Corvallis gazette. (Corvallis, Benton County, Or.) 1900-1909, November 21, 1905, Image 2

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paia in ivani-e.
The flower of ; '.'Uncle . Sam's','
navy, the battleship ., Oregon,; is
likely to be overhauled soon and
repairs ordered to an extent that
will require the greater part of
two yeafs: 1 'Regarding this mat
ter a dispatch from Washington,
D. C, under date of November
18, is as follows: , , .
The Navy Department expects that
the battleship Oregon willremain at the
Pnaet Sound Navy yard the better part
of two years undergoing a complete
overh uling. Mauy parts of the ship
are to be practically rebuilt. Tbe tur
re s are to be equipped . with lectric ton
tro ing apparatus and ft attires that have
become obsolete and are to be replaced
by the latest pattern known in naval
construction. Work will be begun early
in January, as soon as the Oregon ar
rives from the Phillipines.
From the dispatch we learn
that the Oregon will be over
hauled in the drydock of Puget
Sound. . This sets one wonder?
ing why Portland does not se
cure something along this line.
She has a . drydock that is sup
posed to be in working order,
but .for some . reason or other
ships leave Portland and, goto
the Sound for repairs and on
completion of the repairs return
to our home port for cargos.
Surely something is amiss. What
is it? : , ;- . -
It would have ' been a pretty
compliment to the State of Ore
gon had the battleship, rendered
so famous for her service during
our war with Spain, been order
ed docked at Portland. Of course
there is a reason for the Oregon
not being, for on the Sound, locat
ed at Bremerton, there is a govern
ment shipyard. But the incident
forces' one to deal in "if s" and
"might-have-beens " This does
not affect the seriousness of - the
fact that vessels leave Portland
and go to the Sound for repairs
later to return to Portland for
a cargo. ' There certainly is in
competence and mismanagement
somewhere about the Portland
drydock or else this would not be
' The crimes of a certain class
of colored people are horrifying
to the great mass of our people.
These atrocities ' are committed
mainly in the south and the
crimes and tne punishment meted
out are shocking to humanity the
world over. It may be that
. there is a partial solution in
sight. We fight fire with fire.
and it is well known to science
that one poison is an antidote for
It seems from recent dispatches
that Texas is the scene of a
movement that may bring about
, beneficial results. We hear that
the better class of negroes of
that state recently met in Hous
ton in a body 200 strong for the
purpose of arranging to assist
the whites in fighting- the crimi
nal class of the colored race. It
may be that they will be reward
ed with a little reduction of crime
within the borders of Texas.
Should the movement meet with
success "we may look for the or
ganization of similar co-operative
bodies throughout the South
ere long.
S ciety invitations1 and .wedding
announcements are constantly
changing in styles of type faces and
form. Have them printed neatly
and up-to-date at the Gazette
office. 80tf
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Address to the Members of the Portland Business Excursion
From the Citizen's League, Corvallis
November 17, 1905 .
Gentlemen op the Portland Business Men's Excursion:
Tom Richardson says you want to see the town, so we take' you for a
-walk, and hand you this address instead ot occupying your time with a speech. -We
are delighted to welcome you to our city, but regret that you have not ar
ranged a longer stay with us.' .. -. '
The idea of this excursion is a most commendable one, and it must be
apparent already to vou that it is proving successful, beyond your expectations
The cemehtitig of the commercial and social ties, the past has been
neglected, can but be mutually beneficial. Heretofore there has been more or
less jealousy existing- throughout the valley toward Portland. We fear'that
this condition has been due to your failure to reciprocate the visits made by
' the valley merchants. ' t-.,-4. ..,. H: ,t: : .... . :
' -1 Next to being- proud of the state of Oregon, we are proud of the city of
Portland. We realize the commercial advantages of your city, and her im
portance to the state, and particularly to this valley. ; We recognize the benefit
that will accrue to the city of Portland and to the state by the improvement of
the Columbia bar and river, and stand constantly ready to assist you in further
ing such improvement, , ,,, . . ;' ; . .; ( ., :
y The impression prevails that, considering their wealth and opportunities,
the towns of the Willamette Valley have been forging ahead of the city of
Portland.- Fully awakened to the possibilities of the state, a spirit of hustle
and improvement has become epidemic and it is a matter of universal con
gratulation that Portland, too, has caught the infection, and is rising from
moss-backism to an appreciation of her real duty to the state audits citizens
outside her own corporate limits. -
It would be a source of great satisfaction to us for Portland to become the
greatest city on the Pacific coast, and to that ende are ready to offer you our
united strength.
Believing that you are now about to become better acquainted with us we
desire to tell you what we are and who'we are.
We are the biggest town on the West Side and the best town in the Wil
lamette valley. "Best" because it's -dry." No intoxicating liquors are sold
in Bentou county. We have a population of. 2,500, with bank deposits of
5525,000. Corvallis has one of the largest andj best-equipped creameries in
the northwest, and its output commands a good premium in the Portland
market. We have two modern school buildings, with nearly 600 pupils- ve
have an 85,000 court house, a $20,000 ;ity hall, and churches galore Our
merchants, are substantial and their business shows a splendid increase dur
ing the past year. . L "
The city of Corvallis has a modern sewerage system, second to no town in
the state. Seventy-five thousand dollars of her bonds recently sold to a Port
land firm at a premium. This money is being spentin the construction of a
modern gravity water system, whose source is a mountain tream, and when
you next visit us we will serve you with water equal to your own "Bull Run"!
Benton county has the distinction of Ibeingfrmt of debt and of having the
' lowest tax levy of any county in Oregon. -Sua hatheftest telephonejsystemS o .
any county on ecoastvryother family in Benton county can be reached
by telephone. Her grist .millsgrmd boo barrels of pour daily, herjsaw mills
are busy, and she raises the best breeds of cattle,. sheep, horses, hoo-s ana
poultry obtainable. Her roads are good and her people are prosperous and
Portland's position today is the result of assistance she hasreceived from
the Willametre valley, and her welfare yet is largely dependent on the same
source. Our intrests are identical. It is a fact that the advancement of a city
depends on the surrounding country,: and Jthe improvement of that country
must always be in advance of the improvement of a city. Looking" to her
own good, Portland should bend her energies to the developments the state
at large; The policy of discouraging the location of manufacturing enter
prises in towns outside of Portland, can only result in retarding the growth of
those towns, and while the securing of such contemplated plant by your own
city, may add in one number, it will most certainly result in a negative detri
ment. In addition to such detriment, this policy engenders a feeling of re
sentment. Our interests are your interests, andwith; that end; in view, we
wish to make some suggestions as to what will benefit us both. - '
. Instead of taking every excursion of Eastern peoplej up or down the Co
lumbia river, why not occasionally show , them the JWillamette valley? In the
valley we have something to look at besides rocks.
., Why has so much time and energy been spent in getting appropriations for
locks at the Cascades and a canal at Celilo, withnever a thought of the Wil
lamette? With a fraction of the money spent there, the locks at Oregon City
could have been purchased and the Willamette made navigable to Corvallis the
year round. While we do not take the position that our interests are para
mount to those of the Inland Empire, we do insist that they are equally im
portant. '..
Why cannot cascara bark, potatoes and other commodities, the products of
the Willamette valley, be sold f. o. b. cars'iu Corvallis to Portland merchants
for as good a price as Eastern buyers will pay ?.
Why should the Portland wholesaler be jealous of the CorvaUis merchant
because the latter does a little jobbing in his own local territory ?
Complaint is made that Portland merchants Charge Corvallis merchants
for "case and cartage," while Eastern firms will sell at a price in competition
with Portland to eliminate this charge. Should the Corvallisjnerchant pay a
premium for doing business in Portland? ;
. The number of beef cattle raised on the farms of Willamette Valley is in
significantly small when compared with the number marketed from a corres
ponding area in Iowa or Nebraska. It is not because we bavenot the proper
stock, nor because we cannot produce feed in abundance, thatimore cattle are
not raised, nor is it because our people are not desirous of producing""""
Possibly the fact that there is no packing establishmentfinthe state sufficiently
large to handle the output may offer some explanation, while some of the
farmers think they should have more than 60 per cent of the price paid by
the Portland consumer for his beef. May it not also be true that a large pack
ing establishment in Portland would greatly: increase theproduction of
pork, and eliminate the annual shipment of Eastern bacon.
We feel that the Southern Pacific Railroad Company, which'controls the
transportation throughout the valley, is not keeping abreast of the develop
ment of this rapidly growing section. Not only here but all up and down the
valley, there is a crying demand for more cars and better service. During
much of the time for several years past, the company has been; unable or at
least has failed, to promptly furnish cars to meet the demand". gWith'in the
last eighteen months a citizen of this county undertook to develop an indus
try here, which would have been of material benefit to the county. After"
waiting for five'montiis for cars with which to shiphis output, and" failing to
get them, he went into bankruptcy and paid only 47 cents on the dollar
Corvallis has only tri-weskly freight service from Portland when she" should
have a daily service. Portland business men can render no greater service to
the citizens of the valley, than by impressing upon the Southern Pacific
Company the need of more adequate equipment and better service.
We saw hardwood lumber and ship it out of the state. Why isn't it
manufactured in Oregon, into furniture and things ?....,
While you are here we want to call your attention to thej Oregon Ao-tv
cultural College, and its needs. While it is located; at Corvallis, it is just as
much yours as ours. It is only recently that it has begun to be appreciated by
Oregonians. It needs additional funds for buildings, equipment andimainten
ance. It should have your assistance necessary to place it a.t least on a tar
with the Agricultural College of Washington. We want you to send your
boys and girls here to school, for the courses and equipment at the O A C
are just as well suited , to the education of thVchildren of the business man as
to those of the farmer. In this connection it will probably . be of "interest to
you to know, that the college farm and buildings represent a yalue of
$650,000; that it has $85,000 annually for maintenance, of which the state
furnishes only $30,000. It has an enrollment of 760 students.
Your attention has been called to these matters in a most kindly spirit
We are pleased that you have' been prompted to make the exploration of
Western Oregon during the last three days. During that time you have
doubtless been impressed with the fact that there is a Willamette Valley in
Oregon, that Corvallis is its-heart, 'and that it is'all tributary to Portland.
Now, that you have found where we live, we hope your visits may be
more frequent in the futureat which times you will always find , the latch
string out We feel certain, gentlemen, and we hope that feeling is mutual,
that your visit to our city will prove beneficial to us all.
, . , , Yours for a greater Oregon and a greater Portland,
' Committee, Benton County Citizen's League.
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likewise the natural crop of weakness,
Eain and -death if. the seeds of disease
ave been sown by bad habits of careless
ness in eating, sleeping and exercising.
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. States are Organizing.
- f 'Co-ODerationV'i is the. watch
word bv which the Pacific Staies
region will extend its influence
and prestige. ,; The. movement to
onng tne racinc estates, uregon,
r tt - 'w 1 '
uainornia. wasninetc-n. ?iaauO:
Nevada. Utab. arid the iterritorv
ot Arizona., into harmonious and
combined . effort; for - progress is
meeting: with great favor and is
being favorably commented upon
by the press .and public of the
Pacific States. The commercial
bodies of those of the Pacffic
States which are not alr ady or
ganized into a state central bodv
are taking steps to bring about
tnis important result and when
this ; is accomDlished which
promises to be in the not distant
future the state commercial
bodies will all work together in
one central association renresent
ing , the whole Pacific States
rep-ion. -
: The central association will be
built upon sound lines. It will
renresent the hip-hest tvne of non
, . o - A " ,
political. co-ODerative work for
progress in the history of the
West. The hundreds and even
tbeusands of men who ; will b
b-ought together in ideas or in
association through this central
body are the tr.en who sunoort
the commercial organizations and
are numbered among the men
who have hope for the West.
Their effort is unselfish for thev
share results with the rest of the
community. The state commer
cial organizations in turn are re
presentative ot tne spirit ot co
operative effort in the several
states. They mean that ail the
commercial bodies in any one of
the Jfacihc btates have "gotten
together" and are workino- with
united effort through an estab
lished organization which pro
vides fhe machinery tor effective
work on a business-'ike basis.
Even the moral siiDnort which
one section of the state, or one
city in a stafe, may receive from
all the other oortions of that com
monwealth has . a tremendous
commercial value. A spirit of
nelptulness in a state existing be
tween the different rep-ions en-
nances the opinion in which it is
held throughout the world and
1 " t - .
nas a value not measurable on a
commercial basis. By orsanizi-
tion this spirit finds a nroner
outlet in vigorous and continued
The different chambers of com
merce and other commercial
bodies are rapidly preparing for
combined state effort and the
whole Pacific States region will
be in a better position than at
anytime in its "historv to take
advantage of the attention now
c t .
iocusea upon it.
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