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    iHf CORVALLiS'Lfti EITt
Published Tuesdays and Fridays by
Gazette Publishing Company.
responsible party, not the com
pany, the corporation or combine
of which he is a member. As a
member, a counselor or a direct
iro'a corporation is a man in
dividually responsible to the de-
The subscription pm e ot the Otazettb : gree in which he hgures in an
ir rverai y.-ar Uas t.eeu. and remans, j offense against the people. There
in. H,nmm. or -5 per.vnt discount if , the the individual is
pnil in anva
the party for whom a stick
should be sharpened if the ends
of justice be sought.
In another column will be found
a reply by Dr. James Withy
combe to the attack of Regent
W. P. Keady. The doctor, uses
strong language, plain and forci
cible there is no mistaking it.
There is about the article of the
doctor that "indefinable some
thing" that rina-s true and car
ries with it conviction.
Dr. Withycombe's duties as
head of the Experimental Sta
tion at the State Agricultural
College of Oregon are such, and
ever have been in the past, that
they carried him into nearly every
nonlc and hamlet in the state. It
is necessary for the welfare of
the college that such should be
the case. In every instan.ce he
has filled to the fullest all duty
and obligation to the school. His
work has ever been high-class as
is evidenced by the wide-spread
interest his lectures have awaken
ed. His speeches on agriculture and
. animal husbandry at the various
farmers' institutes have been
quoted in nearly all the leading
journals. Of his ability there is
no question; of his sincerity in
behalf of the college no one ac
quainted with his work can doubt.
During the many years he has
been at the head of the college
experimental staff no charges
have been against his work; his
record is of a nature he may well
feel proud.
In securing students. for the
college no man has in any way
excelled him. In this one partio
ular line of work Prof. J. B
Horner is his closest competitor,
but with all respect to Prof.
Horner . we doubt if 'he has
brought so many students to the
college year in and out as has
Dr. Withycombe.
The recent insinuation that the
doctor has neglected his duty
since becoming a candidate for
governor of Oregon is grossly urv
just and savors of low-class pol
itics. It is his privilege to make
the race' for governor and there
is nothing dishonorable in his
candidacy. What right under
the circumstances has any man
to take advantage of his regency
to forbid this candidacy ? There
is a '"nigger in the woodpile'
" somewhere, and an unusually
black one, too.
To Pick by Weight.
Ia a few more weeks hop picl -ing
season wiil aain be- it band
and hundieds of, pickers wi 1 be
active in the fields of i he vail .
No longer are there Lops 10 be
picked bv the box in Oieon tor
the legislature settled that hmc-
forth hops !-hdlI oe picked l
weight. An exchange comment
ing ou this matiersajs:
Hop-growers of the state are
preparing to pak this -year's crop
im the tore part of September.
The picking t-etsun varies very
little according to thoie in the
business, for. a number of years
past, and the pickers are usually
in the field, ready to begin work
ing, between the 4th and the 8th
day 01 September. Hops are to
be picked by the pound this year
as the last, legislature pasted an
.... 1 e
act malting 50 pounds 01 nops a
box. From 90c to $1 a hundred
pounds will be the ruling price.
and this about corresponds with
40c a box, the highest price usual
ly paid for picking in the past
five years.
"ine oouna system is more
satisfactcry to growers and pickers
than the box system," a promin
ent grower said today, '"as the
box may vary in weight and the
loss fall on one party or the other,
with consequent dissatisfaction
jnow, wnen a box contains 52
pounds of hops, the picker gets
paid for the extra two pounds,
and there is no chance for a con
troversv, as there has been in
been in past years."
Forty years ago, Dr. Pierce searched
Kutiire's lalwratorv for a remedy with
L which to supplant the ignorant and vi-
P ofmiu-1 mAtliiij if trnafntfini wit., 1fn-
holic stimulants, then in vogue, and still
too commonly prescribed and advised for
woman's peculiar ailments.
Nature abounds with most efficient rem
edies, and in Lady's Slipper root, Black
Cohosh root. Unicorn root. Blue Cohosh
root and Golden Seal root, Dr. Pierce
found medicinal properties, which when
extracted and preserved by the use of
chemically pure glycerine, have proven
most potent, in- making weak women
strong and sick women well. It contains
no alcohol; is not a "patent medicine;"
nor a secret one either.
"I was suiTerins with nervous headache,
pains in the back anil dizziness, so that at
times 1 had to lie down for hours before I
rnnlrl ruisf; mv head." writes Mrs. Marv M.
Thomas, of 337 Win-ston Street. Los Angeles.
Cat. "After takinsr the first bottle of ' Fa
vorite Prescription." however. I was so pleased
with tne results man i Kept on taKing u until
I was restored to health and strength. I
shall never be without this Treat medicine.
and shall take a lew doses when i do not
feel strong."
One of the principal uses of Dr. Pierce s
Favorite Prescription is tho preparation
of prospective mothers for tho time of
trial and dimmer that comos when a child
is born. The "Prescription " is strength
ening and invigorating and les.-T.ns pain
and danger.- it insures the ported wcll
hoincr and the cerfect health of both
mother and child. Every woman should
know these things before she realW needi
to know them. There are many wings in
Dr. Pierce's Common Sense Medical Ad
viser, that every woman ought to know.
This celebrated 'work reached a sale of
GSO.000 copies at 81.50 each. The expense
of production having thus been covered,
it is now being given away. A copy will
be sent to any address on receipt 01 21
one-cent stamps to cover cost of mailing
only, or, in cloth binding for 31 stamps.
Address nr. a. v. fierce, cuuaiu, jx. x.
Don't Be Hoodwinked, hg2sS&
or over-persuaded into accepting a substitute
for the Original Little Liver Pills, SJrst put
up by old Dr. R. V; Pierce, over 40 years ago,
and called Doctor Pierce's Pleasant Pellets.
They've been much imitated but never
equaled. One or two are laxative, three or
four cathartic. .
ine GAZETTE lias made a
special arrangement with
the publishers of a number
of the leading magazines
and newspapers of the Unit
ed States, whereby we are
offered cut rates on these
Announces that the two first weeks
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'. previous sales. For the next two weeks
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NOW. Our new Fall stock will arrive
early in august. Come to us for your
Harvesting Outfits long range for '
Selection. , ' -
To ail Dsfects of Sight.
iy3ATTHES, The Optician
Room 12, Bank S jHriini;.
Now we could charge you the
full price for these and re
serve the difference between
the regular price and their
special price to us, as our
commission, but as the Ga
zette is a home paper for
home people, it will be sat
isfied by receiving you as a
new subscriber, or, if ypu
are now a subscriber, then
by receiving your renewal
for a year in advance. This
special rate may not last
long, so take advantage of it
NOW "while the chance is
OorvaESis Rates to Lewis and Clark Fair
Mr. and Mrs. Dnffy were Corvallis visi
tors one day last week.
Mr. Daniels went to Philomath on bus
iness last Saturday. :
Ten days ago Sherman Gleason met
with quite a serious accident; in some
manner he was struck on the forearm by
a board with such force that his arm was
badly cut. He drove to Dusty, where
Dr. Bennett found it necessary to sew up
the wound.
Binding will soon be over a d thresh
ing is now on full blast.
Miss Bertha Mercer is attending the
Exposition at Portland this weak. ;
Mr. Mercer, who ha9 been visltine his
brother, returned one day last week to
his home in Iowa.
Mr. Winters is reported to be improv
ing; be is r.ow able to get around by the
use of two canes. -
Last week a party of our young people
spent a very enjoyable day in the moun
tains on Beaver Creek.
Notice of Final Settlement.
According to Judge J. B- Dill,
the eminent New Jersey jurist, it
is the man or men, not the cor
poration, that does the mischief
or commits the crime, as the case
may be. If you would strike at
the vitals of the corporation evil
apprehend the men composing
said corporation. This sounds
very logical.
If men band together for an
unrighteous purpose and seek to
fortify themselves behind arti
cles of incorporation, drag them
from their hiding places and
hold them individually responsi
ble. By this act you get those
responsible for the offense. You
have an opportunity in this way
of getting at the big fish, the
arch schemer. It has too long
been the policy " of courting
the favor of a man of high posi
tion, even though assured of his
corruption, rather than bringing
such man before a court of just
ice. Such a course is ruinous
When a man, of whatever de
gree, is assured by the whole
people that he shall be held m
dividually responsible lor his
every public act. for all shady
and unscrupulous schemes he
may in any wise aid and abett,
then, and then, only will sucji
man consider the matter of right
eous public'duty.
Notice is hereby given that the executrix of the
last will of Seymour Chipman, deceased, has filed
ner nnai account witn county court, ttenum county,
Oregon, and said county court has set Tuesday,
September 5, 1905, at 10 o'clock a. m. at county
court room, Corvallis, to hear an objections to
said report.
- rrudence Chipman,
Public is Arottsed.
The public is aroused to a knowledge
of the curative merits ot that great
medicinal tonic, Electric Bitters, for
sick Btomacb, liver and kidneys. - Mary
a. Walters, ot 546 St. Clair Ave., Col
umbia, O., writes: "For several months
I was given up to die. I had fever and
ague, my nerves were a wreck. I could
net sleep and my stomach was so weak
from useless doctors' drugs that I could
not eat. Soon after beginning to take
Electric Bitters, I obtained relief and in
a short tune 1 was entirely cured.'
Guaranteed at Allen & Woodward's drug
store; price 50c
Notice Of Final Settlement
Annually, to fill the new positions created by
Rnilroad and Telera ph Companies. We want
YOUNG MEN and LADIES of good habits, to
We furnish 7.1 er cent, o! th Operators mid
Station Agent, iu America. Our fix j.chno!e are
the I rgeatwlifive Telegraph fechl IN THE
WORLD. Kstabl shtd 20 yers a:ti eudors d oy
all loading tiauway Officials.
We exeeu e a $i"0 Bond To every student 1o
furnish him r her a position paying from $10
to $60 a mouth in states east of t e Roeky Moun
tains, or from JT5 toS'.Ou a month in s ates west
of the Rockies, immediately upon graduation.
Students can enter at any time. No vaca
tions. For full particulars regarding any of
our Schools write direct to our executive office
at Cincinnati, O. Catalogue froe.
The Morse School of Telegraphy,
Cincinnati, Ohio. Buffalo, N. Y.
Atlanta, Ga. LaCrosae, Wis.
Texarkana.Tex. San Francisco, Cal
Woman's Home Companion
Frank Leslie's Monthly
Modern Prlsclllaand
Corvallis Gazette
Individual Tickets.
RATE One and one-third fare for the round trip. ) Ark
SALE DATES. .Daily from May 29th to Oct. 15th, 1905. S3. 50
LIMIT. . Thirty ds. but not later than Oct. 31, 1905.
PartiesIotSTeriEor More.
For rarties of ten or more from one point, (must travel together
on one ticket both ways), party tickets will be sold as follows:
RATE. One fare for the round trip. ) A
SALE DATES. .Daily from May 29th to Oct. 15th, 1905. ibZ.OU
LIMIT ...Ten days. )
Organized Parties 'of 100 or More.
For organized parties of one hundred or more movinar on one
day from one place, individual tickets will be.sold as follows:
RATE One fare for the round trip.
SALE DATES . . Daily from May 29th to Oct. 15th, 1905. b2.60
LIMIT........ Ten Days. (
No stopovers will be allowed on any of the above! tickets: they
must be used for continuous passage in each direction.
For further information call on J . E . FA RMER,
W. E. COM AN, Agent, Corvallis.
Gen'l Pas. Agt., Portland.
All five
one year
Cornice, Roofing, Guttering,
and all kinds of heet Metal
F. A. Hencye
In connection with J. H.
In the County Court of the Stale of Oregon for Ben
ton iKunty 9
In the matter of the estate
and Iast Will and testament (
of f
William Wyatt, deceased
Notice is hereby given that I have filed my final ac
count as executor of the last will and testament of
William Wyatt, deceased, with the clerk of the above
entitled Court and that said Court has fixed and ap
pointed Saturday, the 9th day of September, 1905 at,
11 o'clock in the forenoon of said day at the offee
of the County Judge of said County at the C mrt
House in Benton County, Oregon, as the time and
place for hearing objections to and the settlement
of said Final Account; and all persons interested and
desiring to object thereto art notified to appeal at
said time and file their objections.
Dated, August 8th, 1905.
A. J. Williams, Executor,
of the Estate of William Wyatt, deceased.
are the most fatal of all dis
eases. '
rULC I u 6oarant68d Remedy
or money refunded. Contains
remedies recognized by emi
nent physicians as the Best for
Kidney and Bladder troubles.
PRICE 50c and $1.00.
Take The Gazette for all. the
local news.
War Against Consumption.
All nations are endeavoring to check
the ravages of consumption the "white
plague" i hat claims so many each year.'
Foley's Honey and Tar cures coughs and
colds perfectly and yon are in no .dan
ger .of (ymsutnptiop,. Do not risk' your
health bv takioa eome unknown prepa
ration when Folev's Honey and TardBs
safe and certain io results. - Ask. forFo-4
Tho mrvthe-
K-E21,-13 the- ia-. U. sold bvtiraUm XWoi itfalfi. ' " -
or. Infants and Children...-
The Kind Yell Have Always Bought
Interest the
Weekly Oregonlan
(San Francisco Examiner
Corvallis Gazette
All three
oess year
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or YcCallV
Corvallis Gazette
Any three year
Bnzetie Puis Go
8:30 a. m. Mail arrives by stage
for Portland and all points
North and Bast, also for
California and points on S.P,
10 a. m. From Monroe by stage.
11:15 a. m. From Philomath and
points West on C. & E.
12 m. From Portland and all
points on the West Side.
1:30 p. m. From Albany and all
points North on the S. P.
6 a. m. For Albany and points
East on the C & E., and for
points North of Albany on
the S. P. 4
10:30 a. m. For Albany and all
points North and South on
the S. P.
12:30 p. m. ForjWest Side points,
Portland, and points North
and East, also for points
West on the C. &, E.
2 p. m. For Monroe, Or. .
6:15 p. m. For Portland, Cal:
fornia, and points North,
East and South.
. Orator, Ectre Ncas Club.
176 Warren Avenue,
Chicago, III., Oct. 22, 1902.
For newly four years I suffered
from ovarian troubles. The doc
tor insisted on an operation as the
only way to get well. I, however,
strongly objected to an operation.
My husband felt disheartened es
well as I, for home with a sick
womaa is a disconsolate place at
best. A friendly druggist advised
him to get a bottle of Wine of
Cardui for me to try, and he did so.
I began to improve in a few days and
my recovery -was very rapid. With
in eighteen weeks I -was another
Mrs. Stowe's letter shows every
woman how a home is saddened by
remaie weasnes ana now completely
Wine nf -Oardni
ness and brings health and happi
ness again. Do not go on Buffer
ing. ; Go to your druggist today
and secure a $1.00 bottle of Wine
6. B. Burhaiis testifies after four
G. B. Burhans, of Carlisle Center, K.
Y. writes: "About four years ago I
wrote you stating that I had been entire
ly cured of severe kidney trouble by tak
ing less than two bottles of Foley's Kid
ney Cure. It entirely stopped the brick
dust sediment, and pain and symptoms
of kidney disease disappeared. I am
glad to say that I have never had a' re
turn of any of those symptoms during
the four years that have elapsed and I am
evidently cured tn stay cured, and hearti
ly recommend Foley's Kidney Cure to
any one suflering from kidney or bladder
trouble.' Sold by Graham and Wortbam.
Was Wasting Away.
"I have been troubled with kidney dis
ease for the last five years," writes Robert
R. Watts, of Salem, Mo. "I lost flesh
and never felt' well and doctored with
leading physicians and tried all remedies
without irelief. Finally I tried Foley's
Kidney Cure and less than two bottles
cured me and I am now sound and well."
During the summer kidney irregulari
ties are often caused by excessive drink
ing or being overheated. Attend to the
kidneys at once by using Foley's Kidney
Cure. -
A Touching Story.
is the saving from death of the baby
girl of Geo. A. Eyler, Cumberland, Md.
He writes: "At the age of 11 months
our little girl was in declining health,
with serious throat trouble, and two
physicians gave her up.- We were almost
in despair, when we. resolved to try Dr.
King's New Discovery for Consumption,
Coughs and Colds. The first bottle gave
relief, after taking four bottles she. was
cured, and is now in perfect health."
Never fails to relieve or cure a cough or
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Foley's Kidney .Cure
-ns5-. 'nsyf md bladder right,