The Oregon scout. (Union, Union County, Or.) 188?-1918, October 17, 1885, Image 5

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pNION. OREGON, SAT., OCT. 17. 1S33.
Local Notes,
Six prisoners arc at present confined
(n the county jail. '
, A saloon keeper at Sparta djert vory
6uddeply a few days ago.
: Tjio East bound passepger train was
delayed several hours, Wcdpcscay
, Tic First National Baiik js having
their yaujt constructed in the pew
bank bilildipg.
j The "Companion" mine at fine
creek, owned by W. J. Comypgs and
V. Talmer has peon purchased for
$10,000 by S. S Bailey.
Four tcatn.3 loaded with flour from
the Victor mills of Sunnnerville, and
bound' for Harney valley, passed
Jhrough ' Jiorc Thursday,
t Tho Mechanics Fajr this year is re
ported to bo a very successful one in
every particular. More'' interest has
been taken tins year llnin ever before.
: A. gentleman fronj over near Lewis
toi, I. T.,. says lie found a very lino
ledge of silver bearitig oro, in tho Big
Creek section. What won't bo found
; Tho vegetables raised in Ran.
Moore's garden, which wero exhibited
at the fair, elicited, the i)inst favorable
commenjs from fcycry opo hi atten
dance, '
i Thero arc nine State cases to come
before the Grand Jury this tenp Qf
court for hearing. No telling what , n
(lay niify,,bnJn forth when the jury
ceta to work.;
! Alex Jones is in Missouri, flying
around at a lively riltn" Wo keep
ing our pptic on Alex, and if he com
mits any heinous oflence, which he
is.liiiblq tq do at any "time, we intend
jo 'give hipi away.
' Mrs. Ad. Edgar has opened a dress
making establishment in this;city,i op
positeWright's Hall. Ladies desiring
Kiiy. worj: dopo in that line cannot do
patter than call on .Mrs. Edgar., See
her ad, in another cohpnn. .
1 That Metliodrst Festival comes off
next Friday evening, at Wright's Hall.
Supper will be ready at G o'clock.
Turn opt and get a good square ineal
for, t.he usual price, and have a good
social time without extra, cost.
IlighSv'ayrrycn are rt :bogihning to
show up in theiPjne valley regiop. A
gentleman coming'' frorii the mines a
few days ago was held up, and ordered
to deliver, but by putting spurs to his
horse lio managed to get away.
' The' way tliis weather makes tho
farmers smile, 'is a Caution, Just the
tbing for his wheat basiling. Fall plow
pig may be a little dry, but is being
done in a manner that will surprise
you, if you'll take a trip opt' through
tjic country. .
Bailny Roes lias pjaccd a partition
Wall through the- State ' Land ofliee
making his office have more of a bus
iness air about it. lie fays he did
hot agree to warm a whole township
this winter. We don't know what his
agreements aro, but we know ho can
be fopnd now in his oflisc without
scanning spiiec with a field glass.
We learn frpm partecs just in from
jlie mines, that a small extension of
one of the ledges has been sold for
$4,000, and that Allen & Cox have
bonded another mine for $10,030. Mr.
Frank Ballard, who has just returned
from Pine','has secured an interest in
four claims, 'two of w.hiei are good siU
S'er bearing ledges. He thinks that
pot many more mines will lie sold this
fall, qwing to the lateness of the Fea-
Jpp. He gives it as his opinion that
next year, just as many good ledges
Will be found as have been this. Ev
erything continues to show that these
mines will be the richest ever struck.
We l,ear. Jt yrpporcd that two gapgs
pf Clpnaineii, employed' on tho rail
road near here, liave been discharged
and told tp "go." Wo did pot learn
Whether it was from the fact that their
fervices were po longer required, or
Whether it was that tjio war spirit
Against them influenced tho railroad
Co. tp bid them, a listing farewell or
pot. It would seem from the prints
throughout the stato that the Chinese
pipst "go," Well wo supposo tlloy
must, but wo hope brutal outrages
against tjteip will not 1)3 resorted to.
Wo have po objection to tieir being
induced to'-go," so Ions as the iuduco
jpept is within tjie pales of the law.
Mr. N. II. Orgreen, wlioo horses
Were stolen, last week, at his plaeo
pear Maud city, in eompanv with
fherhf Boloy of Wall.i Walla succeeded
in capturing the thieves, and recover
ing the horses near Lines ferry, on the
Snake river, Friday last. Mr. Orgrcon
took chargo of tho prisonors, and was
bringing them to this city to he lodged
In jail, night came on and he was
obliged to stop at a farm house on tho
Band Ridge to rccuperato, ho took
tin handcuffs oh" the prisoner to
allow them to eat, and they watching
their chance lit out, somewhat similar
to the manner in which Bill Nyo'a cut
went tlucmgh the window, and hae
not been heard of since. Mr. Orgreen
thinks they went in the direction of
Wulla Walla. One of the men's name
Wits CJo. West, the other Robt, Field.
Wet in it half-breed, luu a Urge none,
ttntight bJ.ick hair, wort dark clothe,
nnd wm about five fwt eight inched in
hulflit. Field in light coiiipUcM,
i-Jiare made, btubby beard, nd light
iiioiitfUclw, woio a lung brown ovr
WU, (Mill Ufthout llie rialiw h' lKlit
Wdsl. (irtiHt oradit i d Hoi id
Hohy uiul hU deputy Mr LautfLiu
fur the Oiiptmo of the thetvt In thMin'y. The jwrty oxjmwI U U iutt i
flwt idaotf. ubwtit ten or twelve day,
Cmjgljt on tho Fly
llaywartl II.-,nd Grenades arc tho best.
Roorps for rent. Enquiro nt this
Several new cqmcrs have located in
town f6r tho winter.
umcrops Portjaiplcrs have beep
in town during tho week.
Everything in town wears the im
press of activity and thrift.
Excellent stereoscopic views at
stereoscopic views
Five cents each.
Jones Bro's.
Miss., Lizzie Brown will opep a
Bakery in this ity in a few days.
Many of our people have attended
the Mechanic's fair, at Portland, this
J. L. Alberson will pay tho highest
market price, cash', for wheat, oatsapd
Largo spcejmcps of Pine creek ore
were brought in by
Ferd. Bioc)i and
Frank Ballard.
Tho recent election in Ohio shows
Foraker(Rop) elected by about 20,000
majority, for governor.
The claims for losses in the recent
rebellion in tho .Northwest Canada,
will amount to about $2,000,000.
Mrs Lou Ilinehart has gone on a
visit to the Willamette valley. Mrs.
T. It. Irwin also left for Corvallis.
Dr. J. W. Strange has fitted up his
dental xooms. with a view of comfort
to hw customers,
Rev. Mr. Booth
deneo repainted,
very handsome
as well as to him-
is having his rcsi
It will present a
jippearanec when
Gapt. John Wolf, of tho O. R. & N.
Co., (lied at Portland a few days ago.
He was we known to Eastern Oregon
travelers. ' "
Mr. Shccly has opened a small va
riety store an the building formerly
occupied by Mrs. Montgomery, as a
millinery shop,
Mr. E. G. Patterson, traveling agent
for the Orogon Short Line, was in
towird tiring the week, lie gave this
office a friendly call, ,
If you want a newspaper full of
interesting news, subscribe for the
ORF, Scout, The best paper in
tho county to send abroad. ,
All parties indebted to mo aro re
quested to call and settle, either by
note or otherwise, ,by the 1st cf No
vember next. J. L. Auiekho.v.
Remember the great serial story by
Jules Verne, to be published in this
paper shortly. It. is his latest work,
and best. Now is the time to sub
scribe for the Scout.
Regular services at tho Presbyteri
an church next Sabbath morning;
praise services in the evening, begin
ning a 7 o'clock; first bell at 0 :UQ,
Public cordially welcome.
Governor Stevenson, lately appoin
ted governor of Idaho, took the oath
of office last Saturday, The appoint
ment seems to meet tho approval of
the citizens of that territory,
Go to Boskowitz's store, Union, for
all kinds of Ladies', Gents', Misses' and
Boys' Dress Goods. He has just re
ceived them, arid will sell them cheap
er than over before sold in this county.
The Scout reading room adjoining
Jones Bro's store is supplied with a
tho principal Pacific coast papers, and
tho choicest reading matter of every
description. Drop in and enjoy your
Don't forget the Writing School to
night. The class every afternoon is
especially adapted to beginners. No
extra charge for both lessons. Par
ents should not fail to give tho little
folks a chance.
It is reported that Mrs. Nellie Grant
Sartoris is seeking a divorco from her
husband- Sartoris is said to bo a
rough coarse-grained Englishman, and
has ipade Mrs. Sartpris' life with him
a very unpleasant one.
Gov, Moody having called on extra
session of tho legislature, Dr. Strange,
as chief clerk of tho Senate, will at
tend. His patients will bear this in
mind, and those desiring doptal work,
will call on him immediately, as le
will leave for Salem, about Nov. 5th.,
to be gone about a month.
Married. At tho residence of the
bride's parents, Oct 11, by Willis Skifl',
J. P., Mr. Robert V. Davis to Miss
Viola V. Wilkinson, all of High valley.
Tho happy couple start out on life's
tempestuous sea, with blissful hopes of
a bright future. Wo trust thoir wed
ded lifo may have no thorns to mar
their peace.
Surveying I'.irty.
Last Monday morning, surveyor
D. D.Grifliths. accompanied by W. T.
Carroll, Geo. Ficklin, Arby Holbrook,
T. W. Shoan, Oscar Wirtz and two
others, piled their baggago into a
wagon, and left to rcMirvoy a new
routa to Pino creek. Mr. Grifllths
was insttucted to survoy and locato
tho most practicable lino for a wagon
road between hero and Cornucopia,
Pine creek. The route juwt surveyed
wae a good roadwny, and of oiuy grade,
but the distance is somewhat farther
than is necewary. The mnon of thi
wan the viewer had certain oinU to
which they w.tu to run w called for
h) the jietiUuti. It wu nut the intent,
ho over, f lite petitioner, to extend
the Kind beyond tlw Ucnrat way, but
nut being thoroughly Hcpuiiiti'l with
th country through uhi h tl"- r"d
Would IMUW. Were in error in fixing the
tu.llll. ill, I......... II. i. ,i II.'
I'avorfiMo Ilrport,
Gon, Taiinatt, who was appointed
by tho Portland Board of Trade, to
ovnipiuo the; Pino creek tpiiiing dis
trict, returped to that city, Tuesday.
Ho reports having discovered a route
to the mines, winch will bo mutually
Hgrccablc to both Union apd Baker
City. The roads from theso two pla
cea will converge at a point about VI
miles from the mines, iiul liq will ice
oiipnond tho Board of Trade to con
struct those 1'2 miles, nnd Icavo Un
ion and Baker City to build their re
spective roads to the point of conver
gence. He exnrosscs a verv favorable
opinion of the tiilurc prospers of this
mining district nnd that jt will develop
into a very fine mining country and be
a great ad'vauiage tu Portland, if the
Portlandors will only take llio interest
thev nlioiild in the matter. Ho tool;
in a largo amount of specimens of tho
different ores, also some of tho lime
from this count v. which nt the finest
grade. He think that stamp milk:
are better adapted to the working of
the 'ires found so far, thifn smelting
work.-, but when the mines aro fur
thor developed and tho smelling ores
are found more abundant, which ho
thinks will bo the ca! in tho future
then the project of constructing suiel
ting works can bo bettor taken into
coiiMderation , Next week lliu Gen-
oral will sub it a full and complete
report of hi investigations in this ami
Baker count v, to the Board of Trade
Ciilji'd nt 1 ait,
After all the statements, that have
been made that the Governor would
call a special session of the legislating,
for the purpose of doing what the re
publicans failed tp do at the last, legis
lature, viz : to elect a United State
senator, and the contrary statements
that he certainly would not hazzard
his reputation of good judgement, by
so doing, he has put these specula
tions at rest by issuing a called session
of pie legislature to meet November
utl). ere the election of a U. b. sen
ator the only thing which the extra
session could do, wo certainly believe
the "call" would bo of verv little bene
fit to the state as compared "with extra
expenditures which of necessity must
occur. But tome of the laws passed
at tjie regular session, need repairing
and put in better shape, and if tins
can and will bo done to the advantage
of the state at large, the objection to
the extra session, will bo at least par
tially removed. Wq hope that the
very best interests of the state will be
taken into consideration, apd that no
more such blunders will be made in
the future.
is a positive cure for Catarrh, Diph
theria , and Canker Mouth. For sale
by 11. C. Greig. Union, Oiegon. .
Tho classes in penmanship organized
by Prof. J. M. Garrison, yesterday af
ternoon and evening, wero large, and
surely s-peaks well for the educational
sentiment of Union. Prof. Garrison
is. teacher of penmanship at Pacific
University, has been in the profession
for twelve years, is an enthusiastic
specialist, and fully up to tho inoderii
methods of instruction. His work is
heartily endorsed by all tho leading
educators of Oregon and W. T., as
well as by the press of the country.
Those who need instruction shopld not
allow this opportunity to pass. We
bespeak for Mr. G. a generous patron
age. ' -
ARE YOU MADK miserable by Indigos
tion Constipation. Dizziness, Lnsnf Appe
tite. Yellow Skin? Shiloh's Yitnlizer is a
positive cure. For sale by It. C. Gruig.
Anioncli'il Sell: 1
The now edition of the school laws,
ordered bv the legiclasivo assembly is
now published. Full supplies for the
upo of school olficers have been for
warded by Ihe'Supcrinicndcnt o Pub
lic Instruction . to the eovernl Counfy
Superintendents, for distribution.
Each school director nnd clerk i en
titled to a copy, and will 5,c supplied
by tho County Superintendent,
TIIK ItHV. GKO, A. TIIAYKft. of Hour
born, Ind.. says : "Until mvself and wife
owe our lives to SIIH.OH'S COXSPMP
TION CUltlJ." For sale bv it. C. Greig.
IJr. iMUdiiBton.
Proprietor of tho Eye nnd Ear in
firmary and Sanitarium, Portland.
Oregon, will bo at tjio leading Hotel
in La Grande all day Wednesday Qet,
21st 1S85. His specialties are Rectal
diseases, as idles, ulcers, fistulas, etc.,
Nervous ailments ip their multij le
forms, and diseases of tho Eye in
treatment of all of which ho is en
dorsed by well known citizens all over
Oregon and Washington territory.
FOR DYSPEIVIA nnd Uvo- Compblnt,
you have a piinled guarantee on every bot
tle of Shlloh'n Vitnllzer. It never falls to
cure. For sale by It. C. Orolg, Union, Or,
AVI1 1 Cliorry nnd Tar.
Everybody known the virtues of wild Cher
ry and Tar ax a relief and euro for any affec
tions of tho Throat and LungH, combined
with thoAO two Ingredients aro a few simple,
healing remedies hi tho composition or l)r.
l!oanko'H Cough and Lung Syrup making
It Jut tho article you should alwayn have In
tho hoiiho for Coughs, Colds, Croup and
nronohitlx. I 'rice W) cent and if I. .HmnploK
froe. Sold by J. T. Wright, Union, Oregon.
A CioaU Chance.
C. Vincent, of the City Boot and Khoc
Htore in now receiving ld full utock, which
eonl..M of a large aaaortiueut of boot and
shoe, over-shoe, gum ImjoU, etc. of the
very bent quality, which he la aelllng chea
per than ever, fur cah. Calf on bliu and
I hj convinced.
VmkIo Cooper Miop,
H. II, Aylea. iiiiiiuifiMH iii-or of but
tn barrel and kogn, hits always on
baud a trood supply, of the best (jntll
iy, Hiul will fcoll thm nt routioiinble
it(no. Giro hltn 11 mil nt hU kliop,
fcouth of UiokIiuuI hotui Tnlon. 1
La Grand o Laepnics.
Scero frost op Sunday niorning.
Ke J in. thick.
Te Ga7etto is under tljo temporary
management of Owen Kuhn, of thU
Tho work of repairing and laying
down fide valks at tjio new (own, Et ill
continues steadily.
Much business wa3 dono at tho stores
on Tiursday-T-nioro than has been
been dono for tomo tjtnc,
Many ducks and chickepshavo been
shot the last few days, tho tides,
anj aro roadily disposed of in town.
Wo observed a few miles from Un
ion, the largest eagle wo ever remem
ber to have spen. It must have meas
ured at jeast 7 feet between the lips of
its wings.
The train of wagons hapling wheat,
still comes steadily to the depot. Wo
counted 25 wagoits waiting there to
be unloaded, about 11 p'ejock on Thurs
day afternoon.
The dispute over the desert land in
this valley, still remains unsettled,
and the parties interested may be
seen vissljng the land ollico at an" ear
ly hour, and onjy returning as lato as
Anson, the well known merchant of
his towji, is building a fine new tesi
dence, situated on the west side of the
new town, When finished it will be
one of the prettjest dwellings in the
distiict. ' 1
On Wednesday tho public echools
opened. Most of the teachers are new
copiers to tho country, but as they are
highly recommended and duly quali
fied, we think they will prove perfectly
satisfactory. ;
The riends of the old town still
maintain the supremacy of their town
over t)io new one. Bloch declares he
is quite sure ho look in more money
before breakfast op Thursday morn
ing than all tie merchants at the eld
town took in all day. To a disinteres
ted observer, however, the old town
seems entirely dead. It is only a work
of time bciforo tho lit nil and post-olli-
ccs aro moved nearer the depot. Mean
while, as a sort of conipioinise. the
new school hpuso is placed half way
between the two towns.
Depot DotlelH.
Tho hotel ig doing a good business,
in fact business of all kinds is'dooking
A bear which resides up in the moun
tains, concluded that as Pap Craig
had ofiered a reward for his small uar
ative, ho would retaliate, accordingly
last Sunday night, he swooped down
and killed one of Pap's sheep.
Two of tho Clfiueso gangs of woik
men have been layed oil'. The two
gangs contain about ninety men.
These heathens had a big tinio on
Tuesday night, it being ''flee mason
night, alio same inelicaii man." They
had their flags flying all day.
It sccmp that fomo of tho young
men in the eastern part of Union arc
not as hospitable as they might' be,, as
the poor woman with a baby in her
arms, can testify, whom they turned
adrift caily one morning, without
breakfast, to walk two miles to the de
pot. Boys, you thought you were
playing it fine, but tho whojo town
was on to your gentle racket. '
Work on the enow sheds is progress
ing as rapidly as lumber can bo pro
cured, which is being shipped from
below every day. Thero will bo four
sheds, the total length of all nbout.
2-J0D feet. Thero will bo nbout 15
miles of snow fence between this j lace
and North Powder, but from appear
ances now, they will have to have
about four men to tho panel to keep it
in its i lace, as soino of it ban been
blown lown already.
. C. G. J.
Los tine Locals.
Plonty of rain and mud.
Three more week's threshing in tho
Rev. Shields is building a barn on
Wallowa street.
John Perkins and family took their
departure a few days ago for Umatilla
county, whore ho will ongago in farm
ing. Frank McCulley opened a new storo
at Lostine, on tho 8th hist. Bob.
Rershaw is manipulating the yard
stick. Mrs. Jennie Brown hai returned
from a visit to Mrs. Lon Eaton, nnd
relatives apd acquaintances in Grando
Soveral parties have roturned from
their harvest work in the Walla Walla
country. Among them, "Gorman
John." IIo looks as "bad"nn over.
J, K. Reador will soon conunonco
tho erection of a new residence at this
place, also Ira Patter Ikih mado somo
neat Improvements on his residence,
on Water street.
John Alexander and Miss Julia
Thornton were married a few day ago.
Another wedding id expected as toon
a a certain gentleman hero can find
lifs band of hoives.
The Loatino correapondeut of (he
Scout, has been abaent for romo time
in Omndo Rondo Valley. Um hit
return he fliuU the iwuple reconciled
to that younger, who ia gutting along
nici 1 , hut the ruiuimervtlle uoriotqioU'
d - nt mm n t to lie goltiiiL' along tu
w1Ib i , oiwht to, PraTwlily yrlMi
oaroful tatinoiit lie will recover,
Circuit Court Dockoj;.
(October term, 1S5
civil nocKlrr
Heilner. Ottcnhcitiu c v Co vs Jno. Furman
fcinios Wilson v U. .1. Hofrora et al
Hale A Smith vsT- P lleapl ct al
U. Ottenheitnof iV Co. vs faml. Newman
Luther l'lnee vs John Fnrnian
(has. CnodnoiiKh vs.T. A. Miirehlson
T. U. Irwin et al vs i. P, Howard it al
llacrt Church v,i J. A. Miirehlson
Albert, Good vs .lamps Mr Coy
James WtKli vs ('. F. CarsaU et al
K It. Flk va Kuhl & Martin
Mary Furmnn vs A. I., launders
Jacob N'owman vs A. L. Saiindcrs et nl
H. W- Gfivor vs U. Griggs ct al '
Clias. Colin & Co. ys V. If. Murry
W m.Tllmnn vaX, II. Or'reon
.1. I,. Alberson vs. Inn, Green
.Ino M, Welch vs 8. S. Newman
nioch llros. va II. V. Ncssley
Hiram l'ifiord .vs.Iohn llakjir
V. C. Pellon vsJolin llaker
.Iphii I'. Itrowncll vs Krank Jf. Knunory
P. Haehe ,t Co. vs C. O. Stewart
P. It. Collins vs A. h. S'anndors
.1. It. Dawsiin v IJ. C. Jlrainard
V. V. Procbstel vs li.J. Hogers and S. 11.
Whilttier Fuller & Co. va K. C. PrainaJd
Joseph Palmer vs William Trotter
M. A. Mitchell et al vs W, H, Campbell
H. S. MeComas et al vs (ten. Steele et al
.1.1. Case A- Co. vs W. 11. Campbell
M. Andrea vs John A. Cliildera
C W. Atkinson vs I). P. ltees et a
W. .1. Knndfjrass vs A. Covlor
Murphy Cirant iv Co. vs 1). 11. Kens otal
It. c. snsett is .1. A. A. Wilson ctal
II. P. howls Vs p. P. (loodall
A. ,1. Harris vs. It. .1. ltogcrs
Dan Crowley et al vs 0. II, Fay
Jnhii Dobbins et id vs Phobc C'atcs
J. It. Dawson vs II. 1), (Hover
(1. W. ,v F L. Thomas vs Jackson Wright
M. M. Ulofh vs It, L. Newman
Dan Marx vs A. h. Saundors
S. F. .Strickland vs Henry Kuhl
Jacob Collins. Admr. vs J. M. Foredicc and
J. P. ChildoM.
W. H. Cainpbell, Assignee vs Wesley Titus
James Ihitterlield vs I,, h. HolbroolJ.
Illoch llrov. v.s S. H. Williamson
floin M. Pby v.s II. P. Stewart
M. (i. t'olclitt vs H. Aldrieli'
Kloriiula Chandler vs Dan Chntullcr
James York v.s T. P. U. C.reen
W. W. Armstrong vs JJaniel Tarter
C. Aarvill v.s Dave hifrlelleld
S. H. MehaiiKblin vsKimpp lhirreKtCoct al
Pratt Dros. v.s Krank Pros.
hirst Nil. Bank vs A. C. Craig ct a)
W. H. McCopias vs Sanipel and Ma
ry Rrpoks.
W. II. McCoipas vsJ. M. Foredicc
ot al
State o Oregon vs A. Morrison et al
Hamilton Vance vs Elizabeth Vanco
Jennie Harris vs Thus Harris '
T. II. P.ransard vs Carrie Brapsard
IIuhah Maley Maley
das. C; Kogqr vs E. F. Kogor
L. Ferguson vs Thus: V. Rich
J. A. A. Wilson ctal vs'M. M, Bloch
Clara B. Dean vs W. .1. Dean
I. A, Boskowitz vs T. P, Beard Qt al
do E. L. Cochran ot al
J. II, Slater vs C. L. Fox, Admr.
Fred Page Tustin do
Win. Roth vs Geo, lleiniugcr
Jno Hale vs Dan F. Mooro ot al
Marv Jones vs J, J. Jones
D. McCulley vs E 'l'hJ Sehloui'
S, C. Montgomery vs J;. II. Mpnt
goniery M.. A. Beiison ct nl ys Dan. F. Mooro
et al
Assignment vs II, B. Glover and J.
l' Baker, Assignee
S. H, Wnlluco vs M. A, W. Wallace
ct al, . . . .
'HIACKMETACIC" n lusting and
fragrant pclfiiine.. Price 2.w. andOOo.
For salo by R. C, Grcig, Union,
Now Millinery (jooils,
A larjjo i'nvoico of "UnderwAre. Ilosjery.
Jersey's, and Millinery Ooods, of the ycry
latest styles, just received at Mrs. Corbin's.
which will be sold at Kastcrn iirices.
sSnjLOirS CURE will immediately
relieve Croup. 'Whooping cough and
Rronehitis. For sale by It. C-Grcig.
lIlUll TtlllfN,
Whlo money is elope, wnges and prices
low, expenses rhonld bo'eilt own In every
household-' ICeoninnv, tli6 watchword for
Mothers, head off ifoutnr blls, by always
keeping In the lioiiso a'liotths of Dr. Itosaii
ko's Cough and Lung Syrup. Stops a cough
Instantly, relieves eoiihiimption, cures Croup
and palii In the Chest In one night. It Is
Just I he romcdv for hard times. Price M ctH.
anil ,fl. Samples Xrce, Sold by J. T. yrlght,
L'ldou, Oregon.
each hoitleof Sliiloh's Catarrh Reme
dy. PricooOc. For sale bv R. C. G.
John Wright, our rtru
tfist, hns just roccivod tho
finest lot of coal oil ever
brought tp town. It is di
rect from Chicago, 175 lire
tost. Try it.
pf Tim rh-Kt Natl'iml Itiinlc, nt 1'nl'iii,
In tlio Kttlo of Ok'coii, nt tint Close
of lltoilnuss, Out, 1st,, Jbfl.".
Loans and discounts f riS.ZWAZ
V. H. Ponds to secure circulation 1L',00,00
Other stocks, bonds and mortgages 10, ISfl.OI
Due trnni iqiiiroved reservo agents 003,27
Due from oilier National Hanks (117.03
Due from State Hanks and bankers 1JIH5,8(I
uoai ostato, lurnlturc nnd iixtures
Current expenos and taxes paid
Premiums paid . .
Cheeks aiidothor cash Items,.
Hills of other Hanks ,.,
Legal tender notes
Redemption fund with IT. S. Treas
urer (3 per cent of circulation)
Duo from u. H, Treasurer, other
than !i per cent redemption (mid
I, -100,00
II. (11 1,K0
Capital stock paid hi
Surplus turn!
Undivided profit . .....
National Hank uotooiitiitaniling
Individual dupojdU subject to
Demand certificate of doMlt
Due to othwr National llnnkn
? 50,000,00
o Stath or Oheoov. i
County or UnluiiJ
1, V, T. Wrfght, Ciuhlerof tho nbovo
luiiiiwl bunk, do Sfilemniy swear that the
above utitUMiioiit U true to the boat of my
1;iiua I.mIkc nnd LolW. W. T- WHKUIT.
f-.uU. rll.n uiul nvvorn to bafore me thu
I'Kti i.iy m m., It?5. Itoiuntr Kaki.v,
Notary l'ubllo fur Orguil.
II. M. U'HinilT.V niroutors.
Jofuiiih eJottings,
Hoalth good,
Weather lyarm apd plcarant.
Farmers ncarjy dono threiing.
Wo notice Eovcral ncw-comcra jq
the valley some op a visit, and Epmo
to slay.
Vc have np alnmdapt crpp pf ev
erything except potatoes, whicji aro
rather fcarco, ' The price already i$
U c, per lb. 1 1
Settlers aro taking land every day,
men arc hiiildjng ' homes and barn?
everywhere. Towns aro' being built,
All are hopeful.
The crops of grajp of all kinds in,
tjie Wallowa valley this -year, was ncv
or c.cilcd ip apy country, tho general
average per aero running very high.
The mining boom is still raging.
Our local prospectors arc goipg down
oiuevend ledge?, apd they nrq i-how-in'g
up much better, The puirhlo in
dijstry is also receiving duo attention,
The indications aro that nuirbU) wilj
be found jn great abundance,
La Okanob, Or Oct. Kith, lSSfi.
Hpow has mado its appearanco on
the turrouuding mountains, and tho,
nights are getting qpito cool.
J, IT. Shapibaugh, tho newly a
pojnted postmaster at this place, took
chargo of the ofllco on Sunday.
The new puhjio school building is
now completed, and school will opep
Wcd'ncMlaV, the Mth, with Prof. Cur
ry and wife as ' teachers.
The first ward or old town, again
boasts of two hotijs. Tjio Star Hotel
has opened up again to the public,
and is, doing a llourbhing business.
The lcgitlatpre last winter having
failed to elect a U. S. Senator, tho
question is often asked, "What is tho
governor tp do about it?
Testipiony is still being taken at tho
U. S. Lapd oflicej op tio celebrated
desprt land case. , .
C. P.'Hadly, after two or threo at
tempts, has. decjdul tp givo tip $7
extra, and is pn bin w(iy East rejoic
"Si i
Chiuey Ladd and wifp, l'avo re
turned from the Pcndlelop fair, nnd
report rather a dull time,
F. T. Dick has jitst ' received a largo
and coinpj.ctc. stock, of groceries, from
Portland, and will thereafter carry a
full lino pf these gOQds.
Times ral)ier qiiiet. Prospeota ol
bettea-, next summer whein tip) Pino
creek mines arc opened up.
! . , ,, 1'iii.q SpAitr.
r WHY WILL YOU cough when Shiloh'j
Cure will give Immediate relief. Prion 10c.
oOe and if J. For Sale by It. ( Oreig. Union,
M. J. Haley, special Timber Agent
for tho government, has tept jn a re
port to the Washington authorities, to
tho effect that the Northern Pacific
raijioad Coi apd thu Montana Im
provement Co. havo cut from tho pub
lic domain '15,000,000-. feet of lumber
and bridge timber, 81 ,744 railroad ties,
15,400,000 shingles, 132,035 cords of
wood and 200,000 cedar ) osts, amount
ing in value to fG13,402, and theso
figures do not represent iill the depre
dations, but only such as he was abld
to geti 116 pionounces t)io Montana
Impiovcmcnt Co, an piucioupulou;
corporation. '
To the runners.
Unlil further nojico, yvo aro copi
nellcd I))1 the 'deifApi'd for c'xcluingo, t6
limit tho iinioiin't td oach jtursun, td
live bpshelH Of wheat. From tliiti
date wo will give !!) lbs of otu tlnn-
dard hralid "Full Roller1 Rliker'
llotir to tho bushel of wheat .
I nion, Oct 17, im, ' ' if.
T-inud Notice.
Land Prrcn, La GiiANpn.OnraoN.
Oct. ltth., 16P5.
Notlco is hereby given that the following;
named settler has filed notice (if Ids hiten:
tion to make final proof ip support of hii
claim, and that said proof will be made
before Itcghdcr and Receiver at Ln Qrapdo,
Or,, qn November 2tst., l8fl, viz, '
Daniel II. I.ce
lid. No. 1S23 for tho S 1-2 NK 1-t nnd N 1-2
SMJ-l See. II Tp. (1 S H -11 1JWM. Ho
names the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon, and cultivation,
of, said land, yh: Hieliard Dp neap. Win.
Martin. Wallace Hoyles uiul Justice Wright',
all of Union county, Oregon.
oc.l7-w0 Itegisfer,
JiHiul Notice, Orrici?, J.a OnAsnn, Onnoos,
Oct. 12th.. 1683,
Notice Is hereby piventhnt the following,
named settler has filed notice of hs intuit
tion to make final nroof in sunnort of Ida
claim, and that said proof will bo mado
neioro jiegisicr ami iieceiverat La urnmio,
Or., on Nov. 23th., 18H5, viz:
.1. II. Ttbrnlna
DS No. 0103 for tho NWK KW'X See. fl N
1-2 Kli SH HICK Sec. (I Tp. 8 S It 10 KWM.
lie names the followlnc witnesses to ni ovo
his continuous residence unon. and culti
vation of, said laud, vizi K, H, Oaylord,
'rilfltmia V 1'rnlUf flinrlnQ fmwiu n,,fl
uutn Steole, ullof i'iuo Valley, Oregon,
oc. 17-w0. Hegister.
Mrs, Ad. litlgar,
,V Street, oppof.Ro Wright'H Hall, Un
ion, Oregon,
Is prepared to do plain sewing, and
DJtlSjM .M ,M 1 ,M i III HIP IH'flf Hiyi"
pluiro of tho piddle patrwureo rvupcttfully