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Dr. M. M. Davis and J. H.
Simpson are two Corvaliisites who
visited Albany ' on business lxst
Quite a large delegation went
from this city to Salem, Saturday, to
witness the football game between
Willamette and U of O.
The family of John Smallman ar
rived, Sun lay, from Independence,
and are domiciled in the W. P.
Miner bouse on North Main street.
There was a practice dance in the
Armory Saturday afternoon and
evening, at which time a goodly
number of young people indulged
in the terpsichorean pastime.
Riley Shelton, accompanied by a
Mr. Lund, left For Alsea country
Saturday. They went via Monroe
and are on a sheep buying trip.
The gentlemen are from Scio.
Supt Denman, who returned
last week from a visit to the
echools in Alsea, reports everything
in that sectipn to be moving along
Dick Llewellyn is the man at the
helm at Small's bakery now. He
is from Salem and began work in
this city Friday. He is an experi
enced baker and his work is first-
Heman Hall came up from Port
land, Thursday, to visit for a few
days in this city, his old home.
He says that the folks are getting
along nicely in Portland. At pres
ent Hmnan is employed in the Im
perial Hotel.
It fa reported on pretty good
authority that Thos. Leese, banker
of Corvallis, and Mr. Scarth, of the
Toledo bank, have rented rooms for
3 years in the J. T. Porter building
at Newport and will open a branch
bank in that city about the first
of the year.
Our board of school directors,
F. L. Miller, C E. Hout and George
E. Lilly, met Friday evening in the
of5.ce of the clerk of the district,
W. A. Buchanan for the transaction
of such business as was on hand.
The only thing requiring attention
was the matter of salaries for the
month. ,
Hope Grange, of Alsea, is pre
paring for an anniversary celebra
tion to be held December 4 Dr.
James Withycombe, of OAC. will
1)9 invited to make the principal
address. There will be a regular
usual splendid banquet for which
the Aleea matrons are noted.
At present Thomas Chandler is
postmaster -at Alsea, pending the
appointment of some person 'to this
position. There is a movement on
foot to have the hotel, post office
and telephone business at that
place all under one roof. Steps are
to be taken toward getting night
operator for the telephone at that
point and then there will be service
j i . r j i . i
tiunng every uour ui iue twenty
W. G. Lane has awarded the
contract for building a 5-room cot
tage to R. N. Adams. The structure
is to be erected just west of the
dwelling at present occupied by Mr
Lane. Mr. Adams is going to
bustle tne worK on nana as is evi
denced by the fact that while he
did not secure the contract until
Thursday evening, Friday saw him
at work.
A fellow who undertook to beat
his way on the Corvallis train
day or two ago had the good sense
to change 'his mind when Conductor
Thomas Riley asked for the fare
and he -paid, though making threats
' of trouble for being compelled to do
so. The fellow spent some hours in
this city and some people who saw
him thought he, had some mental
affliction. Albany Herald. .
. . Saturday, Clerk Moees awarded
the contract to build a residence on
bis property just west of the M. E
church, South, to R. N. ' Adams
The structure completed is to cost
$1,2C0 and will be modern to the
hour. It will have a cement foun
dation and will be wood fibre finish
ed. The residence will be two
story and have seven rooms, in
addition to large hallways and
numerous clo3ets. The clans and
specifications show that when done
the residence will be among the
most attractive in the city.
The following very interesting
dispatch was sent out from Satita
Barbara, California, Friday: The
bodies of more than twenty dead
whales, known as "killers," are
floating in the channel off Santa
Cruz island. SO miles from this
city. The gigantic corpses measure
from 20 to 40 feet in length and
bear mute evidence of a fierce battle
among the monsters. This war
fare has been going on between two
- varitiea of whale and swqrdfish for
several weeks in the ocean near the
channel islands, and it is probable
that in the extermination of so
many of this variety of whale a
signal victory has been won, by
W. E. Yat- cam- up Saturday
from Vancouver, Wat-h., where be
is now making his home, to attend
to some matters of business.
Hon. V. E. Carter was in this city
yesterday from his heme at Welle,
looking after bupiness matters and
affiliating wi'h the bos.
The ladies of the Presbyterian
missionary society wil enjoy a mis
sionary tea at the home of Mrs. S
N. Wilkins tomorrow afternoon.
A fine new sign whs planted in
front of Small's bakery Saturday.
This, Charlix savs, whs in honor of
Mr. Lewellyn, the nfw baker, who
is reported to be A 1.
J. C. Cecil came up from Port
land a few days ago for a brief vis
it with relatives in this city. He
formerally attended OAC, but is
now taking a course in a Portland
business college.
Sunday evening at the Presby
terian, church Miss Lulu Spangler
sang te Lord's Pruyer. She wa?
in splendid voice and the solo was
most effectively rendered
Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. S. N.
Willkins gave a dinner party to a
number of their friends. Cover
was laid for ten and the event was
mo6t enjoyable.
Yesterday, Dr. Farra started a
force of men at work on the task of
ditching preparatory to laying a
6-lnch main for his water system.
The main is to be laid from the
corner at the M. E. church west,
along college street to the residence
of J. M. Porter.
The Salem-Eugeoe game which
many of our sportsmen wt-nt to Sa
lena. Saturday, to witness resulted
n a score of 11 to 6 in favor of
Eugene. Next Saturday OAC will
play Eugene on ber own field and
battle royal will no doubt be
witnessed by those attending. A
pecial train will be run from this
city to Pugene for the game.
What is the matter with Eugene
ports? During the past few
months many things indicative of
Eugene's confidence in winning
from OAC the annual football
game have been said, but from the
fact that a little bag of lucr? from
this city goes begging in Eugene
we are inclined to the belief that
their feet are cooling. :
OAC's Second Team Defeats Eu
gene's Second Team.
Sunday, E. J. Garrow arrived
home from Humboldt county,
California. His sons, Wilbur and
Joseph, came back to Oregon with
him. Wilbur armed here Satur
day, but Joseph stopped in Salem,
where his wife has been for some
time, the guest of relative. These
gentlemen have been for several
months in Homboidt constructing
a large dam upon Eel river. Tbn
work completed, they returned
home. -
Not long ago W. S. McFadden
had an uncle come out west with
bis family from Pennsylvania for a
visit with relatives in Oregon. He
has been visiting in Salem. Satur
day our townsman was summoned
to Salem on account of his uncle s
illness. We are informed that the
gentleman died, but just when
could not learn. It had been the
intention of the deceased to visit at
the home of Mr. McFadden in Cor
valli8 before returning to Pennsyl
vania, but God disposes where
man proposes and this will never
Eva Marshall, the woman who
was given preliminary hearing in
Albany Thursday for uttering a
forged instrument at the First Na
tional Bank, has for two days re
fused to partake of food or drink
She stoutly maintains that so long
as.C. L. Marshall, tha man whose
nan e was forged to the check, had
not been . injuried, abe bad com
mitted no offense. ( JEier, actions
are being Carefully noted, with a
view to determining hrr sanity
Ibis is the woman mentioned in
the last issue of the Uazette as
having fled to this county on find
ing her attempt at forgery on the
eve of detection.
Last Saturday evening the boys
who board at "Hotel De Henkle'
gave an " at home to tneir laay
fiiends. A musical program . was
rendered, consisting of Bongs, duets
solos, etc. Two numbers worthy ot
mention were a Norwegian song.
sung by Jens Lingaas, and a med
lev Diaved by Joe MenKle. lbe
medley contained twenty numbers
and a prize was given to the one
who guessed the greatest number of
them. Miss Mary Danneman guess
ert hueen ot them and was given
the prize, a silver souvenir spoon.
Miss Millie Dyer received the booby
prize. Ketreshmenta were served
The parlors were beautifully dec
orated in autumn leaves. The
matter of decorating was in the
hands of "Mine Hosts," J. C. H
kle, Brownie Brownell, Carl Steb
ingor, Jens Lingaas, Erne Snyder,
Fred Hoofer, Gus Graham, C. A
and W. H. Davolt, Jones and Test
All agreed that they had spent
very pleasant evening and hoped
In a game of football that
would have been creditable to
the first team of the respective
colleges, Captain Walker's team
defeated the U of O's second team
by the score ot 5 to o Friday af
ternoon on the local field. The
score suggests the relative
strength of the respective teams
and tht stubbornness of the con
test. Both sides experienced lit
tle difficulty in advancing the
ball yet at times neither team
could make yardage and were
forced to punt. Porterfield was
by far the superior of Oregon's
men iu the art of booting the
Oregon kicked to Corvallis,
who fumbled on their 25-yard
line, and Eugene recovered the
ball. By rapid formations and
quick plays they plunged through
the opposing lines for good gains.
It looked very much like a vic
tory for Eugene. They were
pena'ized and in their charges to
make up the. yardage the ball
was fumbled and ' captured by
OAC on the 20-yard line.
The ball slowly started up the
field never again to visit OAC's
end of the field. Sweek, Wal
ker and Finn were hurled against
the line with such force that Eu
gene was unable to stop them.
Every plunge yielded good gains
for the farmers. Eugene took a
brace and held near the center of
the field; Porterfield punted to
their 10-yard line; they advanced
the bill ten yards and being
unable to make yardage they
punted. The remainder of the
half was played with the ball
near the center of the field and
ended with no score for either
The second half Oregon re
ceived the kick-off on their 15
yard line. They fumbled and
Darby fell on the ball. Corval
lis' nervy backs alternately ham
mered the line and slowly advanc
ed the ball from the 35-yard
line, at last forcing it over the
line for the first and only touch
down. Rose failed to kick the
Corvallis received the next
kick-off on the 35-yard line.
Sweek, the right half, got
through for 20 yards. The tack
les advanced the ball, until by
end runs and plunges the oval
was again on Oregon's field.
here it remained in close prox-
ltmtv to their goal. ,but OAC
could not succeed in making
another score.
The game closed with the ball
in Oregon's end of the field. The
ast half was decidedly "in OAC's
Finn, Porterfield, Sweek and
Walker did .splendid work for
the home team, .while the backs
and ends showed up well for the
The best of feel ing prevai 1 ed ;
the OAC Juniors rooted for Ore
Tae hne-np was as. follows:
Buried Saturday.
The death of L. N. Price, formerly t
this county, but who had brten living in
Portland of late, occurred ia that city
early Friday morning. Mr. Price wi s
about 70 years of age and his death was
occasioned by heart failure. He was
making a purchase in one of the ci y
stt res when he suddenly ex lired.
The authorities conveyed ihe body to
the eoroner's establishmen and it es
eeveral hours before his p -ople could I e
communicated with and then the de
ceased was only identified by a check
book in his pocket. His wife had ar.
ranged to meet him in a certain place on
the morning of his death, out the ful
fillment of his word was deniedhin .
Deceased was the father of Mrs. Arthur
Hawley, of this county. 53ffe
The remains were brought to Corvallis
Saturday and in the afternoon conveyed
to Simpson Chapel, in Southern Bentoo ,
where they were interred.
Additional Local.
See Blackledge for Linoleum, etc.
Miss Lura Flett went to Port
land, Friday, to begin a course iu a
business college.
Blackledge, leading wall paper
dealer. 0U1-
The Empire Theatre company
will play three nights this week
Thursday, Friday and Saturday, ii
the local Opera House.
For the largest loaf of bread iii
the city go to the Small bakery .
87 tf
Clearance Sale Beginning on
Thursday and lasting six weeks,
Mrs. J. Mason will sell her ent're
stock of ladies' hats at cost. 91.
and art
rugs at
R G h
u of o
. McClain
RHL Abertauffer
L, H R Wood,
E Penland
Pelkineton and
When you buy clothes
here you may be sure of
getting what you want.
Hart Schaff ner & Marx
clothes are noted for style
and quality all-wool; no
"mercerized" nor any
other cotton.
'We've priced them
right; the label is in them,
a small thi"g to look for
a big thing to find.
-tr 1
agents for Cor-.
Copyright 1905 by
Hart Schaffner Sr Marx
ThB PaopJs's 'jStare, Corvallis, Ore.
The Empire
Theatre Co.
at the
Opera House
Friday and
nights .
Art squires
Remember that the Citizens'
League meets thiB evening. Mat
ters of interest and importance
will come up for discussion and
you had better be present.
Largest line of matting in coun
ty at Blackiedges. 3gtf
For Sale-!-A good young Jersey
cow, iresh. Li. JN. Edwards, Mon
roe. 88tf
At the close of school in this city
Firday evening there was an en
rollment of 555 pupils, says Prof.
Holmes. This is encouraging in
view of the fact that it is 39 more
than were enrolle) at the same
time last year.
Country school dietrict teachers
can be supplied with monthly re
port cards by the Gazette. Write
your wants. 81tf
H. Mitchell, who has the con
tract for construction work on the
CorvalliF-Rick Creek water system,
arrived, Saturday, from Seattle' and
hs already arranged with certain
parties to begin clearing the right
way. Active preparations will
begin soon, if they are not already
Wood Choppers Wanted 10C0
cords to cut and woo;! to sell in
stump. Anyone wanting to take
contract come; do not write. P. A.
Klines line phooe No. 1. P. A.
Kline. 82tf
Saturday, Jonathan Brown com
pleted the task of building a yery
fine chicken and msreon house for
Henry Amblr. Mr. Ambler has
eent to Ohio for some very fine pig-
wins and will soon become possessed
of a flock of thoroughbred chickens
The pigeons are to occupy the sec
ond story of the new house.
Every man owes it to hims If
and his fanoilv to master a trade or
profession. Read the disolay ad
vertisement of the Six Morse
Schools of Telegraphy, in this issue
and learn how. easily a young man
or lady may learn telegraphy . and
be assured a position. 67 tf
Yesterday we were informed that
bonds were being arranged in the
club case of Chas. M- Kline, Jack
Milne, and Merwin McMaines. It
is understood that the work on
hand was to furnish bonds complete
to date and that Chas. M. Kline's
tot-.l in all cases would be in the
neighborhood of $4000, Jack Milne's
about $1,000, and Merwin McMaine
would furnieh some $2,oUU,
Highest, cash price paid for all
kinds of hides, pelts, beeswax and
tallow. Junk wanted. Jacob
Blumberg. Wl-4
Just receiveda large assortment of fan anil winter
dress goods. This shipment includes broad cloths,
henriettas, eioeues, cravcsiettes, waisting and fancy
mixtures; wool plaids far ladies waists andchildrens
Palmer Garments
Our first shipment of ladies and misses
raincoats and ichildrens jackets has
arrived. Ladies and misses Empire
coats in transit. Style, fit and quality
are the essentials in womens garments.
The Palmer Garment excels in these three points
and more than that, it gives you the money valtte.
Style, fit and quality that are right. Yon are in
vited to inspect this line.
ancinsf sc
at Fisher's Hall
Full terra $5 00. All leesons private; positively no spectators; classes every
niyht, 7:30 to 10 ; lessons every afternoon, .2 till 5. A complete term consists of the
following named dances: Waltz, Two-Step, Schottiache, Three-Step and Five Step.
The latest dances tnught nil dancers at the rate of 50 cents a lesson. The ball and
every facility may bd had for all parties of a socinl and private nature. Orchestra
music furnished for all occasions. For further information inquire at the Hall of
At Oak Ridge school, Nov. 11.
bring boxes gentlemen bring
Program 7:30.
- for Sale.
Choice oat, ; Vetch and cheat
seed, to be had at reasonable
prices eilher at the corvallis or
Benton Flouring Mills.
; Calling cards popular etyles in
cards and type at the ''Gazette
Printing is an Art
m ?i .
We have given the printing
trade very close attention
have made it a business to
keep right up in the front
rank. It took years of hard
work to learn what we know
about this art, and we jexpeet
'to learn more every day. We
know how to turn out a down-to-date
"job. If you doubt it,
we can. "show yoir" any day.
Bring your copy and we'll
demonstrate our ability. W
are experts in our line. You
can rely on reasonable prices.
---- - , l
eo ne of the leviatha- ?. .
to agt:n be invited to an at home.
office. 80tf