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    The Times-Mountaineer
.DECEMBER 17. 1892
From Wednasdar'a Ballr. '
. J. B Croweu, our county clerk, re-
turned oo tbe noon train Irum a trip to
Port. and.;
- Mr -Nicholas Baser, who lires nrar
Omaba, Neb., is vismug hi nephew, Mr
Juno B user, la ibis city
Mr. Win. Flovd left on the tiain Sun
day even log on a Tislt to Spokane, wuere
be will remain a lew aaya
Tbe went-bound trmn was several hours
late tbis morniosr. Ic was -delayed in ibe
Blue moDDtaius b; bear; n'Ws. V
' - Assessor Karnelt is still engaged in fin
isbing tbe assessment roll of tb a couuly;
ana listing any lanas tnat ne baa over
Mr Peter Debnff returned this morning
rrotn faiout Uiiy, when be bu been
' visiting his daughter Mrs. McCornack
in ber sad affliction. .
' The, residence ot Mr. Wm. Micbeli has
been completed, and wilt be occupied foj
bis family in a few days
All our leading merchant have a full
supply of hoiidoy Bvuaa. and tbe quail j
and quaniii is good evidence ol tbe
briskoeM of trade in this city.
Dr. RInebart left on tbe evening train
yesterday toalteud a meeting of tbe slate
Board ot charities and corrections in ea
lem. He will return Thursday noon
Captain S. C Uir, of Hood K ver.
droppfd ino our efface this atumoou
ana repotted every btog brilu uu
promising at thai town.
Piles are being driven at tbe llegxUator
wbart, wbicb win be extended, a tin
trsde demands more fauili'les for the
atoisge and landing of (roods.
Duck hunting on tbe sloughs n ar thi
city is a pref auiusrmeai witu mm
rod; tint ibe species ot nirds have am
decreai-ed n numtiers bat very lew
Mr. C. W. Rice, who has just returned
from a trip into the country, says in the
southeastern portion ot Wasco the ground
. is not as wet as it is in this immediate
vicinity, and, although farmers are busy
. plowing, more moisture is greatly neeued.
Tbe Juvenile Temple wrlgive a Curitt
mas tieo and entertainment in tins c U
on Saturday evening. Dec. 24tb, and the
proceeds wul be used towards inrnishiog
poor children witb suitable remembrances
on tbe great Christian festival Tola -s a
very commendable object, and should re
ceive liberal patronage
The Christmas holidays are approach'
lng, and all are anxiously examining
suitable presents tor loved ones; but lu
this season of joy and git's, those who are
not fortunate enough to have mothers.
' fathers, sisters or brothers to k'adly re
member them should not be forgotten
Christinas tide should inaugurate the
reig ot peace, good will and uuiversal
The telegram received from Seoutor
. Dolph relieved a great anxiety regarding
the status or the locks tell by our people.
There is sucb a jealous interest fell in
this work that the least suspicion ot un
necessary delay causes an anxious fear.
The people of tbe Inland Empire have
' pinned their faith to au open river, and
uniil ibis is accomplished all otiier mat
ters will be beld subservient.
'' Rev. Mr. Nutting, of Seattle, is creating
Quite a ripple of interest in a crusade
agaiusl tbe saloons, lie proposes the es
tablishment of coffee bouses in tbe gro
cery stores where men who bave no fam
ilies can go and imbibe conee. nome men
we are of the opinion would consider it
rather a poor substitute, and men 'who
have been accustomed to take something
stronger will not take to it very willingly.
Ellensburgh Localizer The bed rock
flume it is expected will develop great
wealth. Wln-reyer it strikes tbe old chan
nel the pay will be big. This flume may
be tbe means of bringing to view the
mother lode, wbicb is undoubtedly fabu
lously itch.- Quite a number of large
nuggets bave been taken out of tbe
Swauk. We call to mind one of $700,
one of $444. one of $400. one of $300 and
from that down to $70, $.2 and $o.
We are glad to be able to contradict
tbe report mat twoot Mr. McCornack's
cbildieo ba I died of scarlet fever i'be
little girl, Frances, aged aboni 9 ears,
died Sunday morning at 10 o'clock; but
tbe inlant boy, about 1 jear o.d. Is im
proving. Tbe affliction is very sad as it
Is; but it is not as severe as it but- weie
taken. There is do panic at Palnnse City
, in regard to scarlet lever, and the d.s a-e
bas not become epidemic.
Albany Herald: Coyotes, which were
Once so destruouva to sheep lutdreata, are
not very numerous in Oregon now, these
little wolves Having been killed off and
hundreds of dollar baying been paid oat
for their sca ns A large healthy coyote
was seen a few days ago on the farm of W
H. Thompson near Albany. Sme boys
' bred at ic at Ionic range wi h a shot gnu,
iv and bis wobship was chased off by dog. .
Baker Democrat: John Williams, who
it was suspicioued assisted the two youug
calf thieves, Fowler and Howard, to es
cape from the officers, was taken in charge
yesterday by the sheriff and is now in
limbo. Williams will receive attention
, by tbe grand jury as it is almost certain
that evidence will be brought out that
will show his implication with more or
. less stock stealing in this section tor a
long time past, He bas for a year or two
been the head of tbe Fowler-rioward
gang, at least stock men think so.
I. W. Miller, tbe Union county man
who bas been searching tirelessly many
months for bis lost girl, was in Pendleton
Monday evening, says the tost Oregonian.
Mr. Miller now has a clue and hopes that
his child may soon be restored to him
He thinks Bhe bas been kidnapped hy
gypsies and is somewhere in tbo neigh
borhood of Cbelialis, Wash. Tbe anxious
father has traveled miles and miles in his
bunt. He bas been in many parts of Ore
. gon.Wushington and Idaho and bas seven
times crossed tbe Bl'ie mountains. Six
saddle horses bave given out wiln him.
and Mr. Miller himself looks as though
he were badly in need of rest.
Coyote scalps are the source of dis
agreement between our county board and
some of our citizens, says the Prineville
Hem. The county ought to pay a reason
able bounty for the destruction of these
rmg-sireaked-ann-slriked imps of perdi
tion. It would not be extravagance, for
every time oue of them kills a sheep he
knocks a hole in tbe sum total of tbe
next year's tax roll. Neither .o wjb think
it can be cai'ed class legislation on tbe
pretext that sheep men are ibe only direct
lieoeflciaries. They are not. Tbe farmer
who loses a pig or a half dozen chickens
could pay therewith his portion ot the re
ward lor quite a number ot these four
footed bandits.
A visit to the sheriff's office yesterday
nfiernooii revealed the fact thai a vocal
concert was in progress in lb: corridor of
the jail adjoining. Tbe plaintive tones
of "When other lips and other torgues,
their songs of love shall tell" was rudely
broken into by "Rally aroung tbe Flag,
boys." and this by "Tell me tbat you loye
me once again;" while in another part
broke in a deep bass voice "America is
the gem of the ocean," ei It formed a
novel entertainment to one who studied
human nature from an ordinary every-day
standpoint, and proved the fact tbat love
unlocks all doors, for even in the gloomy
recesses inclosed within prison bars the
tender passion is uppermost in song and
A night or two ago, while a dance was
in progress at tbe Gillett place on Tutu
Willow, says the B. O , three drunken In
dians appeared and took an active part n
the fes'ivuies wiibout any pressing invi
tation, being armed and bent on mischief.
They broke up tbe dance, compelled Ibe
ladies present to sing for ihem, and car
- ried th ngs with a high band, pistols be
mg trumps. Subsequently, while Dirk
Nye and the violinist were going home,
the Indians made a delour, beaded them
off, and every now and then pointed
weapons at the young men's heads in a
familiar sort of way, just to indicate that
they were brave warriors and would just
as soon take a scalp as to skin a dead
.sxbeep. Dick intends to carry an arsenal
jbeeafter. , .
frtneville New; This bas been an
autumn abundant in prospect.. The old
tradition jsf East Oregonians that a cer
tain amount of falling weather must be
.experienced .between the equinoxes has
Jbeea gratified by the amount of ram and
(transient snow already fallen bere. It
lends a hope, perhaps not well founded,
that the vigors of the present month and
fit the two jftrat months of foe coming
year may not be so severe as if the fall
bad been less stormy. The ground bas
been so thoroughly soaked that tbe prom-
ise of good crop yields next year seems
brignt, a d, Barring tne untoward circum
stances of tbe past summer will doubtless
be realized. stocK are yet reeding upon
the ranges.where tbe rains have continued
! good pasturage for tbem. Thus it will be
seen 'hut we of tbe huocbgrass bave good
canst at present to feel confident for the
. , From Thuradar's Daily. - -The
holidays are approaching.,'
Dr. Vandernool. of the S. B. Medicine
Co. of Dulnr, is lu town to-diy '
Mr. Lou Cleaver, of the La Grande land
uthce, was lu ibe city yesterday.
Mrs. Frank Sella, daujh-erof Mis. J.' W.
lewis, la viaittug ncr mother in tne city.
To-uay bas bden spring, ike, and, except
oar ibuuuy streets, has 'Ken aa delightful as
At tbe Umatilla H u-e there areperaons
registered . Iruui Hj XiH4 uuicago auu
other eastern ciuco.
Mr. Cbas ' Sutler, the' e ttle uyer of
Fort Timoseuu, is lu tbe city after tbe
uteres IS ot bis busluess. -
foe cases of aoariatiua reported a few
uaya ito are uupioviug, and uo tear is leit
ut ibe uiseiue oreauiug.
Duly oue U. S. pilauutr, held for selling
uiaay o luoians, is in the county Jail,
His luiu will come uexc.'
tioi J. C. Leisure was a passeuger on ike
altera oil tram to .reuuleum. fie was eu
ruUte huiue iroin a irip to Southern Uiegou
Mr. J. FitzGcrald, the Janitor, made
cjiorougll cleau up veaierla il ttie' county
Jul, and It will uo cumpaie iavurab.y wiln
auy lu tbe stale.
A carloa.i ot eattle and one ot sheep left
K. K Ssltmaiahe & C ' aluckyarus to-day
lui fori luwu-euu, iu rcp.euian the market
oi Mr. Cbas. Bugler.
Tbe vulce of suuii bas ceased in the coon
ly Jdii, aud the songsters departed thi
uioiuinu f'jr other otiines, wheie tbey will
sing their songs less sweetly.
A motto hsugs on the wall of tbe jail
bicn reads as follows: "Welcome Guhi
Btt-ss our Hume. There la uo piaue like the
ouuty jail." This is sui iouu.jecl by a gar
land of eyergreeu.
Uurter the beading of "Mistits" the Al
bauy Democrat prluia tbe fuiiowiug stauza
ttoiu foue:
Kuoar theo this truth, enuugh t rmm to knuV,
Virtue same is tupptueat Hers iew.
There was quile a j ui deuyery this morn
in. UtDutv u. s. jaarsUal Jameson tooa
six on the luuruiuii train 10 Portland. These
were arresteu tor selnua liquor to Xudiaus,
aud will be tried beiuie Judge Deaoy.
A new sewer is beiug p sued in the street
leading from the baliiug adjuiuing tbe Hun
omcef I0e worameu aieuowu anuat twelve
feet, aud exuect to go about two feet more
before they will reaun tbe main couduit.
Tne remains of Mrs. R ga Freiinao, ac
compauK d by relatives aud trituua, were
taken to ttie depot ibis aiteruuou n toe
arrival ot tne st-bouud trim, and lett fo:
Portland, wbcra tbe funeral will take place
to-morrow trout tne Jewisn synagogue.
Tbe annual meeting of the Officers' Ka-
uouul Guard Association of Orcgou will be
held tale evening at the Fust Regiment
Armory Hail Porclaud. Tub session will
coutiooe two uaa. Col. Thoinpon, Capt.
Buschke aud Sergeaut Booth ol this city
wil be in atteudauce.
A letter received bv Mr J. B. Croesen,
the county clerk, contains the intelligence
that the s'ate board of tqualizatioo will be
in ihe Dalies between friday. Dev. lOtn,
ami Mouuay, Dec. 19 h, seeking mforma-
non as to values and methods ot assessing,
and will be glad to uieet the county officers
aud others during lheir short stay.
Baker City Blade: Deputy Sheriff Ken-
nisou left ou last eveuiug's tram tor S-tiein,
having in charge three persons wbo are go
ing to Salem for the benefit of their health,
viz: Jnbu Kelly, larceny, one year; E. P.
Perry, larceny, one yer; John Williams,
larceny, three years If all reports are true
there will be another exodus in a few days.
Tbe eity jail was remarkable for its lack
ol occupants this morning, and this is con-
cla ive evideoce that a quiet night was
passed; for . the police force thorough y
patrols the city, and gather the aimless
wanderers into the calaboose. If the jail
is ouly occupied occasionally it is mucb
better for the peace and quiet and the
poise of tax payers tbau if it were full of
evilx'oers every day. ,
We are informed that instructions have
been received at the liud othce in this city
foibnidiug any proofs to be made or other
busiue8s doue requiring tbe inspection and
signal are ot the register until be is able to
perform his duties, lnis will wort a naro
ship on many settlers, as Capt. Lewis, the
register, is still quite sick and it may be
weeks before be is able to attend to bis
Mr. W. F. Stevenson, wbo left this city
last summer fui San Francisco, IJalif., to
receive from the government aueot there a
back pension amounting to $10,000, was
sadlv disappoint1'. After reselling lbs bay
uuv he learued tbat the act had passed; but
that the convressmao from his district in
Onto had the bill referred to tbe committee
on pensions, and it is doubtful when it will
be passed upon again.
The Oregon Pacific railroad, steamboats,
etc., are advertised to be resold, in 'he (J t-
vallis header, on Jauaary lo. load, by
Sner.ff O--uru of that city. No bid less
tnan $1,250,000 lor the property will be re
ceived by the sheriff. Tne sum of $200,000
must be deposited with him before a bid
will be received Irom any party, and if tbe
successful bidder does not pay the' entire
amount within thirty days, the deposit will
be declared forfeited.
A Palem dispatch says: From talks with
members of tbe legislature, it is learned an
effort will be made at tbe coming session to
establish a jute factory at the state prison
for the manufacture of grain sacks for the
farmers ot Oregon. This, it is said, would
save them thousands of dollars annually,
and the. feeling seems to be that no trouble
will be bad in pausing the law. It won d
n quire an appropriation of about $75 000
to put a factory uuder way,
Gov. Pennoyer is extending his pardoning
power to pruone s in county jule, as the
following tiora the Salem Statesman will
prove: "On recoinmeudatiou of Judge Bur
uett yesterday tbe governor granted a full
uardnn to Hugh Starr, and the latter will
uot oe compelled to serve out the three
mouth in the couoty jul to which he was
sentenced October 50. h. for ssstult with a
iaugerona weapoo upon Mrs. Kuriz, living
several miles north of this city."
Rosehurg Review: G H. Pitts and
El wards Bro-., ..f Oak Grove, shipped a
car load ot dried prunes to the Chicago
market last week. Thev were pnronased
from J. W. Weaver the Adams estate,
Luke Chapman, E I. Libne aud in lad. d
several small luts and cost about $5000 at
9i cents per pound. Mr. Weaver realized
over $2000 fiim,liis ten acres ot bearing
trees in ihis u8" year aud the Adams
es ate $1900 from about five acres.
The B attle Telegraph says L. S J Hunt,
of the Post Intelligencer, bas been buncoed
out ot $75,000 by purchasing a salted gVd
mine, lne quartz was brought from the
Coeur d'AUne, placed in tbe mine aud paid
well, but after it was worked up the mine
did not pay, so an luvtatigition was bad
with the result tiiat Mr. Hunt was so much
out. It most have bee i a rare expert wr.o
could not tell tbe difference between ore
frum the mine and quartz that came from
auother locality, but maybe the expert was
in it. '
The 400 of Tacoma decline to furnish the
names of their guesta at every ptrty and
hall they give, says an exchauge. It has
become so common for the "society" re
porter to publish tbe nmes of everybody
wbo attends a shindig tbat tbe aristocracy
prefer in future to be conspicuous by their
absence in the pages of tbe newspapers.
There is getting to be too mucb snobbery
anyhow among tbe American people, aud
tbe columns which should be devoted to
news are tilled with the veriest trash taken
from hotel register or those who are ambi
tious of continually seeing their names in
Exchange: There is an item going the
rounds ol tbe easte: n press to the effect that
an Orexon newspaper ma i has 4000 cords of
wood due him for subscription. We know
the mau; he got really hungry tbe other
day, and had to break up bis empty chicken
coop for firewood to boil a champion hig
potato left witb him by a delinquent sub
scriber fast fall.
Footpads are becoming bold in Pendleton,
and Tuesday evening, says tbe Tribune, at
7:30 o'clock, as Miss Neva Lam was return
ing home from a shopping expedition, she
noticed a maa following her. Sue quickened
ber step- but was overtaken at the corner
of tbe Presbyterian sburcb and ber hand
bag wrenched from her arm. Sbe gave tbe
alarm, and S. P Hutchison came out from
bis house, but could find no trace ot the
robber. The bag contained but $5 in cash
and a few trinkets. -
Salem Statesman: O le wbo is in close
ton eh witb Governor Pennoyer saya bis ex
cellency bas already commenced work on
his biennial message, and be further states
that tbe document is going to be a shoulder
striker, so to speak. Oolv one or two para
graphs of it are completed even in the
rough, hut in them the governor urges it
upon tbe legislature as being tbe duty of
that body to knock out tbe gold clause
The governor is right after tbe gold
bugs and bis last message is going to define
his position with a olearness that is unmis
takable. He also, but rather between the
lines, sugg sts that it wouldn't be a bad
thing to let the Oregon National guard also
drop into tbe waste basket. The goyernor
says his message will be short, and if all
signs do not fail it will be sweet as well.
The West Coast Mail sayi the following
placard was fou d posted on a Portland,
Ore., cburch door: "This ehnrch cost $200
000 in gotd. It has a $10 000 organ. Its
communion silve ' crmt $2000. Its com'
muoion table cost $1000. Ana its seveD
e ders are like onto the even rolden candle
stick i of Revelation. Every one of them
is a banker or note-shaver, lending money
at ursury for five per cent a month, aud
grabbing lands to make p or meo pay royal
prices tor home. Application for member
ship ma f be accompanied by collateral
The world, ihmi;h, should not luiige the
ctiorch gene ally, by such churches as the.
rortlsnd cburch.
- From Friday's Da ly.
Judge Davenport, ot Mosier, is in town
Hon. E. L Smith, of Hood River, is in
town to-day.
Mr. J. A. Anderson, the cattle buyer
Victoria, B. C , is in the cicv.
Mr. C. M. Donaldson, a prominent citizen
of Baker City, came down ou the morning
Hon. Henry Blackmann, of Heppner, was
a parseuuer on tbe afternoon train Irom
Notwithstanding the lateness of the sea
son there is considerable travel on passen
ger traius.
A chaik mine has been discovered on ' the
banks of the little Klickitat. Tbe vein is
said to be' five feet thick.
After tbe pleasant weather yesterday a
crisp frost covered the ground this morning,
and the air felt t ery wintry,
Mr. and Mr. Frauk MuFarland, of Hepp
ner, Ktt tbat city .or Ijos Angeles. Ualif..
w here thev will make a permanent home,
Capt. Ad. Keller, of this city, left last
evening for Portland to attend the meeting
of the office re association of tbe O-'egon
National Guard, which is now in session in
that city.
There was one solitary hobo found wan
deriug around the city last night begging
tor something to eat, and be was taken to
the i itv j ii where board aud lodxiogs are
furnished tree.
It is reported that a syndicate on the
bound bas bought out the ualiula and
Portland braucn of the old Hunt system
and will build tnrough the Klickitat valley
connecting witb Tacoma la the spring.
The members of the state board of equal-
izttiun were passengers on the tram from
from Port and this afternoon. Thir desti
nation was Pendleton, and from there tbey
will go to Heppner, and, returning, stop at
Tbe Dalles about Monday.
Tbe efforts to raise the Bonita, which
waa wrecked neat Bridal Veil a lew days
ago, has proved futile, and (be boat is con-"
sidered a total loss. This is a well-known
crait ou the lower Columbia, and has been
in the trade a number of years.
Karl Stephao, pronrietoe of the Parisian
suit house, wbo bas been engaged in busi
ness in Portland for a number of years,
make an assignment Wednesday for the
benefit of bis creuitors to Jacob Strauss.
Stephan's liabilities are $24,316 41. His
sssets are not known, but are estiuiated at
$20,000 '
Mr. Patrick Bolton, of Kingslev, wbo is
in town to-day, sa,s tbat rain is needed
very mucu; but he would prefer snow, as
thix insures trore certainty of crops. There
is time yet before spring for abundant snow,
and it is to be hoped the ground will be
covered with three or four feet of tbe con
cealed e euieut.
Sentinel; News came to Goldendale Men-
day that Sam Miller, a former typo of the
Sentinel and old time resident of this county,
Was severely n lured while playing a game
of foot ball iu Seattle last week He is now
in tbe Seattle bespital in a critical condi
tion. His many friends here sincerely hope
for his recovery t
A Frenchman from this city, according to
to-day's Oregonian, named S Bireille, pre
meditated suicide in Portland by taking - a
dose of morphine. He was prevented from
swallowing the contents of a bottle 1 this
drug by a bystander, and- thus was saved
from making a uddeu exit to the unkujwa
region from whence no traveler returns.
Portland is imitating Seattle iu enlarging
her borders, and the Dispatch says: "With
the completion of tbe car service to Oregon
City, many now predict a solid city in the
near future from Oregon City to the Colum
bia riyer. The bridge across tbe Clacka
mas will be completed in a day or two,
ready for crossing and the track into Ore
gon city will be completed about the same
time. Ic will take a week or more to finish
stringing the wires, and it is expected the
road will be ready for operation by Christ
mas day."
A brother of Leo McCarthy, the young
mau who lost his life in au encounter with
John Alexander on Birch creek, says the
E O , lett Pendleton yesterday tor Pilot
Rick, in company with James Lewi.', to
exnume the remains ot the deceased. He
employed Drs Smith snd Guyon to bold a
post mortem examination. The object, it
is presumed, was to obtain additional facts
concerning tbe tragedy, and determine if
possible by "an examination of the body
whether or not McCarthy committed sui
cide by shooting himself in his cabin after
receiving the wound from Alexander. ,
Astorian: Rouse, the man who was res
cued from d-atb by drowning off Cape Horn
on the XandVer, and who was thought to
have suffered no injury at the time, was
taken to tbe hospital yesterday in a very
serious condition. A medical examination
showed that his adventure bad given mm
an acute attack of pneumonia, and tbat the
hundred days that had ensued since had
nursed it into consumption. He is now iu
a very precarious state: Scurvy has also
made its appearance on tbe unfortunate
man withiu the last few days.
Portland TeUqtwm: About 10 o'clock
this morning a partly developed body of an
infant was found in a cigar-box floating in
the river about one-half mile below tbe
Portland flouring mills. The box had
floated ui near tbe east bank of the river,
and M. C. Thompson, a yonng fisherman,
in walking aloug the beach discovered it
and pulled it ashore. Upon discovering
the contents of tbe box, be immediately
came across the river and notified Coroner
Holman. Coroner Holtaao sent oyer for
the remains which are now lying at the
morgue. No clue to its identity bas de
veloped. W. W. Statesman: The Hon. S. S. Fenn,
of Idaho, died at Blackfoot on Friday last
at tile advanced age of 72. For a number
of years in the early days of Idaho, Mr.
Geon was a Democratic leader and a mem
ber of tbe first legislature of the territory
and twice elected to congress. . He was an
old 49 r and followed minine in California
aa i Idaho up to the year 1870, when he re
tired and went to farming. He was a generous,-
whole-souled man and always a
friend to a poor man whom he always as
sisted. Oi late years bis mind became en
feebled and he was plsced in the state asy
lum at B ackfoot where be died.
Intelligence reached the sheriff's office
last night that a woman was fonnd dead on.
the reservation, aays the East Ureyonian.
No p-rticulars were obtainable. Deputy
Sheriff J F Johnson and Deputy Distuct
Attorney Hiiley procured a buggy and
started at 4 o'clock this morning for the
scene to bold an inquest. Reports are that
the woman was tbe wife of Will LaRocque
and resided about two miles from Cay use
station. Sbe was discovered in a barn, not
far from the bouse, and there was a rope
around her neck. Foul piay is suspected.
The woman was a daughter of Cash-Cash, a
wel known old Indian, formerly judge
among his people.
A Portage Eailrsad.
Mr. Paul F. Mohr, the projector ot this
portage road o be built Irom Columbus
to a point opposite Crate's point in Wash
ington, took the afternoon train to-day.
In a few moments1 cenversatioo with bim
at the hotel prior to tbe departure of tbe
train a Times Mouktaineek reporter
learned Ibat tbe object of tbe company
was to construct and operate a railroad in
Washington between the points named,
and work will be begun as soon after
Dec 28 h as tbe contract can be let. Tbis
will take about five months in building,
and it is expected to have trains running
by the first of July. Mr. Mohr la an air
table gentleman, and answered all ques
tions frankly aud fully. If boats cannot
be procured to operate in conjunction
with tbe portage road, a regular lioe wil
be put on, as it is confidently believed
that the trade of the Colombia will war
rant sucb an expenditure. Tbere is
sumcierjt sruount of capital in tbe cor
poration to build the road and boats if
necessary, and tbe members mean busi
ness. Tbe object of the western terminus
opposite Crate's point is to overcome the
ice blockade in winter which usually
forms at tbat place, but near this city.
there will aUo be a permanent station
which will be tbe one generally used, ex
cept when impossible to reach open
water. As yet it has not been detet
mined where the mad will . reacb the
river opposite The Dalles, aud Mr Mohr
received information that an available
point is about two miles above Tbe
Dalles; but tbis will be determined in
the future. Tbe permanent eastern ter
minus is at Columbus; but by reason of
tunnel work being necessary opposite
Celilo, a temporary station will be estab
lished near that town, and the wotk will
be done from Rockland to that point.
His object in going up tbe road to day
was to locate tbe temporary tesmious be
fete the tunnel wcrk is done. Whether
tbis road wss under coatrol of tbe Union
Pacific was not asked, and very likely
would bave received a negative answer if
propounded. Whatever may be the ob
lect, if tbe road will be a factor in the
development of tbe country tbe Times-
Mountaineer will give it a cordial wel
A Salnsion and a Snare.
The following is the text of a petition.
several copiet of which have been received
in this eity by a resident with a request to
circulate and receive 8'gnatures, and which
it would be well for every person interested
in the state portage by every possible means
to discounteoauce
To tie Senators and Representatives of the
Seventeenth Legislative Assembly of Oregon
We, tbe undersigned resi eats and tax
payers ot Uregon, respectfully present to
your honorable body the following tacts for
your caretnl consideration:
The opening of the Columbia river at The
Dalles by canal or Ship railway, so as to se
cure for tbe interior country easy aud cheap
transportation to tine water, is a public nec
essity, and tbe people of Cistern Uregon
demand that steps be taken by your honor
able body to s-cure tbe desired result at
early a date as possible.
We al-o ask that the improvements for
opening the river at The Dalles be done at
the expense of and by tbe general govern
ment for the following reasons:
As tbe several states of O'egon, Wash
ington and Idaho ate directly interested it
would be unjust to ask our state to burden
its taxpayers with an interest paying debt
of more than one million dollars, to open
and maintain a free river
From The Dilles to Wallula, the Col am
but river is the dividing line between Ore
gon and Washington, and the arable and
producing lands of Eastern Oreson lie from
twenty to forty miles from the river be
tween these two points; therefore to reach
tue Columbia river shippers would bave to
use existing lines of railroads or build new
lines at a beavy expense, so that the
run them in quickly enough; bnt be is not
going to collar every suspicious character
and "run bim in." He keeps a careful
watch over the vicious classes, and he
desires it emphatically denied that Tne
Dilles is at present a "den of thieves" or a
"ho-o's rendezvous."
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
The Wagon Boad Case.
Monday morning, in the United States
circuit court, Judge Gilbert decided the
celebrated case of the United States against
tbe Willamette Valley & Cascades Moun
tain Wagou Road Company in favor cf the
defendants. . The Telegram says: "The
bone of contention in this case was about
600.000 acres of land granted by congress to
the com Dan v for building the road. The
government claimed that the company bad
never completed the road, and that it should
revert. The court beld that the west end
of the road was completed within tbe limit
expressed in tbe act, and since tbe suit was
commenced - the remainder had been fiu-
ished. The certificates issued by the gov
ernor at the time the work was done could
not be called into question, as there was no
evidence showing fraud in any respect. It
was so decided tbat Alex. Weill and David
Cohn, the present owners of tbe land, bad
Durcbased it in good faith, and that the
government is estopped.
College (lotos.
Monmouth, Dec. 13, 1S92.
Editor Tmxs-MotmTAisssa:
Prof. Getz, of the Not mat, addressed the
students of the college at Lafayette last
Friday evening.
Tbe students will bave a Christmas tree
in tbe college chapel Christmas eve.
Tbe Athletic Association will give an en
tertainment in tbe cbapel Dec; 17tb.
Mr. W. Corson, of Tbe Dalles, spent Sun
day visiting friends in town.
Miss Cassie Wiley, who is attending
school at the O. S. N. S., will spend tbe
holidays at ber home in The Dalles.
The college faculty were very pleasantly
eotertaiued by Mrs. Prof. Powell last week.
A recital was given in the college Satur
day evening by members of the musical de
partment. It consisted of talks on the
works and lives of classical authors, inter
spersed with songs and music. It was
highly spoken of by those present. These
recitals are given once a month.
School will close for the holidays Decem
ber 22d and reopen Jan any 2d. Many of
the students are looking forward to spend
ing the time at their homes. Those who
remaiu here will no doubt spend the time
pleasantly, as the people of Monmouth are
very enterprising io the wav of entertain
ments. A. E. W.
Blaine's Conditiou.
Washington, Dec. 15 Inquiry at
Blaine's residence to night elicited the
simple response that Mr. Blaine's condi
tion was aSout the same. From other
sources it is Jearoed his condition is less
favorable than this morning, and tbat b
is not only a very sick man, bat tbat bis
present condition creates tbe gravest
tears. A person qualified to speak by
reason ot his relationship with tbe tarn
ilv, says Blaine's trouble is witb bis kid
neys. These become coosrested when
ever be tikes cold. Furthermore, bis
throat and lungs are effected, and bu
svstem is crowing wesker day by dav
He speaks freely upon the subject of
death and is preparing for the end, which
he realizes cannot be a great way off. A
loving father, the death of three children
within a comparatively brief period has
sorely stricken bim, and bis grief bas
hastened tbe progress of the malady with
wbicb be is afflicted.
The Contest la Klickitat.
Goldendale, Wash., Dec. 15 The
contest began by some of the defeated
candidates of tbe People's party was
ended to-day in Judge Sol. Smith's
court. The result is, tbe People's party
lose tbe sheriff and one county comrais
sioner. tieorge V. McKinney, wbo just
got in on the first count by three votes,
gained on tbe recount 20 votes. Many
votes were thrown out oo account of tbe
judge of election failing to write bit
initials on tbe ballot. Judge Smith, wbo
is a very strong partisan of tbe Republi
can idea, should be commended for ni3
fairness to all contettauts He was in
dulgent to hesr every point tbe People's
party bad to offer long after tbe case
should bave been thrown out of court for
lack of evidence.
MX V V WsaiiiarU - htlj v Ar. o i n orty rA m r n 3
rVWIM l r aaa a WW aW efca "J I
Land Omen at Vinootroa, Wakh.,
Notice is hereby given that the following- named
settler has filed notice nf his intention to make final
proor m aupport ol bis claim, and that said pn
win ne made before w. K. Dunbar, Commissioner
United sua tea Circuit Court, district ot Washington,
at hii office lu Goldendale, Wash., on January 28,
iovo, via;
Purchase Application No. . under See. S. Forfeit-
ore Act, Sept. , 1 W0 for the Nf of N Wl and Jtil of
NE qr, See 17, Tp S N. R 14 E. W M.
He names the following witnesses to prove his
claim tnma land viz: Levi K Hllleary, Vernon T.
Cook, William D. Gllmortt, of The Dalles PoatorBce,
r., ana jaaouei o. 1 narao, oi uenterriue, waao.
ueciy wunai v. iBiutiUAr, Kesuter.
Dippings superintended by experienced representatives, free of charge,
"lOOPER SHEEP DIP is sndorsrd by tbe following Oreena and Hon tana 8ptnen!
J. W. Brers. New
J Lisbon; Oeorire Ochs, Amanda; John Hamaon, Manner; W. S. Lm. Junarton City; W. B bonaldsoa
Dayville: B. Kelaar. Cross Uollowa: P. J. Moula. Beroaik Jaamh Hiraehbare-- Choiaan: J. O. MoOuaUr.
Dupuj er; Oeonrs Edie, Dillon; Cook Clarke, Pbilbrook.
The Wool Clip is Vastlv Improved by Its Use.
Lavs Omci at Vahcocvxb. Wash.
December 12. 1882.
To Robert Handeraou and all whom it may concern:
Notice is h leby riien that the fot;owtneoamed
settlm hav flta? notice of their intention to make
no 'I proof In support nf their claims, and that said
proofs will be made before W. B. Unnbar, commis
sioner United states Circuit Court for District of
Washington, at bis office in Goldendale, Wash., on
January 80, 1893, vis:
Purchase application No. 838 uuder See. 3, Forfeit
ure act September 39, 1890. for the N hf of 8E qr,
NBqrof oWqt.Shfof NWqrand Wnfof NE qr.
Sec 29, Tp 3 N, B 13 E. W M.
He names the foliowinir witnesses to nrove hla
claim to said land, vis: William Van Victor, Melville
H. Warner. William P. Chatfield, of Gol endale
Poetoffice. With., and William O. A. Harckmaim.
of Hartland Posto ce, Wash.
Purchase application No. 9. under See. S. Forfeiture
Act Sept. 29. 1890. tor the SW or of NW or and NW
qr of S W qr, Sec 31. Tp 3 N. R 13 E, W H.
He names the following- witnesses to prove his
claim to said land, viz: r raucis M. Splawn, William
Garner, Marion M Spiawn and John Kure, all of
Hartland Postoffice, Wash.
dectl7 JOHN D. OF.OGHEOAN, Register.
CEN. ACTS. FOR ORECON, WASHINGTON & IDAHO. iooa Acts. The xcrtie. or.
WILLIAM COOPER & NEPHEWS, Proprietors, Galveston, Texas.
Heath of Mis. Pieman.
Frtm Thursdrv's Daily.
Mrs. Riga Freiman, beloved wife of Mr.
Jos, Freiman, died last evening about 5
o'clock, after ao illness of three . weeks.
She was ailine for a lone timo before sbe
was confined to her room, and, although
everything that medical skill or affectionate
relatives could devise was done, she quietly
passed away at the boar mentioned. Mrs.
Freiman had a large circle of friends and
acquaintances, witb whom Bbe was held in
high esteem, and her death will be generally
deplored. Har husband has been in busi
ness in tbis city for about 20 years, and will
bave tbe heartfelt sympaty of tbe commu
nity in bis irreparable loss. She was aged
53 years, and leaves a family of six chiidrea
three boys and three girls to mourn her
demise. The remains will be taken to Port
land on the afternoon train, where they
will he interred according to the ceremonies
of the Jewish cburch.
Demoeratte Plurality.
Albany. N. T , Dec. 15. The report
of tbe state board of canvassers, made to
day, shows tbe national Democratic
ticket had 43,449 plurality in tbis state
in the November election.
Dissolution Notice.
TT mutual consent the co-partnership heretofore
j existing- Between it u rieca ana u uneeeman,
under the firm name of R C Fleck Cn, is hereby
dissolved. D Cneesman will be responsible for all
debts contracted by said firm and all money dus the
an. lulls, uv paiu Ml luiu.
The Dalits, December 13, 1892.
NIELSEN In this city, December 13th, to the wife
of Mr. H. C. Nielson, a son. ,
BAOLEY MATH1ESON Dee. Hth, in the city, at
the residence of tne nride s motner, by Kev. wm.
Mi:heU, Miss Ida C. Bggley to Mr, A. C. Mathieson.
Kooms over Pease & Mays' store.
Notice to Contractors.
A lilttle Cifrl's) Experience In a liKht
hunite. Mr. and Mrs. Loreo Trescott are keep
ers of tbe government lighthouse at Band
Beach, -Michigan, acd are blessed with a
daughter, four years old. Last April she
was taken down with measles, followed
with a dreadful cough and turning into a
fever.. Doctors at home and at Detroit
treated her, but in vain ; sbe grew worse
rapidlv, urlil sbe was a mere "handful ol
bones." Then she tried Dr. King's New
Discovery and after Uie use of two and a
half bottles, was completely cured. They
say Dr. King's New Discovery is worth
its weight in gold, yet you may get a trial
bottle iree at Snipes & Kinersly's drug
store. 6
Call at Joles Bros, snd make arrange
ments for the celebrated Warner's butter
for the winter months, fhe first to come
will be the first on the list, ISdcJQt
moval of the obstructions at The Dilles
wonld bene6t Oregon less than it would tbe
sister states ot Washington and Idaho.
" We, the nndersigred, also believe that
any temporary road that might be built
around The Dalles, at present, would be of
little valne to the producers of Eastern
Oregon and wonld delay permanent im
provements for many years.
Therefore, we your petitioners, pray that
yonr honorable body memorialize the con
gress of the United States for appropriations
to secure a froe river from Astoria to tbe
navigable sonrces ot the Columbia and its
tributaries, and demand tbat onr senators
and representatives in congress give -this
matter their earnest atteetion.
, Tbis is in direct opposition to any appro
pnation being made by the state legislature
for a portage road between this city and
Celilo, and is so worded that it might
secure the support of some friends to an
open river, who, withont c onsideration
would affix their names' to the petition.
We understand that Grant, Baker and
other counties in En tern Oregon are flooded
with similar petitions, and it is very evi
dent the enemies to an open river are not
asleep. .
Sadden Death
Prom Friday's Daily.
Mr, Wm, Bethame, who has been drink
ing verv freely for tbe past few weeks in
this city, waa found dead in his room at tbe
Umatilla House this morning abont 6
o'clock. About 5 o'clock last evening.
while sittiDg in a chair he fell over twice
and was placed in bed. After the second
fall, cots were discerned on his face and Dr.
Logan was called, who examined and
dressed bis wounds. Tbe night clerk, Mr.
Batty, visited him several times and found
him sleeping very soundly, and apparently
in a profuse perspiration. At 3 o clock
this morning fie was seemingly in the same
condition, bat, sooq after, on going to his
bed be found his forehead cold and the man
dead. Abont two months ago Mr. Betbnne,
wbo formerly lived on Bridge creek, had
some family trouble and came to Tbe Dalles,
and since tbat time has constantly indulged
to. excess in liquor, He owns two farms,
w understand, in Crook county, and has a
competence cf worldly goods. His age wss
abont 55 years, and he was born in Scot-
laud. Oo being notified of the facts, the
coroner summoned a jury and an ir quest
was held. . . -
The jury consisted of S. S. Thurman, E.
B Johnson, J. Fisher, J. S. Schooling, Jos.
Berger snd D. W. Ebersole who were prop
ealy sworn and the following witnesses tes
tified: D. C. Ireland, Fenn Batty, E. Beck,
C. Frank and Dr. H. Logan. From tbe ev
idence it was apparent that the man came
to bis death irom indulging too freely in in
toxicating liquors.
Moro Observer: Some of our citizens are
trying to organize a cavalry company here
to be attached to the Third Bsgiment of the
Oregon National Guard. Tne war depart
ment of the state) is perfectly willing to or
ifanizu a company here and all that is to be
done is to have forty or 'more names of men
over the age of 21 years, or if they are under
21 years and over 16 years then the consent
of their parents or guardians is required,
Now let us get in and rustle for a company.
The petition is being circulated around the
connty. If you have any bard look in nod-
iurf it, come to this office and we will assist
you in finding it. Now you may ask what
it will cokt. We will say that all of the
cost is just practicing and being here oo
drill nights, that is if yonr business will
permit it, and attend as often as, yon can.
There is no reason why there should not be
a first-class cavalry company and by six
months practice we teel assured that tbe
company can parade with any company in
the Inland Empire.
An immense hop field is being planted on
Burdock's ranch, about one mile west of
Coyote station on tbe Columbia river. One
thousand acres of tillable land lying be
tween the bluff and the Columbia river will
be utilized in the undertaking, and if reas
onable expectations are realized the value
of Gilliam county's agricultural land will
be materially increased. Posts and material
for constructing drying houses, etc., are al
ready on the field. Water for use during
the drv months will be. elevated from the
Columbia river into a natural basin or reser
voir on top of the bluff by means of wind
and steam pumps. It is an assured fact
tbat hops will do well in the sandy soil of
that section of conntry. A few vines which
were planted for a shade in .Mr. Carter's
back yard a few years ago are in a most
healthygcondition and their yield is enor
mous. Moreover, there is no sign of rust.
which sometimes, effects hops in the wet
climate of Washington.
. That "Lawless Element."
Any intimation tbat "there ' is
surplos of the lawless element in The
Dalles" is an injury to tbe reputation of the
city, and a reflection on our efficient police
force. This is not a fact, and, while it is
true that Deputy U. S. Marshal Jameson
bas 'arrested several for selling liquor to
Indians, very few of these could be denomi
nated "hoboes." Tbe case of the Klickitat
farmer who was robbed be did no claim tp
have been "sand bagged" was heard before
a city magistrate, aud the fellow s evidence
was so incoherent that the district attorney.
on motion, dismissed tbe action and was in
tavor of taxing the costs to the complaining
witness. .Regarding the robbery of the
premises of Bob Teague, we were informed
that the money was afterwards found in
the bouse, - These are the evidences, or the
majority and ' most aggravated cases, to
prove that tbe city is overrun by a lawless
element by our evening contemporary. In
this it is in error, and we do not believe
there is a city in the northwest where
property is safer or where law is enforced
more fully than in The Dalles. Marshal
Maloney says if any persons know of any
hoboes or bad characters around be will
Stick to Ut
Sometimes you
may have to wait.
-'The troubles that
nave been yean
in gathering cant
always be cleared
away in a day.
For all the dis
eases and dis
orders peculiar to
-womanhood, Dr.
Pierce's Favorite
Prescription is the surest and speediest rem
edy. You can depend upon that but if your
case is obstinate, give it reasonable time.
It's an invigorating, restorative tonic, a
soothing and strengthening nervine, and
positive specmc ior iemaie wuuuaa auiu
ailments. All functional disturbances, pain
ful irregularities and derangememteare cor
rected and cured by it. Ail unnatural dis
charges, bearing-down sensations, weak back,
accompanied with faint spells and kindred
symptoms, are corrected. In every case far
which it's recommended, " Favorite Prescrip
tion," is guaranteed to give satisfaction, or
tbe money is refunded. ' !No other medicine
for wonen is sold on such terms. That
proves that nothing else offered by the deal
cut be "just as good."
Boys are boys tbe world over, but some
are worse than others, snd the following
from the Pendleton Tribune shows that
there are some bad ones in Umatilla county:
Yesterday evening on the reservation near
Athena, a son of Mr. Knight and a boy
named Boss Dixie, engsged in a quarrel,
which resulted in the Knight boy seriously
wounding Dixie with a knife. Dixie is the
larger of the two, and bad baen imposing
on young Knight. Both boys are rather
w Id and have given their parents consider
able trouble.
(Stresuttb. aaa Health.
If you are not feeling strong and heal
thy try Electric Bitters. If la grippe hat
left you weak and weary, use E'ectric
Bitters. This remedy sets directly on
liver, stomach and kidneys, gently aiding
those organs to perform their functions.
If yon are afflicted with sick headache,
you will find speedy and permanent relief
by taking E'ectric Bitters. One trial will
convince yon that this is the remedy yon
need. Large bottles only 50 cents at
Snipes & Kinersly's drng store ' ft
The choice bread, cakes ' and pies now
produced at the bakery of Mr. Geo. Eooh
can be purchased at Campbell Bros.
The Dalle, Or., Doc. 14, '92. j
Sealrd proposals will be receive I at this office un
til December 28, 1892, for tbe construction ol the
portage rilrod of this company from Columbus to
the western terminus (opposite Crate's point), a dis
distanoe of twenty-two miles, including ending,
brid&nnr. tur.nelwork. tracklavina and baluvunir.
Rock excatation and tuunelwork to be commenced
by January 15th, 1898, and completed by the
l&th day of May, 1"93, and all remaining work
to be comple'ed bv July 15, 1893. Haps, proflles,
plans, ana-ideations and approximate estimate of
quantities can be obtained by application t th
Chief Enirineer, rs also the blank forms for pro
posals. On and after Saturday. Dec 17, no proposal
will be received unless written upon such blanks.
All payments will be made in cub. witnin twenty
days from the date of each monthly estimate, sucb
monthly eatimat to be made on or about the last
day of each month during which the work was done
or materia a furnished. The right to reje-1 any bid
in reserved. All applications or bid to be addrnseed
Urkjcaery liver, Chief Engineer, French's bu lding.
The Dalles, Oregon.
Daeases mads in the latest styles, and Fits guar-
anteea. deci-aw
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Dried Grapes, Good, 30 lbs. $1.00.
Cannot tell of all our good Xraas things hers, ss
send your name to us on noatal, and receive tbe
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P.Tagan's Tailoring Establishmen t,
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attend to all orders personally.
Groceries, Hardware and Stoves.
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Corner Third and Washington Streets.
Cured Hams, Bacon, Dried Beef and Tongues,
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