Corvallis gazette. (Corvallis, Benton County, Or.) 1900-1909, May 18, 1906, Page 2, Image 2

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United States Senator (ehoit term)
F. W. Mulkey.
United States Senator (long term)
Jonathan Bourne, Jr.
Representative in Congress, first district
W. C. Hawley.
Governor James Witbvcombe.
Secretary of State Frank W. Benson.
State Treasurer George A. Steel.
Supreme Judge Robert Eakin.
Attorney General A. M. Crawford.
Superintendent of Public. Instruction
J. H. Ackerman.
State Printer Willis S. Duniway.
State Labor Commissioner O. P. Hoff.
State Senator A. J. Johnson.
State Representative V. A. Carter.
Judge E. Woodward.
Clerk T. T. Vincent
Sheriff Fred C. Peil.
Treasurer S. H. Horton.
Recorder Emery J. Newton.
Commissioner George W. Smith.
Coronor S. N. Wilkins.
Judge 2nd J ad, Dist. L. T. Harris.
"Let him who is without sin
first cast a stone." From a cer
tain unreliable quarter, a source
not burdened nor weighted to
earth with a reputation for ver
acity nor fair dealing, comes the
continued wail that the republi
cans put up a job and defeat
ed certain men at the primary
Why does the brother so bother
himself about what the republi
cans are doing? Desperation
prompts it. It is necessary to
exist, at least so it is presumed,
and to keep soul and body to
gether our friend must have a
county rake-off. Cry "economy"
in county affairs! Bah! What
a farce, when our contemporary
charges a good sum for printing
matter which we run as news and
have no thought of making a
charge for. Why so economical
all at once? Those thoughts
should not be allowed to rise so
suddenly and with such violence
for they might do bodily harm to
a soul of unusual purity.
Some people can make a re
mark and have their fellows feel
that it was made in conviction of
its truth is this a case? And yet
we hear the cry of jobbery. Did
the man who now cries "jobbery
and combine" in the columns of
the Times ever job anybody in
Corvallis? Can anybody prove
that he is not jobbing the people
of this city and county right
now? And yet in the face of
what his reputation is thought to
be he dares to cry jobbery. Let
him prove his job.
Men are republicans because
they believe in and accept the
principles and purposes of the
republican party- They believe
these principles and purposes
embrace everything necessary to
te welfare, prosperity and hap
piness of the individual citizen
and for the development and
progress of the state.
They desire to give place and
influence to men who believe in
and accept republican principles
and purposes as earnestly as they
themselves do. To this end they
name a republican candidate for
each office, from governor all the
way down to precinct officers.
This constiti:. tfc-? republican
ticket. It must b j elected by the
republican voters. No man on
the ticket has any right to de
mand other than republican sup
port, but every man on it has a
just right to the unfailing sup
port of every republican voter.
The candidates were placed on
the ticket by vote of the rank and
file of the party and not at the
behest of any self -constituted
leader or aspiring "party boss."
For this reason they have a pecu
liar and unusual right to expect
the support of every republican.
Benton county is a republican
county by a safe majority. If
republicans will do their plain,
simple duty in a straight-forward,
manly way, the anomaly of demo
crats holding the most responsi
ble and lucrative offices in the
county will cease to exist. We
are gratified by the multiplying
assurances that republicans
throughout the county will stand
firm in the support of the county
ticket, as well as of the state and
congressional tickets.
No candidate should receive
anything short of the entire re
publican vote that it is possible to
cast for him, and no candidate
receiving this can fail of elec
tion. THE "LIFERS.
The declaration is made that
Mr. Burnett is a very competent
sheriff. This is true. More
over, Telt is a good fellow. How
ever, unfortunate as it may seem
to certain interested ones, he
has not a monopoly on all wis
dom and clerical ability- A life
time in office should make a man
conversant with the duties of
said office. Mr. Burnett has
been in the sheriff's office for
ten years, four as deputy and
six as sheriff -and yet.
From what democracy would
have us believe Benton would
cease to be without Mr. Burnett
in the sheriff's office. Really,
this does not seem probable to us,
notwithstanding the source of
the proclamation.
When any considerable number
of men hold to principles and
policies which they wish to apply
to the administration of public
affairs they naturally form a
party for the propaganda of their
tenents. This is the reason for
the formation of parties and the
only sufficient reason for their
It sometimes may occur that a
party once having distinctive
principles, has, for some reason,
come to a point where it really
has no principles of its own and
is unable to formulate any which
men earnestly embrace.
When such a party engages in
a political campaign it must pur
sue three courses. It must re
sort to vituperation and misrepre
sentation of opposing candidates;
it must steal and appropriate, as
deftly as may be, the principles
of the opposing party; it must
decry drawing party lines. It
must do these things because it
has no principles of its own.
These things . are exactly de
scriptive of the democratic party
in the present campaign. It as
sails the republican nominees
with vituperation and misrepre
sentation. Especially have they
assailed Dr. Withycombe, repub
lican candidate for governor. So
mean, causeless and senseless
have these assaults been that
fair-minded and honorable demo
crats resent them and rally to the
support of Withycombe.
When it attempts to palm off
republican principles as its own
no one is deceived, for everybody
knows the democratic party has
no principles, and for long has
not had any that the people
For democrats, like G. E.
Chamberlain and J. M, Gearin to
deprecate party lines, is little
short of amusing. When and
where has Geo- E. Chamberlain
done a political act with his eyes
closed to the consequence to him
self and party? So also of Sen
ator Gearin.
Republicans have principles
and policies. They know these
are safe only in republican
hands. They will be republican
partisans until the polls close!
June 4th, and leave it to Gov-'
ernQr Chamberlain to be an in
tense partisan first, last and all
the time.
Farmer' and Shippers' Congress, De
velopment Convention and Coos Coun
ty Farmers' Institute, He.'d at Nor h
Bend, Coos Countv, Oregon. May 23,
24, Under the Auspices of the YilIa
mette Valley Development League.
Wednesday, May 23, 10 a. m.
1. Called to order at Pavillion. .
2. Address of WeUtome Mayor Louis
J Simpson North Bend.
3. "The Development League and Its
Work" E. Hofer, president. Salem.
4. Response for Coos Bay W. J
5. "Yaquina Bay Harbor and Com
merce" B. F. Jones, Independence.
6. . - "Siuiaw Harbor a id Coiumerce"
Charles A. Hardley, Eugene.
; Wkdnksday Afternoon.
1. "Doing ThiuKs"-J B. Lafer, sec
retary Portland board of trade.
2. "Forty Feet of Water on the Bar"
Ex-Governor T. T. Geer, Salem. '
3. "What Oregon Needs and How to
Secure It" William Kramer, Mt. Angel.
4. "Greetings From Yamhill" Judge
William Galloway, McMinnville.
5. "Competitive Markets for the Wil
lamette Valley Farmer" M. L. Jones,
. Wednesday Evening.
1. "Out of the Earthquake Belt"
Henry Westbrook, Oregon City Trans
portation -'o.
2. "What Oregon is Getting and How
We Are Getting it" Tom Richardson,
secretary State League, Portland.
3. "The Harrimau System and Oregon"
Wm. McMurray, assistant general
passenger agent, Portland.
Thuksday, May 24.
8 a. m. Excursion over Coos Bay and
12 m. Clambake, barbecue and crab
boil at park.
3 p. m. Band concert at park.
9 p. m. Banquet to delegates at pa
villion and general ball.
Harriman lines will give usual re
duced rates to the Farmers' and Ship
pers' Congress of one and one third fare
for round trip, on certificate plan.
Steamer Alliance will leave Portia Dd
for Coos Bay May 2'i at 5 p. mi Stage
lines via Drain and Roseburg. Com
mittee are working to get a steamer via
Newport. '
A special train will leave evarv mora
ing from Myrtle Poiat and Coquille and
will return each evening.
E. HOFER, Salem, President.
WALTER LYON, Independence, Sec
The following letters remain uncalled
for in the Corvallis potoffice, for the
week ending May 12, 1906:
John Adams, J A Carey 2, Mies M
E Mason, Mrs Dena Mc Farlanil, Alfred
Rust, F E Starr, Orvile Wells.
B. W. John sox, P. M.
For Police Judge.
At the urgent request of many friends
I announce myself as a candidate for the
office of Police Judge, subject to a decis
ion of the voters of the City on Monday
next'. J. L. Underwood.
A Trite Saying.
It is a trite saying that no man is
stronger than his stomach. Dr. Pierce's
Golden Medical Discovery strengthens
the stomach puts it in shape to mako
Sure, rich blood helps the" liver and
idneys to expel the poisons from the
body and thus cures both liver and kid
ney troubles. If you take this natural
blood purifier and tonic, you will assist
your system in manufacturing each day
a pint of rich, red blood, that is invigo
rating to the brain and ntrves. The
weak, nervous, run-down, debilitated
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Dr. Pierce's "Discovery" cures all blood
humors as well as being a tonic that
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It is the only medicine put up for sale
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ha bit-forming drus, and tho only one,
every ingredient of which has the profes
sional endorsement of the loading medical
writers of this country. Some of theso
endorsements are published in a littlo
dook oi extracts from standard medical
works and v.rill be sent to any address
free, on receipt of request therefor by
letter or postal card, addressed to Dr. R.
V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y. It tells jest
what Dr. Pierce's medicines are made of.
The "Words of Praiso" for the several
ingredients of which Dr. Pierce's medi
cines are composed, by leaders In all the
several schools of medical practice, and
recommending them for the cure of the
diseases for which the "Golden Medical
Discovery " is advised, should have far
more weight with the sick and afflicted
than any amount of the so-ealled "testi
monials so conspicuously flaunted before
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that the "Golden Medical Discovery " has
the badge of honbsty on every bottle
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Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets cure con
stipation, invigorate the liver and regu
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Dr. Pierce's great thousand-page illus
trated Common Sense Medical Adviser
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We are now prepared to provide the pub
lic wilh Ices, Water ices, Creams, Sher
bets, and everything in this line.
For social functions solicited. We cater to
the whole public and guarantee the best
at reasonable prices. When you want
anything in our line remember us.
Our own special, free delivery to any part
of the city large or small quantities.
P - m 11 JrJ.
M i i mar &
9 m hi in haw
1 " HM a a an nro : umi I
ANNUAL SENIOR EXCURSION Take a day off and enjoy yourself by
the Mighty PaHfit luihihe the purr ozone and the beautiful rhodo-lfi-i)r..v8.
Six hours Ht the beach. Mu.-ic by the O. A. C Cadet Band.
Train leaves Corvallis at 6:15 a. m. and Philomath at 6:35 a. m., and
le-mrijiiitf leaves Ktrwfx-rt. at 5:30 p.m.
FA5Z'-$1.5Q Round Trip.
For Police Judge.
I hereby announce myself a candidate
for the office of police judge of the City
of Corvallis, subject to the decision of
the voters at the coming city election.
40-42 J. F. YATES.
For County Treasurer.
As I am the regular nominee on the re
publican ticket for the office of treasurer
of Benton county, I respactfully call at
tention to the fact and urge all members
of the party to support me, assuring them
of my appreciation and that it elected I
shall do my utmost to fulfill the duties of
the office in an honorable manner.
40-45 Very truly, S. H. HORTON.
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For Chief of Police.
At the solicitation of many citizens I
have consented to become a candidate
for the office of Chief of P olice, and I
hereby present my name for that posi
tion. If elected, I will endeavor toei
force the laws impartially, and to serve
the citv faithfully.
40-42 J. W. Ingle.
For Chief of Police.
I hereby announce myself a candidate
for the office of Chief of Police of the
City of Corvallis, to be balloted on next
Monday, May 2I. If elected I pledge
myself to a faithful fulfillment of all the
duties of the office. W. G. LANE.
41-42. .
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a ft
of Yamhill County.
Democratic Nominee for Representative
in Congress.
The Imported English Shire Sta'lion,
Soo thill Ranger
Will mane the season of 1906 as fo'low s:
Tnesdavs. Wednesdays and Thursdays at
Abbott's barn. Corvallis; Fridays and
Saturdays at Mooroe, an J Mondays at
Watkins' place, 12 miles South of Cor
vallis. Southill Ranker is a beautiful
dark dapple bay 17 hands high and
weighs 2150 lbs Terms: $20 to insure
with foal, or $25 to insure a living colt.
36-43 W. O. BELKNAP, Manager.
Notice of Election.
Under direction of the Common Coon
eil of the City of Corvallis. notice in here
by given ! that a eenerai election will be
held at the Citv Hall o' aid Citv on
Monday, the 21st dav of May. A. D.
1906, from 9:00 o'clo k A. M. to 6:00
P. M. of said day for the purpose o eiei t
ing the following officers, viz: t hief of
Police, City -Treasurer, Police Judgs,
One Councilman for the First Ward,
One Councilman for the Second Ward,
and' two Ccunoilmen for th Third
Ward; that the Judges and Clerks ap
pointed by the Council to conduct said
election are R. H. Colbert, Caleb Davis
and Joseph Yates, Judges; C. A. Gould
and ti. B. Henderson, Clerks.
Dated at Corvallis Oregon
this 8th day of May, 1906.
J. F. Yates.
Police Judge.
A Mountain of Gold.
Could' cot bring as much happiness to
Mrs. Lucia Wilks, of Caolire, Wis.,
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Salve, when it completely cured a run
ning Bore on her leg, which bad tortured
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For Portland and wy points, leaves
Corvallis Monday. Wednesday and Fri
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lOStf H. A. Hoffman, Agt
Will make the M-aron of IfiOO at Abbot's
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Tofact.e ;". of Ut prize, at the
St. Louis r'air, let at ArrentBti Royal
Livestock Show, m Kutas Cttv; In
ternational Lie Stotk fehow,,
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1904. Terms, $25 to insJie. Mates from
a distance will be , f first.claes
T. K. FAWCETT, Owner
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