The Oregon scout. (Union, Union County, Or.) 188?-1918, September 12, 1885, Image 7

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    In this tsstie will be seen the double com
nmn advertisement ot the Lincoln MKiuj
cal Institute and Wateu Cukk. We take
pleasure in catling the render's attention
to it as it ia an institution worthy the pa
trono.RO ot the public. It was visited Inst
neck bjr ur Renernl agent who found it in
the most complete workingordcr. Theiniti
tuto is founded on the most lib
eral plan, medically epenking. us they
employ in the treatment of chronic diseases
nil good remedinl agents. Tho.building con
tains fifty-six rooms besides parlors and of
fices, and is thoroughly equipped with nil
kinds of modern npparatus. Their Bath
department is very complete, nnd they are
giving theii patients great benefit from tho
tnodo ot treatment. In tho Instituto skilled
nurses nre employed, who are skilled in tho
art of Mnesngo, which is said by those who
have tried it to be of great power in
the management of diseases which1
have resisted other methods. They
have also introduced for tho first time
west of Chicago tho Swedish Movement
Cuhe, and its power in combatting disease
Is wonderful. The Institute is corporated
nnd has tho hearty co-operation of tho
city of Lincoln nnd the State. All patients
treated board nnd room in tho Institute
building, nnd tho accommodations in this
respect nro very complete. A large number
of invalids, suffering from Tiles, Hernia,
Catarrh, Diseaso of the Ivyo and liar. De
formities of tho Feet, etc., arc now thera
boing treated. The staff are nil gentlemen,
of acknowledged ability and will, in our
opinion, do for their patients nlltlmtcould
be done.
Etlncato Your Daughters.
The Sisters of Charity of tho li. V. M.'
have recently established an Academy
for the special instruction of young la
dies. Beautifully and healthfully loca
ted one-fourth of a niilo west of Dcs
Moines upon Greenwood Aveuuo in tlioi
delightful suburb of Greenwood Park.
Are now ready for tho reception of
young ladies. Parents and guardiansl
may rest assured that every ellbrt will
be directed to tho Physical, Mentaland
Moral improvement of those confided
to their care. All the branches of a,
thorough English and classical educa
tion, French and German, Plain and
Fancy needle-work, Painting id Mu-i
bic, are taught by a Faculty of compe-'
tent teachers. "Pupils may pursue aj
special course. Minim Department for
tho caro and training of girls under
eleven years of age. The most scrupu
lous attention will bo given; and it will
bo the object of tho Faculty to give
them a proper Elementary instruction
on preparatory for entering tho Junior
department. Fall term opens Monday,
September 7th, 1885.
For full particulars and terms, ad
ACADEMY, 51 West Sixth St..
Des Moines, Iowa.
- mm. us lawr l
Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Sciatica
Lumbago, Backache, Headache, Toothache,
Sore Tit roi.Sndlltic.Sprniiiit, Bra lacs,
Durna, NenlilH, Jb'roil It i tea,
iXD ilX OTHER 11(11)1 l.Y MISS 1ND ACHES.
SoU DnlnU snd Desler every here, r Ulj OuU bottlt.
Direction In 11 Lsnsusges.
(PoerMtora fe. A YOQELXK & CO.) DsIUmorr. 11J., C.B. A.
Blood Purifier fS Health Restorer.
It never fulls to do Its work In cases ot ainln
rla, Biliousness, Constipation, Head
uclie.lostiof Appetite and Sleep, Nervous
Debility, Neuralgia, and all Pcmnlu
Complaints. Hops rfc Malt flitters Is a Veuc
table Compound. It la a Medicine not a liar
room Drink. It differs as ividely as does
dav and night from tho thoiisaiid-nud-ono
Mixtures of vilo -whisky flavored vritls,
uromatlcs. Hops Malt Bitters is recom
mended by lMiyslcluiiB, Ministers and
Nurses as belnc tba Ilest Family Medicine ever
compounded. Any voui mi or child. cantnke it.
"From my knowledge of Hi Ingredient, under
no circumstances can it Injure any one using it.
It contains no mineral or other deleterious sub.
Ktaace. Possessing real merits, the remedy ll
deserving success."
a li DePot, Ph. G., Detroit, Mich.
Tlioonry Genu I no aro manufactured by tha
HOPS & MALT BITTERS CO., Detroit, Mich,
Doctor. " Yte ; you axe billons. Just ret a box of
WrJitM'a Indian Vejettbis MIL ; toer will cure joo."
' Billons Complaints re canted by torpidity, cos.
nation, or the ulceration of the liver. -
The ejmptonu are dirk, ptuj, yellow ikin, a
brown or whitish cost to the tengue, appetlU trreg.
nlar, at ten a dry eosgh at Blent. ...
The skin sometimes breaks out Into pimples ant
sores.aadthswBoleajitemlioatof order. right's
Indian Vegetable rill are one of the Tery beet
remedies known for any f erm of these troobles, and
will certainly relleTe the nfleTer. They are portly
testable, mads from the ben drugs by competent
hands, and gire satisfaction. The; axe Tery reutle
in their action, caoilne no rrtpln cor as pleasant feel,
tec the moit dtllciie. Atrial will convince any
one nbled with biliousness that Wright's In.
lias Yegetablo Pills la the medicin es necdj.
!0FpiffiE OF LAW,
r.&tY nf Ttpabll ITnl Vs-raltV.
iTur Catalorue ad4rcss J. 6. CLARK, tecretary
I Cars Cole, lUVey Clark, Dee Moines. Iowa.
i j rvs -r a 1 r n
Brown Hrerul.
If tho Iocs nro not hollow, why is it
thoy get drunk fo easily?
Thcro is a gorgo in lollowstono
Park icro no sound can ho heard.
Not a bad place to keep bouso.
Perhaps nothing has moro of a ten
dency to sour tho milk of human
kindness man a snoring man m a
sleeping car.
Tho Chinese havo a proverb that
Bvery man who rules himself is a king.
Royal blood is not scarce in this coun
try if every Vomati who rules her hus
band is a queen.
A man who has traveled much
claims that only about ono married
woman in forty-livo is freo from a look
of worried care. Possibly tho fact
that most husbands now got their hair
jut witli clippers may havo something
to do with it.
Dr. Talmago carries sixty thousand
dollars lifo insurance. Is" preaching
in Brooklyn extra hazardous, or is
this a wily attempt on tho part of tho
sloquent doctor to share tho joys of
paradiso with peoplo still on earth
when he goes to his reward?
Somo day, when tho clearing-house
ot Time lias adjusted everything of
human kind, to tho satisfaction of
sverybod, excopt, mayhap, the wages
Df labor or tho size of a woman's feet,
it will probably eomo within tho range
jf possibility for a Dutchman to talk
with his hands tied behind hhn.
Tho sua was climbing to tho zenith
with a dripping foot. All nature
irooped beneath a brazen sky moro
iisastrious to ambition than continu
dus disappointment in youth. Naught
disturbed tho sweltry silence but tho
;llck-a-te-click of a self-binder in tho
larvest field, or the bray of a lish ped
dler's mulo in tho distance, when hark!
in agonizing shriok breaks through
tho cobwebs in tho granger's, oars and
jliokes tho packers in tho binding-box!
,Vas it tho beautiful heiress of Sniok
jrford Manor blowing tho horn for
dinner? No. It was liudsickor's boy.
llo foil over tho fenco and broke tho
water jug. Chicago Ledger.
Host in Action.
Absolute perpetual rest and abso
lute perpetual activity aro equally m
lompatiblo with life. Each duly "bal
anced, is tho complement of tho other.
Sleep is simply rest in its complotest
lorm rest of muscle, rest of brain,
ind rest of all tho organs, savo those
nocossary to existence. Tho tough
heart rests between the boats, nor can
it bo much accelerated by stimulants
without immediate or romoto in
jury. Tho harder-working lungs
rest between inspiration and expira
tion. Tho brain must havo rest or fail.
Such a case of unresting activity as
that of Ilonry Ivirko White and there
lavo been thousands liko it should
show scholars that naturo holds it an
unpardonable sin to rob tho brain of
Its rightful rest. Others, who toiled
liko "White, instead of paying
tho penalty in early death have ox
changed genius for madness or im
becility. But "a largo part of our needed rest
may bo secured in connection with a
high degrco of captivity. Tho clork
threatened with "writer's cramp"
may escopo, not so well by lying for a
month in a reclining chair as by en
gaging in athletic camos, chop
ping wood, or rambling in tho
Generally only a small part of tho
brain is unduly usod, and that may ho
recuperated by calling into action
lomu other part; by change of nion
tal application. Gladstono doubtless
rests his brain from tho caros of stato
as much by such studies as Homer as
by tho sturdy blows of his axo. Tho
pastor's calls at at tho homos of his
llock not only doublo tho good of his
preaching, most ofl'octually rest his
brain by tho change.
Tho moro monoy-gettor tonds to be
come a monomaniac. Tho raisor, dy
ing in tilth and rags besido his hoarded
gold, is tho ond of avarico. Tho pow
er and tho disposition to accumulate
need to bo balanced by tho
disposition and tho power to
uso acquisitions properly and
If ono has overworked both stom
jch and brain, lot him beware how ho
fields to temptation to-stimulato them
artificially to their wontod activity.
On tho contrary, lot him give each a
long rest, whilo ho bestirs himsolf to a
general invigoratiou of his physical
So, wnatovor organ has been over
used, rest that. And this can com
monly best bo done inconnoction with
i full, or a special, activity of other
parts. Youths' Companion.
Attacked by Ante.
Mr. Isaiah Burncrat, a farmer living
near Chamborsburg, a small country
Fillago a I'ow miles from Dayton, O.,
had a mo3t wondorful oxnorionce, nar
rowly escaping boing killed by ants.
Ho was picking bluckberries in a wild
patch of undergrowth inadenso wood,
whon suddenly ho disturbed millions
upon millions of largo, black ants.
Thoy woro under a thin covering of
parth, which ho stopped on, and al
most instantly thoy crawled up his
nautalonn logs, and when ho tried to
knock them oft' showed light. Beforo
ho could get out of tho heavy growth
nf hrncli (in wna ri7nril frntll liiMld to
' tnnt ivitli tlin nnal i fnrnll a tints. TllOV
J bit him and crawled into his noso, ears,
. and mouth. Ho yelled for help, but
joon beoamo blindod with tho myriads
of ants on his head aud faco, and bo
foro ho reached tho edge of tho wood
foil helpless to tho ground, uttorly at
tlm itinrrti' nf tlwi nnta nnfl Otllv
saved evidently from death by tho
timely arrival of his brother.
Tho insects were tho common black
ants of a very largo sizo. Burnorat
was blttou bv thorn all over the body,
and whilo very soro, it is thought, pro
viding tho bitos aro not poisonous, will
rocovor. Tho caso is without a prece
dent in this section of tho country,
and, it is bolioved, bad not aid arrived
when it did tho ants would not only
bavo killed but oaton their victim.
Hew York Tribune.
Forty Moors seut out to study tbe manu
facture of breecb-loadhu; uus are coming to
Jio United States, and will enter the employ
if Tarloue arm manufacturing concern.
The demand of to-tiny is for practical
knowledge rather than tor Kcneral informa
tion. A nmn must not expect that the
world will hold him in much esteem or pay
him liberally for living unless ho can do
something it wants done. It hits nearly for
gotten Mciiofutiti, who spoke titty-six lan
guages lluently nnd understood sixty-four
more, while Fulton, Stephenson and Moruo,
who perfected their several inventions whilo
lie lived, are as well known and aa highly
honored na when tlieirinventions Tcreiir8t
introduced. In this progressive ago tho
world expects that a man will specially pre
pare himself for whatever vacation he
chooses; it has no pntienco with bunglers,
and it considers a blunder nlmost as bnd
as a crime. Further, tho demand for
trained talent has becomo so grcnt yet
withal so exacting, that tho old plan ot tho
doctors, tho lawyers, nnd tho business men
educating their successors and assistants
in their olllccs hns almost disappeared, be
cause a young man can be prepared so
much better and quicker in tho schools. By
this method valuable time is saved, and
no one suffors from the beginner's
mistakes. To illustrato the two methods
let us coniparo tho way business men in tho
pnst were educated and the way thoy aro
educated to-day. l)y tho old plan, tho
young man when he entered the ofllco
usually wrote a slow cramped, hand, thnt
hu perhaps succeeded in changing to a busi
ness hand in three or four years. He could
add from twenty-flvo to titty figures per
minute, but soon tired, and then tliero was
no certainty that tho results would bo cor
rect. Hehadtohoshown how to make out
the various business papers and how to re
cord each business transaction; every tiling
ho did had to bocarcfully looked over so that
lor a long timo ho wns a hindrance rather
thnn a help in tho oflice. Now, by the now
Elan, beforo ho enters the olllco. ho hns
cen trained in some school liko tho Daven
port Business College, which is probably
tho best business school in tho country.
Ho writes a plain, rapid hand, and when
tbe corrciondcnco of tho firm is impor
tant ho takes from dictation in short-hand
us fast as one of the proprietors can tnlk,
and pijnts his notes on the writing ma
chine. Helms learned to read figures as
he would rcud words, and it tires him just
as littlo to do so; ho can add from two
hundred to fourhundred figures per minute,
and make nil other calculations with cor
responding rapidity.
when ho is remiired to mnko out nny
business paper or to record the results of u
business transaction, ho docs not need
to be told how to do it, for he has been
thoroughly instructed already, first by the
ory, and aftownrd by practice.
In case tho firm that employs him hns a
private lino by which confidential messages
are exchanged witli correspondents in other
places, his school training is again ot use,
tor he can send and receive messages with
tho facility of nn old operator.
This is only an illustration of tho many
advantages of this special training, which
has almost revolutionized tho old ideas in
regard to what constitutes an education.
fits young men to successfully conduct
their own business affairs or to givo satis
faction when entrusted with tho inanngo
mcnt of tho affairs ot others. It is pre
eminently the school that sends out expert
accountants. No other Bchool develops
students equally well skilled in Hapid Cal
culation. No other school has a Busi
ness Practice courso at onco so varied,
so extended, and that requires so much
thinking and original planning on tho part
of its Btudents.
The following are a few of theadvantages
tho scoool offers to its students: A course
in Bookkeeping that illustrates utmost
every practical form ot accounting. Tho
very best of instruction in Rapid BuBiiiews
Writing. A courso in Commercial Law and
in Political Economy that will bo of much
benefit in after life. Superior advantages
to thoso who wish to learn Phonography,
Typo-Writing or Telegraphy. Pleasant and
commodious rooms, fitted with cotnfort
ablo and substantial furniture.
Catalogues and circulars may bo ob
tained by addressing
Duncan & Hawks,
Davenport, Iowa.
Tho Caro or tho Hair.
Tho caro of the hair is an important
branch of fashion at all times, though
often fashion dictates an injudicious
troatment, and prescribes modes against
all rules of health nnd reason. Such
importance has been given to tho hair
that somo philosophers make tho chig
non, coils and pull's tho index of civili
zation, and show how eccentricity in
head dress and coifl'uro marks tho deg
rcdation of timo. It is well understood
that masses of false hair injuro nat
ural growth, but a freak of fashion
which seems harmless may bo mado
equally hurtful. This apparently inno
cent fashion is that of lhiOlncss and
lightness of tho hair produced by con
tinual washing. Tho best specialists on
troatment of tho hair say that tho hair
should bo washed onco in six weeks,
and not oftcnor, aud that castilo soap
and not borax, soda or any other dry
ing material should bo used. After
washing it is well to rub tho scalp with
somo roliablo ointment. Tho natural
oil, which to somo appears objectiona
ble, is tho lifo-giving ointment of tho
hair and should not bo destroyed. Dry
hair has a dead appearance, tho cuds
split and growth is retarded. Tho lino
comb is moso hurtful, but a soft brush,
used judiciously, gives Yigor to tho
scalp and keeps it in a healthy condi
tion. Tho practice of cutting tho ends
of tho hair is useful, and can uo accom
plished easily by braiding tho hair and
then cutting the ends. Tho caro of tho
hair is certainly as important as that
of teeth, but is much moro neglected.
Tho rules of its preservation aro slmplo
and important. Vigorous brushing,
cutting tho ends when necessary, wash
ing with castilo soap onco in six weeks,
and tho desirable avoidance of false
hair should prcservo and strengthen
tho hair, But if tho hair comes out
and becomes lifeless and thin in spite
of this treatment, tho best remedy is to
seek a reliable specialist on scalp dis
eases, and to submit to thorough pro
fessional direction.
Our English Cousins.
London. In a recent trade-mark
suit it was shown by sworn evidenco
that over nino million bottles of St,
Jacobs Oil had been sold hero during
tho past few years. Leading chemists
certify that the sale of this remedy ex
ceeds that of all others; and that it is
being recognized as tho best pain-curo
ever discovered. In serious rheuma
tism it has accomplished astonishing re
sults. The teraperancequestionis aroualng very
intemperate argument in Texas.
"The plny's the thing,
Wherein I'll reach the conscience ol the
king." , ,
And equally truo Is it that Dr. Pierce's
"Pleasant Purgative PelloU" (the original
Little Liver Pills) are the most effectual
means that can be used to reach the seat
ot disease, cleansing tha bowels and sys
tem, and assisting nature in her recupera
tive work. By druggists.
Any Small Boy, With nSttct,
can kill a tiger if the tiger happens to bs j
found when only a little cub. iJoconsuinp- I
Ljtion, that deadliest and most lea red ol (lis-
K !.. !.! . - ......11.. l.
vttzt'S in mis lUUllir, lull itKnuii-iii,) uu
conquered itJid dMroyed if Dr. Pierco'a
"Gulden Medical Discovery" bo employed
Since the year ISCiO twenty-one Canadi
ans havo Bfce"n honored with knighthood.
The "Favorite- Prescription" of Dr.
Pierco cures "Iciunlo weakness" and kin
dred affections. By druggists.
F. Marion Crawford, tho novelist, is go
ing to run tor congress.
Our young friend, C. L. Bane, has
just graduated from Elliott's Business
College, Burlington, la., and has bcort
offered a lino position at an excellent
Sir John Lubbock is preparing a now
book on flowers, fruits nnd leaves.
The simplest nnd best regulator o tho Di-
ordor of Liver In tho world, nroCnrtor'sI.lttlcj
Liver Pills. They frivo prompt relief In Sick1
Headache, Dizziness, Nausea, c prevent anil
euro lonitipation ami 1'IUb: romovo Sallow-
ness and Pimples from tho Coinploxlon, nnd!
nio mild nnd dentin in their operation on thoj
bowels Carter's Lltttlo Liver Pills nro sinalU
and as easy to take as sugar. Ono pill a doso.
l'neo SS cents.
A Sample IJox of Writing Pens Free.
For 5 two-cent stumps to puy postaeo, etc,
vou CRn ret n lino tnetnllio lox of best na-
sorted stool pons, ono sot elegant gold and sit-, I
ver plctnro curds nnd copy of tho Cultivator,
unit lIoiiM-Uccpt-r; nlso It valunblo re-1
ceipis btiowinjr now to ihuko uesi uiuok wru-(
Iiir ink tor ICO n trillion, good nnd cheap nrtK
llelal honey and 1-' other formulas worth $.r.0O
to any one. This offer ia tnudo to tttlroducix
tho pens nnd the Cultivator. Address tho
Cultivator, Omaha, Nob.
Ex-Ministcr Minister Lowell is vory fond
of taking long walks.
Clrim out rnt(. mice, lonclio. flle. nt, tird&uei,
Vunki, chipmunk, cophcis. IV. DruggUlt.
A plan is proposed to fight weather vanes
by electricity.
Saoe tlmt and money using Steu-art's Heal
ing Powtttrfor cuts and sores on animals. Sold
everywhere. IS and BO cts. a box. Try It
Baron Tennyson is aoventy-six years old'
this mouth.
Alt for Well' "IIoueIi on Corns." 15c. Qutcir,
comflcte cure. Hard or toft corns, want. lmnlou
Whenever Sunsot Cox smiles tho Sultan
roars with laughter.
llnirord Sauoc Thn mot delicious relish lo
the world, l'ulatable aud healthy.
Gladstono has an uncoutrollablo fear ot
sea sickness.
For Oypiln, Indlpcitlnn, drprcuton ot
splrlu and Ki'iiernl debility, in tlirlr various forms!
also as a preventive aaln't fever and actio and otner
Intermittent fevers, the "Ferro-l'hosphorated Kllxlrl
of CalUava" mads lir Caswell, Hazard & Co., New
York, and sold y all UrtiKclstH, Is the best tonic; and
for patients recovering from fever or other slckueis,
U hui uo equal,
Maine produces $50,000 worth ot blue
berries this year.
rslpltatlnn. Dropsical PwelllnRS, Dirtiness. In
digestion, 11 endnote, blceplesbuets cured by "wells
Ucsllh Honourcr1
l'nruicrsi Try Itt
Wells, Hichardson fc CVs. Improved But
ter Color will bo found to bo the only oil
color that will not become rancid. Teat it.
and you will prove it. It will not colortho
butter-milk; it gives tho brightest color of
any made, and is tho strongest and there
fore the cheapest.
University of Notre Dame,
The F.lKhty-Thlrd Session will open Tuesday, Sept.
Eth. Full courses lu 1
Classics, Law, Sciences, Miittieinatlca',
A thorough COMMERCIAL C0UR8K Is one of the
dlstlnpuUlilns features of tho Institution.
Bpeclal advantages aro offered to students of thO
Law Course. mjnim j,p.j,A,TMENT
far boya under 13, Is unique In design and In the com
pleteness of Its equipments. Catalogues, Blvluif f uU
particulars, will bo sent freo, by nddrcsslns
ltKT. T. K. WALMI. O. b'. 0., l'BKSlUKST.
Issued Kept, and Dlnroli,
i eacli year. 9H MQO ines,
B'txliy, lnclieH,wltliovcr
3, BOO Illustrations a
tvliolo Picture Gallery.
G1VK3 "Wholesale Prices
direct to conaumer.i on all Kootla for
personal or family use. Tell Low to
order, and gives exact coat of every
thing you uac, eat, drink, wear, or
have fun with. Tlieae INVAIA7A1ILK'
IIOOICS contain Information ;leuned
from the markets of the world. AVo
will mall a copy I'HUU to any nd
drevs upon receipt of 10 cts. to defray
expeuao of mailing. I.ct us hear from
you. Iteapectrully,
27 its 22(1 WnbiiNb Avenue. ClileiiKC III.
Thn Oldest Medicine the World
g la probably JJr. IsuacThompson
i nis anicio is a carcruiiy prepsrea pnysician pro
scription, and has been In constant use for nearly a
century, and notwithstanding the many other prepar
ations that have been Inlroduten Into the market
the sale of this article Is constantly Increasing. It
the u-.rect Ions are followed ll will never fall. Vo)
particularly Invito tho attention of physicians to Us
nierlti. Jouk L. Tuoxrsojf, Son & Co., Tioy, Ii.
wtu to fit Ur say Oral a Faa
r list tlssa ao4
bit SI nueh Orsla r ftsta la'al.nt MONAItOU
Drain and ! arat
an ISacacr litimvel
Ware bans Mill wish JsU.
sr wbleh wor . CUsa
1st sod rrles 1.1st walls free.
for ft N i:Vand comis!
'He Worlil's rreatest aoldler. and tha Nation's
miMtboiiorertcitlMn. Iowirlce. Kuiilcl s-nles.
If,t:UdL CO.113 AdauisBt.Cldctifa
Diseases of Women.
Piixfoii Hotel, Onialia, Hel.
IVuIl Pujtcruutl Window Mliudea
10 to 30 per cent cheaper than pool prices.
Hamplea Hent on Application.
T. J. Heard X llro , ... Omaha,
ped school In the West. Elecsnl rooms heated by
Msteam. Able teachers. Cheap board. Address
for clrcularsi Liluscidok ft Itooss, Lincoln, Net,
Morphluo Habit Cured In IS
to '40 days. No pay till Cured.
Da. J. bTxrimna. Lebanon, Uulo.
Hive ears. No Knira
er. No rain. vy.U.
Marshall toWMova
W. N. V.i Otaaha.
tM mm
Health Galnod,
Long Lifo Socurocfr,
It Purifies tho Blood.
It Clonnoos the Liver,!
lit Strongthons tho Kldnoys,
It Rogulntos tr.o Bowols.
"Tiurrrtdtltiuaml ntaht tsitS Kidney InvlUf. nv
trofrr mi clunky ana oiooay, I roudi Of i no re ii rrom
doctor. JsiJaey Tort eurI me. Iam at teed as eirr.
lliAJiK. ll luiv.v, jvacoay, Matt.
I semcM nof bitcttlieut KtitntvlTort (It rostJtO. II
Seureit tnu Lfwraml KMntvlroubUi afltr Iftaittosl
aMuv. SAWLJIOlMiES, WiUiamttoim, ir. IU
rsiiVreitorl3i;fiM.frois nontbut tott
that uiea been afiUctc I tan reitli'. AWnciA-lt'ort
IrviloAIycurea mo. i.iJi.L.v j.jutix, veorpht, rt
finia oTfotsuiTiTernJiii dlteased KIAntvt ond
lieas tnTfMjconJffpflff.lorvenrj. 7nnnoujatrren
!ru as toll ot tvr I wt in nu life f nil It it ilur
la(onft)A-(Jiifvl"rf. C. r.IUiOWX, IVntport, X. Y.
-AftertiiTtrlna forthtrtv irori from Rheimathm
Sand kidney trouble, KMntv-lfort tint entirely eured
tine." t.uiuuiUL. jiauuu, lien uxin,Me,
"JTJneu-irorf has cured mu tr( after tiro timrt
liutrerlnt ami teenknett, brmta'it on Ijvie of a Seir-i
ling Uichine," VK. V. X.SUX11KRUS, Sun UlU, Qa.
"The r-iif vear Ihnve vsed KiJneu-n'ort mere than
intr, and telth the bctt rttutlt. Tale It all In all, it it
ItAamcwfsiHWHulrf.-nedj llmve ereruarit,"
l'JULLir v. niL.i.uu,M. v., onkion, 1 1.
"CTronfe. Malaria for venrt. telth llrer dttease maae
I mt elth or death. A European trip, doctors and
medicine did no aood. vntll 1 vted Kidney-Wort that
Late Ool. Mlh Iieg., X. U. S. K. 1 ., Jersey city, .v. J.
It nets nt tho lamo timo on tho KID-
NEYO, LIVER nnd BOWELS stimulating
ithomto hoalthy notion andKoopinstnom
lln porfOCtordor. eol4byallDrartlsti,rrlteL00S
Liquid or Dry. The latter can b sent by mall.
Jdoitrekl, r. Q.t Londsi, r.iaii.
SendforClrculars. GKO.It.r.ATIIIlLKN.rrln(HpaL
Tub. Colors, aoe. dot.i flabla llrusliei;. To. upi
Bristles, 6e. api I'laques. 7c. upi 1 'all at. M.I
AnUU' Kasels, Wo.i Artltts' Uoies. l.Wi I'anals,
Wo. Oils, K'e., Caiivns, 7toi (lout run".
Rutelllet ami Trenton Wurn nr Itwurat ntf.- I ramei
for l'lclures tn Hold, l'lusb, Onk and Htwe. Hnnip.ea
cf molding, Ma doeu. bend S cent Btainp for Catalogue.
A. HOSPE, Omaha.
I Sure relief i nTmr
.naricttoirn, iim.
APOARD1NO SCHOOL of tho hlRliest class for
HOYS. Thoronph Inatrurtloii. Cniefuldlsclpllne.
New bulldlnKs. Lleeant nipolntnients. OITera the
advantnuo of n Christian homo ton limited number
of pupils.
Address tho Head Mnster.
Key. 1'. C. WOLCOTT, M. A.
Medical Institute and Water Cure!!
TUP LINCOLN MEDICAL INSTITUTE AND WATER CURE, li owned, controlled, and mansced by
eomnanv of physicians and aurgrona who have had years nf experience as specialists In their respective de
company or l,'r''''",,,,1 " ,,i-i. ,, iMnltnl unci on street car lines. It Is the isrmf. mmi ihnf.
ouguiy tquil'l'i"; "1," ..,1,,i,i nnnf nnllcnts.
I'vervthlnif to inaku life pleiimnl and enjoyable during
;i,i.,i,.7.n... wiilRli havo li
been added. For such cases tb
MHlHl.'Air.l' IJAiiin, aim
. ...nmi nntiv Lr.iiKr.n mi 1 1 f 1 1 fi ir l n inn iviiiinriiii iri'iiiitn nr fii.ian.A iirnnu n.
opTlIF FFET AND LIM1IH. our Institute offers special advantaces. Diseases of the EVE. K All, TIIItOAT,
AND NAHAL OA V1T1EH aro under tho care of a specialist of years experience, nnd CATAHIll. that terri
ble disease Is treated and permanently cured by an entirety new process. HERNIA radically cured by a
S.Vnnsfitin. without iu u or dueef. 1'ILEB effectually and permanently cured, and Invite correspond-
Lincoln s noted for its MINERAL WATERS and hospitable clt tens. It Is easy of access from all
noints and will cost you nothluR to visit our Institute and learn Its workings. Circulars and readlni matteri
Jin snoclal diseases T sent free on appllcutli. Medlclno sent to all parta of tho country, after examination or
oRierwlae can bo done satisfactorily. Members of the staff will, In special cases. Tislt
patients at their homes out of tbe city. (
CT1A8. 8. HART, A.M., M.a-Snrgery.
M. II. OARTEN, U.S., M.D.-Dtseases of the Eye. Ear, Throat, Old Nasal Cavities.
J.'e. REED, M.D. Diseases of Women and of the Nervous System.
J, VANCE UB011TOL, M.D. Dltoasci of the Chest, Skin, and Oenlto-Urlnary Organs, and Fhyslelan la
Address! Lincoln aiodtoal Inatltnto nnd Water Cure, B. W. Cor. 13th and K Sis., Lincoln, Neb.
be the Best and Largest ever Held.
I is)
Brownville, Neb.
A Mtrlityan tVuirern JJiiJolneif.
From the Kwhestcr Mornlns Herald.
Tho followins injunction hns been ob
tained by the Hop Uittcm Company, ot
Rochester, K. Y., npnltint Collutinus D.
Werner, of Heading, Michigan, prohibiting
liiio. frominenu(Bcturingor4iIlingOCt.RMAN
Wop DtttKM." 0
?,"r i'i?'ifcit f ' VniU Sta of America
to Callattni 1). Warner, of Mending, Mich.,
his servants, workmen, salesmen and agents,
and each and every of them :
Where bp. It hns been renrcfonted untotbs
' Justices of our Circuit Court, tho Hon. Stnn
' ley Mntthows, ntul tho Hon. Henry It. llrown,
at Detroit, within and for Bnlcl district, sit
i tlnpr ns a Court of Chnncerr, thntyou. Collntl
i litis I). Wnrnor, nro rnnnufHctiirlnn; nnd sell
1 Injrn medlclno nntned German Hop Hitters,
, In KltAUDUl.KNTIMlTATlO.VOf tllO 1101' IllTTEIlH
j inndo nnd fold by complainant; your said
medlclno bolnt, dkvisihj, calci'LAtki) and is-
TKMir.D to Misi.K.M) tho publio Into purohas
ltip; (inch couNTKltKKlT pilch Koods as tho man
utneturo of tho couiilaltiant :
i We, thorofore, la conslderotlon' of tho
pretiilpe, do strictly kn.ioin you, tho said
Collutinus II. Warner nnd all and every tho
pereons boforo nnnied, ntOM rstNO Tim
woitus "Hop Hittkiis" on nny tlulds con
tained In bottles so nn to Induce tho bcllot
that such llulds aro mado by complainant;
nnd further, from innnnfacturlnfr, sulllnwr or
oirorlnp; for sate, nny hitters or otlior tlulds tn
tho bottles and with tho labelp, and in tho
irenornl form In which you wero manufacture
intr and pellltiff tho bitters called by you Gor
' liiati Hop Hitters, on thn llllnp; of tho bill: or
' in nny othor bottles, or with any other labels
, contrived or designed to ropresont orlnduco
tho bollof thnt tho bitters or llulds sold by you
nro tho (roods of tho complainant, until tho
further order oflho court.
Chief Justice ot tho United States.
AtDotrolt, this fifteenth day of July, A. I).
1S3.". Walter S. Itarshn, Cleric,
ti-. S.
j J'ro.secnff fiei Swindlers! 1 1
If when you call for Hop Hitters the drupr
plst hands out anything but "Hot1 IIittkhs"
with a Kroen oluster of Hois on white label,
shun that driiKRlet nsynti would a viper; and
If ho hns taken your money for n botrus stulT,
ludlot hltn for tho fraud and suo him fordatn
spo'i for tho swindle, and wo will row ar you
liberally lor tho conviction.
' Soo 11. S. Court Injunction niralnst C. I).
I Wnrnor, Hendlnif, Mleii., and all his Biilesmcu,
i nKents, (lriiwixlBtB, and other imitators.
we Want B,ooo Moro book Asentsto sen
Tho Porsonai History of
Th lMk tnlirMti tl. Ctntrtl' tit MltlttfT, dill tmt
rrtiftU flavrftr, bj U tt moat iapUt t4 UlUtU hltrj f kin i
ant. A Utf askudfoin eetav TOlunc. auptrblf ltloautt4
W a(illn rarv UrkkJ Atmtj Post 4Bil)l rf Uviublp. Bf 4
for full rartlouUTi inc. hWcIAL TtRMS TO AUENT, r Itsui !
mt br fndlr.i' t for out A I. fMlln th'i rPf 1 AiintL
AniKIMOAN l'DltlilaIUNO CO., Hart To id
JJoBtoni Clilcatio I'liirhiiutili or bU IjouIb,
FWholnnulA mid llo tall
DEWEY & STOilE, Omaha, Wb.
A Kumhcr of pupils limited to forty. Pleasantly
situated on nhlulT overlooklnc the Mississippi river.
Now building hcnutirtilly furnished, Healthful
location. A full corps of expcrlencsd teachera. For
rcKlsteror particulars, nddrcss N. 1. 1UCHAHDSON,
Treasurer, Davenport, Iown.
besldca narlors. ofllccs. readlnir room, aiat lahoraturr.
treatment has Doen provided. For the tnansrement
nx resitted tho ordinary course of treatment, now nnd Improved methods havo
ho bi st results nre obtained by M AB8AOF- KLLCTltlCITV. MINERAL AND
ibHWT.DISH MOVEMENT CURE, tho last of which Is tho wonder-worklne
Sept. 11-18,