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DEC.O, 1879
Society Meetings.
wUMPQUA !c:i?TEH NO. 11, R,
0V Al M. 1i11 regular communica-
tfcftfet tlons every Brst ami thud 1 uesday
of each month 'sA.ll members in good
standing will take due unit timely notice
a id govern themselvs acuordiugly. Visit-
lng companions are mvitea to uu-vt wim
the Chapter when convenient.
i a IIERMAN3, It T.
W. t Fbiedlandeh, Sec'y.
LAUREL LODflE A. F. an.) A. M
holds regular meetings on Wednrs
da on or before each full moon.
NEWCOMB, Secy. .
i5Sii23Lodee, No. 3. 1 O. O.
F. wet-tg ion Saturday even'.og, of each
week at 7j o'clock, in their ball at Roce
burg. Members oftheorder in good stand
ng are i anted to attend. By order of the N
F., nicew at Odd Fellows Hall on the 1st
and 3d Friiays ot every month. Visiting
.brethren invited to attend
j John nicules, c p.
E. G. n'unsH, Scribe.
H., will in tut hereafter on the 4th Satui-
ot each iu
nth, at Orange Mall, in Koae
bur jr. AM
leatnhers in good standing are
cordially i.jvited to
Wheeler Br. Oakland.
D. J. Lyonsj J SoutUhnrg and Eiktnn.
J. B. Fllison loneHa.
W. K. WV.)s Ten Mile.
. M. Gabbert . . . Myrtle Creek.
Geo. H. Shambrook Umpqua Ferry.
Win. Cochran j Looking Glass.
A. L. Iiender Myrtle Point.
Abe. Menno.... Jj Jacksonville.
Jeptha Thornton.! Oak t reek.
Joe Shingle'p. . ! Marshfield
Uncle Sam Marks is in town.
Remember the Philallathean enter
tainment to-night
Caro Bros, now occupy their new
and elegant quarters.
Judge Willis and Sol Abr aham have
returned from Portland.
The Roseburg social club will give a
grand ball Christmas Eve.
Art adjourned term, of the cireuit
court will be convened on the 15th in
stant. ''-....
There will be a dance given at Orange
ball, Myrtie creek, Christmas. Tickets
only f2 j ..
Caro Brothers are moving to their
new brick Btore. Next week we will
give full particulars.
Dr. R. Mi Davie, we are pleased to
etate, is rapidly growing in popularity
as a fine physician and surgeon.
If you want to purchase late novels
go to the drugstore of Dr. 8. Hamil
ton. Walter will supply you.
R. Cameron will commence work
next week fixing up falls restaurant In
the store lately occupied by Caro
Bros. j :
"We learn from reliable sources that
J. M. Crow formerly of this city, has
enlisted in the regular army at Van
couver. S. II. Hazard and wife left yesterday
for Coos Bay. Mr. Hazard will return
to this city ! to attend the adjourned
term of the Circut Court.
L. Belfllsj the pioneer jeweler, has a
fine stock of jewelry, iucluding every
thing found in a first-class estab
lishment of the kind.
The county clerk recorded 40 deeds,
17 mortgages, six chattel mortgages
and 17 marriage licenses during the
last mouth.
If you want to purchsse a fine holi
day present,ifor your wife, sweetheart,
or anybody btse, remember L. Belfils,
the pioneer jeweler.
The property and stock of H. V.
Green, a merchant of Canyonville,
have been attached by Portland credi
tors, for the ium of $2,113.
There will be a grand Christmas
ball given tit Umpqua Ferry. The
matter is in competent hands and un
doubtedly will be a grand affair.
Ed. Haywnrd has one of the mst
pleasant resorts In the city of Marsh
field, and then the proprietor is a ge: -lal
gentleman, an J kuows how to treat
his guests agreeably.
The other morning deputy marshal
Cox and J..D. Van Buren gave chase to
a suspicious character upon the streets,
but the s. p. was too fleet of foot and
escaped capture.
Geo. W. Stephens, E. H. Otey and
Commissioner Applegate were in the
city during the week, and all remem
bered to call upon the Independent.
Call again, gentlemen.
J. Jaskulek, our efficient jeweler,
finds himself so busi'y employed as to
have no time for rest, but he is equal
to the emergency and welcomes all
sew customers with pleasure.
Tho committee of arrangement for
the Pnllallitheans desires us to state
that It was thrbagh misunderstanding
that the title of the song to be sung by
Mr. Thos. Lynch was incorrectly an
nounced. j j
Dr. Higley has moved Into his new
ntiarters. The rooms formerly a:cu
died by E. M. Moore, have been thor
oughly renovated, and now the Dr.
has now one of the finest drugstores in
Southern Oregon.
Mr. Neiderstiidt has purchased the
City Bakery of H. Fisher. Thi gen
tleman has had many years expe
rience In th.i bakery business and is
prepared to furnish everything re
quired of a first-class baker.
We understand that Mr. F. ST. Jack
son, of CreHswell, came near getting
one of his horse's legs broke last week.
As he wan coming up a steep bank
with a load of wood, one of the horses
choked down and. falling, the other
home fell on him cume hear ending
Berioun. i
Fenuer'8 Red Front, the leading to
bacco and cigar of Roseburg,
opened tins week a choice line of ci
gars, tobacco and confectionery. Man
is said to want but little here below,
and if it is in the eig.r,tobacoo, or con
fectionery line, be it little or much, he
could find it ll at Fennel's Red
Haffenden Bros, will furnish strong
cider, wine vinegars, smoked halibut
salmon, codfish. TWton mackeral in
bits and retail, whittflsh, salmon bel
lies, tongues, essence of auchoola,
anchovy pahte, shrimp paste, cauned
shrimps, canned fiunaw-haddocks,cod-flsta
balls, and iu fact flan of all sorts
and in any shape.
An Inspection of the stock of fall
and winter goods now offered for sale
by the firm of S. Marks Co. will
please all purchasers. There Is no
flnet display of ladles' dress and fan
cy goods shown in any Btore in the
city, and we doubt that.there Is a bet
ter one In the Ute. As to gentle
men's dress goer's, we knew the firm
named has the finest stock. Go and
try th firm's prices ; they are low
enough to suit any one.
It is said that some of the alkaloids
which enter into the combination of
Fellows' Hypuphopphltes, are ex
tracted from trees which attain to a
great age, and that this fact suggested
to Mr. Fellows' the Idea of their
employment Whether the success of
the preparation is due to this, we are
not prepared to say, but the idea is a
good one.
Mr. J. S. Purdom, late of Oregon
City and Gervais haj relieved Mr.
Lewis indefinitely, at the railroad de
pot Mr. Lewis took his departure for
California, or New Orleans on ac
count of ill health. Mr. Purdom, who
succeeds Mr. I-ewi?, Is a thorough
gentleman and a fine telegraph opera
tor. The railroad company has con
sulted their own interests in placing
Mr. Purdom In this position.
There has been a new graveyard
located in the Civil Bend district, and
nearly all the bodies in the old place of
btirial Lave been removed to the new.
The causes of the change were ti e
finding of a better location, and that
tha old burial ground was continually
being disturbed . by the raidings of
cattle and horses. We will next I
week publish the names of those who
still remain in the old graveyard Da-
cared for m order that their relatives
and friends may remove them.
That "The pen is mightier than the
sword," is an old axiom. Those who
doubt its truthfulness need go nofurth-
than Dr. S- Hamilton's drugstore,
where the graceful strokes of Edward
fodd & Co's. gold pens, as made by a
hundred different writers are to be
seen. In fact these pens are an exem
plification of the good sense of the
writer who said"a thing of beauty is a
joy forever." Dr. Hamilton's supply
of pens embraces all styles and pal
terns suit the hand of the nervous
and the strong. Then they last for a
century, and are the cheapest and the
best In the work. Think of it a war
ranted gold pen costing only 85 centsl ;
There are others more costly in the col
lection, but only for the reason they
are larger and contain more of the
precious metal. See the display, and
if you can find a neater, nicer or more
useful Christmas present for a friend,
then we do not know the reason.
Advertised Letters.
Geo W Anderson, Wm M Bland, I
R Baldwin, Geo W Bsgot, Miss Fanny
Britt, Mrs Martha Baldwin, Miss 8
F Barton, Mr Fred Burger. James
Bennett, Wm W Cuber, Mr Herchel
Clay, W R Carson, Davidson Bros.,
John M Davis, C M Davis, Arthur J
Eylester, Miss Josie Elem, Miss H
Freebora, Richard Freeborn, Wm
Feaver, Mrs Addie C Gabbey, Wm
Hicock, Willie Hefeman, W Hull,
B Hefner, David Holland, Mrs Knutt,
Thomas Levor, Lehman, Dennis Loye
Edward McKee, John M Payne, Wm
H Parker, Flek Quant, Dr J W Rob
inson, CieotaW Rose, Wm E Rose,
H Schaiz, R B Steadman, Miss Jl
Stevenson, W P Skelley, Mrs Flor
ence Smith, L L Stewart, Jos P Tay
lor, J T Victor, Mark Van Winkle,
Owen Wilsep, Tree Agent Walker.
Mrs M A White, Wm W Whitcomb.
Hen. James Chenowetli.
We are informed that our friend,
Hon. James W. Chenoweth contem
plates taking a trip " back to the
(States. ' Mr. C. Is a young man who
was raited in this county. At the last
election he was elected to the legisla
ture of Oregon, for Douglas. He
is a young man of energy and the
strictest integrity, enjoys an enviable
reputation. He has had good success.
If be is going east on business, we can
assure the people "In the States" that
the utmost confidence and reliance can
be placed in Mr. Chenoweth.
Hon. J. H. Mitchell has returned to
Oregon from an extended visit to the
east. He will remain but a short
time in Oregon, as business of import
ance requires his presence in iNew
York again soon. Mr. Mitchell in
formed the Astorian that he met Capt.
James B. Eads, who has succeeded in
deepening the mouth of the Mississ
ippi river, and Mr. Eads promised that
he would come to Oregon at no dis
tant day, and take a look at the Co
lombia river bar.
The Cause of Intemperance.
Many cases of confirmed drunken
ness can be traced directly to the use
of alcohol or spirits in physicians'
prescription?, or in patent medicines.
The Oregon Kidney Tea is free from
any such fault, being a vegetable rem
edy in Its natural state, and a sure cure
for backache and all diseases of tbe
Kidneys and Urinary organs. Do not
fail to try it if you are safiering from
any of these complaints.
Good Templar Benefit.
Friday night the Good Templars of
Drain received a benefit from the am
ateur dramatfo talent among tbe
members. Those taking part In the
performance were Messrs. Kuyken
dall, Rosses, Leonard Perkins, Mrs.
McKinnon, Mrs. Kuykendall and
other ladies. The perfraance is said to
have been entertaining aud the pre-
ceeds satisfactory.
Good Work,
Creed Conn and bis brother
James did some good shooting during
the week. For some time past two
bears have been troubling the flocks
of Mr. Henry Conn, br., and the boys
determined to put an end to the nui
sance. In the, hunt they not only
killed tbe bears, but caught a wild cat,
Roseburg Land Office Monthly Exhibit.
Following are the transactions in
the Roseburg land offli"e for Novem-r;-r
: 831 acre sold for cash; ifl borne
btead entries embracing 2,250 acre ; 4
final homestead entries embracing 537
acres ; 23 preemption filings ; 8 dona
tion certificates Issued ; 3 timber en
tries. '
Fine Fruit. -Mr
Harvey Jones this week left at
this- office some dried plums, apples
and pears.' The fruit was excellent
and retained its natural flavor surpass
ingly. If there were many such fruit
dryers in the county like Mr. Jones,
our dried fruit would shortly be In
general demand abroad as well as at
Very 11L
We regret to learn o"f the dangerous
illness of Dr. John E. Paytoa, at the
Snowden Springs. He is suflering
from typoid pneumonia. We hope to
hear of his recovery.
ThGreatest Overflow for Many Years.
YFot pretty near a week a rain storm
has held over the entire State, and the
general public baa anticipated a gen
eral flooding of the country. The
general public- has not in the least
been disaptxdnted. The flood has
come, and nearly equuU the one which
preceded the bad winter of 1802. The
rise iu the Umpqua river yet lacked
ten feet of the high water maik In the
year named, and the river is at a
standstill. It will be remembered by
old residents that the first rise In 1S62
did not reach the point that has been
attained by the present flood, and
that it was the second flood that did
the damage to property to far men
along the river banks, , swept away a
sawmill on the North Umpqua, and
did other damage to the ruination of
many business men in this valleyv
The floed has done material injury to
our farmers realding on the river. At
the present writ ng the stage has just.
arrived from the south and reports
since Thursday moroing it has been
engaged in making the trip from Can
yonville to this place. Mr. Robtr s,
the driver, gives itashisopionion that
Yokum's bridge has been swept away.
The mail train did not arrive 'lhurs-
day evening from the north until 8:35
o'clock, and then ' dn acoouut of the
breaking away of bridges on Cabin
creek passengers and mail were trrns-
ferrod to fiat cars, and upon tbe same
made their appearance at tbe depot.
All communication with Coos Bay Is
at end until tbe waters subside. On
Th ursday ,after 8 w i m in ing sloughs and
risking his life a dozen tim s, Mr.
Jos. Clough reached the city. On
Wednesday, by the breaking away of
the blocks on the cable of the ferry on
the t-'outh Umpqua the ferry boat was
carried down stream. On the boat
was the Coos Bay stage. Mr. Owens
lid everything to prevent the boat
from going down stream, and would
have succeeded had the passengers on
board rendered timely assistance.
They failed in so doing and the boat
was swept away with the current
With good ense, tha driver of the
stage, Eugene Jones, upon the break
ing of the blocks tied np tbe lines of
tbe horses attached to the stage, and
fastened their traces. Tbe horses
lumped into the river. One of them
had no difficulty in reaching the
shore; tbe other, after much labor was
guided to terra firma in safety. The
boat was finally towed to its proper
landing, and without Injury to any
one. Since then the news has come
from Brewester valley that all the
bridges have been swept away and
that the valley is entirely submerged.
We might learn more particulars, but
the telegraph lines are down both
north and south. From the North
Umpqua we learn that the cable to the
ferry has parted, and that the b- at
has been so seriously jammed that
weeks will be required in making ne
cessary repairs. Reports are to the
effect that Garden Bottom is complete
ly flooded, but it is impossible to esti
mate the damage done. In and about
Roseburg so far there are serious
losses to report outside of fences and
woodpiles swept away. By the break
ing of the boom and the carrying
away of saw logs and other damage
done to dam and piers on the river.
Dr. W. M. Sawbert sustains a loss of
about $8,000, and Mr. Thos. Farquar s
garden spot, which has supplied Port
land and Salem with early vegetables,
is for the time being entirely ruined.
Mr. Farquar had many vegetables
planted, all of which at this time are
two or three feet under water. The
present outlook would indicate that
weeks will elapse before stages will go
regularly and business take its wonted
course. ; .
Later reports a -e to the effect that
eight bridges have been swept away
on Der Creek, and from every quar
ter comes news of fences lost.
The rivers and creeks are rapidly
falling, however, and it is likely that
the worst of the flood is over.
One Sensible Thought.
The board Of trustees has decided by
ordinance to put all impecunious
drunks to work on the streets hereaf
ter. This is a move in the right direc
tion. Hereafter every drunken vaga
bond has worked out his sentence qui
etly in jail by reading novels and con
suming the rich food prepared for their
use by the city marshal, and impris
onment under such circumstances
couid not possibly have terrors for
those who have so little respect for
themselves as to permit appetite to
lead them to such a place. Now toe
drunk will have something eL-e to
do, and when be finds he has to pay
for his work either in the shape of
cash or labor, he will not long remain
in Roseburg.
Careless Shooting.
Tbe other day some boys did some
very careless shooting with a Henry
rifle near the brewery. The firing was
in a line with the city, the brewery
was struck with a random shot, and
a bullet whistled close to tne neaa oi
a gentleman. As a number of shots
were fired more than likely the bullets
struck all over the city endangering
life. The offense must not be repeated.
If it should occur again rigorous ac
tion will be taken, as the Uvea of our
citizens can not be endangered by such
carelessness with impuuity,
Philallathean Programme.
Following is the programme of tbe
Philallathean Literary Association for
this Saturday evening : Music In
strumental, M. Levinson ; Solo, Mrs.
!. B. Higley : Opening Address
Jourualibua, J. W, Kelly ; 8lo, Mr..
Haffendeu; Discussion Resolv'd That
radicalism is an evil A. F. Campbell,
affirmative. G. O. Holman, negative ;
Song Mr. Thomas Lynch, "The Hat
My Father Wore," recess for appoint
ment committee of arrangement; Solo,
Miss Mary Hill; Reading, MissHattie
Benjamin; Good night instrument
ai, M. Levinson.
Last Sunday a tramp, or some
other hungry person, entered the resi
dence of Mr. John W. Moore and
cleaned the place of everything In the
way of eatables, taking away pies,
cakes, etr. Probably about the same
time, and perhaps the same thief, en
tered the house of Rev. J. R. N. Bell,
knocked in the head of a syrup keg
and took from the keg a part of its
contents. If the thefts were commit
ted bv one Derson. that person cer
tainly has " sweet tooth In his head.1
Last week, while Henry Kelly's
children, of Albany, were playing one
of the little ones struck another by
accident, from tbe effect of which he
died a few days afterward.
The mercury Is rising.
Winter fights are above par.
Miss Fitzpatrlck, of Portland, Is also
visiting friends.
Nimrods from town are bringing in
venison almost every time they go an
a hunt
Both schools are again flourishing,
the patrons having got over the dip
therfa scare.
The firm of Taylor a Hall as well as
Caro Bros. 4 Co., lately opened in this
place, are doing a good business.
Isaac Driver, formerly of this place
but now of eastern Oregon, Is visiting
friends here. He looks well and car
ries tbe same pleasing smile as of
yore. -
The workingmen of New York are
holding mass meetings in denuuoiatiou
of convict labor, which is proving se
riously Injurious to their Interests. - It
it not half so much to be dreaded, how
ever, as the employment of Chinese.
Mr. G. V. Dolberg while leading a
horse to water, got the rope wound
around his thumb, and, the horse get
ting scared ran off, breaking the
thumb and tearing it entirely offjust
above the first joint. Drs. Venable
and Tage dressed the wound,, and at
last accouut he was doing wt-H.
Rumor says our enterprising land
lord of the Depot Hotel, coul emulates
giving a ball on Chrh-tmas eve, and
engages Bray's music baud from Port
laud. Dick always makes a success
ofeverything he undertakes and the
young folks may expect a good time.
The masquerade ball was a perfect
success and varions parts were well
acted. .." Sadie Donelley," by G. A.
Taylor was well carried out, causing
most of the boys to lose their hearts
and for the time being brought sad des
truction to many fond hopes wuou
the masks were lifted. . G. White
took the part of "Darwin's ancient re
lation," which he acted to perfection.
Supper was served in the hall after
which tbe dancing was resumed and
"waxed warm'' until the " we ems'
hours." 1 he attendance was large,
and taken altogether it was the most
enjoyable affair Oakland has witnessed
for a long time. !
Farmers jubilant .... !
Pay your wash bill?.
Copious showers of rain.
A. E. klaGee entitled to the real belt
fanning visited his old dona
week. izzie D. has returned home
leasant visit it Roseburg.
Mires, who has been quite
sick with typhoid fever, we are glad to
announce, is rapidly recovering.
Mr. Ottlnger, who has been ailing
with consumption, is reported to be
sinking very rapidly.
A Christmas tree is talked of. Talk
la cheap and consequently the people
ofCalapooia don't want a Christmas
Miss Fanny Hill, of Wilbur, will
commence a six month's school at the
lower Calapooia school house, Janua
ry 1st, 1SS0.
Eider S. S. Martin will proclaim the
gospel in his usual and eloquent man
ner at the school house, December 6lh.
Services will commence at 11 o'clock
A. M.
Miss Sarah Davis and Lillie Bar
nard, couple of Calapooia's handsome
and winning little maids, paid their
numerous friends a flying visit re
cently in the great city of Oakland-
Those individuals, whose names we
rtfraln from mentioning, that make a
business of circulating falsehoods con
cerning different parties can console
themselves that such venomous re
ports always fall harmless to our feet.
Mrs. Chas. C line and wife, formerly
residents of this place but later of
Eastern Ogn., have returned; to reside
permanently on bis farm located in
the Davis gulch, fully satisfied that
Umpqua valley is the place where
man ran with a little energy procure
plenty of good things.
Calapooia Geo.
We have more rain at present than
we know what to do with.
G. W. Stephens, of (alapooia, was
n this section recently on business.
Come again, old boy.
One, hundred and two dollars and
fifty cents were sunk here on oysters
the other evening.
Wm. Kramp has been laid up for a
few days with a sore foot, which put a
quietus to his grangerizing for the
time being.
James A. Woodruff and wife arrived
on tbe 29th from Lebanon, where they
have been living for two years past.
They will permanently settle here.
A surprise party was given at the
residence of Mr. Nifonglast Friday
evening. Dancing was continued un
til a late hour, and ail who attended
report having a good time.
Dr. G. B. Davidson, a former resl
dent of this place, who has been on a
visit to tbe scenes of his childhood,
(Michigan) returned the other day,
He also brought with him a shingle
machine which he will put into oper
ationon Hubbard creek soon.
A slight co amotion occurred down
the river some time since, among the
half-breeds, in which one came very
near being killed by the enraged par
ent wbo made an assault with a six
shooter, which luckily snapped each
Umpqua George.
Following deeds were recorded in '
tbe Clerk's office during the past week:
J. C. Floed and George Hayaes to
to James Thrasher ; portion of lots
1, 2, 3 and 4 In block No. 82, this city.
Consideration, $150.
James Thrasher to S. Marks A Co.;
same property. Consideration, $1,000.
Lewis Chapman to F. O. Worley;
parcel of land in Canyonville pre
clnct. Consideration, $3,000.
State to heirs of G. Moor; correc
tion of deed.
8. J. Thompson to B. C. Agee; parcel
of land In Happy valley. Consider
ation, $3,100
Samuel M. Driver to lea F. Rice.
Several lots In the town of Oakland.
Consideration $230.
W. T. Kurly to James Chenoweth;
903 acres in Calapooia precinct. Con
sideration,! 12,000.
Before getting married, yonng man
call on Jaskulek, and get one of those
beautiful wedding rings he haa. He
ke?ps a full stock of such goods.
A.J. &
tion last
Mies L
from an
' L. L. Williams at Home.
Ex-county clerk Williams has re
turned home from the Yellowstone
country.' Jt was his intention to re
main in the Park until April at least,
but the slander reported by Daniels
aud which found place in the columns
of the Albany Democrat, called him
back soouer. Our conversation with
Mr. Williams would lead us to belive
that be is anxious for a vindicaion
and an opportunity to prove that the
slanderous story is false Trom beginning
to the end; then tbe lady, whose rep
utation is in question,Mr. Williams has
known from childhood, he being con
fined to his bed by a dangerous wound
in her father's home at the time of her
birth and long afterward. He cer
tainly could not do otherwise than re
turn for her protection under circum
stances. The debt of gratitude he owes
her father would compel him to do ao
when all other considerations were as
nothing. The entire circumstances will-
soon be made public through the testf-il
monyj taken In a court of justice, and
Mr. Williams expects nothing more
than vindication; of Mrs. Daniels as a
virtue us lady, and the conviction of
Danii Is, as he has commenced a suit
not jt stifled by. truth or honesty. At
Mr. V iU'ams' request, we say nothing
fu th; i upou the subject Mrs. Daniels
do es not desire the case to be prejudiced
by any newspaper comments, being
sa Isiied that the testimony offered in
he r bulia'.f will prove ihat Daniels has
shiudtjrered the reputation of his own
wife.-1 . 1
Weather Report
Following is the weather report for
Highest Barometer. . ....30.518 onl6th
Lowest Bar.... , 29.4t4 on 9th
Monthly Range Bar 1 CM
Higbecl Temperature. ..601eg on 5th
Lowest Temperature 24deg on 28th
jt re; lest Daily Kauge or i
Temperature.... ...24decr5on 18th
Least Daily Range of
Temperature.: 7Jeg OonHth
Mean of Maximum Tern 48 deg .9
Mean of Minimum Tern 36 deg .1
Mean Daily R'tngo Tern 12 deg .8
Direction of Wind.. .Southwest
Total rainfall during month 1.15 inch
Total Movement or Wind 1821 milts
Highest Vel of Wind 14 m per hS. W.
Number Clear Days 5
Number Foggy Days 4
Number Fair Days 6
Number Clouoy Days without rain 1
is umber Cloudy Days witn lalnlall ll
Numberof rainy Days 16
Mean Bar for Month. ...30.123 inches
Mean Relative Humidity., 42.2
Totol Rainfall 5.79 inches
Mean Thermometer 42deg.2
R. R. Roi OEBS,
Sergeant Signal . orps, U. S. A.
Jaskulek, the jeweler, will not palm
off" on you bogus jewelry ltr genuine
Retnrned Homi
Thos. R. Sheridan, our efficient
county clerk, has returned from a fly
ing trip to San Francisco. He went
by wav of Coos Bay and reports hav-
ng enjoyed his trip aud improved In
If yon want a pair of genuine pebble
spectacles call and see those of Jasku
Saturday last at the residence of the
bride's parents, W. R. McKenzie to
Miss Alice "Fullerton, by Kev. E. W.
May the happy couple ever be mind
ful of the joys, and forgetful of the
On the2tstult., at Snowden Sorine.
Anna, wife of Silas W. Montgomery;
aged 20 years and five days. The de
ceased leaves a husband nnd three
children who return their thuks to
the many friends who waited upon a
loving wife and faithful mother during
her late iiluess. ' ; .
Go to L. lie 1 Ills, the pioneer jeweler
of .Roseburg, for watches, clocks and
e weliy.
In the Whole History of Medicine
No preparation has ever pur for mud such
me.rvelous cures, or main ained ao wide a
reputation, as AYER'S CHERRY PECTO
RAL, which is recognized as the world's
remedy for all diseaBcs of the throat and
lunjrs. Iia long continued series of won
derful cures in all climates lina made ft
uiiivereally known as a safe ami reliable
agent to employ. AgainHi ordinary co'ds,
which are the f.irerunnera ot more seriou
diworders, acta apeeoViy tnd surely, ulnars
relieving sun-ring aud often saving lite.
The prot-ciion it afford", by its timely use
in the throat nnd lunar disorder of chil
dren, makes it an invaluable remedy to be
Kept alwavs on hand in every liuiuii. AO
person can a.Tord to be without it, and
ihoge who have once ued it never will.
From their knowledge of its composition
and eiTfits, Physiciang use the CHERRY
PECTORAL exteusively in the practice,
nod, and Clergymen recommend it. It
absolutely certain in its remedial effects,
and will always cure where cures' ard
poss'ble. Forsnle oy all dealers. Hodjre,
Davis & Co., Portland, wholesale seems.
.'XLia.ra.5L iBfotloe
U. S. Land Officr. Roseburg, Ogn. )
Deceniler 3. 1879. t
iH sob nee ot the Act of Congress of June
3d, 1873, for the sale of timber lands in the
Males oi t alllornia, Uregon, .Nevada and
Washington Territory that W. T. Wood
son haa made application to purchase lot 2
Direction is, township zj, south range 4
wet. ' . )
Any and all persons complaining ad
versely the above described tract of land
miiBt file their claim in the Register's of
fice within S'zty davs from this date.
WM. F. BENJAMIN. Re inter.
moderate. Can be found when wanted.
Inquire for me at Roseburg hotel.
Raving permanently located in Rom-torg,
is prepared to do all wore in the dentist
line in first class order. (J1vj roe a call at
the house next door to Oake's picture gal
lery. FOR
The undersigned has a fine lot of Hran
Ish Merino Hams, both thoroughbred
and graded for sale cheap for cash or on
proved credit. For further particulars in
quire of THOMAS SMITH, i
Wjtbnr. JPonglM Co., Uregon, Aug.
The Flour f these - mills has gained in
opularity na 11 iv has come to be kaowa
by parchateri as the best in tbs market. - r
Orders fro: , borne and abroad filled
promptly. At dress,
ItfiEtJ GATES. Roeebarg.
R. G. EBERT, &L D,
: KOSE&UKtf.OGN, 4
(formerly Dr. Cozad's). Consultation
and operating room for patients.
lings and heifers and two full-blood
ed ahorthorned Durham bulls. ' This '. a
good opportunity for any one wbo wishes
to start a dtiry. The cowa are perfectly
gentle and good milkers. Apply to
Youcalla, Oregon.
those wishing to settle their accounts
with Wheeler Bros, will find them at the
lore of E. G. Young A Co , uniil tbe 1st
of January, 1880. After that date they will
Sud that their accounts hav been placed
in the Lands ot a collector for collection.
Oakland, Nov, 21st, 1879.
Sampson Sutherlin, Prop,
Jia. now completed and tilled with a fine
stock ot goods, embracing everything found
in a nrstlaas country h:ot. I am pre
pared to to supply farmers with all kinds
ot good, at lower prices than thfy can be
secured elaewbere. llorsi a, cattle, sheep
and hoes and all kinds of country pron
duce taken and highest market price paid
for the same. Give me a call and natiafy
To Next of Kin of V. D. Willamson, Mi
nors and All Persons Interested in
the Estate.
Guardianship ot V. D. Williamson
Petition for Sale of W ard's Land.
dian ot the, said war j. ajid filed his
petition aettinjr forth: That i lit income
and profits of the estate of his ward, V.
D. Williamson, is insufficient for the pur
pose of comfortable and suitable mainte
nance, support and education of ne sam
ward ; That the real estate of said ward
is so situated that there can be but little
income or profit obtained from it ; That it
becomes neceoaary lor the support and
maintenance of the said ward to sell the
following described real estate, to-wit:
Commencing at a point on the south
line of the Donation land claim of S.
Williamson 38.38 chains in a southerly di
rection, from tbe southwest corner of said
Donation claim, running thence ij a north
erly direction at a right angle with said
south line 70.03 chains to the north line
of said Donation claim ; thence easterly on
said north line 7.63 chains ; tl enee in a
southerly direction at a right angle with
said north line 70.16 chains; thence m a
westerly direction in said line 7.63 chains
to the place of beginning, situated in
Douglas Co., Ogn., containing 53.34 acres.
Also the undivided one-seventh interest
In the east half of the Donation land
claim of 8. D. Williamson and wife, situa
ted in Dooglas county, Oregon,
Said Guardian askatbat a citation Issue;
it is, therefore, ordered that a citation is
sue to the nut of kin and all others in
terested in tbe estate of said ward, direct
ing tbem to appear before this court on
Wednesday, the 7th day of January, 1380,
to show cause, if an) there be, why an
order should not be made as prayed for in
said petition. And that this order shall
published in He Douqlas Independent,
a newpajierof general circulation in said
Douglas county, Oregon, for four consec
utive weeks.
O. G ADDIS. County Judge.
Attest T. R. SHERIDAN, CountyCierk
ay W. X. WRIGHT, Ueputy.
Notice is hereby given that by virtue of
an order issued out of the Circuit Court
of the State of Oregon for the County of
Douglas, Friday, October 31st, 1879, at the
October term, 1S79. in tbe cauee entitled O.
C- Pol kins vs. E. C Headrick suit iu
equity for dissolution of partnerohip and
settlement of accounts, I will s -11 at pub
ic auction to the highest bidder for cash
in United State gold coin, at the premises
nereinalter desTibed in the city of Kose
burg, Douglas county. State ot Oregon, on
he lull day of December, l9i, at one
o'clock ia the afternoon of said day, the
following described property, to-wit: The
unexpired term of a certain lease made
on the 27th day of September in the year
13i 5, and executed by l. V. McCleilan to
and in favor of Button & Perkins, for the
following described property, to-wit : The
house and lot situate on the soiitliwettt
comer of W;shiniit-in and Jackson streets
and I ho house aud lot on tbe northwest cor
net or Main aud Diuglas streets iu the
town of liosuburg. and used as a hotel and
boarding house and known as the Metro
politan Hotel, with appurtenances thereun
to belonging, for the term of three years
from the 20th day of September, A. D. 1875,
at the monthly rentot one hundred dollars
parable in gold coin of the United States
at the expiration of each and every month;
and in consideration ot a certain condition
V. C. McClellan did lease the above de
scribed property to Button & Perkins for a
two years longer period, which lease ex
pi res en the 2U,u dav of September,
together with the following described
property: Office furniture, consisting of
one large safe, desk, clock, mirror, hat
racks, stove, spittoons, sprinklers, chairs.
lamps, etc.; a so parlor furniture, dining-
room furniture, kitchen furniture and bed
room furniture for thirtyneight roomn, con
sisting of beds and bidding, carpets, mir
rors, wasustanda, cnairs. tables, wasnoowis,
pitchers, towels, chambers, etc., el' also.
two horses ana one set ot narnees, oe con
cord stage wagon and one cow, also, fifty
cords of wood, more or less, with provi
sions and supplies on hand at the time of
sale- also, good will of the house.
I wili also sell on the same day and im
mediately after the sale of the hot-l prop
eny, the following described property, the
same being a part and portion of the et-
fects of Peikins St Headrick: A certain
lease execated oy E. M. Moore, les. r, of tbe
citv of Roseburg. Donglas connty. State ot
Oregon, and Perkins & Ueachiek, lessees, of
the city of Koseburg, twugias county , etate
of Uregon, tbe lease ot all mat lot or pan
eel of land with arpurtenances situated on
the west side ot Jackson street, south of
and adjoining the Metropolitan hotel in
the city of Roseburg, upon which is situ
ated the buildings known as Eennebic hall
and now need as a saloon. Said lease is for
the term of two years, commencing on the
first day of January. A D, 1879, and ex
piring on ihe first day of January, A. D.
1881. Tbe rent is thiity dollars per month
paid monthly in United Mates gold coin at
the expiration of each and every month
during the term of said lease. Also, the
stock of merchandM on hand at the time
of the sale, consisting ot Ilqoors, cigars.
etc.. etc.; also, the furniture iu and noed
for saloon purposes, consisting one fine hil
hard table, chandeliers, lamps, shelf-goods.
oar-nxtures. pictures, chairs, mirrors, etc.
P. STRICKLAND. Si-ecial Releree
I am prepared to do first-class work, at
low rates, anq in a manner to satiety all I
who patronize me. Uy work is my re
commendation, and if it will hot speak for
itseu, i ao not wisa tor patronage, JHy
only wish is yon try my work, and learn
mf prices, ana it they do not suit you no
oaeena. Canyonville, Uregon.
TVia Timnrietor of. this well-known anil
popular resort woulS thank bis friends for
"wit liberal patronage in the past and ask
for a contlmuanoa of tbe same in the future.
Tbe publle ia informed that 1 keep none bat
tbe beet brands of wines, liquors aBieicrk.ra.
and that I sell over the bar the celebrated
A g jod Billiard Table will be foaad la th
flalooa ; also all tha leading papers of tb
Uive a call. - -j.
Special Inducements
To Purchasers, connimine of Their Entire
Stock of
Embracing a Fall and Complete Line of
r- a O :
25 a S?
.. ..ASD....
& 0
In Style and Quality is not Equal led in this
Market. It consist of
Drees Suite;
We have on haai a Fall Stock of
Faints, Gils & Glass.
Remember our motto"
Low Prices and
Square Dealing."
Roseburg, Oregon.
1 1 m
Shoes, Ladies and Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods, Glassware
and Extensive Stock of Groceries, Hundreds of people have
raken advantage of this sale to lay in supplies for the -winter
and there are splendid bargains for hundreds more. '
CALICOES, eighteen yards for $1 00; WATERPROOFS
90 cents per yard ; KID GLOVES at 75 cents per pair
CORSETS, from 50 cents . upward ; Clothing, Boots, and Shoes
at cost; Canton Fla.nneL white and unbleached at in r0nto.
Towels, Sheeting, .Muslins, Nppkins, Crahes, at Bedrock Prices!
u-roceries at Wholesale Prices. '
Anything and everything in
Less. . ZUJ
Ladies' Silk Ties,
Embracing all -.ti Latest "Novelties
Also Everything else appertaining
Piques. B rocaded Linen Plain
Fancy V
a mix USE or
Genteman's, Youth's1 & :Boy'o
AI! new paterns, excellently finished, and the cheapest ana
ctci vucicu tv tua iwpcuuit uauo.
others, I defy competition.
These ara only a few itema In the stock
There p enough else to engage your attention
Hew Store
feras of Oakland and vicinity that
they have established a branch store at
tlut place in the building next door to tbe
old stand of Wheeler Bros, and having an
extra large stock ot Gnsral Merchandise,
they are prepared to fnraiah farmers and
others with everything they may need and
at lower price than ever before offered in
Oakland. We have coma to stay, and we
can and will make friends of yoa all if yon
wilt call, examine oar goods and learn our
prices. CARO BROS.
General Agents for
Photographs enlarged in India Ink, Wa
ter colors and crayon, from 8 t J 10 inches
to life-size. Office for the Sta e of Oregon
at No. 6 Morreoa street (St. claries Hotel
building) Portland. Orders .om the inte
rior promptly attended to. ddress,
Portlad, Oregon.
Office at resider ee, first ton se west o
Ju dge Willis,' Boceburg. Oregon. Foun
da nip ray t ligijV liug
night at his residenco.
Forwarding & Commission Agt.
All goods consigned to my eare will be
promptly forwarded to points of their drs.
tination w.lhont fa.!. All basinrss en
trusted to my care will be carefully at
tdoded to. Qraia or other articles taken
on storage . I lowest rates. Sole agent for
the celebrated Myrtle creek Flour. Ad
dress H. L. MUHTON.
Boseburg. Oregon.
Would announce that he always keep on'
hand all fresh Fruits, Candies. Nuts, Cakes,
Pies and all kiads of canned Fish, Jellies,
Fruits, Oysters, Honey, .etc., and ia con
uection therewith he has a Bakery and an
experienced Baktr from Portland,' audi
will furnish the; beet of bread (23 loaes
for (1.00) te any oa wishing tbe same
at their residence oral i he store, urabam
bread supplied whenever desired. Store
and Bakery next door to Dr. WoodrufTs
drugstore and opposite Sheridan Bros.,
liosebarg, Uiveaue a call. -
c J3 a " o
Q f- e ' rv,
a. s s a
s OSS s
n . B 2
P'.Cgi. j.
-Ja ----o S.S- a-
- 3 ft. -
"2 o.
t- i m J TS euS g a s
Importers and Wholesale Dealers ia
214 and 818 Front Street,
Saa Tranclsco.
existing between W. F. Owens and S.
Plvmale. in the forwarding business. Rose-
bur?, a dissolved on the 2?th oi October,
by mutual consent, an ireigm ana commis
si jna are payametovv, r.uwena.
; W. F. OWE
Lumber Lumber
Is prepared to furnish all kinds oi lumber
in Roseborg, dressed or plain, at rates
lower than any on else. Having the best
machinery In the county, beeaa do better
than any one else, and will El orders
promptly. ' Any kind cf Somber furnished
the day the order is received. Aridre
Latham, Oregon-
M b
D p
w a si
wf an - I
r3 '.; ca
the store will be sold at Cost or"'
MULLSM, Receiv
in the San Fraucisoo Mart-a
to Ladies' Wear.
4u img JlnA na wall
hsve Dnrchawui. riUM.-.i.-ii..
for an entire day. M. JOSEPUSON.
Are about to re
move to their
new brick store
near postoffice,
and in order to
do so they must
reduce their pres
ent immense sto'Ix
of general mer
chandise; in con
sequence for tho
emit fifteen days
they trill sol, cv
evythins and any
thing at lowest
This is a
teed salc,and pur
chasers may .rest
assured that the
promise of lot?
prices Trill faith-
fuUy be Irept.
R. Brackearide & Robt. Easton,
Opposite T. ' P. Sheridan's Hardware
Store, v
Mantle pieces made from Italian anil
American, marble monuments, and tomb
stones, made to order, and firsl-claes work
warranted ia this line. Anything in the way
of atone-catting promptly performed, and
all orders promptly filled. Always a fall
stock of marble and other stone on hand
and in case of any repair in this line in the
shape of billiard tables, etc., satislaettca
will be guaranteed.
J. & Watkinds offers his Has boos aud
two tots for sale at bargain, Tb place
is pleasantly sitaatod. nnt in sppae.fa.bea
and j oat the place oa would look fo?