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William Leadbetter, who was
called on business to New London,
Canada, couple of months ago, is
now at jioaie once again
D. C. Rose went to McMinnville
f9 during the week to attend a meet
ing of the board of directors of the
Oregon Fire Relief Association.
Mr. Rose is one of the directors.
During the absence of Chief
Liane, who left a few days ago for
Kent. Eastern Oregou, to attend a
J. W. Crawford arrived home,
yesterday, from Portland and other
When last heard from, A. W.
Rose was seeing the sights in Cin
cinnati, Ohio. ;
Mr. Ruble, who , operates a saw
mill on the western slope of Alsea
mountain, was in the city yester
Prof." Mordaunt Goodnough went
to Portland, yesterdav, to meet a
class of his pupils. He will return
J. E. Henklewas in fiom Philo
math on business yesterday. He
brother who is dying of consump
tion. Dave Oaburn is in nis capacuy, main on
while O. B. Conner constitutes the states tnat men are busyjin his eec-
nicht force, tion installing . Independent tele
i "
Reoort has it that a cow died at PnoneB
Cottage Grove recently und-r All negotiations on the part of A
npc.nliar furcumstances and on in- . Harlan tor an interest, in ine
veBtigation a creature similur to a Central Planing Mill have been de
clarea on, and Mr. aneasgreen re
"water doe" was iouna in me
cow's etoniach. Said : "water doe'
ia now declared to be a part of the
museum at OAC.
mains in sole charge.
Mrs. Charley Young and children
arrived from Elk City last Tues
day for a week's visit with Mrs.
Work began a day or so ago on
the east school house yard. The Young's sister, Mrs. Marshall Mil
old apple trees are to ,be removed, ler. Charley Young is at present
root and branch. The yard is to fishing at Elk City.
i i i 1 'I
plowed ana graaea. jwymmg Tomorrow is the date of the par
will be pat in nm-ciass snap , meeting to be held at Bell-
Uhis looks like lewis ana iarK fountaiDj and the indications are
Fair preparation. that a Bpiendid time will be enjoyed
Th Alsea nool of mohair was by the large crowd that will un
boueht - last Saturday by S. L. doubtedlv be in attendance.
Kline. There are all told between
4,0tXy and 5,UUU pounnp. ine
fleeces will number about 1,200 and
some of theuTweigh as mucli as
four pounds apiece. Ine price
paid was 31 cents per pound.
Presbvterian Church. Rev. M. S,
Bush. Bible Schobl 10 a. m. Wor
ship 11 a. m.
Triumph." C. E. Meeting
subject, Life Abundant." At both
of these services the sermon and
music will be appropriate to Palm
At the Congregational church
next Sabbath, Rev. Green, pastor
o i 1 in .. M . .Uso
for young men at 10; worship . . .,; .
and sermon at 11; Christian En
deavor at 6:30; vesper service and
sermon at 7:30. Morning sermon,
"The Secret of the Christian's
Success:" evening sermon, "Judas,
the Maccabee.
r tj- .J prohibition oratorical contest.
iwi.nA ir. ordpr to snr trat Minnville is the place that the con
t test will occur. OAC will be rep
. " . u." resented by Miss Alice Wicklund
uwuu w v ' onH -if ia amnoraltr hnnorl" oha will
TuU L"..T!7;;. lirC "ZVZ carry off the honors . She will be
The truth has leaked out re
garding Edwin Rose's fishing trip
last Sunday. It is now positively
stated that instead of catching 75
fish he only got three, and they
were of unmentionable emallnefs
0: A. Dearing arrived in this
Subiect, "The Visit of yy,
ill. lumuiig u.uu . , , , . . -(,. .
time ne nas Deen in -am jrma
He is feeling very well and will
visit with friends for a few days,
after which it is understood that he
will continue on to Portland.
There is to be a debate this even
ing between the Utopians and the
Feromans. This is one of a series
Utopians will be represented by
Lena Tartar, Stella Parsons and
Isabel Wright, while Alice Jones,
Bessie Yates and Lura Flett will
do their best for the FeronianS.
This 'evening will cccuf the state
Expert Shots
The Multnomah Gun Club is
making- preparations for a great
rniimannpnr. tn ho nAlri iti Port-1
land the coming- fall in connec- i tb-9
tion with the Lewis and ClarK i
Fair. A number of prizes10 be "chumps."
aggregating $7,000 m cash will
be awarded the crack shots; there
will also be a large number of
other prizes offered.
Last Tuesday and Wednesday.
Frank Howe,, traveling in the in
terest of the Union Metalic Cart
ridge Co., and Al Guiest, repre
senting Honeyman Hardware Co ,
of Portland, were in Corvallis.
They are both expert shots, and
were here in the interest of the
proposed tourney. As a result
W. G- Emery will submit to them
at a later date a fine photograph
ic group of the leading shots and
officers of the Corvallis Gun Club
to be used in a large phamphlet
soon to be issued in Portland for
the purpose of awakening inter
est in the coming tourney.
While here these gentlemen
went out one evening for a little
blue rock practice; they were ac
companied by Sheriff Burnett,
W- G. Emery and Grant Elgin
and they all tried 50 blue rocks
each, except Grant, who shot at
30, with the following results:
Howe, 44 out of 50; Guiest, 41;
Burnett, 40; Emery, 42; Elgin,
26 out of 30. Bear in mind that
the visitors are crack shots and
one of them will not be allowed
to participate in the tourney
They are in constant practice,
while our boys are not shooting
much, and yet see the result.
Sheriff Burnett had not shot any
for goodness knows -when-
Messrs. Howe and Guiest both
state that our grounds are hard
to shoot on, and that the blue
rocks are thrown unusually swift,
and that our boys can shoot any
where This is encouraging.
friend of nis,' 4,Corey has not ' din
covered the art of uaking champ
of himself " The above is from ar
Eastern paper.; Mri Corey Is "a
cousin of Ed Philips, formerly in
photograph business in tbip
It does not run in the family
sciatica. In one thing ne is very
fortunate, he can always get relief.
How long he will be absent is not
Mr. Champion, whose farm ad
joins that of Joseph Yates, in Linn
county, three miles east of , thit
city, has planted 22,000 strawberry
elips, and they are doing famously:
Mr. Champion is said to be a mar
ket gardener, and undoubtedly un
deretands what he is doing it looks
like he had started at the right
thing to make money.
accompanied to McMinnville to
day by the following OAC dele
gation: Mibb Mary Sutherland,
May Martin, Ray Stout, Clav
Shepard and others. Tomorrow
Miss Wicklund will go on down to
Portland, where she will remain
until Tuesday before she returns.
The others of the party will come
home tomorrow.
Rev. C. T. Hurd. was assigned to
the pastorate of the United Evan
gelical church in this city by the
recent conference held in Portland.
Rev. Hurd is a vonner man and is
We are in receipt of the cast of auite noDnlar anions Endeavorers.
characters of "All a Mistake," ft and the Corvallis church is fortn-
play given near Vale, Oregon, re- nate in securing him as pastor.
cently. Glancing over the chirac- Rev. S. M. Wood remains in charge
tere, we find five to have been lm- 0f Beulah and Alsea districts. . H.
Compete Tomorrow.
Tomorrow OAC will try con
clusions with various athletic
teams of the state at Portland.
Concerning the event the Tele
gram says: From present ap
pearances Oregon Agricultural
College, is to male a determined
effort to capture the trophy at'
Columbia University's big indoor
meet next Saturday afternoon
Frank Lonergan, who is man
aging the meet, has received a
list of 12 entries from Corvallis
Many of the men named are well
known throughout, the state in
connection with their athletic
work and they will do their best.
"Dad" Trine has been getting
his boys into shape, and the team
will come to Portland with a good
crowd of rooters. Among the
collegians from OAC who have
entered are Smithson, Williams,
Graham, Cathey, Howard. Gren-
haw, Walker, Finn, Moores, and
others. . The Corvallis team has
entries in all the various events.
Repairing of all kinds done neat
ly aud without delay by D. A
In the course f a week or eo E.
E. White expects to start East, on .
buHiness trip of some duration: Ht
will visit Iowa, Minnesota, Illinoj
and passibly other sections of,tru
A complete line i.f Bicycle sun-!
dries and cutlery on hand all th
time. D. A.
Our attention has been called t
a Louisiana darkey, ' James Brad
ley by name, wt o in the father ol
17 chi.d ren among whom are seven
pairs of twins, (it this is the proper
way to state the case.
Six lots in C rvallis,'$200; seven
blocks from public school and thr
college; artesian water; good drain
age. Surrounded by neat dwellings
and a dozen now under
construction. Choice location for
house and garden with splendid
facilities for keeping cow and poul
try. Perfect title. Ambler &
Walters, Corvallis. 32
Fresh cigar cuttings just clip
ped at home factory. D. C. Roae &
Son. 26.
W..E. Yates and M. S. Wood
cock went to Eugene to attend the
sessions of the Masonic Grand
Lodge, held in that city on the 12th
inst. The business was all trans
acted in one day. O. A. Dearing
was reeiectea grand master. .
Largest line of malting in coun
ly at Black ledges. -30if
Chester Gates, of Dallas, will ad
dress the Y. M. (J. A. at the college
ax a ociock next Sunday afternoon
In the evening at 7:30 he will speak
at ine united jrivangeiical church.
Second grade fir lumber, almost
any dimension, for only $6. 50 per
thousand feet, at Corvallis Saw
Mill. 10 tf.
At a meeting of the executive
committee of the local Christian
Endeavor Union held Tuesday
evening, a union meeting was ar
ranged to be held at the Presbv
terian church Easter Sunday at
6:30 p. m.
Call at the Benton County Lum
ber Yard for prices on three grades
of flooring, rustic, and finishing
lumber. You will find the srrade
and prices right. , , 26.
' T." T. Barnhart ' arrived home
Wednesday night from Portland,
where he has been "paintiog for A.
F. Peterson. Mr. Peterson is nt
present engaged on a large concrete
re3eryoir at Wallula Junction.
Buy You r Outing Clothes Hero.
fir- Man
Hart fakdtut JUs
We'll save you money,
and give you a pleasing,
becoming sort of style.
We are ready for you.
H. S. & M. style is per
fection. "
Outing Pants, $2.50 to $4.00
Fancy Vests, $1.00 to $3.50
Latest Styles in Neckwear and Furnishings.
The White House,
Corvallis, Ore,
0. C. H lest and.
Oham. Blakaslqc
Patronize Home Industry
Outside Orders Solicited.
All Work Guaranteed.
personated by OAC gradautes, as
fallows: Hidwin Johnson, Mmer
Wicklund, Lucv Dilley-Johnson,
Lillian Johnson-LeMoine and Viola I
A. Deck will have charge of the
Salem church on his return from
the East. In the meantime that
church will be in charge of Rev.
Guy H. P'helps, who was elected
conference evangelist. Rev. Hurd
will move from Salem to this city
the first of next week, and enter
Additional Local.
Blackledge, , leading
dealer. .
After seventeen years passed in
charge of the Western Union Tele
srranh and Wells. B'arsn & Co's
Express office in this city, Logan uPon hie work-
Hays nas resigned from bis duties
here to accept the position of as
sistant cashier in the Oregon Sav
ings Bank at Portland. , Logan has
many friends here who will regret
that he intends leaving. - He will
leave tomorrow for his new field.
-Ernest Miller will bs in charge of
the telegraph ffioce.
There are funds in the county
treasurer's hands' for the payment
of warrants that were called in
five or six years ago. During the
past few months there have been
calls for warrants in the sum of
about $13,000. So far. of this sum
only $4,000 or $5.0G0 in warrants carrying on this
have been cashed. The countv is present time until
When the postoffice at Bell
fountain was discontinued it eeem-
; d to have worked several changes
in mail matters. For instance, B.
L. Rickard had the contract of
carrying the mail over this ! route
via Inavale until the close af June,
1906. Tomorrow night his ' con
tract will be terminated and he will
discontinue. As the mail is no
longer taken to Bellfountain by
this route, a new -contract was
awarded to C. C. Huff for carrvine
the mail so far as Inavale. Mr.
Huff will begin Monday morning,
April 17, and has the contract for
route from the
June 30, 1906,
more than fourteen
now on a cash basis, and from the
fact that bo few warrants have been
a aVk as4 St- la enfA tsv 4.1.-
everybody has cash. I wprewnHwjve ot ine nrm
" i rv onnTanrnrinrr rna k rvn r u inn n
frrader for use in road work is to h
tween 10 and 11 a. m., some con- here for the nurnose of srivinir ttiin
- i a a. o ry -
temptible cur sneaked into the machine a trial next Tuesdav
place where if. L,. Miller haa his moraine1. One. of these trrarlnra
incubators and turned the lamps of have been on hand at J. R. Smiths
each so high that there is no esti- & Co.'s for some weeks, and it is
mating the damage done. Mr. now to be given a trial. The plaoe
Miller fears that all the eggs in selected for such a trial is on the
one incubator, all told 216, are rood near Oak Creek and in the
cooked beyond the hatching point, presence of members of the county
Of the 1 216 eggs thought to. be court and s manv marl nunervinorn
eponea only a small portion were as it is possible to eet together 'on
eggs from Mr. Miller's Buff Or- this occasion. This grader is manu-
pingtonsthe majority were eggs factured by the Indianapolis Bridge
that had been bought abroad and and Iron Works. This is a mat J
were of fancy breeds. The eggs in ter of vital importance, tho working
the one, incubator, thought to be of roads, and it is hoped that there
VOBW.UVCU, uuBb w,iu9ay wjimuz wiu De a irooi. nnrnhnr nf snnar,
c iu. tjp -. i i ' . .. : . x"
" viiugtuu eggu . i yiHors present on this occcsion.
See Blackledge for furniture, etc.
. The Utopian and Zetegstthean
societies at OAO will have a j tint
meeting tomorrow evpning.
Dr. Dayton, the eye specialist, -will
have his office at Hotel Corvallis
until Saturday evening. If you are
having any trouble with your eyes
or need glasses it will pay vou to
see bim. EyeBexaminedfree. 32
June 12 has been set aside as
Corvallis day at the Lewis and
Clark Fair.
Auction sale of eight head of driv
ing and work horses at the Farmers'
Feed Barn Saturday, April 15, 1905,
at 2 o'clock p.-m.; five months' time
with approved security; P. A. Kline,
auctioneer. Ruben Jnobwood,
Mrs. W. H. McBee spent the
last week in this city with her
daughters, Misses Maud and Ger
trude, who are attending OAC.
If you want new flues put in a
boiler call on D. & A.
Miss Lettie Wicks, who has been
teaching school for the past year or
two near Los Angeles, Calif., is ex
pected to arrive home tomorrow,
She was in poor health when sht
went to that section ana it was
hoped that her condition might be
improved by a change of climate,
but we are informed that she is no
better, sad to relate. V
We have in stock all the stand
ard line of wheels made by the Pope
Manufacturing Co., at prices to suit
all. D. & A.
William E. Corey, president' of
the steel trust, has been hying in
JSew York for a year, but is still
stranger there. No one sees him
at the theater, he has never knock
ed down a pedestrain with his auto,
and the most strenuous reporter
finds it impossible to get an inter
view, "la point of fact," sayaa
"Belshazzar, or the Fall of
Babylon," is the name of the can
tata now in course of rehearsal tor
presentation in the Opera House on
the 26th and 27th of this month.
Miss Lulu Spangler will be queen,
and John F. Allen, king. From
50 to 75 voices will be heard. Mrs.
Inez Wilson h to be pianist.
i he Corvallis Flouring Mills
have just received the Tunning gears
or a wagoa to oe used in handling
nnur ana otner mines m connec
tion with the mill. The wheels are
the Sarven pattern and ! he
wagon ia guaranteea to cwrv six
tons. Ine bed. or rack, of the
wagon will be made in this city.
Discussion of the matter of ex
cursions on the Willamette river
during the Lewis and Clark Fair,
up so far as Corvallis, is already
started "in certain circles in the
neighborhood of Portland. A boa-
oad of pleasure-seekers and brass
bands coming to anchor at Cor
vallis each day of the fair would
prove a potent factor in dispelling
the usual Bumme ennui.
At the time of going: to press ves
m. j . -
ueruay evening ine iair conducted
by the ladies of the Catholic church
was opened to the public and every
thing was moving nicely. The
ladies have labored earnestly in
oeoaii oi ine iair in oraer to raise
funds with which to erect a bell
tower for their church and are de
serving of assistance. It is hoped
that while they are undoubtedly
weary this morning, that they feel
rewaraea ior their labors.
A few days ago L. L Brooks, one
oi our hustling farmers in Northern
Benton, shipped 200t pounds of
vetch seed clear back to Missouri
He states' that he ia negotiating a
deal whereby he will be awarded a
contract to furnish a carload of
vetch seed to parties in Georgia
during the course of the 'coming
fall . Mr. Brooks - reports various
experiments that he . is making in
the way", not only ; in raising seed,
. x" -r. ... . .
out in pianwng. it will De in
teresting to our farmers to, note his
experiments when he arrives at his
final conclusions.
1 1 U1M WIU
II : Btm&
The new double
breasted model for
Spring, represents
talent in tailoring
that Custom Tailors
cannot afford.
$15 & $16.50
, G. A. Robinson
Independent phone 1s
Independent Phone 201
Robinmon & Stevenson
Real Estate, Loans and Insurance
'"DEPEND-T 375
Corvallis flro
Turner's Cash Store
One door South of Farmers' Hotel, Corvallis.
- Since moving" into our New Location we have stocked up
with a Full Line of Fresh Goods. Will keep a full line of fresh
Groceries, Vegetables, Fruits, Etc.
- Delivery system regular and reliable. Store open from 6:30
a. m. to 8:30, p. m. every day during' the week. Expenses are
lower than those of any. other grocery firm in the city and our
prices are fixed accordingly. Call and see or ring up Indepen
dent Phone No. . 452. ' . ' . "