Corvallis gazette. (Corvallis, Benton County, Or.) 1900-1909, August 03, 1906, Page 3, Image 3

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Mrs. H. S. Pemot ami daughter,
Dorothy, tft Wednesday for a so
journ at Newport.
Walter Wiles and family expect
ed t: leave yesterday for a pleas
ore trip to Cascadia.
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Wells ar
rived home Monday evening from
an ootiDg at Caecadia.
A new awning was stretched at
-Hotel Corvallis, Tuesday, that adds
materially to the coolness of the
Subject at the Church of Christ
next Sunday morning, "Where is
s Your 4aith?" Evening, "Christ in
T. H. Weilsher and family leave
Monday for a ten days' visit to re
latives in Seattle and - Gray's Har
bor, Wash. -
Miss Virgie Owens left yesterday
for her home at Monmouth, after
a visit with Miss Florence Maxfield
in this city.
William Baker and family who
have been camped in Alsea valley
for a couple of weeks, are to return
home Saturday.
There will be Bible school and
morning service at the Presoyterian
church'. Subject of sermon, "Un
recognized Decay."
The passenger traffic over the C.
' & E. is very heavy just at present.
Many pleaBure-seekers are going
and coining from the coast.
. . Mrs. Walter Taylor and children
are camped uk Sulphur Spring and
are having a fine outing. They
. will be absent several weeks.
Sunt. G. W. Denman and family i
arrived home a couple of days ago
from Alsea where for several weeks
they communed with nature.
. . , Harold Strong has been in Dallas
. several days this week, on business.
It it rumored that he is looking . for
a suitable location for a branch
J. C. Looney and family arrived
Wednesday from Monroe and have
- taken possession of the Mason house
on Tuird stieet, recently vacated by
Mrs. Downer.
Mieses Cecil and .Louise Irwin
'have established bachelor, girl quar-
ters at'the Crees home for the ootn
ing winter. They moved into their
new apartments this week.
At the meeting of the Coffee
Club this week, a duet by Mrs. M.
"S. Woodcock and Mrs. E. R. Like,
and a vocal solo by Mrs. Taylor
were features much enjoyed. Dainty
'refreshments were served 'and a
'social time enjoyed.
Vance Taylor, the smiling clerk
i at Harris' drygoods store, left yes
terday, for a ten days' vacation.
: His destination is not known, al
though it, is surmised that he1 will
fpnn pood pnrt of the time in
h foothills juiii west of tew ii.
A iw lurch counter and short
ord'rr .l'ou'-'e i just startir g up in
busiiiexx in this city. Jespe Wilev
is the proprietor and the counter is
located . at Jesse's well-knrwn
stand on Main street. F. T. Wil
son will be chef and manager.
A party left yesterdav for Mary's
Peak, for a two days' trip. Thope
in the crowd were Mieees Edna
Groves, Frances Belknap, Nellie
McPherson of Wasco, and Gertrude
Davis of San Francinco; Messrs.
Frank Groves and Roy Hollen
berg. Little Miss Ella Felton was yiv-
en a birthday surprise party Tues-
day afternoon at the home of herl
brother.Ed Felton, Jr. A number
of guett enjoyed the happy occa
sion, and all joined in wishing th
youthful hostess many returns of
the day.
The members of the Home Mis
sionary Society of the M. E. church
were very pleassntlv entertained at
the home of Mrs. Groves WedneE
day afternoon . Thero wa? an in
teresting program and dainty re
freshments as features of entertain
ment. Contrary to the usual custom,
which has been to close the church
durine the summer, the Congrega
tionalisms propose ta hold services
Sunday mornings until further
notice. Preaching by the pastor
Sunday at eleven and Sundav
school at the usual hour. No
evening service.
W. J. Kaerth and wife are to
leave the middle of this month for
Dallas to reside, Mr. Kaerth having
accepted a position at a more lucra
tive salary in a mill at that place.
Mr. Kaerth has been employed in
the capacity of bookkeeper in Cor
vallis for nearly two years, first in
the First National Bank and more
recently at Strong'e Baw mill. He
is a very capable man, a thorougK
gentleman, and both he and Mrs.
Kaerth have made . many friends in
this city who regret their decieion
to make their home elsewhere.
i Dr. Lowe, he optician, wi'l be
1 in Corvaiiis August the S and 9.
J. M. Nolan and family left Wed
nesday for a two week's outing at
Mrs. At A. Dolph aud children
are p-if-siog the summer quietly at
Hood Rive;.
Rv. C. L. McC iualand of this
cuy nas oeen in noseourg mis
i 1 l ' W 1 A . 7
week, on business.
Virgil Walters was in PdHland,
Wednesday, on a business trip. He
returned tne same evening.
Haman Bilyeu left Tuesday for
the Bohemia mines, where he has
employment and will spend-the
Mrs. Jack Garret of San Fran
cisco, came out from the Bay this
week to have dental work done in
this city.
Mrs. Amelia Schubert and sister,
Mies Delpha Heanel, returned Wed
nesday from a few days' outing at
the coast.
Mrs. E. Airen and Miss Edna
left Tuesday for their annual out
ing at Newport. They will be ab
sent a month.
Mrs. E. Gerhard and Mrs. Deli
lah Houck left Wednesday for a
two weeks' camping trip in the
hills west of Monroe.
Mr. and Mrs. John Smith, Mr. and
Mrs. Off Wilson and sons, and Lester
Smith left yesterday for a two
week's outing at Cascadia.
Miss Elsie Reed has gone to
Salem to accept employment. She
has been for some lime engaged at
the Commercial restaurant in this
Mrs. M. D. Hall, who has been
in iL health for many months, was
taken to Portland, Tuesday,
to enter a sanatorium for treat
ment. Miss Mattie Strong left Tuesday
for Portland to resume work in an
office in which she is employed.
She has been in Corvallis on a visit
to her parents.
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Moses and
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wood return
ed Monday eyening from a trip to
the Cascade mountains, near De
troit, where they have been camp
ing for several weeks.
A line Advance thresher engine
and numerous other fixtures for
the outfit arrived over the S. P.
-Monday: night.-- The machine is
the property of Samuel Reader of
Bellefountain who was in Corvallis,
Tuesday, to get it.
The . lightning Saturday night
did several stunts in various parts
of Benton. In a field belonging to
Mr. Fisher, north of town, a cow
was killed, and the ground was
literally ploughed up by the light
ning at the spot where the ' animal
was electrocuted.
.Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Billings of
Ashland arrived Monday evening,
and Tuesday afternoon in company
with the A. W. Herbert family,
ief i for Newport. The Herberts
will he absent about ten days, but
Mr. and Mrs. Billings will remain
far an indefinite length of time.
J. E. Banton, formerly of Alseii
but now in business at London, in
Lan ci ucty, was in Corvallis,
Tuesday. H had been in Alsea
s-vral days Htid while there sold
his farm of 100 acres, and was en
route back to Line county. . Mr.
Banton txpress-s himself as we'l
pleased with his change f location.
Amy Cameron and sister, Miss
Nellie, chaperoned a party of young
pepl Tuesday evening at a "sun-
4 set picnic, to Avery s grove. Luo-
cheou wad served under the trees
and a big bonfire furnished light
and warmth for the scene. : About
15 guests enjoyed the occasion and
all report a merry time
Mr. Splauro, who had been in
Corvallis for several days looking
for a location, left Tuesday for
Dallas, from which place he will re
turn to Junction City to join hi
daughter. Mr. Splaum is a widower
of means, and as he expressed him
self as highly pleased with Benton
county, it is almost certain that he
will return here to locate.
Silas Jones, rf San Francisco, is
the first trip he has mads for his
firm, the Hromada candy companv,
since the big earthquake. This
company lost its plant in the dis
aster and is only now beginning to
send its men out on the road again.
Mr. Jone3 is a popular salesman
with Corvallis firms.
Mr. and Mrs. Benson Starr, who
have spent the winter in Pasadena,
Calif., for the benefit of the latter's
health, have purchased a lot in
that city and are now erecting a
residence, expecting to maka their
permanent home in Pasadena. Mr.
Starr, who is a splendid singer, is
chorister in the . , M. E. . church
there, the choir consisting, of
40 voices. This church has a seat
ing capacity of 2500, with stan ding j
1 uuuj iir ouvj mure.
Paid A Fine to Deputy Game
Wardens, in Alsea.
Deputy Game Warden J. D.
J Wells was over in Alsea valley
j last week and the stoiy is that he
!got in some lively detective work
I -.
in his line. As reported the tale
goes like this:
I. H. King, a :prominenjt Ports,
land real -estate man, and Mr.
Wanh and two sons of Salem,
were among the campers m the
valley last week. "Besides Deputy
Wells, there was another; game
warden named Chamberlain,
from Eugene, in the same : Vicin
ity. For same reason the officers
suspected that - King - and 4 ..the
Wanns were dining on venison
in defiance of the law, and th e
game wardens watched for ran
opportunity and swooped down
upon the camp one evening, find
ing, as they suspected," a fine,:
dressed deer hung up near the
An arrest of Mr. King followed
but he put up $25 bail and prom
ised to appear in Waldport next
day to stand trial.
On the following day Mr. Wells
and Mr. Chamberlain were in
Waldport and while waiting for
Mr. King to appear, the Wann'
boys were confronted with the
situation and plead guilty to
the charge ot killing the deer,
paid the fine of $25 and $1.50
Justice fees and the case was set
At this juncture, however, Mr.
King arrived and when informed
as to the plea of "guiltv" that
had been entered, was highly in
dignant and proposed to stand
trial in spite of all. When in
formed by the game wardens,
however, that he would then be
arrested for having had
the deer in his possession, and
that another fine of $25 would
have to be paid by him, he decid
ed to let the matter drop. Thus,
the crowd got off for $26.50, and,
the chance are that the lesson
to them will, be well worth the
price. One of the Wann boys at-
tenaea uau last year.
Additional Local.
Mrs. Neil Newhouse and daugh
ter, Miss Lulu, left yesterday for a
month's 'stay ' at Newport.
Teams wanted at once to haul
wood. P. A. Kline.
Buy your harvesting outfits at
Nolan's. Complete stock at bot
tom prices. 62-72
M. E. church, South, Sabbath
school at ten a. m. The regular
church services morning and even
ing. Subject of sermon at eleven,
"The Divine Teacher."
Photos :First-cIass work, guar
anteed to please, at "Corvallis Stu
dio." , ,56-tf
Jesse McHenry left yesterday for
Eastern Oregon, having disposed of
his interest in the City Meat Mar
ket , to Mr. Swingier. Mrs. Mc
Henry remains in Corvallis for the
For Sale Eleven 2-year olds and
three yearlings; grade Hereford
W. H. Dean, Pnone Bellefountain
Exchange. 63tf
The first, -hunter's! ' ice n so -to be
issued in this county to a iiou-resi-r
dent was 'given by Clerk Vincent,
Wednesday, to E. C. OggJ This
license costs a non-jresident $10.
During the month of July twanty
hunter's iicenses were issued in this
Notice to Farmers. I am in tne
market for clover, vetch, cheat al
falft and timothy delivered f. o b.
c irs. If farmers or dealers having
hay to offer will kindlv write me
stating tbe amount and quality of
the hay they have to sell. Ad
dress G. W. Simpson, 201 Wash
ington street, Portland, Ore. 63tf
Alva Miner has been awarded
the contract for repainting the old
school building. The work is to be
completed by September 1st, and
Mr. Miner does the job for $225.
The material is to be furnished by
R. H. Huston. White has been
selected as the color for the build
ing and the improvement will be a
very noticeable one in that part of
the city.
Arthur Hall, the younger son of j
Mr. and Mrs. "Pap" Hall, formerly
of Corvallis,, is visiting old-time
friends. He arrived Tuesday hav
ing accompanied Mrs. S. N. Wil
kins on . her return from Hood
River, The Dalles and Portland;
Arthur, as a small boyi had many
warm friends in . Corvallis, - all . of
whom are glad to see him, and wh 6
will try to make his two weeks
stay as enjoyable as possible.
Arthur is now 12 yiars old. '
Miss Emma Thompson left yes
terday morning for Portland to be
with her mother and sister for a
while. The latter, Mrs. A. F.
Peterson, was the subject of a sur
gical operation in a Portland hos
pital, Wednesday, and while she
e-tood the operation very well and
rallied from the effects of the an
aesthetic, fears are entertained by
the family that she may not re
cover, aa in a former operation her
life was despaired of ' for some time
" For Sale Vetch,' oat 'and cheat
bay. Inquire W. C Metcaif, Ind.
Phone 723. . 57 if.
. " Remember Nolan's Mid-Summer
Sale will close Saturday
evening, August Ijth, at nine
o'clock. ., . . 64-66
About Poor Farm.
-Following is an interesting item of
business transacted by the county court
at its last session: :: . . . j
, Now at this time came on regularly to
be heard and considered the matter of a
tract of land purchased -by Benton Coun
ty on May 21, 1906, described as Claim
No. 45, T. 12 8., .Ri: 5:W;t ia Benton
County, Oregon, containing 160 acres
and for a consideration of $5,400, as
shown by the records on page 215, book
No. 45, Record of Deeds for Benton
Count), Oregon, and said to have been
purchased by the County as a place on
which ta keep our county poor. On July
11, 1906, the present county court . went
out to said farm and made personal ex
amination of the land aud its buildings,
and among other things, to consider its
adaptability to the purpose for(' which it
was intended when purchased. ;
, Now, having fully considered this mat
ter, this court does not consider it advis
able or for tiie best interests of Benton
County to expend of the county tundsan
additional amount necessary ; to erect
suitable buildings and make such other
improvements as would be necessary to
prepare the place for a Comfortable home
for our county charges. The court fur
ther considers that a small tract of good
land suitable for . pardening as better
adapted to this purpose. Therefore, it is
ordered that the County Judge be, and
he is hereby authorized to receive offers
to purchase or to rent Said farm and to
report the same to this court at its next
regular term. : : V
The Best JlMranfy of Merjt
Is Open Publicity.
Every Iwttle of Dr. Pierce's world
famed medicines leaving the great labo
"ratory at BulTaio, N. Y., has printed
upon its wrapper "nil the Ingredients
entering Into its composition.. This fact
alono placos Dr. Pierco'S Family Medi-
" ciii'-is in. n ci'x.ntiUl hy themselves. They
cannot bo clawM with ; patent or secret
. tnod!cinc-i bcoausn thoy are neither. .This
Is why $0 many unprejudiced physicians
, prescribe them ana recommend them to
their patient. They know what they
are composed of, and that the ingredients
are those endorsed by the moat eminent
medical authorities.
The further fact that noither Dr.
Pierco's Golden Medical Discovery, the
croat , stomach tonic, liver, invisorator,
heart regulator and blood purifier, nor hia
"Favorite Prescription 'for weak, over
worked, broken-down, norvous women,
contains any alcohol, also entitles them
to a place all by themselves.
Many years ago, Dr.' Pierco discovered
that chemically pure glycerine, of proper
strength, is a better solvent and preserv
ative of the medicinal principles resid
ing in our indigenous, or native, medi
cinal plants than is alcohol; and, further
more, that it possesses valuable medicinal
properties cf its own, being demulcent,
nutritive, antiseptic, and a .most efficient
ant; ferment. ? , .-' - -
Keither of the above medicines con
tains alcohol, or any harmful, habit
forming drug, as "will be seen from a
glance at the formula printed on each
bottle wrapper. They are safe to uso and
potent to cure.
Not only do physicians prescribe "10
above, non-secret medicines largely, but
tho most intelligent people omploy then
-peoplfl who would not think 01 using
' the ordinary patent, or secret medicines.
Every ingredient entering into the com
position of Dr. Pierce's medicines, has
the strongest kind of an endorsement
from leading medical writers of the
several schools of practice. ; No other
medicines put for like purposes has
any such, professional, endorsement. ;
"i - Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets crc con
stipation. Constipation is the cause ot
many diseases. Cure the eauso and yon
, cure the-disease. One "Pellet" is a gentle
laxative, ani two a mild cathartic nrup-
gists soil lUrtia, and nothing is "jtui id
good." Easy to take as candy.
For Those
Who Work
Round Stables or
, in ths Fields..
There are no better
1 ' Shoes made than th j ;
Built pf;the best material
" known and finished in a man
ner that bids defiance to
'r wear. Sold by . - ; : w
; The only exclusive Men's
Furnishing store in town. A
: few summer suits left at 20
pereent diseoant.' : -- ',-
i " Corvallis, Oreeon
IncL Phone lStCAUiVXLZ
Mason's Fruit Jars, any size, pints, quarts frv R
.or half saltans, ner dozen. . ............. " it
(One dozen
Extra Rubber Rings, the 10
, pjer dozen
Ladies' and Boys' Hop-picking Gloves, per' pair
only... ...... ...........
Men's Hop-picking Gloves,
. (One pair to
Call in Person. No
..S. L. KLINE..
Established 1884 Corvallis, Oregon,
ThB PeopBe's Store
And for 30 days we will offer the entire stock of Dry
Goods Boots and Shoes, Clothing, etc;, at extra special
prices. .
20 yards of Calico . ... ..... .$1.00
15c, 20c and 25c Summer Goods . . . . . ...... . .10
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lic wilh Ices, Water ices, Creams, Sher
bets, and everything in this line.
SIPCIAX fancy orders
For social functions solicited. Wecaterto
the whoie public aud guarantee the best
at reasonuDle prices. When you want
anythiiix in our line remember us.
. Onrn vn special free delivery to any part
u :: '' tiie cy large or small quantities.
t?C:?a.pOLKA.OOT.eANS.Wjt igg
i a
August 4th
to each family.)
- cent kind, for only ESft '
V ,.
per pair .
each person.)
'Phone Orders Filled
inour ad, , it is so'
S corvalus, oregon
Pure, raw linseed oil
costs less than " ready
mixed' 1 paint, but when
mixed with thick
pigment, gallon for gallon , it
makes, the best paint, for the
least money. ;
.-Jv "- j For Sale by - - t
. r CoPvaltis,' Oregon m i