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Titus Rmi'y, tho Summit mer
chant, passil through Corvallis a
few days ng' t- Portland, where be
will hav a vi81t a tb-e air-
Abe Clark came out from Alsea
a few days ajr. on bubinees thai
will require u .itils time. He ib
thinking ti moving his
this city.
Hon. V. A. Carter was doing
business m Corvallis, Saturday.
He also went out to the athletic
fit-Id in t' e aiternoon to feeo the
football tussle.
A few day 8 ago Kiley Shelton,
of Scio. rente J what . is known &e
the old FrtfE i home, between the ,
two depots, and is soon to occupy
the dwelling with his family.
Miss Belle Kinney , began a term
of school. at Wells yesterday . Here
tofore she taught in Eastern Oregon
for sometime, but has decided to
wield the birch nearer home for a
During the latter part of last
week Victor Moses was in attend
ance, at . the M. E. church. South,
conference held at Grants 'Pass.
During his absence Robert Johnson
ws clerk of Benton courty.
R-mietv invitations and weddine
S announcements are constantly
oKanninir in otwlpo nf t.vnfl fanes and
form. Have them printed neatlr
and up-to-date at the Gazette
office. . 80tf
Tomorrow evening, between the
hours of 8 and 10 o'clock, a re
.ception is to be given at the Episco
pal rectory in honor of Rev. and
Mrs. Simpson. To this function
the public is extended a very-cordial
Wavman Mason arrived in Cor
vallis, Saturday, for a brief visit
with his mother. The following
day he departed for Spokane, Wash
ington, where he expects to be for
an indefinite time. This was his
first visithome in two years.
Conductor. Beard started the
band at OAC last week. He has
some sixteen or twenty men for
band duty, among them are f cur
cornets, six clarinets "and four slide
trombbnep. He is handicapped by
having no experienced man for
A. J. Johnson, national bank in
spector, arrived home b nday from
a trip trarougn ldano and Mon
tana for the purpose of inspecting
the banks of that section. He will
probably leave today for a trip to
Portland and Astoria, after which
he will have a chaLce to catch his
Levi Watkins and sons, Frank
and Owen, came down from Mon
roe. Saturday. The boys went on
to Jfortland. if rank .holds a posi
tion with the mammoth establish
ment of Old?, Wortman & King,
with whom be has been for three
years. Owen went down to have a
look at things metropolitan.
After a. successful pastorate of ten
years duration with the b irst Bap
tist church of Corvallis, the Rev,
M. Noble has declined the call .for
another year. H takes , this op
portunity for thanking all his good
friends for their ruauy kfndnessess
toward him during his stay in the
city. '
Harry Fryer came up from his
home at Carlton, Friday, to attend
the reception given by the seniors.
Also to see the game of football be
tween the alumni and the presen
team of OAC. Harry, graduated
from our college last June. With
in a few days he will start east to
enter Cornell University: This
will give Cornell three OAC grad
uates from the class of '05. They
are Theodore Garrow, Harry Fryer
anc Merril Moores.
M. H. Bell, a former Corvallisite
and who still owns property in this
city, arrived in Corvallis, baturuay
Mr. Bell tow resides in Pririeyille
Years ago ue clerked m various
stores in this city. At one Aimehe
was engaged in the warehouse bnsi
ness in tnis city. .Later ne was
city marshall and is reported to
have looked after the peace and
jgnity of the city to the Satisfaction
of the masses. He left Prineyille
last week and visited briefly at the
Fair in Portland before coming to
this city. It was his intention to
return to Portland yesterday. .
Postmasters sometime receive pe
culiar commissions., Here is one
that came to the,Corvallis, P. M.,
B. W. Johnson: Dear Sir Will
you please make a little inquiry as
to tne cultivation of horse radish in
your country and what it can be
had forF. 0. B. in bulk of from
500 to 1,C00 pounds? Yours truly,
J. A. Balian, Reno, Nevada."
Not being in the horse radish busi
ness Postmaster Johnson desires us
to give publicity to this matter
and to suggest that parties possess
ed of unlimited horse radish Com
municate with Mr. Balian at the
designated address.
Misses Annie and Maggie Peter
eon went-to Portland last week to
have another look at the Fair.
Manfred Seits has purchased the
Commercial restaurant of Mrs.
Siini King and is now in full pos
session. Country Echool. district teachers
can be supplied with monthly re
port cards by the Gazette. Write
your, wants. . 81tf
Roy Raber, whd has been one in
charge of Benton's exhibit at the
Fair, arrived home Sunday. On
account of his health he will not
return to the Exposition.
E. Hawkins, of Eugene, a form
er Benton county farmer, has been
on our streets for a few days. He
and his daughter have been guests
of his sitter, who resides here.
Hop men seem inclined to hold
heir product for a time yet, hoping
of course, that the, price will im
prove. Best qualify hops are
quoted at from 13 to 15 cents per
D. C. Rose went to Portland yes
terday to spend a few days at the
air. . He wanted very much to
go down during the stock show,
but on account of his prune crop he
could not get away.
Logan Havs came up from Port-
and, where he is cashier of one of
the metropolitan banks, Friday
evening, and renewed his acquaint
ance with Corvaliis friends until
yesterday morning, at which time
he returned to Portland.
Rev. C. L. McCausland, presid-
ng elder for the M. E. church,
South, of this district, is expected
to arrive home today from Southern j
Oregon whither he had been called
to attend the conference iid other
business matter.
Be it known to the republicans
of Benton county the reunion and
coi.ference to be held in Portland,
October 12, will take place in the
Empire theatre. The hour of the
conference is 1 0 o'clock Thursday
morning, October 12.
Marion ; Hayden returned from
ortland, Sunday, and went on over
to his Alsea home yesterday. He
speaks in highest praise of the
Fair, particularly of the Etock
show which closed last week.
Saturday night- occurred the
eathbf Mrs. Sol Kins at the age
f 83 years, 6 months and 4 clave.
Services were held yesterday morn-
ng at the family home northwest
of this city and were conducted by
Re?. M. 8 Bush. Interment was
made in Odd Fellows' cemetery.
In accordance with the findings
of the jury last week in the case of
M. Kline at;d Jack Milne, charg
ed with selling liquor in violation
f the local option law, Justics Hol-
gate imposed a fine of $300 each
yesterday morning. The defendants
have thirty days in which to file an
ppeal. '
During the recent conference at
Grant's) Pass, Rev. J. A. Ellison
was appointed to the pulpit of the
M. E. church, South, this. city.
Formerly he occupied the pulpit at
Myrtle (Jreek. . Yesterday he was
to have been wedded to a charming
lady and is expected to arrive in
this city with his bride tomorrow.
Many hunters report to have
found China pheasants lather
scarce when afield Sunday, the first
day of the open season. On th6
other hand, quite a number of our
sportsmen bagged the number lim
ited by law ten birds per day for
one hunter. Claud.. Whitehorn got
a little out of order by shooting an
exceptionally large, fat jack rabbit
when out Sunday.
ounday evening i;ierk Moses
returned from Grants Pass, L where
he attended the conference of the
M. E. church, South. On his re
turn be called bur attention " to
Funds Available for School Pur
poses in Benton.
Superintendent Denman has
just completed the task of ap
portioning the state and county
money available for Benton
county schools. There are in
this county 2,620 children be
tween the ages of 4 and 20 years
who draw school money. Each
child draws the sum of $4. 10 and
in addition to this each school
district, except those that are
joint, draws $50. The total sum
for educational purposes in the
county is $13,415. Following
is a list of the districts and the
money allotted each:
Dist No " ; Amount
I :.$ 234 6.0
4.......... .
5.... .:
6 ;
s .'.
9 3' 514 50
10.. -.... 74 60
11........... 115 60
12 197 60
13 ............ , 230 40
14 135 50
15 137 20
16 Ill 50
17. 1045 50
18.... 95 10
19....... 214 00
20 250 9O
21.. 127 90
22 156 60
23 386 20
91 00
226 30
148 40
173 00
189 90
99 20
204 10
27 ..
.; 98 20
. 296 00
164 80
164 80
24 80
29 173 00
140 20
95 10
250 90
185 30
264 52
43 390 30
25 and 32, and five joint, havt
failed to file their bonds with
Superintendent Denman up t
the present time.
"On the Bridge at Midnight-
"On the Bridge at Midnight,"
Klimt and Ga.zolo's famous
drama, for which the scenerj
alone cost $10,000 will soon be
seen here. "On the Bridge at
Midnight" is not a sensational
melodrama but a genuine comedy
drama. It is refreshingly free
trom the cut-arid-dried devices ol
ordinary plays arid its scenic and
mechanical effects aire unrivalled.
The reproduction of a famous
jackknife ; bridge in Chicago is
what gives the play its title and
the wonderful operation of, this
masterpiece of engineering is re
produced with thrilling accuracy.
The huge valves open and a
vessel passes through: Wit arid
humor follow each other through
the play like sunshine and shadow
on a showery day until the de
votion of a blind mother is finall
rewarded, and the part of Reddy,
the mischievous urchin and lost
child, is particularly mirth pro
voking. There are many other
interesting characters. At the
Opera House, Monday, Oct. li.
Additional Local.
Court convenes this week.
See BlaCkledge for Linoleum, etc.
Walter Kline is in San Francisco,
where ne will spend two- or three
leading wall
, When you buy clothes
here you may be sure of
getting what you want.
Hart Schaffner & Marx
clothes are noted for style
and quality all-wool; no
"mercerized" nor any
other cotton.
We've priced them
right; the label Is in them,
a smalt thing to look for
a big thing to find.
and JQ : .
for . Cor- ' ttl U
" Copyright 1905 by
Hart Schaffner cr Marx
3m El BEaHEa
Ths Paaple's Store, Corvallis, Ore,
48 .
181 20
25 90
: 210 70
." A 156 60
120 20
107 40
. 205 80
127 90
29 75
110 70
74 234 50
79... 132 00
81 - 80 30
83 127 90
86 90
'. 209 90
123 80
95 115 60
5 joint.
152 50
199 40
66 13
statement made by us that . his
nephew, Leonard Moses,; was to
enter his office yesterday morning I
as nis deputy. inis, Victor as
sures us is ad error as hi3 nephew
enters simply as a copyist, ; not f a
deputy. Between now arid the
first of next January several people
will be busy on the tax and assess
ment rolls and other items in the
Clerk's office and , Leonard simply
becomes one of the force.- .
Accompanied by a good half-tone,
a former Coryallis boy received
from the Sunday Oregoniari the
following mention for himself and
bride: That the chubby, little chap
with the matrimonial bow and ar
rows is still doing business at the
Exposition is shown in the mar
riage on Wednesday evening last of
Mwood L. Clark, superintendent
of the United States Postofnce at
the Exposition and Miss Mattie A
Yoder. of Oregon City. The groom
has been employed as a clerk in the
main post office for a , long time,
and is widely acquainted. The
bride is the daughter of ; a promi
nent business man of Oregon City,
and has been one of the leaders of
society in the sprightly little city.
Mr. and Mrs. Clark will make
their, home in this city.
The following: school clerks
have filed their bonds iu Super- i
intendent Denman's office for the!
year beginning June, 1905, name,
postofnce address and number of
theirv district being given:
R N Williamson, Wells.. 1
H Seifert, Kings Valley....... a
T B Williamsoa, Albany............. 4
W A Schmidt, Corvallis 6
Eldorado Spencer, Alsea. 7
W N Locfce, Corvallis 8
W A Buchanan, Corvallis....... ... 9
CA Woods, Corvallis JO
E Wil4e,., Wen...,.v... ,..,.,...11
E E Switzer, Blodgett ...........i....l2
E if Jfewtoa.l.Cprvaiiis, ................... .13
Walter Kisor. Philomath... ........14
A k Gray"; Philomath... 15
Addie Hurlburt, Coivallis. 16
A G Wright; Philomath.;.... ..:....1.17
Join Gilmah, Monroe............. ...... :J..18
J A Tadlock, Corvaiiis...:.....:.....;;...";:.ig
Geo. C Winters, Coryallis ..........20
John Whitaker, Corvallis.......... .21
A Buchanan, Corvallis.. .. 2
3 H Edwards, Monroe..., ....23
H CHerron, Junction City .........24
Ellis Hammer Monroe-- ----26
C.Tracer, Junction City . , 27
Claire Trooholm, Angora- .". . . .. .28
Thca J Childs, Alsea 29
M H Whittrr, Corvallis -31
Storm Strouts, Summit;...... 36
C E Bantori, Akea 4l'
M J Vernon, Alsea .- '. 42
B.C Wyatt, Albany--- 43
Joe Bryant, JCorvallis .-45
Thos Taylor, Box - -46
Walter Beed, Wren 48
O G Buntin, Corvallis - 49
DBobs Barclay, Junction City- - 50
J A Bottgar, Summit-. . . . . .-i 51
B W Taylor, Philomath 69
JP Anderson, Monroe - 62
H H Pament, Nashville - i . .69
Henry Hamm, Peak- - - - 72
H J Eeese, Albany 74
Jas Watson, Hoskins . 79
Misses Audie Shelton and Leona
Montgomery, both of Scio, entered
OAC yesterday.
Art. Fquares and art rugs at
Blackledges. 30if
Board Table boarders wanted. Mrs.
Florence Mulkey, 4th St., near Jackson;
Ind. phone 470. 76 84
George Smith will open the cider
factory about the middle of the
month for the convenience of home
customers. 81-2
Don't forget that we are head
quarters for Graphophones and
Records. We have just received a
new lot of Columbia Disc and Cy
linder Records. Also a lot of the
American Blue Records the best
made. Graham & Wells. 7(kf
To Paint or not Paint? is the
question iriany house owners are
now puzziing over. Very likely if
you knew the very low prices at
which we are selling high grade
paints ard oils you would decide to
paint. We have everything you
need for any painting iob. largo or
G 3
Every man owes it to hinis If
and nis iaraiir to master a tradf or
profession. Read the disolav ad
vertisement of the Six Morse
Schools of Telegraphy, in this issue
and Jearn how easily a young man
or lady may learn telegraphy and
be assured a position. t7tf
mall. Graham & Weils.
70 f
For Sale.
Choice oat. .vetch , and cheat
seed, to be had v at reasonable
orices eilher at the Corvallis or
Benton Flouring Mills. .
. " ' , , .. - 80
Just received--a large assortment of fall anil winter
dress goods. This shipment inclL'des broad cloths,
henriettas, eioenes, cravenettes, waisting and fancy
mixtures; wool plaids far Sadies waists andchildreiis
Our first shipment of ladies and misses
raincoats and childrens jackets has
arrived. Ladies and misses Empire
cnats in transit. Style, fit and quality
are the essentials in woraens garments.
The Palmer Garment excels in these three points
and more than that, it gives you the money value.
Style, fit arid qua!ity that are right. You are in
vited to inspect this line.
1 Fo L -Miller,
An Authorized Representative of
Eilers' Piano House a Resident
of Corvallis. ;
Society Invitations
Wedding Announcements
These, to look well, should be panted on the finest
grades of paper and in the neatest types. We have
just received a very popular and artistic series of
type for this class of work. ' Highest quality con
sidered, our prices are moderate. '
F D Bevans, Airlie 81
C P Willis, Blodgett- .83
N P Hash, Alsea. .85
Crosby G Davis, Corvallis 93
H C Miller, Monroe 94
Emma Gellatly, Wren 95
J F Houston, Monroe - 96
Jas Franklin, Monroe 97
Clerks of school districts 3, -5,
, There is probably not a finer judge of
musical tone and general construction of
pianos, than the head of the piano de
partment of Corvallis Agricultural Col
lege, Prol. Taiilandier. He is a man of
fine musical attainment and broad ex
perience in trie musical field, and nis
judgment may be entirely relied upon.
We have arranged with Prof. Taiilan
dier to represent us in Coryallis and vi
cinity. Do not select your piano until
you see him. He can explain to you why
you can buy of us to much greater ad
vantage to youiself in both price and pay
ment and also the superior merit of the
pianos carried by us, and will render you
every assistance in securing a piano exact
ly suited to your needs and taste .
The house of Eilers is known through
out the Northwest as the most liberal and
reliable ef piano dealers. '
Old instruments are accepted in part
payment for new ones, at a liberal valua
tion. And every instrument we sell is
fully guaranteed by both ourselves and
the manufacturer. ." " .
Prof. Taiilandier can be consulted every
evening at his residence on College Hill,
or any time on Saturdays. A telephone
call will bring him to your house. Inde
pendent, 185. -
Largest, leading, and: most responsible
dealers in tho Northwest. 79-82
li .vera are looking for some real good
Brirsjuina in stock. Grain, Fruit
Poult) y Ktiucues, write for our epecuii
lint, or c ane and see ns. We will t&Re
yiieusure in giving you reliaole informa
tiou: also showing you over the couuty
WATTERS, Corvallis.
Open Day and Night.
RoosnslSsngle or EnSustCm
7. HAMfflfcL. P!ro.
Ona 02 thg'JFi'nast Etjalpsd Hotels In the Valley
Both Phonos 2?as Meets all Trains ,
D O. Hlostand. '
Chas. BlxlcBsloa.
" Patronize Home Industry
Oufmldo Orders Solicited. '
All Work Guaranteed.
.-.;2 ' OREGON.