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From nearly every form of
foolishness those of good sense
may learn something. We. are
constantly forced to contemplate
some nonsensical fad or whimsi
cal fancy.
Sometimes these bits of fool
ishness are carried so far as to
act as a boomerang for the fad
dist and his sanity is questioned;
on the other hand, there is now
and then a fad in vogue among
those "who essay the nonsensical
that really does possess some re
deeming qualities. That which
is good people of common sense
retain and profit therefrom.
Feds and fancies are like
theories. They must be analized,
proved or disapproved, accepted
or rejected. The people who
start fads as a general 4 thing
have nothing better to occupy
their time or at least this is the
only way they do occupy it and
if we cannot profit in some de
gree from their foolishness they
will have lived in vain.
At present we are living in an
age of fads, fancies, theories,
"isms," and goodness knows
what not. At present the peo
ple are in a fever to build up the
race, particularly from a physi
cal standpoint. The outlandish
practices of some advocates of
physical culture are killing rather
than otherwise, and if those
pursuing them were not possess
ed of extraordinary vitality death
would have claimed them long
We have a thousand and one
things advertised in the way of
health foods, which are really of
no more worth than dried tur
nips, but which, on account of
their labels, sell like thunder.
But from all this foolishness
there is left the impress of a de
sire for more culture and greater
physical development. In this
desire we all acquiesce. It tends
to attract the minds of sensible
people to a channel by which
higher development, mentally
and physically, may be obtain
ed. In so far it is a good thing
for all of us that we have what
ii commonly called a "faddist."'
In contemplating the possibili
ties of human development, from
a physical standpoint only, we
cannot help wondering what
would be the ell?t on the race
if we were experimented on
properly? Suppose some human
wizard were to "bob up" and
start to wozk with all the enthu
siasm of Luther Burbank, the
man who has almost created a
new plant world, what would
happen? This is only a fancy.
The claim has been made that
it costs this country four hun
dred million dollars annually for
sm ; of our citizens to travel in
Europe. This seems an enor
mous .sum, so let us presume it
is o ily a quarter so large, or one
hundred million dollars. This of
itself is quite a bit of money to
pay for the good it does us.
The average parson who does a
'.Iyer" in the old world goes more
for the notoriety to be gained
than anything else. But this is
particularly their own business,
There are many commendable
rp.isnns frr o-ojn-r rr Eiivodp
Some go to the Fatherland toj
. . , , . , j j
v cw
are performing what may almost
be termed a duty. 1 hen, there
is a class who iro to studv, and !
this, too, is U These come
in contact vdtii new ideas, cus-J
toms, works of zrt, science and
beauty, and return to their na
tive land with something for
their people. They mingle with
the people" of the lands in which
they travel, learn their customs,
see how they live, discover their
possibilities. Even .the aspira
tions "of those of foreign lands
are brought to light, as well as
their hopes, fears and preju
dices. Ad of this is of value to those
who stay at home; the money
expended by a person on such a
tour is well spent. But those
who go for notoriety simply to
boast of the fact later when in
the midst of some social set have
simply cost the country so much
money and nothing more. He
who goes aVoad for what the
trip does for himself or his fel
lows has done wisely, but he
who goes on some excursion sees
nothing, so to speak, and no one
profits from the trip save those
in charge of the transportation
and certain Europeans who prey
upon well-to-do Americans.
What Corvallisites are Doing at
the Coast.
O. J. Blackled-e and family,,
E- C. Oggs and family, and Mr.
and Mrs. James Tedrow reached
Corvallis, Monday noon, atter a
three days' trip in from Yachaats
where they have spent the past
three weeks in camp.
Others from this city still at
the coast are B. W. Johnson,
Alex Rennie and E. E. Wilson
in one camp; A. J. Johnson,
family and' three guests; the Mc
Kellips and Taillandiers;
Mike Bauer and family; Frank
Strong and family, and others.
As the Blackledges came out
they met M. L Hubler and fam
ily and William Hull and family
going in.
Forest Smithson, the OAC
sprinter, has been at Yachaats,
and everyone there has had all
pleasure that an ideal camp life,
with plenty of fishing and hunt
ing can afford.
Alex Rennie has so tar won
the honors of his- party by slay
ing two fine deer, while Post
master Johnson angled four hours
and came to camp with 80 fine
trout. Another deer nas been
taken by E. E. Wilson, and the
boys are having a gay time
Mr. Ogg and family left on
the early train Tuesday morning
for Portland, and after brief visits
at Tacoma, Seattle and Spokane,
thev will proceed to their home
at Newton, Iowa.
Mr. Ogg is a man of means
and while there are four in the
family and that this vacation cost
him $Soo, he expressed himself
as well pleased with the trip, and
declared he had received the
vorth of his money.
Loss Not S" Heavy.
Arcording to the P.nlmd
Journal of Saturday he lort-st fires
near Detroit hive not bem so de
tructive as at first thought. The
Journal says: Damage by forest
fires in the Saatiam distnets are
notfo vast as at first reverted,
a:cording to government Forest
Inspector, D. D. Bronson. who
has returned to Portland after a
long fire-fighting expedition in
the Cascade mountains. The fire
swept over an area of approxi
mately 16 square miles, of which
the government owns about three
square miles. Fire is still burn-
me, out stowiv, on account ot a
copious rain mnr neiore last, ana
rangers are excreted to keep the
flames from spreading farther up
the Breitenush river, where con
siderable daraat: might be done
to merchantable timber.
'Most of the timber lost bv
the government in the Santiaui
fire was small trees," said Mr.
Bronson. "The Curti-s Lumber
company holds considerable land
in the burned-over district, but
in est ot the timher can be used if
cut within the next two years be
I Iore ine wood ioses us saP-
We nave the hie wen in con-
0Vh-J is' ''is u"
the Breitsnoush riv
ider control on
er, but is still
buinin 5 toward the ridges on the
,soulh and norlh of tbe Santiam
r: but there i little .there t $
be destroved because the timber
there has ali-.-u!v been fite
Fred Hall, an old-time Corvaids boy.
familiarly known in this city as "Fifty,"
is in very poor health at .Stockton, Caiif.,
where he and his wife ' have "resided for
several years. He baj tuberculosis, and
V : ;l?i;1h isfx peeled at any time.
A Quiet Wedding.
There was a quiet wedding at
the home of T: T. Vincent Sat
urday evening at seven - o'clock,
when Alverdos Butolph and Mrs.
Blanche M. Adams were united
in marriage. Only the neces
sary witnesses were present, and
the event was a surprise to friends
and relatives.
The groom is the manager of
the Woodcock dairy, west of
town, and is an honorable and
industrious gentleman. The
bride is a lady of good character,
possessed of many estimable
qualities. Congratulations are
extended by many friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Butolph will re
side for the present on the ranch
west ot this city.
Notice to
of City
Water rent will be due and payable in
advance at the office of the City Water
Works on the first day of each month,
and if not paid within the, .first ten days,
the water will be shut off until payment
is made of the amount due, and fifty
cents in addition for the expense of turn
ing water off and on.
Office of City Water Works ia located
on the lower floor of the city hall. Office
will be open during the first ten da b of
the month from 8 a. m. until 12 m. ard
from 3 p. m. until 6 p. m. First Satur
day evening in each month from 7 p.
m. until 9:30 p. m.
By order of Water Commissioners.
B. F. Buknett, Superintendent.
Independent phone 138. 71tf
A Valuable Agent
The glycerine employed in Dr. Pierce'a
medicines greatly enhances the medi
cinal properties which it extracts .-nd
holds in solution much better than alco
hol would. It also possesses medicinal
properties of its own, bcins a valuable
demulcent, nutriiivo, antiseptic and anti
fcrmont. It adds greatly to the efficacy
of the Black Chcrrybark, Golden Seal
root, Stono root and Queen's root, con
tained in "Golden Medical Discovery" In
subduing chronic, or lingering couchs,
bronchial, throat and lung affections,
for all of which these agents are recom
mended by standard medical authorities.
In all cases where there is a wasting
away of flesh, loss of appetite, with
weak stomach, as in the early stages cf
consumption, there can be 110 doubt that
glycerine acts as a valuable nutritivo and
aid3 the Golden Seal root. Stone root,
Queen's root and Black Cherrytark in
Sromotinjr digestion and building up tho
eshand strength, controlling the cough
and bringing about a healthy condition
of the whole system. Of course, it must
not oe expected to work miracles, it win
not cure consumption except in Its earlier
stages. It will cure very severe, obstin
ate, ciironic cougns, broucinai ana Jarynr
goaf troubles, and chronic sore threat
with hoarseness. In acuto coughs it Is
not so effective. It is in the lingering
coughs, or thoso of kwsg standing, even
when accomDanicd by bleeding from
lungs, that it has performed its most
marvelous cures. Send for and read the
little book of extracts, treating of the
properties and uses of the several med
icinal roots tnat enter into ur. jficrccs
Golden Medical Discovery and ler.r:i ivhy
this medicine has such a wide rango of
application in the euro of diseases. It is
sent free. Address Dr. .It. V. Pierce.
liuiralo, JV. 1. Tne "Discovery" con
tains no aieonoi or narmiui, naDit-iorni-ing
drug. Ingredients all printed on each
bottle wranner in plain English.
Sick people, especially those suffering
from diseases of long standing, are invited
to consult ur. l-'iorce Dy ioter, jree. ah
correspondence is held as strictly private
and sacredly confidential. Address Dr.
R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.
Dr. Pierce's Medical Adviser is sent free
on receipt of stamps to pay expense of
mailing orly. Send 21 one-cent stamps
for puper-co'vered, or 21 stamps for cloth
bound copy.
The End of the World
Of troubles that robbed E. H. Wolfe, f
Beaver Grove, Iowa, of siU iiae'iilnes
came when he beuan lakiuu Electric
Bitters. He writes: "Tvo years aio
kidney trouble cause'i me ureal yuTer
ing whii:h I wnnM nev?r have survived
IihiI I Dot taken Electric Bittern. Thtv
hIso cured me of general debility."
Stireeure for all ptnnwli. livpr and kid
nev complaints, blood diffuses, head
ai dizziness anil weakness or bodily
decline. Price 50 cents. Guaranteed by
Alien & Woodward, druggists.
in Self-Defense
Major Hanuc, ei'i'or and manager of ttip
OouMituMoi.slist, Eminence, Kv.. when
he was bitter v attacked, four years a:o
bv pile, htfiffht a box of Bucklen'n Ar
nica Salve, .t which he says: "It cured
tne in te:i cays sind no tronhlo ince."
Q'lickPSt heeler o!" hnrns, -orps. rut snd
wound?. Te-nty-!ive cents at AUen &
Woodward's c'lsj; tforp.
Children in Paia
Never cry us do children who sre snCer
iK from hnnupr. Such is t'-e c-anse of
all babies who cry and are treatei for
p'ekness when tliev really ar fifferin-
from hunger. Tliid is caused fr:m their
food not being asFinr.ilatPd but devoured,
by worms. A few doses t-f White's
Cream Vermifute will -ar,ne them w
ceape crying and b?!jin to thrive at oocp.
Give it a trial, bold by Graham ,&
A Mystery Suivsd.
"How to keep off periodic attacks ot
biltoii8oe$s and habitual constipation
w8 a'mystery that Dr. King's New Life
Pills sniypd for me,'' writes John .'.
Sieassnt of Magnolia, led The only
piils tbt. are guaranteed to jiva eatis
facti6n'"fteverybodyor money refunded.
Only-"25c at-Atleh -Woodward's drnz
THIS Celebrated Line of High-Grade
Garments for Ladies, Misses and Chil
dren will be shown by us this Season.
Ladies, it will pay you to wait and -see
4-! To
If you have 125 loads of manure to spread and yon are going to plant 25 scres'of corn or wheat,
or have a 25 acre meadow we will tell you how you can increase the value of your crop this year
from $4.00 to $8.00 per acre or more than enough to pay for a spreader. We issued a 48-page book
entitled "Practical Experience With Barnyard Manures," which explains the whole situation.
Our Plan is not a theory. It is an actual fact, backed np by actual experiments extending over
a period of 18 years. To give you an idea of what this book contains, we show results of experi
ments made with various crops where 5 loads of manure were spread per acre by the old method,
and 5 loads by the new method, on corn ground. Tbe latter shows a gain of 84.80 per acre. On
another field and in another state, it shows a gain of $5.60 per acre, and on a clover and timothy
meadow, a gain of S8.00 per acre. -
This Book will be sent free to anyone writing ns. It is worth $100.00 to yon, but it won't cost
yon a cent. If it doesn't do you any good, it won't do you any barm. Write us now and let us mail
it to you. It is brimming full of valuable information.
iflis ipiw
Spreads all kinds of manure, straw stack bot
toms andcommercial fertilizer regardless of their
condition. Spreads as much in a day as is men
can by hand. Spreads the largest load in 2 to 4
minutes. Makes the same amount of manure go
three times as fur and produce better results;
makes all manure fine and immediately avail
able for plant life.
Non-Bunchabie Rake forms a hopper, holds
all hard chunks in contact with beater until
thoroughly pulverized. '
Endless Apron is one continuous apron, (not
a K apron) therefore always re:tdy to load. You
don't have to drive a certain distance to pull it
back into oositicn after each load or wind it back
by hand ; it ii a great advantage in making Jong-
There Is no Gearing about our Endless Apron
to break and cause trouble, . it is always up out
of the way of obstructions as it does not extend
below axle. Spreads evenly from start to finish
and cleans out perfectly clean.
Hood and End Gate keeps manure away from
beater while loading ; prevents choking of beat
er and throwing out a bunch when starting and
acts as wind shield when spreading. It has a
graduating lever and can be regulated while in
motion to spread thick or thin, 3 to 25 loads per
Light IJraft because tne load is nearly equally
We pay 4 on time deposits, current
rates on savuigs cccounis, receive deposits
su'uif cl lo cheer:, and do a gentrd fcinx
ir.g business..
You cctj have t!ie cf
airorr; bins at your very doer by :s r..;
the c::!i
Zend i", ycur deposits. Acknowledg
ment w.'l Lc ser.'. j'3o by iciura mail.
Savings eeeounts received Worn one
dollar up.
Open an account with us and r.cte
how rapidly it will grow.
R. U DURHAM. Vice President
W. H FEAR. Secretary
247 Wash. St. Portland, Ore.
Write just these words on a postal card or in a letter 'Send me your book 'Practical Ex
perience with Barnyard Manures' and catalogue No.l?75S " They will be mailed to you free.
Do it now before you haul your manure or prepare for any crop. )
Smith Manufacturing Co., 162 Harrison St., Chicago
That's what a Spreader will do Iff
used as it should be.
fiance . Spraaisr
balanced on front End rear azles. The team is
as near the load as it can work. Front and rear
axles are the same length and wheels track;
beater shaft runs in ball and socket bearings,
therefore no friction. Beater is 23 inches in di
ameter, seal turns over when loading. Machine
turns in its own length.
Simplicity. There are only two levers on our
machine. One which raises the hood, locks it
and throws the machine in gear at the same time.
It can then be thrown in and out of gear without
lovrering the bood. One lever which changes
leed to spread thick or thin, making it so simple
that a boy who can drive a team can handle it.
Strength and Durability is one of the most
important points to be considered in a manure
1 spreader. The Great Western has a good, strong.
durable wheel. .xtra strong spoke and nm,
heavy steel tires. Strong, well braced box with
heavy oak sill. Oak tongue, hickory doubletrees,
malleable castings, gears and sprockets all keyed
on. Galvanized hood. Every part is made extra
strong, regardless of co.t. It is made for the man
who wants tht best, made in -four sizes, 35, so,
fo and too bushel caiacity.
Guarantee Should any part break, wear out or
get out of order withi" one year we replace free
of charge. Send for free catalog, showing latest
improvements. It tells how to apply manure to
secure best results.
, is tiio ossSy oftico in
GopvalSis that can
y eEaiives tho goads
5 We Can Show Yoh
. T tin,:, :j
f A WIsel
4t Z:1
i Merchant
Fifteen worda or less, 25 eta for three
successive lnseruona, or 50 eta per
month; for all op to and including ten
additional words, cent a word for each
For all advertisements over 25 words.
I ct per word for the first insertion, and
X ct per word for each additional inser
tion. Nothing inserted for leas than 25
Lodge, society and church notices,
other than strictly news matter, will be
charged for.
outfit and business consisting of 200
fowls, three incubators, one bone
grinder, one grit sunder, one clover
cutter. Cheap if taken eoon. R. F.
D. 3, Ind. phone 3. S. II. Moore,
Corvallis, Ore. 7t)tf
ble top bedroom suite.
Two-burner oil stove.
Box heating stove.
60tf S. L. Kline, residence.
Oregon, on instalment plan and as
sist purchasers to build homes on them
if desired. Address First National
Bank, Corvallis, Or.
Or., for spot cash, balance instal-'
mentis and help parties to build homes
thereon, i: desired. Address M. S.
Woodcock, Corvailis, Or.
Veterinary Surgeon
surgeon a uii dentist. Residence J 220
Fourth etreet. Phone 389 Office
1011 Main stieet, phone 204. Oive
him a call.
and Surgeon. Rooms 14, Bank Build
ing. Office Hours : 10 to 12 a. ra , 2 to
1p.m. Residence : cor. oih and Ad
ams Sta. Telephone at office and res
idence. Corvallis, Oregon.
House Decorating.
W. E. Paul, Ind. 488. l4tf
meats ; curbing made to order ; clean
ing and reparing done neatly: save
'agent's commission. Shop North
Alain St-, Frank Vanhooseu, Prop, 92tt
Orhce up stafra in Zierolf Building,
unly bet ol abstracts in Ben ton County
Oince in Post Omce .building, C v.i val
js, Oregon.
OiAZETTE and Weekly Oregonian at
$2.55per year.
oata and wheat; will ship 1oin neineet
R. R. station Sacks furnished; those
not used returned free. Have cleaner
and grinder logo to your laini and
clean eed and grind screenings it
saves $3 ier day for a man and to am
hauling. Get others' prices, then get
mine. Yours for businets, L. L.
Corvallis, Oregon, transacts a general
conservative banking business. . Loans
inonty on aJ:,proed Fecnriiy. Drafts
nought nd foldanl money transterred
to the principal cities o( the United
States, Europe and foreign countries.
Reduced Rates.
Offered for the East by the S. P.
Company. Corvallis to Chicago and re
turn, $73.95; St. Louis, 09.93 ; Milwau
kee, $72.15; St, Paul and Minneapolis,
$62.45; Sioux City, Council Bluffs,
Omaha, St, Joseph, Atchixson, Leaven
orth and Kansas City, $62 45.
Sale dates: June 4, 6 7, 23 and 25;
July 2 and 3; August 7, 8 and 9; Sep
tember 8 and 10.
Limit going, lo days; return limit,
9o days, but not after October 31. v42tf
r :
.. Don't Grumble
When your joints ache and you suffe,
from rheumatism. Buy a bottle of Bal
lard's Snow liniment and get instant re
lief. A positive cure for rheumatism,
burns, cuts, contracted muscles, sore
chest, etc. Mr. I. T. Bogy, a promi
nent merchant at Willow Point, Texas, :
says he finds Bail ard's Snow Liniment
tbe best all round liniment be ever used.
Sold by Graham & Wortham i ; .-
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