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    SUL O'JliinLLK) UftLU ! L
Published Tuesdays and Fridays by
Gazette Publishing Company.
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for several vm- has been, and ren&ainp
f:? t-f-r anr.tvu. -r 25 per cent, discount ii
full Bil fLL Ult WORSE?
The mass of humanity are a
hopaful proposition and it is
proper that such should be the
case. The year 1905 has passed
into history and we are now look
ing into the face of 1906 and
guessing what Time has in store
for the next twelve months.
Many declare the world to be
getting better as the years roll
by and civilization is presumed
to be reaching higher standards.
The year just closed saw rati
fied the peace negotiations at the
close of a bloody war between
Russia a-nd Japan. This may be
looked upon as either for or
against civilization and a better
ment of conditions. In thus
reckoning this matter we must
be governed by the view point.
Is Russia getting better? There
is still riot and bloodshed through
out the great empire. At pres
ent there is no evidence that
conditions are better than they
were in Russia last year and one
can only hope that after a reign
of butchery the shackles may be
broken and liberty and enlight
ment prevail to such a degree
that the evil days leading to the
brighter ones may be forgotten.
In the way of sciences we are
certainly making rapid progress,
also in che field occupied by our
inventive geniuses. Only a day
or two ago a party was commis
sioned to build an air-ship for an
exploration of the north pole and
the territory surrounding it. ' It
may be cited in this connection
that we are not much closer the
pole now than we were 100 years
ago, but it is not improbable that
we, many of us, will live to
note the arrival of some ad
venturer at the pole and may be
wrap the stars and stripes about
it and perch an eagle on the top
In the United States during
1905 there was less lynching
that in former years 66 men
lynched. Surely here is evi
aence tnat we are gaming in
goodness in this country, but we
are not entitled to boast until we
can point to a clean record in
this, regard. Can we make the
year '06 better than its prede
cessor? We can if we vrill so let
us do it.
Lafayette Young has just re
turned from a trip around the
world, having been a member of
the excursion party to the Philip
pines; but instead of returning
eastward he kept on to the west
ward and landed in New York.
Of the absence of our flag every
where our traveler went he
could not help remarking:
U id it ekainii and a humiliation to
know that this j;reac republic ia not rep-re-fnled
ou the sea. The traveler
around the world practically travels un
der nn alien flag from start 'o finish.
Yet !h- in.iney which t-upports am:
makes (.-i.-sib'e thpe German and ng-llt-i
:ins iift'.vtcn !!ii;w and the
Vi-iuti S:.itin is American money. The
tic mans ::ud
ni:w i-.:eer a; o
b-tv.ih lt!n1
tin:. Tiiev away f '
tln-ir protvec
English take our money
;. cmi :i try in tno same
.i.tTthcs" things should
tiit-ir !-::ij? to bulldoze
n the I iHte-i Seated and
..; c etuvth e.
I". Electing seriously on these
and other facts, and in view of
the talked of, perhaps impend
ing. German treaty, Mr. Young
clearly perceives the only danger
menacing our country. He cau
tions our government, which
seems to have no true conception
of the use of shipping, as follows:
Btfore the American people cut down
oar turi:T rates a-! invite Germany and
Great Britain to fig.t with U3 for our twn
trade which we no. ' .v h-y ought to
hv-'ud an American i marine
and officer it with a;:gre.ive Americans,
who will talk for the Laited States in
every clime and under every sky. Until
we are thus prepared to go into the com
mercial battle with Germany and Great
Britain on the sea we had better ke"n
what we h ve (ou the Laid) a.d which
under present circumstances they can
not rob as of. . . . How nnwise it
would be to uce our tariff duties and
invite a commercial war (in our own
country) bafore building ships and pre
paring for the t-or.flict.
Alexander Hamilton said : ' 'To
preserve the balance of trade in
favor of a nation ought to be a
leading aim of its policy." One
way of doing this is by a ship
ping policy, the vessels of a na
tion doing all the carrying be
longing to it. 'Another way is
by an industrial policy that will
secure to 'a nation its home
market, the full employment of
its people, diversification of
trades and the raising, produc
tion and fabrication of all its
necessities. The proper reenr
1 J J? 5
iauon oi its commerce will en
able any nation thus to stand on
its own bottom and become rich.
T" ? i t . i.i
.DismarcK understood tne sci
ence of modern government,
The founders of our own govern
ment knew their own business
also, but we have fallen on evil
times, the years passing with
public men in doubt of the true
principles of statesmanship. We
have but a single s ring to our
bow. Snap that and before we
can recover the loss dread dis
aster may befall our nation.
Bismarck took care ' to increase
and develop the German marine
ii i - . . .
as wen as to protect trie in
dustries of his country by a tariff
on importations. Both ways of
maintaining a balance of trade
is in use in Germany. Name over
the great men we have had in
the last forty years and see if
one can be mentioned who has
paid any attention to the maxim
of Hamilton to maintain a bal
ance of our trade. Our shipping
has gone to the dogs. We have
had no Madison, much less
Bismarck. Now, impair but
slightly the protection of the
tariff and down goes our house
of cards. Copy Britain, we are
told; liberalize the tariff and be a
nation among nations. But these
shallowpates never say, 'copy
Britain," increase the marine,
r-"v a
carry ou per cent oi our own
commerce, be independent on
the ocean as on land. Oh, no;
that would be too English, you
know. The British can do our
transportation cheaper than we
can ourselves! Ex.
Pleasant and Most Effective.
T J. Chambers, Ed. Vindicator,
LiiDertf, i'exas, writes Dec. 2j, 1q02:
With pleasure and unsolicited bv
you, l bnir testimony to the curative
power of Hallard's Horehound Svruo.
have used it in my family and can cheer-
nuiy athrm it ia the most effective and
best remedy for coughs and colds I have
ever used." Sold by Graham A Worth
Leading Candidate.
Dr. James Withycombe, of
Corvaliis, was in the city yester
day on his way lo Salem. Dr.
Withycombe is one of the most
prominent candidates for the
Republican nomination for gov
e.nor and he is receiving reports
of satisfactory conditions from all
...-.- C T . 1-
uaiLs oi iuc state , ieycirtunff nis
candidacy. In speaking of his
work in this direction yesterday,
the doctor said:
"I am not spending my time
working in politics, but am at
tending to my duties at
the college aud the experiment
station, my candidacy practically
taking care ot itself. My duties
keep me pretty close, too, but I
am receiving the most encourag
ing repoits from all parts of the
state, and I have no doubt of my
nomination. As I nave never
heeu identified with factional
pontics. I find my support equal
ly strong with all classes of re
publicans, and all clashes ot the
jitizenssf the state are bringing
me their support. The strength
of my candidacy is greater than
I had hoped for so early, aud this
is veiy gratifying to me, and I
hope I will be able to come up to
the expectations of my friends
when I am nominated and elec
ted." Albany Herald.
The Original.
Foley & Co., of Chicago, originated
Honey and Tar as a throat and lung
remedy, and on account of the great
merit and t opularitv of Foiev's Honev
and Tar many imitations are offered for
the cenume. Aek for Foley's Honev
and Tar and refuse any substitute offered
as no other preparation will give the
same satisfaction. It is mildly laxative.
It contains no opiates and ia safest for
children and delicate persons. Sold by
Grp.ham & Wortham.
With tiieclo of December 31, all
licenses to hurt -xp?red and it is
now up to our eportsmen io renew
their licenses for another 'year. A
license taken out today will be
good for a whole year, not for a
yart of th yar js was th case iu
You "nay regitpr tod-v for vot
i if t ttw cwfifig etate Kiid "county
On a woman's vitality to do work for
which she is unfitted, and we wonder how
some of the women
of our land live
through a single
season of pleasure
or dissipation.
They will say
with tears in their
eyes, when they
mention the sub-
iect at all, "it is a
VulL" that
with pain, weak
ness and weariness
they are "almost
dragged out."
Many, in this con
alcoholic stimulants
invisrorants " the after effects of
which are very injurious.
Dr. R. V. Pierce, forty years, ago found
that women were being mistreated
through ignorance or carelessness and
determined to devote his life and energies
to their relief.
Having found the cause of their suf
fering, he next smight for the means of
relief, and found in Xature,s laboratory
the earth, certain roots which had re
markable and valuable medicinal virtues
fof the cure of these ailments.
Using chemically pure glycerine, of
proper strength instead of alcohol,- he
prepared extracts of these, and the result
was so satisfactory that the combina
tion became his "Favorite Prescription."
The roots used are: Lady's Slipper root,
Black Cohosh root. Unicorn root. Blue
Cohosh root and Golden Seal root. The
world knows it as Dr. Pierce's Favor
ite Prescription, which has the won
derful and unparalleled record of a half
million of cures in the last forty years.
Write to Dr. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y., for
advice, given without charge.
"I am grlad to be able to testify as to the
merits of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
for the many ills that women suffer with,"
writes Miss Gertrude Mitchell (President
Young Ladies' Christian Endeavor Society),
43 Columbia Street. E.. Detroit. Mich. "After
many years of suffering and pain. I took
your medicine, and in a short time began to
feel stronger, became more regular and
didn't have the bearing-down pains which
had been my lot for so long. Shall never
cease to be very grateful that It was brought
to my notice. I have no pains, and feel much
stronger generally."
Dr. Pierce's Pellets cleanse the clogged
system from accumulated impurities.
To those who have an Mea of getting a
Talking Machine for these long winter
evenings I will give a free entertainment
in vour home. Just drop me a card or
call at my home on South Main street
If you haven't the idea, get it, and ac
cepfthis offer. In the meantime, re
meoiber that the E.lisou Mahin" and
the Edison Gold Moulded Records a?e
the beet that money can buy.
Machines, $10, $20, $30 and $50."
Gold Moulded Records, 35c.
Accept nothing until you have heard
the Edison. Eight years' experience with
talking machines. ,
G. B. WHITNEY, The Concrete Man.
Closing Out
Sale of Pianos
and Organs
announces his retirement from the music
business in Corvaliis and offers to the
people of this city, instruments below
cost. Prices absolutely cut no figure on
the elegant NEEDHAM goods, which
will be closed out this month. Call at
residence near 4oh and Jackson Sts.
Heatinir !
Cornice, Roofing, Guttering,
and all kiads of Mieet Metal
F. A, Heticye
In connection with J. H.
with a nsw
Satisfaction guaranteed
or your money refunded
Sold by A. K. R-uss
The only exclusive men's fur-
nishin house in Ccryallis
, resort to
Mappv New Year
At this New Year Season we are not un
mindful of the support and co-operation we
have had from our many patrons. It is our
purpose to conduct our business at all times
to merit your fuivher consideration and con
fidence. We wish to tender our thanks to
you and the assurance of our best attention
to your future commands. Wishing you
all a JUappy JNew Year.
For 30
we will offer all our Talkaphone and
Columbia Graphophones at twenty
five per cent discount. We are also
adding, to our line the YICTOK and
EDISON talking machines. These
two machines need no boastingthey
speak for themselves. We also carry
the following lines of records:
Victor Records, Zonophone Records
Columbia Records, Edison Records,
American Records.
Remember, we are headquarters for
the above lines.
Graduate Optician
and Jeweler
Fits eyes accurately and scientifically. We give better bar
gains in Diamonds, Watches and Jewelry than 1
any store in Corvaliis
16 size gold filled hunting, 20 year case with 15 jeweled Elgin movement $15.50
Baby and children's solid gold rings, plain and fancy each, - .50
Your watch cleaned and guaranteed one year for ... 1.00
(Cn not be done better at any price.)
Mainsprings, guaranteed one year ----- 1.00
The above are samples of our bargains; call and jadfc"; for yourself.
D. O. H last and.
Patronize H&me Industry
Outside Ofdsra SaliollerJ.
All Work Guaranteed.
at Fislier's Hall
Full term $5.00. All lessons private;
nifcht, 7:30 to 10 ; leesons every jifiernoon,
following named dar.ces: Waiiz, Two-Step, fechottische.lhree-Stepand Five-Step.
The latest dances taught all dancers at the rate of 50 cents a lesson. The hall and
every facility may be had for all parties of a social and private nature. Orchestra
music furnished for all occasions. For further information inquire at the Hall of
Another Good Man Gone Wrong.
He neglected to take Foley's Kideey
Cure at the first signs of kidBey trouble,
hoping it would wear awav, and he was
soon a victim of Bright'd disease. There
is danger in delay, but if Foley's Kidney
Cure is taken at once the symptoms will
disappear, the kidneys are strengthened
and you are soon sound and well. A. R.
Bass, of Morgantown, Ind., had to get
up ten or twelve times in the night, and
had a severe backache and pains in the
kidney and was cured by Foley's Kid
ney Cure. Sold by G-sham &. TTortham. ;
very f truly,
days only
Chas. B lakes lee.
positively no spectators; classes every
2 till 5. A complete term consists of the
Cheap Sunday Rates Between
Portland and Willamette
Valley Points.
Low round trip rates have been placed
in effect between Portland and Willam
ette Valley point3, -in either direction.
Tickets will be sold
and limited to return on or before the
following Monday. Rate to or from Cor
valiis, 3.00 Call on Southern Pacific
Co's Agents for particulars. lOltf j
a warrant issued out of the county court ot
tiie state of Oregon tor the county ot Ben
ion, bearing the seal of said court, to the
sheriff of said county directed and delivered,
and bearing date October 27, 1905, com
manding tne saia snerut io coueci mo uuira
as shown to be delinquent on the tax roll
f . I. T OA I .liarimil f 1 fiflin.
fluents thereon, and if necessary to sell the
several articles ot persuuai or v v cia v. to.
r.rancrt-v nnnn which such taxos are levijcl.
as set forth in said tax list.
Said delinquent taxpayers, tae amount ct
taxes, and the amount of penalties and- the
OTi-orsl narels of real Dronertv are de
scribed as follows, to-wit :
Simpson, Pay South nait oi tne
soutneast quarter oi section jla,
township 10. range 7 ; northwest
quarter of the northwest quarter of
section lowasuip iu, rcuise . a.
1 O l
Giesler, Albert Southwest quarter of
tne soutneast uuariwr wi owtiuu xv.
Franklin, R. B. Northeast quarter of
. ... wi , o rr
section jlo, townsuiy x, iusu
160 acres 14.60
Baldwin, W. Northeast quarter of the
northwest quarter; southwest quar
ter of the southeast quarter of sec
tion 13, township 11, range 6, SO
acres 3.65
Crandall, Calvin Beginning 16.08
, chains east of the soutnwest corner
of donation land claim of J. Has
kins, claim No. 71, township 10,
range 4 west ; run thence north
20.95 chains, east 23.92 chains,
south 20.95 chains, west 23.92
chains to beginning, except 20 acres
sold, 30 acres 16.44
Krimble, J. East half of the south
east quarter of section 7, township
11, range 5 west, 80 acres 3.65
Hogue, C. C. Begining at a point
which is west 47.24 chains from the
southeast corner of claim No. 71,
township 10, range 4 west: run
thence east 8.72 chains to begin
ning, 9 acres 3.25
Evans, Chas. South half of the south
east quarter of section 8, township
14, range S west 5.68
Smith, Sewell C. Northeast quarter
of the southeast quarter of section
8, township 15, range 8 west, 40
acres 3-65
Smith, Lilla Northwest quarter of
section 12, township 13, range 7
west, 160 acres 19.40
Whitehead, R. R. Southeast quarter
of the southeast quarter of -section
. . rr ........ At
townsnip io, iciuB
ClemCh'as. Beginning 21.20 chains
south and 24.60 chains east of the
northwest corner of section 5,
south 14.28 chains, west 7 chains,
north 14.28 chains to beginning, in
section 5, township 15, range 5
west, 10 acres -
Elzv, Geo. Northwest quarter, about
80 acres being in Benton county,
section 10, township 15, range 6
west, 80 acres
T-,.rt v. v onrt A. C. Lots 1. 2 and 3
and tne nortnwest quurtci ji m
southeast quarter of section 33,
township 14, range 8 west; south
east quarter of the southwest quar
ter of section 33, township 14, range
6 west; northeast quarter of the
northwest quarter of section 4,
township 15, range 6 west, 240
acres V V L6-7'L
Price, I... N. Lots 1, 2, 5. 6 and 7.
section 34, township 14, range 6 .
west, 128 acres -12
Thomas, Charles Northeast quarter
of the northeast quarter of section
12, township 15, range 6, 40 acres. 1.80
Trout, O. E. East half of the south
east quarter of section 32, township
14, range 6, 80 acres -82
Jackson, T. A. South half of lot 5,
section 31, township 14, range 4
west, 19 acres v Z-6
Kriens, Wm. (Heirs) The north half
of the following: Beginning at the
southeast corner of donation land
claim No. 57, township 12, range
6 west; run thence north 43 chains,
thence west on the north boundary
of said claim 18.60 chains, south 43
chains, east 18.60 chains to begin-,
ning, 40 acres 3
Philomath uouege lois xoo uu xuu,
In block 43, in City of Philomath..
The Associated Banking & Trust Co.
Northeast quarter of the northwest
quarter : northwest quarter of the
northeast quarter of section 19.
township j.2, range 6 west, 80
Osburn, D. Lot 7. block 2, Dixon 3
1st addition, Corvaliis . . 17.dl
Hyde W. F. North half of the north
west quarter of section 34, township
13, range 8 west. 80 acres 3.91
Lawrence, John W. Beginning at a
point on the half section line of sec
tion 25, township 14. range 5 west,
26 rods north of the south boundary
of said section where said line in
tersects a slough; run thence in
northwesterly direction down said
slough to a point where said slough
empties into another slough; thence
up last mentioned slough In an east
erly direction to where said last
slough crosses said half section
line; thence south on said line to
beginning, 12 acres, section 25,
township 14. range 5 west i.o
Maher, E. A. East half of section
36, township 12, range 7 west. 320
acres 18. OU
Clodfelter, Cora E. West half of the
southeast quar!er of section 6,
township 14, range 7 west, 80
acres w.oo
And on' FrHay. the 19th day of January,
, - . 1 rt'nlnMr Ti .m. of said
day 'at the sheriff's office in the court house
in the uity or uorvaiua,
state of Oregon, I will sell the above do
, m n in to the Ter-
son or persons who will bid the amount of
taxes, costs ana peuama ;
each piece or parcel of real property and
take a certificate at the lowest rate of in
, fnr i.9h Kublect to redemption, to
satisfy said warrant, costs and accruing
costs. r- "
Sheriff or uenion wuuij, ub"
Dated December 21, 1905.
Notice of Final Settlement.
v,;.,o h..Thr ffiven that the undersigned
deceased, has filed in the Countv Court of
Benton County, Oregon, his final account as
administrator of said est te, and hat . Mon
day, the 51h day f February, 1906, at the
, -!i i i,.i. a f lms heen fixed bv
nour oi ueuui.-iw.jk. - . - - - . . ,
said Court as the time for hearing of ob
jections to said report and the settlement
thereof K.F.BAKM.S,
Administrator of the Etate of B. B. Barnes,
deceased. .
Daied January l, ivro.
Country school district tescbers
, t : . .1 ; . V. . . 1 1 1 rr rc.
can tie sup! i"'i wj-.M '
pnrt card i y the Gazette.
your wants.
For Sale! Look!
I bave 12,000 ebares Great
Eastern Mining Co's stock and
must tell at once.
My loss is j our gain as the
company bave struck good ore
in the latest work. Rich. Bo
hemia is on the boom and next
summer will see great things.
How is $45,000 for a week's work ?
This is what the Oregon Securi
ties will produce this wsek.
First come, first served. This
ad. may not appear again. Will
sell whole block tor 4c per share
cash, or any part of tt for 4Jc
per share. The cheapest the
company ever sold stock was
7c, and it is now 20c pr share.
Will send stock to your bank
with draft attached and you can
see it before you buy.
Address, Box 174
Cottage Grove, Oregon.