Roseburg review. (Roseburg, Or.) 1885-1920, March 06, 1885, Image 4

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That Remarkable Experience of a
Rochester Physician Fully Au
thenticated. .
Cleveland, 0 llerald.
Yesterday and the day before we
copied into our columns from the
Rochester, Y., Democrat and Chron
icle, a "remarkable statement made by
J. B. Ilenion, M. D.f a gentleman who
is well known in this city. In that ar
ticle Dr. Ilenion recounted a wonder
ful experience which befell him, and
the next day we published from the
same paper a second article, giving an
account of the "Excitement in Roch
ester " caused by Dr Hen ion's -statement.
It is doubtful if any two arti
cles were ever published which caused
greater commotion both among pro
fessional people and laymen.
Since the publication of these two
articles, having been besieged with let
ters of inquiry, we isent a communica
tion to Dr. Hemon, also one to 11. 11.
Warner & Co., asking if any additional
proof could be given to us as to the
validity of the statements published.
In answer thereto we have received the
following letters, which add interest to
the entire subject and verify every
statement hitherto made :
Rochester, N. Y.
Gentlemen : Your favor is received.
The published statement, over my sig
nature, to which you refer is true in
every respect, and I owe my life and
present health wholly to the power of
Warner's Safe Cure, which snatched
me from the very brink of the grave.
It is not surprising that people should
question the statement I made, for my
recovery was as great a marvel to my
self, as to my jihysicians and friends.
J. B. Henion. M. D.
Rochester, N. Y., Jan. 21.
Sirs: Acknowledging your favor
duly received, we would say : The best
proof we can give you that the state
ments made by Dr. Ilenion are entirely
true, and would not have been pub
lished unless strictly so, is the following
testimonial from the best citizens of
Rochester, and a card published by
Rev. Dr. Foote, which you are at lib
erty to use if you wish.
II. II. Warner & Co.
To Whom It May Concern:
In the Rochester Democrat and Chron
icle of. December 31, there appeared a
statement in the form of a card from
Dr. J. B. Henion, of this city, recount
ing his remarkable recovery from
Bright's disease of the kidneys, after
several doctors of prominence had
given him up, by the use of Warner's
Safe Cure. We are personally or by
reputation acquainted with Dr. Henion
and believe he would publish no state
ment not literally true. We are also
personally or by reputation well ac
quainted with H. H. Warner & Co.,
proprietors of that remedy, whose com
mercial and personal standing in this
community are of the highest order,
and we believe that - they would not
publish any statements which were not
literally and strictly true in every par
ticular. C. R. Parsons, (Mayor of Rochester.)
W. D. Shuart, (ex-Surrogate Mon
roe County.)
Edward A. Frost, (ex-Clerk Mon
roe County.)
E. B. Fenner, (ex-District Attorney
Monroe County.)
J. M. Davy, (ex-Member of Congress,
John S. Morgan, (County Judge,
Monroe County.)
Hiram Sibley, (Capatalist and
W. C. Rowley, (ex-County Judge,
Monroe Co.)
John Van Voorhis, (ex-Member of
To the Editor of tlie Living Church, Chi
cago, III.:
There was published in the Rochester
Democrat and Chronicle of the olst of
December, a statement made by J. B.
Henion, M. D., narrating how he had
been cured of Bright's disease of the
kidneys, almost in its last stages, by
the use of Warner s Safe Cure. 1 was
referred to in that statement, as having
recommended and urged Dr. Henion
to try the remedy, which he did, and
was cured. The statement of Dr.
Henion is true, so far as it concerns
myself, and I believe it to be true in
all other respects. He was a parish
ioner of mine and I visited him in his
sickness. I urged him to take the
medicine and would do the same again
to any one who was troubled with a
disease of the kidneys and liver.
Israel Foote, (D. D.,)
(Late) Rector of St. Paul's Episcopal
Rochester, N. Y.
A Bad Year for Weddings.
Weddings in India will be unlucky if
celebrated during this year. Every
twelve years in the Hindoo calendar oc
curs a year during which it i3 held that
no marriage must take place, and ac
cordingly within the last few months
the matrimonial mirket has been un
usually lively. This custom will great
ly affect the Government Registration
Department,. which is sometimes used
to register curious matrimonial pro
visions. Thus, in one village, a hus
band undertakesby deed never to beat
or abuse his wife; another bridegroom
registers his promise to live always
with his father-in-law or pay a large
sum of money in default, and "in another
case a low-class Hindoo, who is the son
of a second husband, binds himself not
. to occupy such seats at marriage cere
monies as are intended for those of his
class who are sons by first husbands.
The Registration Department also late
ly prepared a deed whereby two natives
belonging to opposite factions under
took to enter into a certain religious
dispute, the vanquished side to pay an
indemnity and become the victor's disci
ple. Boston Transcript.
Bob saw the pale outlines of the
moon in the daytime and told Rob
about it, 'Oh, no," Robprotested; you
can't see the moon till dark." 'Oh,
yes," Rob persisted; "and there it is."
Well," said Rob, as he caught sight
of it over the tree-tops, "it isn t lighted,
anyway." Golden Days.
If the water in your Washing is hard
or alkali, use the Standard Soap Co.'s
Petroleum Bleaching Soap. Its effect
will surprise you.
Foreign and Domestic.
Ice in Cuba is worth ten cents a pound.
An extra session of Congress is not
Five men were recently asphyxiated in
a Chicago sewer.
The puhlic debt was decreased about
3,000,000 during February.
There are 150 tradesmen In Paris who
deal in nothing but old postage stamps.
A large portion of the business section
6t Vassar, Mich., was destroyed by fire.
The number of letters posted in the
world every year is said to be 52,000,000.
000. The Canadian government has increased
the duty on American flour to 75 cents per
The National Theatre at Washington,
D. C- was destroyed by fire on the 27 inst.
Loss, about $1G0, 0.
A Wabash train which left Chicago ran
into a snow drift within two hours and re
mained there three days.
Bear Admiral George Henry Preble, a
retired officer, died suddenly at Boston
recently; aged 69 years.
Athens, Ga., has been thrown into con
sternation by the threat of dynamite is
case of whisky being voted out.
Thirteen anarchists were arrested at
Berne, during the day, in addition to the
ten captured in the morning raid.
A nesrro at Marshall, Texas, caused his
wife's death by pouring kerosene over her
clothing and setting them on Are.
Joseph Edward Cauchan, ex-Governor
of .Manitoba, and an eminent lawyer.
journalist and statesman, is dead.
A woman in the City of Mexico gave
birth to seven children in one day. The
babies died, but the mother survives.
The wages of workmen in the Texas
and Pacific Itailroad shops at Marshall,
Texas, have been reduced Jzj per cent.
The Fenian Brotherhood has been re
vived in the East, lbey talk of invading
r-i J J !!.. . -ci VfU,i:
Advices from Cane Coast Castle state
that the British hanged ten of the leading
participants in the murders and riots at
An unknown young man arrived at
Niazara Falls, walked on the ice bridge,
looked around, drew a revolver, and shot
: himself dead.
Th sfoamp.r T?fnwll Tnwer. from Balti
more for Liverpool, was abandonod Janu-
arv in a smKine conamou. xwo ui tue
crew perished.
Tim remains of Maior McDermit and
fortv-two soldiers have been removed from
Fort Churchill and interred in the Carson
(Xev.) cemetery.
To Drevent another raid into Oklahoma,
five troops of cavalry and a company of
infantry are encamped at tne i'onca maian
Agency ana uamp ttusseu.
Jack Burke, a pugilist, is out in a chal
lenge to Paddv Kvan to spar four or five
rounds, ior oiiu a sine, wiimn two wtems,
the winner to take everything.
Ahorse sale at Lexington, Ky... attract
ed purchasers from different States. In
four days zm neaa cnangea nanas, uie
amount realized being $,tuu.
IT T Vwivln a Hprk at
New Orleans, has sued the Mississippi
Valley Road for $20,000 damages occca-
i , m . 1 ..- A. I .
sioneu uy ine wrecKiuK ui u train.
From a report received by the Horticul
tural Society, the entire peach crop of
ill Imp. failure, with a Drobabil-
ity of the death of young orchards.
Thos. Bostvvlck, a well-known saloon
keeper at St. Louis, killed Mrs. J. B. Mc
Gue, and then fired two bullets into his
head and stabbed himself live times.
Pekin advices btate that all dignitaries
of the Chinese mission have been sum
moned to give opinions as to the expedi
ency of continuing the war with France.
A Catholic missionary organ states that
several hundred Catholics resident at
Yunnan have been massacred in obedi
ence to secret orders from the Chinese
An invention by two Canadians, by
whieh telephoning and telegraphing can
be carried on simultaneously on the same
wire, was successfully tested between To
ronto and Hamilton.
The French envoy, who was about to
return from China to France, has been in
structed t remain in Shanghai and await
the expected resumption of relations with
the Chinese Government.
At London, Feb. '26, while a number of
artillery officers and scientific men were
testing a new patent fuse a terrible explo
sion occurred. Three men were killed out
right, and severally fatally wounded.
Fifteen thousand attended the Nation
alists' meeting at Phoenix Park. Dublin,
recently. Resolutions were adopted de
nouncing Speaker Peel for Suspending
O'Brien from the House of Comn.ons.
Governor Sheldon, rf New Mexico, has
offered a reward of -1,000 for the capture
of a border ruffian named Dick Rsgers,
who has bas been running the town of
Raton at intervals during the last three
or four weeks.
Oders have been issued from the war
office at London for the immediate med ical
inspection of every regiment of the Brit
ish army, with a view of abtaining a cor
rect estimate of the number of men avail
able for active service.
Representative Logan, o Whiteside
county, Illinois was stricken with heart
disease in the Illinois Legislature Feb. 5.6
and fell dead on the floor of the house
His death will not effect any change in
the election of United States Senator.
Ostrich farming in South Africa has ad
vanced with such strides that the number
of tame birds there is estimated to have
increased from eighty in 1865 to at least
70,000 in 1881, producing feathers for ex
port to the value of about $3,000,000 per
A petition has been laid before Attorney
General Brewster at Washington, asking
for the pardon of Douglas Vanderhoof, of
St. Paul, who was sentenced in the United
States Court to ten years' imprisonment
for embezzling $40,000 from the First Na
tional Bank of St. Paul.
! The N. Y. Tribune and Chicago Inter
Ocean print sensational articles stating
tTrat the Fenian centres at Chicago, New
York, Buffalo, Philadelphia and Boston
have received orders from the head centre
to furnish immediately '00 men each to
go to Soudan and assist El Mahdi.
Within a few davs after the bill was
passed by Congress restoring the north
eastern corner, of the Yellowstone Park
to the public domain, a night stampede
was organized and all the valuable coal
and mineral lands in that part of the park
were covered with location notices.
It is now alleged by those who declare
that the recently reported Congress of
Dynamiters in Paris was a hoax, that the
whole affair, was concocted by foreign
police for the purpose of alarming Eng
land and inducing tier to become a narty
to the proposed International-Extradition
Treaty against dynamiters.
A farmer named Mos"s Caton, living
in Union county, Kentucky, aided by his
four sons, hanged his wife, wham he mar
ried four years ago. Twenty men, led by
a county mazistrate, went to Caton's
house and ordered him to surrender. He
refused, and the officers fired into the
house, severely wounding Caton, his son
John and daughter Annie.
The Senate Committee on Appropria
tions has increased the naval appropria
tion bill. r The principal item of increase
are: An appropriation of $20000 for con
tinuing work on the double turretted mon
itors; $500,000 for armament of cruiser
and gunboats; $115,(C0. for the construe-
tinn nf ttool prnipr find ' CllTlboatS- ATI ft
.vmonrtfnr general maintainance of the
bureau of yards and docks.
WHEAT Per ctl, valley, $1.151.18J;
Walla Walla, $1.101.124.
FLO UK Per bbi, standard brands.
$4.25; superfine, $3.50; country . brands,
BEANS Per ctl. small whites. S2.25:
bayos, $3; pinks. $2.50; butter, $2.50.
BUTTER -Per fl, choice dairv. 26c;
country store, 12j15c; Eastern, 22i'a2dc.
CHEESE Per lb, choice local, 15c; im
ported, 12Co; 14c.
DiUJiD l-'KUiTS Fer lb, apples, 58c;
plums, 8Y8c; prunes, 88Jc; peaches, 13c:
raisins, $2.25 $ bx.
EGGS Per doz, 15c.
LARD Per lb, pails, 12c; tins, Eastern,
12c; tins, Oregon, lljc.
OAT MEAL Common, $3.50 ctl.
CORN MEAL Per ctl. $3.
HOMINY Per ctl, $3.75.
CRACKED WHEAT Per ctl, $3.
BUCKWHEAT FLOUR Per ctl, $3.75
(5.50. I
RYE FLOUR Per ctl, $4.
RICE Per lb China No. 1, 5c; mixed,
4,'c; Hawaiian Islands. Sic.
VEG ETA B LES Cabbage, lljc; onions,
2c lb; carrots, 75 $1.00 If sack; turnips,
CANNED GOODS--Tomatoes,2S-lb cans
I? do., $1.10, gallons, $3.50; pie fruits, as
sorted, $1.50, gallons, 4; green corn, $1.25
1.60; oysters, $1.25a2.25; lobsters, $1.75
(a 2.75; jams and jellies, $2.50.:
COFFEE lb, Guatemala, green, 114(5
124c; Costa Rica, 12c; old Government
Java, 20c. bu, 20g30c; sweets
lb, 124c
POULTRY Chickens, W doz $3 aS;
ducks, $5&6; geese, $810; turkeys, lb,
PRCVTSIONS-IIams, $ lb, 13 10c; ba
con. 1 Ma 12c.
GROCERIES Pickels, $ keg, 91.109
1,25; starch, $ lb, 7(a9c; codfish, 6c; mac
keael, No. 1, kit, $2, No. 2, $1.75; herring,
dried. If 10-lb bx, 75c.
SUGARS Quote bbls: (A) patent cube;
7jc; A) crushea, vc; dry granulated, c;
golden C, 5c; extra powdered, 7c.
- SEEDS Wholesale to farmers ctl. red
clover, $!5; alfalfa, $16; white clover, $35;
alsike, $2; timothy, puree. $.50; Ken
tucky blue grass, extra clean, $l.-; peren
neial rye grass. $15: red top, $12; orchard
grass, $lt; rye black, $2; bone meal,
ton, bone phosphates. $4o.
SPICES lb, pepper, 18($25c; mustard,
18c; ginger, 18c; cinnamon, 27Jc; nutmeg,
80c: sage. 30c. .
TROPICAL FRUIT Lemons, $6:56.50
V case; bananas, $1 .&; cocoanuts, ,8c; or
anges, $2(a 3.50 tf 100.
BRAN Per ton, $1315.
MIDDLINGS Per ton, $20 25.
GROUND BARLEY Per ton $2225
OATS Choice milling, 3(ic; choice feed,
HAY Per ton, timothy, baled, $11;
loose, $iz.
HOPS Per lb, 1012c.
WOOL Valley, 1315e; eastern Ore
GRAIN BAGS Per lb, Calcutta, 22
36c, 7j7ic.
HIDES Per lb, green, dry, 15i
tec; one-tnira on tor culls; deer, $12
2"c; bear, black, $1.95(ff5; buckskin, In
dian, dressed, oOJ'tiOc; elk, 10c.
BROOMS Per doz, $2,256.50.
San Francisco.
BAGS Calcutta wheat bags, 6c.
FLOUR Best city extra, $1.3745.00;
medium, $J.a(4.'i5; shipping superfine,
$2.7Va 3.75.
WHEAT No. 1 grades, $1.25; choice
milling parcels, $1.35 t? ctl.
BARLEY No. 1 quality, 90 95c;
brewing, Sl.Ub7ail.lU.
OATS Surprise ani milling. $1.35(5),
1.45; No. 1, $1.201.25: No. 2, $l1.10; off
grades, Voc a $i: black, $ V ctl.
CORN Large yellow,$1.101.17; small
yellow, $1. h(ai.Z'; white, $l.lU(l.ldr ctl
CRACKED CORN Per ton, Si7.5028
CORNMEAL Feed, $z7.5'i:8 ton;
nne kinds for table, zf(a;3c p ID.
SEEDS Mustard, $2.25:3 for brown,
and $2'nil2.25 for yellow; canary, 44Jc;
hemp, 'A(co'6c rape, 23c; timothy, 5
6c; alfalfa, 15c lb; flax, $i.252.50 ctl.
MIDDLINGS -Per ton, $I517.
HAY Alfalfa, $8.00(o) 11.00; wheat, $10
!5; oat, $8fel2; barley, $7ll; mixed,
STRAW Per bale, 6070c.
HOPS Per lb, 10(&12c.
BRAN Per ton, $1213.
RYE Per ctl, $1.16.
BUCKWHEAT Per ctl. $l.251.37i.
GROUND BARLEY Per1 ton, Sil.oofe
23 50.
POTATOES Early rose, $1.15 'a 23; river
reds,7590c; Petalumas,95c$'.10; garnet,
chile, 5U0c; peerless, 5cfe$I.3U: Hum
boldt kidney, $1.10(a)l. 5; do red, $1.15 i
ctl; peachbiows, $lff 1.15.
ON IONS- Per ctl, $3.00 a 4.00. .
DRIED PEAS Green, $2.50; niles,
$1.50; blackeye, $2.25 & ctl.
BEANS Bayos, $2.503; butter, $1. 0
1.35; pink. $1.651.80; red. $2.12 2.25;
lima, $1.501.60; sma l Jwhite. $1.25t.50.
pea, $l..M) 1.90 ctl.
VEGET ABLES Green peas, 68c $ lb;
carrots, 30i0c; turnips, 50(5600; beets, 40
(aj&'c; parsnips, $1; cabbage, 50(5j60c ctl.
FRUIT Apples, 3575c; pears, $12;
lemons, California, $1(5)$!. 25: limes, Mex
ican, $1112; foranges, California. $1.15rz:
$1.50 box.
DRIED FRUIT Sun-dried apples, 2J
3c; apricots, 9c; blackberries, 9c: figs,
4c; peaches? 14(cftl5c; pears, 4c; plums,
74c; prunes German, 5; do, French, 6
6c, 1? Ib; rfasins, new crop Layers, $1.75
(52 box. 44 '
HIDES Dry. V lb. usual selection. 16J
17c; dry kip, 16l7c: dry calf, 19(gi20c:
salted steers, 50 to 55lbs. 7J8.
WOOL - Mendocino. 18(5),20c. $ lb.;
Humboldt, 18a0c: San Joaquin, 68;
eastern Oregon, 14(5. 16c
LARD Eastern, 111H for tierces, and
111(1 He for pails; California, 10-tb,88Jic.
HONEY Comb, 7c; extracted, 45c
BUTTER Fancy, 24c; choice, 22 23c;
fair .to good, 2021c; ordinary, 2022c;
mixed store shipments dull at 12i17c:
pickled roll, 2022ic; firkin, 18:a;i;0c lor
good to choice, and l516c for ordinary to
fair: Eastern. I215c lb.
EGGS V? dozen, 1718c.
POULTRY Turkeys, srobblers. 1518c;
hens, 18(3)20c; dressed do. 18fo2tc lb;
roosters, $5(5)5.50 for old and $6(56.50 f5r
young: hens, $6.508.00; broilers, $5(56,
as to size; ducks, $5.5' J 6.59 doz: geese,
$2.25ra 2.50 pair.
TALLOW Grease, 34; crude, 5i6c:
refined. 7i7Jc $ To.
CHEESE California. 12(5U3c.
SALT Per ton, $lf$ 22.
RICE Hawaiian, 5J; China, 4(56c.
SUGAR Dry granulated, 6Jc: extra
fine cubes, 7c; fine crashed, 7c; powder
ed, 7ic; extra fine powdered, 8c; extra
goHen C, 5J; golden C, 5c.
SYRUP American refinery is quoted
at 30c in bbls, 32.Jc in hf bbls, 40c in 5-gal
kegs, and 50c in 1-gal tins.
- -"I'm goinp; to C!" she remark d,
as she commence.! to climb up the
vocal scale in a manner which, if not
musical, was progressive. 'I hope she
may be lost," murmured the young
man on the sofa to himself as he stopped
up both cars and edged toward the door.
Detroit Journal.
A family of twelve children' now re-
siding in England . can count up their
aggregate ages to the figure of 972
years. The youngest is -seventy-nine
and the oldest is eighty-nine, the aver
age for each of the twelve children
being eighty-one years.
-A young dude, who persisted, in
smoking in a ladies' sitting-room at a
railway station, was "fired" out of the
apartment by a gentleman, who re
marked: When there is so much
smoke there must be some fire."-Ar. Y.
"I was rightpeart till the rheumatiz sot
in," said a suffering old man who lived
near the swamp. Fact is, wherever you
live you can't be "right peart" if yom are
a victim of this tronblesome disease. Cap
tain. C. W. Hotsenpiller, Springfield. O.,
says: I found great relief from inflam
matory rheumatism by using Brown's
Iron Bitters." Thousands f other people
have found similar relief.
Frank Siddall's name has become a household
word wherever purity in soap is prized, and
washing-day is robbed of its old fashioned ter
rors. By the introduction of the soap which
bears his name, he has won a place in the grate
ful hearts of the women ut America. - The
opinions of a man as shrewd and observant as
Mr. Siddall is known to be, are well worthy of
consideration in fonniug judgment on a matter
into which he has examined.
hether in a throng of invited guests, as at
his "Silver Weddini" or in theauie.t comfort
of his cozy home, it is pleasant to spend an
evening wun mt. Siddalt. Desiring to learn
tus views concerning an important question of
health, one of our editors unseed an hour with
him and his family. To look at Mr. and Mrs.
Siddall end their son. nobody would suppose
that they had ever been invalids. Yet they
nave, and all three of them owe their present
health to
Well, let thera tell the story.
'"No," said Air. SiddaU, "you would hardly
think my wife an invalid. Certainly she has
not the emaciated or feebled appearance. But
some time ao, there appeared on her side
something which seemed to be a tumor. Two
of her relatives had died of cancer and she
feared she was to be a victim ot that terrible
malady. The tumor, or whatever it was, in
creased in size and painfulness. The chafing of
the dress against it was a continual reminder of
its presence, as well as a constant irritation.
We teared the necessity of the surgeon knife
as a last resort. "
"But we tried another method. I had long
known of Compound Oxygen. It had never
made any impression on my mind until, after a
good deal of disbelief, I had trie i it for my sick
headaches. With close application to a largely
increasing business which took my whole time
and thought. 1 had become a martyr to this dis
tressing complaint., ltseemed strange that such
an invisible agent as the gas which id inhaled
through a tube could male its impress on that
condition of the system which produces
sick headache. But it did. Alter tak
ing the othoe treatment, I found complete rest
from brain weariness, and entire exemption
from the nausea and the harrowing pains which
make up that very unpleasant combination
known as sick headache. 1 became an entirely
renovated man in my abilitv to attend to daily
business. 1 had also for a long series of years
snlt'ered severely from constipation. The Com
pound Oxygen treatment completely removed
this trouble.
"So we concluded to try Compound Oxygen
for Mrs. Siddall. JJr. Starkey, after a careful
examination, pronounced the abnormal growth
to be something entirely dillerent from cancer.
This was a great relief if the growth could not
oe entirely removed, and it gave great conn
dence in Dr. Starkev. for some nractitionei s
would have tried to mak it out as aggravated
and alarming, a case as possible, in order to
magnify their skill in case a cure were made.
In even the short space of a few days the effect
was perceptible. Compound Oxygen was doing
its work on the blood. The poison in the circu
lation, or whatever it was that had caused the
growth of the lump, was driven out of the sys
tem. Most of the hard growth was absorbed
into the circulation, and thus carried away.
The hardness departed. Something like the
core of a boil came .out, painlessly. VV ithin
four weeks from the time she began to take the
Compound Oxygen, -the lump was gone, and the
flesh had healed and become as natural and
healthy as that on any other oart of the body
"Mis. Siddal is now as able as ever to attend
to her regular duties, which she heartily enioys.
bhe is a wonderful help to me in my extensive
business, being at my olnce every day, transact
ing with great efficiency, the affairs of her de
partment, whiuh consists in the supervision of
the twenty may clerks."
And how as to your son. Mr. Siddall?
"Well, he is now as hearty as needs be; thanks
to Compound Oxygen, liis blood w as impure.
For years he was ray cashier, with constant
duty and heavy responsibility, it wore on him
His appetite was irregular and capricious,
There were pimples and blotches on his face.
indicative ot the condition of his blood. There
were dark spots under his eyes, and his Ken
eral state was such that although he was not
laid up in bed as a chronic invalid, there was
danger that he would be. We tried him with
the treatment. Compound Oxygen soon did for
him what it had done for his mother and my
self. It renewed his blood and gave him a
heartier vitality. The pimples, blue spots and
other indications disappeared. His skin be
came sott and natural. His appetite became
regular, and his digestion, which or course had
been impaired, M as restored to its proper con
Then, Mr. Siddall, you have no objection to
be quoted as a believer, nrm, thorough and
constant, in Compound Oxygen.
"Bklikvkh ! Why I consider that in the
liever ! Why. see our family experience with it.
lielieAer : i es, so much so that l never lose an
opportunity to send those of my friends who
need medical treatment to Drs. Starkey &
Palen, and all that I have heard from are
enthusiastic in their approval of it. Xsota word
of disappointment from any of them. Believer!
Well, 1 have induced four of my clerks to take
the treatment. There is Mr. Johnson, form
stance. Come round to the office in the morn
ing and see him. He had catarrh so badty that
at night he had to take a handkerchief to bed
with him, ana to .have a basin by the side of
the bed, in which to expectorate during the
hours when most people are asleep, and now,
alter but a tew weeks' treatment, he is almost
entirely rid of Ins trouble. His ears were
clogged witU catarrh discharge. They are now
entirely fre trom it. '
"And so 1 might tell you till morning of such
cases, and others of similar importance and
value. You cannot speak too highly of Com
pound Ox., gen. Von may give my opinion of it
as strongly as you please."
The writer called to see Mr. Johnson and
found him at his post, not only free from
catarrhal annoyance, but grateful for it, and
enthusiastic in his praises of Compound Oxygen.
And now, if any one wishes to know all about
this wonderful Compound Oxygen, let him
write to Drs. blarney 6c Jt'aien, lltw liirard St.,
Phil delphia. and they will send him an inter
csting little book in which its discovery, nature
and action are fully described. It also contains
a large record of remarkable cures which have
been made during the last twelve or thirteen
years in ail tonus or chronic ailment.
The four round glove fight between
Greenfield and Fryer, was pronounced to
be the hardest fight ever seen on a stage.
It was decided to be a draw, although
greatly in Greenfield s favor.
Catarrh ifl a muco purulent discharge caused by the
presence and developnitnt of the vegetable parasite
anineoa in tne internal lining memnr&ue ot the nose.
This parasite is only developed under fttvorable circum
stances, and these are: Morbid state of the blood, as the
bUL'hted corpuscle of tulercle, the eerm poison of syphi
lis, mercury, toxuiinea. from the retention of the effete
matter of the shin, suppressed perspiration, badly ven-
tilateu sleeping apartments, anu other poisons that are
germinated in the blood. These poisons keep the internal
linintc membrane of' the nose in a constant state of irri
tation, ever ready for the deposit of the seeds of these
germs, which spread up the nostrils and down the
fauces or back of throat, causing ulceration of the
throat; up the eustachian tubes, causuiir deafness: bur
rowing in the vocal cords, causing hoarseness usurping
tne proper structure ot tue bronchial tubes, ending in
uulmonarv consumutson and death.
Many attempts have been made to discover a cure for
this distressing disease by the use of inhalents and other
ingenious devices, but none of these treatments can do
a particle of good until the parasites are either destroyed
or removed from the mucous tissue. .-
Home time since a well known physician of forty years
standing, alter much experimenting, succeeded In dis
covering the necessany combination ol ingredients which
never fails in absolutely and permanently eradicating
this horrible disease, whether standing for one year or
forty years. Those who may be suffering from the above
disease should, without delay, communicate with the
managers, A. H. Dixon & Son, 305 King Street
West, Toronto, and get full particulars and treatise free
by enclosing stamp.
Samuels & Sons, grain dealers, of St.
Louis, failed. Liabilities, about $200,100.
Pirst Edition of 500 sold in One Cay Many
Advance Orders Already Received.
This is the best Cook Book in the market,
the recipes having been furnished by
well known ladies of Oregon and Wash
ington, and they have all been tried by
those contributing, thus insuring a prac
tical book for the household. Kitchen edi
tion, board covers,?l.'2o; cloth covers,? 1.50.
Sold by all booksellers and sent post paid
on receipt of price by the Publishers.
"VV. B. Ayek & Co.,
Booksellers and Stationers, 93 First St.,
Portland, Or.
the: great
CURES. . .
Rheumatism Neuralaia, Sciatica,
Lumbago. Baclcactve.. Hca5scHe, Toothache,
Sore Tli roai. S w c l H ns. ? pra I r, Kruisea,
Barut. heniri, 1'roit ISIfn,
Sold by EroggUt nn l IifVci-s evprnrwrc Fifty Ct-Bi a bottl.
I'lmauin la II .vtrMmi
the ni i:t,f;' a. v;:i.f,r co.
TPmliWliI tu 1 TiT'Mfn tTft) Bulitmw. BA ! 8. A.
A Kansas paper in a review of the
last vear remarked that' it. was rotable
for lha ni mber of weddings and other
casual t'c.
What lie Got:
Soft blue wore h-r e os and lustrous,
H r breath was the breath ol" the South.
He k ssed that girl on the forehead, ' '
And got a b.n r in the mouth.
A student at Wesley an College re
cently described a pillar "of their ; audi
torium which had been wound with an
American flap:, as a barber's pole
"emblematic," he said, "of the close
shave some of the graduates had to get
The Board of Trustees of Colum
bian University, of Washington, at a
recent special meeting, upon the unani
mous recommendation of the faculty of
its medical department, decided to ad
mit women to study medicine in the in
stitution, with all the privileges of
instruction accorded to tne male stu
dents. Washington Post.
"No," said the dyinyr punster, with
a grim smile; "no, I don't object .to
flowers, but don't have any violets,
please. 1 shouldn't care to have my
grave violated, you know." It was
immediately agree J that it was best that
be should sro. Boston Transcript.
There are few, if any banking houses in
the country equal in financial streneth
and management with the Pacific Bank of
ban Francisco, (Jal. Its foundations have
been well laid, and its management under
the personal supervision of Dr. It. II. Mc
Donald accounts for its splendid achieve
ments in the past Out of the earnings of
the past six months, the Board of Direct
ors have declared A dividend of 5 per cent,
being at the rate of 10 percent per annum.
shows what discreet management will do.
The Pacific Bank is growing daily in mer
cantile confidence, and its liberal, and at
the same time cautious, policy respecting
has won for it a host of friends among the
merchants and thoughtful financiers, of
not only San Francis, o, but the entire Pa
cific slope.
The Egyptian question Are the camels
coming - ,
Laughter is the poor man's plaster,
Making every burden light;
Turning sadness into gladness,
Darkest hour to May dawn bright.
'Tis the deepest and the cheapest
Cure for ills of this description,
But for those that woman's heir to, -
Use Dr. Pierce's "Favorite Prescription,"
Cures all weaknesses ..and irregularities,
"bearing down" sensations, "internal
fever," bloating, displacements, inflamma
tion, morning sickness and tendency to
cancerous disease. Price reduced to one
dollar. By druggists. . ,
She What are you thinking of? He
Nothing. She Egotist.
A CAItl. To all who are suffering from er
rors and indiscretions of youth, nervous weak
ness, early decay, loss of manhood, etc., I will
send a recipe that will cure you, FREE OF
CILA HGK. This great remedy Win discovered
by a missionary in South America. Send self
addressed envelope to Kkv. Joseph T. Inmai?,
Station D, New York.
CATARRH A New Treatment whereby
a permanent cure is effected in from one to
three applications. Particulars aud trea
tise free on receipt of stamp. A. H. Dixon
&Son, 305 King street west, Toronto, Can.
Try Germea for breakfast.
BEST 701 IIC. ?
This medicine, combining Iron with pure
vegetable tonics, quickly and completely
I'nrea Dyspepsia Indigestion, Weakness,
I inpure 11 load, MaJ aria, Chills and Fever
and Neuralgia.
It is an unfailing remedy for Diseases of the
Kidneys and l,lver.
It is Invaluable for Diseases peculiar to
women, and all who lead sedentary lives.
It does not injure the teeth, cause headache.or
produce constipation other Iron medicines do.
ft enriches and purifies the bloods stimulates
the appetite, aids the assimilation of food, re
lieves Heartburn and Belching, and strength
ens the muscles and nerves.
For Intermittent Fevers, Lassitude, Lack of
Energy, &c., it has no equal.
jOt The genuine has above trade mark and
crossed red lines on wrapper. Take no other.
The Greatest Medical Triumph of the Age!
Indorsed all over the World.
tive. Painin the HeLjwrith a dullsen
sation in the back partT Pain trader
with a disinclination to exertion
of body ormini, Irritability of temp
er, Low spirit3,LQSfjmemoryjWitS
a feeling of having neglected some
dnty weariness. Pizzinesst Flutter
ing of the Hearti DoTsbefore the ey es
Yellow Skin.HeadaohetRestlessness
at nighty highly colored Urine
TDTTS FILLS aro especially adapted to
such oases, one dose effects such a change
of feeling a3 to astonish the sufferer.
They Increase the Appetite, and cause
the body to Take on thus the sys
tem is nourished, and by their Tonic
Action on the IMgestlve Organs, Regu
lar Stool, nre produced. Price 35 cents.
Grat Hair or Whiskers changed to a
GtossT Black by a single application of
this Dye. It imparts a natural color, acts
instantaneously. Sold by Druggists, or
sent by express on receipt of $1.
Office, 44 Murray S.. New York.
Bronchitis, Influenza, Asthma,
Sold bv all. Druggists roa Fifty Ckkts.
JT. It. UAi jcCS & CO. Proprietors,
417 8AajWE Street. " Sam Franoisot .
iiuic'j iv erred ty the JIV1ALK Adopted JAll
Sic iiuSPITAl-SOF FRANCE. Vfompt TttraxitlGOit.
Simple f-.s, ltoS. Severeon toiS. rampfel'
ClviaU ii'.'iii-iiul AJjr 160 Fulton 8t..fewyds,
Nothing surprises a man more than be
ing killed when he expects to kill some
And raised acousiderable amountof blood
and matter; besides, I was very thin, and
so weak I conld scarcely jro about the
house. This was the case of a man with
consumption arising from liver complaint,
tie recov ered his health completely by the
use of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Dis
covery." w Thousands of others bear bimi
lar testimony.
When a bet of the drinks is fulfilled the
betters are generally filled full. - '
A sure cure for Blind, Bleeding, Itching and Ulcer
ated Piles bas been discovered by I)r. William (an In
dian Remedy) called Dr.- William a Indian Pile Oint
ment. A single box has cared the worst chronic casee
of 25 or 30 years standing. No one need suffer five min
utes after applying this wonderful soothing medicine.
Letlons. instrumeits and electuaries do more harm than
good. William's Indian Pile Ointment absorbs the tu
mors, allays the intense itching (particularly at night
after getting warm in bed), acts as a poultice, gives in
stant relief, and is prepared only for Piles, itching of
the private parts, anu for nothing else.
Bead what the Hon. J. M. Oottinberry, of Cleveland,
says about Dr. William's Indian Pile Ointment: "I have
used scores of Pile Cures, and it affords me pleasure to
say that I have nover found anything which give such
immediate and permanent relief as Dr. William's In
dian Ointment." Vor sale by all druggists and mailed
on receipt of price, (1. C F. Richards A Co., 427 and 129
Sansome street, corner Clay, San Francisco j -
I've joined the Fenians." said Smith.
as he went to dinner. "I'm going to dine
a mite.
Delicate diseases, affecting male
or female, however induced, speedily and
ermanently cured. Illustrated book three
etter stamps. Consultation free. World's
Dispensary Medical Association, Buffalo,
To give pain is 1he tyranny, to ma
nappy tne true empire, ol beauty.
"Brown's Bronchial Troches' will
relieve Bronchitis, Asthma, Catarrh and
Throat Diseases. - .
Absolutely Pure.
Tliis powder never varies. A man-el of purity,
Dtrength and wholesomenees. More economical tiicJi
the ordinary kinds, and cannot be Bold in cotnieu
tionwith the multitude of low test, short weight,"
alutn or pho8ihate powders. So'.d anly in cans.
Royal Baking PowDEa Co., 106 Vail stret, N. Y.
Not The Bright Prospects That Had Been
. Painted There.
His name was H. H. Asbnry and he
had just come in from the Little Rock
ies, and spread his bold, bad autograph
on the register of the Merchants, when
he was solicited by a Day reporter to
talk about the mines there.
'I was at Helena when the first inti
mation of gold there was given out,"
he said, "and I got an outfit at Benton,
taking the Crow Creek road from there
to the scene of the excitement. It re
quired eleven days to make the trip.
Times were good in the Little Rockies
then, and I got as high as thirty cents'
to the pan. The gulch proper is three
miles long and there are places in it
where the bed rock is washed bare for
three hundred or four hundred feet at a
stretch. The general formation is por
phyry, and there are from eighteen to
fifty men at work in this one gulch. In
the entire mining district there are all
told from eighty to one hundred men.
They are going aDd coming all the time
and the increase in number, if any, is
very small, most all appearing to think
there is nothing in it. The great draw
back is lack of confidence. If one man
makes a big find it sort o' livens up the
feelings of the rest, but it does not last
long. The prospectors soon settle
down into idle listlessness. I do not
think there is a single claim in the
mountains that is paying. One hole
was sunk about fifty feet deep but they
had no return, then a drain about nine
feet deep on People's Creek was made
and a few colors were secured in the
pan. Now there is no one around the
creek. It is utterly deserted. There
was a report circulated that one hun
dred and thirty dollars was taken out in
one day in Little Alder gulch, but it was
all bosh, for at all the different camps
forty dollars was the largest sum that
could be found' as having been taken
out in one day. The report that there
are traces of diggings there a number
of years ago is untrue, for I could not
find any evidence of them.
- 'The mountain looms up in the midst
of a large plain, and branches oft' from
one gray peak in all directions. There
are many difficulties encountered in
operating these mines, the principal be
ing a lack of water. There is none to
wash out the gold except what is ol
tained by the melting of snow during
late spring and early summer at the
heads of the gulche3. The only reason
why this senseless stampede occurred
was an attempt to get' people into the
country. It is a good grazing region,
and on this plan they can alone secure
a permanent settlement." St. Paul
Day. . . -
Mr. Moody, according to a Uincin
natian, is the acid which, touching the
dormant alkali of the Christian spirit,
causes it to effervesce into a revival of
Tennessee stands next to the liead
In the column of illiterate States, a fact
which suggests to the people the neces
sity of improving its present defective
school system. Chicago Journa1.
xne great old gusners. on inorn
Creek, in Butler County, have caused a
tremendous boom in the prices of real
estate there. The largest of these wells
are located on the Marsh all, Bartley &nd
Wallace farms. Six months ago - the
owners of the Marshall farm, 352 acres,
could not sell it for $3,000; to-day it
cannot be bought for $50,000. The
Bartley farm, seventy-five acres, was
worth six months ago about $8,000. Yes
terday its owner, hitherto a poor iarmer,
refused $75,000 for it A school poard,
owning one acre of ground among the
wells, was offered $50,000 for it, which
they refused. Pittsburgh Disvclch.
Trotal isa? j VI
I1' t?. -?)
REJfBsns!d' nzf-
S.B.ScDoKa!j,Jr.Tkerre wV
vp Ssn frasdsss, Col izx k iscs.
Bank Irnles, " -
Other Ileal list i. to -
and Bank fitoeka, .
lSans and IMaeoimtS, 8,37,031
Ine from Bankii, $$$iiZ''
UnnPV Oil llILIlU. f pVif?l.
Capital, vnlTupT "ffifii.
Ine Jepositors, W-?
liTidends Inpaid, - . f I..J.v'-J
This Banlc solicits the acconnta of Mer
chants, Manufacturers, Corporations, aud Busi
ness Firms generally. - . .
lu. IX. airJDon&ld, Sres
KOflXEK A CII AKE,8an Francisco and Port
land, Agents for Decker Bros., Fischer, Behniug Behr
Bros, and the Emerson IM&nofl. Also for Mason k
Hamblin and the Chase Organs. These agencies ars
selected for merit, and represent the bent in the Market
Write for description and net prices. jfcgTHfiadquartert
for Band Instruments and Bana Supplies. ,
ftTrnniiiif 1
O I Clii I .Gabler, Koenkh I'ianos; Burdet
organs, band instruments. Largest utock ef Sheet
Music and Books. Rands su plied at Eastern trieoa
- SL (iRAV. sort Poxt Street, San Kmncuco.
Established 1861. " P.O. Box 2415.
" . Grain, Produce and General
9709. 313 and 315 Davis Street,
(Member of S. F. Produce Exchange). . Consignments
and orders will receive prompt attention. Cash ad
vances made.
IHHl Still Ahead! 1HH4
3 Gold Medals, 1 Silver, and M
First Premiums.
rKXCE. . - : - - . $20
I Hatches all Kinds of Eggi
All sizes from 30 to 650 eggs. Explains how
to hatch and raise chickens profitably. Circulars free. Ad
dress PET ALU MA INCUBATOR CO., Petaluina .CaL
Commission Merchants
General and Dairy Produce,
No. Ill Front Street, between Washington and Stark,
Consignments solicited and returns promptly made.
Flour, Feed, Hay, Grain, Potatws, Butter, Eggs, Cheese,
Dry and Fresh Fruits Handled.
GiveYour Checks s Checkman
On Train Coming in to Portland.
Lcrillard's Cliinas Pkg
bearing a red tin tag; that Lorillard's
llaM Leaf fine cut : that LoriHard's
Navy Clipping:, and that Lorillard's Snu fit's, are
the best and cheapest, quality considered 1 -
direct importers of Norman Stallions from
France to California. Every one, is recorded m tlie
National Register of Norman Ho'rses, and those in
want of this class of Horses, if desired, can purchase
them on one or trro years' time, at reasonable inter
est, with satisfactory security. We will sell cheaper
than the same class of Stallions can be bought any
where else in the United States. tW Send for Cat
alogue. - Petalmna. Sonoma Co.. Cal.
Wholesale Grocers anil Comiission Mercliants,
lO Nortli Front St Portland.
San Francisco Office 18 Front St.
Handle on commission Wheat, Wool, Hof, Seeds,
Furs, Hides, Chickens, Eggs, Lumber, Hoop-poles,
Salmon, Mill Feed, Oats, iiarlcy, Onion?, Potatoes,
Bacon, Lard, eta Account sales rendered on day of
sale. Send for our market report. Correspondence
and consignments solicited.
film -F)fFifFH-?rcp
Warranted to relie "
cure Heart Disease
J. J. MACK & CO.,
UM Goli leialTl
Save halt; largest 1J
Factory In tne State
I have a positive remedy (or the above disease ; by lis
ttinnaandsof caasot the vornt kind and of fnng
ftasdltiff havoben cured. .l.ioelmni-lsroyfnlth
loltsefflcacy.thstl wH snndTM'O BOTTLES I RES,
together wttli a YAl.UAUI.KTftKATISK on this dlsaase
toaaj snfferer. ;, tiiveeatjircssniKll O. Kddr m. .
DB. T. A. SLOQVSt, 181 i-earl St., Sew York.!
J"ii BICL'i' or K..--vm:!
tor s Ruuic cxpmusiv f or :
the cure of deraiiKCHipnis
of tho senerative oriin
There is no mtMAse awns
this lnatrui;nf., thfl con
tinuous r,t F.I!
T R 1 C 1 T Y pcrmcat in',
thrcuirn the pAi-ts nu?t
restore thera to haith"
action. Io not otiforii.J
tins with Eieotne ilejts
Overt tiutd to rnre ati I1
from hid to t-e. It u fot
theONKsnccitlc vnrnriM -
f orcircuuwsTiTiii,j uii iniormauon, aourcss ;uixj
Eleotria Kelt Oa.. 103 Wuabi&irton iL, Chkai, II!
or W'P'SY VE'S tlMM rotusa. OjteH tht Knsupetrrf can
S "i lt btrotum, OjteH tht mumjwtrd oxtuevf
Sore cure without operllo,!. Circular su.l cuittuiUtioa r.te.
CT71AL2 SITZTIAZ. AQ ISTCT. 153 nitss Si, Ho Tfck.
!ii .r . f strrnrf hrn
N fnriecl v.mlStrre
Tii,if! Cure. vHhoui
Ir'ail.lfervousru .'."nysical
Dftbihty, ioRfc 'talit.v
Vv"aknt?, Virile- 'ecline,
' Impotency, Overwnr-itiTe
; Conaitious, Frost&titift, Kid
ney and Bladder Complain to.
v 5
DimsaMCS of the Blooi,Fmp-
L l i tions, and all the eni effects
tiff F l m". ""..r,..T j,l i -
cesse : nemant'ntiy pre-
vpfctine; all Involuntary
f weakening drains nron the
! ssvsii m, howerer they occur,
case may be, and where all other remedies har s failed.
A Permanent Car Absoltslely Gaaraateed.
Price 2 50 per bottle, or fT b"U:e rorsiu.
npen receipt of price, or CO-D to rpy dre-s. sUic
ss uearnr Sfrt ci.han Fri-lco i al. .
Vfa SfC Sufficient to stiowirs
QTrljyfeH SiTaprilyii88! letter'
"cousuitTio33"BI confHleritial. by k.tter or at .
Office. FR. -
N. P. N. U. Ko.C5.-S. JT. N. V. JNo H2-.
r A ji5 -tOO0.0C3.Cl
ymWywx $ 45o.ooacg,
( tycoons &
t-l: r U EGG
- m
if) s- f