The Oregon scout. (Union, Union County, Or.) 188?-1918, September 05, 1885, Image 2

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JONIiS .V CIIANCHY, 1'ublUlierfl.
Mnttevoo) Interest Thucltod UiEf$n
Xexct QaUSbt.
A tcrrlblo accident is reported fron
Llttlo Calllou, Tcrro Boino parish, Lou
lilana. A few days ago while Kmllc
Slrettc wax engaged in moulding bulled
preparatory to joining a number of friends in
target shooting, bo asked bis wife to fill a
powder born for him. She was ten or twelve
feet from the fire placo whnro a few coals
'were smouldering. The task was but half
completed when a gust of wind blowing
through the open door sent a fcpnrk to the
powder Vrlilch Ignited, and a tcrrlblo explo
sion followed. The roof of the dwelling was
blown off, three children Instantly killed and
the mother received such injuries that befor0
many hours she too was dead, while tbo bus.
band and father and two children were badly
While W. W. Cole's circus was eorriln,.
through the tunnel near Cairo on tho way to
(bat city, three cages struck the roof of the tun
nel and were completely demolished. A
number of animals were liberated. The train
topped In tho tunnel, and all was conftiska
owing to tho darkness. All the animals wcro
filially recaptured and caged. Ono kangaroo
was killed.
A Tckonsha, Mich., dispatch states that a
Arc In the interior of J. C. Falling's residence
burned tho father and mother and two sleep
Ing children so severely that ono of the
children died and the parents arc not expect
ed to live.
A paragraph has been latelv published in
leading papers of tho country Mating Hint
Denver, Colorado, had been "stricken with
sudden partdysls; business stagnant, resi.
dunces and business houses tcniinllcss by the
Hundred, with vutt amounts of money Invest
ed In them worse tlmn sunk." Many inipil
rlcs from the east have followed this para
graph, and tliercforo for the correct Informa
tion of those Interested, the Dourer Chamber
of Commerce states Unit tho story is a fabrl
cation. Tho census of lb5 shows tho opu
ntlon of Denver to lmvo Increased (X) per
cent since 18S0. Tho recorder's records show
tbo warranty deeds for July 185, to exceed
In number mid value any other July but 1S2,
when the railroads purchased much property
for their improvements. Uiislnoss men show
an Increase of trade each year. Keal estato
men lmvo a less number of vacant houses
than Is ii unl In mid-summer. Tno smelting
works have enlarged their plants this year
Two hundred iin.l llfty building permits have
been i'lucd. Tho banks show'largcr deposits
and greater cash resources than ever before,
with ono exception. In general while Denver
is not "booming'' it Is steadily improving.
John II. Aufdcmortc, who robbed tho sub
treasury In New Orleans of f'27,C03 and lied to
Mexico, June -1th, has been wrested pear
Monterey. Assistant Treasurer Ilcrcwlg was
informed of his capture by Consul Campbell
and Immediately took steps looking to Aufdc
morto's return to Now Orleans. Tho fugl
tivo's whereabouts were learned through let'
tcrs written to mm under an assumed nnmu
by a supposed accomplice named Shepherd
l lio latter soon ionowcd mo letter nml was
shadowed by a deto.'tlvo wtio arrested both.
Herewlg will i ay tbo reward of f 3.000 unou
tho return of tho prisoners.
Mitchell, at Grccnlleld, Mass., who whllo
drunk attempted to shoot an applo from his
boy's head and killed tho youth, bus been
convicted of murder.
Mrs. Frank hndlcman, widow of a farmer
and prominent citizen of Atlanta, Ga., sui
cided by tearing a sheet up, throwing It over
a door, getting on a trunk mid jumping off.
Kho was forced to bold her feet oil tho lloor.
She was highly connected. No cause save 111
health Is Assigned.
Tho Northwestern Lumber Dealers' Asso
ciation, with representatives from low a,
Illinois, Minnesota and Wisconsin, im t at St.
l'uul. Investigation reveals tho fact that less
lumber is left over this season than Inst, aud
resolution was passed advancing rates $1
ier thousund on all grades.
In St, Charles purlsh, Louisiana, on tbo
21st, n lot of colored Hold hands took refuge
under a tree during a storm. Lightning
struck tho tree, killing llyo of them.
Maxwell, tho alleged murderer of l'reller,
appeared beforo acting Judge Fountleray In
the court of criminal correction St. Louis,
Aug. 121st aud was not uskcd to plead, as
Judge Fountleray temporarily tilling Judge
Noouan's placo in this court, is ono of Max
well's couubcI. The case Is set for prelimi
nary hearing Sept. '). Maxwell displayed
omo agitation when bo aroeo to enter his
plea of "not guilty." Hon. John J. Martin,
Lis attorney, asked for and was granted a
continuance until Sopt. 2:ul, when tho caso
will como beforo Judge Noouan. Tho lino of
defense has not yet been divulged.
A month ago 1'hlllp Lawman and bis son
Mlko, in New Orleans, bad a terrible light
with a savago bull dog and both wero Im de
liberated. Their wounds wcro healed, but
few duys ago tho old man was attacked with
symptoms of hydrophobia and died in gre.i
agony. Tho son, who has been in constant
attendance upon his father, now says ho bo
tins to feel symptoms of rabies.
Tholrou bark Haddingtonshire, from Asto
ria for l.lverjwol, wcut on tho rocks In n fog
oft Point Hugo's lighthouse, near San Fran
cisco harbor. The boat is a total wreclft The
captain and seventeen men aro lost, only two
having been saved. Tho ship was built In
Glasgow, was owned by J. A. Shlpherd, aud
was loaded with Hour and salmou. Tho cargo
' valued at 1 100,000.
A special from Tallcda, Ala., says: In
that county J, II. McGowan, killed and
dressed a pig for barbecue. Ills threo chil
dren aged 11, 0 aud 4 years of age, saw tho
process of tho butchenngof tho pig. Tho next
day McGowan left homo and tho children
agreed to repeat the process of the day before.
Havlug no pig the older children proposed to
butcher tho jouugest child. 'J hey cut
its throat, hung up by tho heel hi the pig
Lad been hung, aud wero proceeding to dls
embowel it when their mother discovered the
horrible tragedy,
BmMiTcU, white, wMlo intoxicated on
tho itrcct,iu Waldo Texas, as yprj bjtorou
II J brother William came alonj ami ptrsuad'
cd him to go home, saying: "Son you're Uv
full to bo ou the strict." t-sm exclaimed,
Full am II Thcu I'll make you full." Draw.
K hU ptto tie shot hli brother three tlmri
In the abdomen. lilsbrnther at last accounts
was dilng. Sam esca; cd.
l' Xflsh, a miner, wis killed at Lead'
vlilo by Hardy Klrby, who struck him with an
ax on the neck, nearly cuttlnghis head off-
The men quarreled over mining matters. Nash
claiii.lug that Klrby was trespassing on hi
ground. Klrby became enraged, seized an ax
and dealt Nash one blow. Klrby lie 1 but rc
turned to Lcadvlllo and surrendered. He ha
been j romlueut as a ward politician.
XXscHuntoiu MitUet of iilnwl IkcrtaMtty
to Fureiyn Countries,
Jniormatlon lias been received or a grea
massacre at llerber. The populace are starv.
ing and have seized the city treasur...
An officer of tun Lima Government troops,
who alter two days imprisonment managed to
escape from Caiita, says that a number ol
Cascrlst troops engaged on the 15th was I,.' 00
with four guns. They lost 20 men. Two
hundred and forty men of the defeated bat
talions have succeeded In reaching Lima. AH
of the north oint Is In Ilia hands of the Gov
eminent and free from tuo Monteucroj.
General Lord Wolselcy having been asked
about the truth of Itochefort's story that
Oliver I'alne had a prlco put on bis head by
the Hrltlsh In the Soudan and was executed
by them, replied tint no reward was ever of
fered by the Hrltlsh fur Paine, and that no
Ilrltisli olllcer in the Poudun would have
given five shillings for l'alue's head on or off
his shoulders.
Tho cholera In Marseilles Is spreading.
Thirty localities arc now Infected. One bun,
dred and forty deaths fr in the disease occur
d on the 121st.
Dr. Kevin Izod O'Dohcrty, who was . . inf-
ncnt in the Irish movement of 1814, arrived in
1 Dublin after twenty-five )ears exile in Austra
lia. jic was received nun great enthusiasm
and tendered tho freedom of tho city, The
honor was obtain til from the corporation oa
motion of Michael Davitt.
A riot ocurred at Londonderry on the 21st,
owing to Ill-feeling between tho citizens ami
troops. A party of forty soldiers had a scrim
mage with tho civilians and overpowered
them. Tho defeated party obtained reinforce
ments and drove the soldiers to their barracks.
Tho picket guard charged the crowd with fixed
bayonets and filially dispersed them. Order
was restored at a late hour. Several persona
wero Injured, but none seriously.
ilerr Windtborst, leader of tbo German
clerical party, will tako nit actlvo part in the
meeting of tho German Catholics to bo held
In Minister, Prussia, next month. He will
urgr; the formation of n union of Catholics
throughout tho world for the defense of their
rights and tho privilege of tbo church. The
project Is favored by tho Vatican.
Miscellaneous Matters of Interest at ths JVo-
tlonal Capital. says Edward
Itowo, assistant appraiser, has been ap
pointed tt member of tho local board of ex
aminers, of tho Now York Customs district,
vice C. A. Stevens, rontguocl Ho says Mr.
Itowo has been for twenty years a member
of tho board of education for tho city o!
llrooklyn. Ho is n gentleman of high char
acter and lino attainments. His selection
was niado in a manner most satlslactory
to tho commission, ami highly credlablo to
Appraiser McMullcu. Ho will enter upon
his duties as examiner upon tho comple
tion ot tbo pending examinations in tho
customs service, during which Mr. Stevens
will continue to servo.
Tin: recent order of tbo commissioner ol
internal revenuo lor tbo release of spirits
shipped front Peorin to Philadelphia, aud
there seized lor ro-oxiiniinutioii, applied
also to spirits from tho samo city seized in
New York aud llnltimnrc, where similar ex
nminutious wero made. General Sowall,
chief of the revenue ngonts, who conducted
tho investigation at Philadelphia, has just
relumed to Washington. Ifo snys today
that tho government ollteers had success
fully accomplished all they set out to do.
There wero charges that tho Peoria distill
era wero defrauding tlto government by
fraudulent gauging.
Tiik noting postmaster general bus ap
pointed tho following named fourth-class
postmasters: In Illinois: Salad Springs,
W. 1). Dilliitau; Thomnsborough, Jos. J.
Mathony; Fisher, Sits. Lynch; Georgetown,
Mrs. Laura llltiuchiml; Indinuola, J. J.
Henly; Ludlow, Sarah Proctor; Latona, .1.
J. Palmer; Dowitt, Charles Hichtor; ltnnkiu,
J, L. McCauloy; Altamout, W. S. Holmes.
In Iowa; Macedonia, Marion Ashloy; Col
umn, W. 8. Hnsa. In Nebraska: Peru, W.
11. l'urvianco.
Tiik report ot Gen. Miles upon tho condi
tion of tho Southern Utes in Colorada was
received by tbo interior department, and
tho commissioner ol Indian affairs immedi
ately instructed tho agent to secure sup.
plies for the Indians. Tho bureau o Ulcers
say tho trouble was caused by a deficiency
in the appropriations for tho purchase of
(ood supplies. The department endeavored
to distribute the amount ot tho appropria
tions throughout the fiscal year, but, to
avert starvation among tho Indians, it hits
boon found necessary to expend the limited
amount sot apart tor each quarter and rely
upon congress to nmko good tho deficiency.
In tho case ot thoSouthern Utes there is an
Interest fund that can bo used for the pur
chase ot food when tho regular appropria
tion is exhausted. Supplies amounting to
10,000 pounds ot beel inula, 000 pounds of
(lour will bo issued weekly to these Indluns.
Iiullims Matt Obey Iiufdui i.iitr.
Tho interior department has been in
formed by Inspector Gardiner, who litis
been assisting the IudiauH and hall-breeds
In tho vicinity ol tho Turtle Lake (Dak.)
reservations In taking up liomojtends on
public lands, that tho laud olllco at Devll'n
Lake is receiving homestead filings ou
lauds In that locality from hull-breeds as
i ltUens. The Inspector linn boon instructed
that Indians and halt-breeds are not citi
zens nnd can only become such under
special laws enacted Jy congress. Thoy
run take homesteads only as Indians sttli.
jeci 10 restrictions as to alienation pro
vided tor in the Indian homestead law.
II they boeure patents tor houuwteads
without an el 1 restrictions iniinv. it not nil
ol tlieiii, will soon iNtrt with the lauds and
it),'aiii Uke rWunt upon some reservation as
11 churue tiHiu tlieeuvurnmeiiU It the In
(Ilium paUnt thlr land under the I no mil
iioinmtmiil law they cuiiiiot part with
kvux lor n period ol twenty-live your.
a ma itur.rj roit sosiehody.
Looking Afler An Estate Said to lie Valued
at $.'00,000,01)0.
Dayton (O.) dispatch: For the Inst sev
oral dnys meetings ol several persons from
various sections in this state, and from
Pennsylvania, Indiana, Wisconsin anil New
York, lmvo been held in this city, at the
residenco oi Mr. J. D. Mercer and at tho
Soldiers' Home, for the purposo of looking
niter nn estato said to bo valued at $500,
000,000. Tbo estate is that of John Mer
cer, ol Pennsylvania, which became so well
known throughout tho country through
tho Vnndcrbilt suit, when it was claimed
tho railroad magnate was desirous of tret-
ting possession of about $i"0, 000, 000 of tho
property. I lie object of the above meet-
The object of
ings wns tlie establishment of tbo legiti
mate heirs to tbir wonderful estate, nnd to
devise some means of a settlement. There
wero In all about 200 po -ois present.
somo ol whom wero represented by attor
neys at law. Considerable interest was
manifested by nil who were present. From
one of tho Mercers the following synoptical
history of the legacy was obtained:
John .Mercer enmo to tins country from
Scotland beforo the revolutionary war.
mid jcttled in Chester county, Pennsyl
vania. Ho ntcmunls (.nine into posses
sion of somo estato in or (as it wns then)
near New York City, which lie leased to tho
.'oviTiimcnt. Amos, who inherited this
fortune, bad live children David, Joseph,
nine, roll;' and .lohu. home oi these sons
went to tho war of 1812 and wero never
heard of alterwards, and 'bo remainder
scattered, somo of whom, among them
loseph, came to Ohio over fifty years nco.
and thus enmo the present Mercers, who
lay claim to the original estato of John
Mercer, who enmo from Scotland in tho
colonial days. Mr. ). D. Mercer, of this
city, ami Miss Mary Lance, of Fairfield,
this state, seem to he the principal heirs.
1 ho matter was brought to their atten
tion in the following maimer: Miss Lance
was in New l ork recently, looking up tho
estato on her mother's side, when sbo
learned that the lease of the original John
Mercer to tbo government had run out in
1870, and that Mr. Vanderbilt had tried
to get possession of some SfjO.000.-
000 ol tho property, when, after
a long litigation, the courts decided
against him, when ho bad the matter car
ried to tho supremo court of New York.
which decided that it belonged to tho heirs.
This decision virtually gives over tbo re
mainder or the larger estate, which on
account of tbo valuable property which
has been placed upon it, is said to be worth
some Snoo.000,000. Miss Lanco is now
in the east looking alter tho matter and
steps havo been taken by those who aro
interested in tho matter to lmvo it pushed
to a speedy settlement, ns thero seems to
bo no obstacles in tho way sinco tbo deci
sion of tho courts has already been ob
A letter from a wealthy member of tbo
family in Wisconsin gives the authority to
biro tbo best legal talent if necessary to ob
tain possession of tbo property, which
rightfully and iintiestioniibly belongs to
the descendants of John Mercer, formerly
ol Chester county, Pennsylvania.
'llio legal mo, nbers ol the Iaiiuv. who nrn
nuiv miming a consuiuuioii at .Jamestown
havo tho settlement or looking up ol the
inmny record, tho publication, and full
power to proecoil with tho settlement oi
The Question Vititennost A1110110 tlie Silver
unci .liid-.Sfcd' Mu.
Washington Special: Tho question
among the silver and anti-silver men, ns it
traincs itself in Washington is, "Has tho
administration entered upon a silver pol
icy ol six months, or 0110 that can last for
four years?" In other words, ns to
whether it is the purposo of tho president
and secretary ol the treasury to present to
congress tho results of six months' strug
gles with the responsibility entirely with
congress, or whether it is really tho inten
tion ol tbo administration to light the sil
ver coinage earnestly and unwaveringly by
every means at its disposal. Opinions
differ 011 this subject even among tho
supporters ot the administration
and tho warmest opponents ol tho
present coinage An oflleial who may bo
mpposed to liavoSecretiiry Manning's eon
lideuco in the fullest degree, said that it is
tho intention of the administration to
show by tho experiences of tbo next three
months, that tbo Ulaiid dollar is 0110 of
ho most expensive experiments a civilized
nation ban ever made. It is its intention
to prove to tho people, to congress, and to
the silver men that the execution ot tho
law and tho issue of the dollars in tho
quantities contemplated by the coinage
net, involves tho people and tho govern
ment in expense so heavy, and inconven
ience so great, that it cannot and will not
be tolerated. According to this oillcial,
this question hits never been fairly pre
sented. The treasury department has nl
wnyB connived to protect the people front
tho effects of tho coinage law. The now ad
ministration can only hope to contest tho
question successfully, In his opinion, by
letting the people fully realize the enormity
o the system.
Irreanlarttles in lltn .Iivimih.i the (Viiiih 0
the Ji'u. 11 Art.
Kx-Trensurer Adams, ol tho Farming
ham (Muss.) savings bank, whoso accounts
wero recently made tho subject of a special
Investigation by Dank Commissioner
Qatcliell, nnd whoso resignation was re
quested, committed suicide at the bank on
tho l-'lth, by cutting his throat. When
found a revolver lay lieeide hint, which, it
is supposed, lie intended to uso provided
the in 1 or did not accomplish tho work,
lit the forenoon, tho ex-treasurer, who all
through the trouble which the bank has
been experiencing for tho past few days,
appeared to be very cool and collected,
came from South l'liriuliighaiu from his
Farminghaiti Center homo, and went to
one ot his lawyers' residences in Xobscoto
block, where tho savings bank is located.
Here during the forenoon, ho remained for
somo time, and assisted in figuring up the
interest accounts ot depositors who
had come to draw their money.
Shortly alter 2 o'clock Mr. Gatchell ar
rived at the lawyer's olllco and began to.
look over Adams' lodger. Adams thon
wont down Into tho bunk and killed him
self. He loaves a widow, daughter and
two sons. Adams hold a prominent
position in the community, socially mid
(latchell made a statement in which he
snys that there are ninny irregularities in
the accounts ol Adams. The check books
are, ho says, in a very unsatisfactory con
dition. Tlie stubs are improperly tilled
out, In some cases blindly and in some
castas blank. He and his son drew an un
known sum tor use lit their private bind
ncm and Ads. ins drew over $-',000 la the
last two months for peraomtl exnoiiMw,
He whs very lax in Htteudimc to the hunk's
busintMM. The in Urn I on $ 1 7H.O0O loaned
on luot tMue ami due lust Anril had not
yet mt coIWjcUnI, 'while uiurh ot It was fur
inorw In arienrs, Part ot the lmnk dlvl
ilwids had not bNi itald fur a yr and a
half, 'llio books aro beliiy examined by
1111 i'imrt.
A I'roiiiliient Citl cii of Knnsx tllo from
I'oIauii Supposed t'J Huve Hcen Ail
mliiMtorod y Ills Young 'Wire.
Kmpo la, Kansas, has been lnrji state of ex.
cltemcnt on account of the sensational death
of J. K Walkup president of the city council
and acting mayor, who died und.r drcum
stsnccs which indicate that his sudJ ;n taking
oil Is duo to poisoning, believed to hive been
administered by his joung wife. Deceased
had long been o prominent citizen of that
vicinity, having lived there since boyhood
ne una oeen married twi e, ana only one
month azo wedde 1 a third wife a vivacious
and beautiful New Orleans girl named Mln
nla allace. but 19 years of a :e. Walkup,
who was 49, met the youn? lady whlb hit-
lug the New Orleans extositlon last spring,
A few das ago he was taken 111, and attackcJ
at Intervals with spasms. It was thou .'lit
that M sickness w.n caused by eating free'y
of cove outers, suplio-cd to be l oUotied
cinncd goo Is. He lee .vered pitlalv, but
lit a dav or two was down aain. and ha 1
convulsions at Intervals. Friends had
become alarmed and BiitieIous. and
finally refused to let the wi.o at
tend her sick husbind sbn hav
ing Insisted on earing for him alone and hav
ing almost forbidden the neighbors to come
Into the house. Aft t hU death nvh
among citizens led ton jostmortem examina
tion, which was held by Drs. Moore. Jacobs
rage, Harrison and l oncannon. The Mom
aeh and Intestines were found In a congested
state with Indications o' corrosive poison. At
the coroner's Inquest, it was developed that
.Mrs WalUUP liad lilt dv vi-t d half r ilnzi-n
uiiierenr drug store lor the purpose of tot
ting strychnine and arsenic, and succeeded
m purchasing It In several Instance', cliiui
lux the drugs were for the complexion and fo
ri moving st.ilns from silk di esses. A mnsM
cruuie quantltv or arsenle was found In tlie
wife s room, 'i lie coroner's jurv Instructed
tlie slierlll to hold .Mrs. Walkup in custody. young widow is self dosscsm-iI. Mis.
Walkup h In charge of a deputy slierill at her
r'.-iiieuec. cuo nas reiaiUCU UOU. W. V
M'olt as her counsel.
II 4 ..I . T r. .
jier ieiu rrums to ew ur:cans were an
swereil to the elfeet that her mother, Mr?. K.
Vi allace, who Is at present quite ill. can not
come in once, ihi tint .Mr. Kinlav, her broth-er-In
'aw, bad started for Kmporia. (Juite n
number of teleriins exi resting sympathy
nnd ouerliig assistance fro n In'lueiitial
menus m Ai'iv u leans, hong Iiraneh, N.
nn I other points, wero received by Mrs
nui.uip. A rejorter called upon Mrs. W.ilk-
us. nnd lotin 1 Iter making her motirnln
clothes. She romnrkcJ: ' They sav (io I pun
in" " pi mm! no sew on sun lav. nut j guea
lie wl l not punish me, ns th's is n case of
necessity." She remain collected. Wneu
nske 1 i she bad any fears as to the result of
tuo mm, sue sui 1 she had not. She tall,
frcly on miv topic of conversation Intm-
(bleed and stems as little concerned in nny
pci.-uu in im- i-u.y. I'.xeueinenr, is still run
ning high, but Ml'ilie sent! i cut Is nienlv ill.
vided I'venoiie Is anxiously awaiting th
verdict of the corner's jury, as the woman is
expected to clve her tetin onv. ns is nl ?0 llIT
cousin. -As she Inis had nothing to say in re
gard to the ease, lier testimony Is awiited
Willi conslderalil interest.
Tim sovrmutx W Qsnuit-r.Asn.
ItrtnarUaMu lleautii, Wealth anil Ile.iottrcrs
of th Aiyi'iithw ItrpttitleWhat the Com
mission Will Till CaiiyrrsHoftt A'etir Xetah-
borhuoil Where Our Flay is Si Ulom Seen.
Ill the report of the South American com
mission, prepared for congress on its visit
to tho Argentina Republic, the commission
ers say: More than forty steamers monthly
leave tho harbors of Duenos Ayrcs for for
eign portsladen with products of the valley
ol tho river Platte, tho largest component
ot which is the political division known as
tho Argentino Republic. There aro also,
every mouth, hundreds of sailing vessels do-
parting from tho city, having cargoes al
most wholly destined to Kiiropoan ports.
Not oni of these steamers Hies tlie ling of
our country, and only one-fifth of tho sail
ing vessels is 1111 American bottom. Thirty
years ago our country enjoyed a largo and
prosperous commerce will! the Platio val
ley, but since the advent of steam commu
nication, and tho effect Oi our civil war on
our ocean marine, the Hag of our nation is
rarely seen in these waters, and petty na
tions of the old world are better known
through their national ensign here than our
own, ret every American of long residence
in this country, and every citizen ol it wh
has traveled in our land, will tell you tlie
Argentino Republic is tlie United States
ot South America. In many re
spects this observation is founded 011 strik
ing similarities. In round numbers the
area of tlie republic covers 1,L'0J),000
square miles. The northern limit lies
under tropical skies. In the central region
there aro vast plains where they feed, as
the president informs us, over .SO.000 000
head of sheep, and from 10,000,000 to
l.S.OOO.OOO bead of cattle, in addition to
droves of horses of uncounted numbers,
one owner having over (10,000 mares ho is
about to slaughter fur their hides and
grease. The repot t gives in detail the pro
ducts of tho country, and says tons of
wheat and Hour are being exported. That
portion of the hind seems tohnvo capacity
for tho production ol tho two grains of the
world, at least or hiiropn and the western
hemisphere, nml there are also along tho
western portion ol tho republic mines of
silver of unknown value, some bolievo them
to bo extensive.
The soil and climate aro greatly diversi
fied, but that it novel-becomes so cold nsto
niiiko it necessary to (ood stock. Sheep-
raising bus increased !I2 per coat since 1S75
and is largely in tho hands of tho llritish
subjects. There has boon no incrensoin the
herds ot cattle. Tho country has 2,800
miles ol railroad built and many thousand
miles more projected. Foreign colonies
lmvo boon encouraged for many yours, nnd
Italy lias sont. a linger niiiuiior 01 immi
grants into the country than any other na
tion. They are so numerous that thoy
could take possensiou of tho government if
thoy so willed. Ju laet it was once reared
they would do so. The government fostors
education, contributing? 1.000.000 toward
it. There are twenty-two normal schools
taught by American ladies, according to
system, and these ladies are praised very
highly. Thoro are also two universities
nnd lourteen national colleges and schools
of mines and agriculture.
Itetutrts (lenerally EneouraulnyTtiti Wheat
Turnlny Out lit tler than was IXrieetrit.
A Minneapolis dispatch says that reports
from all stations ou tho different railroads
running into the grain-growing country in
dicate that crops are generally in good con
dition. Numerous private dispatches sub
stantiate this, aud dilferent parties return
ing from extended trips ol investigation
ntllnn that wheat is for the better part
looking and turning out better than wns
expected two weeks ago. The most uu(av
orublo reports are from the line ot the
Northern Pacific. This section has hereto-
tore produced the liest wheat coining into
the market, but this gentou there sofiits u
(ailing oft in quality, bringing it nearer the
rruii ol ine oullern itMrl oi tue htate.
Tlie uulMtauc ot nearly 1,000 reitorU re
ceived iu oue day i that tue wheat yield iv
luner tuuu it was believed it would l.
Mtth tue quality euod: NotJUuy 1ms
Uwu reoelvad (ruwi iU ami
really reliable Miurres tliat would
warrant me mimni iuui uivvropisu
disappointment in nny way. It is admit
tiii now, an it has been from tlie first, that
the crop would fall short of last .icur, but
ll is said ptr good authority that the short
age will not bo as heavy ns feared. An
agent ol the elevators on the Hastings and
Dakota division of the Milwaukee and St.
Paul road, came in from n review of 100
miles ol Unit road. He said that tho erain
in inresiiuis oui. oeiter than he had any
idea it would. Itenorts on tlie Omaha line
are io me eiiect that tho nveracc in mini
ny anil (juiintrty is from fair to good. On
nt! .11111111.0011 it, 13 tno same. At some
daces tho aver.ige yield is said to exceed
iliat was expected, nnd at no place does it
fall under. Tho Northern Pacific cc 'ins to
dive been tbo most affected bv tin- lilMit.
.11 mui. mi! average grade win not 00 as
.. . 1... i. . . " 1
.1411 as usual. Uilonel O. 1). Kogers. who
ni-H daily From all the who it-growing een
res. snys Hint it is true that nt some
units wheat is not threshing out ns well
s it should, but for the best uni t tlm rum
is good and does not warrant reports of
da mage circulated for purely speculative
The City Xational Jlank of Tort Worth.
Texas, Closes Its Doort-Sulctile of the
Trller of the Institution.
Fort Worth (Texas) dispatch: Tho
sensational disclosures in relation to tho
the affairs of tho late John N. Nichols, vico
president nnd teller of tho City National
bank, resulted in n run on that institution
to-day. As booh us tho doors were opened
n steady stream ol anxious depositors filed
through the bank, and nbout 1 o'clock the
crowd, seeing the bank wns paying every
ono who npplied, quickly began to disperse
and tho run ceased. Some business men
made largo deposits to show their confi
dence in tho bank, and tho mntter seemed
to oe progressing favorably for tho bank,
vhen, about 12 o'clock, to tho surprise of
every ono, tho bank's doors wero closed
and the following notice posted:
"This bank has suspended payment by
orderof tho comptroller of currency, an tier
lununiiif; luiL'gra in:
WASMtOTO.V. I). P.. Alll- "fl A II Ilrlllr,
President Cily Nnllomil llnnk. Forth Worth!
lexns: An examiner has been ordered to
mho possession 01 mid examine, vour bunk.
Cloi-o tho doors and hold tho nssets us they
nro until his urrivnl. J S L.Miwoimir.
Deputy Colioetor.
President, Itriftnn k.'ivh tlmf hn nnlillml
the treasury department of tho defalcation
nnd received the above reply. RrRtonnnd
it number of other bankers in this city im-
mediately I rained a telegram to tho comp
troller, asking him to rescind the order
closing the bank, but just ns their protest
was aiiout to no telegraphed they discov
ered a (orged check for $2,500, also a noto
for $000, and concluded to allow the doors
to remain close:! until a thorough examina
tion is made. Nichols was also city trens
urer, nml tin examination of his account
to-day revealed the fact that ho was also n
defaulter to the city of Fort Worth in tho
sum ol S3 1, 300. His bondsmen are re
sponsible men of Fort Worth whoso wealth
aggregates Sio.OOO.
His unsecured loans from outside nnrties
will bring the shortage up to $100,000 or
over, lie owned considerable property
hero and at other points in Texas, but it is
uelieved that everything was mortgaged to
fcecure outsido loans, the aggregate otwhich
no one knows nt this time. There no long
er exists a doubt that Nichols committed
suicide. Physicians suy the symptoms of
111s dentil liidicatestrycliniiie. explana
tion ub to how or when the dead banker
lost all his money is yet forthcoming. It is
snid ho was interested in silver mines and
other hazardous enterprises. Tho proba
bilities aro tbo city will lose nothing. In
cluded in his shortagoto thocity aroS.".000
in city Doiids, which aro missing, nnd twenty
Tarrant county bonds for S."00 each, ag
gregating MU.UOU market value. These are
supposed to havo been sold in tho east. It
was also discovered that Nichols, 111 his
-npncity as vice president of tho City Na-
l.Minl haul;, borrowed SI ;i,000 from threo
other banks in the city. These loans wero
immediately paid by tho City National
bank. It is believed that Nichols hypoth
ecated for personal loans all his shares in
tho bank and 111 other corporations in
which ho was a stockholder.
The 31eetlny at llarrlshunj and the l'liitfuriu
In the prohibition convention at Harris
burg tho committee on resolutions reported
a platform ndvocating in general the pro
hibitiou ol tho importation, manufacture
and sulo of intoxicatins liquors for tho
purpose and uso ns a beverage; that, fail
ing to procure redress for wrongs inflicted
from its evil by petition to the legislature
through either party, the prohibition party
has been orgunhod to right it at tho ballot
box: that no vote shall bo cast Itu- any mini
who does not stand upon their platform;
that thoy ondorso the Woman's Christian
Temperance union nnd congratuhito them
upon the success attained in the legislature
last wi iter; tiuit the quniiiicnuoiis lor na
tional and stato ollicers should bo bused
upon proven eiixicity and laitniui
noss, not in party consideration; that
civil-service reform is favored iu its oxton
sion nnd application to all purely ndmiiiis
trntive and clerical positions, that the
"spoils" system must bo eliminated from
political contests; lull protection ol every
voter should bo serured, nnd disfranchise
ment bo a penalty to all who iu any wny
corrupt or interrupt a ballot: that the
Sabbath day should be protected from
profanation by secular pursuits and pleas
ures; inuor ami capital siiouiu no such us
to secure eoual protection to both. Tho
platform also contains the following: That
tho repuPiican ami democratic parties, 111
tlieir failure to carry out tho mandates ot
tho constitution against discrimination ol
freight ratos on our public lines of carriage,
nnd tho apportionment of tho stato into
congressional and assembly districts, merit
tho condemnation ot the citizens ot tho
commonwealth. 1 he resolution was
adopted us road. A campaign land of
$1,000 wns raised by subscription nnd
cash. Hen Spnngler. of Marietta, was
nominated for stato treasurer almost by
acclamation, several other candidates re
ceiving but a low vote.t. Alter appointing
astute committee and olecting the old of
ficers, the convention adjourned.
llayor Harrison's Technicality.
Chicago dispatch: This afternoon Carter
II. Harrison's nttornoy, Allan C. Story,
submitted nn answer to the bill filed by tho
citizens nbout two months ago disputing
Harrison's title to tho mayoralty ot Chi
cago by reason or numerous miscounts
stated to havo been made in the vote nnd
innumerable frauds alleged to havo been
committed at the polls iu tho interest of
Harrison. The answer is in tho nature of a
demurrer, generally denying tho allegations
ot the bill anil giving lilteeit reasons why, in
the opinion of the defendant, the case is not
entitled to a regular trial in court. These
reasons are largely ol a technical character,
and charge among other thiuse that no
rate for rvliel has been stated iu the citi-
ii' utitiou, and that the etitionera tail
to altow that they have any interest what
ever Iu the aubieVt ot the matter. OUJeo
Uon Is hUo made to Uw itilapd vagwraas
ot the titioii, want utaHtdavits and other
like vital ouiiMions.
Six Vessels Formeily llelonginy to the
United States llurned.
Fire causing a loss ot over $100,000
broke out on bonrd the Bteamcr Colorado
lying oil Plum Reach mar Port Washing
ton, on the 21st. Flames spread from tho
Colorado to the following ships, nil of
which were burned to the water's edge and
sunk: Minnesota, Susquehanna, Congress,
South Carolina, Iowa, Lotta Grant and
Fairplay. All with tho exception of the
last two, formerly belonged to tho United
States navy. They had been condemned
nnd were bought from the government by
Standard ifc Co., who wero to break theia
up for the old iron and planks they could
get out ot them.
The firo brolso out on tho forward deck
of tho Colorado, where men were nt work
burnjng up plunks to get iron Fpikes. On
the right of the Colorado wns the Siisnue-
hiinnn, to which the flames spread rapidly,
and beforo either it or the Colorado could
bo towed out, the Humes had spread to
other boats. They all burned like tinder.
nnd the sky wns red for many miles
around. The heat was so intense that it
was impossible to go nnywhero near tho
burning ships, while tho crackling of the
flames sounded liko the sharn crnek of
musketry. Tho Humes crept nlong tho
decks nnd bulwnrks ol the ships, nnd nto
their way up the shrouds into the rigging.
'llio picture presented ol eight buriiimr
vessels outlined ngninst n bank of inkv
clouds wns ono long to bo remembered.
Tbo firo burned so fiercely Hint within threo
hours nothing wns left of theonce defenders
of tho United States but a few charred
planks and floating timbers. The bulla
sank nt once to the bottom, going down
with hisses nnd gurgles, amid clouds nf
steam from tho water as it swept over the
burning wrecks.
J ho Colorado wns the first to sink, and
ns the waters closed over her, a mast of
the Minnesota toppled over on the Con
gress and together they sought tho sandy
bottom ol the sound. Tho Susmichiinnn.
burst loose from her moorings nnd nt 0110
tune various fishing emits, anchored along
the shore appeared to be in danger. Sbo
floated about fifty yards from the shore
and, after trembling a moment, keeled over
nnd sunk. The South Carolina and the
Iowa followed her to the bottom in short
order, but beforo going down tho flumes
spread from the Iowa to tho Lotta Grant
nnd Fairplay, two schooners lying near the
shore, and they sank. Who the owners ot
schooners nro could not bo nscertaiiied, ns
the crews became so mixed up in tlie crowd
of spectators they could not be found.
Mr. Staiinard, iu conversation with a re
porter, said : "The loss to me is not less
than $100,000, ns it was only Tor the iron
in them that I bought them. Had tho
boats been serviceable the loss would havo
footed up into tlie millions."
Tho loss on the schooners, it is said, will
not bo less than $L.",,000.
A Decision or tho l lrst Coiiijitrotlrr ot"th.
Treasury that .May Kniburr.iss It.
Washington dispatch: The first eomptrolzr
of tho treasury, has made a ruling that is
likely to emlarrass the court of commission
ers of tho Alabama claims for some time to
c.mie. It is In effect that the employment of
twenty-four persons borne on the rolls of the
court, is entirely without warrant of law and
that no payments can legally bo made from
the treasury ou their account in the future
Mr. Andrew II. Allen, disbursing agent of
the court, recently made requisitions on the
secretary of tho treasury for t'J.OOO, to meet
the current expenses of tho court. In the
usual course of business the requisition came
beforo tho first comptroller, and he decided to
make an Investigation of the alfairs of the
court before nuthori.lug the Issue of the nec
essary warrants. Ilia conclusions are sum
marized in the following statement rcpared
by him for publication: The court of com
tn ssloiiers of Aial ama claims was treated In
1ST4 to hear proof of the claims to bo jald
out of the $l,r.,5OJ.OO0 awarded by the Geneva
commission and wns continued by various
acts until December HI, Iti7. It was con
stituted of five judges, with an annual salary
of U,000, a clerk nt $:i,0J0, a stenonrjiilier at
iWiiX), nni1 nn attorney to re; resent the I' li
lted ttites at $S.(Xx). l'rovl-l'iii was also
made (or the rent of .1 court room, furniture,
stationary, fuel nnd otheriiecessnrv Incidental
expenses.nd of wh'ch were to be raid out of the
lund before judgments were paid. The court
was re-orgiinUed In ls2 with the same olli
cers and salaries as before except that the
number of judges Wi re reduced to three. The
comptroller In investigating tho ease found
that outi-i le of the above named officers there
wero on the pay roll the names of assistant
counsel for tho United States clerk to said
counsel of experts, messengers and watch
men, who'o nggreyate salaries amounted to
$"( I, .".00 1 or ear. Ho also found in the quar
terly returns that there had been naid to
other ass staut counsel over JSOIO lor tho
quarter ending Deeemb -r .'II. lS I, mid about
6T.O0O for the omirt- r ending March 31, l!-S5,
bes'des other illegal pavments. lie savs he
finds n law nuthorl.Ing "said payments, and
a ter consulting with the acting secretary of
tho treasury, and with tho f olkltor of tho
treasury, he' has decided to stop future pay
ment of tho tame.
The Xew York General Committee Taklnn
Measures for Its Erection.
New York dispatch: Out ot tho COO
members of tho general committee of the
Grant Fund association, but sixty nttend-
d to-day the special mooting in tho Mutual
Life building. Mayor Graco presided. Ho
said that enough money could bo raised
for tho monument, but it must bo con
fessed it is coming in moro slowly than was
expected. Ho thougjit it well for each
member to subscribe, irrespective of what
others may do. He would give his check
for $500. The Grant family mado tho se
lection ot the place ot burial originally iu
uccordanco with the gonernl's expressed
wishes, alter duo reflection on their part.
This should bo sufficient answer to unnec
essary cavils trout any quarter. Tlie park
board wore (liny authorized, nnd had tho
power to grant tho right ot sopulturo at
Kx-Gov. Cornell, tho chnirman of the ex.
ccutivo committee, said that it wns tho
purposo of tho committee to mnke every
bank in tho United States an ngont for th
collection ot tho lund. As fast as possible
agents nnd correspondents wero being es
tnblished in every citv in tho union. A
large increnso in contributions might soon
be expected.
in a long discussion tho opinion of manv
inombcrs was expressed as to tho amount
that could bo raised. Kx-Gov. Cornell snid
thnt it would bo an evorlnstiug slmmo il a
memorial to cost at lenst $1,000,000
could not bo raised to mark tho restlne
place ot tho man who saved tho union. It
wns decided unanimously that tho amount
which the committee would Bet out torniso
would be $1,000,000. and as much more
as possible. To-day's subscriptions bring
mo totul of the fund to 5 17, uuu.
Shipnioiits of oranffoi from L03 An-
coles county, t'alifonrn. to tho cast
luvo about cousoil lor tho toa-on.
Four tons of sou-1 on skins are
Hinoii" tho jiroeoods of n six wyoks
tr p of a Suuta Cruz, C'ul, tonliug