Corvallis gazette. (Corvallis, Benton County, Or.) 1900-1909, December 22, 1905, Image 4

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    On a Day Like This '
You want rubbers but you want rubbers that it will be a delight to wear.
No "dr awn", burning feet no more corn and bunion agony try these.
For Men and Women
We can perfectly fit your shoe either men's or women's.
Try a pair and learn what rubber shoe comfort really is.' .
For sale by J. M. Nolan & Son
The Leading Furniture Dealer
New Morris Chairs
New Reed Rockers
New Oak Rockers
New Couches
Holiday Furniture
In Great Assortment
Authorized Agents
Prices, $15, $22.50, $25,
30, 40,50, 75, 100.
$i ten in. records now 6oc
50c seven in. " . " 35c
Housekeepers, let, us
do your baking.
Fresh Bread, Fresh Cinnamon Rolls, Fresh Cakes, Fresh Cookies,
Fresh Doughnuts, Fresh Buns, Fresh Pies, ' .
Dally at 4 P. M.
Cheap Sunday Rates Between
Portland and Willamette
' Valley Points.
Low round trip rates have been placed
in effect between Portland and Willam
ette Valley points, in either direction .
Tickets will be sold .
and limited to return on or before the
following Monday. Rate to or from Cor
vailis, $3.00 Call on Soutt-ern Pacific
Co'a Agents for particulars. - lOltf
Pirating Foley's Honey and Tar.
Foley & Co., Chicago, oiriginated
Heney and Tar as a throat and long re
medy, and on account of the great merit
. and popularity of Foley's Honey and
Tar many imitations' are offered for the
genuine. Ask for Foley's Honey and
Tar and refuse any substitute offered as
no other preparation will give the same
'satisfaction. It is mildy . laxative. It
contains no opiates and is safest for
children and delicate persons. Sold by
Graham & Well
E. Small
' ..- and
Cornice, Hoofing, Guttering,
and all kinds of Sheet Metal
Work. .
F. A Hencye
In connection with' J. H.
Doctor's Could Not Help Her.
'I had kidney trouble for years,"
writes Mrs. Raymond Conner of Shelton,
Wash', "and the doctors could not help
me. I tried Foley's Kidney Cnfe, and
the very first dose gave me releif, and I
am now cured. . I cannot say too much
for Foley's Kidney Cure.,' It makes the
diseased kidneys strong so that they
will eliminate the poisions from the
blood. Unless they do this good health
u imposeiDie. Bota or uranam a
Additional Local
See Bl ck ledge for Linoleum, fc
- "- " ' ' 26
N mor nrhooH at OAC umi
Jm.uarv 3, 1 906.' - . s
Drop-h. hd sewing machines $18
at B ackli-dgcV 97tf
CWei ce Ireland 'returned home
frofti Independence, Wednesday.
S-wii g machine f.r sl or t-1 1
At Hoiln.lerp & Cdy'8. 103-2
A Pint- -.Wafihinor M
, J r" "VMIIIR - rat
Black ledge's. :. : 97 it
li' p cushion tops for X - hp
prefer , Ft M's. Mason's.
New goods all the time at No-
ns.- - .99tf
Juds'' Harris alj urned circuit
ai . a' . ...
noian s . noiiday aoods are
worth one-hundred cents on the
dollar the day after Christmas. 99
R-uifmb r December 27 ' Th-f
when 'The Missouri Girl" comes to
own. . . . , -
JtJ'iy your holiday prpspots of
Pratt, and gt-t a ticket on a $50 din
nrnd ring to be given away. : 102-4
"You'll ' have to .show me
That's it, 'Tha Miseouril Girl" is a
h 'W and a good one, too. ;
Lirgpst line of matting in conn
y at Blackiedges. 30tf
O HjT ft ...
orw aire, mason lor sola pillow
covers. - i f)4
Horace Locke, of Albanv: virtiterl
in this cityyesteiday on matters of
'vusiness aia renewing his v ac
quaintance. , . , -- "
Wearthe'Rubberhide Boots and
Shoes with waterproofed leather
bottoms. Absolutely watertight
Sold by J. M.Nolan & Son. 96-106
M. V. Weatherfoi d n. nnnn I
OAO student, left "Wednesday for
his Eastern Oreeon home to snend
the holidays. , - . .
Pratt is going to give away a $5C
diamond ring thisXmas. Will you
be the lucky one? , - 102-4
2000 yards mill ends'
wide uhbfeached sheeting 6 1 2c
the yard: value 8 1-2. J. M. No
lan &S6n. .' V I02tf
" Riley' 'Shelton j came over . Jrono'
Scio, Tuesday, and remained " with
his family until yesterday, when he
returned to, his Linu county home.
Hollenberg & Cady have 1, the
largest line of Rues and Art Sduarip s
in towD. ' V : l03tf
G. S. O. Humbert, now of Eugene,
formerly nastor of th f!hrisiian
church, will occupy" the pulpit at
saia cnurch Doth morning and even
ing. -." All are cordially inyited. :
Ribbons, Ribbons, just receiv
ed 3000yds new Ribbons. Spe
eia.150O yds ail silk taffeta at
10c the yd; 15c values. J- M.
Nolan 4. Son. ' ' : 102-5
Call ink cards oonular stvles in
cards and type at the Gazttte
office. . r 80tf
Le Roy Tucker traveling passenger
agent of the Great Northern- Railway.
was in our city yesterday in interest of
nis company. , He predicts great thines
for the, valley in the future.
' Remember! With every dollar's
worth you buy at Pratt's you pet a
ticket on the $50 - Diamond Ring
given Free. ; , 102-4
The chicken, pis supper and
Christmas sale of the ladies of "the
M. E. church given Wednesday
afternoon arid evening was a suc
cess in every way. A neat sum
was realized. ' . ."'... ,
Plain mixed candy, three
pounds for 25 cents until
January 1st. The biggest
bargain in town. At W.
T. and C. E. Small.
There will be Sunday school as
usual Sunday morning at 10:30 at
the EDieconal church. , There will
be no services in the morning owing
to the absence of the rector, but he
will be back in ? season for i.ho
"First Even Song" in "the even
ing at 7:d0 o'clock. Chrwtrn ah
Dav services at. 10:30 December
25ih. ' .
The owl wLich has been in Venn.
inff bv the PostofficA emnlmfpa t
a f- vj v" w
be entered in the poultry - show
turns out to be the one bought by
O. P. Wolcott which was being kept
in n box in the back yard of his
store.. On Thurik-wiv!:,fr eve some
oi thinking it was a lurkev w hie.H
Mr. W. was f,ti ttdt. up to tke to
Portland noid- a r nid on i( t Lh re-
i-U'U l.HViog s.ot'xif breo learned
thi-r than 1 he owl was allowed to
no-its way.-r-Alhany Duuiocrat.
Thnre is a niaii at
obesity and slovenliness increase
with hit aze. He has reached
Soint where personal appearance is
le least of his worries. x The other
m oi nine he came down town irith
his ohin all smeared with egg.
"John. I'll bet I can tall vnn what
Jjrwu uu iur uxcacitiitb tais morn
ing," laid a bright young lawyer
V.J i 1 i . il
who met him. ' What did I have?"
asked the man. . "You had eggs"
rppljpd the lwyer. Y"U arp iuis-
taken "said thp. man. 'T hud . pp
yesterday mmrnii.g."
The residents in the vicmitv of
Plymouth church art- makine ereat
preparations for miovaiPiiX out in
their section tonight. There is to
e an oy ster supper and h general
good time, bie crowd aod lots of
fuD. . Be there. -
Mrs. C M i Cadv left vester. ftv
for Daytotr, Wash., where she will
JQin her husband, who recently
purchased a laundry in that. city.
Regarding1 this business, a Spokane
paoe' says: Mrsv Fannie Dantz
ccher bap sold her s'eam-"' iau drv
u this ci'v m the C-crV Brothers.
of Corvailis, Ore.- They wi 1 add
new tpaohinerviand' exi ec ' to be
ready to Btart an.'.ut the first of
(Continned from second page.)
the food, water and climate con
anions are such that thev give
milk exceptionally free fiom un
desirable flavors and odors, a fact
which gives the -.Willamette Val
ley dairyman a great advantage
over his brother in the Eastern
Notwithstanding these favor
able conditions. however, the
supply of dairv products is no
wnere near equal to the demand
Carloads of butter and tons o
cheese are annually brought ti
.1 - - o
Oregon markets from the dairy
regions ot the Mississiddi Vallev.
Other carloads of dairy products
are shipped through the state for
the Alaskan and Oriental mar
kets, which could be manufac
tured cheaper here than in Iowa
and Illinois. : Large quantities
of condensed milk are used bv
our people aud by ships ; which
puranase tneir supplies in our
markets, yet there is not a milk
i.uuucusiug piauusin oui state,
L,ast year first " Class creamer v
batter ranged from; 17 to 30 cents
per pounu, tne extreme prices
prevailing tor about the same
length of. time. Cheese prices
ranged from 10 to . 14 cents per
pound. - ' : ,
From the forgoing facts some
idea of the county's inducements
to tne energetic, jip-to-date dairy
man may be gained. No indus
try offers more flattering returns.
Itt Mad Chase.
Millieu8rush in mad chase after health
from ope extreme of faddism to another,
wnen, u they would only eat eood food
and keep their bowels regn lar with Dr.
Kings New Life Pills, their troubles
would all pass away. Prompt relief and
quiet cure ror liver ana stomach trouble.
25c. at Allen v Woodward drug store;
guaranieea. -
To those who have an i lea of getting a
Talking Machine for these long winter
evenings I will give a free entertainment
in your home. . Just drop me a card or
call at my home on South Main street.
If you haven't the idea, get it, and at
cept this offer. In the meantime,' re
member that the Edison Machine and
the Edison Gold Moulded Records are
the best that money can buy.
Machines, $10, $20, $30 and $50. , ;
. Gold Moulded Records, 35c
Accept nothing until you have heard
the Edison. Eight yearb' experience with
talking machines.
G. B. WHITNEY, The Concrete Man.
Of Interest to Mothers.
Thousands of liftle nnp Hin amnr T.aa.
of crnnn. Mnst nf t.hpm rnnl.l -hoira
1 vvu.i. 1. U T U UCOU
saved by a few does of Foley's Honev
.1 T r . . . J
auu iar, auu every iamiiy witn cnilaren
should keep it in' the house.. It contains
no oui&tes and ts afA nnH qui. T.Ta
George H. Picket, San Francisco, Cal.,
writes: "lay DaDy naa a dangerous at
tack'of crnnn 'and wn fhmiorhf aha orA.lj
choke to death, but one dose of Foley's
Honey and Tar relieved her at once after
uiaer rciueuies naa lanea. we ars never
a minute without it in the house."
Sold by Graham & Wells. -
' : '"''
Society invitations and wedding
announcements. are constantly
changing in styles of type faces and
form. Have them printed neatly
and up-to-date at the Gazette
office. 80tf
Closing Out -Sale
of Pianos
and Organs -
announces bis retirement from the music
business in Corvailis and offers to the
people of this city, instruments below
cost. Prices absolutely cut net figure on
the elegant NEEDHAM goods, which
will be closed oat this month. Call at
residence near 4th and Jackaoa Sta.
' Washington Forests.
.The Forest Service is now
itudvine 1.367:000 acres of forest
w V J M I
land in .Washington.' Tn the
western part of the state the
work covers . 1,300,000 acres.
The results of this work. TOhirh
will be'eontinued during the com
ing year, will be of ereat value
lems of on tectirio- thpse" mast
lemS OI nri tectino- th-p. nnaat
torests from fire and preventing !
the present excessive waste in
Egging, as well as in developing
a plan . for .future itimber- pro
duction. -
The large number of prowth
and volume measurements nh.
tained by the Service durin? the
past few years in this r egion pro-
viaes a oasis tor estimates of
present rstand and future yield of
the more important timber trees.
From these measurements it ap
pears the red fir in the region of
Puget Sound is one of the" fastest
growing treesV in V the United
States, surpassing even the lob
lolly pine of the South in height
and volume growth. The yield
table shows that larger crops of
nmoer may be expected from
second-growth, forests of fir and
hemlock than from any " other
kind ot tree yet studied' by the
Service. ,'. :,
A detailed" study of waste in
logging was part of the work
called for. Stumps are now cut
on an average about 6 feet high,
and in large timber this means
the loss of a great number of
board feet of clear lumber peT
acre. Waste also occurs in the
use of- fir logs . for skids and
bridges and in leaving merchant
able logs in the tops. An esti
mate of ' this waste will be made
by actual measurement.
In eastern "WashingtoH a tract
of 67,000 . acres has been , ex
amined. The forest is typical of
a large region. ; It consists of
western yellow pine, : fir and
lodgepole ; pine. The object of
tne owners was to aetermine the
practicabiiitv of obtaining a sec
ond cut of. timber from the cut
.1 1 Mi y m - '
over ianas. : i ne field work oc
cupied a party of three 'men for
one month. , To secure a : basis
for an. estimate of
studies were made of the volume
and rate of growth of the import
ant species, the proportion of
small trees left, the culled forest,
and the reproduction after log
ging. The erowtb of timber
here, though much slower than
in western Washington, promises
well for the future, and the rapid
increase in lumber and stumpage
values is a strong inducement to
conservative lumbering. By set-1
ting a nign du meter limit ot cut-
ting and by preventing fire, a
fair second cut can be obtiained
within a reasonable period, and
excellent reproduction for later
crops will be secured.
For Sale! Look!
I have 12,000 shares Great
.: Eastern Mining Co's stock and
must sell at once. .
My loss is your gain as the
company have struck good ore"
"in '.be latest work. Rich. Bo
hemia is on the boom and next -summer
will ..see great things.
1 How is$45,000 for a week's work?
This is what the Oregon Securi
ties will produce this wsek, v
First come, first served. This
ad. may not appear again. Will
sell whole block tor 4c per share
cash, or any part of tt for 4jc
per share. The cheapest the
company f ver 6old' stock was
7jc, and it is now 20c pr share.
Will ppnd stock to yijur bank
wun aratt attached ana you can
see it before you buy.
Address, Box 174
Cottage Grove, Oregon.
' For Portland and way points, leaves
Corvailis Monday, Wednesday and Fri
day at 6 a. m. Albany 7 a. m." Fare to
Portland, $1.75; round trio 3 00
H. A. Hoffman. Act.
. A Fearfut ('ate. -
It. is a terrib.e futo to' rmve 'to pndii.u
the terrible trtre of piles. "l ean
truthfnUv eav." writpR Harrir Onluin ..f
Mason ville, la., "that for Blind, Bleed
ing, ltd ing and Protruding Piles, Buck
len'a Arnica Salve, is the best cure
made." Also best tor cuts, burns, and
injuries, 25 cents at Allen & Wood
ward druggists. : ....
. 01-Sale.'
Choice oat, Vetch and cheat
seed, to be had at reasonable
prices either at the Corvailis or
Benton Flouring Mills. 7
. eot
Fifteen words or less, 25 cts for three
successive insertions, or 50 cts per
month; for all np to and including tea
additional words. cent a word for each
For all advertisements over 25 words,
1 : . . .
M ct per word for each additional
Hen. Nothing inserted for less than 25
cents. c '. . -
Lodge, society and church nntimw
other than strictly news matter, will be
cnargea tor. .
sisting of three lotf and cottage, just
west of Dr. Pernot's residence. For
particulars inquire at residence of Mrs.
E Carter Monroe St. between 2d and
4tV ; v WW
7 : :
Breeding hens and pullets at $1 each.
J.hoipe breeding cockerels, from pen
'. headed hy my $20 Arc's pullet Wed
c? b"'d' at from $1 to $5 each. Call
at Gsllery W. G. Emery, Barred
Rock Specialist. gotf
undersigned i- now in this city and has
been placed in the hands of the City
I ransfer Company for sale. Norwood
Trading Co. g6t
gifs and go-carts at DillpyA raold'e.
P"llets. See J. M. Porter, Corvailis.
0regp- ' 98tf
Inquire of E. B. HorniDe or
D G- Hill. . 98-106
Office First National Bank Building.
Only set of abstracts in Bentoi, County
Office in Post Office Building, Corval
J8, Oregon.
Notary,- Titles, Convevanc-
, mg. Practice in all State and Federal
Court. Office in Burnett Building.
' eer, Corvailis, Or. P. A. Kline Line,
Phone No. 1. P. o. address. Box 11.
Pays highest prices for all kinds of
hve stock. . Twenty years' experience.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
years wants work from the 20 of this
month until April 1, 3906. Would
preter work in or near town. Willing
to work on dairy or do : team work.
For further information 'inquire at
Ambler & Witters, or at this affice,
Ralph E. Nelson, Corvailis. lo2-3f
- Gazkttb and Weekly Oregonian at
$2.55 per year.
Corvailis, Oregon,
MAKES LOANS on approved security
and especially on wheat, oats, flour,
wool, baled hay.chiuim bark, and all
other classes of produce, upon the re
ceipt thereof stortd in mills and public
warehouses, or upon chattel mortgages
and also upon other classes of good se
the principal financial centers of the
; United States and foreign countries,
thus transferring money to all parts of'
the civilized world. -
A CONSERVATIVE general business,
- transacted in all lines of banking.
Veterinary Surgeon
Surgeon and Dentist. Permanently lo
cated here.V Dr. '-Jackson' is a post
graduate an-l thoroughly qualified in
yeterinary work. See him at Occi
dental Hotel. - v loitf .
und Korgwin. Koota-; U, V?.nk Build
ing, r Otiice Houtb : 10 to 12 a. m , 2 to
t p. m. L Residence: cor. 6th aud Ad
ams 8ts . Telephone at office and res-'.-Jence.
Corvaliis. Oregon.
and burgeon, Office an4 Residence, on
Main street, Philomath, Oregon.
R. D. BURGESS, M. D. - ,
Office over Blackledge Fnrnitnre Store.
. ulifv iKiiirs-: ' 0 tn li ud :i to 5.
uit;nt; curiiinK made to. oMer; clean
inn Hnd 'repring doue npHtly: save
siicot' . Shi-p " North'
Main 8t.,"Frauk Vanhoosen, Prop, $2tf :'
Bids for Wood .
Bids for furnishing the Oregon Agri-.
cultural College with wood for the Col- '
lege year of I9O6-7 will be received at the
Office of the Clark and Pn-chasing Agent
up to and includiug Saturday, December
30.1905. Call for ipedficatiOM at the v
OoUegeOOce. 10MV