Corvallis gazette. (Corvallis, Benton County, Or.) 1900-1909, July 04, 1905, Image 2

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Published Tuesdays and Fridays by
Gazette Publishing Company.
The subscription price of the Gazette
for several years has beea. and, remains,
2 per annum, or 5 per cent discount if
paid in ailvam-e. x
Before the next issue of the
Gazette the city election decid
ing whether Corvallis shall be
bonded or not in the sum of $75,
000 for the construction of a
gravity water system will have
been decided and have passed in
to history. At all times the Ga
zette has tried to be fair to
those on both sides of this ques
tion and such is the present pur
pose: This is the greatest problem
ever before the people of this
municipality and requires the
calmest judgment. Remember,,
you who vote for bonding the
city, that you are voting an obli
gation on the people an obli
gation that few of you will live
to see dissolved. If it is a good
thing the future generation will
bless you as you deserve no doubt,
but should it prove other than a
blessing your sons will damn you j
for the burden you have placed ;
upon them. It is not pleasing i
for a father to contemplate the j
future curse of a son. j
Will the plant as at present j
proposed outlive the term of.
bondage for the people? is a
legitimate question.. It is not
pleasing to look forward to pay
ing for anything, say 10 or 20
years after it has ceased to be.
Will it last ? Good men declare
it will, while many of equal ex
perience do not hesitate to assert
that fir - pipe in our soil will not
not endure the forty years the
bonds run. Such being the state
of affairs, it devolves upon you,
Mr. Voter, to give the answer.
What say you?
A thought occurs that may., be
worthy of consideration: Is it
wise and proper for any man,
any body of men, or the citizens
as a whole, to advocate an en
terprise that they would not en
tertain individually? Nearly all.;
will answer no to this question.
Well, now, how many would con
siderlthe installation of the Rock
Creek gravity system a good in
vestment had they sufficient
means to undertake the matter?
Consider these points seriously
and vote as you should(were it
your own private affair.
Another idea occurs to this ef
fect: The men composing-the
water commission have capital
enough among them to install
this system and own it; if it is
a good investment for the city
why would it not be a good in
' vestment for them? If it is a
good investment for them why
do they not engage in it? To
this no one would offer the least
objection and it would eliminate
a lot of wrangling about the eter
nal perpetuity clause. It is ar
gued that municipal ownership
within itself is a doubtful quan
tity. We each and all of us are hon
est in our views we have a right
to these views- It is in recog
nition of this right that we are
alio wed4 the privilege of the bal
lot. In this matter it is a case of
majority rule. We have faith in
the people as judges and now
rest our case.
Kings Valley Schools.
The first 8th grade graduation
exercises ever held in Kings Val
ley occurred lat Saturday even
ing in the United Evangelical
church. The church was so well
filled even standing room was at
a premium.
Promptly &i S o'clock James
R. Chambers j'ive the march
for the dass, coii.- i.t of Jessie
Bush,. Lizzie Dunn, Israel Eddy,
Chester Chambers, William
Winniford, Revilla Lundt, R.
Caves, Laura Van Meter and Ina
E-ch member of the class had1
a pait in the program. The ef
forts of the members of the class
were highly sboken of by all
present. T. T. Vincent deliv
ered an excellent address to the
class. It was 611ed with good ad
vice, and couched in 'eloquent
j language. Supt. Dennun, in a
few words, presented in the name
i of the state of Oregon each mem
ber with a diploma.
During the exercises, James R.
Chambers rendered a pleasing
instrumental solo. Miss Mabel
Ross sang a vocal solo and, be
ing loudly encored, responded
with another excellent selection.
A trio also gave two fine se
lections. After the regular exercise?,
a social hour was spent, and re
freshments were served.
The decorations by the class
added much toward increasing
the interest and making the oc
casion successful.
Where He Stands.
To the Editor of the Investigator,
Sir: You ask me if. I am willing to
Biaud sponsor for the articles that have
baen appearing in the Corvallis Times.
:oncernin the present water controver
sy. Ia reply I besr to say, I would be
lad to answer you personally or in the
columns of your paper, but am unable to
learn who its editors are and must, there
fore, adopt the present means of teaching
In the first place, I have neither time
nor inclination to investigate ptireonally
anything that has appeared in the Times
so that Iniixhl be able to vouch for the
truthfulness of what appears in its col
umus. In a general way, however, I do
endorse what it has said about mountain
water, but in this controversy theOor.a!
lis Times is not an issue, and whether I
or anyone else in thi3 community is will
ing to stand sponsor for its utterances is
not an argument either for or at-aimt
mountain water.
According to my judgment tthere are
only two or three questions for the voters
to decide and they are, 'Do we want
mountain water and a better system?"
"Are we willing to standXfor municipal
ownership?" 'From a business stand
point is it, wise to bond the city for $75,
000 for the installation of a water plant?''
Outside the edito'8 of the Investigator,
who seem to think Willamette river wa
ter good enough, I think the community
would be practically unanimous in vot
ing "yes" to the first question.
On the matter of municipal ownership
there can ba honest differences of opinion
Personally, I have heretofore been op
posed to the proposition, but within the
past few months have become convinced
of the wisdom of the present plan, acd
further that only by such a pla i would
we be able to get mountain water. Fur
thermore I realize that in matters of this
kind there is a community of interests
and our individual ideas must necesarily
be merged into some general plan in order
tD get results at all. In other words we
must give and take and not quibble over
minor details if we expect to get together
oa matters that concern the public good.
The fact that practically all of the busi
ness men of Corvallis and a majority of
the largest tax payers of the city favor
the bond issue ought to satisfy any rea
sonable peraoj, that, from a business
point of view, the investment of $75 000
in a water plant is a good one, and par
ticularly as the maprity of these men
have carefully investigated the subject
The hijh business standing and integ
rity of the men who compose the "Water
Committee" should guarantee that it is
no "wild cat" scheme.. .
To my mind the foregoing are the only
questions at issue. The personnel of the
" Water Committee,'' wood pipe, the Dal
las water and sewerage system, the
Times, personalities, Engineer Miller,
and Mrs. Purdy's cow, are not proper
matters to be injected into this contro
versy. To my mind to vote against this propo
sition is to vote against the advancement,
improveme-t and betterment of Corvalr
lia ; to vote for bonds is to vote for muni
cipal improvement, 'increased property
values, and to show to the world that we
are a live, progressive people. We want,
to show that moss-bacKism is dead and
that Corvallis is not suffering from dry
rot. B. W. Johnson.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
. Bears the
Signature of
, . and
Heating !
Cornice. Roofing, Guttering,
and all kinds of fc-heet Metal
Work. ......
F. A. Hencye
In connection -with J. - H.
wn.L. ruui VUIMOUIirilVtS mm
Fresh Air Is the Cure for Awful Afflic
tion Instance "Where Conten
tion Is Proved.
Climate, while it mav be an aiil
in some cases, has much less influ
ence on tuDercuiosis, excent in th
later stages, than is generally sup-
puseu. r r-esn air is the thing.
Even the tenement dweller has a
chance. A New York physician
who does charity work on the East
Side was talking with a friend at
his club about some of his patients,
relates Samuel Hopkins Adams
in McClure's.
"I've got half a dozen of the most
pitiful cases down there you ever
heard of," he said. "They're good,
honest, fine fellows; handy work
men, five of them with families to
support; and they've all got to elk-,
I suppose, of consumption."
"Hopeless cases?" asked his
"Hopeless, because they've got
factory jobs and tenement rooms
and can't get good air to breathe.
If I could get them outdoor em
ployment I think they'd all pull
through. But they can't leave
their families to go to the coun
try." "I beg your pardon," said a man
sitting near by; "but do I under
stand that out-of-door work in the
city would help them?"
"I'll guarantee it'll save four of
the sis, anyway," replied the doc
tor, eagerly.
"I suppose," said the stranger,
"that ticket- chopping on the "ele
vated would be pretty exposed
work for a consumptive? Xo
Well, if you wish to try the experi
ment, send your men to this ad
dress." He handed a card to the
The six men became ticket-choppers.
Five of the men are well to
day. .- The sixth is holding his own
and a little more.
Cured, of Eriglii'a Disease.
Mr.. Robert O. Bnrke, Elnora, N. Y..
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MATTHEWS, The Optician
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Stock and p.ultry have few
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liver irregularities. Black
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ally keep B hick-Draught Stock and
Poultry Medicine. If yours does
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can to the manufacturers, The
Chattanooga Medicine Co., Chat
tanooga, Term.
Eoohbllb, Ga., Jan. 30, 1902.
Black-Mnmght Stock and Poultry
Medicine ia the best I ever tried. Our
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