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Vol. XLH.
Mayor A. J. Johnson Sums Up
It is the custom of the mayor
of this city to render , an annual
statement and Mayor Johnson has
followed the precedent. Accord
ing: to our mayor the outstanding
liabilities in warrants against the
general fund of this city amount
to $2i, 880. 00. Accrued interest
on the same to June 5, 1905,
about $i,965.oo. This makes
our liabilities total $23,845.00
He estimates the expenses for the
current year as follows:
Salaries, about $1,720
Electric Light about 1,100
Water (inc sprinkling) 580
Incidental expenses......... 1,200
Total $4,600
Estimated receipts are as fol
lows: '
Amount still due on taxes.... $1,000
Amount doe from rents. 204
Amount due trom licenses- 240
Amount due from fines . 100
Amount receipts to be relied upon- 1,544
Amount of taxes already collected
and applied to payment of old
warranto, and on hand for this
purpose............ 3,542
Total .....(.. ....,-.'.$5,086
The above are mainly in the
Mnfva if ,t-2 . 1 J3 "11
uaiuxc vii estimates ana we will
now quote from Mayor Johnsons
statement, verbatim:
I may say in the way of ex
planation that I find the average
incidental expenses for the pre
ceding three years (after deduct
ing the return of licenses in Jan
uary last, insurance premium,
roofing of City Hall and the fire
alarm system recently audited
and paid) to be between $1,400
and, $1,500 per annum. This
does not include warrants drawn
in payment of lateral sewers, nor
any repairs to the main sewer
system, hence, barring any ex
traordinary heavy expense for the
repair of our main sewer at the
foot of Jefferson street, I feel sure
that by economical management
we may be able to keep within
the limit given above. You will
note that I am not making any
estimate of warrant issue lor
lateral sewers, as heretofore paid
out of the general fund, as I un
derstand the law requires such to
be issued against a special fund
known as the sewer fund; and
here permit me to recommend
that all sswer warrants be so
drawn and designated.
STREET FUND. - ' -Amount
on hand after payment of
all warrants outstanding about $300
Amount still due on taxes .... ....... 400
ToUI......?. .......$700
"Amount already collected on
this year's tax and used in pay
meat of warrants against this
fund, about $1,450. 1 shall re-
iram irom mating any estimate
of probable expense under this
special fund for the reason that
such would no doubt exceed the
amount' available, to-wit: $700,
and as I understand the law .we
will have no right to contract
against this special fund beyond
the amount available, as here
shown. :", v
" "I understand there is still
about $1,180 cah on hand-in
the general fund, out of which
called warrants are yet to be paid,
amounting to about $980, thus
leaving actually $206 on hand in
the general fund. ' r
"By a hasty segregation of our
present outstanding warrants I
find them to have been issued for
the following purposes, towit:
Salaries of officers about. ......$ 4,345
Lights and water 435
Sewers and laterals........ 9,159
Incidentals including about $1,560
cross walk lumber, .labor, etc.,
really belonging to street fund.- 4,910
Less cash on hand applicable to
payment of same............. .-. 1,180
Net balance... .- ......$21,880
Estimated interest doe on same to
date.............; 1,965
... Grand toUl....'.............w....$23J845
"I am fully cognizant of the
tact that the above does not ap
peal to us encourapinelv. and on
the other hand, taking the same
as a basis for our operation and
conduct of the Citv's affairs for
the coming year, it appears quite
discouraging, but 1 am no be
liever in the impossible thine in
this day and have long since
learned that the haider the task
found before me the closer one
must apply oneself in order to
overcome tne obstacle encounter
ed and I feel this to be no
exception. And by our each
giving his earnest individual
effort to the task set before us, at
all times working in harmory, I
feel sure success will eventuallv
perch upon upon our banner, or
rainer upon tne banner ot onr
beloved eitv. We. tnn
fronted with the fact that being
m the midst of an age of great
orosoeritv. our towns and riries
all over this great Northwest are
forging ahead as never before
we. too. showing greater frrotfth
just at this time than at any other
period or time m the City's
history. Hence, funds or no
funds, we cannot lay down at
this stage of the great game be
ing played,' in which especially
'all our valley cities . are ; contest
ants. In fact, we-must keep
pace witli our internal growth and
the growth ot our institution
of learning, for which we alien
tertain a great pride, even though
we should be compelled to resort
to an income tax. But it is to
be hoped that such may not be
found necessary. If we have- the
support .of our entire citizenship
as we should and as I feel we will
I have no hesitancy in saying
that such an extreme will be
"However, -we must under
stand that it is possible for us to
make ourselves personally liable
in case of our "exceeding our au
thority or acting contrary to the
law in such cases provided. And
especially is this true just at this
time, as it appears that notice has
been given (or-io say theleast,
attempt has been made) of our
worthy predecessors having ex
ceeded the limit ot indebtedness
as allowed by charter to-wit:
$10,000, (not particularly our im
mediate predecessors, but all
those coming before us)."
We are sorry that lack of space
compells us to, forego the desire
to print Mayor Johnson's state
ment to the members- of' the
council entire. It may be stated
that while he outlined -many
plans for future civic improve
ment, he was well aware that the
financial condition of the city
required an economical adminis
tration. v A Fine Exhibit.
During the past few days the
wood work department at OAC
has bad on display many useful and
ornamental things made by stud
ents taking this course. The work
has been examined by many
visitors and found favor with all.
This department is under the
supervision of Thomas Biljeu,
and the work is certainly a credit
to him, as well as OAC. .
The collection consists of some
five or six Morris chairs of differ
ent designs,, and they are. very
fine. There is' a hat and um
brella rack combined that
worked out on original lines,
is also a screen rack. Fine stand
tables, beautifully inlaid, demand
actenuon, and there are a numl
ofwoodeH models made for use
patterns in the manufacture
machines. Many beautiful orna
mental pieces have been wrought
all most skillf'illv. too. ' A? :
whole the collection is splendid
ana wen worth going consider
able distance to see.
Mo Secret About It.
It is no secret, that for cuts, burns,
uicers, lever sores, sore eye?, boils, etc
uuuiiug was so enecuve as Jjucklen
Julius otuvo. ii uian t taKQ long
cure a Daa sore i naa, and it is all O. K.
for sore eyes," writes D. L. Gregory,
of Hope, Texas. 25c at Allen Wood
ward's drag store.,
Of Interest to Benton County
People by Special
' Correspondent.
The first week of the Fair is
; and it is to be honed that
rain, which has staved with
most or tnat time, is-also over.
attenaance, after the open-
aay, nas been necessarilv
But with the advent of
second week bright . weather
commenced, and the crowds
tne last lew davs are but fore.
shado wings of what may be ex
pectea later in the season. The
bulk of exhibits are now in place
ana tne air is well worth a visit.
The Odd Fellows'- procession
was the great feature of Fridav.
and was something of which the
order can well be proud. It ex-
j i i r .. . -
tenaea ior ten niocfcs. and was
composed of as fine a bodv of
men as ever turned out vx a pro
cession. After the orocession
most of the visiting delepates
took a stroll arouad the Fair
Among the Corvallis delegates
were noticed John Erwin, your
genial assistant in the rrmnrv
clerk's office, also Harry Cronise,
tne attaoie manager of the C & E
companv's affairs in vour citv.
Milton Morgan was also in this
city on Friday, . attending busi
ness. He was billed here for
several days. Geo. Waggoner
was td be seen around the Fair
as a Benton countv nrodnrh
Harvev Sargent is oarpfnllv v.
amining the foundations of the
cunerenr. DUHdings, and search
ing for gopher holes. Dr. Lee
was here earlier . in the week.
Wallace Baldwin, an old time
citizen of Benton, was a caller
at the Booth last week. Mr. and
Mrs. Herron. who live' near Mon
roe, were also seen viewing the
agricultural exhibits.
Benton countv is fortunate in
having two such energetic and
courteous young men in charge
of her agricultural exhibit, -as
N. L. Raber and H. S. French.
One of them can be found at all
times at the booth,, where citizens
of the county will always find a
warm welcome. Every visitor
from this section should call here
and register their names.
Benton countv has a verv neat
exhibit, as far as it .goes, but it
auuuiu oe increasea. mere is
not enough of it. and it does not
attract the attention it Should.
Stir yourselves good citizens, and
let us .have something that the
county win be proud of, and
something that will attract the
eastern people -who are coming
nere loosing tor homes. Our ex
hibit is too thin and scattered. It
needs filling up. "
Probably the most interesting
exhibits 6f the Fair are grouped
in tne Manufactures and Liberal
Arts Building. Here are certain
ly some of the finest displavs oz
the grounds. Beginning with the
southeast corner where the print
ing exhibits are grouped, may be
iouna tne iastest printing press in
the world that prints from tvne
presided over by a.former resident
or uorvallis. The famous Miehle
cylinder presses, are in operation
aoing excellent work. A power
ful embossing press, orintinp;
commercial work. The Mere en-
thaler Type setting machines in
operation. The obliging, oper
ators will cast your name and
resiaence on a slug, making
preity souvenir. .Next to this
booth the Bushong Co. have
Huber Press in oneration. nrin
- ing tne aauy program ot the E
nioition. inis covers the exhi
a relating to the Art of Printing
1 ShQll in tnhirA lattarc n
IU1.U1V. , lV.Lik.iS
er descriptions of some of th
exhibits, especially those that an
likely to be of interest to Cor
vallis people. .
Clyde Williamson, of the OAC. came
down JFriday and spent a few days at
preparatory to going to the Lewis
and i
Clark Fair, where the cadets will be
stationed for ten days.
Ed Wiles and family, of Soap Creek,
spent Saturday in Albany. ,
T. Walton, who baa absent for some
, is back at his old home. '
Several of our peoole attended the grad
uating exercises at Albany, Friday even-
Dr. Leeper went to Independence
Monday, to attend the meeting of the
Willamette Valley Development League.
which met at that place Mondiv and
Messrs: P. Karnetens, C Anthony,
W. Abraham and G. W. Williamson
have bought the Ackerman tbreshine
machine and will go the last of the
week to bring the outfit home. They
will come by way of Corvallis.
Sunday was Oak Grove day at Sulphur
Springs. Many vehicles were on the
road early, headed in that direction,
filled with mirthful occupants. The day
was an ideal one for an outing and those
who took advantage of it were G. W.
Goff and family, and 8. P. Laurensen
and family, and the Karsten andVos8
families, Brush, Abraham. Anthoov.
and many single chaps who brought up
he rear. ,
J. B. Cougill and wife, of Alhunv.
spent Sunday the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
. B. Williamson. .'
D. JT. Williamson moved Saturdav to
the Emmett Williamson farm. He ex
pects to remain here until October, when
he will move on his farm in Linn
county. 1
Herman Anthony spent a few davs
here this week calling on. friends. He
returned home the latter part of the
week. i
Mr. Weed, owing to sickness, went to
Philomath to remain" with his 'brother
one day last week. ' ' :
Mrs. Webb and granddaughter, of
Iowa, are visiting at the home of Mrs. J.
F. Stevens
Charley Armstrong was a Philomath
visitor last Tuesday.
Frank Peterson, of Inavale. was a vis
itor on Beaver Creek last Sunday.
George Cates sold a fine lot of mutton
ahppn 'tr, ATV TV1 ...In ArDnc
Mr. Keeley is at present engaged ini
- . "... -uunmuD, vi XC111UI1ULU1U. I
constructing a new barn. i
Frank Ecker and Ben Wilson
visiting friends on Beaver Coeek last
Sunday. '
Mrs. Alta Gray has been visiting rel
atives in Portland the last few weeks.
Mrs. E. J. Dunn is steadily imurov-
ing in health after a severe illness.
Mr. and Mrs. Spanlding. of Corvallis.
fame out to visit their timber claim on
Bald Mountain .
O. J. Blackledge. wife and daughter
were visiting relatives a? Glea&on's mill
Several of our citizens have taken ad
vantage of the excursion r;fp Hid a
spending a few days at the Lewis and
Clark Exposition.
Tor Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of
Gazette Bell phone No 341
1 .
;In order to" reduce our stock and save moving, we will offer a reduction of 5 per
.cent on all goods bought FOR CASH commencing June 5th and continuing
until removal occurs, or about June 25th. Quite frequently a merchant offers
a reduction on a special'line of goods but Jt is not often that a discount is given
on everything yon b..y as wiU he the case in this Special Removal Sale.
This does not app y to small purchases of less than $1.00. -'
Remember the dale, June 5th. ' - .
The HouGO-Furniahcrc.
Feel Impending Doom.
The feeling of impending doom in the
minds of many victims of Brigbt's dis
ease and diabetes has been changed to
thankfulness by the benefit derived from
taking Foley's Kidney Cure. It will
nire incipient Bright's disease and dia
betes and even in worst cases gives com
fort and relief. Slight disorders are
cured in a tew days. "I had diabetes in
the worst form," writes Marion Lee of
Dunreatb, Ind. "I tried eight physicians
without relief. Only three bottles of
toley s Kidney Cure made me a well
man. For sale at Graham & WorthamV
A Bad Scare.
Some day you will get a bad scare,
when you feet pain in your hoeIs, and
fear appendicitis Rnfetv lies in Dr.
King's New Life Pills. 'sure cure, for
all bowels and stomach diseases, such as
headache, biliousness; rostiveness, etc
Guaranteed at Allen Woodward's
drug store, only 25c. Try them.
Steamer Oregona, leaves Cor
vallis, Mondays, Wednesdays
and Fridays, for Portland and all
way points at 6 a.m. For rates,
etc., call on
A. J. SHIRLEY, Agent .
Summer School.
All Resources of State
Board and room, $3.00 to $4
need Dot exceed $30 00. Faculty of eight. Address
iiiEifii urriirnn Rnu it:
f) 1 1 Ix J f lalaIIIaK
anywhere than right here. We, clean and repair all sorts of
watches r.rifvmncrriiv nnrl nnirlrlv nnrl miarartno oil
o- j --i f v umamuwv vui wuj.iv cua
well as our prices to be right. If your watch chain is beginning
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son, we are prepared to supply you with the best gold-filled one
made, at a moderate price. We carry the Simmons make, the
best known and most strongly guaranteed chains ever sold.-
E. W. S. PRATT, Jeweler and Optician.
Asthma Sufferers Should Know,
This. , .
Foley's Honey and Tar lias curd
manv cases of asthma that were con
1'J ; hopeless. M.s Adolph Bnesirg.
jOl Third St., Davenport, Iowa, writes:
A severe cold contracted twelve years
sge was neglected until it finallv grew
into aethma. The best medical skill
available could not give me more than
temporary relief. Folev's Honev and
Tar was recommended and ove fifty
cent bottle entirely cured me of asthma
which had been gr wing on me for
twelve years, and if I had taken Hat
the start I would have been saved yeais
of suffering " Graham & Wortfaam
keep it for sale.
All past negotiations for parties to
write ma'ter for publication in the Ga-V
setie are hereby annulled. Those send-
ing matter to this office for publication
are hereby notified that no pay will be
given by this office for such matter un
less heieafter agreed upon and price
stated. The Gazette wi'l gladly consider
all matter furnished without charge by
the contributor. The name of the nartr
contributing in all case to be signed to
tne communication. For all further ne
gotiations on this subject, address
Corvallis- Gazettb,
Corvallis, Or.
State Normal.
JUNE 26 TO AUG. 4.
TUITION, - - $7.50
Normal School Available.
00 per week. Entire
Monmouth, Oregon.
li yon are looking ior some real frrxvl
F.0?11 Ranch, write for' our special
U ht OT c me and see us. We will tad
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