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Bom, Sunday, June 4, to the
wife of Carl Porter of tnia city, s
boo. ' ; H .' ":
Born, Saturday, June 3, in f this
citv, to the wife of -A. T. Grugett,
a 6 pound daughter.
Reent J. D. Daly canoe up irom
Portland 'ast week to attend mat
ters of business at the college.
Dr. James Witbycombe, Profs. I
Cordley and Kent went to Mil
waukee, Friday, for the purpose of
conducting a farmers' institute.
Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Cate arrived
in Corvallis, Thursday evening,
from their home in Ridgefield,
Wash., for a visit witb relatives and
Miss Belle Ranney, who has been
teaching school at Olex, Eastern
Oregon, for the "past year is expect
ed to arrive at her home in this
city within a week.
' D. C. Ecker, who a few months
ago sold his farm near Inavale and
purchased another in Linn county,
to which place h moved, is again
back in Benton. He sold his Linn
county farm a few days ago and
moved to Corvallis. - -
Miss , Mamie Announces , that a
number of -her - piano pupils--will
give a recital in the M. E. church.
South, this evening at 8 o clock, to
which the general public is invited.
Within a day or bo J. W.- Wil
banks, Dick Smith and John Zeis
expect to go into ' camp .in the
vicinity of Shot Pouch, where they
will fish. We are playing Dick as
a prize-taker at angling.
William Buchanan, who was in
Roaeburg last week in attendance
at the M. E. church, South, con
ference nrriyed home Saturday.
Victor Moses, who was a delpgate
from here to the
Nearly Seventy People Sing Master-Pieces.
ly and fears are1 entertained that
she has an attack of appendicitis.
We are indebted to a gentler
man who was among those pres
ent at the - concert last Friday
evening for the very pleasing
write-up and favorable mention
of the affair as follows:
The vocal concert given last
Friday evening under the direc
tion of Mr. Gerard Taillandier
for the benefit of the Y. M. C. A.
same conference building fund was an artistic sue-
i i . . i . . i-i t
cua noi get nome ur in ounaay. cess
At a recent election of fctaff for ine large wort on tne pro-
conducting the College Barometer gram was a cantata, "The Wreck
tor the coming year J. L. Kingo ot the HesDerus." a musical set
was chosen editor-in-chief and fcrlen ting to the words of Longfel
woodman Dusiness manager, mere iows p0em 0f tnat name. Mr,
Taillandier proved himself to be
Mrs. Mabel Laughlin, nee Cronise,
arrived in Corvallis last Friday
evening from La Grande, Or. ner
present home. She will be here
for a month, the guest of her
father and brother and many
friends, who extend a warm welcome.
Tonight there will be a
of the- Benton County
League and it is urgently request
ed tbat all members attend. It is
quite likely that there will be a
discussion of the water problem as
it at present stands before tbe
Hiram Flickenger, now of New
port, passed several days last week
with friends in this city. Years
ago he run a harness shop on the
corner where Moses Bros, are today
doing business, was well liked and
very sttccessful. He left yesterday
for Philomath, where his wife was
visiting, from which place they will
proceed home.
Last Friday Grant Elgin sold
his baaery. ine purchasers were
Keith Brown and Dell Alexander,
and have already taken possession.
Mr. Alexander has not yet given
up his position at J. H. Harris'
store, but we are informed that he
will do sc in a short time. Just
what Grant will do in future he
has not yet divulged.
A man by the name of Greene
arrived in town from Dallas. He
stated that he was going to Cor
vallis and was promptly arrested.
The authorities came from Salem
today and escorted him to the
asylum. West Side Enterprise.
Since reading the above the idea
with us has gained ground that this
is a "squib" that has a double
meaning and we demand an
The large 30-room hotel at Olson
ville, on Yaquina Bay, is being
thoroughly overhauled and refitted
throughout. Mr. and Mrs. Fitz
Maurice, lately from Eastern Ore
gon, are tojjhave the management of
this splendid hostelry. . Hollen
berg & Cady, of this city, have the
contractfor furnishing the hotel
throughout. Everything is to be
of high order and Brussels carpets
cut quite a figure in the furnish
Johnson Porter has purchased
the lot adioimng Hotel Corvallis,
Mrs. Sam Wyatt formerly owned it
and the price paid her by Mr: Por
ter was $2,000. The lot is 50 foot
front by 100 feet deep and is the
finest site in the city that ' is not at
present utilized on which to erect a
good building. Should any person
desire such a location for business
Mr. Porter says that he stands
ready to build a structure suitable
for any and all requirements.
Last Thursday evening the Wood
men of the World and the Circle
met in joint session and, together
with invited guests, enjoyed a few
very social hours. A sort of bene
fit was on the boards during the
evening for the assistance of the
uircie in the establishment ot a
library. A farce, "No Cure, No
Pay," was a source of great merri
ment and there was some enjoyable
music. KHresnments consisting of
straw Derries, cream ana case were
It is reported that the picnic at
Kidder's grove Saturday was quite
well attended and the day was
most enjoyably spent by those
were also many associate editors
elected as well as an assistant
The suit cf John Senger and wife
vs. John and JLuther warren tor
the custody of a little girl, grand
daughter of plaintiffs, came up for
a hearing in Albany yesterday after
noon. Mr. and Mrs. Senger are
residents of Corvallis and W. E.
Yates is conducting their case,
. Tbe senior class of O AC are at
work on their annual senior play to
be giyen in the Opera House, Tues
day evening, June Id.
comedy entitled ''An
a master of the director's art and
the large chorus of sixty voices,
assisted by orchestra, responded
with precision and accuracy
The changing emotions of the
cantata were rendered with
dramatic fervor; the daintiness of
the little daughter, the wildness
of the storm, the tragedy of the
wreck, and finally the peaceful
calm, were vividly portrayed by
means of rythmic effects, careful
It is a farce shading, and melody in keeping
Interrupted with the spirit of the words.
Honeymoon." Rehearsals are pro- The arrangement of the orchestra
gressing steadily under the direc- on a raised platform at rear of
tlOli Of Mrs. B. W. Joht)80n. ' rhnrne toqc an innovation in Cnr.
, w .. "
Be certain to attend the meeting vallis and aided the fine musical
of the citizens league tonight, as a effect in general,
discussion 01 what to do "Corvallis The snln narrs of the cantata
Day'; at the Lewis and Clark Ex- were excellently rendered by
position is a very important matter Mrs R xake fsoprano)i and
mat is cerium oi aiscussion ana an r t u t.i -. V a
persons with ideas are requested to
be where their hands can be seen
when they hold them up.
Ed. Smith returned, Sunday,
from several days spent in Port
land, where he attended the open
ing of the Exposition. He says
that in the course of a couple of
months it is going to be great.
Even now the grounds and build
ings remind one of Fairyland when
electricity is turned on at night.
A letter recently received by re
latives in this city brought the in
telligence that it was Miss Olive
Thompson's intention to leave
Boise, Idaho, for home yesterday.
She will likely visit in Portland for
a brief season before coming on to
this city. Miss Thompson has been
John Allen (bass).
The beautiful triumphal march
"With Sheathed Swords," by
Costa, was given with martial
like spirit and the grand "Halle
lujah Chorus" from the Messiah
was most impressive.
Miss LUlu Spangler, ever
favorite with Corvallis audiences,
sang the solo, "Oh That We
Two Were Maying" by Gounod,
responding graciously to the en
core heartily demanded of her by
Mr. Otto F. L Herse, who
possesses a tenor voice or rare
quality, sang the "The King of
the Winds," David, in a pleasing
Blackledee, leading
Mrsi M. A. Canon intended to go
to Portland, yesterday. She will
spend a week or longer in attend
ance at the. Exposition.
Foi Sale Good grocery store.
good business, splendid stand. On
account of health of family must
sell by July 1st Great bargain for
quick buyer. R. M. Turner, Cor
vallis, Or... 44-49.
A special rate will be granted bv
the O. C. T. Co., on their boats from
this city to Portland of $1.50 single.
or $l.o round trip, beginning May
29 and ending October 15. These
tickets are good for ten days. 45-7
Have Dr. Lowe cure your ear
and eye ache with a pair of hw
superior glasses. 46-47
Next Tuesday noon, June the 6, ,n Thursdav Dr. Lowe, the
well-known oculo-optician, will be
at Hotel Cory al lis. Don't fail t j
have him test your eyes for glasses.
Consultation free. 46:47
Yesterday W. M. Castle and
family, of Philomath, passed
through Corvallis en route to Irrigon,
Eastern Oregon, where they expect
to make their home.
Opticians come and go, but Dr.
Lowe keeps coming and has for the
past fifteen years. 46 47
George Hodges, of Elk" City,
passed through Corvallis yesterday
en route to Portland.
Largest line of matting in coun
ty at Blackledges. , y. 30tf
Dr. Cathey went to - Albany, yes
terday on business.
Finest bread obtainable any
where at Small's. 46-54
Mrs. Grace E. Hall was stricken
down lant Thursday with an attack
of appendicitis. She is having the
best of care and it is hoped that an
operation will not be necessary.
Flaked and Checked Suit
ing, Grey, Brown, Etc., 50c to
75c per yard.
White Mohair, Silk, Flaked
Cream Eolinne, White Jap
Silk, and White Arnold Silk,
White and Cream Organdie,
suitable for graduating dresses,
20c to $1.25 per yard.
Shepherd's Plaids, Brown,
Blue and Black, at 75c per yd.
Etamines Tan, Brown, Na
vy, Red, Blue, Green, Black,
at 50c.
Linen Homespun Suiting
Blue,; Brown and Grey, at 35c
per yard.
4 .
Children's Colored Parasols,
25c to $1.00. " ' '
Plain Black, Green, and Blue, $1.00 to $3.50.
t 1 1 .
the pianist in a theatre in Boise for manner ana responaea to a vigor-
some vflarp ous cncoic.
Quite an entertaining serial story
has just runout in the Dial-Enter
prise of Boscobel, Wis. Strange as
it may seem it is nevertheless ' true
tbat the hero of the story grew to
manhood in this city and some
thing of his ups and downs,
fortunes and misfortunes, are
known to all old . residents,
Conditions, Here and There.
New Shades of Tan, Brown,' Blue, White, and Black,
from $2.jO to $6.50.
Telephone and Mailing Orders Promptly and
Carefully Filled.
The White House,
Corvallis, Ore.
D. 'C. Hlostsutd.
Cha. Bin fro sloe.
George - A. Waggoner arrived
home, Tuesday evening, from a
trip through Eastern ; Oregon in
the interest of his book, "Stories
" of Old Oregon." Mr. Waggon
. .1 it - 1 a 1
title of the story is "Harold Low" er savs lraai every imng Dears ine
and the author is C. H. Everett, of stamp of prosperity in ,that sec-
this city. tion. On account of splendid
There was a horse race on the croP indications the people are
track south of town Sunday after- all optimistic in their views. Our
noon and many went to the course fel'owtownsman personally ascer
to witness the affair. It was a run- tained that the crop outlook Is
ning race for a quarter-mile between
the mare of 'Gene Tortora and an
animal belonging to a Gypsy. The
weather was horn Die wet and rainy
and the track too eloppy for racing,
but the horses went just the same
The race was not bet on very hea vi
ly, but the Tortora mare won.
Henry L. French who has charge
of Benton s exhibit at the Exposi
tion is very desirous ot securing
some fine samples of hops. He says
that several 1 at ties -promised
samples but so far they . have not
been forthcoming. He also desires
very flattering in that part of the
state at present. He says that in
all ways the country is advanc
ing, and rapidly too.
While in La Grande he visited
with his daughter, Mrs. Frank
Lilly, and says that all goes nice
ly with both his daughter and
Frank. The latter is now niana
eer of a -large hardware estab
hshment in tuat city at $150 per
month which seems pretty good,
Mr. Waggoner was in Port
land Thursday on the opening
Next Thursday at 8 p. m., in
the college chapel, will occur the
debate for the Gatcb Cup between
the Utopian and Sorosis societies of
All persons . who contemplate
a visit to the Lewis and Clark Ex
dosition Fhould address Mre. W. B.
Bolton, 574 Fifth street, Port
land Or. She can give you ac
commodations at above address or
at choice private residence near the
Fair grounds. Cheapest rates in
Portland, accommodations consid
ered. Special rates for June at
both places. 46 7
We are in r ceipt of the program
for. the graduation recital to be
given by Liouipe smith ulanviiie, a
pupil of Gerard Taillandier, at tbe
college chapel next Saturday. It
is ;i fine, program by well-known
masters. -Tbe orchestral part of
the Hummel pianoforte concerto in
A minor ; will ' be played . by Prof.
Taillandier on a second piano. '
As Cal Thrasher, local agent fo?
the Oregon Fire Relief Ass'n, is 10
leave about June 10 for Eastern
Oregon and remain for six weeks,
now is the time to have your in
surance written. After his depart
ure his son. Frank, will attend the
business. Insurance in this com
pany is half what it cocts in many
others. . 46-7
Patronize Home Industry.
Out. Ida Ordor. Solicited.
All Work Guarantead.
to secure about one dozen sacks of of the great Exposition and .at-
fine grain in sacks that trill hold
about a peck each. Parties having
the same, which they are willing
to contribute, will confer a favor by
notifying Mr. French, who will be
pleased to provide sacks for the
same. Furthermore, it is requested
present. There was a fine musical her fleece weighed 11 pounds,
program, some good addresses and The 38 head produced in the aggre
tended the addresses made by
Vice-President Fairbanks, Can
nbn, Williams, and others, and
says they were all 01 a high or
der. The parade was - an im
mense affair and he was especial
that fine early- cherries ie sent to ly pleased win the showing made
the Exposition at the first possible by the cadets ot and says
opportunity. Mr. French is of the that Lieut. QuinJan has a right
opinion that Benton has the fa nest to be proud ot his boys.
exnioiu or wooqs on tne grounus, ne The Fair itself, he avows, is
also thinks our grains compare most creditable to ' Portland and
fa nrtrn Vl r yiti t Vi trtAOn rvf v tt nfliai1 I ... ... i
" J Ureeon. It will reflect elory on
COUnty. UlipmtlnWKt Tfr is his nnin
Last week J. M. Porter finished ion that it will pay its way so' far
shearing his sheep; there were all as expenses are concerned, which
lota 6 neaa 01 uotswoias. ine 1S as much as was ever honed for.
n f rr 1 J 1 j 1 A
neecea 01 regisiereu ewea weignea
in the aggregate 211 pounds, or 17
and 7-12 pounds to the ewe. A
'registered ram's fleece weighed 23
T,1 i 1 -
pouaag. ine poorest snowing
made was by a toothless ewe and
Additional Local.
a splendid picnic dinner. There
were all sorts of games in the after
noon, including a game of base
ball between teams from Dallas
and Buena Vista. The score re
sulted 4 to 2 in favor of Dallas. A
baby show is supposed to have
taken the cake. - The Buena Vista
band was present and rendered
fine music.
gate 558 pounds of wool, lhis
was sold to S. L. Kline at 28 cents
per pound and brought Mr. Porter
$156.24. The registered ewes1
fleeces were worth on an average of
$4.90 each, while the fleece ot the
registered ram brought $6.44. ' Can
anybody in the state beat this?
The average for the 38 head was
14 and 8-19 pounds per head.
See Blackledee for furniture, etc,
Robt. Johnson and his uncle,
James Johnson, returned Saturday
from the coast, where they passed
a few days very pleasantly.
For Sale. D. C. Rose & Son
offer all stock and fixtures con
nected with the cigar factory for
sale. Going out of business July
1st. Building for rent. . - ' 46-7
Last Saturday evening , Mrs. M
S. Bush was ta&en ill quite sudden-
Fifty years ago yesterday Rev,
P. A. Moses, of this city, graduat
ed from RanJolpbTMacon college, of
Virginia, the oldest M. E. church,.
South, college in the United States.
There were ten in the class and he
took second honors. Comparative
ly few men who ever graduated
from an institution of leirning are
so hale and hearty fifty years after
ward as Key. Modes is todav.
Great June Sale
A Bargain Opportunity that
Happens Only Once a Year,
On Wednesday, June 7th we place on sale Our Entire
Stock of Summer Wash Fabrics and Ladies' Waists.
The Senior Play.
The senior class of the OAC are at
work practicing the annual senior play to
be given in the Opera House( Tuesday
evening, Jane is, 1905. It is a farce
comedy entitled "An Interrupted Honey
moon." The cast is as follows:
Capt Chas Courtney;. FB Davis
Major O'GaUigar .D W Proebstel
Sargeant Tanner. ...... .-M C McAllister
Hen Von Mosier iKarf Steiwer
Mr. Hibbertson .TA Garro w
Private Daugbtery. . .... . .Earl Binebart
Harry (a policeman)
Miss Angie Brightwell . . Mary Danneman
Miss Romney . .............. Lena Tartar
Mrs O'Galligtr. . ....... .Alice Wicklund
Miss Sch wartz . . . . . Leon Weoer
Miss Matilda Jones. ...... Maud Roberts
Miss Clara Loveridge , Lura Flett
Emma Mabel Keady
1 1
; to
We have just received
from the East a Sam
ple line of waists which
we are instructed to
Sell At Cost, ranging in
price from 40c to $6.
The sale includes all of our New Spring Goods, and
when we say it is a bargain -opportunity, we mean it.
So come in and see. You are welcomeeverybody is!
Miss Milicent Loveridge.
Miss Perkins .......
Miss Stilts ........
Miss Heath.. . ..
Miss Somerton
.Edna Osbnrn
...Edna Smith
Bess Yates
.Nellie Skelton
..Hazel Raber
Take The Gazette for all the
local news-
Makes Kidneys sad Bladder fiiatt .
Independent Phonk 146
Robinson & Stevenson
Real Estate, Loans and Insurance
Corvallis, Ore.
IV withi us.
Open Day and Night. Rooms Single or EnSuno
J. C.lHAKir.7EL,lProp.
One of.tha FJngstlEqulpaa Hotels In thoV alley.
Bus Masts all Trains. ,
Both Phones
We want the work you
particular about.