The Douglas independent. (Roseburg, Or.) 187?-1885, May 31, 1879, Image 3

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    Thb IaOKFRBDEirt The bed newgpsper
ever published lo Douglas county.
. Society IZeetin&s. .
t i A. M., hold regular communiea
- W-i tiont every first mod third Tuesday
in each month .. All .members is good
standing will take doe and timely notion
ta govern themelT accordingly, visit-iag-eompanioat
are Invited to meet wilb
the Chapter wben convenient. . ,
W. t Frikdlakdek, Seo'y.
' hojlds regular meetings on Wednes
w amy on or before each tall moon.
FLodnre. X 8. 1 O. O.
T. meets on Saturday renins, of each
week at 7 o'clock at their hall at Roue-
L. g 1 1.1 I 9 J
log are Invited to attend. By order of the 2i-
F meets at Odd Fellows' Hall on the 1st
nd 8d Fridays ot every month. Visiting
' Brethren invited to atteod
' JS. Q. Hcrsh, Scribe. . "
umpquagrange. no. 28, P. iff
' JL, will meet hereafter on the first Satur-.
ot each month, at Orange Hall, la Rose
burg. All met sabers in good standing are
cordially invited to a tend:
r J. P. DmrcAK, Secretary. .
Hurrah for the 4ib of July 1
Coos Bay mail closes at 8 o'clock sharp.
i Look oat for the celebration at Rose
Virgil Conn, Esq., has recovered from
bis late Indisposition.
' Rev. John Howard will All Rev. Bell's
pulpit Sunday. 11 o'clock.
' A. L. Stinsbn died in Salem Wednesday
of rheumatism of the heart.
Sam DeBow bas gone to Canyonville. If
be don't Wk oat he will get stung.
Col. Knight, of Saiem, bas been invited
to deliver the Fourth of July oration at
this place.'
Ex3eaator Sargent, of California, will
arrive in this city this evening, and remain
tew days.
The first shlpmeiit of Jackson county
wool arrived in this city on Thursday cn
Jo Baggs' teams.
The cost of the last term of the Circuit
Court to the county was something over
five thousand dollars.
Al Pennington has at last got eff. He
left for Coos Bay Thursday . morning.
Pleasant journey, old fellow. ..
'Remember that C. Cohen has an ims
mense stock of goods on hand, which he
-a -lis cheaper than the cheapest.. .
A dQg-5eionging to Cncle YY lilts went
Wo ugh the glass door broken before in
same way. In A II arks & Co's. store.
The roads are improving south. This is
. not a repetition of the old, old story, but
the testimony of veracious Joe Baggs, Esq.
Ladies' linen suits and linen ulsters
may be found in endless quantities at J. C
Flood's ft Co's. Cheaper tkau the cheap
1 Contrary to what is stated in anotbir
newspaper, Hon.B.Hermann is in Roseburg
and not at Coos Bay, and is doing lots of
work. '
Judge Willis and L. F. Lane bad a
large number of cases to attend to at the
the late term of Circuit Court in Coos
county. -;
"alter Wheeler gave ns a pleasant call
during the week. He reports the firm of
Wheeler Bros, as flourishing. Long may
it continue.
We acknowledge a friendly call from
OpVH. Kelley, of Jacksonville. Cept.
Kelly is always welcome at the Ihdkpxks
dbxt office.
& m, ii n 1.1 i i u i .
. a uq LAmst nail, wiiibjhu . nrvu
fia'td, is a splendid newspaper, and should
V liberally patronized by the people of
-Coot county. .
.Jesse Banks Infant child was found
- dead in bed last Monday morning. It is
supposed the child was smothered to death
-da -ing the night.
L.Bayli"t Esq., having fully recovered
his health, will soon return to the Eastern
States there to remain. We are sorry to
lose so good a man.
Caro Bros, have just received a large
. stock of ladies' linen suits, of the latest
, styles and patterns, whic- will be sold at
bargain to purchasers.
L. L. Williams has returned from Easts
era Oregon, but will shortly take a trip to
Yellowstone Park. He bas the appearance
of enjoying the best of health,
Joseph Ciaugh and West Manning were
To town during the week. They brought
down a lot of mutes from Jacksonville
which they sold to the Government at ad
vantageous prioee.
Owing to the late heavy rain cam pm eat
ing of the M. E. Church has been post
poned until after conference. The Fourth
Jaartely Melting of tbis church will be
" held in Roseburg June 7th.
While playing lane brll, Elijah, son of
ex-Connty Assessor Matthews, ot Looking
Ulass. was struck in the right side with
the ball, and is now seriously ill. The
: accident occurred Tuesday last.
Those In Coos county in need of any of
the necessaries of lita, or any of life's luxu
ries, shoe id patrouise the Myrtle Point
blore. A large stock of new goods hsve
.been reeeivtd at that establishment.
Our old friend. Curly Webb, arrived in
' &oeburg Monday, bringing in his coach
the wife of Lieut. Phelton, of Walla Walla,
who has returned home. Curly is the
same happy mortal as of yore, and all the
boys were glad lo see him.
Be earns in tired bora that way. "Well,"
aid the barJteeper, 'bars you any silver
about your ckther There wss a gurgling
sound, and the tired man remarked it was
"time for some one to close up,'' and walk
ed off. The bartender smole a ghastly
smile, but never a wink ne wunk. .
"Yesterday the sun shone forth for a mo-
mens ot two. A few seconds after this sur
prising oeearrence ten-year old boy
rushed lata the house and exclaimed :
Mnflma, mama! I hare seen the sunl Its
round, ud to bright I aan't look at it 1"
The boj , it i needlees to add, "growed"
. u Oregon, ,;;-v' " -:'
A dramatle aterUinmen was given at
Empire CtJ Wednesday avwiiBg for the
vuer raisins mooej w
send Arthur
A Keison to bit mother in
New Zealaad.
'Nelson U the UU
boy who was taken
Homa at Empire about one
'. kidnapped by the nosv-y
" -"The Con
J while the other contractors took the route
neca use iner tnougnt tney could make
money so doing. While we do not
doubt the new contractors will give genera
al satisfaction, it is due McClellan & Co. to
say the mail service was' well performed
while they were in charge.
The report of the late Grand Jury is
generally commended. The recommenda
tions made therein "are all wise, but in
ttead one drawer in one table it is thought
two tablet with two drawers will be bet-
x . . '."1
ter one drawer In which to keep the ju
ry rutin's tobacco, in ; protection of jury
room floor. If the second drawer be too
expensive, then buys spittoon or tw.
I.J. Critzer and Lee Bodenburg came
Tuesday evening. Owing to want ot lumber
from which, to manufacture sluice boxes,
they were compelled to shut down in their
mine, and partially cleaned up after a six
week's run during day time. The
boys brought down with them seventy-five
otonces of gold taken from one-
eighth I of an aero and daring the 8um
mer win put tbelr claim in perfect order
tor next season's ran of water.
Mr. L. G. Jackson, of the New Idrlan
quicksilver mine, paid Roseburg a visit
during the week. From him we learn
that the furnace for the mine is being lap
idly completed, and the smelting of cinnaa
bar ore at the mine will commence about
the latter part of July. The v mptny now
have a vein of ore two feet in wedth at the
top oi the hill, four feet wide in the first
incline, eight feet wide in the second in
cUne, and twenty feet wide in the lower
lever. ; .
Last Week we gave place in these cols
umns to a short communication from
Drains, which reflected upon our old
tried, Al. McKensie. As AL knows we.
would not' knowingly hart his feelings,
and there was no reason tor the correea
pendent to write such a letter, we must
say to the correspondent that he exhibited
very bad taste in doing what ' he did, and
that we do not want any more such leU
ters. A joke, when it injures no one, is
well enough, but personalities are not
Judge E. B. Watson and Miss Kubll
were united in marriage at Jacksonville
last Wadnesday. Judge Watson is one of
the best of gentlemen, possessing liberal
education and known far and wide as the
truest of Iriends, while the lady now
Mrs, Watson-is one of whom the good citi
zens of Jacksonville have always esteemed
for tbeir virtuous deeds and admired for
their personal beauty. It is certainly
a happy marriage, and with many friecds
we wish its final results to be equally proa
ductive of the happiness which is now
termed the honeymoon or, in plainer
terms, it is our hope their honeymoon, like
the life promised all that is human, may
never find an ending.
Joe Claagh Is now baying mules for
government service, and in stepping out of
the road the other day sprained his inate'p.
Base ball is raging, and must be eonta
geous, at onr sister town Ashland has got
it. Send oik the board ot health and stop
it before it spreads, or else the amateurs
will lose their honors.
One gentleman in conversation with an
other remarked 14 tbemometors spliced to
gether eoull not tell bow warm it is going
to be next month. Hubert.get your sprink
ler in readines in ease of emergencies.
The electrle light ' is on exhibition at
Madam Holts a pamkin head with a
candle in it. Go and see it, at it is free of
charge. Ton will never have the opporto
nity again. Echo answers, don't want it,
Rostel. oar late arrival in the barber bus
iness, bas endeavored in every way poegi
bU to keep on the good side of the young
ladles. The nearest he can come to it is a
smole, and that to him is as good as a
Nothing like having a small salary, a
fat trade, a good team, and be handsome
and popular with the women. Its every
thing in the world except brains, knowl
edge snd a good understanding. It shows
a deficiency somewhere; it must be in the
The matrimonial market opens out rather
light is comparison with what it did last
Summer. Nothing on docket as yet, but
future prospect flattering. It is said that
our county clerk, E. B. Watson, is to join
hands in matrimony. If so, I wish yon
much connubial bliss.
The weat her fiVh a no com pa m, which
overhangs the Table Rock saloon, has come
to the conclusion that it is clearing
up, and that the scorching sunshine will
soon be upon us.. It is looking op stream
for something to drink; take it down
Mew re. Wintjen ft Helms and quench its
thirst with a little .port wine, as the at
mosphere is too hot and sultry above.
The new State Hotel, with its engineer
C. W. Savage, and its agreeable eholrof
waiters, does give the. public satisfaction,
transient as well as home. It is centrally
located. New and just the place. Its
rooms are large, commodious and well
ventilated, and where the stir and bustle
does not come in conflict with you ; and as
to edibles go and see and let your appetite
speak for itsslf.
The earthen beauties in our mldat are
beginning to shed their pinbacks, owing
to the hot weather approaching, and com
ing down to their lesser garments, good
conception. The downfall of Mies I. on the
corner of Oregon ft Ca'ifornta streets, who
in attempting to step over the gutter 2
feet wide, fell length ways on the pave
ment. No injuries sustained. The reproof
is. drop the Idea of wearing pull-backs and
yon win navigate much easier.
Trade is reviving, and every afternoon
you will find the business men throughout,
proprietors as well as clerks, standing In
front of their places of business, with their
hands in tneir pockets, each one to his
post, but a pleasant smile on tLeir faces.
Aak Mr. Kelly, as he made several pur
chases while in Jacksonville. His sojourn
among us was ot short duration bat a
pleasant one. He left on last Monday's
stsge for Roseburg to meet his wite who
is to retorn from a pleasure trip to Salem.
He will bu again In these pans before
many days. We wieh you hearty welcome
and numerous subscribers.
Rumor it that Fred Lny, our old stand
by In the boot snd shoe line, has ceased to
manufacture the same, and taken up the
title of doctor, judging from the play
card seen on the door some time since,
"Here is ths place for the celebrated pills:
sample free! Office hours all lay". Peo
ple passing would naturally stop and call
within and look at Luy and would be con
vinced that there was somewhat of s res
markable transformation in his appearance.
All who knew him know him not; one day
tat and robust, the next day thin as a fence
rail. No more mule driving or titles a he
is back to his former occupation .
Pinging is very much engaged in by the
jimpenm blossoms. Every night at dusk
you can bear their melodious voices pour
ing forth from various thresholds. What
is there that soothes the aching heart and
heaa on a calm still night better tbsn a
soft sweet voice. The editor of the Time
imagines he can ring. Ton ought to hear
him on "Baby Mine." especially when be
is going upstairs to his office, and when at
leisure there and alone he cultivates that
gentle racket. Tes. it is a mild one to, in
hearing. It would leave you to infer that
there were 50 females in the upper story of
some building practicicg opera. Take a
cackling hen's advise and give up trying.
At an oproarer you will succeed, but as a
singer sever.
Who it "twenty-twoT .
The tick folkt ot thlt place arc tlowly
V John Oebo hat one of the best draught
i Wains in Toaeslla.
ATfeed Ambrose had hit great toe put out
r place, while running at school the other
jty.. , X ,
"The Drain Station Base Ball Club and the
- Jeiub will play a match game
end on next Saturday. .. ....
iaa, of the Metropolitan hotel of
- la xemeaiiaon ssiuraay usx.
w,bid t see you boy.
ww taken very vk on
(m Twlni station.but
He is Able to be around
hta4fcan In
e east of the moua
9 til. mifi
company wnu
TiaVT ShoV
on. j
.. Empirb City, Maj. 80.
Douglas Independent: "the people
of this place were startled this
morning by the report that J as.
D. Fay had killed bimseli. It
soon became known that tbia was
the ead fact, and a coroner's in.
qneat over the body ot the de
ceased resulted iu the finding of
the following verdict:
We. the jury summoned to Inquire into
the cause of the death of Jas. D. Fay. do
find that deceased came to his death by a
wound inflicted by a pistol shot fired from
a pistol held in his own hands.
The facts developed by the tes
timony given before the jury
were that the night previons he
had retired in company with L.
F. Lane about 12 o'clock. Atter
that time he took two or three
dneka, bat not sufficient, as Mr.
Lane testified, to produce delir
ium tremens, Mr. Lane then
lelt him, and 'Mr. Fay went to
the Star saloon, and ;was sitting
by the stove, reading a newspaper,
wben Mr. E. W. Sprague and A.
W. Sprague, bis brother keep
ers ot the saloon went out and
left him sitting there. They
shortly afterwards heard the re
port ot a pistol, and ran back to
the saloon, where they found Mr.
Fay still seated in the chair, with
his head bent forward, the blood
flowing freely from his Lead, and
his pistol lying in his lap.
Dr. Mackey testified that death
had resulted almost , inttantan
eon sly with the shot.
Mr. Fay came here from San
Francisco, and was attending to
business he had in court, lie hal
made many frteuds, and - his sud
dou and tragic death has cast
gloum over the entire community.
Fine growing weather and crops looking
well. -
H. B. Hendrick's school will be contin
ued till harvest.
Mrs. Get Harris has been very sick re
cently. She is improving.
Sheep shearing has commenced, and a
good clip of wool is anticipated.
John Long will keep his sheep on the
mountain sheep ranch the coming Sum
mer. . , .. - , ,
Strawberries are now ripe. Red Hillers
can be seen rambling in search of this pre
cious berry.
J Downen's little daughter has been
very sick with inflammatory rheumatism.
She is said to be recovering.
R. Smith will have an abundant crop of
cherries this Summer. Mr. Bmitb bas a
fine orchard, and most generally an abund
ant supply of truit.
' Clay Long is now hauling barn timbers,
which will be used for the construction of
his new barn the coming Summer. He
also contemplates the building ot a new
dwelling scon after.
W. Wilsou has recently purchased a
fine stallion of Hsns ; Weaver, of Myrtle
creek. He is of the. fin -White Prince
stock. Draught horses are what we want,
and the Prince horses are suitable for tlat
Immortality of the soul is being discuss
ed by some of the people in this locality;
bat the young fellow who was informed of
the fact in quite a serious manner a few
davs since, does not believe in the doctrine.
He "understood" the sole to be a pugilistic
Mr. Westenhiser, who has proved to be
a very succeselul farmer, baa devised a
somewhat different scheme of tilling the
soil from what is generally practiced in this
country, snd it bas proved to be the only
means ot successful farming without mis
curing, or other means of retaining the
richness of the soil. Instead of plowing
thes me field each socceding year, as is
most generally.done, he makes a division
of his farm land,nd farms each division
every third year or every other year at be
deems necessary, and by this meant he
says he is certain of a good crop. We
think ere long something of this kind will
be adopted by the generality of the fars
mere. It is "the general complaint of the
farmers throughout the country that the
present yield of grain on old ground is not
so good as it formerly was. Where there
was formerly raised from thirty to forty
bushels of wheat per acre on an average,
it is reduced to filteen sod twenty bushels
at present. There man be a cause lor it,
and the cause is based on simple reason,
that the land ia being worn out and work
ed to death. Mineral as well as animal
life requires due attention and manage
ment to develop its producing capacity.
It is very rainy and times are dull. -Drs.
Page and Redman have a very criti
cal case out of town.
8 ivcral of onr vounir srentlemen went to
Albany and returned delighed with their
Our energetic towsman, Walter Wheel
er, has an abiding faith in the town of
Mand Mailer, the hand ms little jew
eler, is at his old station again. Sucorta
attend you.
Dr. S. K. Raymond, of Brownsville, the
Dooular and well skilled dentist, is at the
drugstore with a complete set Of apparatus
The Sabbath school is very prosperous.
and Brother Smith will labor earnestly for
the advancement of the morale of the
people. .
The new road through Brown's field is
not yet opened, tieorge Sacry should rueb
work and nave it ready lo travel on early
as possible.
Mr. Fred Flood is now a permanent eiti
sen of Oakland, and working in the inter
est of the "V estern Star." We welcome
him to oar midst.
The boot maker, George Volbart, has
become a poet and his rhymes are causing
quite a sensation. "Poets are bom, but
scuoiars are maae.
The Oakland public schools are verv
prosperous, and Miss Tate and Mr. Cress
well are trying to advance the educational
interests of the citv.
Miss Lucy Plnkston, the accomplished
school mistress, is quite sick at the h-jine.
of her sister. Mrs. James Tounir. Dr.
Tenable has the, ease U charge, and all
will be done that skill can do lo effect ber
recovery. .... :.
Farmers generally wear a smile on their
eon itaaane .
Early sown grain is heading and pros
pect bid fair for a rich harvest. .
Rumor has it that Earl Smith will wed
one of Calapooia's fair ones shortly. ...
The young people's excursion on Tyee
last Saturday was a complete blow-out. -
E- J. Fields hat taken a homestead on
eee of 1-nd located in the Daniel's gnkh.
, -"-rinteudent Heard pasted
The IsoEPFKjjuU, -."i , tK
Tlarity. U it the ehaw, jtmilit
i pits'1! j s
corps of assistants. We predict a succese
lul riabbetb school.
Prof. Hawkins, our efficient singing
school teacher, for some previous reason,
will take hit departure toon for Eastern
vregon .
: James, who had his leg
fractured some weeks ago, has sufficiently
recovered to be able to walk about on his
Mr. 'Joseph Ensley. an old resident of
(Jalapooia, we are informed contemplates
the selling of his place and emigrating te
JSaitern Oregon, and engage in toe stock
. II- 3 1 I J .
nosiiHB. nr. eueiev uaa uiaue manv
friends daring hit sojourn here who 'will
be sorrv to lose so irood a man and hiirhlv
esreemea ueignoar.
. . ... . f - .
At a meeting of the citizens
ot Roseburg, held ia the
court-house last Saturday even
ing, it was unanimously re
solved to celebrate the coming
anniversary ot the nation's indes
pendence. Following are the
committees appointed: Finance
J. D. Van Buren, I. Caro. G. A.
Beatb, J. P. Sheridan and Dr.
Woodruff! Qrounds Win. Car
roll, J.J. Farquar and Thomas
G nodule. Music L. Belfils. J.
W Strange and M. Levitison.
Plug Dalies Jacob Bttzer, A. W.
Fenner aud llarry Aobtm. Ar
rangements A. W. Compton, O.
C. PerkinB and J. C. Fullerton.
The bar was constituted a com"
mittee to procure orator, reader
and chaplain; and T. K. Sheridan
was chosen treasurer. ; These
committees will meet at the
place of their appointment June
7th, to report progress, and in the
meantime the finance committee
will solicit subcsriptions.
There will be everything done
to make this the grandest celebra
tion ever witoessed in the county.
The plug-uglies will be a notices
able feature in the exercises ot the
day, and if there is good business
comprehension shown on the pare
ot our business men, means will
be supplied to provide tor a grand
display of fireworks in the town
at night. If there is such display
the majority of Kose burg's vistors
on the Fourth will remain over
till the 5th. , One of our leading
business men is pushing the work
on his new warehouse in order
that they rr ay be plenty room tor
dancing, and the qthcra are ready
and willing to do all within their
power to . make, the celebration
agreeable to all.',. J Let everybody
come, and' from all parts ot the
county. .
A sudden rise in the river pre
veuts ferrying this week.
Titer will be preaching at
Cleveland on Sunday next.
Mrs. Booth . is recovering trom
a long and severe spell of sickness.
A ten ponnd boy is what has
made Dal. Shelton- so happy since
last week,
Geo. Booth has returned from
Siuslaw, having 1 ocated a claim.
Mr. Booth will ugaiu visit Siuss
law ere long.
Mr. E. T. Woodruff has gone
toCopuillo to see his brotber,who
accidently got his leg fractured a
short time ago. ,
.Notwithstanding the bad spell
of" weather we have spe'.ling
matches not to be grinned at.
We ace glad to see an interest
taken in this, too often deficient
Villie Rnwley,ged seven years,
died the 25th, ot brata fever. "Vil
lie was the best and brightest in
school, and her loss is mourned
by her teacher and schoolmates
and the entire community. Her
remains vero interred iq the
French Settlement cemetery. May
cretrrost in peace.
Last week Johnnie Lenherr at
tempted to cross the river with
Mr. Gilliam's ferry, but not hav-
ing drawn the boat in proper po
ltioti1 ; before, turning it loose,
Johnnie soon found it broadside
io the current. The rope broke
in time to keep the boat from
sinking, and a knot in the rope
caught ia the pulley and swung
the boat into the bank a tew
yards below where he started.
Had it not been for Ihdknot John
nie and the boat would have been
mashed into smithereens on the
rocks in the rapids two hundred
yards below.
On Monday morning last, Geo.
Palmer,a man who has been chop
ping wood for J. 0. Booth, while
crossing the river la the ferryboat,
suddenly dropped down helpless
near the boat's edge, in a tit. The
passengers on the boat held him
from rolling into the river, and
summoned Messrs Booth and
Hendricks, who went to his relief.
The stranger recovered from bis
fit in a few hours, but is yet lay
ing seriously ill at the residence
of Mr. Booth, where he will be
kindly treated. Mr. Booth offer
ed to secure a physician, even at
his own expense, but he refused
to have any. Prospects arelavor
able for Clarke another boarder.
It is a good thing the Ptaindeal
er has a devil ; it it were not tor
the little devil, the big devil
would have nothing to write
about except tho Coos Bay Rail
road. Better talk about the feast
4i'ity ot constructing; a wagon
road to the coast, won't you
plerse, C. Y. B kill that devil,
commit suicide yourself, or else
go down io Coos Bay aud let Sigs
tin do it for too, and thereby
"give as a rest from jour con
glomerated mess of f tlacious st
phietry that amounts to as much
as the . Irishman's definition ot
nothing -A footless sock with
out ia4eg." , ?A trnrd to he wise,
School is flourishing under the
management ot II. H. Hendricks.
Patting skunks in desks, or any
such conduct, is a thing ot the
past, as scholars know when to be
obedient ; Prot Heard aave the
school a profitable call The
Prof, ia doing his duty a thitg
8tveral former superintendents
tailed to do; however, they were
very prompt in drawing their
salary. fcNr"iTfAiXE2ZAB.
-. There -vi!i u--""'5"31'"'
Dire tor of the TJ. bp "
' t. It.
,9 in
w pat,
a.1 . .
Rain once' more. - . ..
Present storm - has done much
damage to the early sowed crain.
at this place, byvblowing it down.
Prof. Heard,oar efficient school
superintendent, was with us ' last
i Thursday, examining the schoo
m tuia uioirici ; , ,
:'A ails at this pUce intends
going into the business of raising
alj ikiDdsefefoaVMHpaysthe
nignesc price tor rare specimens.
The saw mill at, Hubbard creek
4.. ...
is not as mucn ot a success as
some thought it 'would be : vet it
will be fixed so as to make it cut
about five or sixlhousand per day.
J. II. Kobbfns k - Sot . of Port
land, agents- for the celebrated
Whitney and Holmes' organs,p: si
ed through here canvassing tor
the same. We did not learn in
regard to their success.
The river at this place has got
od nrettv hip-h ao-ain. Lust nie-hr
r 4 o n o
(May 26th,) it raised about five
leet, and at present it is still rais-
ng. Old settlers are much sur
prised at it raisin? so at this time
nf th,t Vflnr. '
j . tr .
The post office. 'aj Cole's Valley
has .been discontinued, and all
should take nottce ol the change,
and save troubled by directing
njail.niatter that;iormerly went to
that office direct to this. It 77as
so "ordered .byline Postmaater
General. ' '' ' '' . ' ;. , '
The warm days of last week
were the cause of- several rattle
snakes making their appearance
on the the sunny side-hilla. A
man at Hubbard -creek was at
tacked by one which caught him
by the boot-leg- and frightened
him so he blushing fkd and lett
it all alone.
Several of the .young men are
anticipating a journey to Sugar
Pine as soon as the Sugar l'ine
Minstrels announce the-r next
performance. We have witness
ed several ot the performances of
Steel which were good, and we
think any other Star who can
compete with him must be very
good indeed.
The Star reprbdehes us" for
enlarging this paper man article
it should have - entitled "A Poor
Attempt at SarcasVto Writing."
We would give that paper's arti
cle entire, but our space is too
valuable tor news and advertising
purposes just now"'to seod out
beyond its circumscribed limits
what it has to say of the Inde
pendent. The acknowledgment
on the part ot our .cotemporary
that he had found it necessary to
enlarge to an eight-column paper
in order to compete with the In
dependent as a newspaper, and
the -tact that just as he got ready
to make the enlargment the-sue
of the Independent was virtually
increased eight columns more, are
reasons enough why,, the Sktr man
would not wait until somebody
on the outside discovered . bis
greatness as a writer, we are
sorry no one elee appreciates his
abilities as an editor, and weep
when we remember lie has to re
main here with only the amuse
ment the poor little Independent
affords bun. S rrv tor him!
Words there are not to express
our sympathy.
r C
Still it rains and sheei shearers have
a good time: they work on day and rest
one day. We will hsve pleasant w.athfr
aoout august.
A petition prsying for the pardon of the
murderer of Josh Brown is being cir
culated in these parts, but to tur oninion 1
think he should euflVr even a nior severe
penalty than what he does for his terrible
. . . . i ' at ?
mere M gnus to be wir meetlniron
Oak Creek and we hope that tiere will be
a good turn out. . .
rS, ri i
Following is the programme
of the Oakland Sunday School
Picnic, June 4tn,at Williamson's
urove: ureeting song; V rayer
by Rev. Itell; Song, Isle of
Beauty;" Address, Uev. C. II.
lloxie; &ong and Chorus, by the
Sunday School; Address, Rev.
Srnick, Song, " Watching and
Waiting;" Address, Rev. Klyce;
Song, ''Moonlight Chorus;" din
ner. Everything will be done to
make the occasion pleasant.
. Photographs in Style.
A. F. Smith, the celebrated photographic
artist from Salem, is now in Oakland, and
will remain there a couple of weeks Tbis
gentleman is ibe finest artist that has yet
visited Douglas county, and has apparatus
which enables him to take: pictures in aJl
styles from a mlciatareto lifar-eite, at low
rates. To all desiring first-class photo,
graphs or other pictures we can recom
mend Mr. Smith at the bet, of artists. We
hope he a ill soon psy Roseburg t visit, j
Bro. nill, of Wilbur, has writ
ten another article to the Star.
As we compelled him to retract his
slander upon the good name and
memory of a dead man. we leel
as should any one who had per
formed a righteous duty and
wishes to have nothing more to
do with one so msigniticantlv
contemptible as F. li. Hill ha
snown uiraself to be. ;
Daily Line ipfj Stages,
- BTJNDAT8 tXC&iit,
tii. n..tvw m. ..j
, i ' Jag, IU
'"Jest I
uaAeeoaBtor Kigtt TKha, .j an dead
xe wagons empioyea in tue Ctansmissioa
of paasengert and freight. ; Patrons of the
line may rest assured all bus! ness entrusts
eu w wui ne promptly attended to, and
every tare takea-tSat the comfort of pas.
v-i;oijt.j ue securea-J uinaa atMunna
kti-be mads with urn - ,.
Pljlng" Between -
Coos Bay and San Frandbcs ' . '
Aad passenger going to the Bay City win
find thlr to lie the cheapest and best of a II
routes PEBKIMS t Heairick Jletrorniiun
I? nsaa .ras ew i nwrtt . V , , ,
In AH Prices for the
iimmer Trade
At the
Old Hercantile Houss of
W e. would announce that we are in
Beceiptof our
, OF .'
For the Spring and 8ummer Ttade, Com
prising all the Latest Xovultiea in that :
Line, Including
gtaek & Cotoiredl Cash
mere?. Btack & Cotcred
Bltck Vt?t8s Satins,
iawn?, & Unert Facie;
Suitings Ladies & tiss
Gtore?, Goesets and
Wosiecy. yindtpweas', La-
Our Stock of Domestics and
Is Larger than Ever Beiore.
In Gents' Furnishing Goods we liavea
' ' - large Assortment of
gaut Summer Suits, Neat Busi
ness Suits, White and Colored
Suits, Hosiery, Hate, Gloves, Ties,
' Bow, etc.
That eaa be obtained in the San Ftaadteo
Market. Our Stock of
Cannot be excelled. In this line we have
an Immense Assortment of
Crockery, CtlassTTare and
Alto Sugar, Teas, Coffee, Staple Groceries.
Our prices are LOW. Call and see for your
selves at the old stand.
'(f) 's -
; ' "Miwaeawww"'- - -
virtue of a certain writ of execu
tlon issued out of the Circuit Court of the
State of Oregon, for the County of Douglas
upon a judgment ana decree or foreclosure,
rendered therein at tbe October term, 1878,
i . ck wood, and against
3. W. Crane, Elisabeth Crane, B. Gold
smith, L. Goldsmith, M, Goldsmith, ti
Kedlicta. partners under the firm bum of
Goldsmith a Co; Alexander Lazard, 8U
mon Lazard, Eli. LkKard. Alexander Weil.
and David Cohen, partners under, the firm
name of Laaard .Friers; Wm.JrwIae, Asa
Uarker and James 8. Wants, partners an.
der. ie firm name of Irwine, Barker & Co ,
L. A. Sanderson and T. L. Horn partners
under the firm name of Saodersoa L Horn,
S. is. watson, A. A. watktns and Joseph
Knottnd against the following mortgaged
promises, w-wu: mo norta nair or seo
tion 85 in township 20 South range ? west,
containing 330 acres. Also that certain
piece ot land lying adjoining the -town of
Koseourg. Douglas county, Oregon, begina
ning at a point on the east aide of
Cass street in said town of Roeeburtr.
said point bearing N. 64 deg., west 57-100th
chains from the southwest corner of the lot
originally laid out and fenced by Elisa
Dearborn; thence south 54 deir., east 6.72
chains; thence north 86 degrees, east 2.73
chains; thence north 54 deg., west 7.09
chains; thence south 27 deg., west 2.75
chains to place of beginlng, containing 2
10-bnndredth acres more or lessjor tbe sum
of $2,349 00, and 31 65-hundredth costs
and disbursements gold coin, with interest
at the rate of 10 per cent, per annum.direc-
ted to me, commanding me that out of said
real eetava so mortffaflred and above de
scribed. I cause to be made the amount of I
aid judgment, to-wit: The sum of $2,319 I
fkl rnin ivjln. and 31 65-hundredth coat'
and disbursements, together with interest
trom the li-t day of Nov., 1878, al the rate
of 10 per cent, per annum, and (.cerulng
costs. Now, therefore, in pursuance of the
said writ of execution, I have levied upon
tbe aforesaid mortgaged premises describ
ed as aforesaid, and will sell all the right,
title and interest of said parties 8. W.
Crane, Elizabeth Crane. B Goldsmith, L.
Goldsmith, M. Goldsmith, S. RedIicb,parU
ners under the firm name of Goldsmith &
Co.; Alexander Lazard, aimon Lazard, Eli
Lazard, Alexander Weil and David Cohen,
partners under the firm name of Lazard
Friers: Wm. Irwine, Asa Harker and Jas.
8. Wallis, partners under the firm tame
of Irwine, Harker & Co.; L. A. Sanderson &
T. I Horn, partners under the firm name
of Sanderson & Horn ; 8. B. Watson, A. A.
Watniks and Joseph Knott in and to said
mortgaged premises, described at aforesaid
together with all and tingular, the tene
ments, hereditament! and appurtenances
thereunto belonging or in any wise apper
taining at public auction to the highest
bidder for cash, at the front dour of the
Court House in tbe city of Koseburg.Doug
las county, Oregon, on Saturday tbe 14th
of June, 1879. at one o'clock in the after.
noon of said day to satisfy the amount ot
said execution, together with interest and
accruing costs.
Dated at Roseburg, this I5tli day May,
1879. F. P. HOG AN,
Sheriff' of Douglas County, Ogn.
Al by virtue ot an execution issued out of
the Circuit Court oi tbe Bute oi uregon
tor the County of Douglss, upon a jidgi
ment and decree of foreclosure of a mort
gage, rendered at the October term the ro
ot. 1875. In favor of L. F. Grover. 8. F.
Chidict and A. H. Brown tbe Board of
Commissioners for the sale of school Land
and the management of the Common
School FuDd end against A. J. Manning
and against the following mortgaged prem
ises, uwite The south east quarter of the
south east quarter of section thirty-one (81);
tbe south half oi the south west quarter
of section thirtyrtwo (32) in town
ship twenty-four 24 ranf e five
(5) west. lso the south bait of the north
east quarter and the south half of tbe north
west ;quarter and lots two (2), three (3),
and tour (4), of section five (5); the north
eaat auarter of the north east quarter ot
section six (6), in township twenty-five (25)
south of range five (5) west; Also the
south west quarter of the north east quar
ter and the south west quarter of the north
west qusrtei, and the south half of the
south east quarter and the north west
quarer ot the south west quarter of sec
tion thirty-one 31 in township twenty,
foua 24, south of ran ire four (4) west; Al
so the Donation Land Claim of J. G. Haa-
nah ia township twentyrfour-24-aiad twen-ty-five-25-south
of range tour-4-west, for
the sum of fifteen hundred and two and
sixtyMsitiht l.hundredth-fl,502 68100
doliars, directed to me, commanding me,
that out of said real estate so mortgaged I
cause to be made the turn ot seventeen
hundred and iwentyaeight-fil.?28-dol'arB
in currency, wi.h all costs and accruing
Now. therefore, in pursuance of the said
writ or execution I have levied upon the
said mortgaged premises, above described,
and will sell tbe same, together with the
tenements, hereditaments snd appurtenant
cea thereunto beioneinsr. or in any wise
appertaining, at Public Auction to tbe
highest bidder for cash, at tbe Court House
door in the city ol Roseburg, Douglas coun
ty, Oregon, on Saturday tbe Slat dsy of
May, 1879, at two ociock in ine anernoon
of said dsy to satirfy tbe amount of said
execution, together with interest and all
lecal accruinir costs thereon.
lated at Roeeburg. this 2d day of May,
1879. r. r. huuaw,
Sheriff of Douglas County, Ogn.
R. Brackenridge & Root. Eastoa,
1 M&&Bj;Ewm&8.
Opposite T. P. Sheridan's Hardware
' Store,
- Mantle pieces made from Italian and
American, marble monuments, and tomb
stones, made to order, and first-class work
warranted in this line. Anything in the way
of BtonecutiiDtr promptly performed, and
all enters nroniDtlv filled. Always a full
stock of marble and othr stone on hand
and in caee of any repair in thia line in ibe
shape oi billiard tables, etc, satisfaction
will be Guaranteed.
For th.e Season of 1879.
Princs and ITapoleoa.
Will stand tbe ensuing season, from April
1st to July 1st. at my stable, 6 miles
from Rosebanr. on the Cole's Valley road.
on Mondays and Tuesdays ; Wednesdays
and Thursdays, Looking Glass; Fridays
and Saturdays, Koseburg, at Wright Car-
ion a livery stable, at tbe
rouLonriMa mats.
Single leap. 8; Beawa, $10. payable
within the season; Insurance, f 15, payable
when tbe mars is knowa to be with foals
I will take all care to prevent accident.
but will not be responsible lor any.
8. Marks k Co. wish it understood that
they hatjb HOT rented tbeir warehouse to
any one, and that they will receive grain
and wool there as heretofore, at well at
all other produce.
The undersigned will tell his farm, eon
lalning 824 acres, oa reasonable terms
Land all under fence ; good be use and
bara ; 100 acres bottom and farasina laad
tbe balance pasture, and is three aad oa
halt miles from Wilbur. Inquire at the
office. J. O. BOOTH.
jaCkbos rraaxT, : aoasBcae
Tbe proprietor of thit well-known aad
popalar reaort would thank faia Meads for
4 heir liberal patronage ia tbe pa and-ask
for a coo tin oases or the tame la toe tatare.
Tbe pablia to i a formed that f keep aoae bat
tbe best brands of wiaea, liquors and cigars,
aad that I tell over the bar tbe celebrated
A good Billiard Table will be fovnd ia tbe
Saloua ; also all the leading paper of the
viva ane a eau. a u vhj.
decided oadiseontlouing the for-
we desire to five notice.
-"one of tho largest and best assorted st.t,- e . Vw..",i"L
Ever seen in Roseburg, I respectfully invite the public to come and
examine the Price and Quality ot my large supplof
04SHXHSaBS8 ..OF..
Embracius: all tbe Latest Novelties in the San Francisco Mtrk-f.
Also Everything else appertaining
Piques, Brocaded Linens.
And every variety of Dress Goods
The Best and Cheapest ever imported to the City ot Roseburg;
W 1 Sr. -. t
.L.aces,in an uoiors irattsrns
Oi all shades, Ladies' aud Misses' Summer Hats Latest Styles
trimmed and ontrimmed. Ladies' Whte aud Brown Shades, Birds
eye Derbys, Leghorns, Asssorted Helm ets, and all other late styles.
Ladies' Shoes all varieties, Kid, Cloth', Leather, Pebble Goat Abo
same quality id Misses' and Childrens' sizes.
All new paterns, excellently finished, and tbe cheapest ana belt
ever offered to the Roseburg trade. In this line as well as in
others, I defy competition. -
These are only a few items la tile stock
There is enough else to engage your attention for an.entlre day. M. JOSEPH30N.
-1-3.' : W ii
- W V
4 M .
o o o a n so r--
5 h.
5 P "&fr
" 52
S" c
... ? ' at P
D .
Geaeral Ageata for
Pbotoarrsphs ealanred ia India lax. Was
ter colors aod crayon, from 8 tt 10 inches
to life-sine. O0ot for tbe State of Oryoa
at No. UorrVroa street (St. Charles Hotel
bulldinfr) Partland. Orders from the lnt.
rlor jtrompUy attended to. ddreta,
W tSTbl a- U&S ST, P O.Bui 121
FosTLaVD, Oregon.
seasoa at mj atabl
I )
COO. ot-3 ' FT
C a S
B.SF " . t it, jbv few laT
SllliB&lg- I Quit
fcso.fSg.gS-gR -. h-l g if
i f !i.!lr SEP'
" ' s ' . i s r ?- -
m tW A ft af
ST t: : "9 0 3 ?. C
H 0t 2 C S r2 P
3 o ST p , e tva
Y3gHST & 0H4D
to Ladies' Wear.
found, in
a iirstselass Dry Goods
; ' rt an.
XiZNE or
Youth's Ss Boy's
I have purchased. Come and tee tbe other
Kotisa la hereby givea ' to all partiea
whoa may contract, or cause eontrscis to,
bo made with my wife, Fanny Elala. that
1 WUI ao loader be respoosible. as tit VVs.
my boose aixi borne Feb. 12. witlt t&
eafcttlatioa f teparatin from me sad fc '
ebildreu. I now propo to tluae who cr
to ready to advise, and pad hf r vi
leava iwr h k and mpenu, fmm Ur Slu;
oai when lie was comfefsfely cared f-y
aad provide 1 for, for tbem to ts. the'r ail
ia Mppnfii ber. 1 LLaIN.
Coot Eivi r, Oga.
Bosebarir, Ajreat.
"tiDlre Cltjr.,, J