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.OCTOBER 28. 1889.
a free ballot
Jo. Sunday's Oregoniai was pub
lished in the telegraphic columns an
address by the state executive Repub
lican committee of Mississippi. We
may feet aBiiured that the Interests of
this country will be carefully watched.
The future looks bright for there-
publics on the western hemisphere,
and with a uniformity of interests
they may work in harmony for self
ish ends.
The Russians have been busily at
dislike very much to be constantly writ- work recently in discovering persecu
ing on intimidation in the south, but I tiond of Christians by the Turks in
while the facts remain that the laws I Armenia, and they claim to have un
are not enforced in a portion of the earthed a system of barbarity never
country, that citizens in this free gov- I enualled in modern history. From
eminent are deprived of the ritjht of the tine of Peter the Great the north
suffrage,- and that assassination and I ern empire has had an eye on Constan
intimidation are employed to influence I tinople and an outlet by means of the
the ballot, it is justice that the state Mediterranean sea. Unfortunately
of affairs should be spread before the for 'the white czar he has no seaport
American people. The address is as of any consequence except Archangel,
follows: I and this in such a northern latitude
. As Republicans of Mississippi I that it does not add to his importance
we are compelled to withdraw
our state ticket. We knew that our
votes would be stolen and our voters
driven from the polls, but we' hoped
that in the larger towns and cities at
least the semblance of free speech
might still remain to us, but our can
didates are not safely allowed to dis
cuss or protest. We desired especially
to go before the whole people of the
state and challenge the Democrats to a
comparison of principles and record?.
When the armed revolution of 1875
wrested the state from us, Mississippi
was the only Southern state unbur
dened with a state debt She has a
Democratic one. Mississippi is gov
erned by a minority despotism, and
we appeal to our country for redress.
The constitution that we adopted is
the only one in the South so satisfac
tory now that it has not been changed.
Our laws stand substantially . un
changed . and unrepealed, but we
are Republicans and this is our
offense. For fourteen years, ever
since the infamous Mississippi plan
was sdopted our path has been mark
ed by the blood of our slain not
only the well-known leaders who
bravely died, but faithful followers
known only in the cabins of the lowly.
We refer not only to such well-known
slaughter as those of Kemper and
Copiah, Clinton and Carrolton,
Wakalak and Vicksburg, Yazoo city
and Le Flore, but nameless killings
as a maratime power. The allied na
tions of Europe control the Dardan
elles. and in every instance lie has
been balked of accomplishing his pur
pose. At the dose of the last
war with Turkey his victorious
armies was in f'lll march towards
Constantinople until the guns of the
British fleet were pointed towards Ins
soldiers and he called a halt. If it
had not been for the statesmanship of
lieaconsfield Russia to-day would
have had control of the narrow strait
between the Black and the Mediter
ranean seas, and would have dom
inated the commerce of southern
Europe. But the bull-dog tenacity of
the British premier stopped this game
of the wily despot, and ever since he
has looked jealously towards this out
let to the ocean. From the past his
tory of Russia for two hund
red years, it is reasonable to believe
that these Turkish barbarities are
manufactured by Russian diplomats
to pick a quarrel wiili Turkey to get
to the Mediterranean. The facts of this
matter are that the Sultan's govern
ment has been more liberal and lenient
towards Christians and unbelievers
in Mohammedonism than Russia.
ltv nnrl hflvnn. nn tiiorfiwava nnH
J J i &" -j - I m i l i J r J
by ways. These are the Democratic xurney uua gnuiw iruuu, i -
arguments which crush us. We can science to all non-conformists, while
dp no more. We dare no longer tue detestable despot of the north has
carry , our tattered, blood-stained rnled evervthinsr with an iron hand.
Republican flag. We appeal to the
nation. Is national law and honor
but a delusion and a snare? When
we rely upon the guarantees of the
national constitution, do we lean up
on a broken reed? If so announce
the policy boldly and acquit us of fur
ther effort.
When the amendments to the con-
Jews have been persecuted most bru
tally, and all unbelievers in the Greek
Catholic church have suffered ter
ribly. The Czar has no con
science, no idea of right or wrong
only acquisition of territory, and
this he will accomplish by the most
titution were adopted it could not be despicable and detestable means. This
expected that the colored race would J
latest ruse of barbarities in Armenia
emerge from a condition of slavery to 0)031 ue taKen wua a aeal 01 al"
one of intelligent citizenshio imme- Iowance b7 a11 fr minded men, and
diately. There must of necessity be if war is inaugurated by the despot of
ing that society responsible for the
assassination. If the attorneys fcr
the state can substantiate their allega
tions this society will be in repute in
the United States. We do not wish
to be premature in expressing an
opinion, but simply state if the Clan-na-Gael
or any other society, advo
cates the brn'al murder cf any obnox
ious member, it is time that not only
public opiniou but statutory regula
tion put a stop to their operations.
We have no room nor. welcome for any
such in America, and it would be ad
visable that every individual member
emigrate to some more congenial
visable course for men of brains and
enterprise in thi3 age of the world.
Poor Livingstone ended his life in
almost fruitless explorations, and
Stanley's fate may be the same.
From our territorial exchanges it
seems that every town in' Washington I
is increasing in wealth and prosperity
and we are sorry we cannot say the
same of the cities of Oregon. There
are four cities in Washington with
more population than any city in Ore
gon. except Portland, which, a few
years ago, were only small towns,
The natural resources of this state are
equal to any in the union, and tli
only reason for the growth of Wash
ington is the indomitable energy
the people-in pushing business of nl
kinds forward. This energy will
build cities in desert places, and tak
every advantage of channels of trade.
Oregon appears to be. devoid of enter
. ... . I.
prise, and lies dormant wmie ncr
neighbor is advancing. We cannot
tell how long this will continue: but
we presume until new blood supplant
the sluggish current which now
North Dakota is suffering much
worse from drcuth than Eastern Ore
gon or Eistern Washington. Many
families there are on the point of star
vation, and relief must be speedy or
there will be intense suffering
from cold and lack of food.
In one county in that ter
ritory there have been three suc
cessive failures of crops, and the
present shortage in Eastern Oregon is
the only cne experienced within the
memory of any living white man.
The Democrats have had glory
enough in the resignation of Tanner
as Commissioner of Pensions, and now
see something delightful in the
wordy warfare between him and
Secretary Noble. Perhaps Cor
poral Tanner was too much influenced
in his official duties by friendliness
towards his old comrades, but this is
more easily excused than a pat) y to
wards them. He may have talked too
much; but he fought almost as hi
during the era in our national -exist
ence when foes from within and with
out were attempting to undermine our
free institutions. Corporal Tanner
hobbles around nn two wooden pins,
and every American must respect his
patriotism and forgive his foibles.
some lapse of years before the negro
could take his place as an intelligent
factor in the body politic; but in the
interval he must be educated to the
importance of the right granted him,
and no sort of bull-dozing will ac
complish this object. Intelligence has
never been made a requirement of
citizenship, the only requisites be
ing race and pa riotism, and the
former was abolished by the amend
ments passed after the war. Full
privileges as citizens have been
granted our colored people, and there
is every reason that the law should be
enforced by the full power of the gov
ernment if necessary. It is a disgrace
to our free institutions and the chiv
alric spirit of the south that the
most cowardly and cruel means should
be used to destroy the Republican
vote in that portion of the country.
We are glad to notice that the leading
Democratic papers in some of the
southern states have boldly denounced
the methods in use, and there is hope
that in a few years public sentiment
will, demand equal protection for the
ballot to'all classes and races in every
state of the union.
Europe other nations will not sympa
thize w ith the movement, but will use
the force of arms to keep the despot
in check.
Since, the rebel privateers drove our
commerce from the high seas the mer
chant marine of the United States
bas not been very large. A good
portion of our products has been car
ried in foreign bottones, and the grain
fleets which leave our shores annually
have been principally composed of
English ships. It may be that with
the increase of diversified industries
it was found more advantageous
to sell our products at home than to
export them. But the policy of pro-
The growth of the west is nowhere
more apparent than in the four new
states which will soon be admitted
into the union. New Tork, with her
36 electoral votes, has always been
considered the pivotal state of the.
union, and during elections a common
saying is, "As goes New York so goes
the nation." But Mr. Frank Hiscock,
senator from New York, says this will
bi true no longer. The center of pop
ulation is moving west, and the day is
not far distant when the voice of Cali
fornia, Oregon, Washington and Idaho
will not be unheeded in the national
legislature. After the next census
the states which now have such a pre
ponderance ot representation will wit
ness others in the line of progress, and
whose votes in congress, if consoli
dated, will outnumber tbeirr.
"Westward the star of empire takes
its way," is as true now as it was
fifty years ago, and its course will
only be stopped on this continent by
the waves of the Pacific The growth
of the northwest during the last de
cade has been phenomenal, and it will
be so during the next ten years.
With the advent of railroads and the
erection of manufacturing industries
We have several ti it- call A t! e
attention of the readers of the Times
mountaineer to the tact that mines
of gold, silver and coal could be made
accessible to this city, and by the ex
ercise of proper business enterprise
they could be made a factor of de
velopment to this city. Appropos of
this subject, Mr. Crandall has just
returned from the Clackamas mines,
distant about seventy miles, and
brought with him some very
fine specimens. These contain good
indications, and it is very likely they
will assay well. However this may
be, it would be a good plan for our
business men to develope some of the
sources of mineral wealth which are
tributary to this city.
Senator Dolph is right when he says
the standard gauge theory for over
coming the obstructions between The
Dalles and Celilo is a "political hobby
of Gov. Pennoyer and ridden to
deal ." The board of engineers have
decided on a boat railway, .and to
spring a new scheme on them is only
to indefinitely postpone matters for the
relief of producers and shippers in the
Inland Empire. Every day boats which
have been for years in the trade of the
upper Columbia are used on the mid
dle and lower river, and the fallacy
that craft competent to overcome'
the rapids and shoals above Celilo can
not be used below The Dalles and the
Cascades is apparent to the most
casual observer.
A recent report says that 10,000
negroes are preparing to immigrate
from Texas to Mexico, presumably to
better their condition in many ways.
wealth and population will be at- Some of the evils they complain of are
tracted, and the wild west will change rea,i while others are purely imagi
its character to one more in conso- nar7 I here will be no prejudice be
... . . I e 1 .1 - r . .
nance with the spirit of advanced cause oi coior in we juextcan repuo-
civilization. -Ici and a black man will be accorded
the same privileges as one of lighter
color. . Society and business will be
open to them, and if this is their
highest desire this wish will be grati
fied. That these colonies will form
4nn(.'nn liAn n n anlinniuiil I n . I .. ... I ... .
ai&o " oiiuauvwu iud cjwcucuujr the police system oi this great city prosperous communities cannot be
of our manufactured articles that they I has been put to a severe test in I assumed; but will require actual dem
should seek foreign markets, and with these two cases: but it can no onstration by experiment.
the construction of our new navy it is more reflect on the city in gen
desirable that we should have a fleet eral than the Whitechapel murders
of ocean-going vessels to carry our do on London. There are lights and
flag and our fabrics to foreign ports, shadows in every large city, and in the
It cannot be expected that we shall shadows will lie found crime and vil
attempt to send fabrics to Manchester iftiny cf the deepest dye, and in the
or cutlery to bheffield, although these sunlight beneficence, benevolence and
Christian charity. In the slums of
We have advocated boring for ar
tesian water in this neighborhood, and
we are glad to see a movement on foot
with this object in view. Sufficient
money has been subscribed to begin
the work and continue it for some
length cf time, and we feel certain
that more will be forthcoming when
needed. If a supply con be secured
by this means it will lie both econom
ical and healthful, and the force will
be sufficii nc for all lmrpiws.
Our minister to Central America
has settled the difficulty between Costa
Rica and Nicaragua over canal mat
ters, and the American company can
prosecute their work without hin
drance. When the American Hug
floats oyer the commerce from the At
lantic to the Pacific, via the Nicaragua
canal, the United States, and especially
the Pacific ccast, will reap great bene
fit therefrom.
Sax Fbascisco, Oct. 23 The steamer
Cosmopolis, which arrived in port to-day
from Uray s harbor, met with rough
weather on her way down. Captain Dett
mers reports that when off Cape Blanco
the steamer's shaft was bent and three
blades ot her propeller were broken oiF
by beavv seas. She was also short of
coal, and had to beat her way dowa in
her disabled condition against a strong
head wind.
The steamer St. Paul, Captain Erskine,
thirteen days from Ounalaslta, arrived in
port this evening with tweuty-eight sa
loon and forty-eight steerage passengers.
She reports having experienced strong
cast and southeast winds during the pa&t
ten days with heavy rains. She left at
Ounalaska Octoker 9, the steamer Dora
and the schooner Pear and both were to
leave for San Francisco a few days later.
Her cargo consisted of nineteen hundred
cases of salmon and twelve packages of
personal effects.
Sacramexto, Oct. 22. The coroner
this morning wus notified that a maD was
run over by the train near Antelope, and
scDt a man out after the body. It was
iound that he was horribly mangled.
His legs were split open and broken in
several places. Hips were knocked from
their sockets and his ribs broken. The
skull was mashed in and altogether the
remains presented a horrible sight. A
card in. his pocket read "Dick O'Mallcy."
Deceased wore good clothes and hud 275
on his person. He was probably lun
over by the train last night.
Washington, Oct. 22. Army officers
are much interested in a longevity ration
case now pending before Second Comp
troller Giikeson, involving the question
of pay ior longevity ratioss for almost
every officer in the army. The total
amount ot all claims involved is about
When the first claim was presented to
the second auditor it was disallowed.
The court of claims, however, decided
that officers were entitled under the law
to an allowance for longevity rations, and
the supreme court affirmed the decision.
The second comptroller still hesitates to
allow the claim", as he is douotful
as to whether the decision of the su
preme court operates to reopen account;
that have already been settled. The sec
ond comptroller has devoted much time
and thought to the case, aud has finally
written to the attorney-general asking his
There is a rumor afloat that Chit f
Arthur is cn trial at the engineers'
convention in Denver. Very proba
bly there are some radical men in the
Brotherhood who do not agree with
the conservative views of Mr. Arthur; opinion on the subject.
but the larger class of e itineers en
dorse his course while in charge of
the organization, and will willingly
detend nis actions bciore the conven
ei'idejucs in onio.
Cleveland, Oct. 22. A special from
Fremont, says that at the village of
Woodville, in this county, nearly one-
third of its citizens are the victims of
typhoid fever and diphtheria. Last week
there were ten deaths from typhoid fever,
Ann nnnrlv llinr nnmhpr trim Hmlif
T- - f .1. TT.:..J Oi.... I" . .-....Uii
au i" jia me uuiueu oiaira omi excitement prevails in the town
will have as good a navy as any mar- antl business is entirely suspended,
atime nation on the continent, and TnE JArA1 floods.
with proper coast defenses she need B ?A.N Fkansco, Oct. 22.-The steamer
TI nf. fpar fnlKalnl witn nrnnuln n,nn I - I -r..i.l rr-i t 0
....... i nuu xuKuuuum. ii:e japneso paper:
archies. This country, when Droperlv state tnI complete returns from the per
I I. ... . . T A ..!. . 1 .rttr " .
equipped, can take charge of htr
own affairs and warn other nations
"hands off' the little republics in the
western hemisphere.
The representatives of the different
countries on t i continent now visit
ing the United States to take part in
the Pan-American congress were 'ele
gantly entertained in Chicago yester-
fecture of Arcln show that 685 peonle
were drowned and 121 injured during the
floods of September 11, and that over
1000 houses were swept away, and thous
ands oi acres ot crops destroyed.
Helena, Mont., Oct. 22. The bitter
ness of feeling between the two parties is
increasing daily, and the fight between
the newspaper organs at Helena is raging
nerceiy. ice uepuuticans bold the Dem
ocrats responsible for the delay in the ad
mission of the territory, and the Demo
crats take the same position
A meeting of the luuges of the su
day. The city exerted herself to do
her best on the occasion, and as usual preme bench was held in Helena vester-
the Queen City eclipsed the effort of day J consider the application of Justice
"luu.i.w.Ljr una uouuiry. district couit at JJutte, to consider the
mandamus ca3e to came before him. He
DeDew has madn a nrpdir-Mnn tht wa8 granted bermission. Court will con-
1 r i wann ntnti. oq ;nDua r at i a
New York will have the world's fair
in 1892, and that Harrison and Cleve
land will head the national tickets the
same year. Chicago may have some
thing to say rpg rding the first part
Birmingham, Ala., Oct. 22. A special
to the Age-Herald from Lafayette records
a crime in lallupocsa county that rarely
nas oeen surpassed in horrible details,
While Albert Smith and his three oldest
of this proposition, and whatever she children were absent from home five ne
groes came to me nonse, and on bein:
refused something to eat by Mrs. Smith,
ransacked the house and afterwards set
fire to it. They then caused the mother
sajs will be said loudly.
President Eliot has been canonized
by the Democratic press of the coun
try since he joined the party. We
never saw his nome mentioned before
in democratic prints, and perhaps
never would if it had not been for the
excruiating suffering by tossing her baby
up into the air repeatedly, and letting it
tall back almost on the point of sharp
knives, which they held under it. Thev
finally went away, leaving the mother
ana cuiia more dead than alive, and the
nouse in ruim. inree ot the negtoes
fact that free-trade and Democracy httve been caught.
are very closely related. determined polish catholics,
r iLiki-tiiAHKK, i-enD., KJCl. JJJj. jpor
some time past the Polish Catholic adhe-
the war into Africa" by building a line have ,Jeld possession of the' church and
through Canada. Instead of being parsonage. To-day Bishop O'Harr. of
worsted in the transDortation business Bcranton, came here to obtain possession
by the Dominion transcontinental line was secured, and in the attempt to expel
it is determined to fight that road on tne usurpers a fierce flight ensued. The
.. , . . , , , chief of police bad a leg broktn and a
its own ground. This is plucky, and number of persons weie injured.
may win success. women's rights.
Wit.t.i Will i Clot 99 UTro T Ti
President Eliot having joined the Laman, Mrs. S. B. Davenport and Mrs".
Democracy emphasizes the fact that Charles Burioughs to day brought suit
that party suits his notions on a na- d7fferent wardsHhere for refuJ8il1 to connt
tional economic policy better than the I their votes, cast at the last election in this
The Inter-Ocean claims that Chicago
is again on trial iu the Cronin murder
as lit was in the anarchists'
Hayinarket plot. It may be true that
articles manufactured in this coun
try compare very favorably with the
British product, but we have a con
tinent of our own without crossing
the Atlantic. The Central and South
American nations haVehitherto been
dependent upon British capital for de-
the great English metropolis crime
stalks unchecked, and in certain local
ities in Chicago perhaps the same may
be as truly said. But the larger the
number of people congregated in any
One of our exchanges has suggest
ed that the assessors of Oregon hold
meeting, and that some uniform plan
of assessment be adopted for the state,
This is timely, as there is no question
which is entitled to more just criti
cism than the un-uniform plan of as
sessing property in different counties.
If property were assessed at a certain
proportion of its real valuation, com
plaint could not be made that some
counties paid a larger pro rata of
state taxes than others. The statute
is not explicit enough in this matter,
and each assessor adopts his own plan
one place the more crime will be ram-
velopment and British goods tor house- pant, and the more diverse the differ-
hold use. This is our field of opera- ent phases of human character. The
lions, and we have no fear of success- Whitechapel murders, the anarchists'
ful competition. The treasury is now assassinations and the cruel butchery bo:j ri oof-
full tA Avprflnv:Ti(T. Ann Rnmp nf tnw I P Ti rMAn;n - t I
" ui -" viuum at e tu uurriUUf l. it.. C TV mi. u ,
... JJ- i . . , x -" icavio ml uuiuuc. JLIio grand
could be expended in granting subsi- to the better classes of London and oli ffiaa ha8 devoted the ,ate '
dies to steamship lines to South Amer- Chicago as to any other city. Condemn nf h:a ilfn tn t(lo J !.
can ports. As a result, in a few years, the lack of vigilance of the police in -nh nnl. l.t. m
Vv nuv uibuc. uul uu uub uiHUH.LnH wnnio i v . t . ...
rf r snip xne wisest ana sarest toreign
Gladstone in a speech at Southport
a menace
a lucrative commerce would be
up and a very remunerative mar- town or city, good or bad, under con-
ket opened for our wares. A dem nation for the acts of one or a
very favorable opportunity for the few, or for the apathy of the custo
opening of these channels of trade pre-1 dians of the peace.
sents itself in the Pan-American con
gress soon to be held in Washington. I The trial of those indicted for the
policy was not followed. The Soudan
blunder and his vacillating position on
the Afghan frontier question have not
placed him among the best and
brightest of European statesmen. His
opinion on Uretan affairs must be
taken in the light of his former acts.
There will be representatives present I murder of Dr. Cronin has begun in
from all nations on this continent, and Chicago. The case hasbeen opened
advantageous treaties could be made I and witnesses examined. So far the I News have been received from Stan-
with each. It would be as much to I most important fact established has I ley, and he is expected to arrive on
the advantage of these countries to I been the identity of the body of Dr. I the borders of civilization in Africa
trade with the United States as with I Cronin, and there can be no further I the latter part of November. Mr,
England, and if the articles are equal I question that he was brutally mur- I Stanley is a man of energy and ambi-
in quality there would be no disparage-1 dered. The line of the prosecu-I tio'n; but to devote the best years of
ment With Secretary Blaine as tion is clearly towards placing on hia life in the wilds of the Dark Con
j iesident of the congress, our people j trial the Clan-na-Gael, and mak-1 tinent is not considered the most ad-
Republicans. He is a pronounced
free-trader, and undoubtedly desires
to associate politically with those who
think as he does.
It seems to be the earnest wish of
southern Democrats that the negroes
city, laying their damages each in the
sum ot $0000.
accident at victoria.
Victoria, B. C, Oct. 22. A sailor
named Thomas Peterson, on the ship Gen
eral Fairclnld, loading coal at Departure
bay, fell from aloft to the deck to-day,
smashing his .skull and scattering his
brains about the vessel's deck.
motor line accident.
T rw . nft mi .
om.-n-rofo T,l;... fl, ruuT lunssuau, ucu .-me steam
c IUCO dummy on the motor line in Eisenber's
desire the Bovrbons tj go to a more addition ran off the track early this
tropical climate. morning, severely injuring two men and
. scalding the engineer, besides completely
The Democrats are in a hurry to demolishing the wood work of the en
place their candidates in the field. Sine and car
The following is the Eoseburg Review's TnE VISITISG senators.
t icon n e i. , San Fkancisco, Oct. 22. The visiting
slate for 1800, all of whom will be United States senators went to the Cen-
defeated: "Veatch for congress, Pen- tral Pacific offices to-day and inspected
noyer for governor and tariff reform " the termlnal facilities of the road. Sen-
ator Morgan left for Fresno this morning
Hon. Sol. Hirsch, our minister to to examine the raisin industry. The par
Turkey, was the recipient of a ban- tv wi" K Los Ange,es t0 morrow, and
t t .i j r - . will remain there for several days. They
quet in Portland Monday night w,u retUm to Sacramento Mondav. and
Toasts were given and responded to in then will go to Portland , from which
excellent style. Mr. Hirsch will carry Puml lucjr reluru
,l t . ,1 . . . 'I northern pacific.
With film tO tllA nriPTlf mono navn I
-ii-.:. - ' . Quebec. Oct. 22.- President Oakes, of
vuwuuo U1 uio ur-.way jracmc the northern Pacific, and a party of bis
h 'tue. I friends are here. '1 bey decline to talk
rp, . . . . , about their mission, but it is understood
xuoi.KDiucmuinuua oi war oy that they are negotiating with the gov-
our government has been on the rats eminent for a land grant, with a view to
in the White House. Experts and c.arry,1L?K T T . the rtntem fa(:lfi
r " u line to the Atlantic coast by the shortest
leireiu uavo ueeu employed io rid tne i available route,
mansion of these pests. ' Uncle Sam
j . i i ... , . i .,
"ermineu in mis niauer, ana there Chicago, Oct 22. The international
will undoubtedly be an extensive war excursionists occupied to-day in a tour
--to l ot iDspeciiou oi nits uoaru oi iraae.
I several targe commercial nouses, ana me
The fruits of Eastern OrPtrnn ..r Durham stocK larm
I A 1- K A).lnnL- Ik.. .AA.nAAH AU -3
ing the past season has aitracted at- of the Grand Pacific banqueting hall
tention everywhere they have been ex- were thrown open that the people might
hibited. There is not the least Annhk ?ome n .ana Te,w lne appointments -made
, I by the citizens for the banquet given this
mau wo uuio miu vaueys ot me miana evening in honor of the excursionists.
empire can produce as eood fruits as Tbe room was decorated in the most
ii rr. :ij o. i , I beautiful manner with tropical vegeta
any portion of the United States, and tIon etC- nnder whicU ,OWed iaj
the people of the northwest should I incandescent electric lights. Atone end
derive an annual revenue from the of e banqueting table was a floral ship.
all the nations represented. Each nf the
decorations was studded with incandes
cent lumps that produced a brillant effect.
Beds of roses were everywhere. The
lighting was brilliant, the table dress
ing dazz ing and the arangerreuts for
seating pcrlect.
For two hours the ndmiriug citizens
passed through the hail, and then the
doors were shut. The orchestra began
its work, and at 7 :30 the guests were
seated. Senatrr Charles B. Farwell
presided. After tlio banquet had been
disposed of. Senator Farwell spoke briefly.
In calling the assemblage to order,
touching upon the matter of the tiade
relations of the Americans, he said:
'"We must ofier to yon our exports as
cluaply as others do, and to that end I
shall favor such legislation as will bring
about this result, even to the extent of
uninterrupted trade between all the
countries of this hemisphere."
Governor Filer, of Illinois, in a brief
speech, then welcomed the delegates on
behalf of the people of the state.
Omaha, Oct. 22. A circular, issued
from the Union Pacific headquarters,
was made public to-day- All of the lines
in Nebraska, ICanasas aud Colorado,
except the St. Joseph & Grand Island
and the Kansas Central & Leavenworth
branches, will be operated as one division,
to be known as the Mountain division.
The lines excepted above will be known
as th5 Missouri river division, aud all
west of Uuutington, including the lines
and ships, are the Oregon Railway &
Navigation Company, and the other
leased lines will be known as the Pacific
division, Edward D.ckiiion will be
general manager of the Missouri river
division; G. M. Cutnming, genenral
manager of the Mountain division, and
C. J. Smith cf the Pacific division.
The office of general nianacer of the
Union Pacific is abolished. T. L.
Kimball, third vice president, will be
stationed at Omaha,
CnicAGO. Oct. 23. The Journal this
evening asserts that cither in State's At
torney Longnecker's opening speech in
tne iionin case to-morrow, or in the evi
dence to be introduced later, there will
be several surprises. The weaK point in
the case has always been thought to be
the inability of the state to show that Dr.
Cronin actually entered the Carlson cot
tage on the night rf the murder. The
Journal claims that the state's attorney
has two witnesses who saw Cronin driven
up to the cottage and watched him enter.
It is also said that evidence will be pro
duced to show that four men took part
in the murder, Coughlin, Coolcy, Bulk,
aud a man not yet arrested or indicted.
Sullivan, it is claimed, acted as sentry
outside, and Kunzc is said to be the man
who drove Coughlin to the cottage.
Berlin, Oct. 23. A cable has been
received from Captain Wissman, stating,
that reliable information has been re
ceived concerning Erain Pasha.TIenry 11.
Stanley, Signor Casali and six English
men, They are all expected to arrive at
Upwapwa the latter part of November.
Captain Wissman also says he defeated
the insuigents near Somewc and killed
Washington, Oct. 23. It is thought
the controversy between Secretary No
ble acd Corporal Tanner over the latter's
management of the pension office is not
yet at an end. It is understood that
more letters and further correspondence
win oe puLiisueo, and mat the subject is "JVriTn t-rr
l ulTT-tfr -ftnTia itoilMiiaiiiilmi'ii iliMtimi mii ml I m all jtfiaMaitmf i in - ml, i r ibiii biiii -
for E nfants and Children.
Csstoria is so well adapted to children that I Castorta enrea Colic, Constipation,
I recommend it as superior to aor prescription I Bour Stomach, Diarrhoea, Eructation,
known to me." H. A. Aecteb. MI) I Killa Worm3. Pvea P. promotes dl-
ui do. uxtom bl, Brooklyn, N. Y.
I eestion.
I 'Without injurious medication.
Thb Centaur Cohpant, 77 Murray Street, N. Y.
The Dalles Trunk Factory.
We will sell TRUNKS, EACS and VALISES, wholesale and retail, at prices that defy c ompetition
Workmanship beyond comparison. The best. We have in stock everj thinir yon need in the line of trunks
bags, lilies' traveling brj-s, valises, e!ii1 straps, trunk straps, etc., etc. Will make anything n our line
as smnrlc trunks, tostumera', wardrobes, ect. promptly. Repairing department complete. Will fix up
your old valises and trunks better than new, promptly and cheaply. Call on us you will be pleasantry
Spanish M
erino Bucks !
We Tould call the special attention of
wool growers to the extra quality of the
Spanish Merino Buck
Which we offer for sale this season. Our first
RjSfcft-S'iJ importation was from the flock of
Vermont Merinos,
Owned by Severence & Peet, of California.
We have since imported from such breeders as Baker, Shippee, Strowbridgo,
Woolsey and Euliard. Our sheep are large, with good constitutions,
Fine, Long, Staple and Heavy Fleeees.
Our Eucks are now to be seen on Five Mile. We invite an examination of
our stock and a correspondence.
Prices Oreatly Xiotliieocl.
Jersey Farm, The Dalles, Or.
Crosby's mukdereh will confess.
Tacoma, Oct. 24. A" confession will
be made in the Crosby murder case to
morrow by Howe, the tinker, arrested
with Hovt and Murray. Hoyt and Howe
waylaid Crosby, and as be turned noon
them when tbey called him to bait, they
thongbt he was about to sbcot, and Hoyt
bred. Both men tr.en ran.
ten feet long, with the word "Chicago"
on her bow. At the other end of the
table was a train of flowers, and on each
side the name "North and South Amer
ican Railroad." On one wall was a map
of the Western Hemisphere, the oceans
being in white immortelles and the
various national territories in variegated
immortelles. Opposing this huge piece.
ana reaching irom toe noor to the cell
me was a great American shield of
flowers, against a background of flags of
likely to occupy considerable public at
tention duriug the week. More feelin"
is evidently entertained by the parties
directly interested than on the part of the
public, for, so far as the body of the peo
ple is concerned, very little feeling is ex
pressed. There is a regret among his
friends that ex-Commissioner Tanner has
said so much on the subject, and his ad
mirers have veiy materially decreased in
number. Miss Tanner, daughter of the
late commissioner, still holds the position
of confidential clerk to commissioner of
New York, Oct. 23. The World this
morning prints a lengthy story to the
effect tbat an alliance has been formed
between the Chicago & Northwestern
and Union Pacific railways. The roads
will henceforth by operated in harmonv.
The agreement has been ratified by the
directors of both companies.
1 he World draws the deduction that.
as the Northwestern is in a measure a
Vanderbilt hue, the Vanderbilts will, in
all probability, branch out toward the
Pacific from Frisco, Utah, to one of the
Southern California sea ports in Drox-
imity to Ik s Angeles.
New York, Oct. 23. Dow. Jones &
Co.'s Financial Neteseivca tha followine-:
"President Hughett cf the Northwestern
says: 'We have entered into an arrange
ment with the Union Pacific whereby
through trains will run over the two
ruads from Chicago to the western ter
minus of the Union Pacific, to take effect
immediately.' "
Kingston, Oat., Oct. 23 The steamer
Quint vus burned to the water's edge
about three miles irom Beserouto, while
on her way to Pictou, about 0 . o'clock
this evening, l ive lives are sunnosed to
have been lost those of Captain Chris
tie, his mother and young brother Charles,
lady s maid and a voung man named
Davern, of Trenton. As far as can be
ascertained, the others were saved. Three
or four have severe burns, but the doc
tors report none to have been seriously
hurt. Many were badly chilled by beinsr
in the water. All of the survivois have
been taken to Deserouto, and are being
properly cared for.
the fare, it is supposed, started in the
furnace room, and spread quirklv to tne
whole boat. T' e captain ran her ashore.
only a short distance away, where she lies
almost entirely destroyed. All the freight
and baggage were burned.
It is feared that two and perhaps three
deck hands on the vessel were also lost.
The engineer is badly burned. He is un
able to account for the fire, which origi
nated in the engine room.
Santa Barbara, Oct. 23. Three and
quarter inches of rain fell since y ester-
ay. it is estimated tbat the damage in
this county, priocially to the Lima bean
crop, is $400,000.
Los Angeles, Oct. 23. Small wash
outs are reported on the Southern Paci
fic between here and Burbank. On the
Santa Monica division the track and
roadbed were washed away for half a
mile near Palms station by a cloud burst
which occurred in the mountains back of
the Soldiers' Home. On the Santa Fe
road interruptions occured at several
points between here and San Bernardino,
Constatinople, Oct. 24. A stir in of
ficial circles has been caused by the dis
covery tbat Kussian officials have been
gathering evidence of the persecution of
Christians la Armenia by the Turks.
The sultan has given orders looking to
the redress of their grievances. Moussa
Bey, governor of Armenia, will pe punished.
WritcFireXife aRdAccident
on Real Estate, CliatUl and Personal security.
Will attend to all lindn oj Land business be
fore the U. S. Land Ojjice.
Rooms 7 and 8. up-stairs, U. S. Land Office building-,
(I ton
C. 13. CIIH1831AN Jfc SONS,
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Third Street Between Washington
and Federal.
Have on hand aud will sell at the Ioweut possible
prices, fancy arm btapie urocenes
and Mill Feed.
Highest Cash Price for Counfrj Produce.
Call and examine prices before purchasing els
augUtf Chrisman & Corson.
Liquor Eea'era.
500 Men Wanted
To Unload Shcooners
-At the
Court street. Between Main
and ond.
Wines, Liquors and Cipars of the best domestic
ana imported brands on sate.
John Donovan, Prop.
Thompson's Addition
tfew Ready for Sale cn Easy Terms.
Now is the time to bny while
Tliis tract has been surveyed and platted in acre
tracts with convenient streets and avenues and so
arranged tbat purchasers can get one block or sev
eral acres in a body. The land is coin(aratively
level, soil excellent, water easily obtained, location
pleasant, beautiful and easy to accesj and joins the
city immediately on the east.
Title U. S. Patent. Warranty Deeds.
The Dalles Land and Improvement Co.
For particulars apply at the office of the Company
rooms 7 and 8, Land Office Building, The Dalles, Or.
apfd&wtf Real Estate Agents.
uor oea
Second Street, - - Tne Dalle.
DAN. BAKER, Proprietor.
Tho Best of Wines, Liquors and Cigars
always on hand.
Free Lunch every eveciop.
Near the Old Hint Building, Second St,
The Dalles, Or.
Always oa luuid the
X3est Wines,
iintl Ci gars.
A Pleasant Evening Resort.
Colombia Brewery and Imported Lager Beer
on drauclit.
Keeps constantly on hand thefchoiccst
Wines, Liquors, Cigars
Corner of Union rnd Second Sts.
The Dalles. Ornrns.
Washington Street, in roar of French
& Go's bank builUinjr.
GEO. RIO, Proprietor.
Northwest corner of Second and Washington std
plaoe in The Dalles for all kinds of
Toankfol for favon in the nut. T .nnM
fully solicit a continuance of the same.
New Zeland Insurance Co.
Is one of the Best in the World '
Also managers for Oregon, Washington and Idaho
of the
Mutual Benefit Life InsuranceCo
T aid policy holders, sin ce organization,
$92,812,907.06 !
Assets, market value S40C,'JC4 14
Surplus, N. Y. standard 5.312,129 81
One of the most solid companies in the
United States.
AGENTS WANTED for the State of Oregon
Territories of Washington and Idauo.
Farmers' and Butchers
Fxont St., OppoHlte Umatilla House,
Wolfgang Schraeder.Prop'r.
Always on sale the best, of Imported and
and Cigrars,
Bottled Beer of oil kinds a perlDlty
Wol fgang Schraoder.
Is again at his old stand and has on hand
T-inka of all sizes, flora 1000 to 40,000 gallons, mads
to order.
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorlai
Before starting on a Journey, get an
Only 25: for $3000 Insurance,
fjaaiing Voney foi non-residett a specialty.
( far cent, net guaranteed to lenders.
0. 1. TAYLOR.
tar Contracts for all kinds of buildings
token at the lowest hmirea.
ITew Grocery Store !
194 Third St-, The Holies, Or.
Will keep on hand a general assortment of
Groceries, Canned Goods,
1'eed and Provisions,
And desire s share ot the public patronage, as we cx
pect to sell at Pricks to Slit tus Hard Twks.
.CsT All Goods Fresh and Warrranted First-lass.
Two trail s daily, leaving the I'matilla House at
I2:10p. in. tnd2 a. m. Thel2:10train runs through
to Walla Walla, connecting at Wallula Junction with
the Nor. In rn Pacific train for Helena, bt. Paul and
the East. The S train runs through to t anning
ton via. i'l-t dleton and Walla Walla, and to L'nion,
La Gran f, JSnkcr City, connecting at Huntington
with Or Short Line tor Denver, Council illuffs
Kansas ,;U and the Eaut. Trains going west leave
The Dal oh at 12:40 P.M. and 2 A.M.
TiptrTC ""d Ir"m principal points In the
liun.lO United States, Cauada and Europe.
EillGItAMT SLEEPING CARS run through on
Express trains to
3Free of Charge and Without Change.
Close Connections at Portland for San Francisco and
Puget Sound points.
To San Francisco Leaving Steamship Wharf Fort
land, at 12 Midnight, as follows:
Orecron Wednesday, October S
State Sunday, " 6
Columbia. Tliurwlay. ' 10
Oievon Monday, " 14
Stato Friday, .. " 18
Columbia Tuesday, " 21
To Portland Leaving SpcarSt Wharf, SanFrandsco,
at 1U A. AJ. as louows:
Oregon.. ..,
.Tuesday, October 1
Saturday, " 6
Wednesday, " 9
Sunday, 13
Thursday, - IT
Monday, " 21
Friday, " 28
... Tuesday, " 29
KATES OF PASSAGE, (including meals and berths
uanin, iu w atceragu, o w
Round Trip Unlimited 80 00
For further particulars inquire of any Agent of the
Company, or A. U Maxwell, A. G. P. 4 T. A., Port.
land, Oregon.
By Wa of the
LI JV 1.
Qtilolcmr in Tlmo 1 T n ll Any
Otlier Itouto between
Portland and San Francisco.
Leave I'ortlivncl 4 I. 2VI. Dailf
Through Time, 89 Hours.
for accomodation of Second-Class
Faeaencers, attached to
Express Trains.
Faro from Portland to Sacramento ana San
Unlimited 25
Firat CIiimi. Limited 20 1 0
Second C'lasrf, Limited 16 1 0
SoutU nnd Iast
"Via.. California.
Manager Asst. G. F. aud 1 ass. Agt
Cltr Office No. 134, Cor. Firet and Alder Rt..
Depot " Comer r aud t rout SU.
rorusnu, urcgon.
f ySsaBirtotW nni tod
fS oo Birtomrs.
Vtr 0 onlj ty ths
S?i? Snnf Cisnlcd Co.
Vt-.V Cincinnati ,f
Big G has given univer
sal satisfaction tn the
cure of Gonorrhoea end
Uleet. I prescribe it and
feel safe In recommend
ing It to all sufferers.
n in
PRICE, 81.C9.
1 8
Sold br Druggists.
It any dnalnr says be has the W, I.. Don gins
Slioea without name aad price stamped on
the bottom, put hi in down a m fraud.
W. L
Itest In tho world. Examine hl.
82.00 and S1.75 ItOVS' SCHOOL SHOES
All made in Congrebs, Button and Lace.
S3 SHOE lafdTes.
Best Material. Best Style. Best f itting. '
It not sold by your dealer, write
Examine W. L. Douglas $2.00
for Gentleman and Ladies.
J. Freiman, Afft.,The Dalles,Or.
from Ohio. Her U
portrait of Mr. ni
ton, of Salem, Ohio.
tt: "Wat at work on tarn fur
t in on I h ; 1 now bar an aa-enry
Allen J Co i album aud mblU
nd nu make M CO a dar.
(ttigned) W. U.UAKlUfcON.
William Kline, Ilarrtabanr, Pa.,
wntf: "i bare never known
aiiylhinc; to eel) like your album.
Yesterday I took order mourn to
pay tu over SS.V W. J. El
more, Baniror, He,, write i "I
take an onlcr . for your album at
almost every home I vltit. Hy
ifor a aiiirl day'awork."
Other are dotnfr quite aa wellf
have not space to aive ex
tracts from th'r letters. Every
on who takes Bold of tola srand buclnoss pi Ira ni arand proflta.
Shall we start YOU in this business
reader' Write tons and learn all a boat it for yourself. W
restartiofrmany; we will a tart yon If yon don't delay until
anotlivra-eta ahead ofyoo In your part of the country. If yon
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On account of a forced manufacturer sal 1 S.'i.iMiO ten
dollar Ihata;rnih Alliums a re to be told to tun
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h. Cue nutnrly decorated fnaides. Handsomest albums In in
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to those who write for same, with particular and irrms for our
Family Bibles, Hooks and Periodical. Afler you know all.
thin fit J"" conclude to o no further, why no harm Is done.
Artistic Painter and
-House Decorator,
The Onllea, Oregon.
ITouso Painting; and Decorutin; a Specialty Ko
inferior and cheap work done; but good, lasting
work at the lowest prices.
bliop adjoining pottotflce on Second Street.
Prescription Druggists,
115 Second Street, The Dalles.
Country and Mall Orders will re
ceive Prompt Attention.
Mrs. C. L. Phillips,
Fashionable Millinerj
(Next door to Tuiis-llouirranisss office.)
Bonnets, Trimmings, etc
Toj? Sale !
Stock Sheep ! .
Young and In food condition; also
mil nvorln,l Un
Enquire at the First National Bank, st A. M. Wi!.
Hams tCo 'i store or at the stock varus of tancn
A Saltniarshe.
JlyUwtX . P. EOBEET8 k BOS.