The Oregon scout. (Union, Union County, Or.) 188?-1918, January 02, 1886, Image 1

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    The Oregon Scout.
NO, 27. .
An Independent weekly Journal, Issued eve y
Snturdny by
l'ubllsliors und Proprietors.
A. K. Jones, I
( II. Chanckv,
I I'orciiuin,
i-t f.0
l m
Ono copy, ono year
" Six months
" " Threo months
Invnrlntily cusli In mlvnnpo.
If by nny chnnco Biib'crlptlous nro not nnld
till end ot ynnr. two dollars will bo chiii-jred.
lUtcsof advertising miulo known on nppli-
Correspondence from all parts of the county
Address nil communications to A. K. Jones,
r.uiior urcRon ccoui, I'nion, Ur.
IofIa;c Hlreetory.
Grand Koniif. Vallkv Loom:. No. no. A. F.
nnd A. M. Meets on tho second and fourth
brttuninj-B of each month.
O. F. Bem Y. M.
C. 13. Davis, Secretary.
Union Loikir, No. IRi. I. O. O. r Ilogulnr
meetings on Friday overlings of ench woeknt
their hall in Union. All brethren in good
standing' aro invited to attend. Ity order of
mo touge. s. v . IjONu, . u.
G. A. Thompson, Socy.
Cliurcli Directory.
M. E. Cmllicii Divlno service every Sunday
lit 11 n. in nml 7 ii. in. Sundnv school nt .1 n,
in. Prayer meeting every Thursday evening
uiu:,j. 11KV. ANUE11SON, 1'llBlUr.
PitrsnvTEitiAN Ciimtoii Hctrular church
services everv Subbath inorninir and evening,
Prayer meeting each week on, Wednesday
evening, ealiiiatn school every fcaiiiialh at
10 a. in. ltov. H. Vgknon Hick, Pastor,
St. John's Episcopal Ciiuiicii Servico
every Sunday nt 11 o clock a. in.
Kkv. W. It. Powell, Hector.
County Officers.
Judge A. C. Craig
Sheriff A. I.. Saunders
Clerk It. v. Wilson
Trensurcr A. F. Henson
School Superintendent J. I.. Hlndman
Surveyor E. Slmonls
Coroner E. II. Lewis
Geo. Acklos J no. Stonier
Stato Senator I.. II. Klnehart
F.T.Dick E. E.Taylor
City Officers.
ilnyor D. B. Itoes
S. A.Pursol W. D. neidleman
J.S. Elliott , Willis Skiff
.1. II. Eaton G. A. Thompson
Hfcordcr J. 11. Thomson
Marshal .- J. A.Dennoy
Treusuror J. I). Carroll
fetreot Commissioner L. Eaton
Departure or TrntiiN.
Itegulnr east bound trains loavo at 0:00 a
m. West bound trains leave at 4:20 p. m.
a'itokivky AT LAW.
Collecting and urobate nractico sneclaltles
Olllcc, two doors south of Postofllce, Union,
Attorney at Law and Notary Pale.
Olllcc, ono door south of J, 11. Eaton's store
Union, Oregon.
Physician and Surgeon
Office, one door south ot J. 11. Eaton's store,
Union, Oregon.
Has permanently located ut North Powder,
where no will answer all calls.
Union, .... Oregon.
IMiyKli'Inn mttl Surffm,
Union, Oregon.
Oftlco, Main street, next door to Jones Dros.'
variety store,
Hcsldence, Main street, second houie south
ot court houBu.
Chronic (llsoiisos a specialty.
Attorney and Connsellor at Law,
Rail BstAte, Law and Probato PrtotiJo will
rerriTC jpeclnl attention.
Otllco on A street, rear of State Land Office.
Attorney t, Itcul IMute
ii ml OlUuitlny Agent.
Land Oflicc BusinetS a Specialty.
Office at Alder, Union Co., Oregon.
Will practice, in Union, linker, Grunt,
Uinntillii nnd Morrow Counties, nlso in the
Kuprcme Court ol Oregon, the Dintriet,
Orcuit und tiupreme Courtu ol the United
Mining and Corporation biuine a up
i Olllcc in Union, Ou-jon.
Mlssi Hill's TMsnlny of Orlof on T.enrrt
liisof fho Senator's 1'ntnl 111
lleSH. Senator Sharon's death has revived
a great deal of tho interest that was
formerly manifested in him, writes a
San Francisco correspondent to The
New Yorh Sun, and his protracted
litigation with Sarah Althea Hill.
When Miss Hill was informed of Mr.
Sharon's approaching death she mani
fested great sorrow, wringing her hands
and storming tip and down tho room
because she could not be with him. She
lives comfortably in a houie by herself,
and has been busy of late in preparing
for her forthcoming appearance on the
stage. Upon tho announcement of
Sharon's fatal illness she soliloquized
over the situation, and, with tears in
her eyes, asked why it was that she, a
dutiful wife, must be kept from the bed
side of her husband when she know that
she could give him better caro than any
body else. She attributed all her sor
rows to his family, and declared that if
they were out of the way she would go
to him and ellect a reconciliation.
Her preparations for tho stage have
been made on the most elaborate scale,
and in utter deliancc of all precedents.
In her arrangements everything has
been subordinated to tho exhibition of
herself as the claimant for the Sharon
millions. Tho play in which site is to
appear, "The Merchant of Venice," lias
been rewritten in order to bring in a
hundred or more local gags, and in ono
or two places scones from tho famous
divorce trial have been introduced. Be
sides this she has determined to appear
in tho red velvet dress which she wore
at the wedding of Sharon's daughter to
Sir Thomas Hesketh, of England a
garment which was the gift of the sena
tor himself.
Most people are surprised at the
amount of property which Sharon died
possessed of. It had been supposed
that his estate was pretty well run
down, but it appears from the schedule
which he placed on rticonl that he wiis
worth $15,000,000 at least. The great
country place of Belmont, which fell
into his hands at tho time of tho failure
and death of its original owner, Mr.
Ralston, has been occupied of late by
Frank Ncwland, son-in-law of Sharon.
This place, about which so many mem
ories cluster, was never enjoyed by
Sharon as it was by Ralston. Sharon
visited it occasionally and remained
there a day or two at a time, but in the
main ho was satisfied to live in his well
furnished rooms in the city. His tastes
were all simple, and even when ho was
at Belmont over night ho invariablv
slept in the plancst room in that spa
cious mansion.
Belmont is about twenty-live miles
from this city on tho Southern Pacific
road, and is perhaps ten miles from the
ocean. 1 ho house is about half a mile
from the railroad, and is surrounded by
many dillerent varieties of trees, some
of them covered with clinginir ivv and
tropical vines. Although the architect
ure of tho house is not imnosiiir. the
mansion is of great size, with spacious
entrances, and taken together with the
magnificent landscape, it presents a
very inviting appearance. Standing on
i side hill, it is possible for guests on
any or the floors to walk out of their
rooms to graveled paths leading to tho
porches, while on tho other side fine
views of tho valley stretching away for
many miles may bo obtained.
Ralston furnished tho house without
regard to expense. Wherever solid
silver could bo used it was employed in
the ornamentation, and from -top to
bottom tho mansion is fairly lined with
tho costliest mirrors. It stands to-day
in about the saino condition that Ral
ston left it in. In tho days of its origi
nal owner Belmont was a place for the
entertainment of distinguished visitors
to tho coast. Hundreds of prominent
mon of both hemispheres have partaken
of its hospitality. Sinco it fell into
Siiaron's possession only ono great fete
has occurred there, and that on tho oc
clusion of tho marriage of his daughter
to Sir Thomas Hesketh. No money was
spared to mako this entertainment as
brilliant as any that over took place on
tho coast At was at this ceremony
that Sarah Athea HUH figured conspic
uously. She had only a little while be
fore formed tho acquaintance of Sharon
and ho purchased an outfit for her. In
tho splendid-decorated rooms in her
brilliant attiro sho cut a pretty big llg-
uro. hhe exacted liberal attention irom
tho mabter of tho place, and, lKisidcs be
ing introduced by him to many of tho
most prominent people present, it was
on his arm that sho leaned when sho
went forward to congratulate tho groom
and kiss tho brido. Many of Sharon's
friends have felt little sympathy for him
since it was discovered that Miss Hill
was the ono that ho so persistently
thrust upon their attention at the lies,
keth wedding. On her part It was the
triumph of her life, and it is not denied
that the millionaire's honors for her on
that evening have had a srood deal to do
in giving plausibility to her claim tha
sho was then his wife, as even his
friends have not been willing to admit
that he would parade a mistress at his
own daughter's wedding.
Before signing the deed of trut con
veying all his property to his children
Sharon extracted from his son and son
in-law a most solemn promise that they
would never in any manner compromUo
with Miss Hill. Once ortwieo he relaps
ed into unconsciousness, and his death
w:is thought to be near. But on rely
ing again he would once more deniani
of his relatives a promise that they
would not settle the suit which the wo
man has brought against him.
Possibilities in a Word.
A gentleman who was away from
homo was writing to his wife from the
office of a hotel, when he paused a nio
nicnt in his occupation and looked per
plexed; then he touched tho arm of an
other traveler sitting near him in
timid, deprecating way.
"Excuse me, sir," ho said courteous
ly, "but I am puzzled how to spell a
word 1 desire to write," and ho pro
nounced it carefully.
"Don't mention it," responded tho
other with the heartiness of good-fel
lowship. I rather Hatter mvself that
spelling is my strong point. E-x-t-a-seo
there! Glad to accommodate you."
"Thank you," said tho gentleman
who was writing the letter, "my wife is
so particular that I am ashamed of my
poor spelling, as it constantly annoys
her. 1 can tackle ordinary words easy
enough, but those duplcx-spring-back-action,
doublo and twist throwers arc
too much for me," and he resumed his
letter with a relieved look.
"Pardon me," remarked a gentle
man who, had been dozing in his chair,
"but I think there is a slight mistake in
orthography here, 1 have always spelled
that word c-x-t-a-c-y. "
"Gentlemen," said a clerical-looking
man coining forward, "I am a profes
sor in a college and am positive that tho
letter x is not in tho word at all. It is
spelled 'e-c-s-t-a-c-y.' "
"Say! ain't you fellers all wrong?"
inquired a long-legged traveler, who
had been listening earnestly to tho dis
mission. "I teach spellin' scliule win
tors, out in Arkansaw, and I've alius
spelt that tharo word 'egghtazv.' Ef
that don't spell it, what do it spell
The bewildered traveler concluded
that perhaps it would bo as well to spell
the word m his own way, and so wrote
to his wife that no pen could describe
his c-k-s-t-a-c-o on receiving a letter
from her.
All of which methods of spelling tho
word differ from Mr. Noah Webster's.
Dclroil Free Press.
Hands Off.
Tourist, spare that pie,
Touch not a single piece, i
It was not made to die
Give it u new life's lease.
'Twas made by a woman's hand, .
Ere Andre had been shot;
On counter let it btand
Thy teeth can bite U not.
Oootlall'g Daily Suit.
Boarder, spare that hen,
Touch not a single bone,
It dusted round his feet
Vheu Adam was alone.
And when fair Eve was muds
It cackled In the mow;
In youth It clucked to Cain
Old Cain protects It now.
SI. Loult, South and Wett.
Traveler, spare that egg,
And, brcakmau, leave the spotl
Don't monkey with tho shell
'TIs the last one of the lot j
Laid when the earth was new
And Adam was a kid;
Then, traveler, Just go slow,
Sheol Is in it hid.
Qttlncy Farmers Call
Jectcr, spare that joke, 1
Ages ago 'twas born
Ere the duwn ot light first broke,
And earth had welcomed morn.
Ne'er had the evening star
Thrown back kiss of sun,
Whcu In chaos vast, afar
That Joke Its course had run.
St J'aul Mrald.
She was a "Weapon.
"Did you notice whether that gentle
man acknowledged my salutation as ho
passed us,'' remarked a young lady to her
"No, ho did not," replied tho lady.
It's a direct insult, and I will Hov
er speak to him again," observed tho
"Nor I cither," replied her compan
ion. "Any man who would take me
for a weapon will havo occasion to re
gret it."
"Does ho consider mo one?"
"I don't know that ho does; but I am
compelled to regard you as ono under
tho circumstances."
"What kind of a weapon?"
A cut-lass." National Weekly.
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