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roseburg review
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One Year - '
x Month .'-
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1 00
T OMtury notices of not mot thin ten line
published free; uldiiional line will be cnrgea lor
at the nte ul ten cents per Hue.
THURSDAY, SEPT. 1, 1889.
. V representative of The Review
will te in Oakland Saturday. Ifrwill be
a ood time for our patrons there to
pay up back dues.
Ix the death of "Sunset" Cox, the
naTYins-tiLotr W one of it niost
steadfast and brilliant leaders.
If so soon I was lo be done for,
What in the world was I begun fori
, Coriwral Tanner.
I" Shakespeare says: "A Tanner will
last you nine years." Tho President
got through with one in less than that
i many months. Alta.
Eccese Sempky tho friend of the
workingman, and a man of a high de
gree of intellect is the Democratic
candidate for Governor of ihe new
e state of Washiton. He-should be
flee'"- m jim j
T evcrv Democratic n
the name of Crover Cleveland u
cheered to the echo. The name of
lien. Harrison does not awaken any
enthusiasm, however, at Republican
pHf-WliEST Harrison whs revolted
Jost. for twenty-four hours, canning in
reuse excitement . in "Washington.
Finally Sec.ctaJy HaUoid picked up
i'rand"father'- Iwt, d B.min
walked out. .
The Review goes lo '2000 subscrib
ers '-very week, and according to
'usual newspajier circulation estimates
must have at least 10,000 leaders
weekly. This? gives some idea of the
usefulness of The Review as an ad
vertising medium.
The Portland World suggests "W.
H. Higg, of Wasco, as the Demo
cratic candidate for Congressman. Up
thk-way sentiment ia crystallizing in
favor of that stalwart champion of the
jK-wple.Roliert Veatch, of I.ane county.
So objection to Biggs, however.
The J unction City Pilot nominates
Dr. Harry Lane for Governor. Lane
is all riuht, but Sylvester Vennoyer
will succeed himself. The people are
hearted that way. Place Douglas
county down f -r 250 majority for
Pennoyer over any Portland ring can
didate. Mh. VAXDERwonk, woolen manu
ficturer, New York, said to his em
ployees last fall; "Unless Harrison is
electetl our firm cannot keep running.
A Democratic adon,mstmtir-lnijri,
mi." List lirafth his linu went into
banjuyiicand his workmen into the
street These things teach and exhort.
W not forget the fact that The
Review is doing a great work in the
upbuilding of Itosrbtirg mid Douglas
county. Hundreds ot people in all
parts of tho .United States are every
week gleaning information of the j
country thionh its columns. Tuat is
why every citizen of the county should
liberally suppoit The Review.
Everybody argues that the.Worlj's
Exjiosition of le92, should beheld
under the authority of the National
Government and in a representative
American city. This is a strong double
'"'argument in favor of its being located
at Washington, which is the only city
completely cimtrolled by the Govern
ment, as well a3 tho only city in 'the
United States, of more than 200,000
population that can be' strict'y speak
ing, citu-d i.n American tity. More
than 90 per ce:tt- of the inhabitants of
Washington fire native born Ameri
cans. Tar. country will breath freer now
that the Treasury department has an
nounced throuh acting Secretary
IVttche'ler that it will not permit a
financial panic during the present ad
ministration The announcement was
made to allay the fear caused by a
newsiaer icport of a Wall street
trust formed to either raise the price
now being paid by the Treasury for
bonis ot to throw the country into a
financial panic. The Wall street
ch'icks iii'tv . fjiiake m iheir boot, or
shoe, when they hear about what
this lirave ailing Secretary h said,
but it is more probable that they, will
laugh in tL ir sleeves and goon in their
schemes just ai it he bad said rrQlhiiig
liii Cleveland was IVi'atdent
during the months of July and Au
ust IS."1 when the public drl.t was
reduced '11,)H,S12: he wus Tiesi
deiit luring the months of July nd
..August lSSG when t'i- public !i bt
was leducrd :J 10,65 1,02; he was
President during the months of July
and August IS? when the pnl-iic
debt was red u-'C'd 9,Gr4,3" 1; he was
President during th3 months of July
and August 1SSS when the public
debt was reuueed 1 1,46 1,97 1. Harrison was Pieidcnt
tiuriu ihtnunths of July and Au
gust 18,4. ami tor that jieriod the
public d-rjt was mcreaWl 7,:)94,()OC.
It should J bonie in mind tlm' fo
July and AiigiSt .1889, lli" revenues
were greater than for' the correspond
ing months in any yer of Cleveland's
adminisi ration. J'.ut tin n C'evtlind
. dill not indulge in any such a luxury
hk Tanner, and Mich luxuries come
Children Cry for
Ed. Review: The hour is near at
hand, when the Governmental offices
Roseburg will pass to the Republi-
cans for four years and it is for ns
I Union veterans to conjecture what
manner of men will be selected to fill
them. You all very well remember
the fuss and fury we kicke-1 up wit'i
the Cleveland administration for not
retaining all the veterans in cilice.
Now let U3 be prepared to receive our
just rights under the Harrison admin
istration and be leady to htep into
some of the Roseburg offices. Mitchell,
Dolh and Hermann are all pro
nounced friends of the veterans, and
he law is clearly with them when it
says that, "Where the ability of the
Union veteran is sufficient he shall
have preference over civilians of equal
ability for all governmental offices."
Now then, will the Union veteran ele
ment of Douglas county be recogiizd
in the distribution of the office. or will
they tamely allow themselves to be
pushed to the rearl It is now pre
dicted that the offices must be given
to "workers," which means that hon
orable service under the flag of our
country in time of war amounts to
nothing; that political log-rolling,
"wire-working" and intrigueing are
the required qualifications of the appli
cant for office of the present day. The
men that saved the nation will be
gagged and sent to the rear until the
next political " campaign when they
may be released, deployed on the po
litical skiimish line, given leadership
in forlorn hopes and perhaps the
privilege of cheering if a victory should
be won. To my veteran frionds I
would say that this condition of things
is growing too old, and if we should
desire respect we must i'n&t respect
ourseivw. 11 us stami up with the
firmness with which we stood twenty-
five years ago, and not ask but demand
recognition, So long as we temain
pinned to tUe coat tail of any political
party we win never command respect
nor do we deserve it. Our allegiance
as patriots is fust to the Government
we fought to maintain, whether in the
hands cf RepuMicaus, Democrats pr
Ptohis and next to ourselves and
families. Ul politicians not forget
that the "mills of the Qoda" are still
A Uxion Vktekax
Tl. (lpf..mi;,,n r,f il.oi
-i.- i. i . .i
Biiongest, cimraiiiorwiic or ino uretjon-
uai. It could not let it.e opioriunity
W8S but i8 the clods were falling upon
tbe coffin of the genial, honest, able, j
and brilliant "Sunset" Cox, it poured j
foith its torrent of vindictiveness.
Right well has EJgar Allen Poe
written: j
In the silence of the night,
How we shiver with affright
At the melancholy inenanceol their tone!
For every sound that floats
From the rust within their throats
Ts a groan.
Ami the people ah, the people
They that dwell up in the steeple,
Ail alone,
"AndTiiTTbllihgV tolling, tolling.
In that muffled monotone,
Ir'eel a glory ia so rolling
On the human heart a stone
They are neither man nor woman
They are neiiher brute nor huimn
They are Ilnrvey Scott;
And their king it is who tolls:
Anil he roll':, rolls, rolls,
A p.ean from tiie bells'
And his merry bosom swells
With the jiaan of the bell-:
And he dances anil he yells:
Keeping ti;ne lime, time.
In a sort of Kunic rhyme,
To the pi-an of the bells.
The San Fiancisco Alia says: The
longest suffering man on earth is the
country journalist, and he deserves it
the least. There is not a community
that does not get a hundred dollars in
benefit from a good country paper to
one dollar that it gets out of the com
munity. Tha rural paper is tiie free
horse, ridden till its withers are wrung,
and then exchanged for a fresh steed
that must soon or late wince for the
same reason, j If it le possible to de
vise a system by whiih the country
press can be enfranchised and emanci
pated, its resulting independence will
5 a most potent factor in the progress
of the State, j It is a great factor now,
but it is because of self-sacrifice and
unrequited public spirit on the part of
the men ho' conduct it
A querry .for local iK.Iitieians is,
what was W. V. Johnson, chairman
of the Douglas county Republican cen
tral committee doing in Eugene lust
week? i
SSthitt misery expoi-ienrei! when we snrt-c!i-it;..-
iK'itinic aware that we HjMeiata
laboiii-iil Hrruugpmen teal led aKtomiirh.
The stomach ltttlie reservoir from which
every fibre anil ttssuo must be nourished,
and any trouble wit Ii It isxoou felt t hmugh
o.ut the whoio 8ytU'iii. Among a dozen
dyspeptics no two will have the same pre.
domimintHympUmiR. IJyspeiiihuolartiva
nieutnl iowerund a bilioustemiieruinent
are subjeet to Kick Headache; those.
ne.Miy ami pnicfrmauc nave constipation,
while Ihethiu and nervous arc abandoned
IokIooiu v firlMKtlns. Some dyspeptics
are wtmtlerfully fn?ctful; otLera liave
grr-ai irriiaoiniy oi vempor.
Whntpver form DysiX'rwin mav taka.
one thlug U certain.
The underlying cause is
in the XJFEJK,
and ono thins more la equally certain, no
one will remain a dyspeptic who will
r 9 via correct
Aciauy or the
Expel foul cues.
Allay Irritation,
I Aullt DiirMtln.
tlif and, at the same
Start the Liter to working,
when all other troubles
'My wife was a confirmed dyrT' Some
three years ago by the advice of I r. Stciner. ol
Augusta, she was induced to try Simmons Lircr
Regulator. I teel i:r:itefiil for the relief ie has
ivea her, a!itllnay ail who read this and are
afticted ia any way, whether chronic or other
wise, use Simmons Liver Regulator and 1 feet
confident health will be restored to all who will
be advised." Wm. M. Rush, Fort Valley, Ga.
See that you get the Genuine,
with red 2 "a front of Wrapper,
J. II. ZEIXXN CO., Philadelphia, Fa,
Pitcher's Castorla.
ti. T. ),.. inmtilulr.- Jtrul tntr
Mtnnm. Tl'ori- o th Mrral.-imtir, ami ( i
C; Topic.
"We are all greatly pleased witb the
visit of the teachers' institute to out j
town and beach. We did not nt first ;
well understand what it meant but j
when we did we attended and appre- .
ciuted the arious lectures ano ad j
finlv with pleasure but .
with profit. And as to the jwiisonal
we highly resjected the able and in-
ttliont. gentlemen belonsiitt: to
- "rt o r
if, and as tor the ladies, admira
tion by i.o means conveys in full the j
more than kindly feeling entertained
for several of them by many of onr
gallm-t joang bachelor Bandonian" , It is to b s hoped that the new corn
Now th: t we do kuow them, v l.' u missionor, u hower he may bo, will b next year they will be
heartily wt-1 ome, and we nay fairly
count upon a dozen at least of the
young ladies becoming permanent resi
dents of our town
The advance in the price of real j
estate is still steadily progressing.
An elderly gentleman who came here
for the benefit of his health from
Grants Pass about twelve months
since bought three acres of land on the
inland road, some distance from town
for $150. He sold it last week for
600, and building lots in town bring
double what tliey were bought for a
year ago.
We have every reason to believe
that work on the breakwater will be
resumed immediately and continue
throughout the entire winter and spring
in fact until our able and energetic
Congressman, Hon. Binger Hermann,
gets another appropriation. N h'n
ever the breakwater is completed, or
nearly so, our coal fifilds will open out.
Concerning ouk coal an expert who
was born and raised amongst the be.- t
COtfj fieWg in Qreafc Britian, stv s,
j ,lT1e coal found this region is in
jinany Wit;e8 witljoilt sulphur, and
j Mpi.tacia;m-'thHt much of it is channel
j coaj of B ve,.y l iohestkincl. In some
f aceg . RllVhracito variety is also
found." Again, "milling ou a large
scale would doubtless ruing to the sur-
I face coal of the very best quality and
j supp,y W0l)W found almost in-.
j exi,aUstible "
j The Qcean bouM u now conducte1
by Mr. Osborne, a courteous s and
agreeable gentleman from your own
county, JIo set a first-class table
! before his nuiiietousgusstx, with which I
irl,var wll i,lmP,l nkn wit.l. tlio!
, , , .
- .j l . .1 ..
1- .. . . . .
jlness .(trevailing throughout ihe entire
j cstablit-h-nent.
O, we love to stroll,
Where the billows roll
On a cheerful and cloudless day;
And roam o'er the strands
With their jewelled sands,
And to watch the wild waves at play.
The water it raves,
In the sounding caves,
In the cloomy and dark defiles
Rushing and dashing,
Seething and splashing
TJitough the echoing, sombre aisles .
Or, rippling in ripples,
Smiles and dimples.
IjThey steal up so softly ftmi slow,
1 1, To starile some pet
i Whom they often met,
; On other fair shores long ayi."
1 Sitting on a rock
Beyond the shock
; Of the incoming anry wave,
j We think of this life
j lis sorrows and strife,
1 And the life that's beyonii the grave.
I There, with shining band
In summer land
j In that land of ancient story
i We hope we will be
Through eternity
In happiness, peace and jjlory.
Then, cheer up sad one!
Come! take courage, man'
The Heavens are brilliant with light.
And the glad'ning ray
Of the coming day
Peeps through you've passed the ni;ht:
George 1'kxxe it.
Daniel Docgherty, who laced
Oen. Hancock in nomination for the
Presidency in 1 880, in one of the most
eloquent sjjeeches ever nia.le in a na
tional convention, is spoken of as a suc
cessor in Congress to Sunset Cox.
M. L. Pipes, has retired from the
Benton Leader. Mr. Pipes is an able
writer anil conducted the Leader with
mnikitl ability. Henry Pape, for
years with the Jacksonville Timrg, is
Mr. Pipes' successor.
Startling Evidenc
Of the Cure of .Skin Diseases
when nil other Methods S';sil.
Isnriasis 5 years, covering face, heart, and en
tire body with white 3caU. Skin red,
itchy, end bleeding. Hair all gone.
Spent hundreds of dollar?. Pronounced
incurable. Cured by Cuticura Remedies.
My liseae (jwuriasi) first brukc Mil .n my It-fi
cheek, BpruaUm a:ritM) tn we, autf aliiiesl i-itvcr-injy
my face. It rn intniy eye., attit the phyatcian
Wiuiafrui.l 1 would lse my oyoiifht aMxel.TiT. It
Bprewl all oeriny hea-1, and ut h:tir alj ft-U titn.
until I was entiruly b:i!(t-heaiet!: it then livkff,-u.
on my arms and hoiiMer.s until my arms wrc jurt
one wre- It ctivereU my cut ire tiy, myUrc, ha!
and Bhoiiidtrra lcing the orwt. "I 'hi while fc Us Uil
conttantly frmni liend, t)Mtu!ticn, and urms; the
skin would hii'kn nl be rI aiil er it.hv, and
would crack and bleed i scratched. Alter Hjren'lih
many hundreaa of dollars, I wun primmmeed incura
ble. I heard of the Ci nti BA Kkmkiih, and after
uin;tiro bottles CtTKrit a K -chlvknt, I c-ntld nee a
change; and after I had taken four bottles. I vias
almost cured; and until I had takun nx hoi tics uf
CtTtci'R.i Rkwlvrkt and one box of t't'TtccRA, and
one cake of Ct rict HA Sa( I was rmvd of tht
dreadful disease mm whiih 1 hail sutTcred f.r five
years. 1 thought the diHtraw would leave a vi.ry
deep sear, but the Ci T.-t i RA Hi-:xriik cuhm! it
without any scir. ! eitmoi e;.reB i:h a pen
whit 1 snftVred before usin th IVtui ra Ui:mk
Difcit. Theyart my life, and I feci it my duty to
reeeommeiitl them. My hair is restored a fc-ood as
ever, and so ia mv Vjesisht- I know oi a number
of different prewms whn have uel the Crrui ra
Krvrdifn, anJ all have refcivcil jrfnt tK-rt-fit from
their n-e. Mbs. UuSA KKLf.Y.
Hook welt City, Calhoun C,, I-.wa.
f t Tit r RA KEMEIilES
(.'ores every speHc of a.'.jizinj'. Lunuliatintr. Its h
iu, bleelijfir. burning, scaly. Mft-hy, and j iniply
di-ea-s of the skin, scalp and biwd, with hx o'f
hair, from pimples to svroii-.!, cMffj't pofcs.hiy job-lh5i-'
Si ltd everywhere. Price. Citiora. .Vvt-t ; Soap,
S5e.; Kksolvsnt, Prepared by the Ifttkr
Liai o Chkjsicai. Conror.ATio.r, Itoston.
jTSeml for "ilow to Cure hkin I'ipeaacs,' C4
paea, r0 illastratiotis, and 100 testimonials.
mPLE. bl.klieil, rl, rr.u,'h, cluprwl
and oily skin prevented by Ci tki Sop.
I - Backacl e, kidney pmin, weak a,
L- Priwuruatifm, cd muscular tains
WLmM Ajcti-Pais Plaibr, the Ilm and only
instantaiM u? fain-killlne plaatfr.
0 .1) '- al T:
week tendered
ts s;t:r:ti'M" s 0 mrui.-i-ioni'r of
i ensions, wii:
cep'.ed by 1'ies: -ivt tlanlsou. Tun-1
tier had noj; the ability to till so re-;
sponsible a i sition. The 'pension !
roll should be n 11 of honor attestiux i
honorable wounds. Tanner cared j
ndy for kivish e.'jienditures and for a
laid on t!.-su!pUH, lli opened wide j
the door -for public plunder, nii:iCou- j
he !., becanic the toj ; of
claim iii-ui.ti an I tried to get a 's eep. !
ing enuorsciiii-i.t from the G. A. 'R.J
But events pro ed too lonch for the .
doughty cr(oraI nn l his resignation J
;; undrrt-d and nceeptcd.
a man of ability and thorough in leg
rity. Tanner wes one of the most
blatant Mid loud-uiouthed ranters 'con
cerning Commissioner Black, because
that "eiit'eeian showed so:n! regard
for the law,' securing tho enmity of
pension age. its ai.d troasuiy raiders
of the Tanner stripe, Goo I bye, Tan
JoilN 1 Snilr :in will ;;el !. iei-,d
the b:r. -f a Mississippi' j ii! long lie-
fore h
vii! -race the liali t the
: ei:itr."ss.
BoSKiii'iKi ce,:.ti:i;is t grow and
thrive. A large number e.f houses are
in co'irse ef eonstrus-t'ou 'ii '.eiy p:rt
of the citv.
Combine the juice of the Blue Figs of
California, so laxative and nutritious,
with the medicinal virtues of plants
known to be most beneficial to the
human avstem, forming the ON LY PE R
FECT REMEDY to act gently yet
promptly on the
Cleanse the Systsni Effectually,
i HEALTH ana o TKC.NU 1 w
Naturally follow. Every one s using it
ind an are delighted with it. Ask your
druggist for SYRUP OF FIGS. Manu
factured only by the
San Fkancisco, Cai.
LoCISVILi.lT, K v. Kkw Yom, N. V.
Cry for
Health and Sleep without
Living World
The most interesting, inten o)y f;is
cinating ami popular subscription look
ever pulilisheci.
By,! W. ilUEL,
The niott famous suore-sfi:l American
Writer, aiul autliur of "The lleiuuiiiil Story,''
"Sea ami Lanfl," "The WorM's Won.Icrs,''
It is a inatcliicss WOiUC dl-" ART. Over
1,200 magnificent sj'iritnl engrating?, tie
signed ami excculcil Iy tho bet artists am!
engravers on. two Cuutinciits, embellish its
pages and add escitemeiit to wo& In
adilitkiri lo ihis inconi;arablo feature is
supplemented many grand and beautiful
PLATES. The nine brillhm cobirs used in
the picture! produce an almnst da.'ii;g etl'ect,
maUmj thern perfect gems ot art, and executed
at a cost of $5,000.
mark.'ible boi'k. l):d experienced agents
gia p it at sight, fur lin y realize there is b;g
money in it. Ia reality it is a marvel of book
making r.rt. II yon want to mako some
money, here is a gulde n opportunity for you.
An agency U x this work is worth
Prom to per Kay.
It is acknowledged by all publishers and
agents to be Lh? handsomest, fastest selling
and cheapest book ever published. Send im
mediately for illustrated circulars and terms
free, or she opportunity will be lost. To save
time and to secure it instantly, send $1.00 for
a comolete canvassing outfit and name choice
of territory. EXTRA UliEUAL TEH MS
Seed. Working agents are Coining money a:id
you can do the eame.
r'iv7 lo eit-jHtje in this enta-prixe,
as th?! lt,;k will tll itself if prni,rhj
',;.: nfi; 7, c?7 tc ?'?; o'ir Jifi iifs !('
ditii'a time in vli 'ah to it ii.'i-r and
coll'Xf hij'-n i; j'"t;jinj us.
San K;ane: c... t.'a!.
XI lowing naiiip-i sottlor has tiled muire uf Inn in
tcntion to make final .troofiu suiKrt ti liis claim
nl ihul ud I'raof .V be bff.ire the Hen-
is'err Rctiier ,ft'-S. Land OiiU-e at It--. -biiiy
r. -ii Wirint liy, . ! ., viz. h.
Tli i!:uou , hn-ov-toud iMi:iv N. f.r Ihe E i .f
S V Src. 1 S, Tj 2 j 3 I; 3 Wist W3I. lie uuuch
t!ie .nj; witTieiat tr riv . List ciitnii"Uv tch-
idt-rctr ii)n ai.d trnl'ti'ti.m trf. said land, viz. T.
t1. Atuihury ff ihik ( uik, I-'oitIa t;. r.f J.
Uurj-u ot (ViT W. Uafehwt f Oakf rcok,
J. F. Wrii-hi,:! ;;k Crxl;,nU t 1 Hoa' Or'
Any H.iNii w in desirr to i ndent asraaiM the al
low&Mif ti( iiucb i.T'Mi, i r who kww nf any mb
stuitial reason, under lite law and t!ie ryiilation
the Interi r IHpartn3f:nt. uhy stu-h ynnd thouM n.
be allowed, iii he jriveitauo porUirit-y at the alve
mention, d time and jdice to cruttn-exaudne Uie w it
netises of j;t;d t:iaim-uit, and to fler eviuence in re
buttal of th&iulnitted bv claimant.
BcgitfU r.
Tin: proceedings of Jhe Wool
Growers inerti:-: nt .'!,! Ims. are
..t tl,.i:i , wiiil I
- y i:l"1- i
t!i ;- .-.r -, Tuey
at tha kaiics ;f Cj gtcss. an lutiea&c
of ilm ta- on wool and a reelasMtica- j
tioii cf that st.iniu in t!io scheduh's by
tlie Tica'stiry department whereby the
'tax on wool may be increased !y the
tx - ct;tiv aiithcrity without consult
i;r tiie represe-idalives tjf t!ii people.'
Tuey thntaten to b:couie rank free
!iiid r.s if the lax on wool in decreased
und si.fv aswert t.'mt the 'wo-l industry
eonuoU 1,000,000 votts in the Union,
I fm-s ix a kettle of li-li . : If tht wool
in; n'. share of the tariil' ' piracy -be
uiil.l.eM tliey reselvd to become Imn-et-t
men and break u; the buccanecr
ing rnt.t. and brai.cii. Thus new Eng
land has a note' to the devil to meet
a:. 1 no pilch with which to pay it.
Su;' e il a rival's election more than a
score of wwlen mills havo gone into
bank' iiiiicy in New England :.lnne,
sis . they can '-et fieo .raw
uuttjrial the whoie iay cut; of woolen
iiii'.nufacttires inu-t ;;o out of bn.--.inej-.s.
(in.mei Im twecn t r:tci ted in
terests can but w,ik to t!ie -i'd-.atili'je
of the people v,, p.y fi.r t:i ciothing
'.hey wtar r.nd the bl.mkeU th:ii pio-te.-t
thevu On wiih the light
I Tilt; ii :;; e .f the no.v Demoi'iutie
! ve:ky I -" t by issued i:i Wa.shing-
j (on City shoiily is to l e the Xafii.nat
)'., h i t is for national
j i .itevda'Uori and ibidoisud by ex-l'resi-
Ji-'nt Cleveland, ex-Sj.e.iker Carbsle
i in 1 other prominent Democrat!.
r .
; -;:..:.: in. ii nt this '!iT' ely
IV.ii. i n. W'Ul !y-i7it tie :- I'war lur a!anlnu-
i in,' lii il.n-.n-ntfi-l Kutrv N. :H2, duteil Ftl). 1,
i 1-J.l, ii.j K h ' K J S.-1-ll..n Is, T. 2,' S
j H ; U'.t m h-.ttyl'iis c.Hril , e'f.'vm, ith a icw tit
: thi''atton : nti.v: Xtf. U partita are
i i.i'rt!liy mi.i..iiU'il t. nriwar at i tlii i.n tl.,'
i .lay Ati:u!, t-.(. at ii "il'-.-k . ji. in w i
fti'il ftirni.Hii tis-.iii.intv c.'i-i -rn i:!r ''ii !
1 li-.'o. a! .!.li.:,ri i,t. 'ii.s. w. .Ii -il THN,
: A. f., le. m-ti-r.
; V. . '-ill ntf ii-'-.-.-Utiru. r.. a-i:5it 2i. 1S'..
, f'siiiviV.ut ii:iir- l.tvii ai lliis OU'tec l
' H. "l'iJi a-aihht v hr ... ,-'tti:uii ioT ai'atiil-nin
! iiU;.vl Kutrv X.. t-tf, da tod .Time 1,
opiiiitiit S W i. Si.', li in Hitii-ey W in hitt-:las
j Cvnty, )rt'i:Mi. with v. it-A' t the -:tii-tiltiii of
j Wnl ciitrv: 'tlicpni.i j urlU1.- are htreliy tiiu:im"!Uil
; t' H'jtar at this (:iiv -n the l.Uh ihyi-f it .lier,
! iss, :tt !. M k . it., " re(wnd a'id f;irni-h it s-
i'l'A. W. JOllNSToN. Ht-iisitr,
I C. Jo.r, Ueccivt-r.
On Oak street, between da; kson ami llosa streets, j
CftTies'a Large New Stock of Harness,
'Saddles, Whips, etc.
' J'JTAIIiiSG h SEPECIALTV, l.y a Ihvt-c.s w or man.
IVicos are the very Wst, giv(! m
7iie famous mouse-Droof oael
arnuit Organ
jElwell. Call at
ailerv and see
Also- All orders for music books and
sheet music promptly filled..
Kve.., coiihtuiitly on h ni'l Clioice SiOttCr ri-.tir, Uran am! t'.n.p f;-c-! tit t?i
HigliOHt !as?j si pa!i for nil kiinls of gran:.
I invite the public palroiujge, and guarantee
i :
Mvvtlo Ci-o-k,
W. 0. WOOI
HOSE U U l iCr, OX.
i'atrie:. a Em ;e aiwl (.',! tie Sine?, of
Saddles, Harness, Whips, Etc.!
In fact 'cvcr-tliing t.snl can be found in a First-c?.: Maine
s j'rict- r.r as o:v a.s the lowest. r.itr')n:.o brjin-.; in1n t ty .
K. j;.
' Ml K,
it;ali;i;s in
Beef, iork, inutton, veal, corned and smoked
meats, hams, . bacon, lard, j
t'oi-iu m kson ami Cass
Slanlitcr lioue o;i
F. W. DlU.UU). c. 15. llov.DEN.
iij ::.!. ;: . IJ. Ubrr& Co.)
ill all kimls of
Meats, Beef, Pork,
Mutton, etc.
Keep u fist-class meat w-rket in
every respect. Respectfully Kolicifrthe
patronage of the public.
Douglas County Bank
Roubiburs - " Oregon
B&mmm business!
Sight Drafts CrA-vn on ! :
Portland, Sau Francisco, Saw York and 1
vthcr Hitata. bills of exh.vfre ou the ij citii-p ni ICuroj-e. Ucp'.sits re- ij
ccivcil u)jcct to chpck. t,i!!cctieiis made
on ail acoeasibli; iioiiits at riasoaablo rates
" Sol ire Tor Pniiilii'aHo!:.
"voyrk ih m:;iu;'.;y k.s 'i n r thk nth
Li lotting uami'il vtil-.T fiitii nutiie uf hi.
i-:t:i:t..ii t i nwiiu liuul j-r""f in fciijnirt of lis
I'li'im, u'lii that K:tit) iri.f v. ill lc iikhJc Lt-ure the
iU;.'i..ur r Kwuivcr t L. S. Land otlie at K.tje-iiit.-',
i!'c-;:i, on Th:irsl:i v, Ovl. 17lh, .: .: a 1 Kmrv No. ill;; f..r the S K i, section 50,
'i't:, S (J WrL W.M. He names the fn'.ltiw'uif
v. iliit'wui to ir..vo lii- riuhiiH'tid rfik'HfC tiwn
-iiiij cultivation -,f fani lan.I. viz. S. Mi-CuIlov-h.
V. V. T trn, i'ht. Antler-inn a M .jMst'jjh Aliuit,
all ;icmhiu, lh-n-l ciiuiitv 4)ri-,'on.
t'iiAtf. V. JOHNSTON',
SoiifC lor PuMication.
1mh OtHi'O at Ruselmi- Or.,Auy. 7, lv'.
i. l'tAinir-n:unel settlor has hied notice nt Lit m- j
tvhii 'ii t m;ikf Iiiial proof in Bii rt t Iier eluim, ;
und tli.-it xi'u priHif ill lie made ht-E'-ro t,!'" IU-;,'ister ;;
and lifchtr ti l .S. IiimI i &t iihti'i:., Ur, on ;;
Sa' unlft", , Ut tdttur lih, ISs'j, : j
ui:a LMn,u, j;
IWi-iiil'iioii U. S. Xo. (;,-:t f.r x'uv XiV. ..f NV, , y
tvciiin n.Tp'Jt, ,N K lW-"t. Siic n;nj(va tho t i 1 . T -1
iitif vvitm-s.sus ti nvy hyr -;ni ;ni..(t:i reside .fi
upon and fuliiati.'n rr, fiaid Utul, viz; V li,
Willriiit. Jlarth-i Wii'iani'. t-i itix ;las Or.,:
orfa."'. l"U!;'1' " .,!'1"0' ,JU'jKr' uf!
x . .
II liil.M' Ail .'li'l.-I . .1 11.. !.'.). I.. ..t tXr
lin.U. liidwtl!, -1 in luin-T'H.i.-t' of mi unlcr
uf I'.n I' !v ... Ii..!,..t,. .'..,.... v.... ...
tir!. Ill llu' tmi'-u- lt..:i ..f pri'ln'-f l.ii.4!i:- nir.!e '
irii-l rntvri-i! in tliu r.i-iril ! s.tiil Court on the 25th !
la) ..i.hiiy. i.n tim aim t!y oi Auirum, -i
ls.-H, m Hi-1. r i-i j v. ij ..I-aaia Oai , n the said i
roi:.:K,s. . ! r (ur iulc tn the hwhant hi.iikr. fiT i
i-iih in luiii'l, tit; fuli'miii dii.TiTK..l real ri..'ny !
.iiiiaifin l. ii-l:'. Ci.niity, Hute f .', ti-vit; j
Tlie ii'.rtii hr.jf il th Muth-eul qiurtor ami thu half ,,r;lii imrili cTit qiihrtr n( Ki- tii.n 14.: s..i::h i f Unite ii i-, '.)iiiu4 ;
i"ii!iiv, t'li-jf-iiii. r..i,i lining ltKiai-rp " ,i
luii'J this ;,i:li il.iv ..r .iu' v. l.-ii. !
ii. xi." o.M.i.'.vr.u.. ;
A'lmuiistrutdrof Kpitu,EMr Orl:in:h, l:id,-Il. s
a ,aiaud -wiU ?;ut,nteo tW..-. tioi,
lor sale hyll. Ai
tiie photograph
J 4 V
A h 1
I i
I,3m a call j
C Waitk,
etc., etc. j
SU'CCls, Tost i;ur?, Oregon.
rkobert& creek ranch.
I , (Formerly Cltanipa.n.-'d) K.jciur
Strictly all White Help.
The management guarantees the'l-si lUf'.mTn -, u hJ. .;,t.
u ,11 M i ,1 ll s ..y 0
First-elas.s FumiLire of all varieios and grades has' iust been
opened in Floeum's l.uilding.
j'M . Hew Goods
It you will call, oxairjine and learn prices y m , will be pleased
rcr.;;. '.a iioiii i-'S tn -STO .
Hilllj ituiii ;-'.)to SlTl lif.r v-t
'eclstuaJs from 2; to
4 1.,,,. . ' "
in IT' c S!'lUl"S' 0,uic'J V l'tore Frames and
,n-8' ':tc- A,Ii0 :l"('nt' far 'r Sewinjj Machines.
All good, s.ri. tly fl.-st eia.s, well finished, am! at Po, tlun.l prices.
Frc! rS"I!e?i, Proprietor.
Oregon State Normal School.
stal' CiTtiticatfis (io I tor
Six vcr
Ii.laclics(i;. S. n.)s.-..;.ltoTO,i;utfs
ai.u t'Xpoiists rea.ojiiflilc.
Sum! for iiiforiuatioii to
U'ifi ur.uf
W. C.
. ' I '
ie Opportunity!
Announces that he is receiv-i
ing the lagest stock of Staple;
and Fancy
: brOU&llt tO ROSCbUrS: aild Will
i sell them at
lair at One
Th ; "CENTENXI L" Fanuii Mill
the market. i '
cj n I
4 n
-LANSING." .Steel Skein Wagons. i
Crank nrtl Half Spring Wagons
Four Spring Hacks. j
buggies and 'Carls at EXT11KM FLY low pricos. - j
.lillen Iiarb Wire llotsc Shoos iJiaeksmith Coal Nails Superior j
Stoves and Kanges 1 oois and Windows White Sewing Machines Win- j
'..hoMor rifles and Shot .tins Fishing Tackles and Hardware and Tinware of 1
nil di-scviptions.
J&sri&an Bros. Hardware Co.
This Space is
A l. V K LIT f
J&Gscburg, Oregon,
Sucs'os to J. Gildersleeve.
J. .X. FLKTT, Proprietor,
STOCK nv .
ill ItJtMKil IJUII.
t'i 3 D-;;.;.? of lUcIielor of Sck-iitifi -A
In -.a! shy local ou. iioaril and
f-.r teaclmrs to pre-paie for tlieir work.
Dhaix, orc:LAS Co., Oil
Groceries ever!
M at Once.
warranted to lie. the lst mill in
Reserved For the
& Strong,
For business pursuits t the Portland Busincw
Collide, I'oi Hand. Oregon, or at the Capital Bus
inrs G'llegc, Salrm, Oregon. Moth schools are
ondtr the management of A. P. Armstrong, have
em course ol f luetics a:nl nv ra: of tuition
Typewritinsr. Penmanship and Knglinh Depart
ments. lJuy and tvraiii,-ses,;or,s. Studenlsad
mittnt at a;y time, f'orjoint Cntslojjue.addresa
lr:tead Eisru Mlrt. AD tip-1 Mlm.
lortlau.!, rtgou. Wil riitm, Oregon.
THIS s:-ce IS
Now Is Hie Time
A Newspaper Devoted
to the Best Interests
of the Great Ump
qua Valley.
; r
I M i!S
( Douglas County is
j Developing- and t
j The Review is f
I the Great
3 aliiam
It Circulates 2,000
Coiies Every Week
arid its Subsbrip
tion list is Grow
v ing Constantly-
A Live, Progressive
Newspaper is the
Chief Exponent
in the Upbuild
ing of a Coun
The Revic
, J
. jiVim r rfn. 'iiilnn