Corvallis gazette. (Corvallis, Benton County, Or.) 1900-1909, May 11, 1906, Page 3, Image 3

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Born. Monday, to Mr. and Sirs.
Ryan, of thia city, a daughter.
Gaonra Schneider, of Eugene, has
been a Corvallis visitor thiB week.
Miss OHve Thompson went to
NewDort Monday for a visit of in
definite' length.
E. D. Skages and daughter, of
Box. were visitors in Corvallis the
first of the week.
Clare Hollenberg, of OAU, was
confined at home several days this
week with illness.
Lost Monday. somewhere in
Corvallif. a pair of glasses in case.
Finder please leave at this office
Mrs. Roy Avery, of Portland, has
returned home, after a visit witb
Dr. and Mrs. Pernot, in this citj.
Miss Madge' Baldwin resume
her position at Kline's, Tuesday,
after a weeks' illness with measles
A new sidewalk has just been
constructed along th west side of
the Jacobs, pioperty, on Fourth
street. '
Mrs. Harrv Green was to arrive
yesterday -from Mill City,
tor a
visit with her sister,
Clarence Hartley left Wednesday
for his home m Portland,' after a
few dave. visit with Corvallis rel-
Mrs. J. P. Logan, of Kings Val
ley, was the guest this week of her
daughter. Mrs. J. P. Horninsf, in
this city.
Bert Lacey , nas purchased six
lots in block 16. Avery and Wells
addition, from Mrs. Snyder. . The
deal was made by Robinson, Steven
eon & Co.
Ben Elgin, -who has spent the
winter in Corvallis attending the
OAC, left Tuesday, for Wenatchee,
Wash., to accept a position in a
drug store.
Miss Pauline Kline arrived from
Portland Monday night where she
was called by the illness of her
little nephew.
The street sprinkler has changed
hands the past few days. Jonn
Ingle purchased it of West . Newton
who has operated the business for
some time.
Thomas Taylor and Mr. Claunch,
of Lobster Valley, were in town
Wednesday and purchased a cream
separator, the first to be taken to
their section.
A marriage lioense was issued
Saturday to A. H.Holmes and Mies
Laura' E. Snfley, both of Fairmount
precinct. The wedding took place
Sunday at Fairmount.
A very attractive concert pro
gram is to be rendered by the
young " Presbytarians in their
church, May 16 Ticket sale
beginning immediately.
Among former Corvallisites this
the Mccabee excursion in tihs oity
Sunday were noticed Misses Mabel
Siieasgreen, and Minnie Woldt,
Paul Cauthorn, Otto Woldt snd
Ernest Sheasgreen.
A ten-acre tract of land near the
Woodcock dairy was sold this
week by Mr. Andrews to M.
Sprague. The sale was negotiated
by Amber and Watters and the
price paid was $3,000.
The Woodmen excursion to
Salem and return, Sunday, promi
ses to be liberally patronized.
The Bteamer Pomona will carry
the crowd, leaving Corvallis at 6 a.
m. and leaving Salem on the re
turn at 3 p. m. The round trip
fare is $1.
Mrs. A.J. Hall, who went to Al
bion, Wasb., recently in the hope
of benefitting her health, is con
siderably improved by the change
and it ia hoped that she will soon
be fullv restored to health. She is
at the home of her Bon, Dr. J. F
Hall. The pastor a subject for next
Sunday morning at the M. E
church is "The Ministry of the
Task." Evening subject, "The
Christian in Politics." A short
prelude on the "Smiths and Cref
ne.aa ot toocity' will be given in
the evening.
Indications point to a large atten
dance on the senior-rhododendron
excursion to Newport a week from
next Saturday, May 19th. It ap
pears that everybody and his neigh
bor is planning to go, and enjoy
six hours on the beaoh. The band
will be on board. Fare $1.50 as
The Coffee Club celebrates the
23rd anniversary of its organization
on the 2Sth., and preparations are
already being made to fittingly
observe the event. The ladies
will entertain their friends during
the afternoon of that day, a program
and refreshments being the features.
In the evening a shirt wait party
will be given, dancing to be the
E. J. Garrow was a Salem visitor
George Plaster, the barber, was a
Salem visitor this week.-
O. J. Blackledge was a Portland
business visitor Tuesday.
W. D. DeVarney, of Portland,
was a Corvallis visitor Wednesday.
Bob Vidito and Harry Waggoi-er
left Wednesday for a week's hunt
ing trip in Alsea.
A force of men were busily en
gaged Tuesday in cleaning Main
street. A passer-by meanly sug
gested that the city election was
drawing near.
Among those from a distance who
attended the republican rally in
this city Tuesday night were Joseph
and Lewis Edwards of Belief ountain
and James Pf outs, of Monroe.
There is a smart old man over in
Kings Valley. He is Miller,
eighty-three years of age, and for
most of those years a resident of
Benton county. Despite his ad
vanced age, Mr. Miller has this
spring done 50 seres of slashing,
and he did it about as quickly as
any young man could have done it.
Mrs. Helen D. Harford, lecturer
and organizer for the National
Woman's Suffrage Association, was
to deliver an address at the court
bouse last night after the Gazette
press hour. Mrs. . Harford is a
noted speaker on the subject of
woman's suffrage, and her address
was no doubt up to her usual
standard. ...
The Epworth League is to give
an ice cream social at Simpson's
chapel on Friday night, May 18tb.
Ice cream and cake will be served
for 10 cents, and the public is in
vited. Simpson's chapel is a few
miles Bouth west of Monroe, and in
a neighborhood of cordial people,
which is assurance that all who
attend will enjoy the occasion.
Articles ot incorporation weie
filed at tr.e clerk's office Monday
by the Corvallis Meat Company.
The incorporators are J. C .Ham-
mel, ffi. R. Bryson and George F.
Brown, and tb capital of the firm
is quoted at $5,000. This is the
Lilly meat market, which changed
bands a few days ago, and Carl
Porter, it is stated, is to operate the
shop for the new owners.
Mii-s Emma Thompson has soid
a lot belonging to her at Nve Creek,
to Charles Walker. Things are
reported as booming over at New
port, much property changing
bands and the price of property
has advanced, very materially since
last year. Inability to secure lum
ber has retarded the building move
ment considerably, but there are
new sidewalks everywhere, and the
place generally is on the boom,
with prospects of a larger summer
traffic than ever before. "
Miss Agnes Wilson is again about
33,000 votes in the lead, in tho
11th, district of the Oregooian pop
ularity ccntest, and her friends con
fidently believe that she will secure
the coveted honor, which is a free
trip to the Yellowstone National
Park. The contest closes June 1st,
and one young lady from Corvallis,
La Grande or Hood River will go
on the journey. Renew your sub
scription a couple of years in ad-
vance. vote
the tree coupons
and help send
your paper,
Corvallis candidate
see the
sights of Yellowstone.
A traveling man asserted Tues
day that grain sacks are going to be
worth ten cents each before harvest
is over this year, and Pays that it
will be hard to get them at. that
price. He bases his statement on
the fact that the supply was largely
destroyed in San " Francisco, and
that the material which is manu
factured abroad cannot now be
gotten to the United States and
made into sacks in time for the har
vest, especially in California, where
the grain harvest comes in July. It
is affirmed that even second hand
grain sacks wifl be in demand, and
all having them should not destroy
a single one.
It is probable that a musical re
cital will be given in this city some
time during the present month by
Mrs. Alice B. Marshall, who is an
ex-pupil of Prof. Stewart, and who
is highly recommended as an artist
b Clarence B. Eddy and others.
Mrs. Marshall holds a medal which
was awarded her at the m St. Louis
exposition, a diploma received at
the World's fair at Chicago," and
diplomas. from several leading con
servatories of music. Mrs. Mar
shall ia the wife of Rev. Marshall,
ex-pastor of the First Presbyterian
church of Rock Island, Illinois,
now in Oregcn for his health. At
pretent, Rev. Marshall is pastor of
the Oak Grove church. The recital
will occur at the M. E. church and
will be a treat rarely afforded Cor
vallis music lovers. Further par
ticulars will appear later.
For ice, ice cream, water ices.
sherbets and bricks call at Corvallis
Creamery Co. Our own delivery.
To Assist Lliichelf,
Throughout the states of Ore
gon and Washington there is an
intense feeling of sympathy for
and endorsement of the action
of George Mitchell in slayint
Edmund Cre&eld. Mr. Mitchell
is ' a poor young man and he
needs Bnancial assistance. Many
of our prominent -citizens are
taking the initiative and are
"lhe gazette -will receive
contributions and receipt for the
Help the boy in his trouble.
Every - Farmer Should Lend a
The horse show committee has
again settled itself in the collar
for the last pull thai is to bring
off the show June ist and 2nd.
A hold-up committee was inter
viewing our business men last
week on the subject of expenses,
with results which showed that
notwithstanding the fact that the
San Francisco contributions were
barely off their hands, they were,
nevertheless, ready to assist a
meritorious home enterprise
when necessary.
A pamphlet containing the
premium list and regulations is
in the hands of the printer and
five hundred copies of the same
will be mailed in a few days.
At the present high prices, no
exhibition ought to attract more
attention than a show of good
horses, and of these notwithstand
ing the constant" drain toward
the cities, Benton and adjoining
counties still have enough to
make a magnificent exhibit if
they are brought together. In
the stallion class Corvallis . is
favored with an especially fine
lot of animals this spring. The
roadsters would be hard to beat
in any prize ring,' and all the
prominent draft breeds are rep
resented by unusually fine speci
mens of their class.
A great deal of interest in the
show will doubtless center
around the black percheron stal
lions brought here . by T. K.
Fawcett one of which has been
sold to a company of farmers.
Both are fine animals and the
competition of their colts in the
show will' make a very pretty
contest. Mr. Fawcett offers a
special prize of $10,00 for the best
colt from his horse Potache,
$5.00 for the second best, and an
additional prize of $10.00 for the
best suckling, draft colt of
any breed.
Fanion, the other black per
cheron has the advantage of hav
ing colts a year older than those of
Potache. It is from this older
crop ot t anion colts that the
Whitaker and Sol King colts
came and there are several others
in the country that promise to
give either of the above named
colts a hard run for first monev.
Premiums will be offered in
both draft and roadsters classes
for the best brood mare,
to be r shown with two colts,
quality of both mare and colts to
be considered. Here is a chance
for another close contest.
Doubtless the favorite in the
draft class at the present time is
the Whitaker mare the mother
of the noted Fanion colt. This
is an animal of medium size but
as a brood mare she has proven
a wonder. C. G. Davis has a
1,500 pound mare from the old
Hector horse that can show a
Cannock Oak two years old that
weighs close to 1,100, a Fanion
yearling between 900 and 1,000
pounds and a good suckling colt.
George Cooper has another Hec
tor mare that would show well
in this class. She is' larger than
either the Davis or Whiteaker
mare and has raised some mag
nificent colts. If enough of
these remain in the country to
render her eligible for entry she
will be a hard competitor.
A. R. Locke has a brood
mare that will be close to the
first money, when the premiums
are awarded. In fact there are
enough fine horses in Benton
county alone to fill every class,
and make a splendid show if the
owners will take the trouble to
exhibit them.
This is a farmers' show, and the
r " .
your good horses and colts. Ad
vertise them; Let us see what
you have. Don't hesitate on ac
count of the trouble of putting
them in "show condition." A
month in a good pasture at this
seas6n of the vear will
put anv voting animal in good
enough condition, besides it is
the intention to have judges who
will attach little or no importance
to fat in judging, the qualities of
a norse.
In an article on the necessity
of breeding" better horses in
Oregon the Oregonian recently
stated "Corvallis. in instituting
its annual horse show, is doing
a service to the state. Obiect
lessons discount talk, spoken or
printed." ',' '
Additional Local.
The Eclectic . Business Univer
sity, At bny, Oregon," will hold its
Third Annual Commencement ex
ercises,5 May lsth, at is p. m. At
this time a veiy fine program will
be rendered. " The graduates from
Corvallis are Pheoi-e , Lamberson.
Lulu Rice, Bessie Kate Caldwell.
Mary Delmore, and Grace Lowell.
The full program will appear in the
next issue of the Gazette. Corvallis
peopie are cordially invited to be
present. Prof. I. E. Richardson
speaks very highly of the . work
done by the Corvallis Business
College students, -and says the
outlook for the next year is very
bright. He is already planning for
the next year's work. Miss Emma
Yoder will be retained as principal
of the Corvallis business college for
next year. The students soeak
most highly of her work.
Let's go fishing At Hodes' Gun
Store. Biggest and most complete
line of fishing tackle in town. ; All
kinds of repair work guaranteed.
. 28tf
I want to buy six live pigs.
State age and price. Address P
O. Box 409, Portland. Oregon.
Men Wanted Saw Mill , and
umber Yard laborers $2.00 per
day. Woodsmen $2.25 to $3.00.
Steady work. Aply to Booth-
Kelly Lumber Co.,' Eugene, Ore
gon. 34 tf
Give the Corvallis Creamery Co.
a trial on ice and ice cream. 37-40
Dr. P. T. Starr, Osteopatbiet.
Office over First National Bank.
Corvallis. Hours 10 to 12 'a. m.
and 1 to 4 p. nj. The doctor is a
recent arrival in our city and. re,
specifully solicits , consultations
withsiich people ai mar . be- in
need of medic! assistance. 37tf.
Attorney E. Ri Brvfon wf call d
to Portland, Sundar,on buiis-.
Ic") and ic cream dflirered rn
Sunday any part if the city by
Go rvallis Creay Cj. 37-40
A 'arfl assortment , of nicely
trunmed hats for children, eino a
fine line of huts for old ladies to be
sld at very low prices. Mr. J.
Mason. - 39tf.
Yellow Drat fie'd corn for eeed-i-Oregon
-3ised, finest on earth for
Bile at Ziero'f's. 37 tf
Special fncv orders of ices nnd
cream put up for parties Corallm
Creamery Co. ' 37-40
Ice and ice cream delivered by
the Corvallis Creamery Co in large
or small quantity e to any
the city.
part of
Dent field corn at
35tf Notice of Election.
Under direction of the Common Coiin
cil of the City of Corvallia, notice ia here
by given that a eeneral election will be
held at the City Hall of said Citv on
Monday, the 2l8t day of May. A. D.
1906 from 9:00 o'elo.k A. M. to 6:00
P. M. of said day for the purpose o' eject
ing the following officers, viz: Uhief of
Police, City Treasurer, Police Judge,
One Councilman for the First Ward,
One Councilman for the Second Ward,
and two Councilmen for the Third
Ward; that the Judges and Clerks ap
pointed - by the Council to conduct -said
election are R. H. Colbert, Caleb Davis
and Joseph Yates, Judges; C. A- Gould
and S. B. Henderson, Clerks.
Dated at Cor val' is Oregon
this 8th day of May, 1906. -
' J.F. Yates,
- ; Police Judge.
. The Imported English Shire Stallion,
Sou thill Ranger
Will make the season of '1906 as follows :
Taesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at
Abbott's barn, Corvallis; Fridays and
Saturdays at Monroe, an J Mondays at
Watkins' place, 12 miles South of Cor
vallis. Southill Sanger is a beautiful
dark dapple bay 17 hands high and
weighs 2150 lbs. Terms : f 20 to insure
with foal, or $25 to insure a living Colt.
33-43 W. O. BELKNAP, Manager.
Oregon " raised " early Dent
for eeed see Zieroif. '
laimcis: opportunity, unner in
The BlOeasureiHaeifs
The laws that govern foot-structure are
applied to the making of a 1 1 J R a I sto n
Health Shoes. Every pa rt!of a Ralston is
in proper proportion to every other part.
That means Ralston Health Shoes don't dis
tort or vary the natural, structural Hues of
the boot to achieve style. They are the most
stylish shoes on the market, yet they never
depart from the hygienic principle of nature
proportions. Ralstons will feel like home to
your feet. They fit the feet at the start no
need of. breaking in. - " v S
'17 tbcs 7
Our first shipment of Wool, Mohsir, and Wash
Dress Goods has arrived. A9I colors, waights
and wcavas, at prices that will tempi alL
New Mercerized Taffeta Checks at 25c per yard.
Wool and Mohair Dress Goods, in Gray, Brown,
Green, Navy, Fancy Mixtures, Checks and Stripas.
New Dress Lineris" in White, Gray, Light Blue,
Green and Navy. ,
- New Whr e Mercerized Shirt Waist Gdod . ,
New Assortment Embroidered Waist Patterns '
New Velvets, Collars and Belts. ' .
W3 give
ail Cash
All first-'lass cigire and tobacco; whist and p joI
rooms. Every customer treated like a prince.
Ait $8.00 Leather
For every dollar's worth of gooda
'I purchased at my store you will
' get a ticket entitling you to a
chance in the drawing for an ele
; gant Suit Case. The more tic kets,
' the " more chances. Drawin g to
take place at my store at 4 p. m.
Saturday, Jane 9. The cheapest
store in town to buv clothing and
men's furnishings.
Corvallis, Oregon
- I Stop Grumbling
5 psr cent
discount on
Four doots nnrtluof postoffu-.e
Iod. PLone 130.
If yon suffer from . Rheumatism or
pan. for Ball-ird's Soow Liniment will
brinj? quick relief. It ia a sure cure far
Sprains,. Rheumatism, Contracted
Muscles and all pains and within the
reach of all. Prices 25c, 50a, $100. C.
R, Smith, Tenaha, Tex. writes: ' lhave
used Ballard's Sno- Liniment in ray.
fanjily for years and have fouad it a fine
remedy for all pains and aches. I rec
cimend it for pains in the chest" Sold
by Grahaiu & Worthaai.
Have your printing done at the
Gazette office. We give you quick
service and save you money.
Fortunate Mlssonrian.
"When I was a druggist, at Livonia
Mo.," writes T. J. Dywer, now of Grays
ville, Mo., "three of my customers were
permanently cured of .consumption by
Dr. Kind's New Discovery, and are
well and strong today. , One was try
ing to Bell bis property and move to
Arizona, but after using New .Dis-
covery a snore time ne ieunu 11 neces
sary ; to do so. I regard - Dr. King's
New Discovery as the most wonderful
medicine in existence.'.' Surest Cough
and Cold cure and Throat , and Lung
healer. Guaranteed by Allen & Wood
ward, 50c, and$l. Trial bottle free. -