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    VOL XLV.
NO. 89.
Will Be Established
at Waldport.
Twenty Nw Cottars, a New
Wharf 400 Feet Long and
Other Improvements.
Waldport, the charming little
village that nestles snugly on
the south Bide of the Alsea river
near its confluence with the blue
waters of the mighty Pacific and
sheltered by fir-clad hills from
the harsh breezes of the North
west trades, is coming rapidly to
the front in prominence and im-.
portance. Not only for its hunt
ing, fishing and dairying indus
tries but also as a health resort.
The latest development in the
latter respect is. being brought
about by Dr. Olmstead, of Port
land. For a considerable length
of time past Dr. Olmstead has
been investigating different
points along the coast with. a
view to establishing a "Salt Air
Sanitarium" at some location
where he could secure a maxi
mum of sunshine with a mini
mum of fog. His investigation
finally concluded with the selec
tion of Waldport and there he
has decided to build his Sani
tarium. The plans for the building are
quite elaborate. - The design, of
the architecture is unique and
logs will be used for building
material. The main building
will be 56x44, on the south will
be a room 56x25 in which will
be placed a salt water acquarium
18x10 feet and 5 feet deep with
a running stream of salt water
passing through it.
In this acquarium will be
placed "various species of salt
water fish and other marine cu
rios. The southeast and west
sides of this room will be almost
entirely of glass, where patients
land visitors may occupy large
easy chairs and enjoy the bright
warm .sunshine that pours in
through the large windows.
Another room of the building
will be 39x22 feet in which will
be placed the Doctor's splendid
museum, at present containing
ten thousand specimens from all
over the world and which will
be added to from time to time by
donations. This room will also
contain the library which will
be an exceedingly attractive fea
ture. Hot and cold baths will
be in the main building.
Twenty neat cottages will be
erected on grounds adjoining
the Sanitarium for the occupan
cy of patients. Dr. Olmstead be
lieving that better results are
thus obtained than when all are
housed in the same building.
These cottages will each contain
two rooms and a canvass sleep
ing addition. Surgical cases
and contagious diseases will not
be treated. This institution is
intended for the treatment of
overworked men and women
from the offices, banks and other
callings in the cities and those
con valescing from acute troubles.
A large wharf, 400 feet long,
is being built on the water front
which will be used for the con
venience of launches and pleas
ure craft and will also be a free
boat landing. When arrange
ments are completed construc
tion work will be rushed. This
will put Waldport in the front
rank as a coast health resort.
Newport News.
Hear Fulton TONIGHT.
Nov. 21,0. A. C. ts. U. of 0.
at Portland.
The time is drawing near for
the champion game of football
between OAC and U. of O. at
Portland on Nov. 21st. This
will be a hard scrap for the ioys
and every citizen of the town
should make it a point to get up
early in the morning, march
around the block, nil his lungs
with good pure air and yell the
college yells so as to get their
throats in proper shape to root
for the boys on that big day.- We
used to play baseball and we re
member how that kind of busi
ness fired our souls with delight
at critical periods. .There ought
to be 2000 tickets sold at Corval
lis on that day and the Southern
Pacific railroad company com
pelled to put on an .extra engine
to carry the enthusiasm. So
arrange your business affairs
that Portland will think some
foreign nation has invaded the
country when the train pulls in
at the Union depot. Don't get
scared on account of tickets, for
if necessary the Gazette will run
the job presses all night for "a
solid week to supply the demand.
Portland Papers See Strong
Aggregation at 0. A. C.
The Portland papers of Sun
day footballs as follows : With
seven old players as a nucleus
and with a wealth. of good mate
rial at his command, Coach Nor
cross is building up a most for
midable football machine at Cor
vallis. The strength of the Ore
gon" Agricultural College bunch
is as yet uaknown, but the wise
ones say that it. will be stronger
than "last selasoriVleert'As ti
punter and place-kicker, Wolff
is always a dangerous man, and
in these departments of . the
game the Agricultural College
men should out-class Washing
ton. Tr.e writer takes no stock
in the hard luck stories that
have come down from Corvallis.
He predicts a hard, close game
at beattle, but is inclined to the
belief that OAC will win.
By a vote of 4 to 2, the North
west Conference Colleges have
applied a strict construction to
the four-year rule and have made
the regulation retroactive. This
includes Roder, the Pullman
halfback, and Edmunson, the
Idaho runner, besides a number
of Whitman's best men. It will
include Jamison, the OAC giant:
Huston, the Oregon sprinter;
Small, Idaho's famous quarter
back, and several others at the
end of this vear. The writer
has discussed the injustice of
this ruling until his own patience
and the patience of nis readers
has become exhausted, so no ad
ditional comment will be made.
Newport's Future.
Newport is happy. Her ardu
ous summer toil is over. Rocked
in the hammock of contentment
and lulled by the patter of the
rain and the cooing melodies of
the autumn leaves as they play
on the vibrating cords of far and
spruce boughs, she dreams an
entrancing dream of delight and
sees visions of her future great
ness. In her visions and dreams
she sees great ships lying at her
wharves. She sees a great city
stretching from the harbor bar
to the heights in the northern
limits. Wholesale business
blocks line the water front and
five hundred thousand dollar
hotels command views of the bay
and ocean. Electric cars flash
their colored lights in the night
time and &ive rapid transit from
the southern boundary to the
light house.
When Newport awakens from
this pleasant dream she will put
on her bloomers and go to work
to make it a reality. Newport
Clearing of Stumps
Too "Expensive.
- iN.
- r
Whereby This Vast Afresge
Can Be Cleared at Expense
Less Than Vaine of Land.
A problem of considerable Im
portance in western Washington
and Oregon has to . do with" what
ble field" tracts from which the
timber has been cut and which,
though desirable for agriculture,
can be cleared of stumps only at
a cost greater than the yalUe of
the land for agricultural "pur
poses. ' Since the lumbermen
harvested their wood crop those
lands nave remained unproduc
tive, for fires have prevented, for
est reproduction.
It has been suggested that a
saving can' be made in the cost
of pulling stumps if the stumps
of Douglas fir are used by dis
tillation for the production of
turpentine, tar, charcoal, and
other products. lnere , ino
question that the fir stumps can
be used in this way, but the sav
ing effected, according to the
rough estimates which, are alone
possibieunder the circumstances,
would hardlv -exceed from one
clearing at present, wtiichv ranges
from $150 to $225 per acre. In
a few cases, where the land was
not so heavily timbered, the ex
pense of clearing is a little less.
It looks as if the lumbermen's
stubble field can be brought
economically under the plow
only by the contrivance-of some
improved method for handling
the stumps, which are too large
for the regulation stump-puller
and are now removed by dyna
mite and the donkey engines.
Beantifal Southern Play Com
ing Soon
Next Friday and Saturday,
October 30 and 31st, the Alcazar
Stock Company will play a re
turn engagement at the opera
house, producing the well known
Southern play, "In Dixie Land."
The play is a picturesque story
of life in the Sunny south, bub
bling with laughter and melting
to tears; it has plenty of heart
inteiest and intense climaxes,
and will be one of the best offer
ings of the season. Since last
appearing here the Alcazar Com
pany has played in all of the
larger towns from Eugene to The
Dalles and everywhere they have
met with splendid success and
the press and public are loud in
praise of the artistic work of the
company. They are giving high
class productions of standard
plays, and at popular prices,
which you cannot afford to miss.
Come and spend a night in
Dixie Land with the company
that belongs to you.
Albany Apple Fair.
Albany, Ore. Nov. 10th to 12th
inc.,-iy08. For the above occa
sion the I Corvallis & Eastern
Railroad Company will sell round
trip tickets on November 10, 11
and 12th, good to return up to
and including .Nov. loth, for 50
cents for the round trip. - Chil
dren half fare of the above.
.R. C. Linviixe, Agent.
Tnesday. Jfoi. 10 --General
- Information
The entries are coming in
merrily for the .Albany Apple
Fair,-which Openssin Albanv on
Tuesday, .November 10th, and
continues Wednesday and Thursr
day, thus giving three entire
days and evenings 'to this grand
exhibition of Linn county's prize
products. . Growers throughout
this and neighboring counties
are saving their best specimens
for the Albany.' contest, and a
splendid' list i exhibits is as
sured, notnly from Linn coun
ty, but from half a dozen other
All - fruit entered for prizes
must be correctly labeled and
must be in the hands of the com
mittee- by 5 o'clock p. in. of the
opening day. Applications for
space must be addressed to Owen
Beam, Secretary of the Apple
FairCommittee, Albany, Oteton.
Prospective visitors should
bear in mind the need of making
reservations at once in order to -insure
good locations. -Space
will be assigned in the OTder that
applications are received. The
committee requests that applica
tions be made at once in order
that they may know how much
floor space to arrange for.
The management of the Al
bany Apple Fair is in receipt of
many inquiries as to the cost of
space for exhibits. On behalf
of the management it is desired
expressly to state tnat no charge
is made either for entry in any
of the contests or for space, .
A splendid list of premiums
, . . - . '
have been prepared, consisting
oi suver cups, silver iuivfs auu
forks, and other valuable articles
for the best displays of various
varieties, and in addition there
are- special - prizes for. -best-dis-
pkys of chrysanthemums, house
plants ana ior wie uesi uorui uis
play. Especial interest attaches, to
. t il 1 a 1 Tl ' J 1
r Ha A I hd r vr A nit I a Hoif this -wia r
r"iuTtV.:ir'T;!in keeping with the advance-
.wuui.u W1"
attendance vastly greater mau i
that of any other previous ex
hibition because on the second
day of the apple fair, November
11th, it is planned to open and
dedicate the new Albany depot
of the Southern Pacific Company
which has been in process of
erection for some months, with
appropriate ceremonies and a
grand demonstration in celebra
tion of the event. Special trains
will be run from all the sur
rounding country. In honor of
this event special excursion rates
will be in effect from all points.
The business men of Portland
will visit Albany in a body and
at' the conclusion of , the cere
monies of the dedication, the
visiting bodies will be escorted
to the apple fair. Elaborate
preparations are being made by
the Albany Commercial Club to
entertain the visiting thousands
from Portland and other points
There will be no admission
fee charged visitors to the Al
bany Apple Fair.
A Booster or a Liar.
An Ontario farmer, writing to
a friend back east was trying to
give some idea of the produc
tiveness of the soil here. He said
they had to mow the grass in
the front yard every day to find
the baby. One family near them
had twin babies, wit only one
cradle, and the kid that had to
slfeep on the floor grew twice as
fast as the other. Where the
soil is richest a man dare not
-stand on one leg any length of
time lest that leg becomes long-
r and bothers iu walking. On
tario Argus.
Voters of Benton county are
earnestly requested to be present
an 1 hear Senator Fulton speak
at the court house tomorrow tve
By Presbyterians at
Present Location.
New Improvements Are Being
Made to Keep Pace With the
Rapid Growth of Corvalli?.
At the meeting of the officers
and members of the Presbyterian
church held on Thursday night,
tbo8e nt thaUhe fame
now come when" a new church
must be erected on the pr.esent
beautiful site to accommodate
their people.
In the rapid growth -of the
town the Presbyterians have
been, greatly blessed with a lib
eral proportion of the new citi
zens and now find themselves
greatly handicapped with the
crowded condition of the audi
ence room. At nearly every ser
vice the house is filled to over
flowing and on special occasions
the aisles and pulpit space must
be filled with chairs to accom
modate the people. In the Sun
day School work the classes are
tXlk UUIVUCU 111 LI.
. noige &nd
all crowded in the one room and
confusion it is
impossible for a teacher to make
lasting impressions on the minds
of the children.
For 52 years the present struc
"ture nas stood as a landmark to
Qe faithfulnesg of Christian
and women, but like the builder,
it must pass away to make room
i ... o
ment of moral and educational
ideas. .
The general expression of this
people'is to build a beautiful edi-
Lfice to cost not less than $20,000
to serve them for many years to
come, and we feel justified in
saving the citizens of Corvallis
will render every assistance pos
sible in aiding this commend
able enterprise. A meeting was
called; for lliursday evening.
Nov. 12th, to take further action
in regard to the matter and it is
the earnest desire that every
member of the church and con
gregation as well as all citizens
who mav feel an interest in see
ing a fine church-may be present
and give expression to their
It has been decreed by Rev
Bell that the masculine persua
sion shall furnish the refresh
ments on this occasion and when
the meek and lowly brethren
sized up the preacher they said
"so mote it be," hence the ladies
will be expected to eat sand
wiches with the "fillin" an inch
thick. For once the gentlemen
will be monarchs of all they sur
vey and lovely women will have
to take their medicine.
It affords us great pleasure to
say that never in the history of
the denomination has there been
such unity of action, oneness cf
spirit, loyalty to the principles
they profess and deep convic
tions of duty to the community
as at present, and when Chris
tian people lay aside petty jeal
ousies, having in view the one
fundamental principle of -the
spiritualization of their fellowT
men, great good is sure to follow.
Wliiie the new building will
e a credit to the Presbyterians
as a denomination, it should also
be the pride of every citizen who
has the welfare of the town at
heart, for with fine churches,
good schools and the best college
Jon the Pacific Coast it practically
Lycnm Conre Not a M ny
Maker An Educator
The people of Corvallis are to
be congratulated . over the pros
pect of another series of splendid
lecture courses and Prof. Cordley
and others are to be commended
for their noble efforts to educate '
the people along higher lines of
education il development. As a
college town we- owe it to the
parents of the young men and
women coming from all parts of
the state to see that instead of
the cheap entertainments of a
questionable character we sur
lound their lives with entertain
ments of the highest order. In
attending this lyceutn course
they will come in touch with the
brightest minds, peculiarly fitted
to make lasting impressions in
character building. Great pains
have been taken and much mon
ey expended along these lines
and it can be truthfully said that
it has not, nor will not, be made
a question of money making but
simply an earnest effort by Chris- ,
tian gentlemen to benefit the
public. Give them your hearty
How the Bovs Have Innocent
The football rally Friday night
by the college students was a
daisy and calculated to inspire
the feelings of happy childhood
in the heart of every citizen ot
fMTollia "Wo- Kaliovo in t Vi A
principle that whatever is worthy
of attention should be done with
an eye single to procuring the '
best results, hence if a football -team
is beneficial, OAC should
Pnnifin Coast to keen in touch-
with the reputation of the school
OAC has been greatly honored
by the young men and women
who have left the school room to
take advanced positions in near
ly every sphere of usefulness,
and the graduate has gained
marked distinction when handed
a sheepskin from that institu
tion.' She teaches thoroughness
in classics and loyalty to the
school and it does our very soul
good to hear the boys shout Zip!
Boom! Bee! Zip! Boom! Bee!
.Headed by the college band
they formed at the college and
marched down through town
with a side line of ladies to lend
enchantment to the scene, then
back to the athletic field.. It
was a pretty sight to look at them
and while we were not permitted
to form in line our feet would in
sist on keeping time to the
A match was then applied to
the huge bonfire prepared for
the occasion, speeches made, yells
given and various other things
done to impress upon the mind
that. f)AP. will have a full hand
in the foot ball games this year.
OAC-U of O Football Game:
Portland, Nov. 21, 1908. For
the above occasion the Corvallis
& Eastern Railroad Company
wiii sell ryuiiu nip lickcis 10
Portland for $2 good on special
train only, leaving Corvallis -about
6:45 a. m., Nov. 21st, and
returning leave Portland about
7 p. m " The sale of tickets will
commence November 16tb.
R. C. Linville, Agent.
The following letters remain
uncalled for in the Corvallis
postoffice for the week ending
Oct. 24, '08:
Miss Lottie Cummings, Har
vey Knisken, Miss Neva Kizer,
Mrs. Jane McChee.
, B. W. Johnson, P. M.
solves" the question of
growth and prosperity.