable. Hie. gently
stimulate the liver uud free the atomucb
Jrom bile.
Mrs. Parsons snys she w ould have thrown
thut bomb lierselL
The Omaha Typ foundry can furnish
new newspaper outfits on short notice.
Prices aaiiiH us in I'lncugo uud fidlit
already paid to Ouiulia.
Curlou Afllntty Itotween n Triuili.
tin-fit nnd n .Muteli-llox.
Psychological experiences luivo In
come decidedly the fashion :it the Huh
of late, writes a Host on correspondent
of The Sew ork World. Whether this
is attributable to the vogue of tho Thco
soph cnl society during llishop's v.sif,
or the inllucnco of Kider Haggard's
thrilling tale.t, or to both, it is not cuV
to sny, but the fact remains. The most
recent event of this kind that has set
people wondering is a wanting expe
rience of Rev. Mr. Raymond, prine pal
of St. Mark's academy, in tlio pretty
suburb of Soiuhboroiigh. Mr. ltn
niond is a scholar and a clergyman of
high reputation and unimpeachable ver
acity. Here is his story:
"A few dats ngo 1 was rcturn'ng
homo after spending tlio holidavs in
Now York. As the train neared Boston
I put my hand in a pocket to get tho
check for my trunk It was not there.
To an oltl traveler of good memory and
preciso habits this was alarming, i
knew I had put the check in my left
hand trousers pocket, but 1 turned all
my pockets inside out in search, onh
to iind that tho the cheek had nbsolute
lv disappeared. , A search of the seat,
the iloor of this car, mv handbag ami
hat was alike unava ling. On nrriv ng
at Boston 1 told the baggage-master the
trouble at d identified the trunk. He
called in the superintendent, and I
made another thorough search for the
cheek in their presence. It could not
ho found. 1 was then required to de
scribe the contents of tho trunk, pro
duce the keys, and havo my descr plion
verilied. Filially, after pa ing for the
lost check and signing a receipt, I was
allowed to take the trunk away.
"Cietting into a cab, 1 drovo stra'glit
to my house in Southborouirh. It had
been left loeketl up and unoccupied m
my absence. Finding the air decidedly
eliilly. as soon as I got inside 1 deeded
to light a lire in the front grate. The
wood had been sot in the grate already
to kindle. Lift ng the lid tiiVtho match
box on tho mantoi-piece. I was aston
ished to seethe lost cheek lying on top
af tlio matches. As 1 remembered the
number. 'l.joO,' and it was one of tlno
uicklo-plated ones not commonly in use,
I knew it tit once. How it got
there I am utterly unable to explain.
All I know is that it was the identical
idicck I got in New York and which
lisappcarcd before 1 reached Boston.
I am that I did not put, it tlier-i
and, in fact, had not touched the match
box since entering the room until I
found it as I have described. I tilled
the box w th matches just before 1 left
for New York two weeks before, and
had no such check in my possession
then. The baggage-master, lo whom I
took it next day. recognized it as the
dim' that out tied me to the trunk, hut.
is 1 hail alreatlv paid for a duplicate, I
prevailed on him to keep it as a ma
.erial proof of this odd exper once."
Mr. Raymond has no theory of tho
ivhv and wherefore of this depraved
conduct on the part of the cheeit. and
resents nny idea of the. supernatural
ligniiicance in it with orthodox ardor.
Sam Jones's Aphorisms.
I despise these little two-wheeled
IM rather be a noble, gouerous sill
ier than a stingy Method. st.
I do not know any human be ng who
ins any spec al claim on (iod.
Clod never made two men alike, and,
f he did, one of them was of no ac
count. Jesus would put the angles on half
ations before he would let a oldier in
ii army sudor.
This world has been keeping its ems
poti for (J 0 JO years, and yet tliev have
.Hirer seen a good man want.
I loft mv feelings at home, for I
thought some fool in Boston might hurt
them if I brought them along.
The power of the pulpit is in the pew.
It is rough to put a preacher m an iee
jox, and thou curse him because ho w.ll
lot sweat.
They have been after mo about my
zramnmr long enough to straighten mo
5ut, but I always try to adapt my stylo
0 my congregation.
David was a great sinner, but David
was a magnificent repenter. He heat
my man of his dar s'i: dug, but ho also
oeat them all repenting.
There may be a lot of people who
?an boat mo in bring right, but there
ihall not be any man who can beat mo
repenting of anything I do wrong.
There may appear in my remarks
what seems to bu levity, but I would
rather have anything than that sober,
solid, hump-backed stillness some try
6 palm oil' as religion.
God is going through this world liuat
ng for every hungry man,, and when
the hungry world hears God ringing
his dinner hell the hungry men can
take oil' their hats, walk in and eat and
bo hungry ho more.
When a ropiesentntivo of the Metho-
1 st Church died on a hall-room lloor
young lady tho dovil came in, picked
lier up nodliy and ran oil' with her. I
will say this to you, you dancer that
5oes to ball-rooms: If you die, you die
an tho devil's territory.
A bov gets $10,000 in the Louisiana
State lottery, but I would rather bo a
boy who had ploughed a whole week for
?1. I would slap that dollar into my
pocket, push my breeches under my
lioad ut night and the eagle 011 that
dollar would turn into a uightingald
md sing me to sleep.
Many preachers say that a man Is
not religious because he has no morals.
Nonsense! One jnau gets religion and
ho jumps up and shouts tho praises to
CJod. Another man gives $1,000 to a
mission next Sunday, but never shouts.
Now, which would you bet on, if you
svero a betting man?
Warmth in l'uper.
It has been demonstrated that thoro
s much warmth in paper. An old
aowspupor cau bo appl oil so as to keep
jut a great doal of cold. Thut re
minds us that when wo ran for olllee
aiice and tho opposition "warmed" us,
wo too discovered that there was much
wurmth in paper. Texas SifUngs.
John nnd Jacob nro twins Un years old,
having each a head and a chest, but only
on abdomen and one pair of legs for the
two. Jacob nfovts the rij;ht leg, J0I111 the
left. They recently reidcd in Vlennn,
where they were being closely observed by
phynicUrtH, for ccording to the las.t report
regarding them, John was rery sick, nnd
it whs expected that it John died, Jacoti
would havo to follow into tlie grave. It is
reported that tlie twins were enpaecd to
visit the United States under Parnuin's
control, but in the event ot their death, the
monstrosity will go to nn anatomicnl
museum. From Dr. Foote'a Health
A single tact is worth a ship Innd ot ar
guments. This tuny well be applied to St.
Jacobs Oil, which is more efficacious than
all other liniments. Mr. John Gregg, a well
known citixen ot Wntsonville, California,
found it to bo Indispensable ns a cure tor
rheumatism. Price, fifty cents.
'The. Vopiilntlou of Spain.
Slgnor Stella says that in 1791) tho popu
lation of Spain scarcely reached 10,000,
000. but at the end ot ISStJ it exceeded
18,000,000, this being tantamount to nn
increnso of 8.40 per 1,000 inhabitants
every year. The agricultural population,
which wnB only n.Glfi.OOO eighty-five yenrs
ago, is now 0,a'J8,000, and tlio nrea under
cultivation lias increased from 511,000,000
to l'JH.TGO.OOO acres, while thcro are now
38,000,000 head ot cattlo as against just
half that number at the beginning ot the
century. The industrial population ot
Spain has risen from 1,035,000 to 3.03S,
000, and tho numbcrof manufactories, etc.,
from 833 to 13,01 l. Geographical News.
An ounce ot discretion is better than n
pound of knowledge Vhy not spend twenty-five
cents for n bottlo of Red Star Cough
Cure, and save n Inrgo doctor's bill?
YIio Meanest Dog 011 Uncord.
The other dny 1 saw a dog trying to bury
a live rabbit which ho had caught, ileheld
the rabbit in his mouth while ho dug it
grave with his pans. When the grave wns
prepared, ho put its unwilling occtipnnts
into it, covered it up carefully, nnd after
patting the dirt well with its paws retired
to a little distance and lay down wntcliing
it. Presently bunny, doubtless thinking
that tlie moment ot escnpo had nrrived,
nrose from tho tomb nnd stnrted off on n
run. Tho dog soon rntight him nnd burled
him again. Throe, times tho little, animal
resurrected itself and ench time tho dog
caught and buried it. but on tho fourth
trial concluded that tho rabbit was a little
too lively for a corpse, and killed it before
proceeding witli tlio obsequies. Uoinney
(Me.) Independent.
Dr. Hull's Cough Syrup gives by for the
best satisfaction and taues tlio lead ol all
cough preparations on our shelves. Car
pentcr it I'almeter, Jamestown, N. Y.
Secretary Whitney'8 baby is called tho
court liauy."
The Comuination ok I.NniiuniKNTs used
in making IIhow.n'h IIiionciiiai. Tiiociiks is
such as to give the best possible effect with
safely. They aro the best remedy In use
for Coughs, Colds, nnd Throat Diseases
Sold only in boxes, Prlco 25 cts.
The present session of congress expires
the 4lli ol March.
A Tribute to Amerlruii 0 1 11
were the recent awurdB at Liverpool and
Kdiuhurgh ot silver medals to Seabury &
Johnson, Pharmaceutical Chemisls, and
proprietors ot liensou's Capciuo Plaster
These plasters aro endorsed by 5,000
physicians and phnrmacistH as the only
reliable external remedy for coushs, colds,
rheumatism, tvc. Jiewure ol nostrums ad
vertised by epiacks.
The French government wishes to In
crease the duties on cereals.
All (Tien Are Not IC111I,
Neither aro all prepared remedies unre
liable. This Is proven by tho results follow
ing the uso ot Dr. Hai tor's lion Tonic for
dyspepsia, rheumatism, scrofula, jaundice,
torpid liver, and general weakness,
Tlio new state department at Washing
ton has 150 rooms anil cost $5,000,000.
Kvery 0110 is peifectly satislled who uses
Uuckitighaui's Dyo for the Whiskers,
The bowels may bo regulated, mid the
stomach sltengthened, witli Ayer's Pills.
Over 70,000 of the German reserves havo
been summoned for a ten days' drill.
lixcuraloiis to tlio Winter llcaoitu ot
tlio South.
The Wabnsh, St. Louis it Pacific Hy. aro
now selling round-trip tickets, good until
June 1st, 1887, at greatly reduced rates,
to Mobile, Now Orleans, Pensacola. Jack,
sonvillc, Codar Keys, and nil the principal
points in tlie south. For further informa
tion uud tickets, call on or writo V. K.
Moores, Ticket Agent, or G. N. Clayton,
Northwestern Passenger Agent, 1502 Par
nam Street, Umnha, Neb.
Hats come high but the ladles must hare
TThen Baby ni sick, wa gave her Cutorla,
Than (he waa a Child, abe cried for Caatorbt,
When aha becama illaa, abe clang to Castorla,
Whan aha had Cldldrau, she. gar thorn UutorU,
The ragman's business is picking up.
Pleo'e Ilemrdr for ( alar ill Is agreeable to use. It
If out a liquid nr a anull. U)c
Max Muller has recovered his honlth suf
ficiently to resume his literary labors.
Produce Ike Choicest lowers.
Vegetable and ('rutin, lloubles
ilCiulus. Mwoais. wmtiT. roriTOM, iuhui
you aeecataloK With HfUO Offers
An -
"Toga, ay
gi Oil ANYTHING IN THE NUIISKIIY LINK, without llrfct writlna
forour valuable FREE Cataloirue, tho I 21 LARGE GREENHOUSES
BEST woeier Issued, contalnlnc the liarrst Man and 33d YEAR. 7O0 ACRES.
Why did the Women
of this country use over thirteen million cakes c
Procter & Gamble's Lenox Soap in 1886?
Buy a cake of Lenox and you will soon understand why,
Browns Iron
Tha no Ml Ion has proliablj been aad thousands
at tlmoa .'How en Brown's Iron Illtlfra eura ttrrj'
thlna!" Wall. It domu't. Uut it doa cura anr diaMM
for which a ropuUbla phjalcian would praarnb I SOS
l'hrsiclans reonlta Iron aa tha hi roatoratlr
ant known to tha pro(a.lon, and loaulrr o( any
ipadlnf chamloAl ttnn will aubatantlaU th asaortion
tbav ttaira ara uora prpsratlons af Iron than of an
orbor aulwtanra uaad in mdlclna Thai ahowa con
elositalj that Iron la acanowladgod to ba tho mrt
luporUat factor in ocpoafol mad leal rtartlca It la,
howator, a rmarkUa fact, that prior to tha dlacor
irjof HltOWN'H IIMltf IUTTKKSn(wf
1 aatlaf actor; iron combination had arar boan found.
haadacha. or produca constipation all ther Iross
niadlclnrado. HltOWN'H IKON HITTKK8
rnrra Indlaeatlon, Illllananeaa, Weakness
Iljaprnaln, .llalarln, Chllla and Fevers,
Tired PrellncHenrrnl ficbllltr,Faln In tha
Side, Back or I.lmti,llrntnrtipandNenraU
kIr for all thasa ailmants Iron la praaeribad dall,
tninnta. Uka all other thoronch madlclnaa. tt acta
alowlr. Wtin taken by n't tha flrat symptom of
banent la ranawod anarsry Themnacltfttnenbacoraa
firmer, tha dirtlon Improraa. tha bowel ara actifa.
In mn tha elf act ia usually mora rapid and markad.
The eyes betfin at onca to brighten i tha akia elears
op: healthy color cornea tn tha rheeka; nenonsnaaa
disappear; functional derangetnenta become regu
lar, and If a nurvinc mother, abundant auatananoa
H supplied for tha child, ltemember Browna Iron
llilters la tha ONLY Iron medicine that la not in
jurious, rtaif ruy?ll rsrommtad it.
lha Genuine has Trade Mark and cmaseil red line
n wrapper. TAICI! NO OTIIIilt.
The best and surest Ilemcdy for Care of
nil diseases caused hy any derangement of
tho Liver, Kidneys, Stomach and llowels.
Dyipepsla, Sick Headache, Constipation,
lllllons Complaints and Malaria of all kinds
yield readily to tho beneficent influence of
It Is pleasant to the taste, tones np the
system, restores and preserves health.
It is purely Vegetnhle, and cannot fall to
provo beneficial, both to old and young;.
As n Wood Purllier It Is superior to all
others. Sold every where nt 31.00 a bottle.
II h-lioal A aula of .MoilnU In Kurope uiul
A in stick.
The neatest, aulckot, auiesi and most powerful
remedy known for Itlieuma Inn. 1'leurls. Neuralgia,
I.uinliimo. Hai liaclic. Vealtno-s. eulds (n thu chest
and nil eheand pains Kndorsed liy.vmi l'liyalclana
and DriiEKtsta uf the highest repute, llcnvju's lMas
trrs prumpilv relieve ami cure where in her plasters
and greasy saUea. liniments and lollous, are abso
lutely iiarleoa, lleirarc of Imitations under similar
inunrftng imincs. such ns "Capsicum," "Capucln,"
"Caimlcfiie." Hire are iitierlr wurllilea and In
tended to deceive AK I'or. llrsaoN'a NI Tarn no
oTimtV All iiriiKiflsta. bl'.AUUKir 4 JOHNSON,
l'roprlclora, New York.
I'rrtiieat uuuii avert
l'rlnlcil. Thousands of I
KiiKnivliiRS. Ho8tHKH.I
A cln-aiiost overurown.
1'kts :io Cheap at dirt bu
oz. it lb. 100000 vkts. new
sorts tlMrted TltlOH fo CluKmirr. I tflve
n wan ,n..ri, tltnil uittll, flrmn .el I . Hllfi flir HIV
Uutaloguo. il. H. Slniinwny, ltocliforil, 111.
The oldest medicine In the world Is probaMyl
Dr. Isnno Tliomnson'B
i:i.i:ieECA'i a:B i:vi; ivati:
Till" arltclo Is a carefully prepared Physlrlan'a pre
scription, and has hn-n Inconstant uso neiulv a centu
ry, and niilwlllielaiiillni; the many oilier preparations
that have heen lnlrodiii ed Into the market, the sale
of 1 tilts arth In ! constantly Increasing. If (tin direc
tions ait- f. Unwed It win never fall. We particularly
lnvlle the Hllrntlon of physlclana tn Itainrrlla.
With Asauta of tl,!i!i I.SHT.80.
Offers Investors nn opnonun ty tit place from
ll.iul.UI to l0.(im.U0 In a Ileal Kaluto Syndicate so
that It will nay overlUU per cent per annum nn Hie In
fcstment. Full Information furnished nn n plication.
Reference, all uieicnnlile ntcnclcs and the banks lu
Kansas City.
A Onod
A Hood Orifati for 00 Ot)
Wrltii for Cntalouuo of 10 (!HNT JMSIC, con
lalnliiR nauicsof IKU pieces of late and popular music
Amire... HUYETT BROS.,
St. .Tonojlll, BdClasaicsiai!.
reThe lamest aud oldest Music House on tbe Ml
auurl Itlvcr.
Plao'a namady for Oatarra la tka
IUa na PaM In that TTataL1
Headache, Hay Faver, Ac Meant.
f Import
ant Information. Send for
tTO., PMBioa ArroNii, oiuomo. liu
WE WANfVoul orT.TK
profitable employment to represent ua In aery
county. Salary ? lr month and eipcneee. or a
larte coiiiiuinelou on aalea If preferred, floods staple.
lCfery one buys. Outntand narllculara 1'rro. .
GENT Hants. lion'l buy till
eUUl l.liUia,Ulrewe,rTls.
(CapcinRQ I w
Hays been enjoyed bycltlion" of every townan
slty In the U 8. Marvelous Cures have been wit-,
nested by thousands of )oople, who can testify l
Hamlin's Wizard Oil.;
Neuralgia, Toothache, Headache, Earache
Calarrh, Croup, Soro Throat,
Lnmo Back, Slid Joints, Contracted Cords,
Sprains, Bruises, Burns, Fovcr Sores,
Wounds, Old Sores, Chilblains, Frost i
Bilos, Sore Nipples, Caked Breasts, and
All Aches and Pains, -
are quickly relieved hy thin mairlcal ratnedy 'fry It
once and yon will never bo without It. Ko lo tjr
UruKilsts. 1'rlce.fiOc. Our Soso Hook freo to all.'
Will purlfr the BLOOD rKuUt
lh LIVUn ana KiUNtY .Vii
la... . ll.UVAIrlI an,iVlil.
un or yuu jii aU)tic'iti." "
or Appeiiia". jnnicrucin,it ui r
Utrfnitin una iireu ffunu w i
ioluteiy curea: uonrn, niu-
flat. naarvatal rrlvft TitW 1
rorco. t nnifnt unwumu r
1 .11.. ltrnln PftWiT.
ladies j
aa. mm an "
riuuriii.rt a a.-... '-
I n nn. II ARTER 8 IRON i
Ihy completion. Friqnnt ijtlo mpt nt ""nr,rrW
Ins only mlil to the ropuUritjr of the orUlnM. 1
ng-iptjriiuoav c" fctD vn,wl""'
... i iiirB m I i a
'Cure Contiptlon.LlTr ComoUlnt and Sles
2ieiO0n. nirapm . r.v
tn ailed on receipt quuwuh
Address: DR. HARTER, Medical Co., St.Loufg-
- a taa "
f-puni '
TJio oldest and ER)
liirmt aafantifVaa
llithincnt Wrht
of thwMinrIsif1p-
nl, Over h'ichtv
llend of 1 'tire Hrrd
KfRh Ut (Ml nnd J
(Iriule IVrchf run
llotii ami ilai f r un hand,
alto a few rrrnidrd Im
portrd KrcncliCoAchf i a,
bave tlio i ink ami ex
)no of Ionic railroad
trip and tttlpplntr nnd
K t jour IlorM'tnt home
nnd cclltimtctl. ttfitlU
hie ntcii.wllh fp(nhllh
tI iPiiiitftllonnnlireetl
em. our Imported Stock all retdidf rtnl lu tho Perchfroa
htm I tmt k of Krnme and Ameilca, We guarantee all
Stock Urrfdcr Jtut n repi t-btiittd. bnd for catalogue
Number b ftt-e. Addiens,
Wakefield, Clay County, Kan.-
For lfi ytars 7trvn(
annoyed with catarrh, j
severe jwn in tit'tl
head, lheiares if.
mil t'lrthil ami un
plfamnt breath. J
iciik of smtll wa
much tmntiretl. II
have overcome thestt
truutAei irith Wj'af
( irrm lia'nx , ; l
t mr, .if. items tiotet.t n - rf
Jhvmlway, .V. fiTjakY "l.hCVC.Jt
A parth le la nnplled Into cacti nostril a id It airrea-
aute in use. rni-e
S'i eta.
hr mall nr at ilriiRitlita.
Kciid fur el'c
iiuuiiinus, uruKifiit.
Oaeuo. V.
And outers eutlerlnir iron
tiurvoua duhlllly .ethauatlnir
iccllna of youiia" or old ara
iioalllvely cuird hy Dr.
Home's famous rivclro
t. .1. Illt TtniiiiinH.
"iRtate In the union have lieen cured.
1 1 Instantly felt l'atenled and sold lo-
yeaia, Whole family can wear aame nelt. Kieeirio
Nu.peaaorleafrea lih mala tielra Avoid worthless Im
itations anu Iiokus companies I'.leetrle '1 rua.ea far
liunturc. 70U cured ln'H&. Krnd atattip foi painphUU
?ulelily raltaved by u.lnr Cuahmstn'a Blanlhot
iihnlVr and by continued ua elfect acuia. tiatle
faetlon (ruaranti ad or money refunded. It laU front
alt mrntiis to one year. I'rlca M eeiiUi by mail or at
druifiel.t- Clrculai a mailed on application.
H. O. CU8IIMAN, Three Rivera, Mloh.
xz sn
a Ton Vnon Hrnlra.
Ii.a Liirn, 8ul Ptailui., Bias
Tars Usaal aad Utata Has fur
(very til. male, far ftrr rle list.
ta.aiU. shl. paper til ..IJre.s
niNCIlAaiTUN.N. V.
Marvellous Memory
Wholly unlike Artlltvlal Systems-Cure of Ulnd Was
derlim -Any book leaniCAl lu one reading. Heavy rs
duutlona fur lKMtal clnatea. 'ruaclut. wllh opin
ions of Mr. I'Hiicroit, the Attruuniner, Iiona. W, VT.
AaTOM, JUDAH 1. lllNJAMIK, Dra. HuiOA. Wooo auX
titiieri.aeut tvjat mrx, by
837 Fifth Ave'ane, Weir Tork
awensBBBBr? el ae rtcoi(a
LeadliteNoj. 1 M.048, 130, 135, 333, T6T.
ITor Salo by nil Btntioners,
Woiki I Camdeu, N.J, 20 W St., Hm Yk'
W. . UH 0waU . U08
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