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"Proof of the . pudding is in
the eating," so. have often
been told. If . there, is; no other
proof a certain' game warden
may have trouble to , make his.
charges good, against a couple.of
Linn county hunters. A' few
days ago a couple of hunters and
trappers, were brought from their
winter quarters in the. Cascade
mountains to. Albany and . fined.
$40 on the charge of killing deer
and. having venison in their pos
session out of season.
The hunters protested, but to
no avail. Now we hear that the
case will be appealed on. the
1.1 . 1 1 i J! J i.
ground tnau tne nuncers aia not
have in their possession venison,
but that the meat supposed to be
venison was in reality bear meat.
This claim will likely be based
on the supposed ignorance of the
game warden making the arrest.
We near that the warden did not
eat any of the meat in question
and using the logic employed in
the assertion that. . " all coons
look alike," we would ask if all
meat "looks alike" to the
average deputy game warden? If
it does not look alike, how is he
to establish proof of, the differ
ence in this case without having
in court samples, of deer and
bear meat? It will. 'be,; unlaw
ful for the warden to kill a deer
and the chances are that he could
not locate a bear before the next
term of court.
It may be remarked that the
warden started to civilization
with what he claims was venison
as well as the men supposed to
have killed it. The meat was
stolen from the warden while the
party were en route from the
mountains. This will be a point
in favor of the . warden, as the
suspicion will be that the men
may have , been instrumental, in
the disappearance of the meat,
, bear or venison, whichever it
Exploring Expedition.
Tuesday morning Mrs.- W. H. Dilley,
who resides in the southern portion of
this city, phoned Chief Lane that a
couple of strange boys were hanging out
alon the banks of Marys river just
above t.he bridge. The chief repaired ti
the premises, accompanied by. another
gentlemen, and after something of a
search, located ti-.e camp of the boys.
Two lads, 10 or li yrars of age were
discovered. They had a very small fire
going in a sort of cave under the roots of
a tree that was. overhanging the bank
and everything indicated that they had
gOHe into winter quarters. That they
were romantic youths goes without say
ing. They were supplied with a couple
of cheap rifles, had a hatchet.Ja bad look
ing knife, a steeltrap and a' few other
tnings that, we are informed by "Nick
Carter" are necessary to complete th.
outfit of boys who g- Into the wilderness
to win fame and fcne.
They were truthfol in answer to all
q-ieetions put them hr Chief Lane.
They had been in camp there for some
two or three days and their homes are in
or near .Vlbiny. - They bad some money
and ha 1 purchased cookies a-d the like
at ou'if our bakeries. It ii repor ed
that they had shot a yellowhammor,
Which up lw Haiti of tfieir cautnre had
furnished an abundance of fresh meat for
Unlike mot boj s "Xick drier" tells
of, tin se Jads entered captivity without
a struggle on ihu advent of the chief arid
camp was soon deserted. Right here it
may - flr.iing to rejoice in the fact that
tho boys had not wandered far from
civilization- they were barely " without
the city limits.
Cmef Line hrongli.t tliem down town
' and phoned parties in Albany, receiving
word to hold ihe youngsters pending the
arrival of somebody to take charge of
them. Mr. Lane took them home with
Mm for a noon-day luncheon. He says
that the manner in which the young
trail blazers" ate indicated that they
had not degenerated during their camp
life in the wilds of lli-ys river to. such
an extent: that real 'h.vme ookiog did
appeal to them. In eh'rt, they both
seemed hearty eaters, l.i the midst of
the meal there camo a rap at the door
and a kindly looking old gentleman ap
peared, stating that he v as looking for a
couple of boys and desired information of
their whereabout, if such wer? known.
By ay of answer Mr Lane showed him
the boyp. ,
. Tableau! There was a most affecting
reconciliation. The old gentleman was
almost overcome by his emotions, while
the boys cried in, their jay. It was dei
ligi.tful to gaze npnn a familiar face after
so long an hermitage. Finallv between
tears and laughter, tiie lads finished
their meal, and were ready to depart tor
h-mie. .
William Morgan, the eentleman who
came from Albany tr the boys, was a
nic appearing person: He stated that
while the escapade of the lads, had.
caused 'great anxiety, the little fellows
were not bad boys. The things they
bad with them they came by honestly,
even, to the iart, peny in their posses
sion, They djHi no.harro; while camped
along the limits of this city. The trip
from Albany to Corvallis was made on
1 Well, well the youngsters are. "now
home. That -they may grpw np to be
useful and, respectable men, we. sincerely
hope, hut that they win ever uve long
enough to forget the time they went into
the wilds of Marvs river in quest of the
pelts of beasts and scalps of the redskin
is a matter of grave doubt.
(Con tin ued from First page)
or other conductors so as to allow
the free and unobstructed passage
of such building or structure,
and upon failure of such person
or corporation to raise or remove
any such wires or other con
ductors the.said; Street Committee
may raise or remove' the same
and recover from the person or
corporation enjoying: this fran
chise double the amount thereof.
Sec. 7. On or before the first
day of May, 1906, the said A.
Welch, his heirs, executors, ad
mtnistrators or assigns enjoying
t lis franchise shall bring electric
power to said City of Corvallis
and. install and operation
the necessary, apparatus for dis
tribution of power in said City of
Corvallis and shall hereafter dur
ing the life of this franchise
maintain sufficient power to sup
ply "the demand of all persons or
corporations, public or private,
for power for manufacturing or
Other purposes within said
reasonable rates, which shall be
uniform forJike amount ot power
under Use circumstances, and
without ..discrimination against
any person or corporation.
Sec. 8. Failure on 'the part
of the said A. Welch, his heirs,
executors, ad mi nistrators, . or as
signs, enjoying-, this franchise,
fully to comply with the pro
visions and requirements ot the
foregoing section .shall work 3
foileiture of this . franchise and
render void all rights, privileges
and franchises granted" bv this
ord inane. - ; "
' Sec. 9. On the 28th day of
November, 1908, and. at the end
of each consecutive period of five
years thereafter the ; said city
shall have the right and option to
purchase, under proper legislative
power either now held by said
city or hereafter: to. be granted
upon one year's written notice to
the said A. Welch, his heirs, ex
ecutors, adniimstratois, or as
signs, the said electric light
plant, including all fixtures,
wires, lamps, structures, build
ings and land connected with or
necessary to the operation of said
electric ligtit plant at a valuation
to be fixed and determined by
appraisement of ; such plant by
three arbitrators to be selected
one by the said City of Corvallis,
one by said A. Welch, his heirs,
executors, administrators or as
signs, and the third to be chosen
by the two so selectedj whose de
cision as to the valuation of such
electric light plant this franchise
and the good will of such busi
ness shall not be deemed a part
thereof or of value. When the
value of such plant shall be found
and determined by such apprais
ers the amount so determined
shall be paid by said City ofCor
villis to the said A. Welch, his
heirs, executors, administrators
or assigns enjoying this franchise
and thereupon said electric light
plsfnt shall be by said A. Welch,
his heirs, executors, administra
tors or assigns, sold afld convey
ed to said city clear of all incum
brance and the possession thereof
delivered to said city. (However
nothing in this section shall be
construed as giving to said city
the right or option to purchase or
acquire said power plant or any
apparatus used in or ' about the
same or necessary for its full en
joyment, including the right and
franchise tor the use ot the
streets, alleys, avenues, boule
vards and thoroughfares of said
city tor said power purposes).
Sec. 10. In case the said city
shii at anv time notify the per
son or corporation enjoying this
franchise of its election to exer
cise the option provided for in
the foregoing section, failure on
part ot suca person or corpora
tion enjoying this franchise to do
and, perform all acts and things
necessary and proper by . him or
t to be done and performed to
consummate such - sale within a
reasonable' time after such notice
thjs franchise and all rights and
privileges Hereby granted so far
as the same.relates to the estab-
lshment or maintenance of such
electric plant or grants ' any priv-
lege' to sell electric light to any
person, or corporation within said
city" shall cease and become, null
and void.'
From and after the ' purchase
of such electric light plant of the
Corval'is Electric Lieht and
Power Company, or in the event
of such purchase, under authority
or power so to do contained ' in
an, "ordinance of said city and
contract with said company dated
1903, or otherwise; this con
tract so tar as it gives or grants
any right or privilege to' sell elec
trie light to any person of corpor
ation in the City of Corvallis or
to maintain a plant for such pur
pose in said city, shall become
null and void.
Sec 11. In consideration of
the rights herein granted the
City ot Corvallis shall have the
right to suspend upon the poles
or other fixtures placed bv the
person or corporation enjoying
this franchise any arid all wires
which may be required for fire
alarm, or police telephone ser-
Sec. 12. The rights ' privi
leges and franchises herein, grant
ed shall continue apd be in force
for the penod of thirty years
from the date of the passage of
this ordinance and its ' approval
by the Mayor of said City.
Sec. 13. Anything herein to
the contrary notwithstanding the
said A. Welch, his heirs, execu
tors, administrators or assigns,
shall not have or be di emed to
have the right, franchise of priv
ilege under or by virtue ot ibis
ordinance or any of its provisions
of-selling r" otherwise disposi g
ot or iurnisnmg electric light to
the inhabitants of, or any person
or corporation within, : said" City
of Corvallis, or ot m I'ntaining
in -said city a plant for' ''thit pur
pose, prior to'- the-'. 28th ' dy of
November, 1913.''
Sec. 14. ' Notice " of any as-'
signment of this franchise giving
the correct name of the person or
corporation to '' whom the same
may, be assigned-shall b . given
in writing to the Police Judge of
said City of Corvallis before such
assignee shall take or have any
rights hereunder or under such
assignment, and any notice pro
vided lor herein to be 1 given to
the person or corporation enjoy
ing this franchise shall he suffi
cient 11 given 10 me person or
corporation appearing ,from the
records of said city to be the
person holding or enjoying this
franchise, or to th j person in
charge ot such plant. .
Sec. 15. Within thirty days
after this ordinance is approved
Dy saia Mayor 01 .saia,jity or
otherwise goes into effect, the said
A. Welch shall file with the
Police Judge of said city written
notice of his or its acceptance
thereof, and unless ' such written
acceptance is filed no rights or
privileges shall be taken or deem
ed to be granted hereunder.
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Big Game This Afternoon.
. . Out on the college field, the last, and
what promises to Ije the b-"st ttame of
football pla'. t h h
will occur this afternoon. It wiM be a
game between two strong elevens, each
striving to prove their superiorty to the
Oregon team by defeating the other. :
: No doubt, the Salem team will come
confident of .-winning the contest, Tlie
splendid showing, they made against,
Eugene, their triumph over the old M,
A. A. C. which, combined with their
strong report for the. season, signifies
that they will be able to produce the real
article when they face the OAC bunch on
the gridiron. Coach Bishop has seen the
Corvallis boys in action acd of, course is
fai-1 liar with their style of play. ,
The farmer boys, too, haye beeu figur
ing in the t'ame. t;.. - S k. has
been giving bis men a touch of the
"strr-nuoiis" life every evei ing. The
boys have been playing f t r ball and
doing.better work at practice than at any
previous time this season. The shifting
of Walker from center to tackle has
giea Iy improved the lineup. ' The big
fellow will undoubtedly be a good ground
in tvrunj a game xvjiau, i-u c uuicr
tackle, will be able to manage things oh
Ibis side of the line. His star perform
ances at the previous games will proba
bly be duplicated when 4, old '.'Fuzzy
Wuzzy" faces the big Ws, '
Whatever be the ontcoms.of, the.. gamp,
it a good exhibition of the popu
lar spurt. OAC will hamper the line.
with her piledriving backs. She will
smash through with her big tackles and
in the end it is quite possible that the
score will show that thet-e players n
cury tiie bail down the held. The de
fence will be better than at Oregon.
Willamette's famous line backs will be
met bv a tower of deiensive strentitl
The game will tell the story : no score
will be perdicted, but a warm reception
to the-Methodist bovs will be a certain
ty. "' .
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