Corvallis gazette. (Corvallis, Benton County, Or.) 1900-1909, December 14, 1906, Page 2, Image 2

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Published Tuesdays and Fridays by
Gazette Publishing Company.
The subscription price of the Gazette
for sev eral years has been, and remaic
i ner annum, or 25 per cent, discount
oaid in advance. This paper will be
continued until all arrearages are paid
There was a time not so many
dozen years ago when falsehood
and deceit were condemned and
c;jor a cprirms defects of
(.UUO 1.VA.S. . v
character, today lying is a fine
art and deception an accomplish
ment, if one may be permitted to
iadi?e troai observation. Do you
doubt it? Then put in a few
hours in sell examination, and in
general observation of other peo
Just recall how often you have
uttered "polite" falsehoods dur
ing the past month, and you will
be amazed at the number that
confronts you. Perhaps you have
been drilled into thinking these
little "society fibs" are permissi
ble if not absolutely necessary?
If this be true, give yourself a
moral shaking up and be convin
ced that lie is a lie, no matter
when, where nor why it is utter-
o, and that no one whose opin
ion is really worth having will
respect you as much after learn
ing that you are adept in the art
of "polite" lying. .
Deception, too, as encouraged
in society today through amis
taken idea entertaiued by so
many that it is "tact" or "pol
ish," is a -grave menace to the
morals of the rising generation.
If we teach by precept and ex
ample the false doctrine of being
"tactful" and "polished" regard
less of veracity and plain, straight
forward manliness and womanli
ness, where will we look, in the
coining years, for the absolutely
truthful and frank young man
and young woman in whose
hands we can safely entrust out
business affairs?
It is well to teach children to
be mannerly and respectful, but
the deceptions and insincerities
so commoa todav in so-called j
"best" society are but a gaudy
veneer that no sensible young
person will seek to acquire.
The agitation in Southern
1?entonof the subject of establish
ing a cannery for fruits and vege
tables should cause Corvallis to
Tab her eyes, sit up and take
notice. This is a subject to
which allusion has repeatedly
been made in the Gazette and by
various business men of the city,
but the agitation has so far bee.;
Are the farmers in the immed
iate vicinity of Corvallis willing
to be outdone and out-generaled
by their brothers in the section
mentioned? Is Corvallis willing
to fold her hands listlessly and
see a neighboring community
put in the identical sort of plant
that would mean increased pros
perity and growth to this section
if established in Corvallis?
It 3s certain that nothing is so
much needed in this city as busi
ness establishments with generous
payrolls, that would provide em
ployment for men looking for
work, and in this case put to
practicil and profitable use the
products of the orchards and ga. -dens
of the farmers hereabouts.
The progressive farmers of
Southern Benton recognize the
possibilities of a cannery and are
determined to make an effort to
secure one. Poor old Corvallis
has so far failed to "get next"
A very general and hearty in
terest is being taken throughout
the county in the proposed school
Ycu will find everything suitable
for Holiday giving. We have
secured a selection of high class
and desirable gifts and you can
safely depend on the quality. You
need never feel ashamed of any
thing you give that you buy here.
From now on are holiday buying
days, but you are welcome to
look, as well as to buy. Make
your selections now, we will
store them for you and deliver
when you say desirable. Suit
able, sensible presents for men,
women and children.
No toys. Nothing to
childrens' Agricultuial Fair for
next year. Generous contribu
tions have been received from the
business men, and there are good
words irom everyone who would
naturally take an interest in the
matter, which .means every resi
dent in the county. It is first,
ast and all the time an affair of
the pesple, by the people and for
the people of Benton county.
For this reason, there has been
considerable criticism of the re
cent action of the county court
in refusing the use of the county
court room during the coming
fair, and also for donating only
fioo towards the fund, instead
of the $20C that was requested by
the committee. As the county
court represents the people of
the county and is not represent
ing any individual interests, it is
not quite apparent why the court
refused to aid fully a project that
is approved by the majority and
is certain to result in benefit and
financial gain to Benton county.
All kinds of grass seed for salr
at Zierolf's Timothy, clover and
orchard grass seed. 74tf
The best baker ever in Corvallis
ia Voeeburg, at Small'd Bakery.
Do Yea TEtank
Fop Yourself ?
Or. do. you open your mouth like a rounff
snilp down whatever food or mecli-
. be offered you ?
f' -
m Intelligent thinking woman.
In need oftelf f ;om weakness, nervousness,
pain and suXpVne. then it means much to
you that .theriS ov. tr'e pid rne hone--
flMlTfi Pg KTiqv: fftMPOSITTPN, Bold by
druggists for the cure of woman's ills.
The makers of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Pre
scription, for the cure of weak, nervous, run
down, over-worked, debilitated, pain-racked
women, knowing this medicine to be made up
of ingredients, every one of which has the
strongest possible indorsement of the leading
and standard authorities of the several
schools of practice, are perfectly willing, and
in fact, are only too glad to print, as they do,
the formula, or list of ingredients, of which
It is composed, in plain English, on every
'4? tJt Jt Jt
The formula of Dr. Pierce's Favorito Pre
scription will bear the most critical examina
tion of medical experts, for it contains no
alcohol, narcotics, harmful, or habit-forming
drugs, and no agent enters into it that is not
highly recommended by the most advanced
and leading medical teachers and author
ities of their several schools of practice.
These authorities recommend the ingredients
o?D?TierceFavorne' Prescription for tha
cure of exactly the same ailments for wh-'
this world-famed medicine is advised. ,
lp fi iff fjf if
No other medicine for woman's Uls has any
! such profession al endorsement as Dr. Pierce's
Favorite Prescription has received, in the un
qualified recommendation of each of its
several ingredients by scores of leading medi
cal men of all the schools of practice. Is
such an endorsement not worthy of your
consideration 7
A booklet of ingredients. wih numerous
authorative profesional endorsements by the
leading medical authorities of this country,
will be mailed free to any one sending name
and address with request for same. Address
Dr. R. V. Pierce. Buffalo. N. Y.
bird ahd
!na mow
oat. Everything to wear.
& Son.
How to Strengthen It so ThatIt
Will Act as it Should.
To enjoy both health and happiness,
it ia absolutely necessary that the
stomach and digestive organs should be
strong enough to properly digest the food.
It they are weak and inactive, the body
will soon he in a state of semis tar vation.
Nothing equals Mi-o-na stomach tab
lets ia biving strength and tone to the
whole digestive system. Use this rem
edy for a few days, and you ill find the
appetite keen, the digestion good, no
nausea or distress after eating, no sleep
lessness, no nervousness and the back
aches a-id headache that are the direct
results of a weakened stomach, will soon
be overcome.
Ask Graham Wells to show you the
guarantee which they give with every 5O
cent box of Mi-o-na. Itia the one remedy
they have enough faith in to guarantee.
That's It
Cough yourself into a fit of spasms ard
then wonder why you don't get well. II
you will only try a bottle of Ballard's
Horehound Syrup your cough wil 1 be a
thine of the past. It is a positive cure
for Couerhs, Influenza, Bronchitis and al)
Fulmonar diseases. One bottle will
convince you at vour druggist, 25c, 50c,
$1.00. Sold Dy Graham & Woriham.
Simple Way to Overcome the Dan
gers of this Dlsagreebie Diseae.
Stomach dosing in the hope of curing
cattarrh of the head and throat is useless
and often leads to serious stomach
trouble. '
Hyomei, breathed through a special in
haler that 'omes with every ouctit,
brings a medicated healing air to every
part of the nose and throat, killing all
catarrhal germs and soothing and eas
ing any irritation in the mucus mem
brane. A complete Hyomei outfit costs but
$1, extra bottles of H;omei, if needed,
51) cents, and Graham & Wells give us
personal guarantee with every : pack a ire
that monev will be refunded uole?s the
treatment cures.
The anuual election of officers of Cor
vallis lodge No. 14 A. F. & A. M. occurs
Dec. 19th. Installation will be held Dec.
27th. 1023
For Sale. 30,000 acres of land
in Lirictln ai,d Benton Counties.
Oregon, hlong the G. & E. R. R..
known as Road Lands, now ownea
by an Eastern Company. For
prices ami terms, call or address,
L H. Fish, West,-.:; Agent, Albany
Oregon. 78-
Tafcen op by underbigued at my place
5 -niles southwest ; of Philomath on the
Wagoner place on October 29, '00 one
Holstein cow brand O. on left hip blind
in right eye, J. H. Owens, Corvallis Or-
Market Report.
Eggs per dozen
Butter, creamery per roll
44 country per lb.
potatoes, per bushel
Spring chickens, live -
. 25c
- 9c.
" 7c.
- 08c
Hogs, dressed
Veal, 44
Wheat - -Oats
- - -
In addition to a large and complete
stock of Drugs and Medicines we have a
fine assortment of holiday goods, such as
Choice Perfumes, Toilet Articles, Fine
Stationery, Books, Musical Instru
ments and Pyrograph Outfits.
We also have the famous Edison
Phonograph, the wonder of the age,
with complete line of records, nothing
better for a holiday gift.
A call at our store will afford you
pleasure and profit.
Prompt attention to mail orders.
jj High grade goods a specialty. -. j
A. HOPE;S y.
Foreign and 'Domestic Groceries. 1
Confectionery, cigars, tobacco, wood ware, 8
willowware, stoneware, cutlery, notions,
fishing tackle, ground bone, oil cake meal
grass seed, bee supplies, J-
B Mail orders promptly filled. jj
Worth doing is worth doing well. If
you wish to be cured of Rheumatism use
Ballard's Snow Liniment and you will be
"well cured." A positive cure for
Sprains, Neuralgia, Bruises, Contracted
Muscles and all the ills that riesh is heir
o. A. G. M. Williams, Navasota, Texas,
"1 have used Snow'Linimeoi for sprain
ed ankle and it gave the best of satisfac-
ion. I always keep it in the house.
Sold by Graham & Wortham.
Favorite tonic is White's Cream Ver
mifuge, the cure for worms and all chil
dren's diseases. It not only kills the
worms, but removes tbe slime and mucus
in wbich tbey build their nests. Its ac
tion on the child is mild and leaves biro
in a healthy condition Joe Daniel. Sur
tnae, Tenn., shvs that be gave one of his
children White's Cream Vermifuge when
the doctor thought it had colic and from
the first dose the child passed 73 worms.
Sold by Graham & Wortham.
O. A. C.
Cleaning and
Pressing Parlors
Three doors north of Hotel Cor
vallis. Give me a call.
P. II. SWABB, Prop.
S. P. and 0. R. &
Chicago is 17 Hours Nearer b)
This Popular Columbia River Route
Franklin was right when he said,
"Lost time'ia never found again." The
O. R. & N. in addition to giving
yon 200 milesfalong the matrhlet-s Ool.
umhia River, saves von i7 hours to Chi
cago. It is the
Short Line 10 LewUton.
Snort Line to Palouse country.
ShorrLine to Spokane.
Short Line to the Coner d'Alene cun
tr. Snort.Line o Suit Lake City. -
Snort Line to, Denver.
Short Line to Kansas City.
Short Line to Omaha.
Short Line toJChicago.
Short Line to all points East.
Three trains east daily, 9 :30 a. m., 6 :
15 p. m. and 8.I5 p. m. The "Chicago
Portland Special" is as fine as the. finest.
Every comfort of home.
For particulars ask any agent of the
Southern Pacific Company or write
General Passenger Agent, Portland, Or.
Why Not Use Electric Lights?
Stop scratching matches on jour walL
Tnose streaky match scratches look
mighty bad on anywall. But as long as
you continue to use gas or oil you'ye got
to oBe matches.
The "matchless light" is the electric
light, a simple twist of the wrist does it.'
We are improving and perfecting our
lighting service in this city and can give
better service for less money than ever
in the history of the city.
The cost of wiring has been reduced
until it is within reach of all.
If you would like to know more about
it, call on us in our new office opposite
the O. J. Blackledge furniture store or
phone as, Ind. Phone 499.
Willamette Valley Co.
G. A. Clark-, Mgr.
Notice for Publication.
United States Land Office, Portland, Oreeron, Nov
ember 28th, 1906 .
Notice is hereby given that in compliance with
the provisions of tbe act of Congress of June 3,
lb78, entitled "An act for the sale of timber lands in
the States of California, Oregon, Nevada, and Wash
ington Territeiy," as extended to all thefpublic land
states by act of August 4, 1892 Fred Fortmiller of
Albany, Countv of Linn, State of Oregon, has this
dav filed in this office his sworn statement No. 7139
for the purchase ot tne sw J of section No. 3o in
Township No. 10, south range No. 6, west atd will
offer proof to show that the land sought is more
valuable for its timber or stone than for agricultural
purposes, and to establish his claim to said land be
fore Countv Clerk of Benton Countv at his office at
Corvallis, Oregon, on Saturday the 16th day of Feb
ruary l9o7.
He names as witnesses: ROBERT L. GLASS of
Corvallis, Oregon; JOHN JOHNSON, of Wren
Oregon ;M. J CAMERON, of Albany, Oregon; WIL-
..... inn r . I v-. "
ijiaoi itju, ui wreiiu, isregon.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the .above
described lands are requested to hie their claims in
thf office on or before said 16th day of February
People not Really Sick are OftenJVIost
In Need of Care
The people who are mostlv in need of
sympathy and medical care "are not those
who are really sick, but the ODes who
are dragging themselves around iuet
"out of sorts."
In nine cases out of ten thie condition
is tbe direct result of a weakened stom
ach, and when the digestive organs are
strengthened witu Mi-o-na there will be
no distress, dizziness, nausea, headache,
etc., and (he old time energy, force
strength and happy spirits will soon re
turn. Mi-o na is not a mere digestive. It
alwoiutely strengthens all the organs of
digesiion restores good appetite, strong
nerves and the power to digest any food
yon eat. J
A rtge x of Mi "na stomach tablets
is sold for 50 cents by Graham & Wells
with an aboelnfA tmannt.. .u .i.
Baiim tUU lilt?
money Jwill be refunded unless tbe re
medy cures. You run no risk in buvine
watches and lewAirv nf rVfa4VAme
9 m j - Aunvvuuno
the optician and jeweler. 84tf
Subscribe for the Gazette.
Fifteen words or less, 25 cts for three
successive insertions, or 50 cts per
month; for all op to and including ten
idditional words, i cent a word for each
For all advertisements over 25 words,.
1 ct per word for the first insertion, and
M ct per word for each additional inser
tion. Nothiag inserted for less than 25
Lodge, society and church notices,
ather than Btrictly news matter, will be
Jbarged for.
Oregon, on instalment plan and as
e"st purchasers to build homes on them
if desired. Address First National
Bank, Corvallis, Or.
Or., for spot cash, balance instal
ments, and help parties to build homes
thereon, if desired. Address M. S.
Wccdrovk, Ccrvailie, Or.
Vetersnas Smrqeor
DR. i. E. JACIIoGjtf, V ETiL Ri A ii i nt denti3t. Resicea. i 12X
Frurth itit. Phsae 3f9. 0e
1C1L Maia sue 1, phone 204. C-v-iim
! cal'.
suaj.eon. Rooms 14, Bank Build-
r lag.ySce Hours : 10 to 12 a. m , 2 to
1 ams Sts.'
j idence.
Telephone at effifte utd ree
Corvaffis, Osregon.
HpMiSe Decorating.
W. E. Paul, Ind. 488 Utf
; ment8 ; curbing made to order ; clean
ing and reparingdone neatly: save
? agent's commission. Shop North
?Main St.,Frank Vanhoosen, Prop. a2tt
j? i Office np etafrs in Zierolf Building.
j eei, ui aueiraciB in xenioii county
' i Qihce in Post Office Building, Corval
i - de, Oregon.
. WANTED 500 live eese before
tfye -first of November. Call or ad
dieistj Smith & Bouldeu, Corvallie,
Oregon. 84tf
to rent a dwelling adjoining Corvallis
who is a kind good workman with a
lea m of horses. 81-tf.
Gazette and Weekly Oregonian at
'? 2,55 per year.
WANTED Sixty tons of clean
vetch seed, and oats in car lots
load care at nearest railroad station.
Wanted clean Italian and English
Rye grass seed, can furnish gaso
line engine with cleaner and grind
er to clean for farmers. For sale
young cow, will be fresh soon, $25;
6-year-old horse for sale or trade. L.
Brooks.' Phone 155 Mountain
Corvallis, oregon, transacts a general
conservative banking business. Loans
money on approved security. Drafts
bought and Eold and money transferred
to tbe principal cities of the United
States, Europe and foreign countries.
Notice to Creditors.
j p. - v.. nuvsui 1 1 uiav uuii
ceru that the undersigned haa been duly appointed
w. uwihv win aim bcauimeiii oi jsmes
- VJ vv vwuui; VUUlb Jl .IKIl
tOn County, Oregon. All persons having claims
against the estate of said James P. McBee, deceas-
tv, ait ui-'iuj i ci(un cu tu present, me same, with
r-t - r , : vjiuu s uy iaw re
quired, within six months from the date hereof
to the undent! ff-npfl m.t hm- rMidano i 1 1 '
o- - . u VttlllS,
Oregon, or at the office of Mc Fad den and Bryson
attorneys, in tbe Pott office Buildinir. Corvallis. Or!
Dated at Con His, Oregon, this 21st day of
September, 1906. J
KxftoiltnY of t.ri T n af Will or. A T., '
" wuicuii ui jaiuef
P. McBee, deceased. ?gtf
for Job Work
Poley's Kidney Cure
a" kJdne? mi iistUer rltlu.