The Dalles times-mountaineer. (The Dalles, Or.) 1882-1904, January 07, 1893, Image 2

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    The Times-Mountaineer
. . Among the matters which will be
brought before the legislature which
convenes in Salem next w.eek will be
the creation of several new counties in
different parts of the state, and we
'understand that one or more divisions
, , of Wasco will be demanded. Aapbp
. nlation and. wealth increases these po
litical divisions become not only con
veniences to the people residing at a
. distance, but almost a necessity. For
this reason, when the exigencies re-
: quire such action, we believe members
of the legislature, as representatives of
tho best interests of their constituents,
should grant the request of petitioners;
but due consideration should be given
to the facts in each particular case, ai.d
V the vote by which such bilk are passed
or defeated should be an' intelligent
one. In many instances the taxable
property of the people seeking to bo set
apart from their neighbors may not be
sufficient to support the increased bur
dens, and then it is for the general
good of the public that these requests
not be heeded.
Old Wasco has been sliced up in
the last few years in different shapes,
and we will not say that the new
counties formed out of the parent one
have not proved for the best interest
of alL Distance from the county scat
rendered this nearly imperative in the
past; but in this era of railroad com
munication the same emergency does
not exist. It may yet be necessary to
carve up our county in two or more.
. 'different parts, and if it can be proved
to be a convenience 'or a necessity to
the tax-payer it should be done. But
we have confidence in those who rep-
. resent ns at Salem that no hasty ac
tion will be taken. Due consideration
should be given to the value of prop-
- erty in the new division, and, whether
there is a sufficient amount, without
exorbitant taxation, for the purposes of
erecting buildings and paying officials
- a living salary. And legislators should
not be unmindful' of the condition
these new counties : will leave the old
one, and consider, if it will not burden
the property-owners who remain in
an unfair degree. Representatives of
the people who congregate at . Salem
; every two years have, duties to do
, which should be performed conscien
tiously and intelligently, and there is
' no legislation which ., requires more
careful thought than the formation of
new counties. " ,r .
chasm between these two leaders
the .Democratic party is causing con
siderable anxiety, and it is evident
that if Mr. Crisp expects Mr. Cleve
land's influence for bia re-election he
must forego some of his notions on
silver. It is very evident that the last
term of Grover Cleveland as presiden
of the United States will be auto
cratic in matters over which the con
stitution gives him control, and the
country will anxiously wait and see
whether Crisp can so far forget his Brit
ish stubbornness as to become an hum'
ble suppliant At the throne of this
modern Cesar for the position he de
sires. Thero are many jarring ele
ments in the ranks of Democracy, even
if mugwump discontent has been elim
inated, and not the least of these Is
the strong individuality of him whom
the party has elevated to the presi
The project of incorporating the
port of Portland, to extend from the
region east of the Cascades to the
mouth of tho Columbia river, is agi
tating tho people at present. This in
corporation is to 1)6 made for the pur
pose of improving tho navigation of
this great commercial highway, and it
is claimed by this means that the work
at the Cascades and the portage road
from this city to. Celilo would be
pushed to an earlier completion. It
seems that such a corporation has been
pushing the work on the lower, river
very successfully, and it is claimed
that the same would be true of the
middle aDd upper Columbia. There
may be some arguments in favor of
such a scheme and many against it,
and viewed in the most favorable light
must be considered experimental The
producers east of the Cascades appear
to desire an appropriation for a port
age road more than to be included .m
the "port of Portland," and their de
sires tor a sufficient sum to ouiia me
road are not in any manner imperti.
nent or the amount asked exorbitant.
Every session of the legislature liberal
sums are appropriated for public insti
tu lions in Western Oregon, and very
little, if anything, for Eastern. The
portage road will not nearly equalize
benefits between these portions of the
state, and as taxes are proportional,
appropriations should follow the same
equitable rule.
Dr. Brings has been vindicated, and
neither of the charges against him of
teaching doctrines contrary "to the
Westminster creed has been sustained.
In this age of the world the leaven of
liberality is permeating the churches,
and the iron-bound dogmas which
were considered necessary to salvation
a century ago are only advocated occa
sionally by the clergy. If religion
consists in the advocacy of a life more
conformable to the high moral teach
ings cf the New Testament, with the
constant practice of an open-handed
chanty towards all classes of man
kind, then the world is becoming more
religious; but if it consists of implicit
faith in old creeds which narrows
thought to tho most contracted chan
nels of investigation, then the human
race is more heathenism tnan in any
epoch in history. To hold the views
which are now frequently preached
from the pulpit would have consigned
ministers of . the gospel a few years
ago- to the severest condemnation or
their church synods; but ecclesiastical
bodies must keep pace with modern
advancement, and men, whether-Catholics,
Presbyterians or Methodists, can
only follow the path in religion, as in
science or philosophy, that their en
lightened reason marks out for them.
It was hardly expected that Presby-
terians would so soon occupy the ad
vanced position of Dr. Briggs; but they
are in the line ot advancement, ana
other denominations must follow or
adopt the rules of the' inquisition of
be middle ages over the minds of their
The Democrats are not smiling com
placently at the dictation of Mr.Cleye-
land in the choice of senator from New
York, and the Evening Telegram, the
organ in this state, makes the follow-
ing vigorous protest: ''Plainly speak
. iag, Murphy is Tammany's candidate,
and Mr. Cleveland is fighting him for
that reason. - In view of the noble
stand Tammany took in behalf of Mr.
Cleveland and the assurance of victory
that they gave him, it looks to be in
gratitude on his part now to make a
. fight against Tammany's choice for the
senatorahip. It ia bad politics all
. . around, and waether Murphy is elect
" ed or not Mr.' Cleveland's action in
this matter will be hurtful to the Dem
ocratic party. It will be treasured up
against him by the friends of Tarn-
. w - .
: many, and it is but natural that they
should seek every opportunity to pun-
' ish him for his interference in this
: senatorial fight' Mr. Cleveland is a
much abler politician than he was
four years ago, and now that he has
- secured the presidency through Tam-
' many '8 efforts he can paraphrase Mr.
Vanderbilt's expression regarding the
people. He has captured " the big
plumb in the Democratic pie, and is
- undoubtedly satisfied. ; If any one can
afford to be independent of party dic
tation that man is Grover Cleveland,
and it is very apparent that he intends
to exercise his prerogatives as execu
tive of the great republic. This is fun
for us, and we desire to see this oppo
sition extend all along the line.
The coming legislature has a diffi
cult task to perform if it attempts to
pass 1a ws on the subjects which have
been named by the people and the
press. It is expected to remedy the
defects of the method of assessing val
ues; to deal with the convict labor
Question: to create several new coun
ties; to guard the salmon industry; to
legislate on a better system of roads,
eta; eta, and all this in forty days of
working time. Of course it is not ex.
pected that the representatives elected
bi annually to occupy the capitol at
Salem' are given the position for the
purpose of recreation or festivity; but
if the matters requiring intelligent leg
islation are presumed to receive proper
consideration and laws passed which
will be made effective, the constitu
tional limit' of the session should be
extended. It would be no great bur
den on tax-payers if the per diem con
tinued for a longer period than the
time mentioned, for matters of legisla
tion are of little good if done hastily
and not with care and consideration.
Hon.. Henry Cabot Lodge, of Ms-
-' sachusetts, is the caucus nominee of
, the : Republicans for United States
senator, and this will be very accepta
' ble to the party in that state and in
. the nation. But the Democracy does
' not approve of him because he is the
author of the so-called Force' bill, and
. they have already begun to "show their
' teeth." Mr. Lodge has proved him-
- self a very able legislator, and in every
' way competent to represent his state
1 in the upper house of congress. The
odium attached to the bill he intro
duced for fair elections in the United
States was manufactured by the
dough-faced Democracy of the north
to' keep the south solid, and if en
forced would not have interfered with
the constitutional rights of any citizen.
It may have had .its effect in increas
ing the dimensions of the tidal wave
of public senttiment last November;
but when this settles down to its nor
mal condition, and men regain their
sober senses, the Lodge bill and the
McKinley tariff will be the theme of
praise instead of blame. The next
four years of Democratic ' rule may
give the people practical illustrations
of the way elections are manipulated
in the soath and of the financial dis
asters attending the inauguration of
free trade.
It is, of course, a difficult matter to
estimate with any approach to accur
acy what amount of the outstanding
obligations of the United States in the
shape of currency have been accident
ally destroyed and thus removed from
the class of treasury liabilities, says
Uradstreel's. The discussion of the
condition of the treasury which '.has
gone on recently, however, has direct
ed attention to the subject, and accord
ingly we find in press dispatches from
Washington some attempts at- esti
mates of the amount of paper currency
destroyed by accident or otherwise
eliminated during the last three, de
cades. The estimates of the amount
of currency thus removed range from
$14,000,000 to $20,000,000. Of course
All of this currency has not been lost.
Some of it, the fractional currency es
pecially, has gone to a considerable ex
tent into the hands of collectors.
What gives point to these estimates is J
the suggestion now made that the
amount of this money be . taken out of
the sum of the liabilities of the gov
ernment, a suggestion which may be
laid before congress in the near future.
Congressman Qeorge Fred. Williams,
of Massachusetts, has not helped the
cause of the mugwumps with the
southern Democracy by his visit to
Charleston, S. C. Mr. Williams made
speech at the Forefathers' Day ban
quet at Charleston last week, says the
Chicago Inter Ocean, and he was ap
plauded when he devoted' bis attention
to the corporations in the north and
accused these of controlling votes in
the interest of the Republican party
But when Mr. William's gently hinted
that there were election methods in
the south that would not pass muster
in the shadow of Bunker Hill he
touched a sensitive point and the at
mosphere of the banquet hall became
as chilly as that which struck the Lau
resitna wnen her compasses were
frozen, and . the Charleston Newt and
Courier, next morning proceeded to
read a lecture to mugwumps in gen
eral and Mr. Williams in particular
Mr .Williams has learned that how
ever much the mugwumps may help
the south to control the government
they must not speak in criticism of
the southern ' elections. The solid
south does not band over to Mr. Cleve
land its 159 electoral votes without re
gard to the wishes of the. voters to
have the elections criticiced. Like
the colonel who ate the chicken stolen
by the foraging private, Mr. Cleveland
and his friends must accept this sup
port without asking impertinent ques
Louis McComas,wbo was nominated judge
i t toe supreme court ot toe District o
Columbia. Talking, about the probable
outcome of the senatorial contests now
beginning in the .northwest, Mr. Carter
'In my own state the result is still
doubtful, but with chances in favor of
the Democrats. In Wyoming the Dem
ocrats and Populists together have con
trol of the lower branch of the legisla
ture, and there are two contested cases
which I suppose will be decided against
the Republicans, thus securing a major
ity on joint ballot, which will probably
be used to elect a Democratic senator.
Id California, the legislature is against
us. Id Kansas, and Nebraska there is a
chance we will be able to elect our candi
dates, but there is considerable doubt
about it."
Another Idaho V order.
Lkwiston, 'Idaho, Jan. 3 Mr. J A
Czizik, a prominent miner from Warrens
arrived in the city last evening, brintcing
the news of another horrible murder in
Idaho county. Two brothers named
Perkins killed a man named Dickinson
about midway between Orabgeville and
Warrens, near the junciion ot the Little
Salmon and Rapid rivers. The cause of
he tragedy seems to nave been a dispute
over a minicg location. One of the Per
kins was held under arrest by Tom Pol
lack at the letter's home, where Dickin
son's body was taken, but the other Ptr
kins tied the counary.
Cold Soap In nrope.
Berlin, Jan. 3. The cold it severe.
increasing all over the continent. Last
night the thermometer marked 10 deg.
above zero. A heavy snow is falling in
the mountains. Suspension of traffic is
threatened on sevrral railways. All the
lakes in France, Germany and Austria
are Irozen over, and night fetes have
been organized in most of the cities. In
Vienna thousands were employed all
night clearing the snow from the streets.
At Trieste the harbor presents an Arctic
scene. A whole family were drowned
near Gifhorn, while crossing the Alter
on the ice.
There is some discussion in the pub
lic press of employing the convicts in
the penitentiary in a jute bag factory,
and this is receiving favoiable com
ments from many. The state which
supports these criminals should receive
some compensation from their labor,
but it should be in a channel in which
they would not come in competition
with the wages of bread-winners, and
this causes the present agitation of the
question. We believe the manufacture
of jute bags has been tried in the penv
tentiary of our neighboring state,
Washington, and the result has not
been very encouraging. There is no
reason that it would be more success?.
ful in Oregon, and it is experimental1,
at best, on this coast. There is a pub
lic necessity of the early completion of
The Dalles portage road by the state,
and the northwest is interested in this
improvement -The present legislature
can pass a liberal appropriation for
this project, and there would ' be
healthy employment for criminals in
grading and doing the heavy work. .
Now that congress has re assembled
after the holidays, our senators and
representative should be urged to im
mediate action in favor of the bill ex
tending the time for the payments to
be made on the forfeited railroad lands.
In many instances our settlers will not
be able to purchaae these lands next
month, and an extension of time would
be no hardship on the government and
be a great boon to those who desire to
secure them, for - the past two or
three seasons . crops have been very
light, and farmers have found it diffi
cult to meet their obligations. There
is no possibility of land speculators
reaping any advantage from such leg
islation, and the petitions presented to
congress clearly prove that these are
the honest, ' earnest prayers of home-
builders. '
Considerable interest centers around
the Washington legislature by reason
of that , body having to, elect a successor
to Hon. John B. Allen, United States
raanator. It is generally conceded that
Mr. Allen has - ably represented the
state in the national legislature, and
will very probably succeed himself,
Of course there will be other men who
will have the senatorial bee buzzing
around their heads, but no one is bet
ter able to attend to the interests ot
that growing state at Washington City
than Mr. Allen, and in his election
the legislature will have given voice to
the sentiment of the sovereign people.
Mr. Nathan Pierce will be an elector
rom Oregon by a decision of the su
preme court, although the judges de
cided that the votes cast for hia, where
his name appeared oh two tickets, were
irregular. This is one way in which
a decision may be -rendered that is
Mr. Cleveland, as is well known, is
' a pronounced mono-metallist, and has
not the least sympathy with the silver
. craze, which has lately passed over the
country, while Mr.Crisp, the speaker of I really not conclusive on a question of
the houaebelieves in free coinage, and I law, and is the same difficulty were to
in placing silver equal with gold as a I happen at the next general election
representative of value. The speaker, I there would be no precedent to follow.
in the appointment of committees and I It appears to one not acquainted with
shaping legislation, has equal if not I the technicalities of jurisprudence that
greater power than the executive, and I if a vote were irregular it would be il-
there most be no clash between him I legal; bat this rule will not hold good
and the president. To bridge the I under the Australian ballot system,
A Slob 'a Hasty Work. .
Lkwiston, Idaho, Jan. 3. At mid
night, a furious mob ot twenty-five or
thirty men, masked and arme J and de
termined to take the law into their own
bands, called upon Deputy Sheriff Wright
who has rooms at the court bouse, and at
the point of revolvers demanded bim to
deliver to tbem the key to the cell of
Albert Roberta, who murdered Jack
Sutherland. The key was obtained and
Roberts taken from the jail across the
road to an old grist mill and hanged by
the neck. The coroner found a verdict
in accordance with the above fact. The
enme for which Roberts suffered was the
killing of J. A. Sutherland, at Leland,
Idaho, Dacember 15. The row, culminat
ing in murder, occured in Jones' black
smith shop at Leland, about four miles
from Keudnck, over the amount of
wages coming to Roberts, who bad form
erly been employed by Sutherland. Dur
ing the altercation Roberts called Suther
land a liar and was jumped upon by him.
Roberts bad a gun . in the" inside breast
pocket of his coat, which he discharged
three times, all three shots taking effect
In Sutherland's chest. Sutherland lived
about 10 minutes. -
Carter oa the (Sltoatlaa.
. Washuigon, Jan. 8 Chairman Car
ter, of the Republican national commit
tee, was at the capital to -day under a
ubpena from the judiciary committee of
the senate In the charge made against
Democrats Control in kausas.
Topeka, Kan , Jan. 3 The supreme
court is bearing arguments in the cases
brought against the state board of can
vassers bv tba Jropulist central commit
tee involving four scats ia the legislature.
It is believed that the hearing win not
result in any change, except to give Kos
entbal. Dem.. the certificate ot election
issued to Stubbs, Rep., by an undisputed
clerical error. This leaves the Kepubii
cans one majority in the house On joint
ballot tbe Democrats will noid the oai
ance of power. -
Doable Harder and suicide
Oakland, Cab, Jan. 3. Last mgbt a
terrible affair took place on the line of
the electric road between Baywards and
San Leandro at a point called Asblaad
Junction. Tbe men who keeps a way
side place became involved in a row
with a man and his wife who were
stopping with him. He shot them both,
killing the husband and dangerously
wounding the woman, and then killed
himself. All were Portuguese, and had
been drinking heavily.
A Hernial Prom Mexico.
Crrr op Mexico. Jan. 4. Stories ot
great dissatisfaction tnroogbout Mexico
with the Diaz government, and that
battles with tbe revolutionists are being
fought on tbe northern frontier, pub
lished abroad, are denied here. It is de
dared that tbe country never was more
pacific or less inclined to revolution
An interview with General Reyes, in
command of the northern frontier, con
tains the following: "These bandits do
not exceed 250 in number Tney are
scattered along tbe Texas side of ihe
boun iary." General Estrade Local, de
Alaracon, archbishop of Mexico, being
shown tbe statement in tbe American
newspapers that the church party was
aiding tbe revolutionary movement on the
frontier and desiring a revolution agaios
Diaz, emphatically denied the troth tt
tbe assertion. He said : "If toe clenca s
ever retnrn to power it mnst be peacefully.
President Diaz although a liberal, is not
an enemy to the church, nor is the church
bis enemy,"
Monetary Delig-atea Will Resign.
Washintok, Jan. 4 The Post says
Senator Allison, who has returned from
attendance upon the Brussels conference,
and who made an informal report to tbe
president yesterday morning nf the event.
said yesterday he would certainly tender
iiu resignation a9 a member of the com
mission to tbe new president, and he in
timated that bis colleagues would do the
-ame thing. '-It is certainly the proper
thing," he said, "to give the new admin
istrauon a chance to seud a commission
tbat would be in accordance with its own
views on the silver question." When
asked as to the truth of tbe pobhcaiino.
Allison neither denies or offirmes. De
simply said: "I may, but that is net
v-orrying me now. I certainly shall nut
do it now. Whether I will when Cleav
land takes his seat is a matter the future
can take care of."
The Official Vote.
Salem, Jan. 5 Tbe official canviss ot
the vote in Oregon's 81 counties tor pres
idential electors was made by the slate
officers today and' shows the following
Republican John F. Caples, 35,002;
David M. Dunne, 34,938; Geo. M Irwin,
84,982: H. B. Miller, 84 910. .
Democratic W. F. Butcher, 14,848
W. M.Colvig,tl4,217; Geo.Noland, 14,
People's W. G. Burleigh, 26.811; S.
H. Bolt, 26,905
Democratic-People's Nathan Pierce,
Prohibition G. W. Black. 2258; N. R,
Gaj lord. 2350; A. W. Locas, 2207; Gil
man i'aikcr, 2231. .
o. a.. Whole
Load of Garden
Posson's Seed Stoi
Nearly everyone who saw it wa3 greatly astonished to see a whole train load of garden seeds cross the
' J T v . : i J " mc toast agents ior i. r.i. i-erry
u-i lul-v uau muveu imu a large warenouse. corner cecona ana iavlor streets hnf ennrvli. r.nn i;.
: steel bridge and pull into the Union PaciCc yard
nr. 4. II hn,l h.ulF lift u,1..'1 n I-..,-
.... ' - . .... ' f ' . J WUIU.U lUUb MILS IUU1 I'Qkt U.tlH 1. . ' J ..V -1 . ' J .1
Lue three years since they have been in business here. . . .
t i T? pniciate ? 8me ejAV wh,at 5 Vanity f Garden Seeds this is, it may be stated that there is enough in this shipment to plant over three 1 no Jrc.l
and eighty thousand acres, and is valued at over three-fourths of a million dollars. The freight alone on this shipment amour.ti'v to ncailv llftc :!...-. .
ctia dollars. - . . -. . .
As this is more than three times as much Garden Seed as has ever been shipped to this coast by any firm, it v. ill at once be seen thai 11
r-in -im rtvi flue Ma.t bujIb
'. hcad-
h V,n. w.'.t s C
mlatioa, r. well as
hx addition to their seed business Posson & Son operate a large Fertilizer Factory at Trw.tda!c, prohablv the lar-eat fhctorv cf I
Omaua, where thev manufacture aU grades of fertilizers - This product is exported largely to the Hawaiian ISlvuli U.t the Sumr Mm In
all over the coast for the Hop Fields, Orchards and Gardens. " - .
lucre was also two cars ot ISee Keepers' Supplies in this train load, from A. I. Root; of Jlcur.a, Ohio, fos whom Posro:i & So:i arc Xcrthwe.iti t . .w::t
To kcor that such a quantity of Bee Keepers' Supplies is used here was also a surprise to laot everyone '
A liberal use of printer's ink, hard rustling, honest dealing and eastern prices are to blame for all this trade which thisponubr fim has v.-cr!.! i:p ia
the short space of three years that they have liecn ia business. Monting devonian.
Picked Oat For Prosecution.
Pakib, Jan. 8 Le Figaro says the
batch of persons selected by tbe govern
ment for prosecution in connection with
the Panama canal frauds includes four
members of the chamber of deputies and
an ex. minister. It is reported Fioqnet
will resign from tbe chamber on account
of the connection of bis name with the
Tbe Oregon improvement Company
New York, Jan. 4. A committee
tbe Oregon Improvement - Company,
which has extensive steamship and "rail
road properties on the Pacific coast and
in tbe states of Oregon and Washington
has adopted a resolution to abolish tbe
sinking-fund provision covering the
first mortgage bonds. It amounts
$50,000 annually. Members of the ex
ecutive committee practically control tne
affairs of the company.
. Hepaira to tbe Xambesl.
London. Jan. 8 Repairs to tbe Brit
ish steamer Zambesi will take 86 days.
at a cost of 3100. Tenders were re
cieved from Hons Eons to repair her
for 2600. Surveyors recommend to re.
pair her at Yokohama. Temporary re
pairs can be made in one week.
D ath on the Kails.
.Pittsburg, Jan. 4. Eight are reported
killed, and two trains wrecked by
collision on the Baltimore & Ohio road
at Buena Vesta, 18 milrs east of here.
Tbe collision was net ween a work tram
on a side track and a tiain of loaded
coal cars. A number of laborers are still
alive under the wreck. Both trams took
fire, and tbe flames spread so rapidly it
was impossible to rescue those in the
' Cola Weather In .London.
Loudon. Jan. 3. The weather has
been very windy for several days. Much
Ice has formed in tbe Thames. Traffic
above and below London bridge is much
impeded by pack ice. The upper river
is frozen over. : ' : -
s Terrible Lynching
Bakebsttixe,N C , Jan. 4 Last mgbt
a mob of 600 masked men entered tbe
jail and took Calvin Soipes.a murderer,to
the forest half a mile away and lynched
bim. Ten of tbe sheriff's posse were
killed in their efforts to defend the
prisoner. About 29 of tbe mob were
killed . Among tbe dead and wounded
are some of tbe most prominent men in
the county..
Sngcentlona by the Board of JKqual.
Salem. Ob .. Jan . 4 Today tbe state
board of equalization adopted a resolu
tion addreesad to tbe legislature, reccom
mending certain changes in tbe assess
ment law. It reccommends that as tbe
5 mill tax, now required to be levied by
the county courts for school purposes is
an inducement to assess property at less
than its actual cash value, tbe said tax
ought be abolished, and in lieu thereof
an act should be passed requiring said
tax to be levied pro rata according to tbe
number of children of school age in
tbe county. Tbe board wants - the
law amended so as to give the state
board of equalization 60 days in whtcb
to complete its work, instead of 30, as
sow. It recommends tbat the law allow
ing deductions of indebtedness and ex
emption of same from taxation should
be so amended as not to allow any ex
emptions lor indebtedness. It asks -tbe
repeal of the present law on tbe assess
ment of mortgages. It wants property
assessed as actnally owned March 1, at
noon, of each year.
Bloomy Fight In Kentucky.
Louisville, Ky., Jan. 3 Tbe blood
iest fight in Mapoffin ' county's history
took place today about a mile from Al-
yersville. There were eight or ten of the
county's best-known citizens engaged on
each side, armed with repeating rifles
and navy pistols. Tbe tronble had its
inception in a trivial matter tbe day
before aed culminatad in a pitched bat
tie John Davis was killed by pistol shot,
said to nave been Bred atter be was dis
abled and disarmed, w. m. Deskins, a
constable, was fatally wounded by a shot
in tbe right hip. Alonteville Deskins,
justice of the peace, has not been found
since tbe ngbt and is supposed to be fatal
ly wounded. Shepperd Cole,coroner of the
county, received some fearful blows witb
a clubbed gun, and may die. Brace Pat
trick was shot through tbe bowels and is j
reported dying.. W. T. Patrick received
a nfla ball alongside tbe bead - and was
at first supposed to be dead. - He rallied,
however, and tbe physicians say be will
live if there is no concussion of the brain.
Murder of BIM Aye.
Sacbahento, Cal., Jan. 4 The Even
ing Newt has just learned, that Starkey,
night foreman of tbe railroad yard here,
made a confession today in which he ad
mits that Engineer George Jeffries, two
months ago, made a proposition to bim
and a third party to go out to Brighton
and kill Miss Ayres, tbe operator there, to
whom Jenriea was united in a bigamous
marriage. Tbe three weot out, but Star-
key backed out and would have nothing
to do with it. Jt fines is still in jail here
barged with murder. The statement
clears np tbe mistry surrounding tbe
death of Miss Ayers last Thursday mgbt.
Jeffries' motive was probably to get rid
ot tbe woman, wno naa it in ner power
to send bim to palson tor bigamy or
break up bis domestic life-
.more Arrests Kxpeeted.
Pakib, Jan. 4 M. Blondin, of tbe
Credit Lyoonais, was confronted before
Examining Magistrate Fraoqueville tbit
afternoon by Marius Fontant, an im
prisoned director of tbe Panama Canal
Company. From him many new facta
were elicited and eventually Fraoqueville
ordered tbat be be placed under arrest.
Not Yet Stamped Oat. .
Tacoma, Jan. 4 Smallpox has broken
out at tbe United States penitentiary on
McNeil island. John Brean is down
with the disease, and S. Herman is sus
pected ot saving it. All tbe prisoners
have been vaccinated and a quarantine
established JNo prisoners will be re
leased untill tbe danger is over.
exonerated by a Coroner's Jnry.
San Francisoco, Jan. 4 Tbe cor
oner's jury has exonerated Miss Clara
King, bo accidentally stabbed and killed
Albert 8 McCoy on New Year a eve
during the performance of a charade at
McCoy's home. Tbe case will be caled
in tbe police court today, when it is ex
pected to be dismissed.
An Alaska Vendetta.
Seattle, January 5. From passen
gers. wno arrived- from Alaska on the
steamer City of Topeka today, it was
learned that tbe Cape Fox Indians had
had a pow-wow at Cane Fox December
24, to settle a long-standing feud be
tween two families, but not being able
to come to any agreement, tbey all be
came drunk, and got into .a general
fight, during which one man was killed
and several wounded. That night the
family and fnends of the murdered man
met and drew lota tor the honor of avensr
ing tbe murder. .An aged rquaw drew
tbe lot, and the next day walked up be
bind the Indian who was supp'osed to
have killed ber kinsman and fired the
two barrels of a shotgun into bis back
She then went to her but and loaded tbe
gun "gain and sent ber boy out to see
tbat the job was finished. He found tbe
murderd man dead. This has started a
vendetta, and serious trouble is expected
Imprisoned Miners Rescued.
St. Petebsbubg, Jan. 4. Ten days
ago a mine oh tbe line of tbe Lonetz rail
way was flooded by tbe sudden ingress
of a luge volume of water. All tbe min
ers managed to escape except eicht.
Tbe pumps nave been working day and
mgbt since, and tbe water was today re
duced enough to admit a party enteiing
tne mine to bring op tbe imprisoned bod
ies. To their surprise tbe imprisoned
men were iouna sun aiiye in tbe upper
worning!, out nearly dead irom starva
tion, -
The California Legislature.
Sacbahento, Jan. - 5 Including ' tbe
nonpartisan (rom San Francisco, tbe
Democrats have 60 votes on a joint bal
lot. Sixty one votes are necessary to a
choice, and there are no indications, as
yet, where tbe extra vote is to come from.
Tbe right Populists witb the one In
dependent from San Diego have tbe bal -ance
of power. Stephen M. White will
be nominated by tbe Democratic caucus
tonight. T. V. Cator is ibe nominee of
tbe PeopleV party, and eitber Charles N.
Felton or B. M Burns will recieve tbe
Republican complimentary vote. Tbe In
dependent from San Diego has not said
how be will vote. He was formerly a
Republican, but great efforts are being
made to induce bim to vote for White.
If be should do so, Wbue of courte, will
be elected.
by P. Duff & Sons, commission mer
chants; Cahill & Hailnck, lamps and
fancy imported goods; Booth & Flino,
ontractors, and numerous offices. The
losses at midnight were estimated at from
$250,000 to $300,000. Kerch's immense
nstaliment and the Westinghouee
machine shops were on fire several times,
bnt the good work of the'tire department
saved them. At 11:30 o'clock the wal's
of the Duff building fell with a crasb,
burying the old ernor mansion aojoin
ing." Fortunately, the family deserted
be honse before the walls came down.
and so far as known, only one person wa
injured. Many valuable paintings anri
works of art were destroyed.
; Sliver IfgtslRtiou.
Washington, Jan. 5. All sorts of sil
ver propositions are being ta ked over lj
the members of the bouse. Bland lias
has been approached by a dozen mem
bers witb suggestions of a compromise
A return to tbe Bland act is the cbiel
compromise proposition suggested to
him, but Mr. Bland, at present, refuses to
listen to anything less tban the coinage
of $4,000,000 worth of silver per month,
and to this tbe other side, of course, will
not agree. Culbertson, a Democrat
from Texas, and chairman of tbe judic
iary committee, has prepared a bill in
tbe nature of a compromise, which he
will introduce in tbe house. It requires
the coinage and use. as assets, of tbe ac
cumulated silver bullion now in the
treasuay. Tbe present law is repealed
and the Bland law re-enacted.
Assignee's Notice.
TO all whom H may conrn: Notice la hereby
given that the nndcniifned hu been duly ap
point ed amlirnee ot the estate of Adolph Keller, a
insolvent debtor. All persons having claim acrainr
said estate wl.l present the same under oith to me.
said assignee, at mi place of business on the sout1
west corner of Second a"d Court streets In Dalles
City, Ores-on, or to mv eUornev s, Dufur & Menefw,
at I heir office in Chapman Block, rooms 80 end 40,
ovir the poav(Be in said citv. and within three
months from the date of this notice.
Dated at Dalles City. Ore , .Ian. 2, 189S
Jan7 7t Assignee.
-1J T . I If I
The Dalles National Bank,
Cashier ,
The New Umatilla House,
& PISH. Proprietors
i.A.'ll if, -snr.. - r. yitTJMQBt. P , I L h"o' - . I
General Banting Business Transacted.
....Z.F. Moody. . 0 -
;....m.i. Moody; Free Omnibus to and from tne Hotel
Fire-Proof Safe for the Safety of all Valuables
M Inster trfneo n ta Resign.
Chicago, Jao. 5 It is understood
that the resignation of Minister
England Robert T. Lincoln will be one
of tbe first to be placed at tbe disposal
of President Cleveland after bis inaug
oration. It developed today tbat dar
ing bis recent vacation in this country
tbe son oi Old Abe made arrangement
to - resume bis law practice by opening
oi tne woria's lair, and it Is stated
friends tbat be expects a democrat, in
bis place so as to etable bim to get back
in America by tbe end of April. This
will probably be the first diplomatic
pinm at tbe disposal or tbe president
An Unholy lsve.
Seattle, Jan. 5 Mrs. Nellie Bran
dage, wife of C. N. Brundage, a prom
inent real estate man, committed snicid
in tbe room ot ber paramour, S F. Clute,
an attorney, at Grandview botel early
Ibis morning. Clute, on realizing wbai
tbe woman bad done.made an unsuccess
ful attempt to end bis life by tbe Fame
means, lne climax was tbe result ot in
toxical ion and an article In tbe Sunday
Mercury telling of ber actions Christ mas
oignt, but mentioning no names. The
busbabd is heartbroken at Ibe disgraceful
Delay In the Nonvntrs.
WA8H1KGTON, Jan. 5. Tbe acting di
rctor ot tbe mint telegraphed the super
intendent of the Philadelphia mint this
afternnoo for the number of souvenir
coins struck off at tbe close of business
today, the end of tbe year. Tbe reply
was 473,000. This is less tban half
million, which is less than half tbe num
ber Mr Gage expected would be- struck
off The acting director is greaMv sur
prised, lie told a correspondent tonigbt
mat ne Knew me coinage would be muc.u
less, tban be bad hoped, but he thought
ii would amount to tuny ouu,uuu.
A Shipwrecked Crw slaved.
Baltimore, Jan. 5 Captain McBride
and a crew of eight men of tbe schooner
Edith Berwio, wrecked on Smith's island
shoe's Sunday afternoon, have arrived
here. Tbe crew were in tbe- rigging
from 6 o'clock Suuday evemug till 10
o'clock Monday morning witb tbe waves
breaking constantly over them. En
gineer Hines became insane, and threw
bimselr into tbe sea. Tbe others were
half dead when rescued.
Another Beport ot the- .Lynching;.
Johnson Crrr, Tenn., Jan. 5. It ia
next to impossible to get trustworthy in
formation ' concerning tbe Bakersville
riot. Parties Irom Cranberry tbls morn
ing say Snipes was surely lynched and
23 men were killed in order to do it. Sev
erai others were fatally injured. It is
reported an attempt will be made to
lynch tbe Wiseman brothers, coder sen
fence ot death for tbe murder of Kit
Byrd several years ago .
Fstal Fight between Cowboys.
Dkniscn, Tex., Jan. 5 Will Uovins and
Jack Langdon were killed and James
Neyens wounded in a fight with Win
chesters at a ranch In- Choctaw nation
All are cowbeys. .
Republican Victory la Kansas.
Topeka, Kan., Jan. 5 The supreme
court this afternoon decided tbeStubbs
Rosenthal legislative contest in favor of
8tuhis. -republican. This virtually in
ures republican organization in tbe
house. -
Wree ed by Flames.
Pittsburg, Jan. S A fire broke out to
night ia tbe large brick building occu
pied by tbe Collins Cigar Company, and
before tbe flames could be subdued the
structure waa entirely destroyed, together
witb three five-story buildings and a resi
dence on Pennsrlvania avenue. Tbe
buildings destroyed . were occupied
Sight Exchanges sold op
Or Collections made on favorable terms at all c
eeaible points
Ticket and Baggage Office of the UNION PACIFIC SaUway Company, and Ofiee oj tki
Western Uiion Telegraph Company, are in the
Best Kentucky Whiskey,
Very Best Key West Cigars, and Best
- of Wines.
English Porter, Ale and Milauke
Beer always on band.
ffool - M - SalooD.
You Want Yom Br? 000(18
We keep the. Largest and Best Assorted Line
in the city, of Dry Goods and Notions, Gents'
Furnishing Goods and Clothing, Men's, Ladies'
and Children's Fine Shoes.
We Want Your Patronage.
Of course we will put Prices to suit. Always
do that. Nobody undersells us. Come around
and investigate. .
AD. KELLER, Proprietor.
Wines. Liquors, Cigars.
Second Street East End.
Port 81,
Sherry 81
Muscat 83,
Angelica 83,
Mountain 83
Sample : Rooms,
(Nearly opposite Umatilla House.)
Burgundy 83,
Zinfapdel 84,
Riesling 83,
, Hock 83,
Table Claret
The Best Wines,
Liquors and Cigars.
Andrew Velarde,
an Grearorio Vineyard Co. .Ajfen 03.
All Wines and Brandies Guaranteed Strictly Pure
The Best Wines, Liquors and Cigars Always on Sale.
Try the best remedy for Dyspepsia, "Dandelion Tonic."
'I Commission and Forwarding MerchaDi.
1 i 1
391, 393 and 395 SECOND STBEET,
(Adjoining Railroad Depot.) -
Address; Lock Box 181
The "Dalies. Consignments : Solicited !
Prompt Attention to tnoee who favor me with their patronage.
The Highest Price paid in Cash for Wheat, Barley, Etc., Etc
Photographs in tbe Highest Style of j
the Art
Children Cry
" Castorla Is so well adapted to children that
I recommend It as auperiur to auj praecriptJoa
knows to me." H. A. AitOHnt, H. D-
111 South Oxford St., Brooklyn, M. T
"I ass Castoria In my practice, and And tt
specially adapted to affections of children.
. , tUmx. BoBcareoa, M. D
. 1067 M Are., Dew York.
'From personal knowledge I can say that
Castoria ia a most axoallwit mnrHflina for ohU
draa." Dn. O. O. Osoooo,
' Lowell, Haas.
Caatorla. promotes Digestion, and
overcomes Flatulency, Constipation, Sour
Stomach, Diarmoea, end FeTerishneas.
Thus the child is rendered healthy and its
sleep natural. Castoria contains no
Morphine or other narcotic property.
Meats, Butter and Eggs
11 Si Second St., TIIF. DALLES, OR.
V towns the choicest Beef. Mai ton and fort.
Al-o pay the
highest niaraet price for Butter and
General Expressman !
Goods banlod with the greatest aare to aU
parts of the city on short notice.
School Books, Stationery, No tion b, M&sic, Fancy Goods, Toys, Express Wag
ons and a fine line of Cigars.
109 ttooond Street,