Corvallis gazette. (Corvallis, Benton County, Or.) 1900-1909, September 18, 1908, Image 1

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    v,.? 'County Clerk X
VOL. ALV. .... .. ... .. 'r p'. f;a sii(;-.,'P-.n'g.r- jiiIitl-MM,MM,,,M
t-jr r-i fri vs. .V - ' ' : -J-rrr : ..-.-..
- - - n,,Tv vl 11 111111 ,in 1 ,,r"yim"T
CLEAN 5Ylttr
Takes First Premihm
on General Products
cuMirau ADTiriiiiw:
Fifteen word or less, 26 eta for thre
successive insertions, or 60 eU p'
month; for all ,op to, wd ...including ter
additional wor J. cent a word for eaor
For all advertisements over 8 word.
1 ct per word for toe first . insertion, nc
u ct ner word for each additional ineer
tion NotbiaK inserted for less than 2f OREGON STATE FAIR
Lodge, sodetr and church notices,
other than strictly news matter, will b
charged .tor. ' .
House Decorating.
' ,i , , i ... t rrr- '
W R. Paul. Ind. 488 4lU
tane 'and tSMxl I "Counties
Take tie Second and TMrd
Premiums 'Reipectiyely.
Rousinsr Receiitioh
Returnihg Victors
Illuminated made,nl
Demonstration at Home ol
OtBcenp stafrs.ia Zierolf Building
uniy set oi aostrsuiB in dbuiuii.uuuiu)
Office in Post Office Building, Corval
lis, Oregon.
GazbttK and Weekly Oregonian at
ttiiaorjieon. Rooms i4, Ban Build
ing. Office Hours : 10 to 12 a. m., 2 U
4 p. m. .Residence : cor. 6th and Ad
am tits. Telephone at office, and res
Idence Oorvaliis. Oregen
W.T. KOWLUY, M. ismt l-aYSlCIAW
andSurgeon. Special attention given
to the Eye. Nose and Throat. .Office
in Johnson ttmg. Ind. 'pbone at of
fice and lesidence.
- ,or and. Licensed v Emb-Jioer. iigucj.
cess5f . to Bo-veaA Bauer Corvfilljs,
Oregon. Iiid. Phone 45. Bell fhe
241. " " . ' .. . 89tf
r-t.'', ui i: h Is l-'?t'
Tt affords us verv creat pleas
ure to announce the fact that
Benton county cleaned up, the
first crize in the GeneralExhibit
of the products of the county
at the State p air ai oaiem yes:
ter day. It is all the more grati
fying to know that never before
was the competion so Keen, mus
showing that we have the soil
the fruits, the vegeiaDies, ine
farmers, and the men who know
how to put it on display.
The j. premium was $300 in
good, old solid coin, and we can
conceive the happiness in, the
hearts 01 proves auu oavago
when they are presented with
the check.
Jane and. Yamhillv were very
close competitors receiving 5d
and third premiums in the order
named. ,. ,.
.. Too much , credit, cannot be
given to Messrs. Groves, Savage
a.! others ' who conspired to4
gether to bring about this most
gratifying result, .Ciedit is also
do to the :ksnfjSiSmfJ
in,' the mnd8 "of the
Dfionle ;tha importance, aL choice
productions if.. they ekpect to
succeed: -v
ftS!i&f oregonIirt.
Main Bi.. , uorvama, vrf ; A r .-
? . , i ' ' t iv'mi' :!" '
Coryalljs, vrejton, trtinsacta. general
conservative banking bosineas. Loanf
money on approved security. Draft
bought and (sold ani money transferred
to tne: prindpul cities of the. Unitec
- Htates, Europe and foreiitn countries.
are looking for homestad locations
or relinquishments, also . some good
timber claims. If you know of any
good homesteads or timber claims it
will pay you to write us. Address -ETNA
Failing Building, Portland. Oregon.
Oregon, en instalment plan and as
sist purchasers to build homea on then,
if uesired. Address First Nations
Bank. Corvallia.Or. "z--it.
Live and Dressed Poultry,'
Bone, Grit and Oyster
Shells, Prussian Stock
and Poultry Tonic, Lice
Killer, etc.
Pay higheot . cash market price
In Poultry, Eggs, VeaLasd Hon.
312 Second Street. '
Showing; Jlojy Willargte Valley
Kcauastate rays.
emmtv some seven vears ago ana
bQught a, farm, .pa .Soap.,Creek,
and, like many others from the
East, sold his possessions for al
most double the' purchase price,
and went back east. Two years
fx ha came back to Oregon and
bought a farm five miles east of
Corvallisrpaying $35 an acre for
it.. A few davs. aero he sold out
again, at $58, thus realizing $23
per acre as a net prom in , tne
increase of value as well as the
profits , from the farm. These
are the facts as given us bjr'Ivirl
Robinson, who auctioned off
Ruiter's personal property.
. This case snows ine possuiii
ties open to every man of nap
and energy throughout the Vil
At.tA Vallev and particularly
in Corvallis and Benton county.
Every investment in reai esii,
Vnm1 on reason, and common
sense, will sure pay a handsome
proht. .
Hotel Changes. .
TWiurtnMnt of tha Ialrrior. -
TJ. 8. Land Office atRoeeburg, Orenon,
. , . May 12,1908.
Notice is hereby given tbet Adolph
v r( Mnnrrwi. Orpffnn " mho on
July 8. 1908, made Homestead Entry,
No. 12B90, tor.lwota u It, is aaa i. iw
i IWiuhi. i4 &. iRasse 7 W..
Willamette Meridian,, baa filed notice of
intention to make Final five year proof,
. to establish claim to the land above !e
' -:v4 kolnrs thA Onnntv Clerk of Ben
ton County, at Corvallis. Oregon, cn the
J6h day ol sentemoer, laws.
... ri.i..f n.mM u aitMuiM! Georpe
Tomnkineof Monroe, Oregon,. R. F.D. n nravaa nf Mnarm. Oreaon. R.
F D. i: J. E. Williams of Monroe, Ore
gon, K, r V. i; Cinsries unman oi mon-
roo, uregoa. ft. r. u. i. .- a .
06-76 - BjUAiu L. Eddt, Register.
Wa understand , a centleman
from California has leased the
Occidental Hotel, Heihg Hall,
the. Elmore, and the Corvallis
rooming house and expects to
do a land othce business in me
care of students as well as cater
ing to the wants of the travel
ing public. " - - ...
Invoicing of the gooas as
Heilig Hall was to commence
yesterday, dispossession of the
other three will soon be given.
VVr hon the gentleman will
conduct the places i mentioned
to the satisfaction. of his patrons
and wish him success in a finan
cial sense.
The latest news , from. Mrs.
Mike Bauer is yery encouraging
to her manv friends and from
present indications she will soon
be able to come home.
. Portlar.d's sport-loving popu
lation turned out en, -masse laft
Un'nd rv nie-ht td exeet the three
returning ? heros ; SmithsGrt
fiilhert and Kellv.., Therowd
was wildly f nth usiasti5, land ttfjfej
ime 01 muiuu . eua u . o w
Morrison street-to ; the : Multn-
mnh t nn nresenteu an uiuium-
ation such - as 4s seldom see.
ThA narade was over half a mile
long, and red and '.green.., lights
burned brightly along ,us pasij.
Roman candles, shot their glories
out. in 11 directions and the
marching throngs yelled , ther.
admiration of the world's chanif-
pious... ;i - -f;!
There was little delay starting
the" pageant from the Commer
cial Club building-The streets
lined throuerhout. the line
multitudes to Muiinqman x imu,
whicli was ' illuminated ' wititi
strings of Japanese lanterns arid
i. v. rr Kvri roo' that nnrTiflfi
rnu . V.on At-Tcif oa TaoiiTiAfl
X lit; unco auuivvvu WY
Portland at SViS.VafteE .ineir trir
uinphal tour . across -the conu
nen.t. ..Tlje . general coiniriittee
mnt."t.hAm nt the station and con-
d ncted them to the " - Commercial
Club, where they wererguests
until the ceremonies ot the ever
nine began.
Tt looked like a great army
croinor into bivouac when the
nortoore woimd its wav ddwn the
serpentine driveway qritor,Muit-pom.ah-Field.
The soldier boy
of th Third Reeim ent. under
command of Qolonel McDonnell
foUoweq. ..the platoon oi ..police
down the hill and took position
.flontirior the field on all sides.
TTalf a dozen autoniobiles bear
ing the general commixxee .; ano
Thn.ftveral hundred .Multno
mah C.Uih hiermbers marched in
and after c.oursipg .arpund the
tr-air formed a sinffle column
and lock-stepped into the grand
The hand struck up the "Star
Spangled Banner," the audience
mqa with linr.overea - neaas ana
the conauerihe heroes were ush
ered upon the scene. They were
in a horseless carriage drawn by
tuny J-My ooys, wuy wBjiwug
the front of the grand-stand and
at the south end of the track
turned into the center of the
field and brought the carriage to
a stand-still in front of the re'
viewing stands i tr.;. ,
The three young men: dis
mounted and were escorted .to
the seats' of oiipi :bewel-
comed home and presentea wun
loving cups by the admiring
citizens of their birth place. - Col.
JnmeA Jar.kson. reoresenting me
Governor.' paid a glowing tribute
to: tne champions who had brq't
Oregon before the world. Mayor
Lane welcomed them iq behalf
of tne people of Portland, v and
then the trophies were presented'.
Each of the young .men received
a cup from the citizens of Port
land and a life . membership in
the Multnomah Club, which was
voted them at the last meeting
of -the board of directors. .
Forrest Sinithso.; , who went
to London as, the s-r jcial repre
sentative of ihe Club, was pie-
TKo ?oricinrt has iust- been
rendered by Judge Harris in the
contest case for AJounty uierK oi
Benton county between Victor
Mosep and;T. Tn. yincent. : 'The
decision here follows:,, ;, 'M,,
T. T. Vincent, Plaintiff and Con
testant, vs. Victor P. - Moses,
.Defendant and CJohtistep.; -Based
upon the findings of
fact and' conclusions of law.made
: - ' J-. - " - . -s a ' "
and hied, herein ana nerewiin,
it is . considered, ordered, and
adjudged that the election con
test 'preeding Jnstit'uted? by
plaina. ana contestant . dhuu
the sanie i is herebv dismissedH
The defendant ., and contestee be
and he is hereby declared -duly
elected the Uounty uierK oi uen
tbh County for the term pftwQ
years, from and after the 'first
Monday Jyily , 19Q8- ,4ja4 xsl en-'
titled, to . certihcate pt . sucn . eiec
tibnjthatdefen.dantand contestee
have and recover .off and from
plaintiff arid cdntestaht the costs
ceedihg to be' tdxed, . ...
f,.;. XTr Harris, Judge.
Datedgept. 16, 1908
The ' decision' gives Vincent
'-t 6,4.-; 2-J' '
8 votes and Mo
loses 1008.
New Undertaking Parlors.-
TTenkie- fe Blackiedee. :have
moved their undertaking parlors
from the rooms up stairs over
tiio fiVirnitiirA store to the ''first
floor one door south of 'Blackt
edge's store. '
6AC Cadet Uniforms.
T4;AAt.ofore thef students in at
tendance at the AC! have .teen
normit.ted t Re ect . trxeir. own
if -.- ' . - - . 1
in nnrcnasim? men uuuui uw.
ihns dividinsr the trade. This
vear the' contract was submitte4
to the business men ioe mus,
nnrl F K., Miller , will furnish
them for $12.75, thus having the
exclusive sale. - ,
. The Cry for Rojms.
'The h'iarher cost of living. this
year is being severely., felt by-' a
large per cent pi tne siuaents,
who must :yeitner forego tlais
year s .attepaance .or resort w
h'o-ht. hmisekeefjihe'. ,. .Tli ere are
Also a large number writing for
: unfurnished rooms, a aemanp.
that cannot be hlled. l here is
likewise urgent need for the erec
tion. pf ji large jflat, ., well, lpcfited
"and arranged especially for itu-
dent needs. . vvitn a caretaker
in hftro-e and dailv supervision
of the property; such a building
will be in ready demand by
nrort hV and' nTOPTeSSlVe StUUentS
and-return excellent yearly div
idends to the builder. . - .
A that withiri
f V t7 UUUVuw" M- " '
thpast 'few ays a' gentleman
from Califprpia has been looking
over the situation with this en
terprise in view. . , ' -
A V.enaus of boarding and
Todm'n'fr hoUses for students'was
taken some ten days ago, but
still the collegp.;,neeas places ior
several hundred. : Many- who
were out of town at that time
have sent in their applications
for students. These are needed
this week, and a postal sent to
the YMCA, giving location nd
prices wilL save, the searching
out .of so many places.
- " - . - '
fZ 7Hb
Boy's School
Yon will find here . tUe lar
gest Stock in town of
"Boys' School Suits
Modest Prices
$2.50 to $5.00
Boys' Steel'Shbd
ScHbbl Sitoes
Quality Store
Occidental LumDer KjO.
Successora to
doiMlis Lumber
. --. . - 4 '"' -
;,We are thereto supply your needs in the Lumber line. jM"e
taUonT B IRVING for-information and prices." And-take
" noto :if we have notY got exactly what you want we wUl
get it for you. .. . - , ' ri iWi i'J.1'' "
G. O. B ASSET r, Local wer.
lento niuhty
Manufacturers of all kinds of
I r Miter, WcuKlEffs, Cedar kosis,
Sawed aiid Split; Ceiar Shakes
Dealers in
boors, Windows, time, Brick, Ceiiiciit,
Why Naval Uniforms Are Blue.
. vnvnl. iinlforms.aU the world oyer
pretty, wel are, nayy. blue.;, The Brit
ish fashion in tnis matter nas uecu mo
rule with maritime people la general.
That blue was ever, selected tar the
king's naval service, was.a fortuitous
happening. When In 1747. the ques
tion of uniform -was being considered
the. color selected--had, very Uke ;.to
have been French .gray, Jaced. with sil
ror whllf the kihe ' was still ; not
quite-decided he saw the Duchess, of
Bedford In- a. r riding naDit oi mue
faced .with .white and .enlivened with
gold face. It was a revelation. Here
thtt klner declared, was. the uniform for
his sea service officers, and no more
wna hmird- of French gray- -The navy
took to blue, And every other navy has
taken to It since. fail aaaii uaxeius.
sented with another cup by, club
members. . and Alfred Gitbert
was given the citizens of
Salem, bi9 birth-place, uaniei
Kelly had been given a trappy
by similar- admirers at Baker
City Monday night, so the boys
lave two apiece to commemor-;
ite the occasion-. , , . .;,
The people united in singing
'America," and then repaired to
The Multnomah Club, where the
im- held the center of the bis
rymriasium a -couple of hours
md bhook hands witn ine peo
pie who were presented. '
"a Reasonable translation. :
Thi . tar her was tellmg the class In
fourth grade geography about thareat
m1s of the different states, using the
pictures In the- dictionary as the basis
of.tbe, lesson. Pointing to tne seal oi
Virginia, she asked:. - '-' , -
Si-. fXow,'. irJio-;' can. : tell . me. from this
plcturej ; what , should . ,be the meaning
of, these. Latin words: 'Sic semper
tyrannisr" , - . .
Bobbys hand went np.' '
' "AIE richt Bobby : you may tell us.
: yrake yonr, foot off my neck,'" was
Bobby's reply, Judge. -. , ;
' '."' Tit For Tat
The Japanese do not like to be called
Jans. A noted diplomat was traveling
f'.-om ,Tekyo .to ; Yokohama ..when an
American In the car leaned across and
said. . ''Say., what ese are you. Chinese
or Japanese?" ' ;' .
Onick'as a flash came In excellent
nii.h f. i 4ni-mitw what Iter' are
.tAfltl MM. t '1 - -
yo'C-Yankee or monkey?" Philadel-1
What tha Mar. Wanted When He Got
In the Barber's Chair. .
rn. v.nifihMilp1 man with four days
OTrtwth of beard on bis chin entered
the barbers, sbpp;and sat down In one-.
of. the. operating cnalrs.
"Shave, sirr
"iWoi' ferowled the man in the chalr:
"I want to be measured for a suit of
clothes." '
"This isn't a tailor shop, Bir.
.'What is it?" , -
"It's a barber shop.", i
"What work do you do in this shop?"
"Shave men-and cut -their hair;, sir."
"Bn vou think a man; with no hair on
his head would come here to have his -hair
cut?" .
;'JNo, slr' '-.
"Than, .nresiiiialrie be a sane '
man, but baidheaded, what would you
naturally suppose I came ror"
For a shave."--
f Thea, whyy, did : you ask me if
I wanted a. shave when I took a. seat
In your chair?. Why didn'fyou go to
-work at once?-- If some of you-barbers
wpuld ,ceiltivate; a- habit- of. inferring
from easUy -ascertained .data, instead
of developing such wonderful conver
sational powers, it would be of mate
rial .aid ,fn ; advancing ;you ;in . .your
chosen vocation and .of . .expanding
your profits. Do you comprehend?"
' "Yes, sir," replied the man as he be
gan to lather the customer's face In a
dazed sort of way, And he.neyer even
asked him if, he .wanted brilliantine on
when the operation was performed.
iaite the case of tne me
next block. You have always consid
ered him uppish. He has considered
i nnnish. One day you are intro-
dnced. and then each, of you discover
the other to ba a pretty gooa son. ou
Paul Ploneer-Preaa. ......