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    Vou XLII.
Corvaljlij, Benton, Oregon, Iwday, March 3lv )5;
Short Term of Ciucuit Court
Judge L. T. Harris, Presiding.
Circuit court convened last Mon--day
at 9 o'clock and adjourned
at 9:30 Wednesday. An adjourn
ed terra ; ot court will be - called
Thursday, July 6th. Judge Har
ris will prove popular with onr
attorneys. He is quick and alert
in all things. He is business
like, and his manner of holding
eourt is likened to that of Judge
There were no criminal case
on the docket. Two jury cases
were docketed, but - only one
went to the jury, that of G E
Ireland vs S. N. Lilly. The
other jury case was dismissed on
account of failure of plaintiff : to
prosecute and of course did " not
go to the jury. Following is a
record of proceedings.
Palmer Ay res, plff vs E W
Strongj deft; action verdict $50
for plaintiff. , I
J 1, Lewis, plff vs-H J Ruiter,
def:o"tion dismissed on mo
tion of plaintiff. ... . .
-William Milton Howell, plff
vs Adam Wilhelm & Sons, deft;
suit injunction referred to Louise
Meeker to take testimony.
Mary E Herbert, T M Coon,
et al piffs vs A L Coon, deft; suit
tor sale of real property contin
tied for the term. .
Mary J Whitby, plff vs Ro&coe
E Edwards, Alice Edwards, Au
gusta. Strake, John Strake, P M
Totten and Leah J Totten defts;
suit foreclosure mgte real proper
ty mortgage foreclosed.
T W B Smith : and . Nancy J
Smith piffs vs John McBee, Maud
Grubbs, and Thaddeus Grubbs,
defts; suit for sale of real proper
ty sale confirmed.
L H McMahan plff vs Sing
On, deft; suit to dissolve partner
ship and for accounting dismiss
ed without costs.
, Sol King plff vs. Eli King, and
Abe King defts; action on prom
issory note dismissed on motion
of plaintiff.
Sol King plff vs Eli King, deft;
action dismissed on motion of
Jacob Koch plff vs Karl Gros
key, deft; action dismissed, at
cost ot plaintiff for failure to pros
ecute. L E Smith, plff vs - Rowland
Fischer, dett; action en promis
sory note judgment tor $50 and
attorney tees ot $90.
Carlo Minotte, tlfl vs C C
Chandler, deft;' action contin
ued for service
W H Malone, plff vs A L Clark,
and Madge Clark, defts; action
settled, dismissed.
George A Houck. plff vs H M
Donat, Mary A Donat, his wife,
and Robert Black, defts; suit
foreclosure of mgte continued
tor term. - . r
George A Houck', plff vs Geo
Schafer, Anuie Schafer, Edward
Donat, and Agnes Donat, deft;
suit foreclosure of mtge con
tinued for term..
Geo T . Vernon, plff vs N P
Slate, et al deft; suit for parti
tition of real property M P
Burnett appointed referee to sell
real property. 7" " - - ,
Geo E Chamberlain, as govern
or ot uregon, s L, .Dunbar, as
secretary of state, and . Chas S
Moore, as state treasurer of the
state of Oregon," constituting the
state land board, nlff va H M
.. '''ir
"TWvnat T nViprf XW Tllalr an A flan
A Houck, defts; suit foreclosure
, of mtge decree of foreclosure
granted. '
Geo. E Chamberlain, as gov
ernor of Oregon, F L Dunbar,
- as secretary of state, and Chas S
Moore, as state - treasurer of the
state of Oregon, constituting the
- state land board, vs Geo Schafer,
Annie Schafer, Edward Donat,
and Agnes Donat, and Geo A
w Houck, deft; suit foreclosure of
mtge decree of foreclosure granted.
kwuuuciuuu,- gov
ernor of Oregon, F L Dunbar,
Moore, as slate treasurer ' of Ore
gon, constituting the state land
board, piffs vs Aowland Fischer,
Ethel E Schon, Cora E Ford,
Harry Ford, Ida R Morris, David
Morris, Margaret Fisher, L E
Smith, and E E Wilson,, admin
istrators with the will annexed of
Jane Fisher, deceased, defts; suit
toreclosure of mtge decree of
foreclosure granted.
Richard Graham, plfl vs Jane
Hogue, et al deft; suit to quiet
title decree granted.
Pacific States Telephone Com-
George Beamis is Badly Injured
Thrown From Hack on
. Steel Bridge. . . ,'
The following account of an
accident which ; befell George
Beamis is printed by the Al
bany Herald: - .
An accident occurred: 'on the
steel bridge last evening, which
came near terminating in a fatal
ity for one of the participants if,
indeed it does not result in his
Igorottes-and Boiled Dog.
pany, a corporation, plff vs early death. George Beamis, an
Richard Kiger, deft; action for aged and well know farmer, re
damages dismissed at ' cost of siding in Benton county about
plaintiff. ' ' ' five miles west of this city, was
Henry J Troup, plff vs Earnest on his way home from -a. , short
Seehafer, and Anna Seehafer, stay in Albany, accompanied by
defts; suit toreclosure of mtge Henry Hector, one of his neigh-
judgment for $504.16 attorney bors. While driving across the
lee $45. . steel bridge, and on the further
C E Ireland,' plff vs S N Lilly, approach, something became dis-,
deft; action verdict $459 75 with arranged about the harness and
Mr. Hector dismounted and pass
ed to the heads of the horses.
About this time the rig ran upon
the heels of the horses and the
team,- turning suddenly over
turned the covered hack in which
Mr. Beamis sat. throwing- the
gentleman violently to the fljor
of the bridge with the hack on
top of him. In the melee the
wagon pole was broken and the
hack was otherwise damaged.
Mr. Beamis was at once given
aid. . He was lifted into a buggy
that was passing and as he was
in great pain, was immediately
driven back to this city and taken
to. the home of his son, Arthur
Beamis, who resides cn Lyon
street, between Seventh and
Eighth" streets, -and Drs. Stark
and Wallace were call, in, to ad
minister to the injured, man, who
was in great pain and believed to
be dangerously injured.
An examination showed that
patient's collarbone was
body was
number of
places. His breast was also bad
ly injured and it was the opinion
01 the physician that a rib was
broken and a splinter of . the
bone had penetrated the right
lung, utner internal miunes is
is reared . mav nave resulted.
jemants to te rendered by O l
Jeoe QuackenbosF. . .
bred and buter 'Sandwitches.
twisted donuts, jinger bred, and
baked beans, Picles, cookeys an
v It will cost the growd up adults
15 cts. an the little children will
be nuthin just wipe there deer
little nooses and bring urn along.
every body jine in an "sing my
country tis of you, one verse only
cum 1 cum all. it will cummense
at erly candle lite."
Agricultural Automobile.
Two hundred Igbrotes, Moros,
Negritoes and Visayaas will leave
the Philippine Islands this week,
arriving in Portland the latter
part of April, where)they will pro
ceed immediately to the grounds
of the Lewis and : Clark Exposi
tion. These natives will popu
late the Philippine village on the
Government peninsula at the Ex
position. Upon their arrival, the con
struction of the Philippine vil
lage will be started at once. A
feature of this will be a city of
houses built on poles over the
surface of Guild's Lake. ; This
is characteristic of the expedient
resorted to by the natives to avoid
reptiles and foes of similar kind.
The city of poles will, be occu
pied by the Moros,- who with the
Igorottes stand lowest in the scale tfle
tT-VTT m?" . .1. broken and that his
Boiled dog will represent the severely bruised in a
oltes, who are conceded to be
epicureansj regarding this delica
cy. The' general supposition is
that a heaty meal of boiled, fried
or roasted canine adds fervor . to
the fighting powers of Igorotte
warripn l Accordingly the dog- but tQese fce ascertain
ucau ia sciveu uuiy iu uie uiaies,
the fairer sex beine denied the
rare treat. . 1
Visitors to the Centennial,
however, need have no fear of
witnessing a bloodcurdling com
bat, .unless the Portland police
should become obstreperous in
the nresenr nf'tbp Tanrnttps
which would naturally result in I t- np nf . t nn1H
ed last night by the examining
The patient was relieved so far
as it was possible considering
the nature of the injuries and at
a late hour he was resting easy
at his son's home, where .Mrs.
Beamis had joined him, having
been brought to the city
Yesterday General Thorp start-
ed for Chicago, and after a brief
sojourn there he expects to pro
ceed to Pittsburg, : Pa. The
General goes East to perfect the
patent and oversee- the construc
tion of an agricultural automobile
which he has invented. -
.This machine . is . very unique,
in its conception ; it is designed
for a variety, of uses. f It' is in
tended for supplying motive
power for mowers,- for., plowing,
lor attachment to pumps lor
drawing water, lor sawing wood,
for use on the road, in short ; tor
thousand and one things, at
present unthought of and yet re
quiring power:.
General Thoip calls it an agri
cultural automobile. It is said
y him that the machine is of
tripod, construction, as it has
three legs. But the legs in this
case are wheels ana it win De
commonly known as a' tricycle
machine. It will be worked by
easoline eneine and may be
brought, up to almost any horse
It is " to be of all-metal con
struction not a bit or wood
about it. Wheels will have
steel tires, and only the finest oi
metal will be utilized in con
structing this new machine.
General Thorp . expects to be
East about 30 days. It is his
desire to have his agricultural
automobile constructed, thor
oughly tested, and in every way ,
perfected by the opening of the
Lewis and Clark Fair, as he
wishes to place it on exhibition
at the Exposition. : From . what
is learned, it takes no stretch of
imagination to believe that the
General has conceived spme-
thing of unusual worth ; and
a lively seance.
Took To The Fence.
i be learned at the farm home
the family. The . patient, while
seriously injured was thought to
to have a good chance for re
I covery in spite ot the grievous
injury sustained, an , injury that
at his age Mr. ..Beamis is over
70 years old is a grave one.
The Professor has Fully as Much
Trouble as the Average
- Married man.
Must Have Steeple.
Potev's Kidney Cure
make kldnem ftlaMe ?
Prof. S. F. Haroun, " well
known in this county; is still in
trouble. First his wife sued him
for divorce on grourds of infideli
ty, then his sister,. Mrs. Lottir
Stewart caused his arrest, on. the
charge of obtaining money undtr
false pretences., .The following
squibs are from our Eugene ex
Attorneys L. Bilyeu and C. M
Kissinger,, counsels for F. S. Har
oun, yesterday purchased the ISu
gene Business college from ' their
client. . The property was en
cumbered to the extent of too.
which was paid by the purchas
ers. Attorney Kissinger, stated to a
Register reporter that commenc
ing nextThursday morning classes
would be resumed at the college
and that all those who had -"paid
their tuition would be welcome
to resume their studies. New
pupils will also be welcomed. The
new proprietors are casting about
for a corps of teachers and. in
structors and it will be the pur
pose of the pew administration to
place the institution upon a high
plane of efficiency.
' If! "
. .-'-'- "" .'...
Professor Haroun is still in the
county jail, not yet having given
bonds. Saturday evening ten
men j it is said, offered to give a
cash bond for the professor's re
lease, but it is said that his attor-
neys advised them not to do so
yet. Just whv is not explained.
Attorney Kissinger this morning
informed a Guard reporter that
they do not want their client
to secure bonds for a little time
yet. i. It is probable that they fig
ure upon a settlement of the case
soon, but it is strange that they
should want to keep the man in
jail when it is apparent that
bonds cou'd easily be procured.
There has been a general ru-
mor that Mrs. lvouie oiewan,
wbo caused the arrest of her
brother, is preparing to return
to her home at Seymour, Wis ,
and that the prosecntion will be
dropped. The Guard is reliably
informed that she will not re
turn to her home until the case
conies to trial. The fact that she
is shipping her household goods
to her husband at Seymour prob
ably gave rise to the rumor.
Last Saturday a -500-pound
brll for the Catholic church in arrived from Philadel
phia. The bell is supposed to
be of the finest quality of: bell-;,
metal and cost laid dow n in this
city in the neighborhood of $150.
For manv years memWrs of
this church have desired a bell, as
have the various Fathers located
here, but they felt that as the
church was not large in member'
ship they could scarcely afford it."
During the past winter Father
Springer resorted to every means
within his pwer to secure money
with which to purchase the bell.'
The money was . raised, the bell'
is here and paid for.
Now, another problem con-,
fronts Father Springer the mat-;
ter of hanging the bell. . There!
is no tower to the church and"
means of building a steeple must,
be forthcGnvng. It is thought
some time during - next month
the.ladies of the Catholic church
will , hold what is known as a
' 'lair" and see what can be raisi;
ed for the erection of a steeple.
A twiee-a-week newspapg
containing 72 column each
week of the current news of
Benton Connty.
All the losal news all of the.
time, with a large amount of
miscellaneous matter-
- Some party has kindly sent us
the following account of a "fenc
ing" match between two men
and a bull : . .
Last Tuesday, while leading a
cow from G. G. Newton's to S.
A Coopes's Arthur Allen was at
tacked bv a shorthorn bull : Allen
was accompanied by Ben Cooper. To be held in Odd : Fellows
When thev reached the pasture Hall, ihursday eyening, April
where Newton's cattle were, they 6, by the W. R. C. Supper
were met by the bull, and the cents
animal refused to let them pass,
Allen was within 30 yards of the
fence and Cooper 50 yards further
on a horse. -
When the bull eot within " 20
feet of Allen he took to the fence,
the enraged bull after him and
Cooper after the bull. When
Cooper reached the bull he was
within .three . feet of Allen. Af
ter the second attempt to fence
the- boys, the bull was finally
driven off and they proceeded on
their journey. .
Everybody invited.
- " " - GRAM.
Ever Wumon wat kums must
were a kaliker dres an apern tue
be approprait.-
Know gent with a bilasnurt
and doed koller is alloud tu cum
onles he pais a find of 5 cents
a kompertfent kommity wil luck
after the bacheller fellers. '
Noaperr, 1 sent; ear ringsr 1
sent: finger rings, 3 sents; speck-
tickels, 2 sents; silk dres,- 5 sent-;
wul dres, 3 sents; wearing nue
dres, ; sents : brespin. 1 sent ;
trimed aoern. 2 sents: store team
2 sents for men and wimen.
Blacked butes, 1 sent; segars
m pocfeets, 1 senr,; waicu, . 1
Incredible Brutality,
It would have beengncredibleibrutality
if Chas. F. Lemberger, of Syracuse, N.
T., had not done the best he could for
ma Bartering son. -mj Doy," ne sayp,
"cut a fearful gash over his eye, so I
applied Bucklen's Arnica Salve, which
quickly healed it and saved his eye.''
Good for burns and; ulcers too, Only 25c serit ; chawing gum, 5 Cts. ; stand
a All . TTT 3 ..!..' .m... .1. ' - . . -
ufjuim a. noouwara surug store. n nn roller. : sents: button tJOi
' . . I wy t mum r 1
HlTKYSli n.nwfcsTAT? cts.; spoonin, makin sheap eves
time is here, and you will need Wall Paper,
Carpets, Matting, and many other things.
You know where everything in the House" Furnish-
line is kept? At Hollenberg & Uady's, ot
They have the, largest line m town
and their prices are always right. We have the
New "Eldridge B" Sewing Machine
now on sale and would be pleased to have you call
and see them. They are a Standard -Machine,
; V have all the latest improvements, "and we guarantee
the pries lower than any other. New line of
' Trunks and Suit Cases now on display . and will
" be sold at astonishingly low prices. Call and see - - -
' as secretary of state, and Chas S
- ' - Jactin up etc 10 cents eth. All