Roseburg review. (Roseburg, Or.) 1885-1920, February 14, 1885, Image 2

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&XTU11DAY, FEBRUARY 14, 1885
The Legislature-
The legislature hs more than passed
!t3 meridian, and judging from .what it
Las already accomplished and the meas
ures, now pending before it,- it would
c much better for thj State if it never
had met. The proceeding legislatures
have been bad enough. Two years ago
their time was occupied in. electing a
United States Senator which no doubt
vrevf-nted much vicious legislation.
The present session is blessed v'th
many new ni en. hers eome of them
voiinr and ambitious, and in their de
sire to 'distinguish themselves are liable
to do mischief which it will take years
'to rectify,' judging from some of th
propositions which are now pen ling be
fore that august assembly. It is sur
prising to note the numerous proposi
tions to dispose of the public moneys
and pavo the way for future burthens
'upon our over taxed people. It 13
with fear that we note thn proposition
'to establish Normal Schools tho bul
warks of our civilization are sadly neg
lected. It does seem that there is a
job in each of these propositions. Un
less these Normal Schools are- genjral
and uniform throughout the rtate, so
that all tue children ot the common
wealth may share equally in their ad
vantages there is no reason why the
(public revenues should be charged with
'their maintenance and support. Let
the money which it is proposed to
waste on these institutions be properly
'expended on our public schools and the
State will make much more rapid ad-
vancement. we note many proposi
tions, to chaDge the Statute. Some
change and modification is no doubt
aeeded, but the great danger is thai
mine of these changes may create worse
confusion in our procedure than they
-.are intended to remedy.
The law of corporation will in the
f near future be tha great question to Ije
: salved. The combinations of capita
into large sums and used for one object
is the spirit of this age. That money
so used can be the means of extortion
from the people is the foundation for
law demanding that capital so combined
is the servant and not the master o
the people. This is the simple justice
i thepiople demand and the time is fast
. approaching when the corporations wil
discover that their iuterests and the in
interests of the people are the same.
The traditional, ideal statesman is a
man who woars no beard. Webster
did not wear any, neither did Clay, noi
Benton, nor J eft'erson, norJIamilton,
nor Buchanan, nd Bon Wade nor Bob
Toombs, nor Alexander Stephens, nor
John B. Floyd, nor Stephen A. Doug
las, nor a dozen others that miirht . be
mentioned. In fact there was never a
Democratic President who wore a beard.
And even Mr. Cleveland, who has been
elected after a quarter of at century
break, has nothing but a mustache.
Mr. Cleveland is reported as saying to
a Massachusetts mugwump, who vent
ured to express the hope that ex-Governor
Gaston might be invited to take
8. -.. .. , t
a seat in the next cabinet; "Why, he's;
72 years old, isn't hel" Then Mr. Cleve
land went on' to say that his would be:
a business administration, and young,
active men would conduct it. The
mugwump understood that the President-elect
was inclined to look to - the
young Democracy rather than to the
party sages for suggestion and support.
A Washington Territory paper men
tions the trial of a faro dealer which
terminated in a wedding. In that Ter
ritory women serve on juries. In the
tcase in question, six. men and six ladies
were selected to try the case. James
Mitchell and Susie Thompson met for
.the first time in the jury box. There
'was a proposal and an acceptance.
The only unhappy person in the case
was the prisoner, who was convicted.
Ex-Gov. Moses, one of the Repub
lican jewel carpet-baggers of South Car
olina of the days when a negro legisla
ture used to appropriate money out of
the State Treasury to bet on horse
races, is again under arrest for swind
ling.' "The ex-Governor" ha3 been in
nil of the leading jails of the cou-utrv
from New York to Chicago. I
The Mormons are prospecting1 in
Mexico with a view to settlement in that
..... - ....,,..(..:
country- If they meet with proper in
couragemeut they propose to transfer
their plant in Utah to the State of So
nora. It would be a merited rebuke to
the United States if her sister republic
refused to admit the practice of j poly
gamy within its borders.
The work of the Pennsylvania! legis
hi tu re is thus summed up: "After four
weekfc of painful session, it passed one
bill, which was sent to the governor, and
: ke promptly vetoed it" Such is life
jia lawmaking circles.
Lditoriai Correspondence.
The following was received from our
chief to late for publication last week.
The danger in the Legislature sesms
o be too many bills introduced to give
to each one anything like the attention
it ought to have previous to tha third
eadiiig. A bill passed the house to-day
which is likely to vitiate the mortgage
tax law to a considerable etent. It
may not pass the senate. To-day W.
D. Hare of Washington county made
quite"a speech, and quite to o:u liking
too, on the bill pending in the senate
to appropriate $30,000 to the State
University for buildings. His proposi
tion was, that as a rule, capital is not
taxed, and that the middle classes alone
ire the tax-producing element in our
commonwealth, and that they are gen
erally unable to avail .themselves of
hese higher state schools, and hence
the poor are taxed to educate the rich.
He avers the principle is wrong and in
consistent v.ith the genius of our Amer
ican polity, and insists that these slawe
appropriations be abated.- Senatorial
honors have not yet wreathed the brow,'
of any one of the many, who aspire, to
relieve the Hon. Mr. Slater of respon
sibilities at Washington. Mr. Hirsch
is holding his own his friends think,
but the to-day's vole was hard to inter
pret, yet many interpietations have
been given. The issue we think, will
b3 apparent next week. We go to
Portland in the morning, for - it is
quite certanfthat our business at pres
ent is so pressing, looking after the
interests of the "Revie.v" that it would
be out of the question for us to jaccept
the additional responsibilities of United
States Senator.
A W ashington special says: fcome
idea of tha pension building, wliare the
biggest inaugural ball ever given will
be held on March 4th, may be g t from
the fact that St. Peter's at Rqme only
holds about 54,000 persons, while the
pension building will hold 59,000. The
New York contractors have insured the
decorations for $50,000. The balconies
will be hung with dark red velvet spna
gled with gold.' Eaeh of Ihe 144 pillais
will be hung with silk flags, while be
neath the balconies will be hung a
shield embroidered with the coats of
arms of the different states and terri
tories hung with silk flags. The Presi
dent will enter by a door "draped in
crimson silk curtains. The entrances
aie 'really-carriege ways bo their size
may be imagined. President Cleve
land will return to the custom of Wash
ington and Je ffer3on, and stand oivadais
during ihe ball ceremonies.
The Ilev. J. 11. N. Bell ha so far
"secularized" as to purchase a paper in
Roseburg, Oregon and will call it the
Review under his contiol. Bro. Bell
is a good paragrapher if judgment can
be formed by his way of talking in pub
lic. We wish him unbounded success
in his "secular" tangent.
Tho above is from the "Washington
Independent, published by our old Vir
ginia 'friend and school-mate F. W. D.
Mays, Pomeroy W. T. I seo the oint
my Bro. but did yon never read "A
prudent man fore-seeth the danger, and
hideth himself." -Thanks -for kind
One of the grandest projects is the
illumination of the Atlantic by means
of electric lights-to actually make "a
path of silver .light" across the water
from the Vaults of Newfoundland to
the shores of Ireland. ;Ten vessels are
to be anchored at a distance of 200
miles from each other in a straight line
each riding at "a mushroom anchor
which permits the vessel swinging
round with the tide without fouling her
anchor." These lightships arc also' to
be connected together and to the shore
by an electric cable, and bVable to send
mdisage3 to any apart of the word.
It is both undignified and foolish to
scream about America. If O'Donovan
Rossa were hanged to-morrow, and the
collection of monev for the skirmishing
fund made a criminal offence, it would
fail to stop the outrages. We must
keep cool heads, strengthen the police
force, sharpen the wits of the detective
and punish . heavily the assassin and
those who aid them. We must dis
criminate between social and political
reform by legal agitation. London
Eves Congressmen are apparently
at last beginning to understand that
"the Jeff. Davis business" is out of
date. The tdiscussion in .the senate
which started off in much the usual
style on Monday, came to an exceed
ingly tame conclusion yesterday. It is
evident that the sectional debaU in
Congress has had its day, and a very
good sign it is for, the future of the
Oliver Wesdell Holmes, in the
February Atlantic, very aptly defines
wealth as "a steep hill which the father
climbs slowly and which tha son often
tumbles down precipitately."
The Living Policy.
To the student of Political Economy
it is apparent that the work of a great
and necesary reform must commence
uuder the administration of President
Cleveland. Beyond the mere matter of
retrenchniKift in expenses, lies tho deep
question of Revenue reform. That our
present tariff laws arepatch-vork with
out system or justice has become evi
dent to all, Counting the enormous
expense of the Government, including
interest on the national debt' a greate.1
revenue is collected by nearly $100.
000,000 annually than is neces sauy
Under .President-'- G rover Cleveland
we hope and expect that a large num
ber of useless offices will bs abolished,
expenses variously reduced, and the
science of government reduced to "a
commonsense business plan. Our present-high
protective tariff must go. Rev
enue must be collected simply for the
purpose of carrying on the government.
The shipping interest of the country
must be fostered by the good old fash
ioned Democratic laws which gave
greater advantage to our own ships
than to those of foreign powers. Then
trade with ' the whole world must be
made as free and unrestricted as possi
ble. America would blossom like the
ross and become the groat workshop of
the world. Our gold, silver, iron and
other mines would be developed and
opened; our manufactories could lind
relief f torn over stocked market?, our
ships would sail on every sea, our ag
ricultural interest would thrive, every
thing would be lovely, the east would
be coyered with factories, the west rich
in its open plains, the Pacific Coast
great in its mines, agriculture and stock
Rosuburg would boom, the Review
would become a daily. Hurrah for
Cleveland and Refom.
The Death of Gordon.
Colonels Wilson and Wortley, with
the expedition to Khartoum, arrived
here to-day. They made the journey
from Gubat in four days, and bring
news of Gordon's death. One of the
pashas among General Gordon's ferces
marched the garrison to the sido of the
town nearest Oradnrnian, saying a re
bel Rttack was expected at that point.
Meantime another traitorous pasha
opened the gates at the other end and
allowed El Mahdi's troops to enter,
and they easily captured the town.
General Gordon , was stabbed while
leaving the government house. At
day-break ' on : the day of 'capture,
variously stated at the 26h and 27h
of .'January, General Gordon's attention
was attracted by a tremendous ''tumult
in the &, He left his headquar
tersto ascertain the caiua of the dis
turbance, and just as he reached the
street was stabbed in tho backud fell
dead. The tumult was caused by El
Mahd's troops, who vere soon in com
plete possession of tho place, including
the citadel. A fearful massacre of the-
garrison followed. Tha: sc-rues of
slaughter are described sis surpassing
the Bulgarian atrocities and rivalling
the worst horror : of Sepoy. Panic
stricken Egyptians were captured in
flight and put to death With the most
fiendish tortures. Some were tran fixed
with spears and left to bleed to death.
Eyes wergougd out, noses slit, and
tongues torn out bv the roots. ' In
many cases mutilated .parts 'of victims'
bodies were thrust into their months
while they ware still Hying. The mas
sacre including many non-coaibatints.
More than 100 women and young girls
were give over to El Mahdi's followers,
to be ussd as slaves. Tii3 nest night
was spent In a saturnalia of blood and
debauchery. Since the capture of
Khartoum, El Mahdi has repaired the
fortifications and made tho place well
nigh impregnable.
This is High License.
The state of Georgia is tli only State
in the Uu ion which has anything ap
proaching high liceng?. In several
counties tho price of license has been
fixed at $3,000, in others $2,000,and
in two or three cases at $10,000; and
uow comes barnesville with a charge
of 100,000 for a license. ;''
It is a farce to talk of $250 or $500
in the State of New York as hi"h li
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There is one recommendation in send
ing millionaires to the Senate. So far
none of them have been able to make
leng speeches.
Look out for valentines.
Mr. Vanderbilt very recklessly de- j
nies the sto.y that he carries life insur
ance to the anount of 620,000, and,
in fact, says he has none at all. In
some things William is shrewd, but we j
must say he has acted very foolishly in
this matter. Every life insurance agent
in New York will be after him now,
and he will have to insure or die.
Eow He C-ct a Position-
"I applied for a position in a Lank-
ins housu in Wall street six months
,- and although 1 proved my com-
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' - . . XliOMAS PRICj..
Julian Joseph, of tho well ki own firm of Uoffman
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uionv: . -
" ' ALEAK V, OGN., December 20, 1883.
Geo. W. JoSfKS.' . Dear fair: 1 wiiubi iii-r aiate to
you that a year ajjo 1 sufiered untuiu n;o:ni on ae-
cnuntot rites (bnnu) ana went to rot tiiuui to s re
lief from docU'rs there. I met Air. A?riio el How-
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one dozen bottles sent to me by A. li.' Chanuanc
I used one-half dozen bottles, taking rijf ht teiore ev
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liAVfd. butl am eertainly cured by what 1 used, aud
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express. 1 would advise any one suffering from this
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have any occasion to use this statement do . Sou
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spoctfully yours, JULIAS JOSEPH.
IIOSEBURG. Dec. S. 18S3.
GEO. W. JOSES: Dear Sir. From sheer curiosit
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Ma. Gso. W. Joses Dear Sir: I have been
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Roseburg, Jan. 25, 1SS 4
DALLAS, Dec. 2, 18S3.
From Mr. M. W parsons, last August,-1 received
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No. 1 fiiii-.iiinif lumber. t. $2' per VI
No. t fim-.uii' lumber dressed on 2 sides.. per M
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