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Published Tuesdays and Fridays by,
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' The snl8i
triptlou prio of the Gazette
ears has been, and remains,
lor r.rverl years
$2 per an u 11 111, or
paid ui aiva '. .
25 per cent discount Hi
j7sr iat Bellamy.
It is said that "Where there's
a will there's a way." Since
childhood the truth of this old
saw has been drummed into - our
ears until at times we half be
lieved it to be true. Sometimes
we have hoped it might be so,
and again it has bsen our fer
vent prayer that nothing might
prove farther from the truth than
this "dog-eared" saying.
In Sunday's Oregonian appear
ed a vapory editorial in which it
was vaguely hinted that it might
be the part of wisdom to have
all the institutions of learning
in the state removed to Portland.
A portion of the article reads as
Suppose some experimental angel, with
a broom big enough, were to. fly over Or
egon and sweep together on one campus,
in Portland, for example; the , State Uni
versity, the Agricultural College, the four
State Normal Schools, the State Medical
School and the state law school! He
would be a bold angel without expecta
tion of future favors from the Legislature,
but would he not be benificent? Think
of the economies which would result to
the taxpayers of the state, a sordid
thought, of course, but 'an insistent one.
One plant instead of many; one set of
buildings; one outfit of libraries, labora
tories, furniture and professors; one ar
ray of buildings; one parcel of land; one
administrative force; one board of re
gents; one budget of incidentals.
Is this intended seriously? If
so, who is the genius that con
ceived this wonderful (?) idea?
And yet, on cecond thought, it is
not surprising that such an idea
should originate in a Portland
cranium. It has not taken a
close observer to note that in
stead of fostering and encourag
ing the development of various
enterprises of the state outside of
Portland, it has been a policy of
many years' standing for the
people of the metropolis to dis
courage and kill country indus
tries and institutions. ; ' -'
So far as our college, OAC, is
concerned, there -is not a parti
cle of fear that the Oregonian's
big broom angel will ever, sweep
it to Portland. Our legislators
are hot all fools. ; But the; spirit
of the writer of the article refer
red to is a selfish one. ; Either
that, or he is ill-informed. It' is
patent that he knows little of
conditions here, or else has lost
a sense of the fitness 'of things.
' No place in the state can there
be found a more beautiful site
for a college; there is no' loca
tion more healthful, nor -is living
cheaper anywhere in the state "of
Oregon.. ;But this is not all. The
various ; distractions of a large
city are not conducive to study,
and the nlajority of parents send,
ing their -children to college do
" so with the expectation that they
will make the best of their ; op
portunities while" there. In the
larger cities there are too many
- pitfalls for ensnaringjrouth, and
parents are aware of this and
guard against it
Will our metropolitan editorial
writer's dream come true? There
is no danerer. The hundreds of
thousands of dollars already in
vested here are aguaranty against
.it, even though other conditions
were not so perfectly satisfac
tory to the people of the state as
they are. Black angels and pitch
forks could not turn the trick.
A Warning.
We are in receipt'ot a letter
from Miss Carrie A. Holbrook,
secretary of the Portland Travel
er's Aid Association. The fol-
. lowing portiou of her4elter makes
clear her moth r in nting:
There, will be It -.ti m Portland,
Oregon, form the first ot June to
the fifteenth of October, the
i Lewis and Clark Exposition, and
it is the special endeavor of the
the Portland Traveler's Aid As
sociation"''' "affiliated with "the
name of Exposition T. A.- Com-pittce-1
to ound anote of warn
9 girls and young 'women
thtougboutc the United States
coming to see the Exposition; with
iius ijuw ji gelling r, wui t. . i vc
tare daily in -receiot of numerons
inquirjesfrom manv'o the R;r;s
fr. r, . w.:-u .,c xxt
4 1 . T r. .
and Marshal Field's in Chicago,
looking to the securing of work
here. Here in Prrtland the sup
ply already exceeds the demand
and unless the knowledge of this
fact can. be spread broadcast
throughout the United States the
result will be far beyond our ca
pabilities to handle.
Most of the inquiries received
advise us that the writer has saved
money enough to reach here, but
must have immediate employ
ment upon htr arrival. Longing
to see the sights of the Exposi-,
tion reduced railroad fairs ani-
the added assurance of employ
ment lorm a farm irresistable at
traction to the working girl iri
the East, who wishes for this sort
of vacation. In spite of repeat
ed warnings, the conditions at St
Louis last year was simply appal
ling, and it is the imperitive
thought of the Organization that
sometmno- m the way ot a pre
ventative be done.
After Prizes.
That our county to the west
is after some benefit from the Ex
position is evidenced by the fol
lowing from the Oregonian:
Lincoln countv is comine ; to
the Exposition with a view of
taking back all the prizes in sight
for county competition. C. M.
Brown, County Judge of Lincoln
County, has arrived at the Ex
position grounds to make fuU ar
rangements for a complete dis
play of the resources ot his sec
tion. He states that the people
of Lincoln County feel that they
have the best part of the state
and they intend to convince the
rest of the world that their possi
bilities are unequalled.
"In our exhibit " said Judge
Brown yesterday, 'we are going
to bring timber, stone, minerals,
fish and game, oysters and every
thing that is profitaDle. When
we have everything that is lying
around loose up here we are going
to take pictures of what we can't
transport. "I'm sorry we can't
bring our climate along with the
rest.. .; Everyone then would want
to flock to Lincoln county." 1
, The same spirit is shown by all
county ; representatives who are
now paying frequent visits to the.
Exposition grounds, and the re
sult will be close competition
with each county putting itstbest
foot forward. Plans - lor county
booths and exhibits are being
carefully concealed, as each con
tains some new and novel idea to
spring, and: by which it is hoped
to land cash awards and honor
able mention .-from the jury of
awards. Twentv-four Oregon
counties ? are participating and
the Exposition boards of each are
hard at work on the final -details
of their work. ' -;:
or Chief of -Police.:
I hereby announce myself a candidate
for Chief of Police of the city of -Corvallis,'
subject to the decision of the voters at the
coming city election. v t
v v,. ' . V- Very res pectf ally, "y
V; j. M. Howard, -
For Chief of Police.
1 "desire to' state to" the eiiizens of this
city that I am a candidate for the office
of Chief of Police of the City of Corvallis,
subject to the decision of the voters at the
next municipal election. , .v
W. G. Lank. '
For Police Judge.
I hereby announce myself as a candi
date for the office of Police Judge sub.
ject to the . decision of the, voters at the.
election to be held on Monday, the" 15
day of May. '
Respectfully Yours, . ; i
- E. P. Greffoz,
For City Treasurer.
I wish to announce myself as a candi
date for the office of City Treasurer at
the election to be held on Monday, the
15th day of Mav.
Very Truly Yours,
Wm.' McLagan.
Notice to Creditors.
Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has
been appointed exeeutor with the will annexed of
the estate of Khoda Taylor, deeeased. All per
sons having claims against said estate are hereby
required to present the same duly verified as by
law required, to the undersigned at Corvallis, Ore
goo,'Within six months from this date. . - -
Waltfr K. TAtxor, T.xecuor,
Dated this 5th day of May, 1905.
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In the County Court of the State ot Oreirnn for
the Coanty of Benton
In. the matter of the estate"),
William Kriens, deceased
T Annie Carnetrte nd Carl Kriens, heirs at
law of William Kriens. deceased. GREETING:
voa are hereby cited and required to aDDeat iu the
CMuty Court of the State of Oregon for the coun
ty of Braton at the Court Room thereof at Cor-
allis, Oregon, in the Coanty of Benton on Tues
day the 6th day of June A. IX 19US, at 16 o'eloek in
the forenoon of said day then and there to show
cause if any exist why an order of sale should not
oe maae as prayed lor in the petition of w.. E
Yates administrator of said estate of William
Kriens, deceased, of the following described real
property to-wit:
The north half of the-tract of land described
as follows: .Beginning at the S. E. earner of
. I.. C. of C. P. Blair- Claim No. 57. Sections
2o,2e,35 and 36 T. 12 & K. 6 West, Will. Mer.
taeuce run xtorth chains to the N. k: corner
of said claim, thence West aloug North bound
ary line of said claim 1S.60 c-haius, thence
South 43.00 chains to Southern boundary of
said claim, thence East 18.60 chains to piacetof
beginning, containing 40.00 acres. All of the
above described property being iu Beuton
County, Oregon.
You are further notified that this citation is
served upon you audi each of ynu bv publica
tion thereof in the "Corvallis Gazette news
paper for four -weeks under and order made bv
ihe Hon. Virgil E. watters, judge of the said
court oearibg date April Hth, 1905.
Witness, the Hon. Virgil E. Watters, Judge
of the County Court ot the State of Oregon
for the County of Benton, with the seal o the
said county affixed this 14th day of April, A. D.
Attest: Victor P. Moses,
. Clerk.
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ach trouble. Thedford'sBlact
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In connection with J. H.
Notice For Publication.
United Staies Land Office,
Oregon City, Oregon..
Corvallis, Oregon, May 3rd, 1905.
Notice is hereby given; that in compliance -with
th provisions of the act of-Congress of June 3,
1 87a, entitled "An act for the sale of timber lands
in the States of California, Oregon, Nevada and
Washington Territory," as extended to aU. the
Pubtic Land States by act of August 4, i8o2t.
of Monmouth, county-of Polk, State of Otegon,',
has this day filed in, this, office his. sworn, state
ment No. 6584, for the-purchase of the E. of S. W.
i Sr W of s. fc. i of Seetion No. 18 in Township No.
13 Sonth, ' Range No. & West, and will offer proof
to show that the land sought is more valuable- for
its timberor stone than for agricultural purposes,
and to establish his claim to said land before JBegis.
ter at Oregon City, Oregon on Wednesday, the 19th
day of July, 1905. . ... ,
He names as witnesses: Charles H. Ne-xuan, Wil.
la.rd Church, Philip H. Johnson,- Ernest R. Allen, all
of Monmoth, Oregon.
Any and all perse-tw claiming adversely the above
described lands are requested to file their claims in
this office on or before said 19th day of July, 190&.
' ' - - Register.
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