Corvallis gazette. (Corvallis, Benton County, Or.) 1900-1909, July 17, 1906, Page 3, Image 3

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Born. Thursday, to Mr. and Mr3.
H. C. M tngas, a son.
M.M.Long epent Sunday with
a friend in Monmouth.
Fred Strake of Alsea was a Cor
vallis business visitor Friday.
Clarence Whiteside was the Sun
day guest of a friend near Dallas.
Supt. Dnman left Saturday for a
two weeks' outiDg in Alsea valley.
Harold Woodcock arrived home
Friday night from a ten day's visit
in Portland.
Wade Malone, the Alsea mer
chant, was a business visitor in Cor
Yallis Saturday.
Justice Boles of Pliilomath was
among those who paid Corvalli's a
friendly visit Friday.
William Newman, a well-to-do
farmer of Irish Bend, was a visitor
in Corvallis Saturday.
Miss Margaret Herron of Irish
Bend was the guest of Corvallis
friends the last of the week.
Richard ' Turner and daughter
expected to leave yesterday for a
visit with Eastern Oregon relatives.
John McGee left B'riday to be at
the bedside of his daughter at Col
flax, Waeningtonl who was at the
point cf death.
Fred Clark expects to leave this
week to join his wife in Baker City
and to viait relatives in various
parts of Eastern Oregon.
A. L- Stevenson and wife moved
the last of the week into their
newly purchased home just west
ot the Dr. Ptrnot residence.
Hugh Baldwin of Winlock, Wash.,
a prominent mill man in his section,
was in Corvallis Saturday, the
guest of his cousin, Harley Hall.
Mrs. Clarence Albin of Philomath
expected to return to 'her home in
Philomath yesterday, after a visit
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
M. Burns p.
A new house is nearing comple
tion on the O. L. Davis farm west
of town. It is a neat, modern
structure and adds much to the
appearance cf the farm.
M. M. Long sold a cat load of last
year's baled hay, Friday. Th pur
chaser was Ira Bodine, and the car
was shipped to the coast' after be
ing loaded at Philomath. ...
At the Christian church Friday
night a reception was given to the
new members. Ice cream was ser
ved and a good crowd of church
people enjoyed the event.
Chas. S. Seeley was in Corvallis,
Friday, and made final proof on
his homestead in Alsea. His wit
nesses were Willis Vidito, Thomas
Vidito, Thos. J. Cams and Virgil
Henry Howell, a former Corvallis
boy and a graduate of OAC, was in
Corvallis Friday, having arrived
from Portland where he took the
civil service examination. He left
on the afternoon train for his home
in Toledo.
The lemon famine, mentioned else
where in these columns, brought
the price of lemonade up to 10 cents
a glass at local counters. Drum,
mers inform dealers that by the
last of this week it will be impos
eiole to secure lemons at all.
Mrs. O. W. Beckwith and daugh
ter Cora left Saturday for Portland
for a two weeks' stay. Mrs. Beck
with is a delegate to the Grand
lodge, Degree of Honor, which
meets in that city the 17th, 18th
and 19th, and Miss Cor is to visit
Frank Bullis has been awarded
the contract fjr carrying the mail
between Corvallis and Philomath,
and road h:s firt trip Yesterday.
The beryice is n days per week,
and conforms with the arrival of
early trains between Albany and
There was a lemon farniue
in Corvallis the past faw days.
They could not be had by local deal
ers, as the supply in Portland was
insufficient to meet the demand. The
condition is attributed to the scarc
ity of lemons this year and to the
increased demand due to the ex
tremely hot weather.
It is Already apparent that rent
houses will be in greater demand
in Corvallis this fall than ever be
fore and at a higher rate of rent.
There are few houses in town now
that are not spoken for, and indi
cations point to a greater demand
than in previous years, although
all house3 are filled each autumn.
The druggists who had been in
attendance at the annual pharma
ceutical convention over at Newport
last week were in Corvallis at the
noon hour, Friday. It was the in
tention of Prof. McKellips to ban
quet them Friday evening at Hotel
Corvallis, but they were ia a Lurry
to get back to their , places of busi
ness and did hot stay over, "i i
Irs. Frank Isabel returned home
Fr ay from a two weeks' outing at
Ne port.
Torn Reader and Robert Pfouts of
Bel'efountain were in Corvallis,
Friday, on business.
Mrs. Kate Tiedeman-Hewitt of
Portland has been the guest for sev
eral days of her aunt, Mrs. Phillip
Levi Wooster was overcome by
the heat Friday to the extent of be
ing unable to work, and hi3 dray
was operated by A. Kyle.
Jesse Simpson of Monmouth was
an over-Sunday visitor at the W. P.
Ireland home in this city.
Mrs. T. K. Fawcett and children
arrived home Saturday from a two
weeks' outing at Newport.
Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Kline arrived
home yesterday morning from an
extended business visit in San Fran
cisco. Miss Mabel Baker left. Saturday
for her home in , Albany, after a sev
eral weeks' visit with her cousin,
Miss Mabel Wood, in this city.
Miss Linnie Small and her uncle,
Garret Long, returned home Friday
from a visit in Linn county, thirty
miles from Corvallis, with relatives.
J. H. 'Leipar, field secretary of
the Sabbath ..siociation, left Friday
for McMinnville, after spending
Beveral days in Corvallis looking
after work in his field.
John C. Ball made final proof
before Clerk T. T. Vincent, Friday,
on his homestead. The witnesses
were Ernest Sapp, Thomas Taylor
and G. S. Ross.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Heckart
gave a delightful lawn party Friday
to a number of young friends. The
usual features were enjoyed and
light refreshments were served.
Before Clerk Vincent, Friday,
Johan Strok made final proof on
his Alsea homestead. The witnesses
were G. T. Vernon, T. J. Phillips,
M. J. Vernon and D- M. Cams.
The Gazette was misinformed rel
ative to the city marble works being
operated by Archibald and Van
hoosen, as Frank Vanhoosen is sole
proprietor of the establishment.
Miss Stella Myers arrived home
the last of the week from a two
weeks' visit with relatives at Mc
Minnville. The young lady re
sides near Bruce, in Southern Ben
ton. -
Mrs. Du Moulin moved Saturday
from the place she has been occu
pying across the river, to her recently-
purchased residence, the
"Bill" Francisco property in north
Marion Watkins, a mail carrier
of Portland, who has been at his
home near Philomath nursing an
attack of measles, was in Corvallis,
Friday, enroute to Portland to re
sume his duties.
Mrs. J. Fred Yates lef' Saturday
for an outing of several weeks at
Cascadia. She was "joined yester
day by her sister, Mrs. W. A. Wells,
and latjr Mrs Walter Wiles will be
a member of thecamp.
About one hundred members of
the Epworth and Junior Leagues of
the M. E. church enjoyed the social
given them at the church Friday
evening hv Rev. and Mr--. Feese.
A very happy time is reported.
David Junkin has returned
home from a trip through Eastern
Oregon. He resides a few miles
east of Corvallis. In the country
visited bv him, Mr. Junkin states
that the hot. winds are ruining the
crops, and that the damage will be
Miss Etta Wrenn, a teacher of The
Dalles, arrived Friday night and is
a guest of Miss Helen Holgate. Mies
Wrpnn is a daughter of John Wrenn.
a Benton count' pioneer, who re
sided, in years gono by, a mile or
two south of Corvallis. Of a f&rr
ilv of twelve children, eleven are
still living.
Mr Stubbiefield of Burns, East
ern Oregon, arrived in Corvallis the
last of the week with 50 head of
bunchgrass horses. He was located
on ths fiat with the band, one of
which he sold to a resident for $125.
Mr. Stubbiefield expected to go on
to Dallas, Saturday, where he had
secured pasture for the horses.
W. G. Emery finished exporting
the books in the sheriff's office Sat
urday noon. With the use of the
new adding machine, the task was
accomplished in three and a half
days, and during this time the books
of County Superintendent Denman
wera also gone over. One column
of figures SO feet long and another
column 40 feet long were added by
the machine in a few hours last week
and after checking and rechecking
the long list the books and column
lacked but 62 cents of balancing,
Sheriff Burnett having paid 62
cents too much to the county. The
task of experting. the jQther., books
is now in progress over at the court
bouse. o,-' , v,
A letter from Flank Hubler and
Cash Bryant, who left Corvrilis &
couplft of weeks ago, states that they
are now working witb combined
harvester aboui 45 miies from Co -fax.
Was-.. They 8tte they have
a sixty-days' jb at $3 pe' day and
I For economy fruit jars see Zie
irolf. . 53tl
Teams wanted at once to haul
wood. P. A. Kline. 53tf
Mrs. S. A. Mellen and daughter
of Salem are guests at the home of
of the former's sister, Mrs. W. P.
Ireland. Mrs. Mellen's husband,
W. A. K. Mellen, was postmaster at
Corvallis away back in '64 or there
abouts. Economy fruit jars are found at
Zierolf's. 53tf
Photos First-class work, guar
anteed to please, at "Corvallis Stu
dio." 56-tf
Mrs. A. J. Hall arrived at her
home in Polk county, Saturday, hav
ing been at the home of her son,
Dr. J, F. Hall, in Albion, Wash.,
since early in the spring. She is
considerably improved in health,
although not yet fully recovered.
Economy fruit jars for sale a
Zierolfs. . 53tf
For Sale Vetch, oat and cheat
hay. Inquire W. C. Metcaif, Ind.
Phone 723. 57 tf.
News has just been received in
Corvallis that Miss Edna Smith,. of
the '05 class at the OAC, and Will
Montgomery have been married at
Silver Lake. Just when the happy
event occurred was not- learned.
Miss Smith was a very popular
student and a basket ball player.
Large hardwood lard barrels $1
each at Smalls'. 55 tf
$50 buys a small separator and
10-horse power threshing machine.
W. H. Dean, Monroe, Or. 58tf
Librarians for Benton County
Schools Who They Are.
Under the Library law passed
at the last session of the legisla
ture, Snp't Denman has ap
pointed the following librarians
of the several school districts of
the county:
R. N. Williamson, H-Seifert, M. Rod
gers, T. B. Williamson, G. R. Ballard,
W. A. Schmidt, Lee Steprow, A. R.
Locke, W. A. Buchanan, C.Wilde, E. E.
Switzer, A. ANewton, Walter Kisor,
A. M. Gray, J. O. Wilson, W. H. Boles,
J. M. Gilman, J. A. Tadlock, Geo.
Winters, Jno. Whiteker, A. Buchanan,
H. C. Herron Wm. Brian, C. Tracer,
C. Trenholm T. J. Child's, M. H. Whit
by, A. M. Bailey, J. S. Goviter, B. C.
Wyatt, Storm. Stromts, S. N. Warfield
W. H. Hammeisly, Oliver Peacock, Jos.
Bryant, Thos. Taylor, W. R. Read, O.
S. Buntin, D. Ross Barclay, Max Wink
ler, D. J. Hood, J. P. Aoderson H. H.
Pament, Henry Hanrm, H. J. Reece,
Jas. IVatBon, H. G. Hastings, C. P. Wil
lis, W. P. Hash, C. G. Davis. H. HortoH,
Emma Gellatly, I. T. Houston, Jas.
Franklin, S. Bowen.
Improving Stage. ,
Theatre-goers will be surprised oq vis
iting the opera house when this building
is opened to the public on the appear
ance of the first attraction next fall.
Frank Grove3, manager of the opera
house, is spending quite a bit of money
in having new scenery painted.
The main drop curtain will prove a
revelation. All remember the old cur
tain, which was good the new one is
far finer and more attractive. J. M
Deeds, of Eugene, painted the old cur
tain two or three years ago and he is the
artist at present engaged. The new drop
curtain is completed and the scene rep
resented is Mt. Rainier from Lost Lake
it is beautiful and a silent testimonial to
the ability of Mr. Heeds.
In addition to the above-mentioned
curtain Mr. Deeds will paint the grand
draperies and tormentors. He expects
to complete the task by the last of the
week. In this connection it is proper to
state that Mr. Groves will book only first
class attractions for the coming season.
Nearly all his bookings will be eastern
Old Order Rescinded.
Heretofore an order of the countv
court has been in force to the effect that
all claims of Benton county road super
visors must be published in a newspaper
for three consecutive issue3 of said paper
before the court would allow the claim.
This was done in order that residents of
the various districts might report discrep
ancies in the claims of the supervisors
should any exist.
The new court, considering the fact
that the various supervisors are under
bonds and make oath to their claims,
and that the matter of publishing said
claims is an additional and unnecessary
expense to the county, have rescinded
the old order and hereafter will assume
the responsibility of paying these claims
as per law required. An order to this
efTecTwas made at the last meeting of
thj county court.
Additional Local.
Tom (Graham left vesterday for he
coHst to join his pa eats in camp.
Mr. and Mrs. Grver Headrk-k expect
to go to Alsea tomorrow for a brief out
ing. . .;, ..
Bob Vidito and family left Sunday for
Cascadia, where they will enjoy a three
weeks outing.
Mrs. H. Kisb and. daughter, of Sher
man countv, Eastern Oregon, are guests
at the B. R. Thompson home in this
. Ninety-four excursion tickets were sold
at Corvallis, Sunday, for Newport, on the
excursion that went through from De
troit. Jesse Foster is giving' his handsome
country residence a fresh coat of paint.
Al. Bethere, of CorvalliB, is doing the
Jesse Spencer went to Portland yester
day as a delegate to the grand lodge of
the A- O. U. W. He expects to retnrn
Mrs. Lucy Francisco and Miss Joann
McLennan .left yesterday for an outing at
Newport. They will be absent a month
oreix weeks.
W. O. Heckart and wife, of Eugene,
came out from the bay Saturday and left
that evening for a visit at the Herron
home at Irish Bend.
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold King spent Sun
day at the home of the latter's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hecker, at Wells.
J. J. Hecker and family are also on a
visit at the Hecker home. They reside
at Biggs, near The Dalles, where they
own a large hotel.
The Congregational Sunday school
pupils woto given a picnic at Wyatt's
grove Saturday. The trip was made on
hayracks, and the youngsters were ac
companied by their teachers. A delight
ful time was had by all and home was
not reached until dark.
Bert Yates came up from Vancouver,
Wash.,' Saturday evening and spent bun
day with friends. He now has a good
position as stenographer in the Van
couver offices of the North Bank rail
road people. He took the early train
yesterday morning for home. ;
F. P. Shea "green came up from Port
land, Sunday, and returned home yester
day. He says that his business in the
metropolis is all that he could hope for.
Generally speaking, sawmilling and lum
bering interests are good paying propo
sitions at present. Mr. Sheasgreen is
interested in a box factory, ' . - ;
: White Rose fl Jur at Kline's. 59
Have yon money to invest,
property to be cared far or estates
to be managed?
Will your health, time and
private affairs permit you to
manage them properly and
You may have the collective
wisdom of experienced men in
the management of your inter
ests if you consult this Company.
It also receives deposits
subject to check, and savings
accounts from one dollar up,
paying current interest thereon.
Acts as trustee in all property
relations requiring such services,
buys and sells bonds, effects col
lections, lends money.
In many other ways it can be
of service. Call or write for free
' pampbtet setting forth the scope
of its operations.
3A7 Wash. St- Portland Ores.
'Round Stables or
In the Fields. ......
There are no better
Shoes made than thi
; Bnilt of the best material
known and finished in a man
ner that bids defiance to
wear. Sold by
The on!y exclusive Men's
Furnishing store in town. A
few summer suits left at 20
' per cent' discount.
Corvallis, Oregon
Ind. Phone Xfo. 481.
It? or .1 nose 1
i Who Work 1
Tha P&p!'s Stffe
..$. KLINE..
Established 1864. Corvallis, Dragon.
And for 30 days we will offer the entire stock of Dry
Goods, Boots and Shoes, Clothing, etc., at extra special
20 yards of Calico $1.00
15c, 20c and 25c Summer Goods 10
Odd sets of Ladies' Waists, $1, $1.50, $1.75 .25
20 Per Cent Off on Ml Globing
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Then come in and see my line of Sporting Goods and be con
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Sewing Machine Supplies, etc Gasoline and Dry Cells for sale.
Agent for the Olds Gasoline Engines and Automobiles
Guns and Bicycles For Rent. First-class Repair Shop.
Ind. Phont 126 Residence 324
We are now prepared to provide the pub
lic wilh Ices, Water ices, Creams, Sher
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special free
A 1
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CE3 ft'.'. miT:
fa'oesr sssim St is so'
delivery to any part
11 . .
or smau Quantities.
raw linseed
less than
"ready- M
mixed" paint,
when g
r or -w
mixed with thick
pigment, gallon for gallon, it
makes the best paint for the
least money.
Fop Sale by
Corvallis, OiBgdn